Big Brother 16: Will Guys Alliance Hold To Final 4?

The guys have been running the Big Brother 16 house this season with several of the ladies helping them along. Now things have narrowed down to the final seven with the final five right around the corner. Can the guys keep it together to final four or will they turn on each other before that?

Cody and Derrick on Big Brother 16
Cody and Derrick on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The Bomb Squad started out with eight before being whittled down to the Detonators and their five members. Soon that alliance too fell away with Zach’s departure, the guys distrust of Christine, and the re-inclusion of Caleb. Despite their ups and downs it looked like Caleb, Cody, Derrick, and Frankie may be able to stick it out to the end. But do the guys all want that to happen?

Over the weekend the guys F4 deal looked dead in the water. Caleb was in the position to renom Frankie and all it would take would be two votes to set up Caleb for the tie-breaker. While there was promise it didn’t work out as Caleb backed down after believing Frankie was solidly with them.

But hang on. Deciding not to Backdoor Frankie is one thing, but telling him how close he came to being evicted is another altogether. Yesterday before the Veto meeting Caleb had a heart-to-heart with Frankie where he told him he considered all the possibilities including putting him up. Caleb told Frankie not to be worried, that he wasn’t doing it, but then he stepped him through how easy it would have been and how he had the votes to evict him. Ugh, Caleb.

Sure enough, after the Veto meeting Frankie and Derrick spoke about the near-miss. Derrick asked Frankie if he felt in danger and Frankie told him yes, because Caleb practically told him so.

Later that evening Derrick spoke with Cody to let him know Caleb was spilling the beans around the house. Flashback to 6:45PM BBT. Cody can’t believe Caleb would do that and he is not happy at all about it. Cody tells Derrick that he’d go after Caleb before Christine because of the way Caleb is playing. Of course Cody writes checks all day with his mouth and has never cashed a single one.

Cody proposes he would nominate Frankie and Victoria in the midst of a Double Eviction and push for Frankie to be evicted if he doesn’t win the Veto. Derrick says he’d put up Christine but use Frankie as a renom if it comes to that.

It’s hard to tell who Derrick is being honest with as he’s successfully deceiving most everyone inside the house and tries his best to mislead viewers in his Diary Room sessions. I do still believe he wants to move forward with Cody and Victoria the most of anyone in there, but we’ll have to wait and see.

As for Frankie and Caleb and how they relate to Derrick’s big plans, eh, I’m not so sure. Later last night in a talk with Frankie Derrick denied telling Cody that Caleb spilled the beans so clearly Derrick is telling Cody more than he wants Frankie to know and that should tell us a lot.

When the Double Eviction hits on Thursday the guys will regret not taking out Frankie when they would have had the chance to get Nicole out in the same night. Then again they may still get the chance with Frankie going out the door if everyone is feeling nervous about him.

Considering Frankie’s realization that he was in serious danger he may do something drastic on Thursday given the chance and I wouldn’t blame him. Caleb did a very, very foolish thing in telling Frankie his backdoor plans if Caleb still wanted to go to F3 with Derrick and Cody as he had repeatedly said. Maybe Caleb will still pull it off, but I’m not so sure.

So who would keep the F4 together? Other than Caleb I don’t think any of them would and that’s only because Caleb already did just that! Derrick and Cody are finally ready to get rid of Frankie, but that happened a week too late. Frankie can’t possibly want to risk sticking it out with the guys anymore at this point either.

F3 is even bigger of a mess. Caleb wants Frankie out at that point and we know Derrick has been setting things up for keeping Victoria around at least that stage. Whatever happens should at least be interesting as they all think they’re in control, but only one of them will get to pull the trigger.

Do you think the guys will turn on one another or stick it out until the F4? Their competition to make that happen is just Christine and Victoria which means if something gives then it might be a tear from inside their alliance.


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  1. Cody telling Derrick he’ll go after Caleb before Christine? lmao …Shut the hell up !!!…..YOU HAVE NO SAY IN THE GAME !

