Big Brother 16: Did Christine & Frankie Make Themselves Bigger Targets?

After last night’s questionable decision to out the Detonators alliance under the guise of another Zach Attack, Christine Brecht and Frankie Grande went on to paint bigger target on their backs.

Christine & Frankie on Big Brother 16
Christine & Frankie on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

While Frankie and Christine originally thought going to Hayden and Nicole with the news of an alleged alliance offered up by Zach was a brilliant idea, they failed to adequately prepare before putting it in to action. Well, Frankie tried to prepare while Christine saw the nearest cliff and just dashed right over the edge. As Frankie tried to work out the details with Cody & Derrick, Christine raced ahead to tell Nicole so she could be seen as the one to first share the “news.”

Flashback to 10:13PM BBT 8/5 Cams 3/4. After Frank-n-Stine leave the HoH room following Frankie’s “confession” of Zach’s attempt to for the Detonators (that’s how they’re trying to pass it off in case Zach explodes on his way out the door) Hayden says to Nicole “Do they think I’m the dumbest person alive? OMG!” Nicole says they must think the same about her.

Hayden caught Christine in a lie when she told him she was present when Zach made this alliance offer. Cody and Derrick told Hayden she was not present. Hayden made sure to test this part of her story and is now confident she’s lying. What he doesn’t realize is that so are Cody & Derrick.

Nicole & Hayden think this could all work out perfectly for them. Hayden tells Nicole he has talked with Victoria & Donny and convinced them that Christine & Frankie should be their main targets since those are Haycole’s main targets. “Basically, we have the whole house working with us,” says Hayden. “Besides Caleb,” points out Nicole.

Hayden talked with Cody this morning and said he’d rather see Christine go over Frankie which is a strange choice to me considering Frankie has three HoH wins while Christine has none. He feels she’s a better manipulator and apparently that worries him more.

Jumping ahead to Wednesday morning, Nicole spoke with Donny about who he would target in case of a Double Eviction. Remember, we know it’ll be a DE this week, but they do not know that yet.

Flashback to 11:10AM BBT 8/6 Cams 1/2. Donny tells Nicole if there were no Battle of the Block in play then he’d nominate Caleb & Christine. Then if one of them saved themselves he would renom Frankie. I believe he’s being honest with Nicole.

Now Derrick & Cody are still straddling the divide between the rest of the Detonators & their new Rationales alliance with Haycole, but if they smell blood in the water it may push them to step fully over to working with Hayden and Nicole. From there Derrick could draw in Caleb and further isolate Frank-n-Stine, especially if Frankie gets evicted after Zach on Thursday and it’s just Christine floating out there in the murky waters by herself.

Looks like things fell apart pretty quickly for Frankie and Christine. In just a matter of days Frankie is seeing his most reliable ally Zach voted out and Christine lost Nicole’s support as she overplayed her hand and tried to convince Nicole of things she knew not to be true. Unfortunately for Christine, she has no idea that’s going on around her right now.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see either Frankie or Christine follow Zach out the door as the second eviction of the night on Thursday. If you got to vote, which of those two would you want to see sent home next?


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  1. I would love to see Frankie go home, but I doubt production will let that happen. With his sister putting the weight of her fan base behind him, I’m sure CBS wants to keep him around for viewership.

      • Well, they could keep the next 3 evicted HG in purgatory, especially, if Frankie becomes one of them, then have either a challenge, America’s choice and/or a Pandora’s Box to allow one of them the opportunity to return … they do have that extra week, if I recall ???

        Eta: and, with any type of silent vote system, Production could easily manipulate the votes to Frankie’s benefit …..

  2. I’d rather vote Christine out first, but if I’m in the house, I think the smart strategy would be to vote Frankie out first simply because I think he’d be more likely to win comps and recover from losing an ally. Christine would likely lose Frankie and still walk around telling everybody everything thinking she’s still on good terms with them.

    • Yeah, wouldn’t it be funny for her to be evicted and she has no clue on what happened? lol

      • And how quickly things change in the BB house… Looks like Nicole/Donny/Hayden might be the one evicted tonight without a clue.

    • I think they’re going to drag her right along to the end and why not? She’d be easy to beat in comps & Jury votes. Victoria may suffer a similar fate & be taken along for the ride although she’s done more to keep herself in the game than Jocasta has.

      • I know, that’s what is so frustrating for US, the viewers.
        Plus I don’t think she deserve to get 13K over players like Zach or Frankie or Christine.

