Big Brother 15: Target Flip Brings New Drama & Fighting Overnight

Elissa laughs at Amanda's fight

Last night brought all the things we love about Big Brother. Stress, fighting, target flipping, false assurances of safety, and drama. Lots of drama.

All day we knew where the new HoH was heading with her nominations and most the HGs knew it too. The nominees had been point blank told to get ready for a trip to the block. Despite all those warnings they were still upset when it became a reality at the Nomination Ceremony and when that happened we were surprised by even more fun.

Elissa’s stated target has been Aaryn since she won the power as the new Head of Household, but before that she had told others she wanted to split up McCranda. So was she secretly hoping to BD Amanda or was Aaryn her real target? Well it doesn’t matter anymore because Amanda is now in the hot seat.

Flashback to 10:40PM BBT 8/23 and you’ll find Elissa unleashing her new plan to Judd. Elissa wants to keep Aaryn and target Amanda this week. She has Judd send Aaryn up to see her. Jump to 10:45PM BBT and Elissa is telling Aaryn all about this new plan. Aaryn is very excited and on board with the “Evict Amanda” plan.

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In a surprise move the Veto players are picked just around midnight. When the Feeds return we discover that Elissa drew Amanda’s name and was not happy about it. Aaryn drew Houseguest’s Choice and picked Judd, surprising those in 3AM thinking she’d pick Andy, and then McCrae drew GinaMarie. Elissa’s hopes for backdooring Amanda were dashed (backdooring does not allow for the target to play for Veto, so this is technically not a BD move), but there’s still a good chance for Amanda to be renom’d.

Amanda starts to suspect she’s in danger and, doing just what we’ve come to expect from Amanda, she blows up. Flashback to 12:28AM BBT 8/24 to find Amanda fighting with GinaMarie. Amanda thought Elissa and GM were whispering about her as she paced back and forth through the house like a caged animal. GM isn’t having any of it and goes back at her. Of course Elissa is laughing through the whole thing and even took a spit-take when Amanda first started yelling at them.

Amanda accuses GM of floating to Elissa for having power. Amanda keeps asking “were you talking about me?!” GinaMarie is yelling back that she’s allowed to talk with Elissa. Elissa tries to stop GM but GM is wound up and keeps fighting back.

McCrae eventually shows up and drags Amanda away but she keeps yelling back at GM who invites her, with a yelling reply, to come be a big girl and talk s**t to her face. It’s a good time on the Feeds and it’s only going to keep getting better.

Later Amanda is up in the HoH room trying to convince Elissa of this and that but Elissa isn’t buying it. She starts laughing at Amanda’s fears and it’s only getting Amanda more upset. Flashback to 12:50AM BBT. Amanda keeps asking if Elissa wants to get rid of her, but Elissa denies it. Again McCrae shows up and they soon head back downstairs.

There are more talks through the night reaffirming that Amanda is the new target. Aaryn builds up support for it with GM and Spencer. Everyone seems on board. The house is once again divided along a new line.

Saturday’s Veto competition results will be HUGE and could determine everything. If Amanda wins she’ll save McCrae then we might see Andy go up in his place. If Aaryn, GM, Judd, or Elissa wins it then we’ll see Aaryn come down and Amanda go up. If McCrae wins it, well then that’ll be very interesting as Amanda would go up in his place. If he doesn’t use it then I’d expect McCrae to go so they can cripple Amanda.

What do you want to see happen next in the Big Brother house?

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Are you ready to watch all the fun this week in the Big Brother house? We are! Join us!


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