Big Brother 15: HouseGuests Prepare For Week 8 Veto Competition – Potential Outcome Scenarios

Big Brother 15 HG: Andy, Spencer, & McCrae

The Big Brother 15 HouseGuests are preparing for this week’s veto competition and now that the players have been picked for the battle we can speculate on outcomes.

Aaryn will play as HoH along with her two nominees Elissa and Helen. Drawn to play beside them will be Andy, Spencer, and GinaMarie.

Andy is upset that he’ll be playing in case he wins since Helen thinks he’ll use it to save her and he doesn’t want to do that obviously since she’s the target. Considering that perspective, don’t expect Andy to try and win this at all.

I doubt Aaryn cares if it’s Helen or Elissa that goes this week, but she will probably want the Veto because she likes to win. Then she won’t have to worry about a renom.

GinaMarie doesn’t have a ton of motivation in this situation, so I wouldn’t look for her to be going in to overdrive this afternoon.

Spencer, Helen, and Elissa will all be gunning for this win. Spencer isn’t up on the block, but if either of the two nominees gets it then he will be. He said he’s ready to take punishments to win. Helen and Elissa want the Veto to dodge eviction on Thursday.

Worst case scenario for the 3AM alliance would be for Spencer to win it and save one of the nominees, forcing Aaryn to renom GinaMarie. In that scenario Spencer & who ever he saves could votes against GM, but Andy, Amanda, and McCrae would still vote for the original nominee and she’d go home.

With that in mind, I don’t really see today’s Veto doing anything other than determining which of the two current nominees, Helen & Elissa, goes home. If Helen doesn’t win it, then she’s leaving in a few days. If she does, then bye, Elissa.

The Power of Veto competition is coming up later today. We’ll be watching for the spoilers and will keep you posted so join us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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  1. I really really hope elissa wins that veto because helen and amanda are controlling everyone and they both need to go! Then I hope Judd comes back

    • Your wrong about Helen, because Bi-Polar Amanda is controling everyone and every move! I can’t wait for the day that she gets evicted!!!!!

      • Amen to that! Amanda’s time in the house is way overdue and I’m tired of her. She needs to go home.

      • seems like someone is a little jealous of Amanda .. Helen needs to go with all the lying and back stabbing she has done all season long

      • Helen needs to go and should have been one of first to go .. she thinks she is all that but she’s not – who was the one who threatened Aaryn on the double eviction night “put up Judd or you are going home next” – HELEN ..

    • Me too. I want Helen to be blindsided just so I can see the look on her face when Julie tells her she was played like a fiddle by Andy, Amanda, and McCrae. A big ego is a major drawback in this game. Helen is about to learn the hard way.

      • I also agree to this! Helen an Amanda are both bad seeds if they both are eliminated I don’t care who wins after that. Aside from Andy he should go also.

      • I hope Helen is blindisided too, but I hope she is not the one to come back if she is evicted. I hope Judd comes back.

      • Me too, Helen and Amanda are playing very smart, at least Amanda is, it’s about time a big move was made, can’t wait

      • Helen will put all of the blame on Jesse and Elissa she will refuse to think it was her own doing just like Amanda refuses to accept America was MVP and put her up 2 weeks in a row

      • julie wont tell her anything as she will be competting to come back into the house so good luck w that

  2. Spencer said, “there’s a good chance that he’s the most popular engineer in the country”. lol..Yeah, he’s so popular even the Conway Police Dept. wants to know more about him. He said to Aaryn, “Your Agency must be getting tons of offers from you to do things” Aaryn said, “I know”..hahaha!!!

    • That is so funny. I can not wait for that girl to get out of that house. She is in for a rude awakening. Ha!

      • I think all of them left (except for Elissa and McRae) are in for a shock when they get out. 1. They will see how much America hated this season and the players. 2. The ones with job issues will be really shocked. They all think they are playing a good game and won’t be able to understand why America doesn’t love them.

      • When the game is over Aaryn is going to be swamped with modeling offers. Don’t be surprised if she ends up as one of the most popular (and richest) players in BB history.

