Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 9 Friday Daytime Highlights


The Big Brother 15 power shift is in full swing. As Elissa’s nominations loomed over the house today, tensions were high and deals and pleas were being thrown all over the place. And Elissa made one thing clear: she’s finally playing the game how she wants to play it.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Friday, Aug. 23, 2013

9:35 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

10:06 AM BBT – Elissa explaining to Judd and Andy why she’s making the nomination decisions she’s going with. She wants Aaryn out 100 percent and says she’d even shave her head. She plans to nominate Aaryn and McCrae. Andy asks who goes up if one of them win veto. She says whoever doesn’t play hard in the veto will go up.

10:10 AM BBT – Elissa tells Judd NOT to trust Amanda and McCrae.

10:30 AM BBT – Judd and Elissa have a long talk in the HOH room. She calls Amanda a puppet master and says Aaryn has been her puppet. Not sure why she doesn’t get the puppet master out then.

10:38 AM BBT – Elissa suggests to Judd a final four deal with her, GinaMarie and Spencer. He says he’s interested.

10:40 AM BBT – Just as Elissa and Judd are talking about how Pop-Up Andy is, he pops up!

10:48 AM BBT – Judd confirms what most of us thought about Candice not wanting back in the house.

10:52 AM BBT – Aaryn tells GinaMarie that she knows she’s going up probably against McCrae. She tells her that she has to win the veto.

11:05 AM BBT – HGs are on outside lockdown. Speculation begins. Zingbot? Pandora’s Box?

11:45 AM BBT – Lockdown was to put in a smaller table and clean apparently.

11:57 PM BBT – Elissa and GinaMarie are talking in the HOH room. Elissa is explaining to her why Aaryn has to go up. GM realizes Amanda is running the house and that Aaryn is doing all the dirty work.

12:15 PM BBT – GinaMarie tells Elissa she won’t use the veto if she wins it. I don’t think GM is telling the truth.

12:24 PM BBT – Andy pops up. Elissa tells him he can’t come in. HA.

12:32 PM BBT –  Elissa and Aaryn are talking. Elissa tells her she tried to work with her but Aaryn refused and has done nothing but lie to her. Elissa tells Aaryn she is doint nothing but playing Amanda’s game.

1:30 PM BBT – Now McCrae and Elissa are talking again. He’s saying the same things he said last night. He’s begging her to nominate Aaryn and GM and not himself. She won’t back down. She says he’s going up.

1:48 PM BBT – McCrae is now throwing Amanda under the bus. He tells Elissa to put her up.

2:05 PM BBT – Spencer tells Andy maybe Elissa is really just trying to backdoor Amanda.

2:12 PM BBT – Aaryn threatens that the people who vote to evict her will not get her jury vote.

3:15 PM BBT – Judd talking about how happy he is to be back. Aaryn tells him everyone wanted him out but her but she was forced to do it.


Elissa is very set on Aaryn going home, but she’s also very set on McCrae winning the veto. I’m starting ton wonder if her plan really is to backdoor Amanda. Of course if he wins, he probably won’t use it on himself and then the house will just vote Aaryn out. So Elissa still wins. If that’s her actual plan, it’s a good one.

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  1. 1:48 PM BBT – McCrae is now throwing Amanda under the bus. He tells Elissa to put her up.

    Ha Ha Ha! Wouldn’t it be funny if Elissa did put up Amanda and Aaryn and when Amanda asks Elissa why she put her up to tell Amanda that McCrae said to put you up instead of him! LOL

  2. Elissa’s lack of logic is irritating. Does she really think that GM will not support Aryan? Ugh!

      • That’s worst case scenario. Might not happens. If McCrea is on the block, veto will be between him and Elissa.

      • I hope if her nominations are Aaryn and McCrae that Aaryn wins POV and Amanda goes up. Or maybe Andy would be even better. That would start some drama with Andy and McCrae going against each other. Seeing Amanda bully everyone to keep her man. Love it but I doubt that will happen.

