Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

The latest Big Brother 15 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the spoiler results for you. There was a lot riding on this competition and it should immediately decide which of the two nominees will leave, as we discussed earlier. Now the Feeds are back and we have results after watching the HGs react.

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Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results:

  • Elissa won the Power of Veto

The competition was the OTEV one where they have to find items w/ the HGs’ names.

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Elissa will definitely use the Veto on herself. Spencer will be renom’d. Helen remains the target. McCrae just told Helen she’ll be safe this week. She’s definitely not.

The HGs playing in today’s comp were Elissa & Helen as HoH’s noms, Aaryn as HoH. Andy, GinaMarie, & Spencer were picked from the box. Amanda hosted the competition.

Big Brother Live Feeds

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be held on Monday afternoon. We’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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    • Watch helen get the boot and then be the evicted hg that gets to return to the house.. hope its judd but that wont happen!!!

      • I would bet on that America loves Judd and what America wants they will get what they want
        most Americans want Judd back in the house
        because of Helen and Amanda thinking he was
        MVP GO JUDD.

      • If Judd comes back in,who side would he take? If he comes in and sides with the 3 ams, it would be disastrous. I would rather see Helen come back after realizing the wool was pulled over her eyes.

      • I only said if they did have to vote I know
        they will have to compete but don’t count out Judd he could win and I don’t
        think he will choose sides to be one because of Amanda he might be the only one that can get Amanda out.

      • there is already nothing worth watching, duh… the casting this season is the worst it has ever been… wake up CBS casting department, this show needs a much wider age group to be interesting. This group is plain ignorant, immature and stupid. (or they don’t want to be there (Ellisa).

      • That is so true. Casting was awful this year. They need to realize it is so much more interesting with smart people on here. Look at dr will , the more professional, smart people, the more interesting this game is

      • You need some intelligence to plan and strategize. The last winner of Big Brother last year Ian and the last Survivor, Cochran was both geeks! In Survivor 24, Kim Spradlin who is obviously very smart also won easily!
        That is why we still have Amanda and Andy in the game because practically everyone in the Big Brother House is either not using their heads or just plain dumb! Jessie is probably the only smart one but, she got evicted so, there is no one left to take on Amanda!

      • Totally agree!! Enough with these silly showmances. I considered trying out for BBCAN and then if you look at my “resume”, 21, 4 year relationship with bf, last year of undergrad, going to grad school, volunteers at local hospital. I’m not that young, horny, uneducated girl that they THINK bring in viewers.

    • Agree she thinks she is going to win it all but the jury wouldn’t give it to her, would they?

  1. Way to go elissa ! You always pull thru when it counts !!! I would rather helen this w because I don’t want Amanda to have the chance to come back !

    • I would rather Amanda go now. Chances are Amanda could not find her way out of a paper bag. How could terrorize anyone while sequestered.

    • Are u for real? Amanda would have to win a comp. Which would require a skill other than laying flat of her back or win a new comp called “man climbing”.

  2. Spencer should just automatically take his seat each week. They should have his name etched on the couch as a nominee. This season is so awfully ridiculous lol

    • He gets the most nominated award. Dumb, if he goes up as the replacement. If he does win HOH, he has an axe to grind and sharpen. Um with him, everything is if…HGS will be running.

      • I bet next week he’ll be put up with whoever the returning houseguest and he’ll stay, AGAIN.

      • He says he will put up Elissa and I am guessing GM too. If he is telling the truth then he is a dummy. He must see how he is the pawn every week which means he is the next to go after they get rid of the others first. Spencer really needs to make a move and soon or he will be gone shortly after Helen.

      • I would be a dumb move to put Elissa and GM. Elissa is playing solo, with Aaryn and GM gunning for her. GM is a waste of BB air, and easily out. Aaryn is ready to cut her out, and Spencer knows. He could do something huge. He wants McCrae and Andy in a “No Mam” alliance. He knows and notices Amanda and McCrae are a couple the needs to be broken up. I would put Amanda and McCrae up, and force McCrea’s hand. He just needs to get a whiff of Amanda’s he is shady and I don’t trust him. Aaryn to cover her ass, should tell him.

