BB15 MVP Voting Open For Week 2 – Poll Closes Today

Big Brother 15 MVP

Voting has opened for this week’s BB15 MVP and you better hurry because the polls close at 6PM PT (9PM ET) tonight (Thursday).

As a reminder, the winner of CBS’ official poll will be given the choice of this week’s third nominee to face off against the two noms picked by the current HoH.

Looking at the current lay of the land inside the Big Brother house we can’t help but think we would do well as a group to push for one candidate most likely to keep things interesting. There are a lot of online readers in the BB fan community, but there are even more TV-only viewers who will be voting with less information than you and I have. TV-only fans don’t even know who is the current HoH which could influence their decision. As much as I think a HG like Howard, Helen, Nick, or McCrae would make a smart move in the game chances are this is going to Elissa again.

Considering the way this is likely to go on its own I think it’d be best to support that momentum and throw our votes behind Elissa for another MVP round. In all likelihood she’ll be nominated and on the run in the game. Helping her secure the MVP power should create a more invested decision on that third nominee.

Of course we welcome you to vote at however you best see fit and invite you to share your vote using our unofficial MVP poll below as well.


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  1. WHY do people vote for Elissa each week? She isn’t doing all that great of a strategic game, and even when she did get MVP, she just let McCrae nominate for her. Amanda or Nick is playing the smartest game! Reward THEM. That’s what the MVP power is for!

    • Production can say MVP is for the “best player” of the week, but come on, we know it’s just going to be a popularity contest each week.

      I don’t think Elissa will get it every week (she’s only received it once so far), but right now she’s the most recognized player thanks to production’s promotion and her connection to Rachel.

      • Come on Matt you know CBS controls a great portion of this game and even if she doesn’t get it every week if CBS wants her in the house they will figure/manipulate a way to keep her.

      • you are right lavendargirl, just like they manipulated keeping rachel in the house everytime she was on the block she either won pov or her man as she called him won pov.

      • Bringing Elissa in the game was a huge mistake in my opinion and totally unfair to all other HGs who don’t have Rachel’s fans. She is going to win each and every week which mean she will never be voted out. CBS begged her to be there and will keep her there. Might as well write her check right now. She knows it and has bragged about how great it is to have all of Rachel’s fans supporting her. I bet CBS put this stupid MVP twist in for her. Wish everyone would smarten up and vote differently in order to have a more interesting season. I haven’t seen Elissa say or do anything that tells me she is some great player.

      • Of course they manipulate. What did I say above to contradict that? We report on that regularly.

        But there’s no way Elissa will get it every single week. There’s no point or excitement in that. Even a pro-Elissa production won’t want that.

      • Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I think as long as she stays the viewers are going to vote her MVP. But I could be wrong…just my opinion.

    • I will vote all 10 per day for Nick because of his game, if you want to keep it out of elissa’s hand vote “NICK”

    • I agree, most valuable player, not my sister has a bunch of fans. Let her earn her own fans. Talk about playing on someone else’s popularity, they may be sisters but they’re two different people and so far I haven’t seen her do much of anything but piss people off.

      • I’m voting for Elissa because she is the underdog. I HATED Rachel! Anyone that can survive the bad reputation of Rachel deserves votes.

  2. So did people really like Rachel, and that’s what this support for Elissa is coming from? I always hated her because she was always screaming at me in the diary room. I guess I kind of assumed other people felt the same way.

      • True. It is important however to distinguish between being a ‘liked’ player, and a ‘popular’ player. If Rachel were a ‘liked’ player (e.g. America’s Sweetheart Jordan), then Elissa would actually be in an advantageous position, but because her sister is ‘infamous’ it actually hurts her position (minus the fact that there are worse characters in the house).

    • Ppl respect Rachels game, both physical and strategical. thats why i personally like her but her constant whining annoyed me to where i hated everything else about her

    • she turned everything around the second time around. i too hated her the first time, i loved her on the second and was thrilled she won over two people who had done nothing the entire summer.