      • They do get some money. Like the 2 evictees tomorrow (if jury is 7) will get $6K. Amber last week got $5K. ($1K per week).

      • They get paid for the time they spent in the house. This allows for people to take a Leave of Absence from their jobs and still get paid for the ‘work’ they do for CBS.

    • Since I’m a big Hayden fan and Jocasta is pretty much going to vote the way he wants her to I’m willing to tolerate her a little longer in the house. The good guys need her for numbers right now.

    • I too, as a viewer, would like to see JoCasta out (and Victoria for that matter). She provides no entertainment and is horrible at this game. However, if YOU were in the Big Brother house competing for $500k, wouldn’t YOU do everything in your power to make sure she’s still around? I’d much rather compete for an HOH or a POV to save my life against JoCasta than someone like Zach, Frankie, or Christine.

      It’s boring for us, but unfortunately, nobody is going to get out a horrible player because the fans are going to get bored. I’d much rather win $500k and be boring than get evicted while being entertaining. All the house guests want the path of least resistance, and JoCasta and Victoria are on that path.

    • It is frustrating, but Matthew is right. Right now they need votes to stay in the house. Derrick makes sure he prays everyday with Jocasta and he has Victoria wrapped around his finger. Neither are exciting to watch but he is sure he can beat them in comps later.

  3. Frankie and Christine have vastly underestimated the competition in their arrogance and are beginning to dig their own graves. Too bad production is so keen on Frankie, guess we’re stuck with him for now.

  4. I’d rather see Frankie go first..he’s the bigger target and they can get Christian next.

    • So glad to see Zankie coming to an end after tomorrow night. I think it’s a very foolish move on Frankie’s part to get rid of Zack but glad the alliance has finally started to crumble. Since Zach is so popular I sure do hope production doesn’t *step in* and clue Zach in on what’s really happening. I do wish it was Frankie and not Zack leaving tomorrow as I’m going to be missing the crazy Zack.

      • Fakie had no choice. He saw he didn’t have the votes. Nic/Hayden/Zack were voting for Zach to go so when Derprick/NoB@llsCody said Zach needs to go, Fakie had no choice. They tried to pull the 4/4 split but they others weren’t falling for it.

      • True JacinJax, but Frankie sure doesn’t seem to be very upset about losing his good buddy Zack either. I can hardly tolerate Frankie’s phoniness anymore.

      • Frankie is such a know it all about everything-Telling Hayden what meds to talk and how many and when -last night on BBAD. He acts like such an azz all the time. CBS camera crew must love him as they show his mug all the time.

      • That’s one reason I started to dislike Frankie after the first episode of BBAD – the camera was parked on him the whole entire time! I thought BB was really trying awfully hard to make Frankie “happen”!

  5. Now that Frankie is finally a Have Not the all slop diet does seem to be affecting his gameplay.

    • I think it’s reversed. The gameplay has caught up with him and being on slop in sleeping in the cold is affecting he ability to process information. Plus Ratine is out of control.

      • Thank goodness Frankie is contained for a few days. Making Frankie a have not was one of Nicole’s best moves.

  6. My fear is that if the Detonators have a suspicion that they have been outted they could pull a last minute switch and vote out Jacosta as long as they could get Victoria’s and/or Caleb?? Afterall, in the end, it is all about the numbers ans that may be enough justification for Caleb to keep Zach ??
    In his mind the BS is still in power majority wise in the house ..

  7. I know I’m an dirty Derrick fanboy, but I absolutely love how his little deception has led Frankie to not only turn on Zach, but also completely destroy everything he’s been doing up to this point. Now I don’t have to begrudgingly acknowledge his good gameplay. Now I can just straight up HATE him. Like a set of pink dominoes.

  8. I have said more than once that I would like to see Derrick and Donny in the F2. Don’t think it will happen but one can hope. I think it would be a split decision on the jury. That is one thing Derrick is NOT thinking about, he is voting out votes in the end. Nicole has finally started playing and is showing some BB smart moves. Love she wants to shake things up. I want Donny to win 1st HOH Thur because otherwise he could be in danger. So excited for 2morrows show, I may have to start on the beer early.

    • Yes! Hopefully if Donnie wins the first HOH he will be able to knock out another member of the former BS so that if one of the BS does win the 2nd HOH they won’t have the votes to evict Donnie! I haven’t been this excited about a BB episode all season.