    • I think if Derrick or Victoria wins HOH (I know get off the floor) then Cody could also be in trouble. He pretty much just told Derrick he’s taking Christine. Derrick may get Christine or Frankie. Victoria (wipe your eyes from laughing so hard) will put up Christine and Cody.

      • Would be great if Derrick was winning hoh to give to Victoria as he did to Frankie. It would be the same as if he were hoh. That is the only way Vic can win, as before.

      • I think “if” Victoria wins HoH and that’s a strong “if”, she’d put up Christine and Frankie before she’d put up Cody…she wants Christine gone, like yesterday and without her, Cody won’t be able to get those intimate massages at least not from Christine…she’d take over where Christine left off! :-)

    • Derrick and Cody have lost control of this game because they did not make the big move of backdooring Frankie multiple times! Now, the shoe is on the other foot. For the next HOH, we have Frankie, Christine vs Derrick, Cody and Victoria. If Frankie or Christine win HOH, Derrick and Cody will be on the chopping block!

      • Then, it will be Caleb and Derrick then. Actually, I would rather Derrick go next after Nicole because he is the glue that holds the Detonators together! Now, they will have to use their heads for once, who to evict next!

      • frankie prob won’t nom derrick.
        also even worse case scenario for derrick is he is nom’d with caleb by christine
        victoria and cody keep him.

      • Not sure Victoria would keep him if she heard what Frankenstein said about her Saturday evening. So wish Caleb would spew that to her (like he did to Frankie about backdooring him)…and let her get blood on her hands instead of him! :-)

      • Agreed – Would love to see Derrick follow Nicole out the door – Interesting to see how things would play out without the puppet master

      • Yeah, he’s the best player, but boy ! does he kill other people’s enjoyment…a party pooper !

      • I can see it now….with the lamest of the Numnutz left in the house, paranoia will rule the day.Nonsence strategizinng, on a never ending loop, will rule the nights! The soundtrack will be Frankie’s ridiculous, fake, cockney accent and constant references to dick punctuated with Christine’s high pitched asylum cackle! If that’s entertainment, I’d rather watch paint dry or flies f–k!

  2. Unless it’s Christine (loses POV) then one of the guys will go after Nicole Thursday. Just MHO.

    • Nicole’s definitely going to make it thru the 1st eviction. She’ll win HOH and nominate Frankie and Christine. Christine will win POV. Nic will put up Derrick as a replacement nominee. Frankie will be voted out. Nic will have made a very big move and gotten lots of blood on her hands (1st time anyone this season managed to have guts).

  3. I’m expecting Frankie to win HOH on the DE… and to waste it on getting Christine out. Then Frankie will go at final five.

    It would fit with how the season has gone so far.

    • I won’t be surprised if Frankie wins HOH for DE, and if he does, I expect Caleb and Cody to go up. Frankie is going to turn on the alliance and break it up before they can get him out, I can feel it.

  4. Here we go Ok If its Derrick & Cody against Frankie & Caleb with Christine swaying to the power side and Victoria just swaying….Derrick and Cody are gonna need help to stay in the game… Their best bet is to make sure that Christine is with them so she can compete for the HOH & POV. Victoria is nothing but a vote. If by some chance after last nites breakdown by Victoria over Derricks possibly being evicted first Derrick could decide to keep Nicole. Derrick needs help and Christine is not dependable as to whose side she is on. Derrick should make a deal with Nicole to (try) keep her safe to final 4 and then shes on her own. Just my thought as to

    • If Derrick is successful in keepin Nicole, then yes she would be helping him out greatly. I do not see that happening because at the same time Derrick knows that Nicole would love to see Cody go. What a tangled web he has weaved.

      • yeah but if Cody has lead Derrick to believe that he (Cody) will take Christine over Caleb (red flag) then Cody is a liability that Derrick does not need..

      • Good point! And, if Derrick can get his head back on straight, he will realize that he has a better shot of going after ANY of them with Nicole rather than Victoria. At least Nicole has won comps in the past & that’s what matters most right now!!

      • I think Nicole would put up Christine and Cody if Derrick could save her…but he does not have the votes unless he can swing Caleb. Victoria is just plain useless. Add to that all the blubbering. Wait until she watches the show…..he’ll if she is crying now. …. Whew.