      • people only liked her because she was with Jeff and Jordan. For whatever reason, anything Jeff touches America instantly drools over.

      • Good point and again CBS added that late twist to benefit Rachel and Jordan. Rachel would have been out the door if that Pandora’s Box hadn’t been opened. I believe they wanted and made sure Rachel would win.


  3. After 2 seasons of Rachel R., I ended up as a fan. Having said that, it just wrong to sandbag the ‘Weekly MYP” voting with Rachel errr, Elissa votes. Stop it!

      • I hope you that you are right sooner rather than later. Who do you think has the most potential to become a fan favorite? Will it be based on game play or just likability?

  4. i’m annoyed that so many people are voting for Elissa.. I have zero problems with her.. but it’s supposed to be about playing the smartest game is it not? how is she playing the smartest game? she’s barely playing.. Nick should win MVP this week, he orchestrated most of the “get david out” plan (as sad as I was to see Johnny Bravo go..)

    • I don’t even know why CBS even TRIES to label this as voters voting for “best strategy”, most viewers are going to turn this into a popularity contest

    • ITA! It is getting to be a popularity contest as Rachel’s fans are backing Elissa. I have nothing against Elissa, but I don’t believe she deserves to win MVP (especially every week!). This MVP is for “most valuable player”…that’s like voting for Chris Anderson and not LeBron James of the Miami Heat! As usual, America get’s it wrong again!

  5. If Elissa got MVP again it would certainly chap Aaryns a$$. So i guess we have to decide whether we would vote for the person that is actually playing the best game or whether we vote for the person most likely to stick it to Aaryn. I’m all for having Aaryn on the end of a fork!

    • Yeah, and Elissa and Helen were talking about using it to try and backdoor Jeremy last night. It’s a good strategy, but hinges on if Helen and Candice continuing to investigate the possibility of an all-male alliance (which, of course, we all know exists).

      • As much as I’m all for strong male alliances, I’m hoping the Moving Company gets cut down a peg (alongside Aaryn). Let’s hope Helen, Candice, & Elissa coming away with a stronger position in the game!

      • I agree. It seems that online commentators like to throw nasty remarks around and make off-the-cuff judgements of others. It’s less usual that we see thoughtful critiques of actions and words.

      • There used to be a great group in BBN, lots of lively discussion. Flyonthewall, Anthony Chipoletti, and blackgirl….to name a few. You would truly enjoy having them in here.

      • Oh yes she has…last night after Aaryn won HOH she made a comment to her saying now she can open up the whore house. Talking about Kaitlin and Jeremy being up in the HOH room. I don’t understand how Elissa can say anything she wants but if Aaryn would of said that there would of been all kinds of negative posts about it. Everyone of those houseguests have said some pretty rude and racist things. And last night every other word out of Helens mouth was f this and f that.

      • “opening the whore house” although implied and directed towards Aaryn, is not the same as the derogatory remarks actually made ABOUT someone like Aaryn has done. As for Helen dropping the “F” bomb… who cares? It’s not like she was “GD”ing all over the place.

      • If you watch the live feeds she also said Kaitlin was a whore for sleeping with Jeremy on live feeds. Which they didn’t do unlike her sister Rachel that was always having sex in that house. And I just stated a fact that EVERYONE has made some sort of rude, inappropriate, or racist remark. Not just Aaryn. Spencer is the worst and knowone seems to be saying much about him.

      • I agree that many (not all as stated) seem to be showing signs of character weakness. There is however a contextual level of maturity that is expected which is why Aaryn & GinaMarie have lost their jobs. Does this excuse Spencer & Elissa? Of course not, they will most likely face consequences (I assume) from the general public when they get out of the house. Sadly different standards exist in life (whether it’s punishment or opportunity) based on who those people are and what the context is…

      • There has always been in every BB house a level of name calling, however I don’t ever recall there being this level of inflammatory or divisive statements like this season. And unlike this season, when the house guests did call each other names they had the ca-hones to say it to each others face. As to Spencer’s actions, I agree with you and don’t condone his behavior above or below that of Aaryn, Kaitlin or GM. Of course I can’t recall any other season where people have said their reason for coming on BB is for a show-mance either. It appears Amanda is the only one with sense…well right up until she started hooking up with Pizza Boy.

