‘Big Brother 16’ Counting The Votes In Week 10 [POLL]

Just four votes stand between this week’s nominees and Julie’s eviction interview, so who will be going out the front door on Thursday night? Let’s take a look at the Big Brother votes this week.

Cody Calafiore counts up the votes
Cody Calafiore counts up the votes – Source: CBS

Now that the Veto Ceremony is over we have the final nominees of the week and this won’t exactly be the most exciting decision to be made. Nor is there really even much talk on what to do and I don’t expect any wild flips between now and Thursday.

Nicole is back in the hot seat and we obviously knew she would be from the time she returned to the game. She’s had four chances to escape eviction and at least extend her stay, but none of those worked out in her favor.

Sitting opposite Nicole is Victoria. Yes, Victoria is back in the role of pawn in lieu of a real target like Frankie going up on the block. Caleb backed down on that one so we’ve got Victoria filling that vacancy and worrying her way through the next few days.

No one is going to vote against Victoria. Nicole is set to receive a 4-0 eviction vote and head out the door. Derrick doesn’t want to lose Victoria. Cody already turned down the chance to work with Nicole. Christine already supported Nicole’s eviction once. And Frankie has been worried about her since she came back in the door.

The real mystery is who goes home second on Thursday during the Double Eviction and that’s where the real excitement will lie. Enjoy your next few days with Nicole and then get ready to say goodbye. Again.


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  1. Derrick lost control when they failed to backdoor Frankie and Caleb shot his mouth off to Frankie about the pln. Then Cody tells Derrick that he would keep Christine over Caleb (bad idea). Derrick is in some deep trouble here.

    • Yeah I believe Derrick is some serious trouble here birdsong. Can he do some damage control?

      • If he keeps Nicole maybe. Christine can’t be depended on even though Cody is her “friend” of choice.

      • It’s not like they haven’t flipped the house before last minute. If they keep Nicole, they’ll have a better chance of backdooring Frankie in the DE after all!

      • That is what I said.. Victoria would better serve Derrick in the jury house at this point as she can’t win comps and she is not acting stable or rational.

      • The way she was acting last night at the thought of Derrick possibly leaving was ridiculous. Derrick needs to keep Nicole..she can help with comps..although she hasn’t done anything lately. But, at least she can do it..Victoria can’t do anything.

      • Once Christine is gone Nicole would be able to win more comps and survive a bit longer. Hopefully someone will finally realize that NIcole would make a great partner.

      • At least she admits to having no backbone, like crying about it is going to change that?

      • Nicole mind is out of the game and has been. Not sure if its missing Hayden or what she has not been the same. The most important comp. and her life in the house on the line, and she does nothing so she as useless as Victoria. I say take Victoria to the F2 and the other person wins the money hands down.

      • I think Nicole is depressed and feels hopeless. She keeps giving herself pep talks in the mirror. She needs to get her confidence and fight back!

      • A—friggin—–MEN!!!!! who the hell acts like that??? seriously crying and saying if he was gonna get voted out she wanted to leave FIRST!!!!!!!!! R E A L L Y?

      • Plus Vic’s must be a big emotional drain on Derrick at this point in the game and a F2 with Nicole would greatly help his chances of surviving till the finale.
        I hope this happens!

      • Derrick won’t do that. He still knows he cannot control Nichol like he does Vic. Poor Vic is way over the line with emotional feelings for derrick. He should not have played with her emotions like that. He knows very well and has said it to the guys. Vic is his. She will do what he wants always.

      • BUT I think derrick thinks that Vicky is the only one he can for sure beat in final 2, or maybe cody and Nicole opened her mouth too much again and said she would go after cody……….SO…………

      • the problem is, that they don’t know it is a DE this week. I don’t know if Julie tells them at the beginning, or not, but they would only have a couple of minutes to change their gameplan around if they were told in the beginning. I for one am for them doing the first vote right away, and THEN telling them about the DE after the first vote.

      • They have been figuring there’s at least one more DE since there are only 2 1/2 weeks left before the finale…just not if it’s this or next week is all. They just don’t want to talk about what to do if it happens this week…which is sad I think. Maybe they’ll talk more on BBAD about it tonight or Wednesday night!

    • Derrick changed his mind about Frankie going up after talking to Victoria. Victoria told him that Nicole would put up cody if she was hoh and derrick changed his mind.

      • No it was after that he was talking to Cody and that’s when they shook hands on getting rid of Frankie. Then they went and talked to Caleb. I think Derrick wants to sit next to Victoria in the end because he thinks he can beat her.

