Big Brother 15 Episode 16: Week 5 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Big Brother 15 Week 5 eviction

Tonight on Big Brother 15 the next live eviction will send another HG packing and a new Head of Household will be crowned. Join us on Facebook and Twitter right now!

This vote will be dramatic, but we’re pretty sure who is going home. The nomination effects should linger enough to make this next HoH competition cutthroat and with the anticipated endurance battle ahead everyone is going to be pumped to pull off the win.

Don’t forget that we can watch endurance competitions right after the show only on the Live Feeds so have yours ready so you can watch as soon as tonight’s show ends.

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results as it’s revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go because as soon as the broadcast is over the Feeds come back! Not signed up yet? Use the Free Trial.

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

There were lots of fights this week that briefly showcased during tonight’s show. Read all the details on Amanda & Spencer’s fight along with Candice’s house meeting that had a LOT more arguing from other HGs.

Big Brother 15 Week 5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Helen: evict Howard
  • Elissa: evict Howard
  • Spencer: evict Candice
  • McCrae: evict Howard
  • Andy: evict Howard
  • Judd: evict Howard
  • That’s enough votes. Howard has been evicted.
  • GinaMarie: evict Howard
  • Jessie: evict Howard

By a vote of 7-1, Howard has been evicted from Big Brother 15.

Howard evicted from Big Brother 15

Julie confirms that yes, America is again the MVP this week. Who should we vote for? Another round of Amanda on the block? She was highly entertaining for sure. Wait until tonight’s HoH comp results are revealed before you cast your nom vote at

Should this go to an endurance competition then I’ll have a new post up and linked for live updates with all the events and results throughout. Of course you’ll want to watch so you can discuss it live with us! Hit the big yellow button below to get yours.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Big Brother 15 Week 6 HoH Competition – ‘Bull In A China Shop’:

Yes! It’s an endurance battle. The HGs have to hold on to a bull head while the barrel under them rotates. This looks hard!

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother results with the eviction & HoH comp?

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    • :-( I needed Candice to win now she’s next when I really want two face Helen and whore box Amanda to go

      • What would her religion have to do with anything? I don’t like gm, but your comment sounds pretty hateful too

      • Amanda is an annoying one. I can’t believe that darn blonde Mormon scientologist won. I’m appalled.

  1. Did anyone hear Aaryn looking at Candice on the spyscreen and saying “Hey Aunt Jemima, go make me some pancakes!”?

    • The racism never stops! I’m hitting my boy Riley Cooper on the cell right now. Silly racist crackers. Racism is for stupid and ignorant kids.

    • Sadly, yes I did. I really don’t understand why there are not repercussion’s in the house?

      • I don’t understand why BB has let this kind of racist comments to continue.. They need to send them all home and if need be bring some of the ones back that already got voted out.. So sad..

  2. I wonder if there’s going to be a double eviction. The live feeds have had trivia for 5hrs. Went to trivia at 11:15 BB time and still not back.

  3. Dedicated to my nephew Howie representin Bankhead till his lights go out and 5-0 finds him. We got u woadie.

    Shawty Lo and the Big Cats
    It’s the remix so bring your top hat
    What you talking about?
    It’s L-O
    I rap now it’s rap skizzo
    Thirty bands…
    for schizo
    Eight balls same price as the kilo
    I’m a boss
    Handle My B-I
    And I got them same kinda guns like T.I.
    See I’ve been that way since knee high
    Real dope boys so you know I trap or Dizzi
    No lizzi
    I’m hizzi
    Like kells I believe I can flizzi
    And Yeah I’ll see you later

    Go Spence and Candace. Holla at cha boy! Go hard or go home. Dub B with the banger! Dat boy ain’t white yo!!! Arryn sucks!

      • Trick don’t kill my vibe. I’m mourning the loss of a good Christian brother. How dare you mock my tribute. I wish Spencer won that HOH. You are invited to family reunion in Bankhead son. @Crimson #Roll Tide

  4. If there is a double eviction, Howie & Arryn are out like yesterday’s trash.

  5. Amanda’s racists makes Aaryn look like a kitten. Right now on the internet is a montage of Amanda’s Black, Asian, homophobic vial racists remaks, plus she is homicidal. She is like Hannibal Lector and making remarks about killing Jessie and Candice. She is volatile and threatening. Why has production not kicked her off the show? If you say hide the butter knife, in reference to killing a house guest, or slamming another against the wall to remove her teeth so she can preform a sexual act. She also make uses the word retard to describe HGS, and make fun of those with autism. So, the edits that show with her going after Aaryn was hypocritical. She goes about the house wearing her Jewish card. Slams Howard saying he thinks everything said is racists and carries his Bible around like that is a crime. I infuriates me that Howard and Candice are on the block. Howard being evicted, may not be so bad. I see a bright future for Howard. Amanda calling him the black mamba or the dark night, Amanda fry in hell, and turn is your Jewish card. I am not as forgiving as Howard is. I have HUGE respect for him

    • Jews are God’s Favorite. That’s why they were in desert wandering aimlessly for 40 days and still being cheap about it.