      • Oh I know David going on the show for a showmance cracks me up. If that’s what he told the producers why in the heck did they pick him???


      • Unfortunately, now she has by calling Kaitlin a whore. I thought Elissa was different from Rachel with the name calling and so I am disappointed in Elissa now.


    • I really like Helen. I don’t know why people are so opposed to showing emotions … we all have them, and Not showing them leads to more problems than just accepting them. Helen is probably the most intelligent among a group not noted for that asset!

    • I voted for her too. I don’t think she would spill her secret and who knows maybe she’ll put someone up that really mix things up.

      • I agree Elizabeth, as this put a bigger target on her back. She can’t seem to keep her muth shut most times. If she played the game well, she wouldn’t have spilled the beans.

    • No, he is secretly running the game with mcC from my getgo. No one knows. No one! Everyone after this week should vote him MVP BC HE WILL TAKE DOWN THE BEASTS!!!!

      • Bingo.

        I vote Elissa because a) she’s against the House morons and b) the house morons will be PISSED if Elissa wins, and I find that hilarious.

      • So true! I could care less that Elissa is Rachels sister. I don’t care if ALL of them are related to ANY previous HG. If anyone finds offensive what Aaryn has said or done then Elissa is our messenger. She is the ONLY way that fans can let Aaryn know that she is NOT the most liked person in the house or that her game sucks. Elissa probably won’t last long in the game. But for now she is the only way we can give Aaryn a dose of reality.

      • The only thing tho is that Aaryn will never get the message. She only “hears” what she wants to hear and won’t consider that the reasons America would vote for Elissa have less to do with Rachel and more to do with her or the others acting immature, racist, etc. She probably doesn’t even know that she or GinaMarie lost their jobs!

      • True, she will never accept that she didn’t win MVP because her game is not up to par. If anyone but Elissa won, she might still think she has a chance. If fans continuously NOT vote her MVP, then sooner or later she has to know that she’s not the golden girl. For now Elissa is just the thorn being thrust in her side by the fans. If Elissa is evicted then someone else will have to take up that task.

      • What about Spencer and Jeremy and Amanda and GM? All everyone complains about is Aaryn. Almost everyone in the house has made racist or rude comments.

      • You are so right Lavendargirl. I’m as guilty as the rest for focusing on Aaryn. Maybe because she was the first. But she certainly wasn’t the last. I suppose most are singling her out because she is HOH now. In my comments i usually try to keep them to one person at a time because there are toooo many HGs right now. But i see your point. So i guess my point of view is…concerning all of them…i wish we could start over from day one with a new group of HGs. This is the most unenlightened group on BB to date.

      • I second that…I sure hope next season they are a little bit more picky about who they choose.

      • It doesn’t seem fair that all of these people are guilty, but GM and Aaryn lost their jobs for saying the same thing as others. Spencer is really guilty in my book. Amanda has as well and even Andy who is suppose to be Elissa’s friend is bad mouthing her to Aaryn constantly. Of course that’s okay because he is really with Elissa and wants to get the goods from Aaryn, but he has said nasty things and I don’t think that makes him any better. I also think by constantly rewarding Elissa with MVP I am seeing a phony side to her. She knows she has her sister’s fans behind her and has bragged about it. Then CBS shows us her acting all surprised and overwhelmed when they showed her receiving it. I don’t think Elissa is as sweet as some think. CBS should not have brought her or any sibling of a former player in. It’s not fair to the other HGs at all and of course they would be mad about it. Nobody else has that number of fans and Elissa hasn’t shown me any game play that makes me think she deserves this extra help.

