Big Brother 15: Week 2 HoH Endurance Competition Results

BB15 hoh comp

Here we go! It’s time for a new Big Brother 15 Endurance HoH Competition! We just saw tonight’s eviction so it’s time to crown a new HoH.

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HGs playing in pairs and have to run down a lane and fill a jug with BBQ sauce to release the ping pong ball. There are two jugs. Big one to win HoH and a smaller one to win a larger scoop in the hopes of catching up faster.

What we don’t know for sure is how the HoH is picked between the two HGs on a team. Perhaps they just have to decide or flip a coin if it comes down to it.

CBS confirms the rules: “HOH comp rule clarification: #BB15 HGs have been randomly paired up. The winning pair must decide which person among them will become HOH.”

You’ll need your Live Feeds to watch. Get a free trial here.

HGs pairs are as follows:

  • Spencer & Helen
  • Candice & GinaMarie
  • Andy & Elissa
  • Amanda & Kaitlin
  • Judd & Nick
  • Jeremy & Aaryn
  • Jessie & Howard

Big Brother 15 Week 2 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 6:30 PM BBT – Live Feeds come back, but only audio.
  • 6:33 PM BBT – Video & Audio are now available.
  • 6:35 PM BBT – Judd & Nick have their larger scoop & working on main jug now.
  • 6:40 PM BBT – Howard takes a tumble. Andy & Elissa about half-way.
  • 6:45 PM BBT – Amanda & Kaitlin close to half-way as well.
  • 6:50 PM BBT – Judd & Nick are on the path to win. The large scoop was smart.
  • 6:55 PM BBT – Jeremy is doing very well and could win if Judd/Nick don’t hurry.
  • 7:00 PM BBT – Andy says he can nearly grab the ball. This will be close.
  • 7:01 PM BBT – Jeremy reaches in and grabs the ball. Aaryn & Jeremy win.

Either Jeremy or Aaryn will be the next HoH. Aside from GinaMarie, are there two less liked HGs right now?

The Feeds are back and the decision has been made. Right now it appears that Aaryn has the key around her neck and the rest of the HGs don’t look to thrilled about all this.

Aaryn, as the new HoH, also hand-picked the four Have-Nots for this week. Aaryn picked Candice, Andy, Elissa, & Helen. Shocking, right?

After tonight’s competition is over you can watch as the new HoH plots the next nominations and then the Power of Veto competition.


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    • I’m looking on Morty’s Big Brother 15 page right now and, according to them, they’re pretty far ahead. Though that could always change, especially with Judd and Nick having the bigger scooper.

    • They were just trailing Andy and Ellisa, very VERY close. Nick and Judd are prob going to win tho. They got the big scoop first and are now in third and gaining FAST

  1. Was it just my TV or did the audio go out a LOT after David’s eviction (in the house) and also when Julie was explaining the rules of the HOH comp? I felt like she explained how they decided who actually got HOH after a team wins, but the audio went out.

    • CBS censors the HGs cursing. Unfortunately, it also means that they sometimes cut off whole sentences from Julie.

  2. Judd and Nick already filled up the little container and have the larger one filled up by more than 2 thirds. They need to empty the little one out now.

  3. Jeremy and Aaryn won, they must decide between themselves now. I’d rather Jeremy, cause Aaryn can still be up for nomination by the MVP and be evicted.


    gonna be a good week and now aaryn can get her head straight!

    • I’d laugh if she left Jeremy as HoH. The Moving Company is better for him than she is, she’ll probably get evicted if she’s nominated.

      • Yeah but Jeremy voted with Kaitlin and Aaryn this week so he wouldn’t nominate them. The only thing that worries me is the MVP nomination, but even then if Jeremy or Aaryn win they can get her off.

      • Dislike Aaryn and Jeremy for the things they said but guess we should all take the high road like Howard said and just pray for them. It will be an interesting week at least for anyone that chooses to watch that is a guarantee, but definitely hope that Howard gets voted as MVP!!