    • I agree…but he has the power to change how the votes go on Eviction night…he’s the mouthpiece for the others besides Caleb…why not vote to keep Nicole and evict Victoria? Caleb can’t participate in HoH until the second comp during DE both will probably be mental ones where he won’t be that good at…so where’s the threat in going against him now? It will mean Christine needs to win it to obtain power. Will be interesting how this plays out on Thursday! After what took place on the live feeds Saturday night, I think Victoria should win it all and laugh all the way to the bank! :-)

    • The mistake was not back dooring Frankie last week. I said this and someone laughed at me last week. Last week was the opportunity. I’m willing to bet that Frankie wins HOH in the DE. As much as I despise him as a human, he’s good at comps. I’m certain that Derrick and Cody’s mistake last week will cost them 1st and 2nd place. I guarantee yall… Frankie is going to F2. Prob w/ Victoria. If that is the case this will now be the WORST finale ever.

      • Yeah and someone else who doesn’t deserve to win will win it again. If Frankie beats out them in the DE, he (from a game stand point) deserves to Win the game because no one had the balls to take him out.

      • from a game standpoint, yes. He does. He’s just awful. I’ve never hoped for a bitter jury before, but I’m hoping if he’s in the final 2.

      • He’s very awful. I wished he kept his sister a secret haha. It changed him in my opinion when he let it out.

    • Derrick will go back to being a cop, Cody will continue to model underwear and Caleb will go back to Lowes because Victoria will win this one. She has never had a problem with the jury, and the jury all know Caleb, Derrick, Frankie and Cody had a hand in shoving them out.

      • You’re assuming the jury will be bitter and not base the decision on gameplay and who played better.

      • I don’t know that Derrick will go back to being a cop. It all depends on how his department reacts to his part in Saturday’s sick joke. They may take him back, suspend him or fire him. If he’s fired, I doubt another force will take him.

      • Did you watch the clip? It was mainly Frankie. Derrick and Caleb had a smaller role. Cody and Christine were laughing. Check it out at TMZ, Bustle, YouTube, TVGrapVine, etc.

      • I was only able to read it. I’m at work right now but will watch when I get home. Not funny.

      • While there are always bitter votes, usually the winner comes down to the one who played the better game. That won’t be Victoria.

  2. I was reading another post on another thread about the TA people. First let me say I vote for all three that got the TA mission’s but two of these three didn’t really show their true colors until afterwards or otherwise I would not have voted for Derrick or Frankie. I also read where someone said that they should only put up those super fans in this game, I feel that would be just as bad as what they are saying about this years HG’s. Look at the fans playing this year, only one has been able use their brain the whole season and now Derrick is in serious trouble. Christine hasn’t really made any decent move, Nicole is on the hot seat and she tried but it backfired on her. Then here is Donny, he was shunned from the start and he did what he had to do to stay in the game for as long as he did. All Super Fan player’s would be just as bad, I am for a more diverse group though. About half the player’s being a little older than the other half would be interesting.

    Just my thought and silly rant.

    • You’re preaching to the choir (as they used to say) on this site. Just about everybody wants a more diverse group. The best suggestion I heard was 4 – 20 to 30 something; 4 – 30 something to mid 40’s and 4- above that age. The way the comps were this year it would have worked fine.

  3. Lot of time between now and Thursday. Cody has him thinking and once Derrick starts thinking anything could happen. If he gets smart he tries to get Nicole to stay. Not sure that will work as I agree with Matthew on why she will be voted out. Christine and Frankie will NEVER keep her. Derrick better hope he on Victoria win HOH. I know everybody got a good laugh this morning when I said that, however I think if production thinks Derrick is in real trouble it could happen, so just remember I said it.

    • And you know what? It’d serve them ALL right if Victoria ended up winning. Bunch of bone-headed moves…Grow some cojones, boys!

    • One thing is that after Frankie’s comment about rape, that could mean that CBS could alter the outcome to not be sued if in fact they can be sued.

      • I think why it is important for CBS to say something. This is not physical abuse but it is emotional abuse. Which is just as worse.

      • There was no rape comment. Telling someone to jump someones bones was definitely the subject but it all ended about Frankie, not Victoria. There is no grounds. It would be awful even for her if there was. Every tape video and all would come out of that house. For some reason, Vic sleeps in thongs and her rear is always visible, well it is forever now. I can’t imagine sleeping in a house with males sleeping almost naked.

