Big Brother 16: Caleb’s Dream Come True – A Date With Amber, Kinda [PICS] – Update

Big Brother Houseguest Caleb Reynolds has been fixated on Amber Borzotra from the very beginning and his efforts to win her over have been unrelenting. Remember that time he brought her ice cream weeks ago? Of course you do! He’ll never let anyone forget. What about when he wore her clothes around his neck or stood over her watching her sleep? The least she could do would be to go on a date with him for all he’s done. Mission accomplished!

Caleb and Amber's long awaited date
Caleb and Amber’s long awaited date – Source: CBS

Last night Caleb’s perseverance paid off when he landed an in-house “date” with Amber, just don’t tell Amber it was a date. You’ll definitely want to Flashback to relive all the magic of this one.

Rewind your Feeds to 9:26PM BBT 7/22. (Get your Free Trial of Live Feeds now.) The HGs are gathered around the kitchen island enjoying their newly delivered booze when Caleb starts snapping his fingers to get everyone’s attention. He’s got a really important announcement to make. Caleb says he’s set up a date for two lovely people and wants to know if Amber will join him for it.

Things get awkward as there’s a pause and silence. Frankie tells Amber it’s okay and to go on the “date.” Amber reluctantly agrees, “fiiiiiinne.” Caleb escorts her outside to their table. Now here you can choose your own adventure. Stay on Cams 1/2 to hear the HGs roar with laughter after they leave or go to Cams 3/4 to follow Amber and Caleb outside. Be sure to catch the HGs inside before moving on.

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After Amber and Caleb have stepped outside Cody returns to the group for lots of retells of what he just missed. Frankie is confident that Caleb was waiting to ask Amber until Cody had left the room. Lots of silliness as everyone gives their take on what just happened.

Now on to outside. Caleb walks Amber over to his little set up and they settle in for a drink by the pool in two chairs he arranged for them. He says he couldn’t wait another 60 days for the date he was promised as a reward for eating a pickle since he could have died. Before the other day Caleb had never so much as touched a pickle as he would use a utensil to push them off his plate. Amber reminds Caleb he couldn’t actually die from a pickle.

Caleb explains he wanted to “take her on a date on TV cause outside the house no one gets to see it.” Yeah, probably not even Caleb. Nevermind that. He starts to discuss their date outside of the house. Amber is surprised and suggests she thought this one would cover it. “Caleb, you’re never going to give up, are you?” asks Amber.

Caleb has big plans for their date after Big Brother. He says he went to the DR, showed them his $5K prize ticket, and said he wanted them to book a 5-day cruise to Atlantis for as soon as they get out of there. Amber is mostly quiet and definitely does not agree to this offer. “It’s a game, and I’m here for the game,” explains Amber.

Caleb next tries the flattery route. “You’re the toughest girl in the house and you’re on a date with the toughest guy in the house. We’re the two toughest people in the house and we’re going to make it very far.” Nice to see he got in some self-promotion there too since he rarely does that. So humble, that Caleb!

Amber sums it up well. “I can’t believe I’m sitting here and I really can’t say ‘no’ to a date.” Caleb reminds her of his heroism, “You can’t say no to a guy who almost died of eating a pickle.”

Caleb tells her this is a date with “9 million people” watching. It’s important to him that “a lot of people” see their “date.” He’s very big on this aspect.

He also explains that he won’t make her eat a banana to go on that cruise with him. Amber hates bananas, she actually listed it on the bio page I received from CBS. I asked and she said it’s a texture thing. Anyway, Caleb had said she’d have to eat a banana to get that cruise date with him like he ate the pickle to be able to go on this date with her. She said ‘no’ so he removed that requirement.

“No. Seriously, no. Caleb, you don’t have to do any of that,” pleads Amber in response to his cruise offer. “I want to! It’s part of the date,” replies Caleb. All Amber can say in response? “Ehhhhhhh.”

Caleb says he’s looking forward to getting out of the house so she can tell him how she really feels about him. No matter how she tries with words like “no” and “friends” he does not understand and discounts it as her being afraid to reveal on camera just how she feels. Oh, Caleb. Amber assures him she’s been open and honest already about her feelings. He doesn’t hear her at all on this.

