‘Big Brother 15’ Spoilers: Week 6 HoH Endurance Competition Results

BB15 HoH comp

Here we go! It’s time for a new Big Brother 15 Endurance HoH Competition! We just saw tonight’s eviction so it’s time to crown a new Head of Household.

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We’re trying something new tonight with a live blogging style that will automatically update this page as I post a new update. It should help things run smoother and allow for more frequent updates. Of course, if it flops I’ll just revert to the old method.

So the live blogging software was a total flop. Back to the old method.

Big Brother 15 Week 6 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 7:05PM BBT – Feeds return. All HGs still in the game.
  • 7:10PM BBT – Tread on the barrels are tearing up as HGs walk across it.
  • 7:20PM BBT – Barrel stops spinning. HGs rest. It starts going back the other direction.
  • 7:23PM BBT – Spencer & Candice both fall.
  • 7:24PM BBT – Helen fell.
  • 7:24PM BBT – Amanda is down.
  • 7:25PM BBT – McC gets yelled at for turning sideways.
  • 7:26PM BBT – Elissa, Judd, & Andy are down too.
  • 7:27PM BBT – Jessie, GM, & McC still in.
  • 7:35PM BBT – We haven’t seen what’s in the boxes yet.
  • 7:40PM BBT – Still the same 3 in, but Cams focused on McC.
  • 7:41PM BBT – GM promises McC safety, but he says he has to think of Amanda.
  • 7:45PM BBT – McC, Jessie, & GM still all in. Cams STILL only showing McC.
  • 7:46PM BBT – Sounds like Candice got 5K, Spencer got a bullhorn, & Helen got a card (?).
  • 7:47PM BBT – Jessie looks like she’s really struggling.
  • 7:48PM BBT – Jessie is down. GM offering McC safety, but he won’t budget.
  • 7:50PM BBT – McC pleading with production to open doors so HGs can go inside. He must want to offer GM a deal.
  • 7:53PM BBT – McC looks very winded. Can’t see GM. Not sure how she’s doing.
  • 7:55PM BBT – GM sounds like she’s doing better. We can hear McC’s heavy breathing & holding his side.
  • 7:57PM BBT – As long as GM doesn’t trip, I really think she’ll outlast McC.
  • 7:58PM BBT – GM offers McC 1 of her HoH noms, he declines. He offers her both of his. She says ‘nope.’
  • 7:59PM BBT – McC falls! GM is the new HoH!
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GinaMarie is the new Head of Household! Congrats to GM!

Big Brother Live Feeds

More details on those boxes. Spencer was down first & got to pick. His “prize” is a bullhorn he must use to speak until after nominations. Candice won $5,000. Helen got a BBQ card and can invite three other people to it.

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother 15 HoH results?

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  1. Darn Elissa and Helen looked like they were going to fall right away. Too bad. They look like there doing better now.

    • I hope she doesn’t nom. Sp., if she does win. Not the biggest Sp. fan, but I need Helen, McCrae, and/or Am. on the block.

  2. I have to turn down my volume coz Spencer is breathing so loud and heavy..OMG! what the hell!

      • Lol, oh I’m sure we can imagine what he was thinking about if we wanted to.. Yanno… Probably something butterscotch related! Haha. But I agree with you, Lavendargirl, not something we wanna think about!

    • Elissa winning is like Helen winning because Helen’ll probably call the shots for her, so NO. No Elissa.

  3. I really would like to see helen on the block this week. What she did to candice was mean they were good friends before and now that she has power she doesn’t care about the people at the bottom. Howard was a good guy he did nothing wrong to anyone

    • yes i hope Helen goes home liked her at first but now i kinda think she is 2 faced, and just to dam perky.

    • Completely agree……. Candice for some reason is a target and I can’t figure it out..so was Howard and thought so many others should have gone first……. Helen really bothers me…………..

    • Already put in my votes. Aaryn 4 votes, Helen 3 votes, Judd 3 votes. Now, I hope Gina Marie nominates Helen and Amanda or Judd. That way, we strip 3 votes favoring Aaryn staying in the game!