    • Victoria is absolutely pathetic. She is in a total make believe world with Derrick. Derrick said she was coming out to visit his family and his wife will take one look at her and tell Derrick to get her the hell out of the house. I see Victoria acting badly because he would be paying more attention to his wife and baby.

      • Don’t you think Derrick is ‘eating this up’ ~ he’s an old married man with a child and this beautiful young woman is all over him, completely and utterly devoted. oh YUCK! His wife is not a happy camper.

      • Sorry you didn’t get it Lora. More descriptive?? He’s 10 years older (at least) than Vic. He’s got life experience under his belt, Vic doesn’t ~ she’s young, pliable, naive, vulnerable. Forget the physical years ~ count the years of life experience.

      • He’s 8 yrs older than her. But yes – I agree with him getting a kick out of this for sure.

      • Derrick invited Victoria to come visit his fam? For what? So she can play the clown at his child’s next birthday? Doubt that Derrick’s wife is too very worried. Christine is way too “out there” to be any competition. Basicly, Derrick’s exchanges with her, in the BB house, have been more like babysitting.

      • Don’t think his wife is worried but she has gotten way too touchy feeling with Derrick imitating Christine with Cody

  5. I hope they show more of the jury house on eviction nights, I think I’d rather watch the people there than in the Bb house.

    • I miss when the evicted HG would bring a DVD with them highlighting how they wound up in the jury house. The reactions from the other jury members were hysterical!

    • Dargran, that’s a great idea. I would much rather watch the people I. The jury house, than the fools left in the bb house.

  6. If Frankie wasn’t a wishy-washy enough alliance member before, he sure will be now that Caleb has, once again, put his own foot in his mouth. I think Frankie will break out the sociopath in him as he turns openly on his pals. I’m truly hoping he doesn’t get the opportunity. The wait to see him slapped in the face with reality is Killing me!

    • I want a complete and utter meltdown. I need a reason to watch at least one episode this month.

  7. If Derrick wants them to stay together, they will. If he doesn’t, they won’t. I don’t think he does, so it won’t. I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever seen someone own a game the way he has; maybe Will in BB7 or Russell Hantz in Samoa.

    • I think at least one of these guys is willing to do something rash at this point, without Derrick’s judgment. Whether it actually comes to pass before Derrick nips the uprising in the bud is another story (they don’t tend to be able to think for themselves for very long), but I think the DE, at the very least, could finally be a point where someone acts in a way they weren’t “supposed” to act.

      But maybe this is just hopeless wishful thinking on my part.

  8. No way these guys are making it to F4 – as soon as one of them wins HOH, they’re going to have to strike. The only thing that will stop it happening during the DE is if Christine or Victoria win HOH, and even those two will most likely nominate Frankie.

    • Lol! Too bad he actually wanted Frankie out. It took him awhile, but he was on board with it. If Derrick was really in charge, Frankie would be on the block.

      He would’ve have made Nicole believe he did it to “save her”, thus gaining another ally.

      Caleb chickened out ultimately though…

  9. The only person I truly see being safe during the double eviction is surprisingly Victoria. Nobody is going to waste their HOH on her. I see Derrick being the next safest. He has Cody, Caleb, and Victoria’s votes to keep him.

    Frankie is definitely the most vulnerable, with Christine being the next likely to go out on Thursday. I’m really hoping Cody wins and sends Frankie packing. He’s played a mediocre game all season, but has got some big wins down the stretch. I think it’ll continue.

  10. my fantasy DE: Vic is evicted (the little boys take pity on her, because of her crying and all), Nicole wins HOH. She puts up Frankie and Christine. Christine wins POV. Nicole puts up Derrick as a replacement nominee. Frankie gets evicted by a landslide~ Congrats Nic, you are the 1st hg this season to make a BIG move and get blood on your hands!!!

