Double Eviction Week Returns On Big Brother 16

This week on Big Brother 16 the always awesome Double Eviction live show is heading our way on Thursday night starting at 9PM on CBS for the last Thurs show of the season.

Double Eviction week on Big Brother 16
Double Eviction week on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

We know who is going home first, but anything can happen when it comes to the second round of voting. Things are looking rough for the guys alliance as their nearly Backdoor’d ally is on edge with the news of Caleb’s wavering support.

Could this lead us to some action when the rushed HoH and Veto competitions arrive? Geez, I hope so! This week’s theme will be “all is calm and quiet” with the target set and everyone jittery about making it through the final three weeks of Big Brother.

Yes, we’ve still got another three weeks to go before the BB16 season finale on Wed, September 24th. The Big Brother schedule has changed with this week’s eviction show being the last one on a Thursday night so be sure to adjust your DVR.

As for this week’s DE potential victims, Cody has threatened to go after Frankie and Christine. Nicole has advised Victoria to go after Cody and Christine. Frankie has promised the guys he’ll go after the girls to prove his loyalty.

And Derrick? Well do we think Derrick will gamble and dodge the power? If not, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go after Christine. Everyone else would likely keep Derrick, so why would he directly do anything against Frankie just yet?

What do you hope to see happen on Thursday’s Double Eviction episode? Who would you put up on the block if you had the choice?


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  1. I’m hoping that with the D.E. they get both Frakie and Christine. With Frankie being the main target.

  2. I think if Derrick wins HOH he will try to evict Frankie. The others will go along, they just lack the guts to do it on their own.

      • That was ‘the Mist’. Caleb freaked out at the last minute because he was afraid of Frankie’s sister’s 12 yr. old female fans.

    • He wouldn’t dare. Too afraid – wouldn’t want blood on his hands – would rather choose Skittles

      • Since Caleb showed himself to be gutless, I think Derrick would see it as a feather in his cap to evict the perceived ‘strongest player’. Unlike Caleb he isn’t afraid of, nor does he give a crap about, what Arianna Grande and her fans think. If I was going to face the jury at F2 I’d want that on my resume’.

  3. I want Frankie to be #3 and my reason is purely for the joy of it being so close he could reach out and touch it but it disappears before he can. He gets nothing. The jury people should not have to endure one minute of his presence. I want to see that smug, cocky, arrogant look of his turn to pure utter disbelief and then again see that same look when AFP is announced. His actions are appalling as a human being. He’s a nasty swine. I will be glad when this season is over so that I can ask for forgiveness for all of my thoughts and feelings that are not in my nature to feel and think.

    • I agree with every single word you said. Including asking for forgiveness for my hatred towards some of these people. I think that would be funny to see him go out third. I just hope if he gets that far that he does go. That would be my worst nightmare having him in final 2. I hope Caleb goes out right behind Nicole and she can say see stupid I told you. To bad you’ve never watched big brother.

      • no nice to come in here and see kindred spirits. I would love to smack that duck face look off of Frankie, when Christine giggles with that horse face, or keeps licking the empty ice cream spoon while smiling at Cody, aaarrrggggg! bad thoughts, and I’m a nice lady. lol

      • He is a nightmare and it really can’t end soon enough. I’m with you, as long as it is over before F2.

    • One of the happy by products of watching BB is being able to come to these boards and share in the thoughts and opinions of those who love a guilt free summer of madness and mayhem in the BB house almost as much as we ourselves do. It’s been a pure pleasure reading your posts throughout the course of this summer but none moreso than this post, you’ve nailed it. Bravo! Karen (you see, I DO pay attention). Well spoken, well said, I loved every word of it. Should you happen to be a Catholic such as myself perhaps we can hook up, in mind anyway, as we ride the rails of repentance together.

      • You just made my day, Marianna, and I will be happy to repent with anyone who is willing and feels it necessary. You made me LOL.