There really seems to be no end to this thing. Jump to 9:43PM BBT as Caleb starts talking about their longterm future and when she’s 80 how she’ll be able to say she went on a date at 26 with this guy still sitting beside her. “Don’t take it that far,” Amber tells him. Oh he will. Not much later in their talk Caleb brings up marriage and how he wants to get married soon. Smooth. All these subtle hints will get her for sure! You’ll have to watch the whole thing to really take it in.

What do you think of this Caleb and Amber situation? Can he finally break her down? Is she not being clear enough with her “just friends” comments and repeat use of “no”? Share your thoughts and keep on watching to see what happens next!

Update: This morning on the Live Feeds Amber walked with Donny in the backyard. When they passed Camber’s “date” chairs Donny teased her it was the first of many dates. Amber said she was not having anymore dates in the house.

Amber went on to say she’s repeatedly said that she’s not interested but he does not give up. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings last night so she went along with it even though she did not want to do the date.



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  1. I’m really starting to wonder if his delusions are just part of production making the show… could he really be that clueless of how she is absolutely NOT interested in him?!?! Come on Caleb, get a CLUE! if he is for real, she better watch out when BB is finished.

    • I keep wondering if production is behind this myself. It just doesnt seem real. It like a miniature case of jumping the shark.

      • Actually I know a guy who acts exactly like Caleb and believe it or not it usually works when he does this to women. He sucks them in with his bs and relentlessly pursues them and they always give in then he leaves them.

      • Ya kind of like what Caleb is doing even though she has rejected Caleb a million times he still continues to do things to try to get her and acting real manly and macho is another trait and he set up a date for the two of them and she went knowing that it’s going to make him even more psycho and in the end after big brother she will probably give in, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

    • No doubt they are. He had backed off. Devin left and things were boring so they say little things in DR. What you want to bet when he went to DR after winning the 5k they said if you had won the cruise would you have taken Amber?

    • I don’t think production would be out to make Caleb look like a fool. He’s doing it all by himself. I think it’s from being so immature.

    • Production may be fueling the fire a bit but if they are they’re not telling him how to act and what to say. He makes me afraid for Amber.

  2. So creepy. I’m glad Caleb is finally getting the edit he deserves.

  3. Dude is a complete idiot, I love how he says that he is the toughest male competitor in the house, he just doesn’t get it that she has no interest in him at all, I mean he tells her that he is trying to book cruises for her and him and the look on her face is priceless, it will be funny when he watches all this and finds out he was the but of many jokes in the house, I hope they have some type of endurance comp soon, so sick of hearing how no one will be able to beat him in that, I’m betting he will be one of the first eliminated, and when he is back door ed and voted out Caleb will be able to become that country music super star he claims that he is going to be, dude is a complete joke, can’t wait til he finds out what everyone really thinks of him

    • Caleb thinks that he is going to be a star after the show..sorry to tell him..he’s not. He is always looking at the cameras when he is self-promoting someone is listening somewhere. I am not sure he will be able handle all of these comments about him when he eventually finds out what we all think of him! He and Jesse are right up there next to each other as far as ego goes.

    • Those tight fitting waist high jeans he had on last night cracked me up. He struts around like he is God’s gift…sorry, Beast Mode are not!

  4. He’s totally tone deaf… and making a fool of himself. She’s up in the HoH room cuddling and being stroked by Cody most of the time. He’s coming off as a mysogynist and a conman.

    • How is he a misogynist when he’s is constantly praising how amazing a woman is… He’s being the complete opposite of a misogynist.

      • Some people speak metaphorically and with hyberbole ahead of accuracy – I think his point was moreso that he doesn’t like Caleb’s attitude towards Amber.

      • I think it is indicative of misogynist attitudes toward women that her choice does not seem to matter to him at all. When flirting and flattery fail he has also turned to efforts to make her obligated to him and even threatened that if she didn’t give in, he’d be mad. A man who respects a woman also respects her choice. She could be more clear about her choice (which to any normal person is already clear) but she hasn’t either because of the game or because she can’t escape his possible rath afterwards.

