Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 - August 17, 2013

Saturday brought a lot of anxiety for the HGs as they were left waiting until the end of the day for their chance to compete and secure their target’s fate with the Power of Veto. Now that we know where the game is heading this week it’s up to the HGs to keep their plan on track as another twist gets ready for Thursday.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013

9:00 AM BBT – HGs slowly starting out their day.

9:15 AM BBT – Aaryn finds Clowny hanging in the shower like he committed suicide.

10:30 AM BBT – Helen complaining about the HN food this week. It’s her second straight week as a HN.

11:00 AM BBT – Feeds return. The Veto players are picked. Andy, GM, and Spencer will join the game.

11:15 AM BBT – Andy is frustrated that he’ll have to play in the comp and risk winning which will risk exposing his betrayal of Helen.

11:45 AM BBT – Elissa tells Amanda she knows Aaryn told Helen that she (Helen) was safe. Amanda suggests Helen should use the Veto on Elissa then if she wins it. Amanda keeps working Elissa. She’s preparing for Elissa staying and needing an ally next week.

1:00 PM BBT – Spencer and Aaryn discuss the plan to get Helen out this week and why she needs to go. Spencer says they have to keep Helen in the dark.

1:45 PM BBT – Aaryn finds Clowny’s second suicide. This time he’s overdosed on some of her pills.

3:10 PM BBT – Helen and Elissa comparing notes on what Aaryn told them. Both say they were promised they were just pawns this week. The walls are closing in.

4:00 PM BBT – Helen and McCrae holding a little Elissa-bashing session. Helen playing to McC’s love of the game by saying Elissa isn’t a real fan like she is. Helen also working McC on turning on Amanda. She says she’d vote for Amanda over him in F2 if she got there without winning anything.

4:55 PM BBT – BB makes a strange announcement that the HGs should enjoy themselves and that these are the good old days.

5:30 PM BBT – Helen doesn’t want anyone to ruin the surprise and reveal things when she gets out. She wants to go over to Andy’s house and watch the season together (they both live in Chicago).

8:48 PM BBT – Feeds return. Elissa has won the Veto.

8:55 PM BBT – Andy showing off his bruise. He jokes that Elissa “Enzo’d” him and knocked his head during the comp.

9:15 PM BBT – Aaryn warns Spencer he’ll be the renom, but that he’s completely safe. Spencer starts saying nasty things that he’ll use to rattle Elissa by intimidating her with threats to her children.

9:25 PM BBT – Helen working GM for her vote. Helen says she’s got McCranda’s support.

9:30 PM BBT – Aaryn wants Spencer gone next week. She thinks she’s more dangerous than Elissa.

10:15 PM BBT – Amanda is worried about returning Jury members and how it could hurt her game.

10:30 PM BBT – Helen & Elissa agree that they need to target Amanda & Aaryn next.

11:05 PM BBT – McCrae, Andy, and Spencer talking “boot list,” the order they want the others to go in. Elissa and GM are shared targets.

12:35 AM BBT – McCrae and Aaryn talking about viewer opinion. Aaryn isn’t concerned at all what America thinks. She later again uses the argument that she’s mistreated because she has blonde hair and blue eyes.

2:45 AM BBT – Spencer is upset because he was kicked out of DR so Elissa could come in for a medical emergency.

3:00 AM BBT – HGs dissecting Elissa’s personal life. They don’t like how she’s married to an older man or how she wants to raise her child.

3:20 AM BBT – McCranda and Andy discuss messing with the votes to make it 3-2 instead of 4-1.

4:50 AM BBT – McCrae tells Amanda that he’s afraid to let Aaryn get to F4. He thinks she’s better at comps than Andy and will be harder to get out later.

5:05 AM BBT – McCrae tells Spencer that they’ll take him to F4 if he doesn’t put them (him & Amanda) up on the block.

Elissa is officially safe, but she really was this whole time anyway. Now Helen will have to figure out she’s the real target and then secure three votes to stay. I’m not so sure she can pull that off.

