Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations

Big Brother 15 nominations

It’s spoiler time for Big Brother 15 and we’ve got your nomination spoilers from the Live Feeds. The Feeds are back and we’re watching to see who has been nominated and who is going to compete for the Veto. This would be an ideal time to sign-up so you can try out the Feeds and see what other fans are watching everyday inside the house.

Of course we’re really just watching to confirm what the new HoH repeatedly said would be the nominees. This marks the first time one of these HGs has been on the block. That leaves just one other HG who hasn’t neared the danger zone.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Nominations:

McCrae stresses out

  • Aaryn
  • McCrae

McCrae fought hard to convince Elissa to go with nominating Aaryn and GinaMarie instead, but she was not interested. In fact, Elissa has been talking with GM to pull her in and form a 3-person alliance with Judd as well.

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The Veto competition on Saturday will decide whether or not Aaryn goes at the next vote. If Aaryn gets the Veto then Elissa has threatened to renom whichever HG she believes gave the weakest performance to win the Veto and keep the noms the same. Should McCrae get the Veto then Amanda will be his replacement. But what about if Amanda gets the Veto and saves McCrae? Well then we’ll just have to wait and see.

Big Brother Live Feeds

That Veto competition will be held very soon, probably on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.


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    • Aaryn has to win the POV otherwise, she is gone! Amanda even if put on the block would have the three votes needed to evict Aaryn while, Aaryn will only get Judd and Gina Marie to vote to evict Amanda assuming McCrae gets POV and Amanda gets put in his place! Of course, if Aaryn wins POV and gets off the block, Amanda could get evicted if both her and McCrae are on the block because they would have only Spencer and Andy versus Aaryn, Gina Marie and Judd on the other side!

      • I hope Aaryn does get the POV and Elissa puts up Amanda beside McCrae cuz then we know ONE of them is GONE!!!! That would be soooooo sweeeeeeettttt!!!

      • That wont actually happen though. Because it would make too much sense, and if there is one thing Elissa doesn’t have it’s common sense….

        IF she had half a brain cell she would have put Amanda and McCrae up and actually got everyone in the house that was too scared of Amanda to try it before….

      • Aaryn wins competitions AND she’s eligible to play for HOH again this week. It makes more sense to take her out first. Amanda’s only got her social game (if you can call it that).

      • Looking at it as a snake, Amanda is its head, Aaryn its fangs. You can either chop the head of the snake and kill it outright or remove its fangs and let it suffer before you chop off its head just the same! The end result is the same!
        One dead snake!

      • Elissa does have common sense. However, she’s too emotional. I kinna agree it would have been cleaner and more of a statement to the house (“I’m not scared”) to have put up macranda. IMHO I don’t care how it happens I just want to see amanda’s ugly face walking out that door on Thursday. Of course I also look forward to her graveling for votes, crying, shouting and finding the odd garbage can to hide behind before she makes her vanglorious exit to jury!

    • Good woman! I just hopehopehope she doesn’t renom GM if Aaryn wins veto. I don’t think she would, especially since she’s trying to work with her now, but if she did, I could not… even… function…

    • Aaryn is good at comp. Amanda is not. When you’re getting to the end, comp counts.

      • …and HG trusts to McCranda is dwindling. Did you know that Judd’s mission is to expose the McCranda all week? lol…nice!!

      • The drama during the comp was amazing. Helen was giving important info to Judd during the rough competition…and you see the result of that info today.

      • Furthermore, she said if she stays and wins HOH next week, she’ll be putting up Elissa. This was if Elissa saved her or not. Aaryn needs to go. Do you realize that every time Elissa was on the block, Aaryn and MacCraea put her there. So she is just reciprocating.

    • Well, other than Aaryn,s mean ways,she deserves to stay in the house. I cant believe, I just admitted that.

    • It’s a tough call. i would have put up Amanda along with McRae. But she has a plan and I respect that.

