Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 6 Player Rankings By Adam Poch

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Before I start the Big Brother 16 Player Rankings for this week, I need to address something. Twitter has been going crazy with #SaveZach tweets directed at @CBSBigBrother. I am a Zach fan, I even picked him in a BB alumni pool to win the game. I just think it’s hysterical the same fan base that bashes Production for alleged manipulation, are now the ones begging Production to step in and save a popular player.

Jocasta – 4 strips of Tofu – another week, another nomination for Jocasta, another BoB & Veto loss, but yet she is (most likely) safe. The game seems to be passing her by. Once the 2 HoH ends this Thursday, she will be an easy out.

Frankie – 3 strips of Tofu – the house is starting to catch on to Frankie playing best friend to everyone, and the plan to backdoor him never happened, but it’s coming. Watching him get played like a fiddle by Derrick was a thing of beauty. It’s a shame that we may not get to see this on the CBS show as the Double Eviction does not allow for too many flashbacks. The stress & paranoia of the house seem to also be catching up to him, as he has not seemed as bubbly & energetic as of late.

Cody – 2 strips of Tofu – Cody (like Hayden) volunteered to be a Have-Not – which I still hate! So giving him Tofu is actually a good thing for him. He follows along with all the plans that Derrick comes up with, and uses his looks & flirty nature to keep himself safe. Both excellent game plans to win 50K.

Hayden – 2 strips of Tofu – Hayden (like Cody) volunteered to be a Have-Not – so here’s some Tofu to go with his slop & pea lime pie! He did get some more kissy time with Nicole but that can come back to haunt him as couple’s are usually targeted at some point.

Caleb – 1 strip of Bacon – Caleb had to know he was going up on the block when Donny won his first HoH. He put Donny up, and this season, reciprocation is just as common as unanimous eviction votes. He took the nomination like a champ, won the BoB with Victoria, and took his punishments in stride. I mean, he is a military guy, so shaving his head should not have been that big of a deal. He’s still pretty clueless when it comes to all the gaming going on around him, and his Amber obsession is still there, but saving yourself needs to be rewarded.

Donny – 1 strip of Bacon – Donny finally won his first HoH this season, made the safe nominations of Victoria & Caleb. But once his reign was over, he slid back into the background, but not before making sure he was safe with Nicole. I have a bad feeling he may get the Judd treatment during this week’s Double Eviction.

Christine – 2 strips of Bacon – While the rest of the Houseguests are starting to distrust her, Christine still thinks all is well & she can keep up the facade that she is everyone’s buddy. Her “best friend” Nicole was in power this week, but her game best friend Frankie was in danger – so after winning the Veto this week, Christine decided not to use it. That sent some more red flags around the house. Still – like Caleb, winning a challenge to keep yourself safe needs to be rewarded.

Victoria – 2 strips of Bacon – people inside & outside the house keep complaining about Victoria not playing the game, but she has once again kept herself safe by winning the BoB. Plus this girl deserves something for having to be tied to Caleb for 48 hours. After her mini meltdown about the cameras catching her changing, she walked around in the Eve Fig Leaf Bikini without incident.

Nicole – 3 strips of Bacon – Nicole returned the favor after winning HoH by nominating Zach and giving him a taste of his own medicine with a BB Dictionary speech at the nom ceremony. She seems willing to make the big moves when needed & was all ready to backdoor Frankie. She keeps up the facade with Christine, not letting her know that she’s on to her. Her only downfall will be getting too emotionally involved with Hayden. But then again, in showmances, the guy is usually the one targeted.

Derrick – 5 strips of Bacon – Once again, Derrick has just about the whole house doing his bidding. Minutes after Nicole won HoH – he seemed to be on board to backdoor Frankie. He never told his Team America partner this information, he locked it up and stored it away, perhaps using it later to get further. Instead he formed another alliance with Nicole, Cody & Hayden – and convinced Frankie (without him knowing it) to get rid of Zach. Just like he has done all season, he gives people the impression they came up with these ideas. It’s only a matter of time before all these balls he is juggling come crashing down, question is, will it happen before or after the September 24th finale?

That leaves us with Zach winning the Tofurkey of the Week award. His cockiness at times has been funny, but it’s also the reason for his downfall. Too many big speeches & erratic behavior has even gotten under the skin of his closest allies – leading to a probable unanimous vote to evict him this week. He has been too busy trying to get camera time to realize that people are plotting against him. Amber was a bit shocked last week when she got the boot – but this week, Zach will be devastated if/when Julie announces the votes.