      • You’ve made my day all summer.
        True story. One of my recent cofessions started like this: “Bless me Father for I have sinned. It’s been 20 minutes since my last confession… I was all finished up with my repenting and wanted to fire up a couple candles before I left for the special intentions of those near and dear to me. So there I was, feeling really quite holy and serene beneath the loving gaze of the Holy Mother while trying to get my prayer just right before putting the flame to the candle. Only… well… I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to the lit match and there right in the midst of my holy contemplations the match burnt down to my fingers. I fear my language may have been somewhat un-churchy as I dropped the still lit match from my singed fingertips onto the floor and had to stamp it out with these brand new shoes that I still haven’t told the husband about. Remember? I covered my misdeeds surrounding the shoes in my last confession? I think maybe you heard some of my sailor on shoreleave language by the way the curtain on your side of the confessional was twitching at the time of the incident…”

      • Ok, now you’ve went and done it! I had to change my underwear and I had just taken a shower.. Here’s a new anagram for any of the grandmas on here that have a little issue and aren’t ashamed to admit it…PMPL…peed my pants laughing. Pee happens.Thanks for the story.:)

      • Repent? I am sure I have been excommunicated for my thoughts on Frankie alone, no less what I think of Christine and the words I used yesterday on Caleb ! And what the hell kind of church is Christine such a big part of, anyway?

      • OMG, Pam, you’re too much! No judgement from me, but do you want to see Christine give a testimony(? )and be baptized by her husband, Tim. It is on you tube….Christine Brecht Baptism.

      • Her church could be affiliated to White Tail Chapel, where clothing is optional. Pastors and congregants worship in nude. lol

      • OMY Goodness.. White Tails the Nudist Beach.It’s not too far from me.. It’s be around for ages… Never been there and never will

      • You know, Cyril, that could go a long way in explaining how Christine came to be so knowledgeable in the, ahem… “below stairs” grooming habits of her pastor’s wife. I myself can only imagine how awkward it must be to nonchalantly slip “Care, Upkeep, Maitenance and Manicure of the Holy Bush” as item #14 on the monthly agenda for Church Council. Much easier to just have everyone running around nekkid in my opinion.

      • My kleenex box is empty. I had run to a piece of toilet paper. I am literally crying from laughing so hard.

      • No matches or lighters are allowed; as there has only been one burning bush in the Bible and no need for another. Well if all are nude no need for Easter Corsages or new Easter dresses…

      • Somewhere in the land of Moab, there was just the slightest of tremors as Moses turned over in his grave.

      • I would be sent to hell for my thoughts on frankie alone let alone the thoughts I have on Christine!

      • 100% agree! I love your posts, too, Karen! You’re funny at times, insightful at other times and you always keep it real!

      • This coming from the expert( in my opinion) poster, who has an excellent way with words. I’m flattered and touched. Thanks sincerely.

      • My grandkids think so, but they are young, I can still fool them. :) Thanks for your support, Foxfire.

      • You’re welcome! This particular site has the most astute and intelligent commenters in the BB universe, so glad I found y’all.

      • Oh ! Give me a break !.You used to scream when you post..haha….kidding ! know I’m your #1 fan.

      • Well is good I didn’t post yesterday after I read that Caleb was spilling his guts to Frankie. All caps would not have been loud enough.

        BTW, I too would like to say how much I enjoy all of your posts. Everyday I get a good chuckle. Most of you are quite witty.

      • LOL Thanks, but you just described my view of your posts! Here’s to great minds think alike or grandma’s unite!

      • There are some people here who make it easy to be nice, put up with my corny ways, and are learning how to take my sarcasm. Then there are always those who are looking to turn something into a negative or a fight. We all have our moments good and bad

    • WOW … You’ve said it so well KSJB! I was thinking Frankie gets evicted in the 2nd eviction Thurs. BUT I really really like your idea of keeping him and him being 3rd place. What wonderful, utter payback for such a dirty scumbag.

      • Cuddles, you just make me want to “hug” you. When I read your posts, I hear this real sweet voice in my head. I guess that is name association. My weird mind does that. Love to see posts from you.

      • :::Blushing::: But “K” we hardly know eachother~ Teasing aside, thanx so much. Your compliments mean a great deal to me. And I love to read, chew and swallow your great posts. Mutual admiration ~ I kinda think so!

    • Great idea! He’s in for a rude awakening when he sees what America really thinks. Bet he won’t want to talk to a camera then.