      • Well, Elissa winning hoh is worst case scenario to most hgs. Those scenarios tend to happen at the worst times. I don’t mind if Amanduh gets the boot, but McC is smart. And as soon as his ball and chain are evicted, he’ll probably play a really good game. Amanduh is really holding him back.

      • No they wouldn’t. The Veto is only good for one of them, so if GM used the veto on Aaryn, then Elissa would put GM up in her place. That’s why she needs to put up Amanda and Aaryn, so at least one of them is definately going home.

      • Your wrong. Is this the first time you’ve watched BB? Whoever wins the veto can either leave noms the same take someone off and both are safe or if the nom is on the block and wins they can take themselves off.

      • Whoever wins POV is automatically safe from eviction, even if they take someone off the block. There has never been an instance in Big Brother History that the POV winner has taken someone off the block and then gone up. That’s why it’s so important to put up both members of an alliance for eviction. It’s too much of a risk to only put up one member of an alliance and not the other in case the non-nominated houseguest wins POV, then he/she can take their ally off the block and both be safe.

    • She has no choice but to get her numbers up. It’s hard when your selections are from a pig pen. lol

      GM is still being treated as a number, as usual.

      • If I really wanted Aryan out, I would put her little friend up right next to her so they couldn’t use the veto on both of them. They could only use it on one or the other. Plus, if Aryan wins veto and takes herself off, there’s still only one vote for GM. And vice versa if GM wins veto. It makes me either suspicious of Elissa’s true target, or question her logic and/or intelligence with regard to her noms.

    • When will they all get grudge fucked while soaking in a pissed filled hot tub eating cheetohs?

    • Or maybe she doesn’t care. If the plan is to backdoor Amanda then GM using the POV works for her.

      I just want to hear her DR sessions to find out what she’s actually thinking.

      • I do too. They only use a small portion of the dr sessions for the show. I bet the rest are just as interesting, even if they’re full of bs…lol

      • “This is Big Brother. [name of HG], can you tell me how your day went? It must have been a very ‘splashing’ day for you and the house. Hopefully you all hanged yourself out to dry. BWAHAHAHAHA!”.

        If only BB itself is a character of his own show like the rest of Big Brothers around the world. Even BB Canada has its own Big Brother character.

    • It’s not really a lack of logic when you consider that Elissa doesn’t really care who goes home out of Aaryn, McCrae, and Amanda. While she would prefer Aaryn, it would still be good for her game if any of the three left.

  3. We know Elissa is going to put McCrae/Aaryn up on the block. She seemed to be 100% she wants Aaryn out. I’m not so sure. Nobody in the house are for sure who she wants to backdoor. Amanda?, Andy? We used to know all these…are we watching the same BB?

    • Part of the fun this week is the house guests have a hard time figuring Elissa’s true intentions. She could be setting up Amanda for a backdoor but, making it seem she is after Aaryn! Have not had this much fun since, we had Amanda on the block twice with the MVP vote and she was going out of her mind trying to figure out who was targeting her! Now, the whole house is up on their toes trying to figure out what Elissa is going to do next! Even McCrae is stressed out and throwing Amanda under the bus! LOL

      • Right Richie. At least the entertainment value is improved. A lot of truth and lies started coming out last night and continued today. It was amazing !

      • Well she’s an idiot if she makes this personal. Cracks me up she wants a final four with Spencer who can’t stand her and will evict her as soon as he gets a chance. And if Aaryn goes who do you think GM will latch onto Elissa?? No friggin way. She’ll go with McManda and Andy. Elissa also can’t play in HOH next week. If she was smart she would team up with Judd, GM and Aaryn. That would give her 3 votes to evict whoever she wanted to. Put Amanda and McCrae up together and one of the power couples goes home for sure. But she’s calling everyone stupid and idiots and she’s the biggest idiot.

      • LG, Aaryn has a great chance of winning HoH next week, if she does, guess what the first thing she going to do ? That’s right, you guess right, put Elissa on the block.

      • Yes, neither of them can see how they would make a very good team together.

        I think this is nothing more than what it is. Elissa hates Aaryn and wants her out. There is no master plan.