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  1. 10:30 PM BBT – Helen & Elissa agree that they need to target Amanda & Aaryn next.

    Now, how many times do you have to plan on evicting Amanda? All Helen has been doing all this time is planning on evicting Amanda but, not once has she taken any concrete action to evict Amanda! Helen is all talk and no action! The same goes for Judd! You can plan all you want but, if you do not put it into action—-all those plans are worthless!
    Aaryn is probably going to try and evict Amanda at some point and I see that succeeding more than Helen or Judd can do on their best day!

    • The problem for Helen is she does not have the numbers anymore. Even if she comes back into the house and wins HOH, she can only take one of them out and there are 5 that have to go. If she does become the next HOH, then she would have to make a deal, again, with someone like Aaryn and GM to keep herself and Elissa safe the following week. This means she would need to stop trusting Andy and Elissa would need to stop hating Aaryn – two big ifs. Plus, Andy wants to get the vote to evict her to 3-2 so he can say he voted with Elissa to keep her. He wants her vote in the jury house but it will also work for him if Helen comes back into the house. What a sniveling little weasel Andy is. If he gets his way for a 3-2 vote, Helen will again trust him when she returns and he will reveal any deals she tries to make to Amanda again.

      If I know Amanda, she will not go for the 3-2 vote because she will sniff out Andy’s motive. She is already counting jury votes too.

      • Andy will for sure want to give Helen a sympathy vote. But, I think that GM will vote out Helen because that is what Aaryn will tell her to do..Elissa will vote to evict Spencer. The final vote will be 4-1. Knowing how dumb Helen has been playing she will probably think that one vote came from Andy! Maybe if it is 4-1, the light will finally come on for her. Too little, too late.

      • Actually, the smarter play for the returning house guest assuming they win HOH is to put up Aaryn and Amanda. Take note that your chance at lasting in the Big Brother House this 2nd time is very slim so, go for the gusto and hopefully take out the strongest threat. In this case, it would be Aaryn! The risk, of course is she goes off via POV but, then, you have Amanda on the block and if Aaryn goes off, put McCrae into place! Amanda gets evicted and you got one very large threat out! If Aaryn stays on the block—-evict her instead and get a huge threat outright!

      • Richie, have you ever considered being on BB? I think we need more people like you on the show that would actually know how to play the game and make it exciting!

      • If Helen comes back, she needs to get McCrae, Andy and Aaryn out or she needs to make a deal for a strong alliance with Aaryn if that is still even possible now. Helen has not been good at comps and Andy and McCrae seem capable of beating everyone except Aaryn in the comps. Amanda, because she can’t win comps becomes a non-factor the minute the majority in the house stop listening to her and doing her dirty work – and – her big allies McCrae and Andy are not HOH.

        If Helen can make a deal with Aaryn again and GM by winning HOH this week and keeping Aaryn safe, she can put up Andy and McCrae hoping to get McCrae out of the house removing 1 of her comp threats. Then if Aaryn wins her 5th HOH the following week, the can seal the deal by getting rid of Andy. With McCrae and Andy gone and Aaryn unable to play the next HOH, Helen, GM and Elissa only have to beat Spencer and Amanda for the HOH. At that point they can take down Spwncer which would leave Amanda alone and an easy target going forward.

        I know this will never happen but I think it is the best chance Helen has to win the game or to make it to final 4. And byw, I think it is the same for Aaryn. She has no chance for the final 4 unless she moves on Amanda and McCrae who are already talking about replacing her in their alliance with Spencer.

    • 100% agree with you!
      I don’t want Helen or Judd to be back because they are spineless. They are too scared to make big moves… not worth watching! CBS has to do something to break the 3AM alliance otherwise it would be too predictible and an easy ride for them especially for Andy that has done anything so far. Anyone can win but please not Andy or GM or Aaryn!!!

