Big Brother Changes Team America’s Mission To Help It Succeed

The Team America mission was simple: cause chaos. The parameters, however, weren’t that easy. Until now. Following a disappointing performance in the Veto Ceremony and only one chance remaining, production has changed the rules to let them slide right through.

Big Brother 16 Team America's Latest Mission
Big Brother 16 Team America’s Latest Mission – Source: CBS

Originally the challenge voted on by viewers were as follows: “Play the role of puppet master and get two Houseguests to have an argument at either the nomination ceremony or the veto meeting.” Two Houseguests arguing. Two. Arguing. Got it? Now forget all about that.

Last night Team America came together for a planning session. Flashback on your Live Feeds to 7:45PM BBT Cams 1/2 to watch the discussion. Frankie is updating Donny on their plan to Backdoor Amber and what’s going to happen at the Veto meeting.

Jump to 7:49PM BBT Cams 1/2 for the big change. “It can be one-sided,” they discuss. What?? “As long as [Zach] berates her for 20 seconds we’re golden,” they add. What?? How is that even close to the original task? “Get two Houseguests to have an argument” is not even remotely the same thing as one person mouthing off in a monologue.

Why the desperation by production to make this mission a success? Let them fail if they can’t complete the original challenge. Why not? Gotta burn through an extra $15K? Have a luxury challenge. Throw them a party. Do something fun. But don’t change basic, clear cut rules just to check a box. What’s the point?

Do you think Team America should be allowed to count this mission as a success if it’s only a one-sided “argument” or should two HGs be required to complete the challenge?


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  1. The task was designed to be impossible from the jump. There’s no animosity amongst the HGs this year – not to the extent that we’ve seen in previous years. Team America didn’t fail here – BB did!!! They should just accept that responsibility, drop the mission this week, and move on.

    • Probably why America voted for that mission. Obvious that mission A was easier to achieve.

    • impossible? i dunno i think zach can still have a 20 second argument 2 sided…. but the rules weren’t clear anyway will it need to be 20 seconds from both sides?

  2. I may be in the minority here, but I think convincing a non-Team America houseguest to essentially blow up their own game by giving a 20 second monologue antagonizing themselves against the other houseguests is no small feat. The point of the mission was to get a good 20 seconds of drama for the broadcast and I think they will still get it. Team America can’t control whether the attacked houseguest retaliates or not.

  3. Normally I’d say its unfair just let them fail but I like Donny and this is his only chance to get money from the show, i seriously doubt he will win, so i’m glad donny has a chance to get 5,000 more.

    • don’t forget Donny will most likely get the most popular vote so he will get $25,000

    • I think this is the true motive behind the rule fudging. Production knows that Donny is one of the most likeable HG’s to come along in a few seasons and that viewers want to see him rewarded. I’m still wondering what twist production will come up with to make sure he lands on the jury.

      • They should have had a TA rule that if anyone of them got voted off that the TA would end. So derrick would stop trying ot throw him under the bus and work with him for the game and not just missions.

        Of coarse they really don’t need a twist what they need to do is the next elimination make it a double elimination. Not like how they talk about it constantly but they need to make it so each HOH puts up 2 nominations. And then spring it on them that there is no more BOTB and one person from each nomination will be going home. Have 1 pov competition with all 4 of them.

        Then end the 2 hoh’s and start jury. Donny will be safe if they don’t know it’s the last chance

  4. “Do you think Team America should be allowed to count this mission as a success if it’s only a one-sided “argument” or should two HGs be required to complete the challenge?”

    honestly, these people of team america would go over all the stops and would think they have succeeded in their mission. even last week’s task should be annulled once it was frankie came out as HoH.

    to be quite frank, Team America nonsense needs to be cancelled this week and for the rest of the season.

  5. I’ve tried to be positive about this, especially since it isn’t a blatant game-rigging twist like America’s Player, but this twist just sucks. There’s only one task that’s been completed in an undisputed fashion, and that was the first.