      • That’s called over-assertion. Misogyny is the dislike or hatred of women… Caleb’s clear, overarching theme here in his weird interactions with Amber is the stark opposite of misogyny.

      • I would disagree, he clearly thinks she is his property if she likes it or not. That is the way rapist and stalkers think about women. I wouldn’t say they are lovers of women, would you?

      • How do you know Caleb thinks Amber is his property. Sounds like you are trying to force a narrative on Caleb just like Caleb is trying to force one on Amber. Misandry?

        What we have here is a case of unrequited affection. If a woman is persistent with a man and doesnt get the hint that he isnt interested, do we call her a man-hater?

      • Ok, let me get this straight: if you are nice to a woman, she doesn’t have the right to choose whether or not she wants to go out with you? Like she’s obligated simply because you’re nice? Everything Caleb has done for her (and she has asked him NICELY not to do that anymore each and every time) has had some kind of price attached to it. He’s repeatedly ignored her request to stop (that anyone with a normal HEALTHY mind would do) and has created some kind of idealized life they would have together, and has even made mild threats if she wouldn’t go out with him. At this point in time it’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. This isn’t unrequited love, this is emotional blackmail.

      • Oh my – I hope you understand that overstating to that degree is very dangerous… I’m not stranger to speaking in hyperbole either, but to equate him to a rapist or stalker is close to defamy.

      • I agree with you Crut. I actually like Caleb. I feel sorry for him because he is in love with amber and thinks he has a chance with her. He is actually really insecure and tries to act all macho, when in reality he is covering up. Amber needs to be the one to tell him she is not interested. I think she leads him on somewhat for whatever reason. It is on her! People need to quit bashing me and feel some pity for a guy who is infatuated…..

      • How many times does Amber have to tell him? She’s told him in every way possible she’s not interested.

      • I concur with what several people posted below. I totally agree that he has done her favors with the expectation that she will be obligated to him sexually in return, and has completely rejected her many attempts to communicate to him directly that she is not romantically interested in him.

      • Look, the guy is a idiot. He is making a complete fool of himself. He is a pain in the arse. But that doesnt make him a woman hater or a rapist.

  5. He said he doesn’t want to look stupid on TV. Well, he’s past that…..also he sounds sooo corny !

  6. I want both Caleb and Amber out! They are just using oxygen in the Big Brother House! Leave it for those actually playing the game! Both of them
    only want the showmances. Caleb wants Amber and Amber wants Cody!
    I would not care about the showmance if both of them were actually playing the game! They are not! Can’t wait to get these two evicted!

    • Would have been interesting (maybe) if Amber had a crush to “work” in the house, other than Caleb. Just a “regular” “crush” – not any serious mention of marriage, forever, etc. Might be interesting to see her work it. I think she’s just uncomfortable at best with Caleb.

  7. At the risk of being hung out to dry Amber could have said no to the date. Just because Frankie said it would be ok she decided to go? Even though she and the rest of the house know it’s a “date” doesn’t mean that Caleb does. The boy is sick and is in need of some serious help, but feeding into his delusions is not helping. She can tell him she’s not interested all she wants but as long as does things like this “date”, giving him a hug and kiss after a HOH comp she’s sending him mixed signals. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind and this is one of those times. She doesn’t have to destroy him but she needs to keep him at arms length. No talking to just him or allowing herself to be alone with him at anytime. She needs to show him her disinterest and not just tell her. It’s not right that it’s up to her but he is so far gone that any little sign of attention can, and mostly probably would be, taken as a sign of her “love” for him.
    Oh and if this is part of production then it’s sick as many women and men have stalkers in the real world and it’s not something to be taken lightly.

    • Unless of course she is VERY good at leading men on like she is with Caleb & Cody. Personally I’m hoping we learn this was her plan all along – to get two guys both interested and jawing at each other. That would be brilliant. ;)

      • See, if this is the case than all this bashing of Caleb is unfair. Yes, I know life isn’t fair, but if she is leading him on than how is Caleb at fault? If you don’t want the attention don’t seek it. If he makes her as uncomfortable as is being claimed than she needs to back off. Just saying. I’m not condoning his actions, but if he’s being led on.
        And, yes while I agree that it would be genius in most circumstances in this case if that’s her game and this stalking is real it’s just plain dangerous and stupid. You can’t put a match to gasoline and not expect a fire.