  3. nanananananana hey hey in your faces Aaryn and GM :) karma got you. Elissa has the power of veto, Aaryn if you smart you put up Amanda, and blow up 3a.m.

    • It would be smart for Aryan to cut GM loose. What’s with the loyalty there? GM Is like a big weight that is dragged around (although Aryan deserves it!).

      • I see your point. But, don’t fall under the spell of the house, Amanda needs to be evicted. Or at least her going up against Helen would be a very interesting week. GM is in Aaryn’s pocket, I would keep her for the week.

      • I definitely agree. I would love to see both Helen and Amanduh go. I’m tired of Helen’s, well, everything. And Amanduh is just really gross. I read a post that this morning she wanted to do anal with McC. And last night they did the nasty during bbad. Both of them are gross sloths.

      • Awe, I just threw up again. brb Um, ewww Thanks for the warning, I had last night on my dvr..whew.

      • Actually, it makes more sense for Aaryn to keep Gina Marie as she will be a loyal ally. Two, Gina Marie has won an HOH, while, Amanda has won nothing! Together, Gina Marie can protect Aaryn when Aaryn is not able to play for HOH!
        Now, Amanda is a huge threat to Aaryn because Amanda will take Aaryn out at some point! Actually, Amanda needs Aaryn more now than Aaryn needs Amanda! Aaryn can win HOH and POV and can take over this game if she has her mind set on it!

    • I don’t think she’d have the votes to evict Amanda even if she put her up.

      GM – vote Amanda out per Aaryn’s orders
      Elissa – vote Amanda

      Mccrae – vote Helen
      Andy – vote Helen
      Spencer – vote Helen because he wants to be in alliance with Mccrae

      I think they have lost their chance to evict Amanda unless she is on the block with Mccrae.

      • I see the votes going the same as you. Here I go thinking again… all the more reason for Spenser to vote Amanda out. Spencer votes her out, McCrae’s hand would be forced to align with Spenser. Helen is everyone’s target, I am okay with that. She could get back into the game and the HGS aren’t thinking. Oh, the wrath of Helen, would be like nails on a chalkboard, and of course drinking her wine, Which makes her talk more and my ears bleed.

      • Spencer would vote Amanda out if they tell him that’s how they gonna vote. Cause he been wanting to get rid of her. Aaryn is crazy to think that all of a sudden the 3 people all want to b on your team. She needs to think back when Helen saved her butt!!!

  4. Yesssss!!! Bye bye Helen. Elissa at least won 2 things compared to Helen just getting into everyones ear all the time

    • Elissa’s problem is she doesn’t have any game. She was going to walk out because she didn’t want to go to the jury house and just wanted to go home. Even though I don’t like Helen for many reasons, and want her to go she had to get Elissa in the right frame of mind to go out and try to win that POV. After the win she was still coaching her to try and win the next HOH. In-between all the extra fishes on the live feeds this season you get to hear enough to know Elissa has received lots of special treatment this season. I don’t think it’s right for a person willing to walk out of a game to continue to be in the game when so many true fans would die to be in that house. The casting this season is really bad, and I include Elissa along with the rest. After watching since season one I have no favorite this season. jmho

  5. yah 2 bad aaron doest have the guts 2 put up Amanda , if she aint blindsided her and her boyfriend will be in the finals they r so stupid esp gina marie

  6. please don’t down elissa and Helen , its Amanda , andy andy has been a floater from begging and 1 min they hate aaron and nest shes in final 4 god boring

    • Should Aaryn happen to actually WIN this season, there will be a HUGE backlash against this show! I would not guarantee decent ratings for next season.

  7. I’m glad Helen is finally going to get evicted but with the dumb twist she might return to the house. LAME

    • Helen coming back would be poetic justice and would certainly make Mandy’s head spin around. I’d love to see that or maybe better, see Mcrea boot the right cow to the curb!!!

      • I agree. Helen returning to the house would blow up Amanda’s master plan and if by chance Helen or Elissa should win the next HOH comp, look out! I hope that happens and I hope she puts Andy and McCrae up. I believe they are the only two in the house never to have been on the block. If She can win HOH, then one of Amanda’s bunch will definitely be evicted and I hope its McCrae or Aaryn.