      • @Jacee2…i understand what you mean. Elissa does have an advantage. I can’t speak for everyone else but it really irritates me when someone acts entitled and uses the type of slurs that Aaryn did. Trust me..i know Elissa is a big fake. And i also realize that some of the others are no better. I suppose it was a knee jerk reaction to vote for Elissa for MVP just so Aaryn would be pissed. I wouldn’t normally have voted for Elissa (and probably won’t again). The others that have said things are not in a position yet that i can vote to oppose them. That’s all my vote was…an opposing vote to Aaryn. And i would vote for the opposition if any of the other mean mouthed people were HOH. I believe in equal treament for ALL intolerant people :)

      • Thank you Curiosity for your response. I am not saying what Aaryn said was right by any means, but she did win HOH (I saw the video and didn’t see cheating that others saw) so imo that makes her or any future HOH pointless. I respect your reason and am happy to hear that you won’t continue voting for Elissa, but fear many of Rachel’s fans won’t be as wise as you even if someone you may really want to see as HOH get in. I am not in favor of this twist at all as it seems geared just for her.

    • Because Rachel’s campaign for her sister is working. No strategic voting, just popularity!

    • It’s called mob mentality to vote for her only because she is Rachel’s sister, not because she is a good player. If any other HG were related to a former player, the votes would lean their way.

  6. I think Helen, Nick , or Elissa will be fine this week, but it will most likely go to Elissa. Even if it doesn’t Elissa will get blamed.

  7. I am totally shocked you are promoting Elissa as MVP. And for those who say she is nothing like her sister well her “speech” before the vote proves she is JUST like her sister and she is hoping and playing for her sister’s fan base to keep giving her MVP each week, which is a totally unfair advantage. She came in to the BBHouse fully expecting to benefit from being Rachel’s sister. The HG’s should come together and get her out and then play on. Elissa has done nothing to deserve MVP.

    • This week is more of a strategic move made by America against Aaryn being HOH rather than an endorsement of Elissa.

      • Any number of HG’s would be a good MVP and a strategic move against Aaryn… Helen, Howard, or Candice to name 3. There is no need to reward Elissa with that power because she is Rachel’s sister.

    • I totally agree with you Gale. CBS once again is controlling who they want to stay and who they want to leave. Yep they promised a new cast this year and I know Elissa is new but she has ties to BB through her sister. Why can’t CBS just leave the game in the hands of the players??? Oh and after watching the live feeds last night Kaitlin walked in the storage room to find Elissa standing in the doorway that production uses talking to the producers. So that right there tells me CBS will do everything to keep Elissa safe.

      • What else would you guys be talking ( arguing about ) about if they didnt do what they are doing…

        Elissa is in almost EVERY conversation when it comes to BB15 which is great for the show. Means more viewers which is what CBS cares about.

      • We’re not arguing we are stating are opinions. And if you’re reading all the posts we are also discussing Spencer, Amanda, Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin and so on…

    • Gale and Lavendargirl are so right. Elissa is very much like her sister.I also read that Elissa said that if she is evicted BB will bring her back because they want her in the house. As you said: BB is controlling the game.

    • I think Elissa is doing what she has to do to survive. Some of those barbies hate Elissa, because she is Rachel’s sister. To hate a person for something that someone else has done is just dumb. And for the speech that Elissa made, I think she was just trying to be funny. Elissa knows that she is being targeted unfairly. In my opinion, it is only fair for Rachel’s fans to help Elissa. If some of the hgs hate Elissa because she is Rachel’s sister, then Rachel’s fans should love Elissa because she is Rachel’s sister. Hell, fair is fair. By the way, I’m not a Rachel fan. I like her, but not a fan.

  8. I can see Spencer staying in the house for awhile because of his connections. He’s gonna be like Enzo, not winning sh** in any comps.