      • She will be the next Miss October with her legs spread open for Playboy magazaine. “I was the white racist bitch of the house”

      • I am dying to see their faces when they find out that America doesn’t like them, especially Amanda…that would be great! Won’t A and GM be surprised to find out they have been fired..and Spencer..Karma…it is coming

  3. I would like that Spencer would get the Veto.
    Because GM thinks that Aaryn is playing with her.
    With Aaryn against the wall, it would be fun to see Aaryn trying to explain why did she nominated GM instead of Mcrae, Andy or Amanda.

  4. We haven’t seen an Otev competition yet. If we get one this week, I think Aaryn will win, but its the kind of comp Elissa could win too if she stays lucid enough to remember the answers to the riddles.

    • Elyssa and lucid is surely an oxymoron. I like her…and think she’s smart….she’s just not that interested in game I don’t think. She doesn’t seem to even want to be there…..and boy I don’t blame her. What a bunch of creeeps.

      • I have no idea why Elissa agreed to do Big Brother this season. She has no idea how to play the game or she is unwilling to play the game. I don’t like Aaryn and GM either, but if I was in the house playing the game, I would massage their feet every night if it meant I would go further in the game. ITS A GAME! The idea is to deceive people to get their confidence, then stab them in the back when the opportunity is right. Elissa is the only one in the house who refuses to talk to people, refuses to sit with people and says stupid stuff like “I would never hang out with these people outside the house”. Then when she is put on the block she acts all indignant as if she didn’t do anything to deserve her fate. UGH!

        She treated Aaryn like trash the entire season. What did she expect from Aaryn? She asked Jessie if she was on medication. I have to ask Elissa the same thing. She can’t complete a sentence when she talks and she seems to be oblivious to the fact that this is a game! I’d like to know what she is taking!

        Sorry for the long rant, but my goodness this woman, a mother of 4, is delusional.

      • I don’t know if delusional is the word. I just think that she refuses to kiss butt. If you think about it, Rachel didn’t kiss butt either, but she won games. I think that Elissa’s disinterest in the game comes from trying too much to be UNLIKE Rachel. She is not loud and obnoxious-this may be her plan.

      • Elissa is, like, a total, like, airhead, like, if you know what i mean, like, really, and like, why did casting pick her, like, she’s anti-social, like and elitist, and like, just the bottom of the barrel, I’m-cool-because-I-know-people, type of person that , like, it think most normal people would, like , HATE.

      • LOL Like I love it. Another person that uses like every other word is Amanda. Gets on my nerves. I would like to see if they could complete a sentence without using the word “like”.

      • She’s boring and thinks she’s better than everyone else. Saying she doesn’t want to sit by someone on the couch because she doesn’t want to be by those people. Who does she think she is??? And now if she gets evicted she wants to quit instead of going to jury. How many people give up everything just for the chance to be there and she wants to quit. She’s a whining, spoiled bitch.

  5. I know she’s in the 3 AM alliance, but I hope Aaryn knows that Amanda will cut her loose (along with Andy) the second she doesn’t need them for votes anymore. With that said and the way Aaryn has been a beast in the competitions, I wouldn’t mind her winning the veto and then making Amanda the renom. She would definitely get the votes to be able to do it: Spencer for sure, Helen/Elissa (whichever one she took off), and than GM. These HGs can’t be this stupid, and actually see that 1 person is running the house, can they??

  6. I think I am the only person in the world that likes Amanda other then my daughter, I mean she is really playing the game better then anyone I think, just because she cannot win things doesn’t mean she isn’t trying other ways. That house can make people act crazy at times so over all through out her time in the house she is my favorite. Sorry to all that don’t like her but that is just the way I feel and at least she has the guts to go after people even when she isn’t HOH and she know’s the blood will be on her hands.

    • I am an Amanda fan too .. I cant believe all these fools who doesn’t see Helen is the one running the house or thinks she is

      • Helen only thinks she is running the house. If she was, why is she on the block? She is about to be evicted if she does not win POV so, again, how is Helen running the house? Helen is another dumbass for getting rid of her allies and evicting them. Now, she has no one but, Elissa and both of them on the block! And Helen is running the house? LOL

      • The only REAL player in the game is Aaryn… just look at the stats. It’s just too bad she’s ignorant when it comes to being politically correct for the audience.