      • Except it’s not true people are just morons with no life who have nothing better to do than sit and think about conspiracy theories for everything

      • People who believe that BB is real are pretty pathetic have no life but to believe in Santa Clause too

      • Actualy he is real. Saint Nicholas is from present-day Turkey. The myth that grew out of historical fact came out once his Dutch nickname “Sinterklaas” which then evolved into the the jolly pop culture icon that is Santa Claus.

      • Of course its rigged. Why was Ellissa eating real food last night before the have nots were aloud? Why were Ellissa and Amanda not disqualified for falling off their platforms last night? SO ELLISSA AIRHEAD COULD WIN!

      • Once Elissa won HOH she was no longer a HN. Elissa and Amanda never touched the ground when they fell. They caught themselves. Now if you want to talk rigged. Every player had someone throwing the ball to them. So the ball could be thrown where someone could catch it and others couldn’t.

      • And watch when it was Amanda, Elissa and GM left how the balls were thrown directly and softly to Elissa. She caught half of them with one hand while she held on to the ball container. But When Amanda fell she still had one foot on the platform. When Elissa fell both feet left the platform. She should of been DQ’d. If Elissa had stayed on and Amanda won I’ll bet production would of DQ’d Amanda for one foot off.

      • Maybe because Elissa was no longer a Have Not for the week? You know the HN’s are allowed to eat real food before eviction night.

      • She didn’t hit the ground though did she? I haven’t actually seen it but I saw a pic of it and she looked like she hung on with her leg.

    • Amanda gets on my nerves. I used to like her because she can be funny, but she whines whenever she doesn’t get her way and everybody falls for her crap! I’m done with her.

  1. Well, McCrae and Amanda was pitching Elissa to nominate Aaryn and GM. Who in the right mind would buy that?…stupid!!

    • Elissa would believe it….She barely has half a brain cell and all the botox has probably retarded her brain…The actual smart thing to have done would have been suck up the petty personal crap get Aaryn and GM on board and got rid of Amanda….Now the little brain dead twit is going to try to get rid of Aaryn and be gone next week when they come after her, and evict her

      • And yet she didn’t and nominated McCrae instead alongside Aaryn. She’s not like Aaryn who was hellbent on putting up Elissa and Spencer but was manipulated by Amanda into nominating Elissa and Helen last week.

      • Thanks guys!

        Notice also during the time Elissa was MVP, Amanda kept on pushing her to nominate Howard yet Elissa didn’t oblige? Exactly! :D

      • If Aaryn gets evicted this week, Elissa’s chance at winning POV if she is targeted next week just got better! Without Aaryn, Elissa has only to beat Amanda, McCrea, Andy, Spencer, Judd and Gina Marie. Elissa also formed an alliance with Gina Marie and Judd so, could still wind up safe this coming week!

    • Hey, I said that too! LOL! Only because GM is a vote for Aryan and the possibility if GM won veto she would use it to take Aryan down and GM would be safe too. What did I miss? And don’t laugh too hard!

      • My friend Debbie, let me update you..hahahaha Aaryn and GM are frienemies now. They are throwing each other under the bus.. GM is a soft ally with Elissa/Judd/Spencer. Amanda could be the target. Maybe Aaryn. Even the HG doesn’t know……btw, you heard about Amanda will star in “Whore of the Rings” right?

      • I just caught up to that…wow! I guess I’m a bit behind. I’ve been sick :*( I didn’t hear about that. Plz fill me in, cause I’ve got no clue. Thanks!

      • Teasing a gal who’s sick…not nice Cyril (hehehehe) *cough, sneeze*
        Easily gullible here-lol

      • Watching BB After Dark showed GM saying that she couldn’t stand Elissa. I can’t stand GM.

  2. Yes! Thank goodness Elissa didn’t put up with McCranda’s begging. Now, here comes the interesting part. I wish Elissa could see that she can make herself even more secure if she makes a safety deal with Aaryn. Elissa should promise Aaryn that if she wins POV, then she’ll put up Amanda as the renom ONLY IF Aaryn promises that if she wins HOH next week, she won’t put up Elissa.