      • Not if they make a deal. The last two weeks Aaryn has wanted Amanda out. If she would of for sure had the votes to evict Amanda she would of backdoored her. But she couldn’t trust anyone and was afraid Amanda would stay (which she would of) then everyone would be after her.

      • Hell I don’t know. Everyone has an alliance with everyone and they all say don’t tell so and so then run right to that person and start talking. I don’t think anyone this season is loyal to anyone. Strangest season I’ve ever watched.

      • No one in the house likes Elissa. Seriously, no one. She would be an idiot if she thought any of those people are loyal to her.

        Atleast this way she can feel good she got one racist witch out of the house.

    • Because he wants to know everyone’s business he wants information. And I am glad Elissa knows this

    • I love how Andy tried to pop in the hoh and asked if he could come in. Elissa told him no on at least two occasions. Too funny!

  4. Andy is just a lost puppy dog trying to find someone to tag along with. He will soon be out, why are my balls crusty?

  5. Andy hasn’t been hanging out with Amanda and McCrae all day today……hhhmmm…I wonder why???

      • I’ve already seen 2 conversation where Andy pops up, and then convo stops, change topic or they disperse. He’s starting to look like a lost puppy now, and I think his life is only gonna get worst in the house.

      • I kind of feel sorry for him. Just a little. But I still want him nominated. But do you notice I have not heard one person mention nominating Andy have you?

      • I know that. You are exactly right. Although I never like his kind of player. If he succeed to the end, that is indeed a strategy and he has a good argument.

    • Maybe, Andy is afraid that Elissa might just put him up on the block? Ha Ha Ha! It is fun to see the rat scamper for safety!

    • Well, he’s like the tide that flows toward the hoh. He’s cut so many allies loose and thrown them under the bus because he got scared. That kind of game is getting him recognized as a weasel…he’s been ‘outed’. LMAO!

  6. Ugh…I can’t watch anymore of Elissa on the feeds. Everyone lies and backstabs and throws everyone else under the bus to try to get to the end. I understand that. And Elissa has done nothing but lie to everyone today and throw everyone under the bus. Okay it’s a game and she has to do what she has to do. What I HATE about her is how she thinks she’s better then everyone and talks down to everyone. Talking to Aaryn calling her stupid and telling Judd how she hates everyone in the house. Didn’t even want to sit by GM and Aaryn when they have assigned seats for the live show. Saying she doesn’t want to associate with anyone. Even before she won HOH GM tried to say something to her and Helen said listen to what GM is saying and Elissa says no I don’t care what she’s saying. Get over yourself Elissa. Your nothing but a selfish spoiled brat.

    • She is better than everyone. She isn’t a racist, homophobic, bully like Aaryn, GM, Amanda and Spencer,

      She isn’t a weasel like Andy. Or a wuss like Mccrae. Or a misogynist like Judd.

      Elissa is far better than this crowd.

      • I don’t care who you are. A college graduate, unemployed, rich, poor or whatever you don’t put yourself above everyone else in the world. Watch the feeds and listen to her. She’s a bitch. She thinks she deserves to be there and production will keep her because she’s Rachels sister. Those are her words. She thinks she deserves special treatment above all the others. Well I don’t think so. Then she says if I’m evicted I’m not going to jury. How many people would give up everything to play this game and she says that. Give me a friggin break. She is nothing special and she will find that out when she gets out and reads all the negative comments about her.

    • i feel the same way. every time i try to like her she opens her mouth…and sh thinks because its not racial its all good. but she is as bad…she cant see past her own snobby nose…and its gonna cost her the game. but at htis point i dont even care.

      • Agree. That’s a good word choice calling her snobby. That’s exactly how she acts. And I felt the same way in the beginning I wanted to give her a chance. In fact I liked her in the beginning. Wow was I wrong.