The only questions that we still do not know the answer to are – is Zach going home or going to Jury? AND Will CBS have a competition or vote to get an evicted jury member to come back? If he does go to Jury, he could be reunited with his showmance partner Frankie sooner rather than later. I know people at home are hoping they have cameras in the jury house! Zach tried so hard to be a villain. Villains do not try to be one, they just are.

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  1. I really wish I could see some of the Frankie-Derrick convo. The thurs night shows need to be longer. I think Derrick is doing a good job manipulating people and making alliances and I too am curious to find out if people will catch on before its too late for them. I hope you are wrong about Donny. I really like him and hope he stays around.

    • I hope Donny stays too – but they all have it in for him – and a DE is the best way to get rid of someone. I bet either Donny or Frankie leave 2nd that night

      • NOOOOooooo! to Donnie leaving. It broke my heart last year to see Judd leave and the BB house won’t be the same without Donnie. Please PRODUCTION! Step in and save this guy and I’ll never complain about producer interference again, I promise!

      • I am thinking Donny or Christine (unless a POV is used) depending on the HoH. If Nicole used a POV to save Donny without making a deal, they might put up Hayden.

  2. I read that Hayden told Victoria not to trust Christine and he is trying to draw Caleb into an alliance. So, rather than tofu, I think Hayden deserves at least, a 2 strip bacon ranking. He is trying to fly under the radar which makes him a dangerous competitor to those who underestimate him! I am rooting for Nicole, Hayden and Donny! Hoping Zach goes home and then, Christine if not, Frankie. Agree Derrick still playing an awesome game.

    • Yeah, I think Hayden could trade his tofu for Christine’s bacon. Aside from winning Veto, all she has done this week is raise red flags with everyone in the house. She has lied to the point that nobody trusts her anymore and she’s completely clueless that they’re on to her.

    • I agree with you. Those are my choices to make it to the end. I think Hayden is playing a good game. He just needs to figure out that Derrick is playing him.

      • Derrick would never be able to have the gameplay he does this season, unless they got someone living under a rock to be a HG. He would be going in with everyone knowing his profession and that would change everything. They would probably get him out pronto.

  3. If Donny is put up he has 2 votes, Hayden and Nicole I look for Jocasta to be up against him). So they would need Cody and Derrick to vote for him too. So depends on who he’s against. I think Nicole almost has Victoria to her side and with Hayden thinking Caleb, things could get interesting. I think as long as Frankie and Christine don’t win HOH they could go up. Then veto can only save one of them. If it’s Christine on the block I think she will go. If Frankie is left on block I think whoever is up against him will go.
    Adam I think you have a good insight. Like you I thing Derricks lies will catch up, just a question of how long he can keep it up.

    • They can probably get Victoria’s vote but, you need 4 votes to be safe. If both gets put up, whoever win POV from Nicole, Hayden, Victoria should use it to save Donny. Only concern is they may target Nicole or Hayden.

  4. I honestly don’t understand what ANYONE finds likable about Zach. On every level, he presents nothing but badly acted facades. His speeches aren’t funny, or even remotely clever; they’re simply stupid. He isn’t a good game player; isn’t a good villain; isn’t a good conversationalist; isn’t a good comedian; isn’t even good at being “straight.”

      • I disagree. What serious drama has he caused? His antics are laughable in a bad way, not dramatic.

      • I have gotten 100x more enjoyment out of watching and reading about Nicole and Hayden’s little showmance than I ever got from Zach’s immaturity. He’ll probably still be living at home when he is 30.

      • I find this crazy kid extremely entertaining personally. I hope that Hayden and Nicole alert Zach that his alliance has turned on him and that he will stay and seek vengeance against the Detonators.

      • How tempting would it be (for Haycole) to semi-quietly make a bomb sound in the vicinity of Zach? Very tempting (they were told the name of the alliance Zach wanted was a spinoff of the Bomb Squad). Not a good idea but tempting. Maybe in the DR goodbye message.

      • I saw that too… He said in his intro that he was a UF grad. Like a lot of Gators, he is struggling to find his identity.