    BUT, you guys can see what Elissa is doing right? You get rid of Aaryn, then you take out a huge competitor. Then, that makes GM a free agent and solidifies the alliance of Elissa, GM, and Judd. McCranda loses one of their 3am alliance members, and then it’s left with McCranda and Andy vs Judd, GM, and Elissa, with Spencer possibly going with McCranda. (Even though Elissa wants Spencer to join her alliance)

    My hope is that Aaryn wins POV, Elissa is forced to put up Amanda, then either her or pizza boy goes home, then it’ll be madness either way with whoever leaves.

    All I can say that this week is so much more enjoyable than the past 5-6 weeks of hell from McCranda.

    • I agree and glad Elissa won and did something…I knew if she won HOH she would stir the pot for sure!!!!

    • Andy and Spencer are stepping away from McRanda. They have been talking with people all day and giving bs answers to McRanda when questioned. Rat Andy is keeping quite about what he’s learned all day.

      • He has learnt nothing from Elissa, so couldn’t report anything. Also, anytime he entered a room, people stopped talking game. They all knows he’s a rat. Elissa even told him she knows he runs and tell McRanda everything. He denies it, but no one is a fool. Aaryn told Elissa and Helen this earlier this week. Only Helen was dumb enough to believe otherwise.

  3. Andy just asked Elissa who she was putting up if Aaryn won veto. She said not telling. He said as long as it’s not me. I’m beginning to think her real plan is to backdoor Amanda. She knows from what Helen said she can’t trust anyone with the plan, so she is keeping mum.

    • I’m assuming Amanda is her plan B. Aaryn is still plan A but if Aaryn wins POV then Amanda will be renom’d. Either way, one major threat is getting out this week, and I can’t wait!

      • Me either because right now Amanda is not worried at all. She thinks her, Andy and Spencer will vote to keep McRae. McRae is worried though, he thinks Amanda is the target. He is partially right. If Aaryn wins POV then Amanda becomes target and then the fireworks start.

    • Demanduh loves the backdoor, if mccrae goes home then it will give his anus time to heal from all the strap-on pounding, andy plans to wash his balls with all his fake tears if he is put up, that tranny clown elissa wants to piss in all their butts then drink a douche cocktail, praise otev!

    • I agree, I think her # 1 plan is to backdoor Amanda and the backup plan is to take out Aaryn who very well could be the strongest competitor left in the house.
      She knows that Andy is a rat and he can’t be trusted with any information.

  4. Please. If Amanda plays in the pov comp, her chances of winning are slim to nil. And Elissa is obviously looking at Andy with her threat. Because you know he would throw it.

  5. Finally some game play…. alreadyyyyyy… aaryn win Amanda go up will mccrae go or will he let them kick his queen out hmmmmm…

  6. This game finally getting interesting I’m so glad Elissa did not let MCcare manipulate her into going for Gina Marie I don’t care who goes home this week between Aaryn Amanda and McCare either way it’s a big game move for Elissa Elissa doesn’t trust Andy anymore either which is good I hope Elissa Judd and Ginamarie do team up and take over that house and Andy goes out the door to for being the biggest snitch of all BB

    • Agreed. Judd is only talking to the guys because he has been stuck with Candice for 2 weeks.

  7. Elisa is backdooring Amanda she is doing with Amanda and aaryn did to her and Helen she is pushing aaryn to win the power of veto by saying she is going to jury

    • That could just be the story she’s giving Aaryn. She’s said over and over again to Judd that she wants Aaryn out.

    • I think the way it is being played out right now, Elissa is targeting both Aaryn and Amanda! The idea is to make them go after each other! Divide and conquer! Technically, Aaryn is still in a Final 4 alliance with Amanda and McCrae although, they have replaced Aaryn with Spencer! By putting up Aaryn and McCrae, she puts pressure on Aaryn to win POV. If Aaryn wins it, Amanda gets on the block and is evicted! if Aaryn fails to win POV then, Aaryn then, is evicted! Either way, one big threat is eliminated from the Big Brother House! That is the way to play this game, take out all the big threats. If you are half decent in HOH and POV, you can dominate the game against a weak bunch!