      • According to the latest and greatest website’s, they are the ones saying he made a rape comment or at least it was referenced to some extant. I just repeated what was said nothing more and nothing less.

    • I usually hate bitter juries. But I’m hoping for one this year. I just would not be able to give Frankie that money. & I’m positive he’ll be in the F2 w/ Victoria. UGGGHH. This makes me sick to think about.

      • Well, let’s hope they surprise us and send Frankie to the jury before he ends up in the Final #2.

    • Victoria has managed to not make a single enemy in this game. That alone would justify her winning if nothing else. Not the most exciting social game but it worked for her.

      • By all means let’s not forget her comp wins either. Her resume might be able to convince people to vote for her to win depending on her opponent in the finale.

      • Frankie made a rape comment
        Derrick made lots of enemies and Victoria will bring that up if she is F2
        Christina and Cody pissed people off with showmance.
        Caleb is an idiot.

      • Christine talks crap about her all the time –one saying how stupid she is cause she is clueless about ANYTHING that is going on…
        as well as Vicky talks crap about Christine’s laugh, she finally said out loud in the house what we have all been saying all along, nothing is funny all the time, and she laughs ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!! so annoying

      • Well Carol, Victoria can’t help what people say about her behind her back I guess, but it helps her that no one sees her as a threat. The way things are going I almost want to see a Victoria/Christine finale now.

      • Both Caleb and Zach have stated that they don’t like her. The defacators are making fun of her. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

      • I kind of hate the fact that Victoria is going to see all that after BB is over too. Maybe Victoria will reign victorious over the defacators in the end. Serves them right.

    • Really? Last season McCrae was tarred and feathered here because he stood behind Amanda. He actually did win stuff and game played. So how did Vic do anything other than hide behind Derrick? Why not go after her for that like McCrae?

      • McCrae last season pissed off a lot of people. Victoria hasn’t! She may have rode on the curt tail of Derrick, but she can show the jlury that was her plan. She knew she could not win challenges even though she tried. She knew the best thing was to stand behind Derrick. Tell me wouldn’t you stay behind someone that was strong? Victoria knew that Derrick was a strong player.

  4. I think next season they should quiz the people who are applying for big brother haha. To see if they really know the game.

    • No more returning players, no more sisters or brothers of celebrities. no more sisters or brothers of past players. Please cast average people who know the game and know the game well.

      • I would like that too! if they were to have returning players, at least make the game an all stars rather than coaches or veterans Vs. newbies. The returning players or relative of past players always have an unfair advantage. Like with Elissa with MVP or Frankie with TA. At first I didn’t mind Frankie being part of Team America, but seeing who is character is, he doesn’t deserve it.

      • Unless they were all relatives of returning players. Which is what i originally thought in season 15.

      • Yeah that is good too. The MVP should have at least made it so you couldn’t get it twice in a row.

  5. This is a little off topic, but did anyone watching BBAD last night notice that when Mr. Broadway was left alone in the back yard (around 9 pm BBT)—he started playing to the camera, doing his cockney accent and the camera ACTUALLY WENT TO WHAT WAS GOING ON IN THE KITCHEN? It was a thing of beauty.

    • I said the same thing earlier..however, I don’t think it was because no one wanted to watch him..I think production was afraid he would say something he shouldn’t. Something else I noticed over the weekend, when Nicole and Frankie were talking in the fire room..Frankie pretended to listen, he really could have cared less, he was so condescending to her..I kept yelling at my computer screen..”Nicole. stop talking to him!” anyway, when Nicole was telling him what she thought was going on in the house..Frankie told her “I know everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything.” I almost get the feeling that when Frankie goes into DR..they are telling him way more than they should. Something is amiss between Frankie and production.

      • Well of course Production and Frankie are in cahoots. The fact that CBS and it’s CEO have direct ties to Republic Records lead me to believe Arianna—I mean Frankie was cast to coincide with the release of her latest album. Although, Arianna IS very talented. I gotta give her that. But CBS is using Frankie.

      • Given what information we do have and everything that has happened on the BB show, I think it is fair that people are speculating and CBS should expect that viewers are going to assume things. I have thought for a while that Frankie could be getting paid, monetarily, career promises, or something of that nature that will benefit him after the show. Can I prove that? Of course not, and we will probably never know if there is a deal or what kind of a deal has been struck between Frankie and CBS.

      • Don’t let him hear that. He thinks he had EVERYTHING to do with her career in music.