  2. How fun would it be to see Aaryn put Amanda up beside Helen and let the house slug it out.

    • That would be awesome but, Aaryn will stick to the plan to take out Helen. She can deal with Amanda next time out if she wants to!

      • Helen needs to go to Aaryn and remind her that she is not going to be playing the HOH comp next week. She should tell her that’s when Amanda will strike – because it believe she will! Helen can promise her safety if she can get GM to come over to their side. The problem is, Helen’s little games of throwing Elissa under the bus while pretending to want to save her have back fired. People saw through her crying act and all it did was make Helen look really bad in their eyes. Aaryn is even developing a little respect for Elissa because she at least won the veto comps and saved her self when she was in trouble of going home. Helen’s game play has been really bad the last few weeks but this week in particular, it has been abysmal.

    • she doesnt have the balls….as much as she rants about what she wants to do….she only does what she is told…SHE IS A SPINELESS RACIST BITCH….and i still cant wait to see her face when she learns how much america hates her AND amanda…and they have been fired from their jobs…but if either of them win….i dont guess they will care anymore huh….smdh

      • it has nothing to do with “having balls”. Why would she sink her game by putting up a member of her F4 alliance?

      • because she is a spineless twit….and goes along with the HOUSE…do you REALLY think amanda is gonna take her to the final 4 ??? …..much less the final 2… way

      • lmao….id say you are the one who doesnt understand the game…if you think they will really take aaryn to f4…id say YOU are clueless too.

      • Legit though. you have no idea. you dont turn on the strongest alliance, especially one that has two bigger targets if someone else wins HOH. Aaryn turns on them, she becomes untrustworthy has a bigger target on her.

  3. that’s WAS good Spencer was kick out DR :) help elissa first she is real player in BB

  4. Helen has been a major disappointment in this game, I really thought she was alot smarter. So many chances and she blew them all.

    • Helen started well using her head and was able to evict Nick and Jeremy. The problem started when she decided to coddle Aaryn and turned her back on Candice and Jessie. That was the beginning of the end for her! She turned her back on the more loyal and trustworthy allies in favor of Aaryn and Amanda. Bad for Helen, she underestimated Jessie who shredded Helen’s game entirely. Now, nobody in their right mind would trust Helen because Jessie showed that Helen will stab you in the back and throw you under the bus for good measure and that is for someone in an alliance with her! Who would trust such person?

      • Richie, I agree. Helen messed her own game up and she deserves to be evicted and not allowed back in. I really hope Candace wins, but I wouldn’t mice Jessie either. Helen is so stupid, for her to be a big lover of the game, she should have known the first week Amanda was on the block was the best time to get her out because she would have then had Howard, Spencer, Jessie, Elissa and Candace as her allies compared to Judd, Aaryn, McCrae and Andy. They could’ve completely dismantled Amanda’s side by getting rid of the leader. Dumb ass move that sealed her fate 3 weeks later

      • I don’t think Jessie blew up Helen’s game. By the time Jessie blew her fuse….Helen had no one but Elyssa. I don’t think anything Jessie did turned anyone against Helen. She was already on McCranda’s radar. And Helen with her phony performances turned off GM/Aaryn/Spencer. Andy was never her pal. Jessie confirmed everything they thought, that was all. And voting out her own allies…..How is that smart? Whew.

      • Helen’s strategy was horrible, first evict all of her allies, then when all of her allies are gone, go after the strongest person in the house? what a dummy.

  5. Spencer has some nerve thinking he’s been playing the game at all…at least when Elissa has been on the block she won the POV to save herself twice. What has he done as well to get anyone out?

    • Spencer to his credit tried to evict Amanda but, Candice outed him. He also, refused to go along and throw the POV which Amanda’s alliance asked him which means he is atleast, using some of his brain cells. Elissa has just been following Helen pretty much and not making decisions for herself! Elissa and Spencer should have been thinking of forming alliances with Aaryn and Gina Marie to take out Amanda because they are in peril of eviction for obvious reasons!