  9. they should make this MVP thing just like HOH. you can’t have it every week so everyone gets a chance

    • Even if they made it so one person can’t win it every week, only 2 or three people would be alternating winners. Most people would rather vote for the fish than Aaryn.

  10. I love the MVP at least it gives the people that don’t dominate the house a chance to play

  11. i totally disagree with naming howard or Candice for anything. Candice is a cry baby and thinks every one is jealous of her (what is to be jealous of). howard is a nice guy, but pumping iron is all he knows. not very smart. so he would be persuaded by anyone.

  12. Aaryn just said that it is only fitting that she is HOH today, HG’s asked her why..she then says “because I am the All American Girl.! Excuse me while I fall off of my chair laughing! This girl has no idea what is waiting for her on the outside. I can’t wait!

      • I’m sure the angel that’s watching over her will somehow help her through this……..girlie thinks she has an angel watching over her since she won HOH.

      • Yet others have said things just as bad, but have not lost their jobs. I don’t think that is at all fair. Aaryn is very young, but Spencer as an example is not and has said some horrible things demeaning women and nobody seems to care about that.

      • It really depends on what kind of business they’re working for. Aaryn has a contract with Zephyr Talent, a modelling agency. GinaMarie a coordinator from USA pageant. You have to realize that some company has morality clause in their contract which hold them to a certain behavioral standard.

      • I guess I just find it strange. I am sure being in that type of business they had to be aware of those clauses and if this is their personality I am just surprised that they weren’t let go before BB. How could they hide that sort of behavior? I work for private sector and have those same rules. In my company Spencer would have been fired for what he has said. I don’t know where he works, as I can’t remember now, but imo he deserves the same fate as Aaryn and GM.

      • I understand Jacee. I don’t know how I’m gonna act if I get thrown with a bunch people in a house for 3 months. It’s a social experiment. I don’t know where Spencer works. “Swamp People?” I think he’s disgustng

  13. It’s honestly going to be so stupid if Elissa gets mvp again, because it’s just going to be a trend throughout the whole duration of the twist, which i hope gets removed by jury. This twist is so catered to her, it’s ridiculous.

  14. There is an online petition calling for the firing of BB producer Allison Grodnor and casting director Robyn Kass for selecting prejudiced houseguests.

    • I’m sure they didn’t know. Even though, in this day and time, everyone has to know that making racial slurs when you are in the public eye will get you fired from all of your jobs.

    • By the time she gets evicted, we wont have a job and wont be able to get another job for awhile it seems..

      Sad for her but the house brings out your true colors whether you want to admit it or not.

  15. I voted for Elissa because I think she is getting targeted for the wrong reasons. There are way more BB fans than Rachel fans..I really think the rest of America is voting for Elissa because they cannot stand the bitchy alliance and the racial comments. Once you take out the bitches and the racist cast members you don’t have much left to vote for. I want her to get MVP just so that it pisses off the other side of the house and the possibility of getting one of them out of the house next week!

  16. Aaryn is SUCH a disgusting girl!! It doesn’t look like she will lose her HOH title for cheating. She should LOSE the title and her and Jeremy should automatically become have-nots and not be allowed to compete for the second comp. They should then run a second comp and hopefully Amanda or Elissa wins and they nominate Aaryn and Jeremy and Elissa uses MVP to nominate GinaMarie! She is SO disgusting! I hope ALL of these trashy players get evicted.

    I hope next year is like All-Stars but sort of like a “House of Redemption” theme!! I want players who got screwed over like Britney, Daniele Donato, Janelle, Jeff, etc., to return and play a real game!!

    • Sorry she didn’t cheat. I watched the live feeds over and over and there was no exchange of cups.

      • Thank you Lavendargirl. I did the same and did not see them doing anything different than the other couples next to them. Just like the audio where they were suppose to admit it. Even the girl who put it up said she couldn’t be sure. Why people do this is beyond me. I think it is wrong that GM and Aaryn lost their jobs and others that have said things no different haven’t lost theirs.