    • If they allow frankie to make it until final three he will take it all the way to AFRICA! They are idiots not to evict him this week! Christine down frankie up and frankie out the door! JUST THAT EASY! But no they are WIMPS!!! The whole lot of them! GUTLESS!!!

    • But then we would miss the look on his face when he goes to jury and Donny tells him he got a gig on B & B. They always show them going to jury after the buy back. Don’t you want to see Fakie’s face after he’s spent a day with production and gets the message that no one likes him and Donny got the gig?

      • Yes, whatever the circumstance, as long as I see that look that tells me something registers in that egomaniac head of his. That would be a good one.

  4. If Frankie is not removed Thurs night, the jury will see to it he doesn’t win up against Victoria, Caleb, Cody, Christine (vomit) or Derrick. They all have not liked him since he announced his relationship to Ariana.

  5. the bestest would be to see derrick up there for a change.. this has been easy money for him.. like taking candy from babies…

    • lol – more like taking candy from non-think, spineless wimps…………getting old watching him manipulating everyone

    • That’s a great point Shardaye, would Derrick be able to handle the pressure at this stage of the game? I just want to see one episode where everything doesn’t go Derrick’s way.

  6. I don’t watch “The Talk”, but I’m curious if anything has been mentioned about Frankie’s foul, hateful, nasty words or actions. The women in that cast cannot be happy about the whole Victoria- thing or calling Nicole the ‘c’ word. Of course, given the fact that Julie is married to CBS’s CEO could be a reason nothing would be said. They did talk (on the show) about the racist remarks made last year. I’ll be disappointed if that entire cast of women aren’t up in arms about his behavior.

    • One can hope, but truthfully, I don’t think hold out too much expectation. Yes, they did address the racism on “The Talk” but it hardly could have been considered to be on the vanguard or the cutting edge of commentary when just about every other news organization had already been sitting up and taking notice weeks before the good ladies of “The Talk” got around to discussing it. I always had the sense that Julie was hoping it would disappear and resolve itself before having to put herself out there by acknowledging the depth of the problem.
      Frankie is putrid. No ifs, ands or buts about it you’ll get no arguement from me – but time tends to soften the sharp edges of our memories. Spencer and Andy, toward the end of last summer were just as repugnant in their comments regarding Elissa. They just never stopped, not even after she’d been evicted, they were still desecrating her image on the picture wall and saying the most grotesque crap ever to come out of an alledged human being’s mouth. Including the liberal use of the “c” epithet. I don’t recall that ever being addressed anywhere outside of the commenting board community.
      For someone as obsessed with his public image as Frankie his comeuppance is waiting for him just around the corner. People are watching and people are taking note. Right now, the person hurting Frankie the most is Frankie himself, I hate his sick, perverted thoughts and quite frankly I don’t like his person all that much better. But you know what? Let him keep yapping. Everytime he opens that gaping maw of his he just digs his future prospects another foot underground. And that, my friend, is the very best comeuppance of all.

      • Oh that sounds nice and all but…. nah can’t think of anything but good stuff here! The only thing I’d add is that last season’s cast was different in many socio-psychology aspects (many of which you pointed out already)…
        I watched the clip of Frankie’s rape comments, and I think as bad as it was, it really shouldn’t be seen as the ”same” as last year’s racist, homophobic, elitist and sexist comments. Different people and different forms of hate that should be addressed specifically rather than generally…
        You nailed it right on with the ”let them damage themselves” by their words. Many people don’t understand that the attention (negative & positive) we fans give isn’t really going to change anything about these people’s lives. What will change their life is their prospective employment and how the people in their families & communities have to deal with the fall out of their actions…

      • As a rape survivor i agree with you one hundred percent with your comments! Frankie is his own worst enemy and he will get the backlash from his comments when he leaves the house! People see him as he truly is and he won’t like what comes of it! He ruined his future with those comments!

    • What did I miss! Whats the Victoria thing and they are scared of Nicloe thats why they call her names!

