Frankie Grande Will Not Quit Big Brother 16 – Learns Of Grandfather’s Passing

Frankie Grande shares news of his grandfather
Frankie Grande shares news of his grandfather – Source: CBS

Tonight on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds, Frankie Grande was told that his grandfather had passed away last night. News broke of Frankie’s loss early this morning as many Big Brother fans learned from Ariana Grande, Frankie’s famous sister. As word spread many fans wondered whether or not Frankie would be told and if Frankie would quit Big Brother.

According to Ariana, their grandfather did not want Frankie to have to leave the competition if anything happened to him. As such we did not anticipate Frankie receiving the news. Apparently that plan changed as Frankie got word from his family.

Tonight on the Live Feeds Frankie received a letter in the Diary Room informing on his grandfather’s death. Frankie returned with the letter to the living room and the Houseguests gathered around him to provide support as he shared the news. Flashback to 4:59PM BBT 7/23. Free Trial for the Feeds.

Frankie announced that he will not be leaving the game. He said his family wanted him to stay and play and he would do just that. Frankie is going to stay on Big Brother 16.

Everyone was very supportive and came together for a big hug with Frankie at the center. All except Caleb who slept through the whole thing. Oops.

Are you glad that Frankie Grande will remain on Big Brother this season? How do you think this might impact the game?

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  1. I’m glad they told him! He was going to make jury and it would be heartbreaking to find out that your grandfather passed away two months ago at the finale.

    • He 100% knew, he was very sick and this could happen while he was on the show.

      He told his family, not to let him know ( I would do the same thing) but his family how bad that looked.

      I feel sorry for him and his family.

      But I still want Frankie gone…because he is very low classy person

  2. If Frankie’s grandfather wanted him to stay then Frankie is doing the right thing by honoring what his grandfather wanted.

  3. I’m very glad he was told – it truly should have been his choice – and he made it – no regrets – God bless Frankie and his family!

  4. Nothing to base this on at all, but I believe that maybe Frankie knew of the possibility of his grandfather passing and said his goodbyes before he went into the house. I could be totally wrong, but Frankie doesn’t seem like someone who would just keep playing without having some type of closure.

    • Actually he mention this on the feeds. He said he got to talk to him just before he came to the house.

    • It would make me sad and a little upset if someone referred to my deceased Grandfather as a great game move. Am I misunderstanding your post?

      • It is a move from CBS and from Frankie.

        He really does not even know any of the people in the house, and none of these people knows his grandfather right??

        SO what is the meaning of sharing all this with the house???

        If that was me. I would keep it to myself.
        But Frankie of course love the cameras

      • You’re a bad person. Frankie’s not my favorite person either, but I’m not going to criticize the fact that he’s sad about his grandfather dying.

      • Something tells me if Donny lost a loved one and not Frankie you guys wouldn’t so conveniently find things to criticize him for. Hell, you’d even wear black in his honor.

      • Donny would have probably let it known as well if someone he’s very closed in his family have just died, or in the cases of past HGs, voluntarily leave the house without letting anyone know why.

      • Geez Fabio…There is no way you could be locked in a house 24/7 with no outside influences and not get to know people or keep something this devastating to yourself. It’s not about CBS, or the game, it’s about compassion for a fellow human being.

      • totally agreed – not sure I’m comfortable minimizing anyone’s pain after they’ve lost a loved one…but this may not have been bodiva’s intention however (it may have just come out wrong)…

    • Sad, but true. Now, let’s see if he uses this to further himself in the game. We’re about to see what Frankie’s really made of.

    • for a month? or for the whole season?

      Everyone will not even judge or saying anything bad about him and his game.

      This is not fair.

      His family telling him? FAIR

      Frankie staying in the game? FAIR

      Frankie sharing with the other players? NOT FAIR

      • I am sorry, but if a loved one passed away (especially if it was one I was close to) there’d be NO WAY I could hide those emotions from the other house guests. I ADORED my grandmother, and when she died I felt like my world crashed down. There was no denying that. Frankie isn’t my favorite player, but I won’t criticize him for being emotional. BTW, lost my mom to cancer last November. Cancer sucks! Terrible disease.