      • I used 10 votes on Amanda too.
        I was thinking on getting 5 to Amanda and 5 to Helen… but Helen can go next week.

  4. Never thought I’d say this, but I’m #teamSpencer! We need a power shift. PLEASE.

    • Ah, no. Spencer needs to go. He’s trying to run the house but no one like him. #epicfail #TeamAmandaMcCraeandHelen

  5. I kinda want to see GM win, just to see what she would do. Jessie might be fun, too. Just not McC.

      • Very true. I think Helen is playing a phenomenal game, but she’s making the game very boring, I want to see someone like Jessie in power.

  6. If GM wins I don’t know if I can bear to watch the show this week. It also means Aaryn stays another week.

      • I voted Helen all 10 times. I can’t handle her anymore and I hope America votes her up. She wouldn’t go home, and it would be entertaining. I just wish they would give MVP back to the house :(

      • they won’t. Elissa would win it, and as I’ve said time and time again, until such a time as Elissa is evicted or the BBMVP twist ends, ‘Merica will be MVP

        alright I just stopped in to check on the 3 disquis notifications. talk to everyone after GM’s reign of terror is over.

      • I voted Aaryn 4 votes, Helen 3 votes and Judd 3 votes. Hopefully, Helen, Amanda or Judd are also Gina Marie’s nominees then, we really have a chance of evicting Aaryn at the minimum or one of Amanda, Helen or Judd.

  7. Oh, Jessie’s still up so I changed my mind. I guess let’s hope Jessie wins although I think she’ll just do what everyone wants her to do. Judd and Candice or Spencer would probably be on the block.

  8. I am shocked that Jessie lasted this long. I am even more shocked that GM is still up. But I am totally flabbergasted that GM is offering McCrae safety and not the other way around!

    • While I’m no fan of GM, I do hope she wins because she will provide (hopefully) the ‘balance’ that this season is now needing… I hope (really hope) she doesn’t take the easy way out and nominate Candice & Elissa. (but she probably will)…

    • The two time Aaryn was HOH, I erased all my BBAD between last Thursday and tonight. GM I don’t mind too much. I am hoping America puts Aaryn up as third nominee. Don’t want her to go to jury. I think if Amanda or Helen are up, the house won’t vote either one out. After Aaryn is gone then Spenser. After that I don’t care who goes. For all the Helen haters, she is playing the game.

  9. well this sucks. I’ll talk to you all in around a week. I’m not watching nor am I getting updates. Just like when Brenchel was on The Amazing Race, I am doing a freeze out.

      • Really? I’ve watched virtually every season of The Amazing Race since it began, and I didn’t watch a single episode of Brenchel’s season.

    • I know I can’t change your mind. I did the same thing last week when Aaryn was HOH. But I watched amazing race with Rachel and Brendan. To tell you the truth, they were pretty good. The soar sports who came in first and second were horrible to them and they still came in third.

      • Brendan and Rachel made a mistake otherwise, they could have won it! The other teams were also against them knowing Rachel has won Big Brother! Good effort none the less!

      • What are your views about JJ during the stint in TAR? They were entertaining although I wasn’t into BBUS at the time.

      • These are the two border guards right? I think they were asses to be honest. They were against Brendan and Rachel and the way they played—-I guess karma got to them in the end! The last thing they had to do—–they took a long time at it which cost them the win! The got 2nd by luck because Brendan and Rachel make a mistake which cost them precious time so they wound up third!
        JJ was leading the last leg before that stunt they failed to complete for a long time! The good guys won which is what counts!

      • I sat down to watch it and I saw them. Got up and walked out as soon as I saw her face

  10. I cannot believe GM stayed on that barrel for an hour. I would have given her 15 minutes.

  11. I just have to mute all week if GM is HOH simple as that but I GIVE HER CREDIT….She did not make any deals she owes nobody no favors..

    • True, but watch–Helen will make her way to GM and try to sweet talk her into a deal. Amanda, on the other hand, will probably threaten her?