      • She’s not leading anyone on. She tries to avoid him as much as possible without ruining her game. You see she’s in an alliance and unfortunately he’s part of it.

      • So hugging him, giving him a kiss, going on a “date” with him and all that is not leading him on? If she shoots him down and he puts her up and she gets voted out well that’s the game. Everyone runs the risk of being evicted. I’m not blaming her, not really. But, if he makes her feel as uncomfortable as she claims then she shouldn’t be hugging him, giving him a kiss or hanging out with him in an oh so friendly manner. You can be cordial and courteous without hugging, kissing and “dating”. She is giving him mixed signals.
        I can say I don’t like you all I want. I can say I’m not interested all I want, but if I then go on a “date” with you, give you a hug, jump up and wrap my legs around you, give you a kiss you may well think I’m saying I don’t want anything to do with you but am only doing so to keep everyone from knowing until after the game.
        If Caleb were to do anything he’d be at fault as he’s responsible for his actions but I would take into consideration the way he has been played. The same goes for Cody, although he hasn’t gone all creepy stalkerish.

      • She gave hugs and kisses to Donny as well, you didn’t see him getting all giddy and wanting to ask her out. The reasons she may be subtle about Caleb is: she’s in the middle of a game where she could possibly become a bigger target as a result of Caleb’s actions, she risks having Caleb go postal and go after her, and she’s too damn nice to people. Either way, her back’s against the wall right now and it might not turn out too well for her.

      • Jessica,
        I understand what you are saying but there is a major difference between hugging and kissing on someone you know knows that you are nothing more than friends and hugging and kissing on someone you know thinks and believes that you are/will be together. Amber knows Donny doesn’t have any designs on her but she also knows Caleb does. In the beginning it wasn’t anything she did; he saw her at the airport and wanted her then (so I heard), but it has evolved into her now knowingly playing with his emotions. I read somewhere that one of the cruelest things you can do is pretend to care more about someone than you really do. So in this instance she is in effect being cruel by going on that “date”, by hugging and kissing him, by sending him mixed signals. She should keep her distance. Caleb can go ballistic and go after her if he’s HOH but if no one else is on board what does it matter. Let him nominate her. If she’s afraid he may physically hurt her then maybe she should think about, if she hasn’t already, asking production to make sure she’s safe. However I don’t think she is as I had just read that she had told Donny she would have felt bad for not going on that “date”. Then feel bad. You know this person is (literally) crazy for you, then allow yourself to feel bad and not go on that “date”.

      • She is not leading anyone on. Actually, she is pretty much gaga over Cody! Cody probably is using her and she deserves it because she should be using her head! Is she on Big Brother to win that $500,000 or just to make out with Cody? It seems the later is the case! Amber should be on Bachelor Pad so that, she can make out with the guys and who really cares? That is the format of the show!

    • If she does, he will start war against her. Have you noticed NO ONE is mean to anyone for fear of the game. She has to be the same way.

      • I’m sorry but to me that’s not an excuse. If she’s just playing nice for the game then she’s in essence encouraging him and creating a potentially dangerous situation for herself. I’m sorry but for me no amount of money is worth putting myself in that situation.

      • She is definitely sending him mixed signals. If he backs off and doesn’t talk to him then she sits by him or says “hey Caleb” like he doesn’t know she’s there. She complains then does something to get his attention. At first I thought he has a serious problem (and he is a little overboard) but when Derrick or Frankie told him to give her space he did back off some, then she sought him out. I seriously believe production is egging this on with their comments in DR and that will make them libel.

      • Caleb is the exact same as Gina Marie from last year. Nick was not leading her on, nor has Amber been leading Caleb on. Amber has repeatedly told him she is not interested, nor likes him like that. She isn’t the one to blame. Being friends with someone does not mean she is romantically interested in them, so she has every right to be nice and still have a friendship. What is she supposed to do? Go around and not talk to Caleb so he goes crazy and targets her to send her home? I don’t think she is going to give up a shot at 500k because some guy is going insane for her.