    Also, does anyone else think it’s ridiculous that Zach is being used to bag easy money and yet he doesn’t see a cent of it. Even though I hate him, I might vote him to win the $25K at the end of the season, because it’s no fair that TA gets $5K a week while he does most of the work.

    • Even though I don’t hate Zack I agree he should be getting a share of the money. I also agree this is a stupid twist and BB needs to come up with different ways for everyone to possibly get a chance to win some cash or reward of some kind.

    • I don’t think he should get any money from it. He’s a willing accomplice and if he’s that easily manipulated, then that’s his problem. He’s practically handing to them on a platter with very little interference from Team America. Why reward him for being the douchebag that he would already be with or without TA’s help?

      • I’m confused by this comment since you said above you would vote for him at the end of the season for the $25K because Zack is doing most of the work and it’s not fair that the TAs are getting $5K. Maybe I am misunderstanding your comment. or is there more than one girlygirl?

      • Amber should get 10k as well. 5k for being the target of zach 5k for being the “strongest player” nominated.

        The logic is just so stupid. So what if he’s a god awful player. Team america still put him on this path of stupidity. He didn’t just say ” i wanna go off on amber”. If TA wasn’t in this they would have told him to cut it out. Just like when he wanted Brittany to have a house meeting and they had to talk him out of it. TA is taking a lot of risk letting him do this.

        Let’s face it thou Zach is a pussy only people he ever acts out towards are people who are going home that week. He’s just being childish to get air time.

        I still cant wait to see Zach actually do it. He’s rehearsed it so much i wouldn’t be surprised when hes in the same room as amber all he can say is…uhh uhh good game everyone i love you all *smooches*

  6. I haven’t commented in a very long time so first of all want to say hi to all my friends I have made on this site over the years. I may be in the minority, but I like both Derrick and Donny for different reasons. IMO Derrick is playing a very smart game and Donny is the most loveable person ever. Donny may end up showing us he is playing a smart game as well, but just hasn’t decided to show us what it is yet. I read the article that Donny’s GF gave and according to her he really knows this game. Regardless, I think BB should share the wealth with some of the other HGs since they seem to have the money to spend. They made the other tasks way to easy and now with this change this task will be easy. We already know Zack Attack is coming. Zack is definitely pure entertainment which we need since this cast has not been the most entertaining by any means. Just my two cents.

    • Nice to see you back.
      I guess they didn’t want to copy outright the BBCan way of giving HGs task to do. In BBCan HGs get a task and if they achieve it, the House get a reward, if they fail, the House get a punishment. Seems more fun.

      • Hey friend long time no see. It’s a long story, but thought I would try to make an appearance when I am able to. Sure have missed you.

  7. the challenge was easy…should have completed the task…once volunteered to start a fight it was up to the team to blow on the flames…once zack spoke, they should have chimed in and egged on

    nicole and or christine to get back at him…something as simple as” wow you gonna take that, no way i would ever let someone talk to me that way, especially in front of 5 million people…puppet master gets both sides goin not one side….

      • failed 2 missions in a row because of laxed guidelines. No way amber should have been accepted for physical threat.

        Seriously who leaves the target up to the players? Oh i think jocastas a physical threat! oh yeah me to she’s our target even thou she’s won nothing.

      • I could be wrong, but thought they couldn’t be the ones to start to argue back, but once an argument had started between two people they were then allowed to participate.

      • The rules said that the argument could not be with one of them and the other house guest, but they didn’t say that they couldn’t egg it on.

  8. Yes, this does make the task a lot easier, but honestly why can’t “Big Brother” (production) just let them fail one mission?

  9. These kind of girls wont argue. They’ll just cry. Now, if it was the girls from last season, it’s different story. They will argue before, during and after the ceremony……and the next day. They would have had a better chance with the guys, say..Zack/Cody VS Caleb.

    • So agree about this group of girls compared to last season. Now when you mention Caleb I think he would go on for days and days. He just won’t stop no matter who he is talking to. I heard his conversation with Jocasta last night and I never thought he would stop. I had to switch cams because he just kept going on and on. Of course he does that with everyone he talks to.