      • Helen “I can offer you safety from everyone forever” GM “I believe you because I’m a stupid idiot. You’re safe Helen!”

        I hope Amanda is smart enough not to threaten her. I know everyone hates her, but she’s one of the few I actually almost like.

  12. Now we need to be smart who we vote as MVP. I’m not wasting my vote on Aaryn because GM is definitely going to put Candice up. She hates her. And Amanda will rally everyone to vote her out. I think I’m voting either for Helen or Amanda. Break up the 3 powers that think they are in charge. What does everyone think? If we get enough people to vote the same…

    • We should be getting some insight tonight as to who she wants to put up. I’ll make my vote based on that.

      • That’s what I’m doing. I’ll vote tomorrow. But I do know that Helen, Elissa, Judd, Jessie have all talked about breaking McManda up so this might be the chance to get her out if we vote for her. And Spencer for sure wants her gone.

      • Because I don’t think she’ll go. Another wasted vote. The only way she would go is if she was against Helen, Andy and maybe Amanda.

      • It isn’t a waste! If you use your MVP and nominate three people, say Helen, Aaryn and Judd. You get 3 bites of the apple. If the HOH nominates two house guests not among your three then, you settle for one nominee which would be Aaryn. If the HOH picks one of your three nominees, there is a good chance your 2nd choice or 3rd choice will be the MVP nominee which means you now have 2 house guests nominated on the block! And if you are real lucky, the HOH nominates two of the three
        you nominated for MVP and there is a good chance your 3rd choice can be the MVP nominee which means you have 3 house guests you nominated all on the chopping block! More importantly, you strip those 3 house guests of their votes! So, the trick is nominate 3 house guests. 1st Choice 4 points, 2nd choice 3 points, 3rd choice 3 points. Aaryn is obviously, the 1st choice because Gina Marie is HOH and will not put up Aaryn on the block! Now, we are only looking at Gina Marie nominating one of our nominees, two would be better, of course but, two will not be bad at all! Also, with the Aaryn coddlers on the block with her, that strips Aaryn of votes protecting her and targeting others on the block!

    • Problem with Helen or Amanda as MVP choice is that nobody in the house would dare vote them out at this point in time (too many people believing they are in tight with one of those two women)…

      • I don’t know about that. Helen, Judd, Elissa want to break up McManda and Spencer for sure would vote her out.

      • but that same Judd, Andy & Jessie feel pretty ”in” with McCranda… I think it’s like BB Canada where everyone thought they were in a final 4 deal with Jillian

      • I didn’t watch Canada. Couldn’t figure out how to watch it. LOL I’m going to watch the feeds and see what’s going on before I vote. I’d like our vote to count this time. Everyone we put up has stayed. We need to be smart. Love this.

      • ultimately the house guests decide… I don’t find they’ve been ‘taking hints’ too well this season. I really think we’re destined to see a final 5 of McCrae, Amanda, Helen, Judd and either Andy or Jessie…

      • Yeah she has hit her ”I’m hurt now I don’t care about any of you!” type of demeanor… This is sad cause I really think she is quite sweet and trusting, but I do think her lack of emotional guard has bitten her in the butt TWICE now –> First by hooking up (sexually) with Howard knowing that he wasn’t really going to commit, and Second by having an emotional tirade against the house with that house meeting which alienated those allies she had left. :(

      • Her unwillingness to play the game is already surfacing for days now. She couldn’t even take a hint on Spencer’s plan to save BOTH her and Howard.

        Tonight’s live show was the icing of the cake IMO.

      • I have been MORE shocked by Arryn, Amanda and that Mormon GMarie all freaking season long

      • Don’t bet on it. One way to settle it is put them all on the block! Someone is going to make a big move. The one on the block will get evicted obviously! Whether that is Helen, Judd or Amanda does not really matter at this point in the game. When they are evicted—-they are done!