    • Ha ha, well, I have to say, gotta admire your guts (and your realism). That said… yes, I strongly disagree with you. Worst scenario EVER…

      … and CLASSIC house flip. Pretty much a given that was gonna happen.

      • Haha, well thank you :)

        And yeah it is! I would die to have Aaryn as HOH. It’d be such a great week of strategy and kissing ass to the power holder. This is too funny.

      • I would never kiss her ass. I’d rather get evicted, I hate her. She’s the most two-faced person I’ve ever seen, and its hilarious that she got fired.

      • That’s completely disgusting. Yes she deserves consequences for her comments, but how can you celebrate that she lost her job when it’s extremely hard to find one in this economy? That’s horrible.

      • Oh well, she should have thought that over before she decided to act that way. Sorry not sorry.

      • You’re disgusting for defending her! She is a racist pig who doesn’t deserve for someone to pay her! She is hateful and should stsnd on thr unemployment line! It’s called karma!

      • I’m NOT sticking up for her, let’s make that clear. She does deserve consequences, and losing her job is one of them. However for people to be happy and celebrating that she lost her job is sick because one of the hardest things to do these days is finding a good job.

      • See you’re talking (typing?) out of both sides of your mouth here. On the one hand you say she “deserved to lose her job.” I agree. What she said was deplorable at best. But then you say people should not be happy she lost her job? Well if she deserved to lose her job, wouldn’t people be happy when she got what she deserved?

      • I said “She does deserve consequences, and losing her job is one of them.” But people celebrating about it? It’s horrible.

      • Right. I still think we’re saying the same thing here, no? She deserves consequences, and one of those consequences was losing her job. Ergo, she “deserves to lose her job.” No?

      • Don’t like her either, but have decided to take a page out of Howard’s book and just pray for her and perhaps when she comes out of this house she will change after seeing how she acted.

      • I like your style sharon but i’m not so optimistic about her changing. Maybe her daily trips to the unemployment office will allow her time to think about what she did wrong. I would almost feel sorry for her if she had shown any kind of remorse but at this point she’s acting like she can do no wrong. She has “issues” and before anything can get close to being normal for her again once she leaves the house, those issues will have to be addressed. She has a hard road ahead of her.

      • I agree she does and I only hope because of her age perhaps once she realizes the consequences of her actions and sees herself as we see her she will be remorseful and change. I do believe it is possible, and hope she does because you are right she does have a hard road ahead of her.

      • Two face, do u not remember Rachel, her sister is just like her. Rachel was the most
        hated player ever. Hey evil Dick won and he was rude and mean as hell.

      • To bad HOH is a mere few days,then she’ll have to kiss ass,and I’m quite sure it won’t do her any good.That’s what I’ll be loving!!lol

      • Best case scenario,Jeremy gets the boot.That’s what I’m talkin bout!!!lmao

    • Good job. you just barely missed getting your comment deleted for the all-caps. Just so you know, writing IN ALL CAPS doesn’t do anything to enhance your argument. If anything, just the opposite. Just saying.

  5. Allegedly, Aaryn and Jeremy cheated throughout the HoH competition. Who knows if production will revoke their win and make the others have a redo, if they discover the accusations are true?

    • Did someone start off with the small scoop and switch to the larger one? That is what I am reading?

      • Other people have cheated in years past and nothing was done!! Remember Boogie and Frank last year and nothing happened!

      • True, but CBS has got to be all ready cringing at the repercussions of Aaryn getting HOH after her behavior this week. If it’s true that they cheated and aren’t caught on it, they’re going to have to come up with one hell of an explanation. I actually feel sorry for the execs right now.

      • Seriously why? The executives knew exactly what they were doing when they cast these people so no do not feel at all sorry for them and they might put them selves in legal trouble if in the past they have let the cheating go unnoticed but do it different this year so do not expect the executives to do anything.