      • Thank you, I can’t believe people are blaming her. He is clearly delusional, no matter what she does ignore or pay attention it’s going to mess with his emotions and he’s going to react.

      • No, I said earlier today NOT defending him but she does sometimes send mixed signals. I really believe production is egging it on some, not entirely, some. He does have a serious problem where she is concerned and it could get him out soon. This is what happens when you get all these young “wannabe” stars on a show. They want to be discovered and they are good looking well built young people. At least 5 still there.

      • Well we don’t disagree very often but I have to disagree with you on this. So many times she walks out of a room a few minutes after he walks in. And Caleb never backed off. He might of stopped trying to get her to go on a date but he still followed her from room to room and every time she was with Cody all he did was stare at them. She’s is trying to handle this without being cruel to him as she has told several people she doesn’t want to make him feel bad. And production is not that cruel and would not mess with such a sensitive situation. JMO

      • sigh – I also don’t disagree with you often Lavendar (and you know I think the world of ya) – but I actually do think that there are several different forces that are manipulating Caleb’s feelings and giving him false hope. I do think the house enjoys laughing at him and egging him on (yes we see the eye rolls and shaking heads but Caleb doesn’t he only hears them saying things like ”Go for it!”). I also think production may not be directly involved, but neither are they trying to dissuade this in any sense like production teams have in other big brothers (there’s a famous occurrence in BB UK where a couple wanted to ”fake showmance” and have sex but production literally called them into the diary room and scolded them for using their tv time this way…the point being that production teams would most certainly get involved in how their ”product” looks on tv even if its dealing with emotions). Finally I do think that Amber wants it both ways: to stay distant from Caleb (romantically) but close enough (friendship wise) to use him as an ally. But here’s the thing: Men really suck at emotions! We really do! We don’t process things the same way women do. If Amber wants a friendship & ally in Caleb she needs to recalibrate his mind & heart by being blunt and distant for a while. If he’s the gentleman he said he is (and hopefully not the psycho some say he is) then he will come back as a trusted friend and ally… We can only hope.

      • Oh I agree Amber does want it both ways. She had tried to tell him so many times she likes him as a friend and that’s all. But I don’t think he gets it. And that comes from being immature. I don’t think he’s psycho at all. And as far as production no they’re not doing anything to stop it but they are no way encouraging it.

      • Matt, great post! Think you are dead on. I’m just happy you took the time to write it. I could never have worded it so well. I think Caleb has good intentions although I’m not a fan of his. He for sure goes about it the wrong way. I do believe he is most likely a control freak . But I tend to always try to see the good in someone before I see the bad. That hasn’t always served me well so hopefully we won’t be hearing about any stalker behavior later on.

      • I’m sure glad I decided to respond to my own post using the pseudonym ksjb! Kidding…thank you my friend. Like most people here I also don’t like watching Caleb’s creepy & socially awkward behaviour.

      • It’s BB. If Amber is playing games on Caleb and he’s just hopelessly clueless, then who has a problem here in the Game of Big Brother?

      • well said. It may not be a ”nice” way to win, but it would be effective that’s for sure…

      • Matt, I just wonder, how Caleb is in this kind of situation outside of BB house?..

    • She tries to avoid him as much as possible without being mean. Every time he walks in a room a few minutes later she leaves. She didn’t want to go on the date didn’t you here her tell Nicole that. She was more or less pushed to go.

      • Lavendargirl, would you have went on that date? If you are saying that the reason she went was peer pressure, then it is a shame that she isn’t a strong enough woman to “just say no”. I think she is. That is why I think she is just as guilty for her actions as he is for his.

      • She’s trying not to be mean. Didn’t you hear what she was saying to Jocasta on the feeds? It’s very hard to try to be friends with him. He takes everything wrong. I personally would say get the eff away! But she also is playing a game and has to be careful for her game. Even last night she made sure she slept at the complete opposite end as Caleb. What does he do sit up in bed and stare. He just doesn’t get it.