    • But Elissa isn’t doing it the best way possible. Better to have put Amanda & McCrae up, and if one of them won, then she can have her little ”vengeance” party by putting up Aaryn as a renom… As it stands now, if the Veto allows for people to square off against each other, then it could be McCrae & Amanda in the finals which would allow McCrae to throw the competition to Amanda (then they’d BOTH be safe)!

  8. If Amanda takes McCrae off (lol I know, right?) then Elissa should put Andy up after securing Aaryn’s support. Andy cannot be trusted, but Aaryn has proven loyalty.

    • Won’t have the votes. McRanda and Spencer will vote to keep Andy. So no deal with Aaryn unless she threatens Spencer.

    • She could put Andy up if Amanda takes McCrae off, but then Aaryn’s still on the block, and she continues to be the target.

      • It’s okay I guess if Andy ends up being nominated post-Veto if it’s going to be the case. it’s ell overdue to have Andy sit on that nomination chair.

        He deserves it.

    • If Elissa had not won pov last week Aaryn wanted her out. She actually said in the HOH room that she was trying to get Elissa out since her first HOH. So how can Elissa trust her. She wouldn’t even save Helen who is closest to her.

    • If Judd and Elissa form a two person alliance and is loyal to each other—-they can go far in this game! I hope Judd uses his head this time! Jessie told Judd about Helen, Aaryn and Amanda so, if Judd still mucks this up and makes poor decisions—-he only has himself to blame!

    • I agree. I actually had said that when he was still in the house. Then when he got evicted, I was so upset that he said he did not want her hug. Because it seemed they had a good friendship. I would love to see them final 2. But will GM distant herself and go with Judd and Elissa. If all this works out, I hate to admit I am happy Helen did not come back. I am just afraid Judd was going to run back to Andy and mccranda then Elissa has this blood on her hands and no one to back her up. Oh please bb, let the doorbell ring and have Rachel and Elissa change places for one day. Ala Pandora’s box!!!!

      • Now that would be a power play for sure! But then everyone would say that Rachael had to do Elissa’s dirty work and the people who do not like her would like her less. But it would be funny! I hope Elissa goes all the way.

    • I still think Aaryn and Elissa would be unbeatable together. But they are both a little crazy.

    • It came from Amanda’s own mouth that she used to for Production. That’s when Andy was called a lot of time to DR and the other house guests were wondering why. She said to make him look like a swing vote. She knows this because she used to work for Production. I don’t know if she was being truthful or she wants them to believe she knows everything. She also once said she knows some of the people in Production.

      • Yes and in the post o read it said that there would b a twist if she was in trouble of being evicted I find it quite funny she won the pov now but I think she can still b renom bet she wins hoh next week

  9. Everyone was talking this afternoon and was hard to keep switching between cameras to hear everything.

  10. I hope pandora’s box is this week. . and Elissa gets like Diamond Power Of Veto. . . MAUHUAHUAHUHAUHUA. That would be nice or some kinda invinicable power that no matter how it goes next week that she is safe and gets to replace the nominies that are up and put up 2 people (including the HOH if it somes how to be amanda)

    • I’d rather that not happen. Elissa’s haters are already claiming her two POVs and her HOH were fixed or she cheated. If she get a special power they will be uncontrollable. I think she will get Pandora’s box and I think it will something stupid like watching a movie with 2 house guests while her sister Rachel roams the house annoying everyone.

  11. If McCrey wins veto, hopefully she will put up Amanda… Or really either one of them… I can see her doing that… Atleast she is trying to make some kind of a move

  12. I wish McCrae had never got with Amanda..I Liked him ..I will be glad when Aaryn and Gina Marie find out they don’t have a job any longer. Most people in the house really said some bad things…I hope that Judd wins BB,,,Poor Aaryn did what the others wanted her to…

  13. I don’t like aaryn but I hope she wins the Veto because I think Amanda should go up and be up there with her boy toy McCrea then let the chips fall where they may and let the house decide who goes home that would be sweet victory

    • If it comes down to her & McCrae again, he’ll forfeit the win to her and they’ll BOTH be safe… not a great outcome.