    • Unfortunately, this isn’t Big Brother Canada where they actually call out cheaters. This is Big Brother USA where they try to cover for the racists. :(

    • They traded cups 2 times. Right at the start. The first 2 runs, Jeremy just gave his cup to Aaryn and got hers.
      The rules stated that they should “Pour the liquid over the fence to the other cup”.

      But i don´t think that bb will do anything. If they wanted, they should had stopped them for 5 minutes while the others continued and let them finish the competition… they didn´t do anything. So nothing more to to. Aaryn is the witch master of the week.
      I hope that the moving company finds out that Jeremy is betraying them everyday.
      Jeremy now can get around Kaitlin (i like her… but i don´t think that she can be trusted) and Aaryn.

  6. The two absolute most disgusting people in the house, Aaryn and Jeremy,
    won the HOH comp…this is going to be a have those little bitches up in the HOH room, strutting around like they own the place. This is the worst outcome right now. They are going to send someone out who doesn’t deserve to go.

  7. They both could be disqualified considering neither ones head will fit through the HOH door. They will be on a complete power trip. I’m hoping like hell that Elissa wins veto AND MVP this week. She’s not my favorite but it would rub their a$$ raw for her to be safe.

    • I think Elissa is the smartest MVP choice this week because I think she’ll put one of Aaryn’s allies up and he house will evict that person.

  8. UGH! I’m guessing the noms will be Amanda and Elissa then. Hopefully both of them are not safe for winning as a pair. Looking forward to an MVP shakeup.

    • Personally would love for Amanda to go home. She is one of the nastiest and most racist in the house, but want Elissa to be safe!

      • Pretty sure being a homophobe is not racist. It’s being a homophobe…

      • Amanda’s not racist, (at least I haven’t seen/heard of anything she’s said that was racist) but she’s at least a tad homophobic. She can laugh it off and say she’s an advocate of gay rights, but when you call a gay person “f****** ann” to their face, that’s not cool no matter what.

      • Gotcha…I hadn’t heard that about her, just the other houseguests. Good to know. Not cool…

  9. well it isnt true that live feed watched the comp …………we paid to watch it but cbs failed yet again…thank goodness the chat is worth the money or id want a refund

  10. UGH!!!!!!!! The two people in the house that I did not want the HOH to go to. Jeremy is the rudes person in the house and both of them have such a big head. I hope someone other then them get the MVP and that person puts the one of these guys that did not have HOH. Either Jeremy or Aaryn

  11. Um… I hope Jeremy’s aware that he has a LOT of explaining to do with his alliance.

      • That, and Aaryn has the key. Part of being in an alliance is keeping each member safe, and a large part of that is becoming HOH. If he willingly gave away that power, then he went against the alliance.

      • They may need him to keep their Moving Co. alliance going, but I think Jeremy is the lowest guy on the totem pole. The one they get rid of first.

      • I feel like this is like Big brother 12 and that alliance with lane and mat and Hayden, Enzo. Mat was lowest guy on the totem pole.

      • He’s disgusting,poor excuse for a man,and I use the word ‘man”lightly.

    • I think there were so many votes this week that he’ll get away with it. :(

  12. I’m actually excited that this poor excuse of a human being is HOH. She has MVP and veto against her and she will show her true colors. She better make A LOT of friends soon or she will be gone soon.

    if she hadn’t win, she would stay in the game longer.

  13. *reads Matt’s latest update*

    What the HELL is CBS THINKING??? Do they WANT to be boycotted this season? They give Aaryn the power to pick the Have-Nots, and she picks Helen (Asian-American), Andy (homosexual), and Candice (African-American)?! How could they NOT have saw that coming???

    • Lol stop, she didn’t pick them based on that. She picked Elissa and Helen, and Andy and Candice were their partners.

      Let’s not assume that it was based on racism/homophobia.