      • And those left will make sure GM is gone next week! So if you’re GM do you make the move that over-anxious fans want (like you & I), or do you make a safe move (Candice & Elissa) that gets you a week of safety next week? I know what I’d choose (and it isn’t the choice to make bored fans happy, unless those same bored fans are going to give me 500k for trying it).

      • Gina Marie is expendable. She might as well use her HOH to do some damage and take a big threat out of the house!
        That is the way to create chaos and anything is possible! What guarantee does Gina Marie have that if she puts up Candice and Elissa that she is safe next week? Aaryn can sit easy as she has Amanda, Helen and Judd all protecting her, who does Gina Mare have? She is expendable like Candice. If they were smart, they should form a strong alliance with Spencer and take the strong players out. Placing the strong players on the block also, strips that alliance of votes! That is not even counting the MVP vote probably going to Aaryn!
        That is one more vote nuliified on that group!

      • I agree with you Richie. I watched with Dan G on his site every episode. He believes on big moves when you have a chance..Solidifying a new alliance is exactly what he said. I expect Spencer to push this idea. Not sure if GM has a brain

    • If you have Elissa, Candice and Aaryn on the block.
      You need 4 votes to evict Aaryn:
      – Spencer (hate Aaryn)
      – Jessie
      – Helen (She won’t vote Candice or Elissa)
      – Andy (same thing as Helen)
      – Judd (maybe for good mesure)

      • Not sure about Helen not voting for Candice… She seems to have always wanted Aaryn’s alliance & deals more than Candice (but yes she is close emotionally with Candice…then again she was close with Howard and the ice queen voted him out no problem). ;)

      • Yep, but that was a choice between Candice and Howard. She would not vote for Candice or Elissa against Aaryn.

      • well it was actually a choice between those two or Amanda… so why would she turn on a potential (as she sees it) ally in Aaryn, when she’s already cut the chord with helping Candice? Seems like she’s picked her horses (Elissa, McCrae & Amanda) and she’s going all the way with those plus a 5th person who I assume she’ll try to flip over with her & Judd when they hit 5 players… Heck thats what I’d do! :)

      • yes, until she no longer needs her… but until the alliance starts turning on itself, she really needs Aaryn for an extra vote (Aaryn is a horribly ill-mannered person, but she’s not unknowing that Helen is her life line).

      • Up against the 2 safe people (Candice & Elissa)? Gosh nobody will go for the 3rd nomination given those two choices (as much as everyone is hoping for here)…

      • If you see it that way. But I think Amanda is a waste vote. But Aaryn, we might have a chance.

      • oh I’m agreeing with you… I’m saying that nobody would vote Amanda given those other two safe choices… I think Aaryn stands a chance of going, but I really do think Helen would sooner part with Candice than Aaryn (then again Helen the Ice Queen has no problem in keeping her focus on what is strategically best for herself)…

      • I don’t think so. Jessie and her are bff’s now and haven’t you listened to Judd how he wants to work with her. Andy has a final 4 with her and McManda. They don’t trust Judd so he’s out of that alliance. Spencer and her talked a lot about how she wanted Howard to stay and Candice to go and Spencer can’t stand Candice. So I really don’t think Aaryn would leave. In fact she probably wouldn’t even get a vote. It would be between Candice and Elissa. JMO

      • Spencer hate Aaryn even more than Candice. JMHO
        I don’t see Jessie voting for Candice either. Even less Elissa. I think she would listen to Helen.
        Judd would vote with them.

      • I think Spencer better change that hate then cause GM, Aaryn and their new found allies (like Jessie & Judd) are his BEST chance at sticking around…

      • I am putting up Aaryn, Helen and Judd. Let them sort it amongst themselves who gets evicted! I’ll give Amanda the chance to evict Helen or Judd if she still wants to coddle Aaryn.
        One less vote for the next week! LOL

  13. I’m sick of him and Amanda slobbering all over each other, so please get rid of one of them, GinaMarie.

  14. This should shake up the house. Helen, Elyssa and Amanda on the block – Please and watch them go whomp-ass on each other. That would be Christmas in August. Get the popcorn and soda ready!!!