  14. Mccrea should have never hooked up with Amanda I like him I think he’s a good guy but you sleep with the devil nothing good can happenhe needs to let Amanda go

  15. Good…we are impressed with her for making a huge move! That is all we’ve waiting for. YEAH!!! As fans of the game, you’ve given us a reason to continue watching.

    • I think most of us were hoping for Elissa to think about what she was doing… Aaryn & McCrae leaves more than enough of a chance for Amanda to somehow convince everyone that Aaryn needs to go home. Elissa should’ve just listened to Helen and gone with 2 out of McCramdy (Andy, Amanda, McCrae).

    • I agree, but don’t you think it would also be awesome to see the fireworks in the Jury House, if Demanduh is sent packing?

    • yep lmmao…McCrae in the jury house with Jessee…Amanda would self evict…lol..just imagine lol

  16. If Elissa gets either Aaryn or McRae out I would be happy. Then give Judd the pleasure of putting Amanda out. I am afraid the four guys are going to form an alliance

    • I so hope the three and a half guys get together and vote out the girls. It would be so funny after Helen wanted it to be an all girls house earlier in the season.

      • What was funny is that McCrae, Spencer, and Andy all fell off the wall in the HOH competition before any of the girls! McCrae caught 0 balls and Andy 1. LOL Tell me how they will send the girls out of the house?

  17. I would love to see Amanda evicted, the same as I wanted Evil Dick and Rachel out of their respective houses. But things don’t always happen the way one wants them to. I regretfully think that Awful Amanda is going to win the game – althought I hope I’m wrong.

  18. It’s best to put up Andy and McCrae. Neither of them have been on the block which means either of them would have a good chance of winning at the end…McCrae is way bigger threat than Amanda because he’s likeable and can win things. Without McCrae amanda is nothing!

  19. I think its so funny that the houseguest thinks this was the toughest hardest season ever..They must no tof watched many BB seasons before and Elissa makes me sick with her duck lips

    • I think because the season is so long this year, it is harder. Being cooped up in a house with no TV< internet, or any other forms of entertainment except Hot Potato is near torture. I understand why these people crack every now and then.

    • If it is true that Elissa, Aaryn, Judd and Gina Marie formed a new alliance, they could have more than 2 in the POV! If Judd and Gina Marie get picked to play, they will have 4 playing for POV!

  20. I can’t wait to see Amanda’s DR on Sunday’s show Is she gonna act all cocky and say “It all depends on who i want out this week” HA HA HA your going out this week

      • Amanda is going to throw a fit if she winds up on the block with McCrae. She will know she is going home but, will not be able to save herself! This time, there is going to be enough votes!

    • Not only isn’t she falling for Amanda’s lies but made a deal to try to save Aaryn so they can back door Amanda. If all goes according to plan, Amanda will be out the door this week. Aaryn, GM, Judd and Elissa will have a 4 person alliance. I think this means that Aaryn has an excellent chance of making it to the final 2. But I hope its Judd and Elissa now. Of course I am assuming Judd can control himself for the next month. If he does, he will win the half million bucks.

  21. Well at least we know Amanda won’t win POV, She can’t even win when they tried throwing it for her.

  22. Oh my, GM is eating Alyssa’s garbage right up. She is so weak minded. Resist the duck face GM…

      • Whoever the next HOH is Elissa will be on the block and, hopefully evicted. For the past month everyone in the house (except Helen) hated her. Suddenly she’s the BB goddess. At least the posters on EW have a more realistic view about what an awful person she is.

  23. Shocker…if Elissa had a brain she’d be dangerous. Everyone will be after her next week. Her best move would of been Amanda and McCrae and if one came down Andy. But she’s has to play personal. Now all of a sudden after weeks of calling GM all kinds of things and saying what a vile person she is. Wouldn’t sit next to her and walked out on her when she was trying to talk to her. She’s her best friend. And GM is stupid if she believes a word that comes out of Elissas mouth. Aaryn has protected GM the entire game. Even cried to Andy when she heard they wanted GM gone saying she wants her here. But Elissa told GM that Aaryn wants you gone. I hope Aaryn fids out and calls her out in front of everyone.