  8. So with Helen being voted out this week, that leaves the competition on Thursday as a fight between Judd and Helen (as Candice and Jessie haven’t shown much competition prowess). Either way, Amanda’s going to blow when one of them returns to the game.

    • It will be epic. Judd finding out it was Amanda… you? sent me packing. Revenge is a dish well served cold. Helen ohhhhh, I could only imagine. Andy will be exposed as liar, traitor, and coconspirator.

      • I will not be so sure Judd figuring out Amanda took him out. Remember this is the same Judd that was blaming Jessie and Elissa for his eviction. And yet, it was Aaryn who put him up as the renom. The vote was 7-0 and when he got evicted, he embraced both Aaryn and Amanda! This dumbass still cannot figure out that his alliance voted him out! Someone give Judd a clue as he is going to need it! Judd if he is able to go back will probably get evicted again and then, blame Elissa and Spencer for it this time around! Sorry ass fool that he is, I do not know why anyone would want to give him a third chance when he passed on evicting Amanda twice! The same goes for Helen who is another dumbass and fool!

      • Judd was a nice guy and all, but he was kind of an idiot too, so in some ways he got what he deserved. I would actually like Jesse or Helen return to the game, either one of them WOULD have the guts to nominate Amanda should they win HoH.

      • Once Helen gets her wake up call Thursday I would not mind her coming back into the house knowing Andy and Amanda sold her out. But if she or Elissa should win the next HOH, OMG! Amanda and Andy will have nervous breakdowns. As much as I want this to happen, it has not been the season for this sort of justice on Big Brother this year.

      • I will take Jessie but, not Helen. You know the now is not the week to evict Amanda, the next week after, now is not the week to evict Amanda, and the week after still, now is not the week to evict Amanda! Helen will be kissing Amanda’s butt as soon as she gets into the Big Brother House and will be sent back to the jury house by Amanda! What makes you think Helen who passed on two chances to take out Amanda will have the cojones to take her out in her 3rd chance?

      • Point well made. I agree. A regular thinking person could figure out his alliance sent him packing. So, he decides to return the favor. But, I am doing the thinking for him now. Oops.

      • That is what Judd needs. Someone to do the thinking for him. If he wins because of that, will that person get the $500,000?

  9. Helen deserves this because she had her chances—-two of them and she passed on evicting Amanda each time! Also, she treated Candice and Jessie so bad—-good for Helen, much deserved eviction! Hopefully, Judd and Helen both do not win the competition to get back into the Big Brother House! Jessie deserves another shot than those two wimps who have no cojones to evict Amanda. If Helen or Judd get back in, they will just kiss Amanda’s ass and that would be a huge waste!

    • you are so right, Jessie should come back in, as far as poor Candice I don”t think she would want to get back in that house.Judd would only listen to Amanda in there

  10. yeah Elissa get rid of helen and let jessy come back and her and Elissa run the show for awhile there will be a lot of ass kissing then

  11. Jessee n candace wanted amanda out n nobody would listen ! I would luv luv to c her go out at there hands ! Now that would be sweeet!

    • But they both went about it all wrong. When Jessie was on the block, instead of campaigning to get Spencer out, she went after Helen and Elissa. It made no sense.

      • It worked didn’t it? Jessie destroyed Helen’s game which is great! Helen deserved it because Helen outed Jessie’s attempt to take out Amanda! Jessie played the very bad cards she had and did a lot with it! What has Helen done? If not for Jessie, Helen would still be nice and cozy after stabbing Jessie and Candice in the backs and throwing them under the bus for good measure! Jessie could have campaigned for sure but, her chances are really slim to none considering Amanda has her as her target for a while! Add to that, none of these house guests with the exception of Jessie thinks for themselves and just follow Amanda around like little puppies! Helen destroyed an evicted her alliance members and deserved to be targeted by Jessie as it should be! Jessie might have been evicted but, she is still impacting this game!

      • No it didn’t worked because she was voted out. As for Helen’s game getting blown up. Amanda, Andy and McCrae already knew she was gunning for Amanda, because Andy told the duo days ago.