  15. Now that GM is HOH, I am splitting my MVP votes between Aaryn and Amanda.

    Hopefully Elissa wins veto (she will be a nom) and GM replaces her with a Mccranda member.

  16. If she uses her head, she should put Helen and Amanda, and America will put Aaryn for sure. I think Spencer will advice her to do that

    • I think Amanda winning might have been slightly worse. Though GM winning is terrible as well.

    • Helen and Amanda have themselves to thank for coddling Aaryn! Now, the racists are winning HOH and POV—-only question is, will Gina Marie use her head or allow Helen and Amanda to dictate who goes up?

  17. A gamer should recognize the 2 most powerful/influencial player in the house. Amanda and Helen. She has to knock one of them down

  18. I really hope that GM doesn’t let McCranda and Helen dominate her HOH. I am so tired of having those three tell everyone else what to do. GM worked hard for this, and she deserves to make her OWN decisons.

    • GM actually did win this one all by her lonesome, so when Amanda tries to push her agenda, I hope she tells her to shove it.

      • Me too. I don’t think Amanda will be able to bully GM. I was watching Amanda very carefully after comp was over, GM was talking, Amanda was looking at her like she was thinking, “Damn, how am I going to bully this girl?”

      • I think the word bully is over used and people need to learn its true definition.
        This is a game of pushing your own agenda. Some people do it well and some don’t, that doesn’t make her a bully.

    • I am sure she is going to be the MVP nominee but, spread your votes out. Also, vote for Helen, Judd or Amanda because they are all coddling Aaryn. That way if any of them are Gina Marie’s nominees—-we strip them of their votes protecting Aaryn! Every vote counts as there are less people left in the Big Brother House!
      You just need 4 votes to evict this week!

  19. GM’s the kind of girl that takes no bullshit. She was annoyed at McCranda when they took over Judd’s HOH so I think she could shake things up a bit. Well I’m hoping!

    • I wondered the exact same thing, maybe they’ll do a live vote after first eviction before POV. That means only east coasters will be able to vote as they watch, so maybe not .

      • But they’d have to mask it for the house guests and call everyone to the DR I think. Or else the know it’s us. I think it’s going to be the end of MVP.

    • should be highest vote getter in 1st elimination 2nd highest vote getter in 2nd elimination but they may do away with the MVP on the 2nd which would not be fair to the first MVP nominee.. so it’s open for discussion /debate

    • I think she’s getting my vote too. As long as she’s in the house Aaryn will stay too because Amanda is protecting her.

      • Same, if we get Amanda up and hopefully out Aaryn will be next on her way out the door.

      • You know how these HG’s play. They always reach a consensus on who to evict. It’s stupid! So 3rd nominee doesn’t mean crap a lot of times.

      • and who would be the right HG? I just think that if Aaryn or Amanda goes up as MVP the house might finally come to their senses and vote to evict Aaryn if she goes up or Amanda.

      • Anything is possible in this game. Just put your votes in and let the chips fall where they may! Nominate 3 people you want out and they might just get evicted! One of them atleast!

      • It will probably take at least 2 weeks to evict the players we really want evicted. Candice, Jessie and Spencer will go first before anybody. GM wants Candice out. Aaryn could be sitting there but she’s not going any time soon. Sadly, but a lot of HG’s are trusting her more now….It’s a mob mentality.

      • Aaryn also has Helen and Judd coddling her. You want Aaryn out? Nominate them all at once. I already voted. Aaryn 4 votes, Helen 3 votes and Judd 3 votes. I am sure Amanda will also get substantial votes. If we can get 3 of our nominees all in, we strip them of votes to protect Aaryn! Aaryn will be the MVP nominee but, it does not matter. If Gina Marie nominates one or both of our other nominees! We hit the jackpot!