    • Didn’t Aaryn put Elissa on the block last week? and Helen too? Elissa is getting rid of her biggest threat in the house. Its the same way Amanda has played the game. Of course we would like her to align with Aaryn to get rid of Amanda and McCrae, but that is our plan not hers. Andy made a good point to Elissa about Aaryn, when she had the chance last week to back Amanda’s eviction or to save Helen and get rid of Spencer, she refused and ended a possible house flip.

      Aaryn also has a final 4 with Amanda so GM would have to go at Aaryn’s hands not to far from now. I would probably do something different if I was Elissa, but her logic in what she is doing has been pretty good so far. Take out her biggest threat. Makes deal to keep herself safe for another week. Try to work out another alliance. At least she is playing her game and not Amanda’s.

      • Elissa haters are coming out in full force tonight. She is stupid because she puts up Aaryn…the same Aaryn who hates Elissa’s gut from the first week. The same Aaryn who put Elissa on the block twice. The same Aaryn who says her mission is to get Elissa out. The one and the same Aaryn who says if she stays, if Elissa saved or not, and win HOH next week will evict Elissa. The same Aaryn who said she would never work with Elissa. So sending Aaryn home is the worst mistake can do and the dumbest thing ever…where is the logic???HAHAHAHA

      • Aaryn wanted to work with Elissa until Elissa was calling her stupid and talking down to her. She wanted to back door Amanda but didn’t have the votes. And why would she backdoor Amanda if nobody would vote her out. That would of been as stupid as Elissa’s move. But Elissa finally woke up or maybe the last half hour in the DR woke her up because she’s going to work with Aaryn now to get Amanda out.

      • I think it all started the first week when McCrae put Elissa up on the block and Elissa put David up. What I never understood is why Elissa never told Aaryn that she wanted to put up Nick, not David. It was Nick who told McCrae to tell Elissa to put up David. But Nick was Elissa’s first choice.

        Aaryn blamed Elissa for that but it was the moving company that made that move. Elissa just went along to save herself from eviction.

        But then Aaryn blamed Elissa because she was the MVP and Elissa got pissed off and the whole spat started. It escalated from there.

      • Yep. And I give Elissa credit tonight she said we need to play Big Brother this isn’t high school. so I hope it works because they could be a strong team and get rid of McMandy.

  24. OMG how fake how many more times is Elissa gonna tell GM thats shes awesome and one in a million

  25. So glad that Aaryn the racist is on the block! Now hopefully she loses the Veto comp so she can be interviewed by Julie Chen! Hopefully Julie will ask her about the racist comments she made! Then hopefully she tells Aaryn that she’s been fired from her job! Can’t wait to see the look on Aaryn’s face when that happens!

    • That is Elissa’s plan now. She wants to work with Aaryn and they finally agreed to bury the hatchet for good. If GM, Aaryn, Elissa or Judd wins the POV, Aaryn will come off the block and Amanda will go up against McCrae. Worst case scenario is if Amanda wins POV.

      Then Elissa is in trouble because then Amanda has teh votes to send home Aaryn of whoever Elissa puts up next to Aaryn.

  26. Good things come to those who wait …… well done Elissa, so if all goes according to plan either Aaryn or Amanda goes to jury …… love it :)

  27. The latest on the live feeds is that Amanda wishes she had brass knuckles to punch Gina Marie in the face. There is something drastically wrong with a women wishing so much violence against other women (Hoping Jessie gets raped and her teeth punched out, hoping Candice stabs her eye out with tweezers) This is sociopathic behavior and really disturbing. If this was a male making threats like this they would have been kicked out of the house!

  28. GM has become so intolerable now. I can’t stand watching her, and I hate the way she keeps repeating herself over and over and over….and over and over. Yikes! Somebody get a gun…

    • That’s what Spencer said! “I wish I had a gun”. LOL

      I think GM know what is about to happen. She finally feels like she is being kept in the loop on something and she is giddy about it. Elissa should tell her to calm down before she makes Amanda suspicious.