    • Lavendagirl-your above comment does not say anything about how Elissa was treated by the people you are defending from day one as soon as they found out that she is Rachel’s sister, they treated her with disdain and called her all sorts of name and tried several times to evict her by putting her on the block 3 times in a row, you did not say anything about what most have caused her to feel the way she feels about those dandruff’s that you are defending.
      If I were in Elissa’s shoes, I will do worse than what she is doing to them, they deserve what they are getting from her, what did Candice and Howard ever do to Aaryn and Ginamarie, to cause what those two demons do to them, not a damn thing. But yet Aaryn can go around everyday, telling people that they hate her because she has blue eyes and blonde hair, what nonsense and GM who can’t even write her name think she is better than Candice and Howard, and of course the almighty Amandutch bag thinks she can continue to bully and boss people around acting like she has a right to tell people how high to jump when ever she barks her order by threatening them.
      I don’t know what show you have been watching but personally, I will not defend any of those ass wipes for any reason, what those girls did was despicable that is why Aaryn and GM has so far lost their job and deserve what they are getting in return from Elissa in the house. I applaud Elissa’s actions and support her 100% for doing so, now go fix yourself a cup of tea, chill out. and watch the remaining episodes of the game. Cheers mate

      • I mentioned along time ago when everyone was treating Elissa bad how I felt bad for her. And I’m not defending anyone I am just saying why I don’t like Elissa now. I actually liked her in the beginning. But since you don’t like my comment you must be rooting for her. I don’t really care who wins this season. And that’s a first for me. I know I want Amanda and Andy gone. Then I’ll see how I feel after that. But it sounds like you’re defending Elissa who is a selfish, spoiled thinks she’s better then everyone brat.

  7. When is elissa gonna wipe that clown makeup off and reveal that he is a tranny. the amazing racist aaryn should be scared of going home while demanda removes the strap-on from mccrae’s bloody butt

  8. Two questions, does anyone really know the true meaning of christmas and do sharks have asses?

  9. I believe Elissa better enjoy this week as HOH, because I have this feeling no matter who wins HOH next week. She will be target no matter what.

    • Such is life, Elissa has no allies. Helen stupidly agreed to vote out all her allies in favor of Amanda’s. she paid the price for it, and so will Elissa (most likely ).

      As long as Elissa evicts someone of consequence, I am cool with it.

    • If Elissa is going all out which she probably is—-it would not matter! You know you are going to be a target but, if you are there for revenge—-you go for maximum damage! That is try to win POV the week after then, HOH the week after that! Go after whoever you want to with gusto! That is how Danielle Donato played it! She was ruthless and went after her targets with full force—-not caring at all! If you do that, you can probably take out the big threats out of the game! By the time they take you out—-one or more of the big threats could be out of the game themselves and their chance at that $500,000!

    • I don’t think there will be many tears when Elyssa gets the boot. I am just hoping Demanduh goes first.

    • And Elyssa won’t care one little bit. Assuming she gets out Amanda or McCrae this week….she’ll be fine. She will have made the biggest move, she doesn’t want to be there anyway…and surely doesn’t need the money. This poor girl is SLUMMING big time!!!

  10. All vile attacks by these people just a few short days ago and now they to her butt, I love it.

  11. Been watching the feeds and Judd is playing it cool listening to everybody. He told them a guy can only take so many Oprah stories (hence he is hanging with the guys), but he has told Andy twice he is starting fresh. In other words he is in no alliance at this time. Also noticed that even though Andy is running around like normal he is not yet spilling everything to McRanda.

  12. I kinda hope Pandora’s Box comes back and Elissa gets a Diamond POV or something she can use at 1 of the next two evictions. And hopefully the house gets some crazy punishment while she gets to meet Rachel in Pandora’s Box who gives her the POV.

    Then next week she can save herself and blindside the house and get Amanda or Aaryn evicted. THAT WOULD BE EPIC!

  13. She is not playing her game! Helen told her what to do before she left! Doesn’t anyone see that??

    • Helen told Elissa to work with Aaryn and Gina Marie but, she is putting Aaryn up on the block with McCrae. And that is Helen’s plan? Elissa is playing this her way with the goal of exacting revenge on Aaryn and maybe, Amanda! Guess what Elissa is going to do next?