      • No, Helen was paired with Spencer, not Candice. Only Elissa and Andy were paired together. Candice was paired with GinaMarie.

      • Then I apologize. But I don’t believe that it was in a racist/homophobic manner.

      • Where have you been? Are you completely unaware as to what has been going on?

      • Mario doesn’t mean the coupling, he’s talking about Aryan being a racist pig and that is why she picked who she picked. She has been making racist snd homophobe comments all week on live feeds. And yes, I spelled her name wrong on purpose. It fits her much better.

      • She is a bitch but I don’t think saying you can’t see Candice in the dark is racist. I’m bi-racial and you cant see some family members in the dark. She said people love queers. The name keeps changing and I thought queer was no longer acceptable but they use for the name of a tv show about gays. So how does she know what word to use. If they change and say we can’t use the word gay then a lot of people will screw up. If she was putting people in “have not” based on race, Howard would be in there. He is the only black person. BUT, Aaryn is the meanest bitch in the house. She thinks she is entitled to everything based on her looks.

      • So when she said Helen should go cook rice for them, that was her politely asking for Helen to cook a meal for them because she misses her own child so she can cook for them so she’ll feel as if she is home? See what I did there? You’re reaching…

      • I cannot say it was just based on race because thank goodness she did not pick Howard. I think she actually picked the people that she thinks voted to evict David not that she knows it was actually people that she is in an alliance with. Just proves that she is not the brightest tool in the shed!

    • All CBS cares about is ratings and this will probably do exactly that with all of the publicity. Like AG said there is no bad publicity!

  14. This season is going to be a replay of season 12: infighting between the weak and the dominant male alliance goes to the end. Expect the expected.

    • No, I don’t think so. Aaryn’s whole reason for hating her seems to be because Elissa lied to her (Aaryn) about being Rachel’s sister, which, NEWSFLASH, she didn’t tell anyone at first.

      • That girl has severe mental issues. I wonder if she will be booed when evicted.

    • No Aaryn mad becasue Elyssa keep that she is Rachel sister. Aaryn feel like Elyssa thinking all the other house guessed was stupied becasue she thought they would not figure that out

      • Well… Aaryn only found out after other people told her… she even got to the pool saying that she was the first to find out… but everyone else knew.
        The funny side was Aaryn saying to Howard she was, for sure, right that Allyssa as Rachel sister… when Howard already had talked with Andy and another girl 3 hours before.

        I think it was Jessie that told Aaryn on the bathroom… There was another girl with them, Aaryn was thinking they where making fun of her.

        So, she made in her mind, that Allyssa lied to her.
        Strangely, i found out that Aaryn was the girldfriend of a guy that got to the NFL draft this year… and she was dumped because she sent some pictures of him on her bed to all the college.

  15. Can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when they have to trudge up to see Aaryn’s HOH room. Will look like a death march.

    • They could just not do it. I mean, if the entire house doesn’t do it, maybe Aaryn will realize how awful she is as a person.

      • It’s a big show moment. Production will make them do it, whether they want to or not.

      • Well I agree with the principle of not going up there, but I think most will pretend to be BFFs with Aaryn while she has the power. It’s what usually happens.

  16. Starting not to like Aaryn, but I hate Elissa more. She has the upper hand over everyone else because she’s Rachel sister. There wasn’t suppose to be returning guest so they sent Rachel sister instead and rachel told her were all 4 main cameras are and she’s in every shot.

    • That what I hate about this season. People acting because Elissa is Rachel they hate her. Stop treating Elissa bad because she is Rachel sister. It does not matter. You would be ok if Jordan sister or brother come on the show. You would be of if any other player of this show came on but becasue she is Rachel sister everyone has to give her crap

      • I like Elissa but think that the power to be are working to make sure Elissa stay.