      • I know you are right about her playing a game. I personally just wish she would be the adult, since he is a love-sick puppy, and be more assertive instead of subtle about her feelings.

      • Yes, I totally agree with this. People seem to have conveniently forgotten that SHE was the one that offered the date in recompense for eating that damn pickle. If she is so worried about his delusional feelings for her, why on earth not just keep her mouth shut! Thing is, he had actually taken his obsession away a little for a few days, then she throws him THAT carrot. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

  8. If Amber is smart she would go along with it and ditch him at the end. She basically has a meat shield in the game, and she’s shunning it.

    • Oh I don’t know if she’s shunning it – I’m hoping she’s a lot smarter than most of us give her credit for. She’s in a great position where she can play Cody & Caleb off each other until near the end when she ditches them both. We might very well have the Big Brother version of Parvati on our hands which would be cool to see.

    • Lol. Meat Shield. Sounds both tasty AND safe at the same time.
      I want a meat shield!
      * NOT to be confused with Jeremy’s Meat Wallet last year!

    • Oh yes, I agree. I think he is a terrorist, too. Notice how much he likes guns?

      • Seriously? You’d better thank your lucky stars for people who like guns, otherwise you’d be speaking German or Japanese.

      • Come on people, you’re getting ridiculous with accusations. These are not term you joke with. Caleb is a lots of things, but he’s not dangerous at all. Tamper down the melodrama please.

      • I was being sarcastic. Sorry it doesnt communicate well online. I completely agree with you. All these accusations are way out of hand.

  9. Sadly, Frankie’s grandpa passed away yesterday. Ariana, tweeted about it. He’s been battling cancer for quite some time. Apparently, it was said that he didn’t want Frankie pulled from the game so I’m wondering whether he will even be informed. My condolences and prayers go out to the Grande family. May Grandpa Grande, rest in peace.

    • Condolences to the family. Frankie may have left implicit instrux to production to notify him regardless. If he lasts another week or til Jury, I’d hate to think he missed the service and grieving with his family (unless he made peace with it all before he left). Sad.

    • Wow that’s so sad. Especially for Frankie not being there. Prayers for the family.

  10. I almost barfed on BBAD last night when Caleb was going on about a $250 Italian shirt some dood gave him because the shirt made him think of Caleb. What is with this guy?

  11. You didn’t even mention that if the second date goes well he plans to take her to Dave & Busters so they can have the time of their lives!

  12. Don’t you just know this is all orchestrated by the production staff. They want a shomance so freaking badly and Amber wants no part of it. They back her into a corner where she has to be blantantly rude to Calab or else go along with it. Get real BB and leave Amber alone. And Caleb–it would be so nice to see you go home and we can stop with all this baloney.

  13. I think this may turn into BB’s first ever Love Triangle (I think)…here it goes…Caleb wants Amber and Amber wants Cody. Cody knows that Amber wants him but doesn’t want her but he still flirts with her all the time; then Amber who doesn’t want Caleb flirts a lot with Caleb as well….this could get interesting LOL

  14. Amber looked gorgeous on that date… Anyways.. Caleb is just embarrassing himself on nation tv

  15. I am trying to find a new spoiler blog to go to. The 1 I was using is not moderated enough and I can’t stand when people are allowed to just leave ignorant comments. Maybe this will be the site I stick with. I feel bad for Amber, she is in a tough spot.She can’t get away from him. She has made it clear she sees him as a friend but he does not hear that.

    • Maybe you shouldn’t be on the internet. If you’re by yourself then nobody will tell you anything you don’t want to see.

      • If you are new to this site as you claim perhaps you should see who are the people who have been on this site for years before you start insulting them.

      • Oh, I have a very good idea. You’re one of those people who just want to read people that agree with you to try to reinforce your personal belief, because you are too insecure about what you believe in and need that reinforcement. Here you will find all kind of people that have all kind of idea. And these people are not afraid to challenge if they disagree with you. So you either deal with it or move on.