  10. They must have a bigger budget this and are trying to match it so they don’t have less next year

    • I also agree about the budget. I have noticed that the sets for the comps have been very elaborate.

  11. I don’t think that the rules should be changed for Team America. It should stay the way it was originally stated. I think that it is still possible to get two house guests in a heated argument for 20 seconds with what they have set up for Zach to say to Amber at the veto ceremony. I don’t see Amber sitting back and crying over having things she didn’t ask for from Caleb thrown in her face as they plan on having Zach to do. I can see her rebutting to both Zach and Caleb when it happens.

  12. The nomination ceremony must have opened production’s eyes about the kind of weak, defenseless HG they picked this year, who are so afraid to stick up for themselves or each other that inciting a 2 sided argument was almost impossible. I was pretty shocked that they just sat there and took the abuse. Would Amanda or Gina Marie or Candice just sit there like a bump on a log?

    • As Cyril pointed out below this season the girls are the type that just cry although I thought Christine might have said something since when Zack asked her to do something for the team she was very quick to come back and say she wouldn’t throw the comp. Nicole’s reaction didn’t really surprise me.

    • This season was designed to keep the weak players weak and the strong players strong. With one of the two HoH’s being eligible to compete in back-to-back HoH competitions the only way to stop this cycle we’ve been seeing for the past few weeks is to get rid of the twist and go back to 1 HoH and 2 nominations.

      • I can’t wait for that to happen. I personally hated having two HOH comps and wasn’t thrilled with the twist either. I wish they would ask fans for their opinions of what they would like to see during the season of BB and use some of them. Maybe they have and I just missed it. I have seen some great suggestions, by fans of the show, but have yet to see any of them used.

  13. They aren’t going to cancel the TA because it is one of the few ways the public can interact with the show.

      • Because Rachel Reilly’s fans flooded the poll for her sister as America’s Favorite Player and $25K last year when that was patently ridiculous.

  14. At the end of the the day it’s a TV show and just entertainment. I don’t get all worked up about rule bending, if it’s rigged, or anything else lame they try to do. The money HG get is chump change compared to real actors. Charlie Sheen was getting 1.2 million PER EPISODE for 2 1/2 Men.

    Hell, even Survivor and Amazing Race winners get a million. Of course those shows actually win awards. Do HG deserve more money? I’d say yes. It’s a longer period of time and more episodes are aired. Not to mention the 24 hour live feed people pay money to watch.

    Big Brother is a cheap production! The same kitchen that’s been plagued with ants for years is just one example of that. There is a ton of things they could do to make it more interesting. Perhaps the people running it are just not that creative.

  15. ok CBS why don’t you just give them the 5 grand like you did last week?
    nothing in life is suppose to be easy, except if your on TEAM AMERICA, where they just give you 5 grand for doing nothing, AMERICA should also get to vote on whether TEAM AMERICA succeeded or failed mission.

  16. I don’t think they should count putting amber up as a strongest player should be a success. but who cares it’s their money.

    But i think the way things are going now it’s probably best for them legally. I can see amber going off on Caleb(since that’s the whole plot of the argument is going to be how she treats him). Calebs an unstable bitch who knows what he may do to her in her sleep besides hit her with pillows

  17. I’m sure thou the rationalization for it is because having 2 deaths so close TA kinda needed a bone they didn’t really have time to do the mission.

  18. I said from the beginning this TA twist is a waste of air time. Get rid of it.

  19. See, this is why BB I losing ratings! Production keeps changing the rules!! Its not fair! So Team America failed, so what!! What’s the next mission?

    • This game has always had rubbery, change’m as you go, rules… if you can call it rules, maybe guidelines is a better word. I’ve seen a lot worse interference from production in previous seasons…

  20. No they shouldn’t letter them change the rules i didn’t realize production had so much to do with everything that goes on In the house this new bb16 has to much going on I think this will be my last bb

  21. If it’s true, if Amber fights/argues back/say something and last 20 seconds total, Pay them! If only Zack talks, Fail!

  22. I don’t know why America voted for option B anyway. Option A would have been much more fun.

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