      • I just feel like Elissa is being treading bad because she is Rachel sister. In the first episode she said that she went on the show becasue she want to be better then here sister

      • There’s something about Elissa that turns me off. She’s always crying, whining, complaining – just like her sister Rachel.

      • If I was her I would cry for sure being stuck in the house with all of those bitches.

      • I feel the same way Josh. Especially when she made her speech of why she should stay. I think the main reason she was not liked by the HGs was because she is Rachel’s sister. Most of those that wanted her to stay was simply to use her to vote the way they wanted.

  17. Aaryn: i hate two-faced people they suck… blah blah blah…i won’t stop till they’re gone…

    ok, you better self evict then cuz you are the most two-faced JERK in the place!

    i’m not sure how to deal with this week… i actually yelled at the TV “you?? YOU??” when she was talking about all the “two-faced” folk. ugh… i guess the drama is entertaining and all but man… i dunno…. it’s the wrong way to do it… I was so hoping they would bring something up about it on the show…

    and GM calling Julie, jules… I wish she said something… man oh man, I wonder how privately pissed Julie is…

  18. Was anyone else laughing at Aaryn in this episode when she was talking about all of the houseguests being two-faced and how it wasn’t her idea to drink the alcohol when it was. She’s absolutely insane and sure as hell doesn’t deserve HOH. Goodness, this week is going to be hell.

  19. They cheated they
    were suppose to POUR the sauce in the cup not switch cups that was what
    JULIE said Aaryn/Jermey did not win RELOOK at your rules that julie

    • I just watched where I had DVR’d the episode. They cheated. Look at my comment below.

  20. Aaryn and Jeremy cheated in the HOH comp. Julie specifically said one team member had to run down to the hedge and POUR their BBQ sauce into the other team mates cup on the other side of the hedge and then that HG proceeds to the bowl. Aaryn and Jeremy DID NOT pour sauce, Aaryn had her cup and when Jeremy got to her, she simply handed it off to him, there was no pouring from cup to cup. Go to flashback, 6:49 BBT camera 4. This is not right. They did not follow the rules, and after what those two did this past week, I can’t believe BB is not looking this over.

    • in BB Canada , at least three times competitions winners were DQ’d for violations found later on the re-examining of the videos… the same “instant replay” reviewing of cheating should be occuring here, Come on production, do the right thing here and dq aaryn and jeremy.

  21. With Aaryn Nation as HOH this week, I don’t think I can stomach the live feeds. I’m sure I’ll give in from time to time, but I won’t watch like I did last week. So, I’ll have to rely pretty much on BigBrotherNetwork for my updates :)

    • Think I will watch some old shows of BB12-14. Because they cheated, they shouldn’t even have won HOH.

  22. Aaryn and Jeremy cheated; they swapped cups instead of pouring from one to the other like the rules stated. Some other sites have the video. I really hope production does something about it, like on BB Canada. Regardless of whether I like those two or not (i don’t, for the record), no one should be allowed to cheat and get away with it.

    • I saw it and you are exactly right. This is starting to get beyond ridiculous with these people and production.

  23. Now she gets to pick the have nots. I don’t think that is fair at all. She picked Alissa, Andy, Helen and Candice. Since when does HOH pick the have nots. Totally unfair. And the one person who has a have not pass the whole season.

    • I believe it was Season 1 where they did the same thing and let the HOH pick because this type of comp. is not usually done until later in the season. I believe she just made her picks on those she felt were responsible for getting rid of David.

  24. Aaryn makes me sick..She’s worse than Rachel ever was..and Jeremy is a pig..O can;t wait till he’s evicted..

    • I was going to say that unfortunately they’re both going to be safe for at least another week, but I forgot about the MVP nomination! It would be awesome if Jeremy was evicted during Aaryn’s HOH reign.

      • That’s probably true. But if he keeps waving his stick around, like he’s the Big Man on Campus then he may become less valuable.

  25. Wow. Aaryn is not helping her case with her picks for have-nots. She’s such a ditz. I hope they tape her being told that she lost her job.