    • Spencer is playing a social game. Look at how he has gotten hmself in tight with Amanda and McCrae over the past few weeks after having been a huge target. Now they want him in their final 4 deal. That’s a pretty good move on his part. At the same time, Spencer has said in DR that he does not trust anyone. That makes him the smartest person in the house.

    • he is soooo creepy to me….and nasty, all he does is brag about his game….WHAT GAME…he has been a floater the entire time…he has done nothing to earn respect and alot to earn disdain. he has talked about little boys and ridiculed women and he thinkd he is above reproach….he is in for a rude but well deserved awaking too…when he is fired from his job….AND LEARNS HE IS BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE POLICE ABOUT LITTLE BOYS…..guess the dumbass forgot it was ON LIVE TV….

  6. Helen on BBAD was killing me last night I had to shut it off if she told Elissa once she told her a hundred times how otiv is the hardest comp and she won and how surprised she was that Elissa won the veto and how she was not sure how much longer she could carry her it was turn it off or throw the flat screen out the window HELEN YOU ARE AN ASS !!!!!

    • Helen is a dumb ass! She has been using her ass instead of her head to think which is why she has not made a logical decision of late!

      • I know but she was driving me crazy last night I almost wang to rent a sky writer plane and have it write Helen your an ass and admamda America does not like you

      • I still don’t understand why HG’s were not told that America was picking 3rd nominee. What harm would that have done. Would Amanda walk off the show and then their predetermined winner would be no more?

    • I hear you. The worst was when she went up to the HOH crying about how she can’t help Elissa anymore. She thought that act was great but everyone in the house is making fun of her for it. She came off looking like a jackass. Everyone in the room knew it was fake! When Elissa won the Otev competition to save herself, it made Helen’s rant even more stupid since Elissa saved herself while Helen continues to think she is safe from eviction!

      Don’t get me wrong though. I want Helen to come back into the house after she gets evicted Thursday. I want her to win HOH too. I just hope she understands what is going on in the house when she is evicted otherwise she will come back in the same way she left.

      But I want Andy and McCrae on the block as soon as possible. And I hope it is Helen and Elissa that are responsible for evicting one or both of them.

  7. “2:45 AM BBT – Spencer is upset because he was kicked out of DR so Elissa could come in for a medical emergency.”
    Any more news on that ?

    • It seems she was having an allergic reaction to something and she needed medical attention right away. She said she was having a hard time breathing and it felt like someone was sitting on her chest. She called into her mic for this to help her and then she was called into the DR and Spencer was kicked out – GOOD FOR HIS DUMB ASS!

    • Spencer has a cut on his knee from the Comp. and in need of medical attention too. It’s just a matter of priority..They told Spencer that pigs acquire immunity to diseases as it goes through life.

      • spencer did not seek medical attention right after the comp. he was to busy in the hoh room being spencer.

  8. “4:50 AM BBT – McCrae tells Amanda that he’s afraid to let Aaryn get to F4. He thinks she’s better at comps than Andy and will be harder to get out later.”
    Good news.

    • Atleast, someone is using some of his brain cells. LOL
      Who would have thought, McCrae is one of the smartest of this group?

      • He is, when he can manage to get his head out of Amanda’s a$$. Hopefully he will put his knowledge of the game to good use.

  9. And spencer going to threat a women’s children you don’t know what can happen there if you threatened my children I would be in jail because you can say and do what ever you want to me but DO NOT MESS WITH MY KIDS

    • Molly I agree 100%. If you read my below statement, the minute you start threatening my family I’m ready for war. He has no idea how his words can truly get him killed. There are people out here that would do bodily harm to him because if what he said about her children.

      • not to mention the POLICE in Ark are investigating him …they have searched his home looking for child porn after he said he likes little boys…PREFERABLY IN THE BASEMENT….what a creep…omg….why is he still there….smdh

    • Again production down plays it as” dissecting Elissa family life” was out right plan to threaten her using her children. Some of the moderators on jokers updates are refusing to log or report on what is said by certain HG’s about Elissa Children because it was too offensive. So you know it certaintly won’t be shown on TV show.