  29. Elissa just told Judd that she plans on backdooring Amanda. She wants the veto used to take down Aaryn.

    • She told Aaryn too. Now they just have to make sure they can take Aaryn off the block. The POV is huge now.

  30. Elissa just told Judd that she would take Aaryn off and put up Amanda ,…Christmas came early if its true

  31. Gm and Elissa should just go ahead and have sex…get it over with already! Its4 like they’re courting each other. Can you smell the bs flying between the two of them? Talk about stroking each other!!

  32. I think she should have nominated Andy and McCrae, #1, Andy would have gone nuts on the block, and she did tell him if he voted against Helen she would put him on the block and McCrae would have to be saved by big Amanda, and then the rest of the house would see what she’s really like, also any veto win, well up goes Amanda. I don’t think she could win a competition in any case….

  33. If you watch after dark you will see Elissa does have common sense and she is ready to play. Bye Mcranda

    • Not only did she come to the right conclusion but her point to Aaryn to pretend they still don’t have a relationship is Amanda-esque. I only wish these two could have come to this point a month ago.

      This Duo, with GM and Judd is going to be hard to beat. Aaryn wins the mental competitions and Elissa wins the physical ones. The odds on the final 2 just shifted from Amanda and McCrae to Aaryn and Elissa.

      Wait until Amanda catches wind of this one. She is going to pass a stone.

      On the down side, I think there is an excellent chance that Aaryn will win this thing now. I don’t think Elissa will get the votes over Aaryn.

  34. I just saw pigs flying! Elissa called Aaryn to the diary room andthey agreed to work together. Elissa will take Aaryn off the block and put up Amanda. Then they will vote out Amanda. It took Elissa an extra day to figure out the move but this is what I think makes the most sense for the both of them. I am a little shocked to be honest because I never thought Elissa could drop her stupid emotional reaction to Aaryn, but it looks like she woke up. If Aaryn, Elissa, Judd or GM wins the POV Amanda and McCrae will be sitting on the block come Thursday night!!!! We all have to cross out fingers that Amanda, Spencer, Andy or McCrae do not win POV.

    • I just posted that. So excited. Elissa was in the DR forever and I think they had something to do with it. I can’t wait to see Amanda and McCrae up on the block together. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  35. Wow this is like Christmas, Fourth of July and my Birthday all rolled into one. Elissa just had a talk with Aaryn and they’re going to work together to get Amanda out. Yessssssssssssssssss. Keeping my fingers crossed that one of them win POV and Amanda gets back doored. Seeing her on the block next to McCrae will make this entire season. I think the DR did some talking because Elissa was in there for at least an hour and came out wanting to talk to Aaryn.

    • Hey, can you give me aprox time.I was out. I missed it

      • And I almost fell asleep during the last half hour of bbad. Glad I didn’t, but after I saw what happened it kept me up thinking…finally, something good happening!

      • I’m not sure about the time. It was probably between 10 and 11 pm BB time. If you flash back and GM is in the HOH room it was after that. They were all laying in the bedroom downstairs and Elissa was in the DR for over 1/2 hour and when she came out she asked Judd to go get Aaryn. So if your flashing back look for those things happening. GM had left HOH and was taking a shower so it’s probably about 20 min after that. But since you wanted to know this 17hrs ago you probably have already watched it. LOL

  36. Please someone get Andy some longer shorts… And spencer needs to wash his hands after playing with his junk before putting them in the candy bag.. Gag .

    • Well, he does pick his nose after the plays with his junk. Or is it the other way around? Someone should get him a tub of Handi-wipes.

      Which reminds me. Do anyone hear Amanda making fun of Elissa because she through out a tub of vasoline after someone stuck an unused tampon in it? When I heard that I was thinking, okay. Who stuck the tampon in the vasoline and why? Personally, I would throw it out too. Was Elissa supposed to have the tampon tested to make sure it was unused? Those people in that house are sick.