      • I don’t believe that at all. There is way too much negative feedback about Frankie and his actions. Believe me CBS doesn’t need Frankie or his sister. I’m sure the network would do just fine without either of them.

      • I could be wrong….but doesn’t it seem just a LITTLE hinky that casting decided to pick him…the sister of an up and coming star…the very same summer she’s dropping her second album? Hmmm?

      • I’m sure they knew of him and his big personality and that’s why he got on. The first week I liked him and thought he was funny. That’s one reason he got voted for TA. But from there it just went downhill for him. I don’t think he’s getting any kind of help or special treatment from production. In fact I’m sure they’re hoping he goes soon. CBS does not like all this negativity. Look how last year they put a disclosure at the opening of the show. And there’s a disclosure at the beginning of the feeds. He’s bad news for CBS.

      • I agree…mostly. :) I liked Frankie, too. He was funny and charming. I think you’re right about production hoping he leaves soon. But, I still think the fact that CBS has a hand in his sister’s record label, that casting realized what a gift it’d be to CBS and their entities to have her brother as part of the summers most-looked-forward-to shows. Maybe it’s just my suspicious nature…

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. Enough of the conspiracy theorist. I don’t like Frankie, and I think he was solely cast because he is Arianna Grande’s (don’t think I spelled that right) brother, but CBS couldn’t have predicted how vile and disgusting he is. I’m sure he won’t be asked back to participate in any BB functions.

      • CBS will always side with the viewers as that’s what helps their ratings after all. If they feel Frankie’s behavior has gone too far, they will speak to him and those responsible for any career moves outside the BB house will handle him accordingly!

      • They have more to lose than gain with your theory. They’ll go with high ratings without PR nightmares..

      • Well yeah, as long as sponsors or any kind of endorsement don’t pull out. We’ve seen it happened in this industry so many times. I have to add, not in this case. This is BB, and last year was worst and they’ve handled it ok..

      • Does he know America hates him then? Nicole is an idiot to talk to him in the first place and placing any trust in that Skank. Get rid of Frankie already. He made rape comments regarding Victoria, further attached Donny while talking to Derrick about the TA, and it is just plain slime. I do not see why production would prefer him over others.

    • I did! What about when they had a temporary Lockdown…did you notice the fit he had with that because they were in the middle of a pool game?

      • Not from any outside the compound, no and no one really knew why there was a lockdown. It was quite weird, but commercials may have blocked out what was said…and I don’t have “live feeds” to go off of.

  6. With the TA missions going forward, they should just let us vote for who Derrick and Frankie vote to evict.

  7. I don’t know why Derrick is bothering to do so much campaigning for Victoria. They’re going to keep her based on the fact that she can’t win anything.

    • Ok! Production heard you loud and clear. After Nicole’s eviction, it will be Christine next.

      • Stop! I just talked to AG and she’s working on getting Victoria out. They’re just trying to figure out a way.

  8. I use to think ANYONE but cody and derrick.. now they seem like the lesser of 4 evils…. I might be rooting for Victoria now.. if there wasn’t that nagging she’s rich.. trying to date christian bale and she paid her way in stuff going around…

  9. really don’t like the way this season went down. Frankie’s butt should have gone home a long time ago and Cody, you are cute but do not deserve to still be in the game, nor does Caleb! :(

  10. no matter how much Iove Nicole(she is my fav even over donny) all the reasons people are saying like she could win a comp for him or keep him safe they get trumped by the fact that Victoria is the perfect final two because there is no jury in hell that would give the win to Victoria over anybody in that house, because of that the person that beats Victoria will automatically be considered the new Dan Guessling(even though no body in the house is comparable to Dan) simply because they would have won big brother with 100% of the jury votes

    • IDK. It depends on who is next to her and how bitter the jury is. They could vote for Victoria out of spite.

  11. This season should of had the motto, expect the predictable…. There is not one person in the with a spine or a set of balls to make big moves …just when I thought Calob was going to prove me wrong about him being an idiot….he goes back to his idiot ways….Frankie’s got Calob in his “front” pocket”!!!! All I can say is Derricks gotta start playing physically and win this stupid show….and cbs needs to have 2 straight jackets. 1- for Frankie when he finds out he’s hated and 1- for Victoria because she’s losing it….

  12. I don’t Think Victoria should win she has not won any games all she been a puppet in the house for Derrick and and the rest of the guys I the house . If I was in the jury I would not vote for her nor Frankie or Christine or Caleb . Derrick needs to win the game and take Cody with him !!!!

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