  17. WOW thats really sad that 52% of 7200 people actually think Elissa is worthy of MVP .. Those that voted for Elissa are not true fans of the show or the game..They actually ruin show …

    • It’s actually not 52% that think Elissa is worthy. Part of that percentage is people that think Aaryn is NOT…
      So if they voted for Elissa, it’s possible they think it might cause more drama between her and Aaryn and take the spotlight off the actual person they think is playing the best game. Thereby giving their favorite a tiny bit of breathing room.
      Oh hell, who am i kidding….i voted for Elissa because i think Aaryns swelled head has gotten out of control and Elissa winning MVP might deflate it a bit! I enjoy great gameplay but BB is ALSO about the drama. Those without great game will be evicted soon enough.

      • Hey CBS just write the check to Elissa now. You have it fixed so she stays and probably want to see her make it to the end. Yep let’s keep giving Elissa MVP. Not!!!

      • Girl, you’re on a roll ! I thought you like drama. This will add drama…whaaat up! lol

      • Lavendargirl you and I are definitely on the same page. I just said the same thing on another post about CBS might as well right Elissa the check now. I think she knows it too and heard her say CBS begged her to come on and all of Rachel’s fans would never let her get evicted. I am finding her to be a phony because then on the show she acts all surprised and overwhelmed. I am not just picking on her either as I would feel the same way about any sibling of a popular player with a lot of fans. How is that fair to any of the new players? I think it makes for a boring waste of anyone’s HOH. Aaryn won it with Jeremy fair and square as I saw no proof with that video. So now Aaryn and Jeremy won the HOH and Elissa simply gets voted in by America’s vote.

      • I really have no opinion on whether or not Aaryn and Jeremy cheated. I haven’t looked at the video so i know nothing about it. Either way…Aaryn is HOH. And as much as i dislike Elissa , i dislike Aaryn more. I think fans will eventually vote someone new as MVP. Right now the game has basically just started and people are pissed at a few of them for their comments. Outraged is more like it. So they are using Elissa as a way to vent their anger at Aaryn (myself included). All that should calm down after a few evictions. And the real gameplay will begin. And when it does…Elissa won’t last long.

  18. hahah yeah I guess Ellissa is playing the best because of her sister and gets MVP. I choose Amanda I think she gonna end up controlling the game she seems pretty logical person, and down to earth. But come on ellissa has over half the votes really they should of evicted her.

  19. It’s funny how popularity is contextual. Without seeing the actions of anyone in the house yet, it seemed clear that Elissa (maybe Kaitlin or even Jessie) were the definite villains of the house because of their over-confidence in their lineage and/or ability to swoon the opposite sex… but NOW? Well now we have them competing against people who are arrogant, disrespectful to people’s property, potentially racist and/or homophobic…etc and what do you get? A shoe in for popularity! Good job BB Production in protecting Elissa by picking the absolute worst of humanity for her to compete against. Heck given this cast, I’d even cheer for Rachel if she were in the house!

  20. It’s funny how popularity is contextual. Without seeing or hearing any actions previous to them being in the house, it seemed a no brainer that Elissa, and maaaybe Kaitlyn/Jessie were the front runners for this year’s villain title. But now… Well now you’ve got them competing against potential racists, homophobes, people who are disrespectful to property…etc and look at that, they’re now the ”good guys”. Good job BB Production on protecting Elissa in advance by pitting her against the worst of humanity. Heck with this season’s cast I’d actually cheer for Rachel – and that’s not something I thought I’d ever say!

  21. Wow, Helen is really strategizing today. It looks like their’s another alliance forming. She had a long talk with Aryan. It’s a soft deal but…..let the game begin!

    • Please do not let Helen align herself with Aaryn. If this happens, I just might quit watching. And if Candice joins in, I’m just going to break my television and read a book instead.