      • Yes, it did work. Jessie had a very bad hand. She was getting evicted because Amanda decided on it! Helen threw her under the bus lying and saying it was Jessie who planned to evict Amanda! Jessie exposed Helen’s lies which is why Helen is going home this week! So, it worked. Got one of the big threats out. Remember, they took out Jessie and probably would have left Helen in if not for their conversation near the chess board. Jessie shredded Helen’s game because even if Helen came back, who would trust Helen when she stabs allies and throws them under the bus? Helen is damaged goods even if she returns to the house and she deserves every bit of it! Good job Jessie!

    • I’m tired of Aaryn winning HoH all the time! Perhaps America should vote for the HoH each week instead!

    • Aaryn is such a self-centered whiny beotch. She gets angry about everything. I can;t wait until Amanda tires of her too.

      • At least Aaryn can win; whereas the rest of these losers are just worthless. I would definitely vote for Aaryn to win the $500,000 if she makes it to the end because she would deserve it.

  12. put up Amanda, I’m so sick of
    her voice, it makes me sick, and she is so annoying. please get her and her ugliness out, and then GM!!!!! :-) :-)

    • I’ve disliked Amanda and her voice since the first night when she was pretending she was a flight attendant. I’ve wanted her out since then.

      • Helen could still pull a rabbit out of her hat. Just deal back with Aaryn. Aaryn can not play next week. Helen says I promise to do what you want next week. Just a thought. Plus, Helen wants a girl to win. So, then backdoor McCrae.

      • Aaryn has fallen for all of Amanda’s sweet talking. Aaryn loves to be stroked and Amanda has done that for her. When Aaryn wakes up, it will be when Amanda has put her in the same seat Helen is in right now.

      • Someone said Aaryn is forming her own alliance so, she could be smarter than people give her credit for! For one thing, Aaryn is in the best position to take over this game if she wants to! She is a beast in competitions and while, she cannot win every week, with Gina Marie on her side, they have a very good chance to winning and controlling the rest of the game. Of course, Aaryn needs to put up Amanda after Helen goes because that will ensure she is the strongest player left in the Big Brother House. If she wins HOH and POV, she can win this going away! Note that I am only commenting on Aaryn’s game play. I still despise her as a despicable racist and the same goes for Gina Marie, Spencer and Amanda as well!

      • Aaryn can only win on the questions (and i still think she is getting help from the production… and is taking massive dosages of very heavy tranquilizers before the Thursday show) or one of those skill tests.
        If the competition needs more than concentration and search for something, Aaryn is out of the game.

    • Maybe Helen could use the right threat about if they evict her, she will organize the jury house to defeat Aaryn or any other strong player in the final two and make the weakest player the winner. This would get their attention since everyone still in the house knows her vote collection abilities. Just a quiet word in Aaryn’s ear.

      • Helen has only Elissa left on her side. So much for that dream. Like Judd, Helen is a dumbass and deserves to stay in the jury house with Judd. They can both reminisce about the two chances they had to evict Amanda and which they passed on! Why should they get a 3rd chance when they obviously, do not have the cojones to go after Amanda? Helen and Judd will be kissing Amanda’s butt the moment they enter the Big Brother House! That would be a huge waste of this twist! Go Jessie! Win that competition as I do not want any of these two dummies to go back into the Big Brother House!

    • Because she has a huge ego and she has gotten people who were siding with her evicted. She did Amanda’s dirty work instead of going after Amanda when she had the numbers.

      • Agreed Prince…Have you ever seen such an ego? And last night….just about telling elyssa ok you got yourself out of trouble this time…but now you really have to play cause I can’t keep carrying you? Talking to Elyssa like she’s a 3 year old? JESUS…I can’t wait to see her go. (Helen).