  26. Aaryn and Jeremy cheated. She was supposed to pour the sauce into his cup but they were swapping cups. Hopefully the producers catch it and disqualify them.

    • About 500 people noticed it before you, but nice catch! Don’t expect CBS to reverse their decision though.

    • Don’t count on production to do much of anything. If they haven’t acted with all of the crap that has gone on this past week, they never will. They love the drama.

      • It’s not the first time something like this has happened, either. Typically production stands by a decision once it’s made, which (although it may suck at times) is probably actually the best way to go. It would look bad if the show kept making changes and reversing decisions that they had recently made. Yeah, it also looks bad for them to stick by a decision that is wrong, but one could argue that it’s better to be steadfast than wishy-washy.

  27. Elissa needs to shut her mouth..Candice likes to stir up trouble and did everyone forget how Jeremy blew up to everyone about the wine..Sorry but i don’t let things go..He’s a loose cannon

    • Yah they cheated. Aaryn was supposed to pour the sauce into Jermy cup but ehy were swapping cups

      • ..that is not what Julie told them the rules of the comp were, so why were they allowed to retain HOH?

    • Now that would be boring. Why even watch the show let’s just have CBS write Elissa a check now if everyone is going to vote her MVP every week.

  28. Candice and Helen are starting to put it together and suspect there may be a boy’s super group..I am sitting here nodding my head , YES! So far, she has Jeremy, Nick and Spencer in, debating on Howard..said Nick cannot be trusted, reminds her of Dan..she is spot on..keep puttin’ it together, Candice, Don’t do their dirty work.

  29. The video of B***h and Jerk cheating on the HOH is on youtube now, will BB Network address this?

    • BBN probably will but CBS won’t. (unless enough people complain, then maybe they will follow in bbcan’s footsteps and DQ them, but if you take into account past bbusa shows, nothing will be done.)

  30. It isn’t a big surprise that her rampant racism translated into her picks for the have-nots this this week. It is just another level to show all of America how she feels about people of other races and sexualities. I think she should be swiftly removed from the house. This is going on television and we do not need people like her representing our country.

    • Most of the house has been making racist comments. I don’t think she picked have-nots based on race. She picked these people because they voted David out and she never liked Elissa who is white.

    • Aaryn like to be the girl that has all the boys on her feet and that she can choose the one that will sleep with her everyday, depending on what she wants for that night.
      So, she selected the ones that could make some waves into her idea.

  31. We need Matt to clear this cheating thing up. Matt, where are you?

  32. black girl, asian, gay guy. apparently she hates Elissa more than black people because she forgot Howard….

  33. Being HOH doesn’t give you alot of power except alot of butt kissing during that week..or to break a tie which rarely happens..

    • Or to get a hot chick to jump into your bed when you’re just a pizza delivery guy. ;-)

    • Being HOH means you’re safe, your entire alliance is safe (maybe not this year due to MVP), you get to hand pick two of the noms, and you’re allowed to play in the veto. That’s a lot of power if you ask me.

      • It doesnt matter this show is fake and run by production anyway and if you believe its real your stupid..I just find it fun good entertainment..actually pretty good actors

    • Exactly, there is the veto competition and now the MVP’s nominee and then the votes.

  34. WTF Aaryn and Jeremy blatantly cheated the entire time! If CBS doesn’t do something about this, then I’ll be fucking furious. If you want drama you can’t modify rules for disliked HG’s to make it easier! That should be an instant DQ!

    • Me too!!! I am so livid right now about the entire thing. I think Aaryn should have been expelled from the game already and the fact that they’re letting her cheat makes me not even want to watch anymore.

  35. This show is sooo funny Kaitlin has been moping in the bed all paranoid elissa gonna win MVP and put her up..Hey Kaitlin heres a concept if you do go up Win the POV why do people go on BB if they don’t feel they are good competitors. Kaitlin sounds like a floater

  36. God Aaryn and Jeremy suck.

    I am team anyone who gets these two jacka$$es out.