    • If you’re going to hope then hope Hayden wins the 2nd. That would be something to see.

  9. I agree either or I don’t care for frankie or christine and I wish derrick would follow

    • Yep, his fakeness is beginning to make me weary. I appreciate that fakeness is all a part of being on BB but this is ridiculous.

  10. Zack better be careful tonight, if it is his last night in the House, as Frankie may want to cuddle with him for the last time, and possibly pop his cherry … Ha !!!

  11. Well, if Zack goes, then Frankie, they’ll have the whole jury house to themselves with no cameras. Maybe Zack will find out who he really is inside.

  12. damn… it’s so hard to choose between those two. I can’t stand either of them cause they both are rats. It’s quite sad to be honest. I can’t believe America chose Frankie to be part of team America…. Christine sucks at comps, so Frankie would be the wise choice to go after thinking about it.

  13. My preference is Frankie go, Christine can be next but Frankie has a bigger chance of winning HOH and getting out people I like. The comment above about Hayden makes me wonder a little at his ability to strategize.

  14. Christine’s gotta go. She’s annoying, constantly flirts with the guys, and completely and utterly transparent with her lies and strategy. Frankie may be irritating, but at least he’s trying to play a game. Christine is just hopeless.

  15. Man, Derrick is really good at this game. I wonder how he’d be if he wasn’t playing with probably the dumbest cast ever, but he definitely knows what he was doing.

    I will miss Zach, but I’ll be so happy to see Frankie and Christine walk out the door. I hate them both.

  16. I would much rather see Frankie go over Christine. Christine is small pickings as far as I’m concerned. Frankie has such good social game and can win comps, and little does Hayden and Nicole know, but the like of Derrick and Cody want Frankie around, so you’re basically killing off an ally for Derrick and Cody. Then we can bet Christine will come crawling back to Nicole and Hayden, and she’ll truly give up the goods on Derrick and Cody, lol, one can only wish, to make things interesting. Nicole must be careful though, if Hayden and Nicole think they’re so smart, they need to listen to the likes of Derrick very carefully, because he is giving all reasons to keep Frankie, because Derrick wants Frankie around for his game, if Nicole can question, why does Derrick need Frankie around, maybe she can realize, “hmmm, they’re probably working together.” Get rid of Frankie, and Christine is definitely floating around. She’ll try to use Cody as a life vest, trying to love up all over him. Another reason I don’t like Christine…I know this is a game, and you got to think game wise, but I feel it’s so disrespectful for Christine to go out of her way to feel up on Cody, and rub him, and flirt with him basically, and even say he’s so hot she can’t stop looking at him. I would think her husband wouldn’t like that too much, unless they go for that sort of thing. Christine is just a nasty person in general. Again, she talks about how annoying Victoria is, and yeah, I cringe at Victoria’s game play, I find it hard to watch, because she knows nothing about the game, and she’s so naive, and talks about being a Princess, but seriously, pot meet kettle, Christine, YOU ARE JUST AS ANNOYING. And no one wants to hear you blow your nose, you nasty b*tch, go do that in bathroom away from people when they’re eating or relaxing! I am hoping either Hayden or Donny win HoH on DE night, because I am in fear for Donny. I would be shocked if Jocasta or Victoria won, but I’m rooting for them too.

  17. Christine will hate herself if she loses #BB16 Super Psycho Fan 4 real. I want Christine evicted in Double Eviction. Oh, and Seeya Dingus!

  18. Christine has to be the worst player in BB History. She does not use the power of veto because she says two detnators maybe put up. Only 1 gets evidicted you idiot Christine.

    • What is strange is she suggested to Nicole to evict Derrick or Cody after they are put on the block. Nicole relayed the info to Cody who told Derrick about the plot and yet, she did not pull the trigger? Of course, she did not know that Nicole has Frankie as the target. Would have been interesting if she used the POV and asked Nicole to put up Cody or Derrick and that would really be the last nail on the coffin for Christine!

      • Christine has no game! She is just a floater and rides curtails. She or Frankie need to go. Christine’s getting caught in to many lies. The thing with Hayden was stupid. I knew Christine would plot against Hayden. If Hayden was in Christine’s alliance why would she try in break up Hayden and Nicole? Dumb move!

  19. Has anyone thought about the phrase ‘back dooring Frankie’? He might just like it after all. He reminds me of a troll doll. Yeck!

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