      • Actually the site I was going to had people who kept commenting about how great Devin was, how he had no anger issues, how Caleb was normal and anyone who disagreed was a liar. Even the person who wrote the blog said Devin was totally normal. That is why I left it. It has nothing to do with people disagreeing, that is fine. But discussion can be made in a polite way without jumping to name calling, a point some never learn.I am all for discussion however if you have a blog, moderate it. That site was just about the guy trying to get donations.

      • Jumping on here and talking about ignorants comments without context, you might understand why we tought that was directed at us.

      • Of course it is not directed at you. I just found this site. I am sorry if I made it appear that way although you could have just asked without jumping to conclusions but its ok, it is the internet and hard to know where people are coming from. I am enjoying this site. The posts are so much better than the last blog I was reading.I love the detail about the feeds.

      • Never got into twitter but I am Melody Bracken on Facebook. Used to be QueenBrat on FB until FB decided it was a fake name (which it is). Always willing to be FB friends and talk BB or other shows and no you didn’t ask for my long winded story but I gave it lol.

  16. Amber’s time to get through to Caleb has come and gone. She didn’t want to make him angry when he was HOH so she tried to flirt with him like she flirts with all the guys. But this is not a guy who takes no for an answer. Remember Caleb saying how god had given him Amber. Now everyone knows it would send Caleb over the edge if Amber just came out and told him he’s a creepy stalker and leave her alone. Of course Frankie and Zach keep throwing fuel on Caleb’s fire and Cody will be watching his back (literally) until one of them leaves the house. I don’t envy production at the jury house because if Caleb thinks he’ll have his Queen all to himself he’s mistaken. The jury hangs out with production and don’t have to even see the other jurors unless it’s for production. So if Amber tries to stay away from Caleb and he won’t back off there could be some ugliness.

    • Good points. I think in these situations women want to be nice and polite and be friends, not make waves, and in the BB house even more so. But at some point being friends is not an option. he sees it as hope because hes kinda delusional so in real life she’d have to cut all ties with him. In a small house you can’t. I just feel bad for her. I really wish the other guys would just tell him to knock it off.

    • As a person on the show he annoys me but that is very sad. My husband’s grandfather died while we were on our honeymoon and he didn’t find out until we got home. I hate to see anyone get that kind of news.

  17. this article needs to be spread, so that people that only watch the televised show know how truly psycho Caleb is. I just have this feeling they will sugarcoat it, and make it look all cutesy….

  18. Caleb’s inability to hear and see that Amber does not want anything to do with him socially or romantically clearly indicates major stalker/sociopathic tendencies. It’s like he has an 8th grade mindset. You can almost see the steam coming out of his ears when he sees her with Cody. It makes me truly afraid for Amber when the show ends. Guys like him will rape someone and swear it was consensual even though the women screams NO NO NO!. I hope production isn’t egging this on… and, I hope Amber will figure out a way to get her point across without rocking the boat too much so she still has a fair chance to win the game.

  19. if this is his normal approach to women, I could understand why he’s single. He’s a creeper

  20. It’s official. This has reached levels of absolute “patheticness (if you could even call that a word, Boogie, BB14)”.

  21. When I first saw Caleb and learned that he currently lives in my home state (KY), I was like, go Caleb.. make me proud!!!… Well, sadly, I have to admit, there is nothing and I mean nothing to be proud about the way he’s being acting!! The guy is a grown @$$ man!!! Caleb, Please for the love of Kentuckians everywhere, quit going after a woman that clearly doesn’t want you, stop acting like the freakin green eyed monster towards Cody and grow the Heck up!!! You’re giving Kentuckians everywhere a bad rap dude!!!

  22. Caleb ,Caleb… I don’t what 2 say.. I’m reading this & half-way laughing , I don’t think he’s sick, I don’t know..A Little Entertaining 4 this boring BB House.. I would Like 2 give my Prayers & thoughts for the Loss of Frankie & Just found out Derricks Grandfather as well (RIP).. My Prayers R with Them..

  23. Coming from Texas, Cayleb is what we call a “drugstore Cowboy”! I’m sure he doesn’t have a horse and cattle that he works with everyday. He’s just a country boy who probably like country music and that’s it!

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