      • Well she is young stupid and from Texas and has probably been spoiled and sheltered her entire life because she is an only child. At least she is only young, ignorant, sheltered and stupid at 22 and has hope of becoming more, but wow these others are almost 30 or older and are beyond ignorant and stupid, I mean you hope with age comes maturity but not with these idiots.

      • Who is the first person after anyone who has won HOH to run up to them and say you have to make a big move put up _____ and ______ it has been Helen. And look at all the lying she has done and cant keep her stories straight. At least Amanda has balls to say what she is thinking thats why McCrae told her to shut the hell up because she is putting the target on them.

      • The moment Jessie unleashed “Operation Bring the House Down”, she exposed Helen’s game to the rest of the house. From that moment on, Helen no longer has the power to run the house nor does she have the numbers to guarantee her long-term safety, because she al sent them packing.

    • I agree that Amanda is always a couple of steps ahead of the rest of the house. She is a superb strategist and manipulator of people, including McCrae. But I think its the personal side or her people don’t like.

    • Amanda is useless at competitions, whines about everything, cries like a baby over her own insecurities, bosses and bullies the other hg’s, has made many, many, many racist and degrading remarks about the other houseguests, what more do you need to know about Amanda to decide NOT to like her?

  7. If they want to win they will get Amanda out, but I like her and I want her to win. That is just my thoughts

  8. Ah me…is MCCRAE going to win it all. It’s too late to get him out…and besides…no one wants to vote him out. All are concentrated on Helen, Elyssa, Spencer and GM and Amanda. You could put up McCrae against any of them and he’ll be safe. Only way for him NOT to get 1/2 mill…is Aaryn goes to final 3 and picks Amanda in Final 2.

    • Totally agree. Out of who is left McRae will win if up against any of the others. Only person I think could have beat him in final 2 would have been Judd, but now even if he comes back he won’t make it to final 2.

  9. elissa need to either one play the game or go home!!!!!!!!!!
    dam it girl win something

  10. C’mon! Does anybody really care who wins this game? All those that are remaining – with the exception of Spencer – are douche bags and do not deserve the money that goes to the winner. Bring Judd back and I will have someone to cheer for.
    Really want to see Aaryn evicted because I want Julie to tell her to her face she is a racist b*****!

    • That will never happen if Julie does that it will be a law suit for defamation of character Julie can’t tell her she lost her job either she is not her boss only your boss can fire you

    • I am not really understanding everyone’s love of Judd. If you watched the live feeds, you would realize that Judd was a horrible horrible person. He has unleashed some extremely vile and personal comments about people behind their backs.

      • Judd was a huge dummy too! Imagine Aaryn puts him on the block as the renom. The vote is 7-0 and this guy is livid at Jessie (who was on the nomination block) and Elissa for being evicted! He embraced both Aaryn and Amanda, two of the people who was most responsible for evicting him! He still has no clue that his own alliance voted him out! The double DD in his name is appropriate—-it stands for double dumb which Judd is!

      • I loved when GinaMarie was ranting to Helen about Elissa and the way she says things about people. GM claimed she never talk bad about anyone! LOL GM and Aaryn sit up in the HOH room and that;s all they do is talk about everyone.

    • If you don’t think Spence is a douchebag, then you’ve missed all his racist and sexist comments. He’s said some extremely crude things to and about girls in the house. I do agree with you about Judd, though, and I’d love Julie to give Aaryn the smackdown.

    • I like her too but she is just the worst player in Big Brother history. Seriously. She is just terrible at this game and her attitude stinks too.

    • Really ? Like really ? Elissa is, like, a total, like, airhead, like, if you know what i mean, like, really, and like, why did casting pick her, like, she’s anti-social, like and elitist, and like, just the bottom of the barrel, I’m-cool-because-I-know-people, type of person that , like, it think most normal people would, like , HATE.

      • There was another HG that viewers called an airhead “Jordon” and she won $500,000 Takes a village…

  11. I wish that the returning player wins HoH. I don’t expect Judd to do something. He has no balls to make big moves… he’s a wuss and Amanda’s puppet. I would love to see Jessie or Candice return though. I used to root for Helissa but none of them deserve to win since they voted with the majority every weeks…. Helen’s biggest mistake is that she’s too scared of Amanda. She had 2 chances to pull the trigger but didn’t… so bye bye Helen!! There’s no place for coward like you in the BB house.