    • Obviously, you have not been watching Big Brother. First off, Helen targets her own alliance members like Candice and Jessie. Now, who is the dumbass that evicts her own alliance members? On what planet is that the sane and right decision? In addition to that, Helen stabs Jessie in the back by outing her attempts to evict Amanda when evicting Amanda benefits Helen.
      Not content, she then throws Jessie under the bus by lying to Amanda that is was Jessie’s idea to evict Amanda! Unfortunately, for dumbass Helen, Jessie shredded Helen’s game by exposing her lies and showing Amanda that it was in fact, Helen’s plan to take out Amanda. Also, Helen with Judd had two chances to evict Amanda yet, passed on it and did not even half try. So, there. Why would anyone like Helen?

  13. When they tell you that you are safe you should be worried. Because they have said that to everyone who has gone home.

  14. Unfortunately it’s a boring crew and it seems Elissa and Amanda are production favorites so really turned off.

  15. I am looking forward to the day AMANDA is ousted!! I dont know how she’s made it this far with all America’s Vote….we had it right!! If they wait too late….McCrae and Amanda will be the last two standing…..Helen did have that Right!!! I can’t believe shes falling for the okie doke..thinking she’s safe–

    • It was Helen’s fault for not getting Amanda out before it was always its too soon; its never too soon to get someone out that needs to be.

      • You said it. If you watch Survivor, they take out the threats right at the start! They do not fool around with the nonsense now is not the week to do it! The reason to take out a big threat is because you may not get another chance! If you are evicted, you are out and with it your chance at the $500,000! Helen and Judd should not even be getting a 3rd chance as they passed on two chances to evict Amanda!
        Jessie who did not have any ally in the Big Brother House atleast, gave it a shot before Helen outed her then, threw her under the bus right after!

      • Survivor takes out threat at the start? Umm how did Boston Rob win again? Oh I remember because he control his alliance just like Amanda controls hers.

      • Boston rob won immunity when he needed and when somebody was thinking on taking him out. When he got back everyone thought he was god. :D
        The only way to keep the game and alliance is getting the others to fight for them… and that is what Amanda got the luck of getting.
        Spencer had the votes to kick Amanda out… if Candice wasn´t stupid. Even with that, they could still do it… but Helen jumped ship right after the house meeting.
        That´s the moment Helen got her ticket out of the house.

      • Boston Rob was an exception. How many of the returnees have failed to win 2nd time around? Russell Hantz, Malcomb, Amanda, Ozzie, Phillip, Johathan etc all failed for that reason!

        Only Parvati came close to winning twice but, she is a very smart player which is more an exception than the rule! Pretty much they target returning players. Cochran was another exception who was a returnee and won it on his 2nd try. He was a geek and was underestimated by everyone.

    • how can we as America possibly have it right? I’m not in the house nor are any of you. Voting out someone based upon how they are portrayed to you is an inane notion, I suppose it gives those who need it some form of feeling like they matter. Anything to delude the masses I suppose.

      • Nick- America doesn’t have to be “in the house” in order to get it right. Those of us that watch the feeds actually know more about each individual houseguest than they all know about each other.

      • the feeds, also are subjective. I don’t recall a real life scenario, where one has a discussion that can be cut to scenes of fish. I have always subscribed to the feeds, but am certainly not deluded enough to think it in anyway is an accurate portrayal as to actually being there.

  16. And people say Elissa is a floater… She wins when she needs to win. She’s saved herself twice so props to her!

  17. Elissa is telling Helen to make deals (she knows that Helen was the target because Amanda told her) and Helen said “I’m not making deals when the votes are there.” She’s crazy. That has got to be the stupidest thing she’s done so far. Assuming that she has the votes. As soon as you think you’re safe you’re out the door. Did she not listen last eviction night?!

    • Helen actually thinks McCrae and Andy are in an alliance with her. She is supremely stupid and blinded by her enormous ego. She is in for the shock of her life Thursday night. But after the rude awakening, I hope she comes back into the house to go after Andy, McCrae and Amanda with a vengeance.

      • That’s what I want as well. She’s the only one who would have a fire under her to go after McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Aaryn so let’s hope for a Helen return!

  18. I am hoping Helen is evicted, comes back and puts Mccrae and Amanda up together. That would be delicious. If one of them comes off, put Aaryn or Andy up. They need to go out.

  19. For maximum drams next Thursday Helen needs to get evicted then win her way back in………..Andy and Amanda might explode. Jessie woulnd’t be bad either.