  5. After Zach goes first, then if Christina goes next and Frankie stays, who will Frankie buddy up with? Caleb?

  6. Adam you’re giving Christine too much credit. All she does is run her mouth and this week she screwed up her alliance with Nicole because of her big mouth. Now she’s everyone’s target. The only one that trusts her is Frankie.

    • I agree on this one. Christine 1 instead of 2 Bacon.
      And again, I love Derrick, but his game is still not perfect, altough very good. So 4 instead of 5 Bacon.

  7. I always thought that Zach was a weak imitation of Dr. Will that doesn’t know how to wear a hat…lol.

      • looool That’s exactly what I was about to type before I read yours. I been telling people that Zach reminds me of Howie or at least the older version of how he’s gonna be. Some people were huh Howie? I’m like just go and watch for yourself and if you don’t see it you get yourself a blindfold bcuz your blind. I’m just glad someone else sees it, good looking out Keith, like minds think alike.

  8. I would like one year of BB to let the HOH have a chance of winning HOH 2 weeks in a row. Remember expect the unexpected. Just because they have a chance @ winning 2 weeks in a row doesn’t mean they will. I am also an avid fan of BB.

  9. I really wish the Victoria bashing would stop. She is not as useless as some ppl make her out to be (EXCEPT for the last POV Comp). If that POV where she actually came in 2nd, if that had been an HoH Comp she would’ve been an HoH & it easily could’ve been an HoH Comp b/c it required some skill & in the last BotB Comp it was NOT her that made the mistake that kept them from winning it sooner w/ only 1 dom cascade attempt instead of 2.

    BTW, the other night on BBAD I was APPALLED at the way Hayden, (part air-head) Nichol & (homely) Christine were picking on Victoria behind her back (not JUST the words they used but also the WAY they were said), I hope Hayden gets taken to task for that from his family when he gets home…it was totally mean esp. since they KNEW they were on BBAD time. Weren’t @ least 2 of the 3 previously complaining about how some other HGs were talking to/about women? I understand SOME/a LITTLE bit of complaining/picking-on about Victoria by them since they pick on others too but that whole convo in the HoH room that night was going too far.

    Victoria WAS NOT in my top 3 favorite list…Donny 1st…Hayden & Nicole were a semi-close 2nd & 3rd BEFORE that convo but NOT after…& now I’m rooting for a Donny & Victoria F2! :)- YEAH I KNOW, that is a wish that is NOT likely going to happen…

    Why do ppl bother asking someone if they told somebody else that they were planning on putting THEM on the block…99.99% of the time if they HAD SAID that they would LIE and say NO…you can NEVER EVER EVER trust a NO answer to that question…but ppl STILL ASK that…just 2night on BBAD it happened AGAIN! Silly Rabbits!!!

  10. I think Christine is who I hate the most in this came, forget about, Zankie. She is the worse than Zach, because, he is not hiding what he is about. She is flat out lying and hurting Nicole, who has tried to be loyal to her. I do not know or care what her game is, but, I hope someone backdoors her. I was so upset when she won the veto, because, I wanted Nicole to make a big move. Now, I think Zach might stay and she may be voted out. I hate that because slowly everyone I like is getting evicted. Devon, Amber, and next Nicole. I really was hoping to see the rationale become solidified.

  11. who I hope wins:
    Hayden – I think he is a much better game player than what we have seen, yet. I think he will start being a better player towards the end of the game.
    Nicole – She has always been so damn cute and hot, but, it was kind of hidden. Now, she is showing that she has strong game by trying to backdoor Frankie, which, if she was able to do it. I think that would have been the biggest move of the entire game. I am shocked it might have been by Nicole.
    Derrick – The most obvious choice to win the game, but, I think think Haycole may be able to break up the detonators, and, I am rooting for Hayden and Nicole more. Derrick may win it all. However, I just think Hayden is doing great at flying under the radar and looking like a goof. I think it is his strategy.
    Donnie – I have no clue what his game, is it smart, is he a floater, also, I think he may be too nice. However, I am not sure, which is why he is so high on the list.
    Zach – I am worried he will not be voted out this week, and, then, he might make a come back.
    The rest – Cody, Caleb, Jacosta, Frankie, Victoria Could care less about any of them
    Christine – I hate her so much because she ruined what could have been a great game move, and, what could have made the game really interesting.
    Rest in Peace Amber (who was too damn hot and so not deserving of being backdoored like she was)
    Neither was Devon, who, I do not think was that bad at all.

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