    I am very disapointed with the cast this year. For the 1st time, I have no one to root for… but I can only pray that Andy, Aaryn or GM will NOT win. In my opinion, theses 3 don’t deserve to win… and maybe Elissa too (but I know she has no chance due to her weakness in challenges et her poor game play)!

    • You forgot Spencer in that list and Aaryn does deserve to win if u hate her or if u love her. She is playing a really good game.

  12. Elissa won’t be going he regardless if house keeps listening to Amanda, they want her staying for a few more weeks

    • Elissa has not yet really played the game, she has been total floater / follower. Elissa was given the huge boost of the FAKE mvp award early in the game (there was no vote count in her favor ). Elissa doesn’t want to play the game, she doesn’t want to be on the jury, she doesn’t want to sit around in the jury house, doesn’t want to talk to half the other houseguests, doesn’t talk about anything in her own life except the absolute minimum, doesn’t want to be friends with any of the hg’s outside of the game, She is EASILY the WORST player in BB history. She was a PLANT by production that has horribly gone wrong.

  13. Best part about the whole thing?When its all over we will never see or hear from these boring lemmings again(especially Amanda)

  14. But guys, remember that the next one evicted will have a chance to come back

  15. How many times has Elissa said they need to get Amanda out! How many chances have they had to do that and done nothing! Even Aaryn has said she wants to stir the house up, she doesn’t trust McCrae, can’t believe these guys are that blind or “afraid” to go against the house. Really hope Elissa gets HOH or Spencer. If he will break up Amanda duo. Too bad they don’t know America put Amanda on the block, can’t wait till she is told! Princeless!

  16. Helen need to go and next week they need to get Amanda out. Amanda don’t win and she just using McCrae and he dose not see it

  17. I would like to see Pandora’s Box. Something good to tempt Aaryn, but the result would mess with the nominations, like force her to change them or add another POV. Where’s Zingbot? Or has there already been enough zings the season.

    • Any hg would surely know that NO Pandora’s Box prize is worth the risk. If one is ever opened you can be assured that extreme pressure was exerted on the HOH by production to open it. It’s just another avenue used by production to steer the game and try to correct the actions of HOH’s that don’t do what they’re told to do in the DR room. I know because i have people on the inside.

  18. I hope Helen goes home this week I do not like Amanda either and I hope she doesn’t win this game but Amanda if she don’t like you she don’t pretend to like you Helen will smile in your face and behind your back be plotting to get you out the house she had betrayed all her friend in the house including Elissa and she told Aaryn She believe she did not say anything racist when clearly she did so that mean she didn’t believe her friend Candice Helen has to go

  19. For those of yall that might be interested (or not). I have been watching Aaryn and listening to her conversations rather closely for the last 10 days .From what I can gather Aaryn is setting up her own little alliance and getting the right people on her side. She would take a chance on Spencer and she has Gina Marie already. All she needs is one more HG to join her little band and she has 4 with herself. I don’t think she trust Andy anymore so that would leave Helen/Elissa (minus eviction) or whoever returns. Aaryn is a racist/bigot but she is smart and she plays people without making it obvious. She gives people a false sense of security and can get them to talk about most anything. Enough said…maybe I am wrong … only the next week will tell.

  20. Since MVP is over I wish Julie would tell them on Thursday that not only is a player coming back but America was MVP the last 3 weeks. Then Judd comes back and finds out Amanda, McCrae and Helen thought he was MVP and wins HOH and puts Amanda up. Wow that would be some drama. And I do love me some drama.

  21. If Helen gets evicted and somehow fights her way back in on Thursday, she would redeem herself in my eyes IMO.

    Once she finds out Andy is no longer on her side, HELLen will certainly break loose like a HELLen scorned. Although she may have a problem with those she had “a heavy hand” in evicting, her own allies in the jury house.


  22. Amanda needs to go after Helen, then the floaters can all play their own game, and not follow the Judas goats (Amanda and Helen)

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