  20. Its going to get interesting from here. I wonder if Andy will have the guts to really evict Helen by blindside. He has told her repeatedly that he will vote to keep her. Once he votes to with the house to evict her, she will finally know he is a liar and has been aligned with Amanda the whole time.

    If Helen is the one returning to the house it is really important for her to gather GM, Spencer and Elissa into a counter alliance to get rid of McCrae, Andy and Aaryn. One of them must win the next HOH.

    • Helen’s game has already been shredded by Jessie. Everyone in the house knows not to trust Helen! Why should anyone trust Helen when everyone knows now that Helen as an ally will stab you in the back and throw you under the bus as she did with Candice and Jessie!
      GM is in Aaryn’s pocket, Spencer is content to just be the pawn and one of Amanda’s followers so, that leaves just Elissa on Helen’s side if Elissa still has not seen enough of what Helen did to Candice and Jessie!
      And what makes you think Helen can evict Amanda at her 3rd try? She passed on her two prior chances. More likely, Helen will be kissing Amanda’s butt until, she gets evicted in short order if she does not win HOH or POV!

    • I don’t think she can form an alliance with the people who just voted her out. GM won’t go against Aaryn, and Elissa hates Spencer even more than she hates the other houseguests.

  21. They have Helen on the ropes. Drive the Big Brother dagger through her heart a la what Jinx did to Miranda Frost in Die Another Day (sorry – I had to throw in a James Bond reference)

    • Considering Helen both stabbed Candice and Jessie in the backs and then, threw them under the bus for good measure then, it is justice to see Helen get evicted by Jessie destroying Helen’s game.

  22. You notice when it competition that doesn’t require total concentration, Aaryn doesn’t win. And when Elissa needs to win it, she “gitter done” So proud of her, love her, and all I can say is TEAM ELISSA!!!!!!!!!

    • Aaryn has been very very strange on the last 2 thurdays.
      She looks like a doped person walking around in a care center.
      She barely smiles, barely talks and it very stopped.
      In the first competitions she was jumping around, talking with everyone… last week, she just raised her arms, got the key and stayed there. Everyone hugging and a statue would give better hugs than she did…
      Even Julie saw that there was something wrong with Aaryn… When julie made the question about the 3 hoh, it was elissa and amanda correcting 4. Aaryn was lost and just says the same thing the other ones and just stays there…

      • I heard on ESPN yesterday…some guy in baseball fined 50 days or something for using, and I quote, “Adderal, a Performance Enhancing Drug”. I do notice, as I’ve heard it MAKES you focus, that apparently it makes you focus on everything, good and bad. When Aaryn gets an idea or ‘slight’ in her head, she just can’t drop it. Worries everything to death.

      • The player is Miguel Tejada of the KC Royals. He has ADD, so was using Adderall under prescription from Dr. He need to apply to MLB for a Therapeutic Use Exemptions, which he got, but his exemptions was over and he forgot to renew it. He is suspended for 105 days, because it’s second offence.

      • I just watched Sunday nights show. When Aaryn was “trying” to do the Have not comp, she could not do it. She wasn’t even trying. I guess it wasn’t time for her medication.

    • Aaryn said she doesn’t like comps that are rough and tumble physical stuff where people get trampled and hurt. Spencer got cut up and Andy got hit in the face. This was perfect for Elissa because she has such hatred and contempt for her fellow houseguests that she didn’t have any problem if any of them got hurt.

  23. I wonder what the competition was… Seems a little fishy that Elissa would win concerning her prowess in challenges. I wonder if the producer’s once again played with the game to ensure their outcome…

    • It looked like to be that competition of climbing a water dench tarp to a “alien” that would ask for “The contestant used a black strip to hide there clothes on the 3 days of the house. Bring me the name”. Then everyone must go down and search on the garden for it. The last one to be up or get the wrong name, are out, until there is just one that gets the veto.

      Since all the other ones are weak, i think that it was the final between Elissa and Andy.

    • Candice won’t fight to win… She will make it personal play not game play. If Judd Jessee or say Helen if evicted they would put game first personal 2nd.