      • Well said Dawn. We may not like the player Frankie is, but we should take caution in how respectful we are to his pain (as it might say more about us than it does about the person we’re speaking about)…

      • I understand that. That is why would be better if Frankie walked away.

        With all the respect, but if he is strong enough to stay on this show, means we would be strong enough to keep this for himself.

    • You are seriously underestimating how ruthless people can be when money is on the line. I would have absolutely no problem nominating him, or anyone, after finding out that news. If my game plan calls for that person to go up, nothing would stop me.

  5. Very sad yes. I think this is an over share and calculated. Frankie will ride the sadness train to the 500k over the “one and only priceless Funeral” of your grandpa. I do hope someone in the house will see the other side of the coin.

    • Regardless of what happened, there shouldn’t be any problem putting him on the block next week.

      • I hope so. But, you forget that Frankie knows how to turn up the dramatics.( I am not being callus or heartless) this is the same guy in DR who says lie lie lie and how much he loves money> Obliviously money means more than family, hey, his choice. I do not want the HGS blinded.

      • I agree. I don`t know the true Frankie. But for what he has shown to us in the show, he is horrible person

      • Agreed. But yes as Emma wisely pointed out, Frankie does know how to attract an audience…

    • These HG’s are not going to sit back and let Frankie win the money. Some are pretty cut throat and that won’t be happening. It may be on their minds for a couple of days, then that will be it.

      • A couple say is already not fair enough.

        Which means, nobody will put him on the block this week for sure.

        I think Victoria would put him up if she wins HOH.. Do you think she would do it now? Of course not.

        They should have told him DR and keep it there. If he if mentally strong to stay in the house, he could kept this for himself and not tell anybody

      • Frankie is too much of a attention seeker to have kept it to himself. His grandpa was 90 yrs old. he lived a long life. I beleve if he left, he would come
        back in another season.

  6. I was really moved by Zach’s reaction to this situation. You could tell he was genuinely sad for Frankie.

    • If there were no cameras, Im not sure Zack would have had this reaction.

      But production wanna Frankie telling everybody for this….drama drama drama

      Just like the Bachelor did this season

      • In the past, production let everyone know not just about the 9-11 attacks way back in BB2 but also about a relative of one of them who was among the missing.

        What do you want Frankie to do? Keep everything he just learned in to keep a straight face? That would be inhumane.

        Production doing what they did is not necessarily aimed on producing drama, but to at least capture something raw and organic among these who signed up to be in this house in isolation.

    • Zach seems like a good guy. A little douchey..okay a lot douchey, but his heart seems in the right place most of the times, lol.

  7. My condolences to the Grande family (though I’m guessing their surname probably isn’t grande)… I would assume Frankie will use this to his advantage, but I have a feeling he will do so as a ‘tribute’ to his grandfather.

      • (oh it could be don’t get me wrong… I am just assuming there is as in most cases a slightly modified persona family name – most celebs will do this to keep their families ”safe” from nutty fans who want to track down family members)..

  8. Too much effort wasted on this discussion yesterday. Frankie and CBS will do what they will with milking the sympathy or not. At the end of the day, celebrate your grandfather’s extremely long life by making him proud by the way you live your life. It is now up to Frankie. As fans of the show let’s move on.

  9. I would rather have last year’s players than this year’s. At least with last year’s you knew who and what you were getting. This year’s are all fake. Accuse others of what you are doing yourself. I understand it is a game and “lying” is part of it, but geez, every word???

  10. If Grandpa wanted him to stay on the show, then he should honor his wishes. I’m sure he said his goodbyes in person. You can’t say good-bye to a dead person except in prayer… which you can do anywhere. I love Frankie. He is my fave on the show. If I was 25 years younger, I would want him as a BFF. Glad he is staying.

  11. So disgusted by all the people on this page talking about how Frankie will “milk” this tragedy for his game. Have you all lost your damn minds? He is a human being going through losing somebody who clearly meant a lot to him. He is genuine pain, and that needs to be respected. To be honest it will probably affect his head in the game for a little bit, but he isn’t going to be so low as to go around using it as game play. He might be out of it for a little while, but in a few weeks he will likely be stronger, and it likely won’t even come up much after that. It’s appalling how many people here are bashing on somebody in his situation – regardless of what you think of his game play and him in general, he is not immune to tragedy.

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