      • Sorry but I disagree. Elissa is after Amanda. She will backdoor her. That is what Helen wanted. Sorry but Elissa hasn’t played this whole time and it’s hard for me to believe she can come up with this plan on her own.

  14. Aw I feel so bad for Candice! Going on Big Brother she should appreciate the time being on there but it had to be ruined by ignorant, disrespectful people. Wish she would’ve gotten on a different season along with Howard.

  15. Elissa is the nicest person in the house. Yes she is vile but that is because of Aaryn and GM and how much she hates them. If you were living with a bunch of people you hate you would not be nice with them either!!

    I really hope Elissa wins. She deserves it. I hope she can be a fighter like Janelle and Daniele Donato and her sister and kick some major a$$ in the end and win. If she wins final HOH she will win the game.

    • Elyssia is a GASH! If she wins this game it will truly be a tragedy.
      I’d rather see Aaryn win than her.

      • IMO, racism is Trayvon Martin getting gunned down on his way home from the store. Racism is the Republican party’s direct efforts to disenfranchise minority votes.
        Off-hand, unthinking, rude, remarks are wrong, and I am not defending anyone who says them. But, I think Elyssia with her superior, looking down her nose attitude is just as bad.
        And, unless everyone reading this has never told a “Polock” joke, or and Irish joke, or laughed at one, it’s time to get off your moral high horse.
        I would also like to point out that I am not hoping Aaryn wins the game. My thinking at the time was, if it is a choice between these two broads, I pick Aaryn.

      • So Aaryn who has thrown racist rants against both Candice and Howard is A-Okay with you? Then, you really are dumb as hell! Nobody can cure you of your stupidity!

      • How very “PC” of you.
        Let’s not forget that Candice is also guilty of throwing a few racist remarks out there.
        I am not saying it is OKAY with me, but there is a matter of degree. And, unless you are Jesus returned to earth, I believe we are/were all guilty of mean & thoughtless behavior at one time or another.

      • You should know. You are the one preaching your nonsense and being so self righteous but, your problem is picking and choosing which one is right!
        Racism is not right by any means and the guilty will get punished because karma will hit them hard when the time comes! No one is without sin but, being a racist and being a mean person are two different things which you and your small mind cannot figure the difference!

      • It will only be a tragedy for the racists, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Amanda and Spencer but, a victory for the rest of decent humans on the entire planet! You reap what you sow would have been proven to be true again if it happens!

  16. I think McCrae is just telling her that because he has a better shot at winning the veto then Amanda does. And if he wins he can take Amanda off then their both safe, and get to vote. But if Amanda up and McCrae wins Amanda can still be put on the block. Elllisa is playing it smart, and I really agree that getting Aaryn out this week is whats best for her game, because Ellisa is going to have to win comps to stay in the house almost everyweek so why not take out the biggest comp compeitor and have better chance against people who aren’t as good at competitions than Aaryn.

    • Makes perfect sense when you have Aaryn out and have to compete for POV against Amanda, Andy, McCrae, Judd, Spencer, Gina Marie. Elissa probably has a fair shot at that POV without Aaryn in the mix!
      Then, Elissa can go for maximum damage the week after if she wins HOH again! She is playing her game and she has better strategy than Helen that is for sure!

  17. She told Helen that she’d make it look like shes going after Aaryn then backdoor Amanda, before Helen left.

    And she wouldn’t tell ANYONE of this plan.

    So Aaryn better win!

  18. We all know Elissa is going to win this game. Come on. Why would CBS put Rachel’s sister on here?!?! DUH so she can ‘win’ the game.

    • Actually, if you’re not in the loop already…According to someone who used to have ties with production, Elissa is only a distraction because they, in fact, have a houseguest planted there to win the game and her name is “Amanda”. So far, according to this person, he/she will reveal evidence come finale night if Amanda makes it to final 3 to prove his/her case.

  19. OK, what the heck is going on? I woke up last night at 2am, my time, 11pm, BBT, and I see Elissa and Aaryn shaking hands and smiling like they were making a deal, Is this really a backdoor Amanda plan? But, then what if Amanda wins veto, who will Elissa put up?

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