  11. Please go to TMZ. search Big Brother and watch the video of Frankie telling the other houseguests that 2 of the guys should “team up” and take all Victoria’s “virginities.” Then pantomimes raping her. I hope people here are disgusted enough with Frankie after his, “punch Nicole in her face, euthanize Zack and his gang rape Victoria” comments to call CBS and demand he be publicly booted from the show. I did and so did my personal Big Brother buddies. The number is 212-975-3247. Listen to the message and wait till the voice says you can leave a comment. Please, please call and tell them to kick Frankie off the show. If they don’t, they will be condoing that mindset. Production continually berates Nicole and Victoria. They called Nicole out last night for talking about her goodbye messages from the PAST. They scolded Victoria for not washing her hands after using the bathroom. Okay, that’s kind of icky but Frankie’s behaviors have gone beyond icky. His comments are vicious, masoganistic (spelling?), and dangerous. That sort of talk can encourage violence in general and violence against women in particular. If you are the least bit disturbed by that video. CALL CBS! BLOW UP THEIR PHONE LINES AND LET THEM KNOW THAT SORT OF TALK WON’T BE TOLERATED. PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT CBS AND GET RID OF FRANKIE BEFORE HE ACTUALLY WINS THIS GAME.

    • I called the number and suggested that if they can’t throw him off the show, then at least take him off of Team America. His comments were not what America wanted for a team player.

      • they could at least reprimand him on screen I doubt he would apologize but that would be the time for him to do it

    • When that whole thing happened I read comments about who participated and it was hard to tell from the video. Caleb said he was uncomfortable and was the only 1 I didn’t see laughing. Derrick was laughing as was Christine.

      • Oh no, Caleb was in on it too..he is the one who said “there would be blood everywhere,” as Frankie was demonstrating the vile actions zingbot could do to VIctoria. Cody is the one who seemed the most uncomfortable.

      • I thought people said Derrick was not going along with it but he was laughing a lot. I couldn’t hear what everyone was saying that well though.

    • Just go watch something else. Big Brother isn’t the right show for you, and certainly not the live feeds.

      • This show is certainly for me and no, it’s not “just a tv show…it’s REALITY TV. It exposes people for who they really are and what they see as amusing and appropriate. Antics like Frankie demonstrated were violent: threatening to punch Nicole in the face if she cried to him and wanting to euthanize Zack like a puppy. Insulting lesbians by saying they “choose” that lifestyle. And, downright dangerous for suggesting such a violent attack against an innocent woman. Your comments condone this violent tendency in a person who is a gay man, knows he’s being watched 24/7 and still feels he has every right to joke about something as serious as rape.It was not funny, it was not stupid, it was not appropriate within the context of the game. As for me grasping at straws, it seems your defending his comments as being gameplay shows that you want to minimize them. If there are straws being grasped at, it seems to be you doing the grasping. To me, as a woman, ANY levity concerning rape is damaging to women in general and especially to women who were vicitmized by that mindset. Until the day you are threated or victimized by rape, do not attempt to speak for women who were. He needs to be publicly ejected from the game. RAPE IS NOT A GAME OR A JOKE!

  12. As much as Victoria doesn’t deserve it it would be sweet to see her win it all without lifting a finger

  13. Very boring this season no one has the nuts to make a big move. Only bright spot this season is America met Nichol And Donny

  14. Sadly, I cancelled my live feeds today. I haven’t gone on in weeks. Still watching CBS shows, and checking here to see the stats, but it seems to me this whole season has been a wash. I posted something before about not understanding fair weather fans, but the season started out with only 4-5 out of 16 people who are actually playing the game. And most of them are on the same side. It makes it absolutely pointless to watch. That coupled with Frankie’s never-ending audition performances, vile and hateful remarks, and his encyclopedia of untrue facts about every single topic of conversation has left me – not completely uninterested, but not interested enough to stream for hours out of the day.

  15. The funniest part to me, is how Caleb truly believes he is running the show. He honest-to-God thinks he’s the “king of the castle” and it’s his way or the highway. MWAA HAA HAAAA!!!

  16. I think Caleb’s brother should have put in his letter “Pull your own pants up” not put your big boy pants on.

  17. These guys never turn on each other, even when they should. Mark my words – it will be one of the two remaining girls going home tonight, more than likely Christine if she doesn’t win HOH or Veto.

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