  10. I knew McCrae and Amanda were going to get rid of Aaryn and take Spencer to the final 4. So predictable. Once Aaryn won her fourth HOH comp, her fate was sealed. She is too big of a threat to Amanda now.

    Aaryn can’t play in the HOH comp this week. Whoever does win is going to put her up or back door her. If Helen comes back in the house I am predicting Amanda will blame Aaryn for her eviction and then align with Helen to take out Aaryn. Helen will fall for it, of course. Yes, she is that dumb.

    • There is still Gina Marie and if she wins HOH, Aaryn will be safe. The problem is she will probably put up Elissa and Spencer which means Amanda remains safe! The smarter play if Gina Marie wins HOH is to put up Amanda and McCrae. If Helen comes back in—-she becomes the renom if McCrae or Amanda get off guaranteeing Helen or Amanda is evicted for good!

  11. Does anyone know why I can’t get live feeds on my mobile phone anymore? Worked fine until a few days ago.

    • Same issue!! I saw feeds on another friends lap top. In all honesty after last night . I would have cancelled mine. You can use joker’s updates. Skim over and avoid any of the nasty remarks being said by Hg’s

      • Just a warning about Joker’s Updates. Do not trust everything posted there! Last week when the POV was happening, someone posted that Jessie won POV and that Aaryn was all bloodied and Elissa was the attacker. I thought there was a nasty fight. Guess what? The asshole who posted it later on said, he was just joking! Stupid asshole should not be doing that because people come on to get some reliable info and not that nonsense they post over there! Probably, the Joker monicker applies because they are a big, fat joke!

      • I have seen mistakes but also retractions if a mistake was made. With that being said there is more then JK updates one can follow.

    • Same happened to me. I rebooted my phone, returned to CBS website, logged back in and all was fine!

  12. At this point, Elissa needs to win like every competition to win the game, or lets just give it to McCrae. He’s definitely the most level headed person (although kinda weird)

  13. Spencer should be removed from the house after threatening to harm Elissa’s children. This man is an animal.

  14. If anybody but McC or Spencer win this season it will be disgusting. And if the next HOH can’t figure out that for good measure McCranda needs to sit next to each other on the block, then they are sad and weak. Or, put up Andy and expose him a little as well as expose his alliances

  15. Anyone else notice since Amanda’s heavily editted clip of what all she said to Candice on that POV. That live feeds cut to fish everytime she starts making racists comments. But they never cut away if it’s Aaryn, Gm and Spencer making comments??

    • I noticed. They do it mostly for Amanda but have done it for the others at times. Usually when they all get together and start talking, they call somebody to DR then cut to fish, person is told for them to cut it out and tell others. Have you noticed Amanda and Spencer talking to the cameras? Amanda sticks her tongue out at the camera too.

  16. Had they known the kind of players they have this season, they could have just started the show with the 7 remaining players in the house instead of 14. BB 15 is barely starting. It should get better next week.

    To still see Amanda /McCrae/Power couple/showmance still in the house,(intact) is incomprehensible!

  17. Spencer should be removed from the game ASAP! He not only made a threat to the other houseguests that he would go after Elissa’s children and eat them, he also said that he was going to make Elissa quit by sticking his penis up her nose. The most disgusting thing is the other houseguests egged him on. What is wrong with ALL of these people? Personally, I want Elissa to win. She has stuck up for what she felt is right. No-one else left in the house has done that. I’ve lost respect for McCrae as well. He seems like a different person since he first entered in the game. He’s so lazy and never does anything. He clearly is not really into Amanda anymore so it’s annoying to watch the two of them together. Does he not have a backbone? Going back to Spencer, he should have been removed from the house weeks ago. I can’t stand to hear one more disgusting and vile thing come out of his mouth. This person has talked about getting off on little kids, drugs, degrading women, and so many other creepy and disgusting things. I’m sorry but if what he said last night happened in the workplace, he would have been fired immediately. Why is he not being removed from this game?? I just hope that whoever comes back into the game this week will help to make some important moves in this game. This house needs to be shaken up.

