Big Brother 16: Will Team America Mission Be ‘Save Nicole’?

Yesterday I started thinking of Team America and wondered what was going on with that this week. Seems I wasn’t the only one asking that question as TA’s remaining members pondered the situation last night on the Feeds.

Update: Well there was no TA mission announced on Wednesday’s show. I’m not sure what’s going on with their covert operations at this point.

Derrick and Frankie discuss Team America
Derrick and Frankie discuss Team America – Source: CBS

Flashback to 11:17PM BBT 9/2 Cams 1/2 as Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande discuss the absence of any word from Big Brother on Team America. Derrick suggests it’s likely wrapped up after last week’s “ehh, do whatever” mission that ended in an “overwhelming no.” Frankie disagrees.

Frankie is confident they have more work ahead and even mentions what we have heard discussed before. Should any member of Team America be evicted the tasks and missions would carry on until no one was left to take orders, per the rules from Big Brother. So what’s going on?

For much of the Team America season we saw missions arrive at the start of the Big Brother week. Then last week the Team America viewers’ vote wasn’t until Wednesday night. With no word yet to either viewers or the TA HGs I think we’re about to see a repeat of that late cycle vote and I’m worried of just what that might be.

When tonight’s Big Brother show wraps up viewers will have the final nominees of the week in front of them. Should CBS be waiting until that time to offer a vote that once again has an A/B set of options then it seems fairly suggestive of what that vote will be: who do the viewers want evicted.

Many fans have called for a Pandora’s Box, a Diamond Power of Veto, a Coup d’Etat, or some other sort of power designed to rescue Nicole from certain elimination. But why do something so outright when they can ask viewers who they want to keep: Nicole or Victoria? Hmm, I wonder.

If there is a Team America vote this week, and I do believe there will be, or at least I don’t think Team America is over just yet, then this seems highly probable for what viewers get to choose. While I know there are a lot of fans that would be thrilled for Nicole to stay, here’s my issue: it’s going to seriously rock Derrick’s game at the cost of giving Nicole a THIRD life in the house.

All season Derrick has carefully cultivated his wallflower, Victoria. He’s made sure she had water, sunlight, and just enough attention to keep it alive and well protected in the house. Yesterday he was still at it convincing his allies that a vote against Victoria would be a waste in the case of a Double Eviction. She’s his ticket to a landslide F2 and Derrick is counting on it.

Should viewers have the choice to control TA’s votes in favor of keeping Nicole or Victoria they will most likely vote for an “overwhelming yes” in Nicole’s favor and then what of Derrick’s months of hard work? Poof! But would it come to that?

This week there are four votes which puts a tie-breaker in the mix. Right now the house is set to vote out Nicole with all four upcoming votes pending against her. If Derrick and Frankie receive word to vote out Nicole then they could either say “no” or take a riskier path and rely on Caleb to make sure Nicole was still evicted. Two votes for Victoria to stay and two votes for her to go would pull in Caleb for the first tie-breaker of the summer.

Derrick and Frankie would have to coordinate this with Caleb under some sort of plan, possibly something about giving him another line item on his Big Brother resume. Caleb could then vote out Nicole, Derrick could keep his pawn, and Team America collects their check for having tried.

I won’t be surprised if Team America receives a mission to vote to keep Nicole, but I will be surprised if it works out and she stays. One way or the other, I do expect Nicole Franzel to walk out that door. Again.

Update: To clarify, this is a scenario for how TA could pull off a “vote to keep Nicole” mission & still keep Victoria. If the mission is more restrictive as “campaign to keep Nicole & save her” then I think they’ll flat out decline it as they did with the proposed “Save Donny” mission.

Update 2: Yes, this would be risky and a challenge, but shouldn’t that be the point if they’re receiving $5K? They had a gimme mission last week and they failed. So maybe we’ll get to see how well they can scheme and plan without all that “dead weight” Frankie mentioned.


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