      • Candice will make it personal play? Lmao what show are you watching? Since the 2nd week it was.

  24. now.. If Aaryn will assemble her little “army” and include Elissa she can get rid of Amanda or better McCrae. Like another poster said “it’s better to vote out McCrae first cause he has allies and if he is gone Amanda has no one. But as an HG is gonna return it this week it would be best if it was Amanda cause it ain’t likely that she would win the comp where as McCrae might. Let Helen put the bug in Aaryns ear and promise her the moon if she stays. Gonna be an interesting week….

    • Judd and Helen are both dumb asses! If either gets back to the Big Brother House—-I will be rooting for either Amanda or Aaryn to evict Judd or Helen whoever gets back in! They had two chances and passed it up so, would waste this twist a third time! The only place these two deserve to be is in the jury house so that, they can think about their dumbass game play!

      • And if Judd came back…..he’s screw it all up again by putting Elyssa (who he hates and blames) and Aaryn (who put him up). And still McCranda would sit. Same with Candice….she’d DEFINITELY put up Aaryn and MAYBE Amanda. Aaryn would go. Now Jessie…..I think she’d put up McCranda…but first she’d have to win HOH.

    • omg fly…that was me…and I’ve been saying it for weeks….GET OUT MCCRAE. I think is too late now. Who could you put up against him that is less offensive? He has no blood, no enemies, everyone likes him and he can win comps. As I say, too late now…just give him the check.

  25. Elissa has said she misses home. Maybe she will use veto on Helen? That would cause some drama.

  26. I can’t believe these people are leaving Amanda and McCrae in this game. WTH is wrong with these people? They are taking each other to the end..they will get rid of Aaryn and Andy in a second. Elissa goes off the block, put up one of them. Good Lord! They are just sitting back, no blood on their hands, while everyone else does their dirty work for them.

  27. Production seriously needs to step in if Spencer follows through with Amanda’s plan to use threats against Elissa children.

  28. These people are the worst house guest in the history of BB and mcamda stink as players & as people

  29. You know what I think? And I’ve suspected this for awhile, but maybe Elissa has been throwing all the competitions because if you think about it she won the veto twice when she REALLY needed it. Maybe her strategy is to lay low until the fianl 5ish and then turn out to be a competition beast.

  30. The sad part is, Helen and Amanda are the 2 that deserve to win. They’re ‘winning’ everything, without actually ‘winning’ anything! They’re both running the house and that’s genius!

  31. I would love to see candice come back that would make the hold house except Elissa very unhappy
    because when helen go elissa will be all alone
    Im so happy she won veto maybe now she will feel good about herself & try to win this dam game

  32. boy i so do hope that judd wins the “come back into the house” competition.COME ON JUDD!!! put the game faceon and go for it. dont’ let helen get it

  33. bb should really think about next year. they have had enuf negative input this year to switch it up next year or take a season off or maybe get rid of it all together

  34. Will someone take that wack job Amanda out NOW!!! SHE’S A FREAKIN SPYCHO…. Crying like a big ass baby… she has been floating all along….

  35. I’m sick of Amanda thinking she’s head of household every week, & I felt sorry for Helen the first two weeks of the game, but I’ve been sick of her since she was head of household. She has flipped on people she’s suppose to be in aliences with so many times she needs to be kicked out, Amanda too. I don’t like this yrs big brother, its boring, cause there never really seems to be an actual hoh. They should have a varity of ages, not a group of immature disrepectful bunch of idiots, that are predujust, & now one is playing good, & could possibly win. Aryan, lost her job cause of her racisis views, but what’s the point if she wins 500,000 dollars….it won’t matter, she’ll be loaded.

  36. Wow just found out nasty Amanda is a big ole slut she has a serious relationship. And. She sleeps with pizza boy every night. Nasty I hope that they get rid of her n Mccrae needs to open his eyes Bc she would stab him in the back in a hot minute she has evil eyes lol.. Not trustworthy. Just plain # nasty hoe..

  37. Omg did anyone hear helen ask elissa if she thought america was thinking this was the best cast ever on bb ? Lol Elissa said she didn’t think there was that many likeable people in this cast ! This was on bbad !

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