    • I missed most of the feeds yesterday, what did Spencer say? I can’t stand the creep. He is a disgusting, vile idiot. When he made the comment the other night about “f****** your dog,” that was it for me. He grabbed GM the other day and kept repeating over and over “I will f*** you up and down, or something like that. He is despicable.

      • Check jokers updates I am not repeated that crap. Starts about 315 am goes on for over an hour

    • i was really disgusted by the group minus helen and elissa. there is no reason to be bashing elissa or her family. they have no class.

  18. Wow! Spencer is at it agin, this time threatening Elissa’s Kids, where did they get this hibilly from, he is sad for a human being. All those jackasses (HG’s) are all followers with dead cells in their brain, the one thing that saddens me is that, they all signed up for the game to win 500K and none of them are using their brian, but instead just following what one person says, Amanda should have been sent home long long time ago, the other HG’s have left the showmancers in the game (Amanda and Pizza Boy) thinking that these two will pick someone else other than themselves to try and win the game. They must be blind folded and dumb not to see otherwise.

    Why did they sign up for this game if they have no strategy from the get go as to what their game plan will be in other to succeed, the goal is to win the prize, the money, the kwan, and none of them seem to have that zeal but all they have done is make a big fool out of themselves on national television.
    Please give me a chance to compete just for 100K, I will be kicking and fighting to eliminate anyone in my way, then we can become friends after the game if need be.

    My award for these HG’s of BB 15 will be LOSERS and for CBS, they need to issue a public apology to the viewer’s of this show for giving us these LOSERS and ruining our summer. I am so glad I did not buy the live feed this year, I always wait after two shows each year to determine if it is worth buying the live feed or not, not buying it this year proves to be a very good decision, that is part of my money that will not go to the dumb winner of this year BB 15

  19. All McCrae does is talk about other people. They said Elissa was obsessed with talking about Aaryn, but all they’ve been talking about is Elissa. Dude, you’ve only won two comps, and your “girlfriend” has won zero. They’re trying too hard to be the next great showmance.

    • Savingsgrl21, you are absolutely correct, Pizza Boy is nothing but a lazy sleep around all day jackass hypocrite, who has been PW and being manipulated by the disgusting Amanda.
      He is a sorry ass dumb fool, he will soon find out when he is dumped by that skank, I thought he has only won one game which was the first HOH

    • Amanda wants to be the next brenchel witch it’s not going to happen because he is not that into you girl they talk about Elissa because she has what they want it is called jealously

  20. My ideal scenario for Thursday is that Helen leaves and is the HG to come back.

    Helen then wins HOH and puts up Amanda and Mccrae. If Mccrae wins POV (since Amanda can’t win anything) then Andy goes up.
    Mccrae – evict Andy
    Elissa – evict Amanda

    Aaryn, GM and Spencer can be swayed to evict Amanda. Its bye bye Amanda.

  21. These are the worst group of HGs every week there is somebody bringing up personal stuff into the game.. smh

  22. The last two bullet points are key. McCrae realizing Spencer would be easier to beat in F4 than Aaryn is smart. Wanted him to win HoH an put up McCranda but looks like that’s just not going to happen. I don’t see how one of them doesn’t win at this point

  23. my husband and i were talking bb and he said wouldnt it be awsome if the person that wins and comes back into the house they become the new hoh.would really shack things up thats for sure

  24. I love the way Helen thinks she can manipulate and control everyone in the house. She has gotten way too big for her britches in this game and it has caught up with her, She actually thinks that she has a real alliance with herself, Andy and McCrae. Good Lord, woman..and you were supposed to be the smart one?

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