  20. One thing good about this is Aaryn, Helen and Judd can all be nominated for MVP this coming week! That is one argument against the keep Aaryn safe as she is easy to get out! So we have the 3 racists Aaryn & Gina Marie (both have won HOH) and Spencer (POV). Yes, these guys are no threats at all. You can take them out anytime! LOL
    I hope she puts Helen and Amanda on the block! Gina Marie will be a fool not to use this opportunity! She is a target because Helen, Amanda and Judd are all coddling Aaryn which means Gina Marie is pretty much expendable!

  21. Did you guys listen to Helen’s goodbye message to Howard? She’s said it to Jeremy, Nick, Kaitlin and now Howard that she had a big hand in evicting them all. She has HOHitis and she isn’t even HOH anymore.

    • It’s when they have two evictions back to back. So someone gets evicted, there’s a HOH competition, someone wins, puts up two people right away, then they play for veto and they vote to evict someone. All in the same live show episode.

      • I have no idea, maybe Wednesday, they’ll open up the voting or this week is the last MVP.

      • This is my wild guess: With three nominations, it is likely they will be asked to vote to save one of the three noms, automatically sending the other two home,

      • Expect the unexpected is the name of the game, sometimes we need some shocking twist like this to make things interesting. :)

      • I hope we will have our say twice, that’s for sure. But they will probably go down the list like they did for the mvp renom.

  22. Amanda and Helen are playing the game! Sheesh I want aaryn or spencer out or hell since its double eviction how about they both go out next week!

  23. They are all scrambling hoping to a make a deal even Mc & Amanda they know GM is soooo looney that anbody could go up…hmmm hmmm what a week it’s gonna be

  24. Wow Amanda and Helen don’t waste anytime. McManda are going to use the HOH because GM doesn’t want to give up her bed. (because of Nick…sick). Amanda is already talking to McCrae and Andy on who should be nominated. And Helen won the BBQ and can invite 3 people so she already asked GM but GM said no so she asked Elissa and Aaryn and told GM to pick the 3rd. She’s only asking Aaryn because she knows she’s close to GM. I’m voting for Amanda and Helen. Hopefully one will go up and if they win POV then the other will go up. Those 2 control freaks need to go. And the look on Helen’s face. Priceless!

      • Don’t give up. Use your votes. We can change the direction of this game to our liking if we use our votes wisely! Put up Aaryn but, spread the other votes to Amanda, Helen and Judd. That will increase the chances that one or more of them are going on the block and will not be able to vote!

    • GM doesn’t want to give up her and Nick’s bed… Oh goodness she is in for a rude awakening when she watches the first few episodes and realizes Nick doesn’t even like her.

    • Maybe they’ll bring Nick back for one night so they can have one more night in “the bed”.

  25. Helen and Amanda i want OUT, Let the floaters stop kissing these girls asses and let them go on their own.

  26. GM hates Candice with a passion, she spewed just as much hate as Aaryn did, so I’m sure that’s her target. And why is it that Helen does not know what was said about her out of Aaryn’s mouth because Helen has been siding with Aaryn a little bit too much lately. Doesn’t Helen know that her one week deal with Aaryn is over…. Helen is going to get stabbed in the back so hard now by Aaryn and company because you can best believe that Aaryn is soooo done with Helen now. Especially now that GM is HOH. This is going to be one hell of a week, starting with all the ass kissing that has already started. YEP…LET THE BUTT KISSING BEGIN…..LOL

    • I just put my MVP votes in. Aaryn 4 votes, Helen 3 votes, Judd 3 votes. I am sure others will put up Amanda. Someone is going to make a big move in this game and those on the block will get evicted! Once you are evicted—-you are done! Those who do not take out the strong players will be the ones evicted by their alliance members who will take them out! This is not rocket science. In Survivor, you take out the strong players right off the bat! They should take a hint.

  27. Yay! Candice won the money!!! If a targets going to be on her back anyway, might as well be a $5,000 richer nominee.

    • Very happy for her. She has been treated very badly by friends, allies, and enemies in the house…

  28. Doesn’t matter who GM puts up. Aaryn is going home this week. No way she’s getting to Jury.

  29. Who wants to see my white trash trailer park dumpster blonde Mormon Scientology boring and dull HOH room?

    • You just offended at least 3 different groups of people with this comment. Unnecessary.