  7. I’m still hoping that Victoria gets evicted Thursday ~ purely for her own safety and well being (hurt wrist last night, teeth problems, getting tipsy due to alcohol mixed with her meds). Then Nicole wins HOH and nominates Christine and Cody. Christine gets POV. Nicole then puts up Derrick (I originally wanted Frankie here, but I read KSJB’s post and thoroughly love and agree with her thinking that he should ‘suffer’ by coming in 3rd) and Derrick goes to jury. Donny would love to see Derrick, right??? LOL! OH, I almost forgot, Vic needs Big Daddy and he’ll be right behind her~

    • I’m always surprised that the slip n slide comp doesn’t cause somebody to break their wrist.

    • can you imagine Vicky’s reaction to the words from Julie “Derrick by a unanimous vote you are out of here” they would have to call in the med team to revive Victoria!!!!! she was a basket case last night!

      • As much as I want to see all of the defecators knocked down and out and can’t wait for their shocked reactions when they find out how America reacted to their “joke” and other horrible actions/words, I dread thinking about Victoria finding out what happened and especially Derrick’s role in it. I hope she remains clueless until the cameras are done.

      • I second that! I kinda think they will have to break it to her a little at the time! and as I have never been in her shoes I can NOT understand WHAT she is feeling!

      • My scenario has Victoria leaving 1st … reducing her anxiety. Derrick leaves AFTER Victoria ~~~ read my post above yours.

    • ? You don’t think he qualifies for America’s Fave Player? He’s clearly not the best player to win this season – but from the moment he entered the house, he was a lock for AFP.

      • you feel there was a more deserving ”popular” character this season? I’m not disagreeing, I’m just surprised you feel that way. Who’s your fave (not who played best, but who’s your fave?)

      • My favorite would be Derrick. I’d love to see Derrick win this whole game and get AFP. AFP is is Americas Favorite “Player”. To me that means which person “played” the game the best. Hands down, would be Derrick.

    • You should have seen Victoria on BBAD last nigh. Nicole told her she needed to “get herself back in the game” and that she should get used to the fact that Derrick could go before Victoria. She freaked. Kept saying, “he can’t go, he can’t go!” and sobbed for about 5 minutes. She later told Derrick she would volunteer to go home before him. He told her that wasn’t her choice and she needed to stay in the house so she could vote to make sure he doesn’t go home. She looked close to a nervous breakdown. Spent the next hour showering Derrick with adoring puppy eyes when they were in the bedroom with Nicole, Christine and Cody. Poor sheltered girl, she’s in for heartbreak when the season ends. Derrick’s being nice to her (as it benefits his game) but he’s not leading her on romantically.

      • Well I think he’s not dumb, and he is indeed using a bit of her emotions to his advantage… Derrick needs his puppy dog if he wants to get past beast mode & Cody. Smart boy that Derrick – not nice, but smart.

  8. Christine is Soooo GROSS!!! Pick your
    ZIT ALREADY!!! That cackle .. Ugh!!! I have to keep fast forwarding
    Thru her and Frankie.. So Annoying !!

  9. I wish Nicole could talk Derrick and Cody in to keeping her so the three of them could go after Frankie. They need to ditch Victoria for Nicole since Victoria is unlikely to wi an HOH. Nicole should get Derrick worried about Frankie coming after him since Caleb blabbed the talk of their backdoor plan. I know it won’t happen, but it would make me happy.

    • Unfortunately Derrick’s plan of attach has been to keep Victoria since she’s an additional vote (and NOT a threat to win anything). It might be boring & predictable, but Derrick is playing it the best way to guarantee his 1st place prize. I wish CODY could see this coming (I know he has Christine as his additional vote, but he needs beast mode also to get past Derrick).

  10. Frankie and Christine are the only mean spirited hgs left….where’s a Donato when we need one?

  11. My prediction about first eviction is Nicole leaves. Then second eviction will be again with Victoria and Christine, Christine will leave (oh so sad because she now has to face the reality that she is a flirty whore). Then it will be Victoria and Cody or Caleb. But I know now for a fact from watching the show it will be down to Frankie and Derrick and guess what Derrick wins( he cries and thanks everybody, Frankie will be pissed that he didn’t get any votes). THE END. Very predictible and the most boring show ever in the history of BB. Last year was bad because of all the racist comments but this year BB16 should takes the whole cake!…. for being so effin boring!! hahaha

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