      • No Lee, don’t quit watching. It’s a game and they need her for now since she is HOH. Helen just said to Elissa about the convo She will be stab later. lol

      • Okay, as long as they keep in mind that someone needs to stab her (preferably in the back) as soon as they possibly can.

    • Maybe Helen knows that you should “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. Smart girl.

      • It’s all Men Power right now. but it looks like it’s gonna be divided into 2 mixed groups. Dan said yesterday, showmances in BB is a bad thing.

  22. I will watch this season, but if there is ever another one like it, I will pass. By the way, did/has Jeff interviewed the beach bum yet?

  23. I think this whole MVP is another way for CBS to control who stays and who goes. It really is not fair to the person who wins HOH. They fight hard to win it only to have someone that may not be in there alliance put someone on the block that the HOH wants safe. Why win HOH if you can’t control who you want gone. And that goes for anyone that wins HOH. Even someone that I don’t want to see win.

    • I think it’s a strategic way for BB Production to ensure that we (the viewers) are getting the evicted people we want out. Quite smart if you ask me. But I’m with you that there is ENOUGH manipulation from production already and the game has now further lost any semblance of fairness for the contestants.

    • Lavendargirl another post where we said the same thing. Definitely agree with you. Whether someone hates Aaryn or not her and Jeremy won fair and square as I saw nothing with those videos. How is that fair to win something and then the stupid MVP vote for Elissa takes what winning HOH is all about.

  24. Everyone is talking about Elissa’s gameplay. She has been made into a outcast by these houseguest, no one will really talk with her, when she comes into a room they run out. They join the nasty hg in calling her every name in the book. I will cont to vote for her as long as this is going on and as far as her behavior goes I hope she can get inner Rachel out.

  25. Nick graduated from Yale with honors. Majored in Biology, minored in Economics. Seems extremely focused and intelligent. Someone to keep an eye on.

    • Nick is the one who everyone needs to keep their eye on…he really needs to go as soon as possible, kinda reminds me of Dan

  26. Last night on BBAD, one of the girls (hell, I can’t remember her name) had a headache and she said that she felt like she needed to barf. She refused to go into the bathroom because she said it smelled so bad. Please do not tell me that these idiots have the bathroom smelling like a gas station bathroom. Pretty on the outside, a mess on the inside.

  27. They should have gotten rid of Elissa when they had the chance. Big brother is keeper her in there. Rachel has about 20 thousand fans when the show was going, so she probably has less then that now. It’s beyond unfair advantage for her to be on the show. There was not suppose to be any former players. Rachel sister is about as close to an original player. She needs to go so the others has a chance to compete weather u like them or not.

  28. There are enough bodies in the house this year that a vote to return an evicted HG would be needless. So if Elissa does get eliminated, and one of those votes makes an appearance there would be no doubts left the game is fixed.

  29. If you think Elissa should go before Aaryn or Jeremy or Kaitlin or Ginamarie..You people have issues..Sure she’s alittle annoying but she’s not Rachel ..She’s not a trouble making lying racist

  30. WOW BB always gets one person with mental problem every season..Aaryn makes Danielle look normal

  31. OK, Elissa needs to prove she is worthy of MVP. If she wins again this week (as she probably will) she definitely needs to PLAY IT, keep it secret, tell no one and deny she has it if asked. If she tells she becomes just a puppet.

    That will give her more freedom to make the move best for her and avoid pressure from others.

    It may not be strategic, but if it were me I would put McCrae up, after all he put Elissa up last week, even after she confided in him, he deserves it.

    And who knows, they got rid of David supposedly because he was going to be such a strong physical player, well McCrae has been the strongest player so far, winning HOH and POV, the Moving Company might decide to get rid of him when they have the chance if the MVP puts him up.

    Of course if she is on the block herself then Elissa will want to put up someone she thinks is even more unpopular than herself, the most unpopular player is HOH this week so she doesn’t have that option now.

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