  37. Ellissa knows who was the monkey and who was the organ grinder this week with Helen. Aaryn might have made the nomination, but Amanda was pulling the strings. Hey Mandy, what goes around , comes around. Way to go Elissa!!!! Revenge can be so sweet.

  38. I’m going to be gone all day tomorrow how the heck am I going to find out about the POV. This is terrible I guess I’ll be glad when the seasons over so I can have my life back. LOL

    • Are you kidding! You have to break your plans! This is going to be edge of the seat excitement. Aaryn and Elissa busting their butts to win the veto to back door Amanda. Epic!! LOL

  39. On the one hand I want Amanda to leave, on the other hand I want Aaryn to leave because she wins stuff.

    I guess as long as someone from 3AM leaves this week, I’ll be happy.

    Though I am pretty sure Aaryn’s deal with Elissa is fake. If Aaryn wins HOH, she is going to put up Elissa for sure.

    • That may be true but it did not appear that way. If Elissa wins POV and takes Aaryn off, I think Aaryn will honor the agreement. As much as I do not like Aaryn, she did honor her deal with Helen even though she did not have to. Spencer’s deal with Elissa seemed fake. but everything Spencer says sounds like a lie to me.

      • Right , but Aaryn didn’t despise Helen. Aaryn’s hatred for Elissa is only matched or surpassed by Elissa’s hatred of Aaryn. So I think Aaryn will always screw Elissa over when given the chance. But that’s my natural distrust of Aaryn who I think is a particularly crappy human being.

        So I’ll believe Aaryn will honor a deal with Elissa when I see it.

    • aaryn can’t win the $500K no matter what she does. The jury knows she’s nothing but a bigot and a racist. If she makes it to the final two, whoever is next to her will take the prize.

  40. Oh Andy !..what happen to you? Andy asked GM, “Am I still ok with Elissa?”…what?. I’m not used to seeing Andy being CLUELESS …and she’s asking GM for info.LOL..poor Andy!!

    • Andy knows he’s not “ok” with Elissa. He’s looking for support. He sided with macranda against his sisters and now finds himself in trouble.

  41. Helen told Elissa what to do if she won HOH this week so none of this is a surprise. The plan was for Amanda to not have a shot at the veto and then she could be the renom.

    • And thank god SOMEONE in the house (Elyssa) had the balls to do it….cause Helen sure didn’t. And I don’t think Elyssa is playing anyone’s game but her own. She told each and every one of them last night she doesn’t care who gets mad, threatens, etc. She is doing what she wants to do. PERIOD

  42. I want judd and elissa in the finals with judd winning the 500 k and elissa getting second!!!!!

    • Only 6 play each week so, since, there are 8 people in the house, 2 will not play for POV. They have to draw 3 names in addition to Aaryn, McCrae and Elissa.

  43. FINALLY, a decent week where HoH is playing THEIR OWN game! About freaking time! No matter what, a threat is leaving this week. WOOHOOO!!! Ready for the drama and sooo ready to see the skanky Demanda with her nasty drawers in a wad!

    • Elissa is doing what Helen told her to do. This is exactly what Helen talked to Elissa about the last 2 days she was in the house.

      • Sure, they discussed it. They both know who the threats are in the house and where the division is. That still doesn’t take away the fact that Elissa isn’t letting Demanda and Crae tell her what to do. She is putting up who is best to get rid of for HER game… not theirs.

      • Damn straight….Elyssa wanted to target McCranda weeks ago…and Helen is all ‘not this week, not the time” blah, blah, blah. Candice also told Helen Amanda was running the house WEEKS AGO. So if Helen and Amanda are running the house…power players…who’s fault is it that Amanda is still there? Now that they have Helen out of the way….One of them will go. FINALLY!!! Now if Amanda wins the veto this week…will we still wonder if the fix was in?

  44. WTH – Production has convinced Elisa to get rid of Amanda. She came out of DR and went straight to Aaryn to make nice and yesterday wanting to get her out at all costs – WTH

  45. This is the worst Big Brother I have watched in a long time. They are all mentally weak, except Amanda. However, she is physically weak. They are not making any big moves out of fear! This season sucks.

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