  37. i hope they address this and aaryn looses her hoh even thought bb canada wasnt the best they at least always dq people that cheated in competition and i think bb usa should do the same or the show is just a real joke

    • BB US has been running for 13 years. It’s the best, and if it’s legitimate cheating, it will be taken care off

  38. I don’t know how I’ll go on watching this season with Jeremy and Aaryn in the house. Watching today’s episode and their behaviour, I am just appauled and disgusted. What a bunch of bullies! They both need to go!

  39. I didnt think iw as gonna like the pizza guy but hes cool funny and got the hottest chick there this season

  40. I voted for Andy to win mvp just cause he is an under dog and I don’t mind elissa as long as she doesn’t start to bitch and whine like her sister did if that starts they either get her out or I stop watching her sister ruined bb when she was on cause she was so cocky when her and brenden were doing good but if she lost or didn’t get her way she had a fit like a two year old

  41. People need to let this whole cheating thing go..Big Brother not going to do anything about it..Just get over it

  42. Dan Gheesling tweeted:to Rachel “That face when you realize the person you wanted evicted is still in the house PRICELESS” (on tonight’s episode)

  43. No game is worth using racial slurs to win. I don’t care who you are in the end it is still just a game and those comments will forever be remembered by the people they were said about and all the fans of the show that were watching. If this happens in our show bb Canada I hope they will take it serious enough to remove them from the game.

  44. I voted for Elissa it’s still scarey for her to stay. These two idiots should NOT get the HOH.. I replayed my DVR..they did exchange cups at the beginning…Julie was very clear about pouring the cups.

  45. This is my worst case scenario. The HOH gets a lot of feed time. Crap! Crap! Crap!

    • ……. but the look on her face when Dan was evicted was so priceless that it might actually be worth it.

  46. im from the uk and love watching bb us every year, now i must confess that im major shocked at Jeremy & Aaryn’s behaviour… Now if this was big brother uk, they would have both been kicked out of the house straight away, also the fact that they cheated in the hoh comp, tells me that CBS are happy to tolerate racial, homophobic and cheating behaviour…something needs to be done soon or there could be a major back lash for big bro us….

  47. I hope Aaryn’s HOH letter is from the talent agency that dumped her.. “Congrats on winning HOH! Enjoy the rest of your time since you no longer have a job with us. PS. Please tell GinaMarie that she can join you in the unemployment line.” LOL

    • Aaryn is the biggest bitch in the house. However, I do not want her life to be ruined. I think people who delight in other people’s pain are just as bad as the person they are hoping will be miserable.

  48. In BB Canada, after a HoH win and cheating was discovered the HoH was revoked. We can only hope!

  49. Honestly even though Aaryn cheated, it doesn’t matter. Production won’t take away her HOH because she’d throw a hissy fit and self-evict. Plus, they didn’t even call Frank out for palming the House Guest’s choice token in that veto comp last season (side note: I think that’s why they had the HOH draw all the tokens? Wonder if they eliminated HG choice too.

  50. Because they would also be showing how disgusting they are for allowing it!

  51. With Aaryn as HOH then I hope Elissa gets BBMVP so she can nominate Jeremy because I am sure the have-nots will want to vote him out next, if they can get in good with The moving company.

  52. if aaryn and jermy passed cups then they should be disqualified and the next two should win it I want aaryn out

  53. I don’t know if I can stomach watching her as HOH. I DVRED last nights BBAD so I can fast forward, if I decide to watch it. What gives the two of them the right to cheat and get away with it? Wouldn’t it be something if they strip their HOH title away from them after she makes her nominations? She already has 4 have nots pissed at her. I think she definitely would be put up for nominations. Btw, why does Arran want Alissa out so badly?

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