      • I guess you represent 3 or more of those groups don’t cha??? #BankheadBloodz @MeekMillz #MaybachMuzik

      • You also mentioned the word “chink,” which is derogatory, on another post. Clearly, you’re a troll, trying to get a rise out of people. And, no, none of the terms you mentioned apply to me.What does rap music have to do with anything? Shawty Lo? Meek Mill? Clearly, you just want attention. You’ve gotten enough. I’m done. Good night.

      • That’s not what I intend but I seem to have yours. Go get laid tonight or get that vibrator out. Goodnight Kleebler Elf.

  30. I feel like every year people comment “this is the worst season ever blah blah blah” and we’re always like “shut up, you obviously love big brother and are going to love it for life but it can’t be THAT bad” and I’m usually like “I’m a stupid idiot and I’m loving this season and I don’t care about productions antics cause I love this show blah blah blah” But this year..I actually feel like this is the worst season ever. I know this for sure because I didn’t give a rats ass who won head of household and then began cheering for GinaMarie. GinaMarie people. This is what it has come to. I can’t not watch it. But I can’t say that I’m going to like it. I really hope it gets better this week…because it potentially could!

  31. Get Amanda out with her homicidal tendencies. Spencer play nice with that Asian and Jewish woman. They will save you like the Maccabees.

    Let me take you through the streets of Atlanta GA
    Where we party all night til the mornin break
    Vision’s on Sunday
    Magic City Monday
    Two dolla Tuesday
    Yea you know Shawty comin
    Ridin til Wednesday
    Pier on Thursday
    Bottles on ice in case the girls get thirsty
    Esso Friday
    Goons in the lobby
    Ain’t gon b no hurtin nobody
    Crucial on Saturday
    Stationed while you askin me
    Headed to the door bout to see what’s hannenin
    So when we in the spot
    Yea you know we clown
    Peace up, A-town down

    Shout outs to Tom Cruise and Fatman Scoop

  32. WOO HOO GM WINS, hopefully she will break up the power! Put up Helen and Amanda! That would be an awesome smear campaign all week. Hopefully MVP will put up Elyssa! Cat fight cage match!

  33. I would have never thought gm would win but since she won’t vote for aaryn I’m sure America will

  34. 3….2…1 and mcranda and andy RUN to the HOH to kiss ass as they always do

  35. I would love to see GM change the game…..Hope she uses her own mind to figure that Amanda and Helen need to go.

  36. Hope GM puts up Elyssa and Helen and America puts up Amanda! That would be some great drama! Cat fight cage match!

  37. Everyone thinks arynn is the big racist but GM made the most offensive comment when she made the whole welfare is n**ger insurance, not saying arynn is not a biggot but just wanna point that out.

    • Both of them need to watch Roots and my boy LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow

      • Sadly racism is never cured from the outside-in… It has to be an inside-out type of healing and fixing.

    • I always say this. She also was the one who said something about hitting Helen in the head to make her eyes straight and Aaryn agreed. GM is just as bad as Aaryn if not worse.

  38. I think with a double eviction happening very soon, the houseguest will vote to save 1 HG’s instead of voting to evict. Would make sense if you think about it. :D

  39. CBS should be evicted for allowing some houseguest to have to deal with racism. Who can perform effectively when they are being attacked racially. It’s sad.

  40. I bet that GM will nom Candice and Jessie, with Spencer as the renom. I would really like to see Spencer go. He’s just a straight up pervy jerk.

  41. Good that GM one, hopefully they get rid of Candice. All she is, is a nusence.

    Not even a smart player, getting mad at Spencer because he told Amanda he’s coming after her?

    Uh he told you he’s going after Amanda, he’s not going to say that to her face.

    Terrible player that just wants sympathy for a few jokes that happen all around America.

  42. GM,put up that UGLY pig Elissa, and Helen, and AMERICA put up Amanda or McCrea. If one comes off GM can put up Fandy

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