      • Nah, don’t go there about the Jewish. I am saying Jewish people are not being represent by her.

    • I’ve watched about 3 minutes of her comments and it’s disgusting. I can’t wait for her to leave.

      • If you can stomach it, try to listen to the whole thing. I think she is a sociopath.

      • Holy crap I just did. She’s absolutely crazy. What makes her so special she can talk like that & then call out others for doing it?

      • I don’t know. Now you can see why my post was so fiery about getting that made public knowledge. Also, to explain why I am opposed to her being in the house. The graphic homicidal remarks, she should have been kicked out by production, for house guest safety.

      • I have the feeds & I’ve heard some of the crap but I don’t have time to watch them 24/7. It was nice to see the truth about her put into a short video. 6 minutes is all it took to tell the world who she is & what she’s about. I bet McCrae’s family is real proud of him for being with her.

      • The showmance between Amanda and McCrea has as much chance to survive after BB as Ginamarie climbing the Everest in October.

      • Yes she should have been!! I’m a white female and she makes me sick to my stomach listening to her bad mouth…Racist mouth.. I don’t even want to look at her, she turns my stomach..

    • Emma Armadillo and her anti-Semetic comments should be banned from this board.

      • Sorry if that is your take of my post. I am pointing out the fact that Amanda is not representing the Jewish community. She is doing injustice. I welcome your opinion.

      • Kyle, you need to be banished from this board. Emma can say whatever she wants. Its a free world. Watch yourself son. #BankheadStrong

    • I shed a tear and poured some liquor out for my nephew. Howie is fine. My G5 is flying him to the CBS studios for the morning show

  6. I am telling I would sue Amanda and Aaryn. Amanda is homicidal vicious vulgar raging hateful threaten person. Willie was kicked out in a matter of seconds. Now is when I wish this show was fixed and production clued the HGs in and tell them you are voting is way. Go into the DR like you had an epiphany
    and vote Amanda out.

    • There was a rumour circulating that the game is fixed and Amanda is the pre-determined winner.

      • Yes, I read on this blog about that rumor. BB is looking at a law suit if that is true.

      • I read the same item. Supposedly she was pre-selected as the winner by Allison Grodner, the owner of the Fly on the Wall Production Co. However, I find it really believe.

      • If that is the case I will never watch another BB.. EVER.. And I agree there will be a law suit..

    • Willie was the man. @RussellHantz #Survivor @DMX #RuffRyders #DJClue

      I wished he knocked out Joe Arvin out.

  7. I hope the next HOH plays the game on their own instead of playing it the way everyone else wants it played.

  8. Boo!! I wanted Amanda’s Skanky a** out of there!! If she doesn’t get HOH she will be the person I vote to evict. Next Helen and McCrae need to be gone!

  9. When Helen hugged Howard after his eviction I wanted to hurl. That woman is the biggest phoney. She’s like a cockroach scurrying from room to room spreading filth. She needs to go NOW.

  10. I pray Candice or Spencer win HOH and Helen falls first followed by Amanda, pizza boy and Andy

  11. They are standing on a rolling log – but the paint is peeling off it. Mc seems like he’s cooked sweating and puffing

  12. amanda an helen go home worse players i have ever seen Go Spencer call them Hogs Brother!!!

  13. Mc says he comes from the land of lumberjacks and has carnie blood in him

  14. What a lousy bunch!! They walk in lockstep and have NO game play at all. Alliances mean nothing and they are nothing more than workplace gossip artists that can’t wait to run and tell each other’s secrets. Andy and Helen are the worst, but Amanda is just vile. Real classy message she left for Howard, who wasn’t a great player, but showed at least some dignity. The pizza delivery boy and her deserve each other!!!

  15. Not sure how the MVP will figure into the second eviction next week. Either they allow us to vote early or the twist may be over.

  16. Gm making a deal with MC If I win you can have the HOH room and ill block the door

  17. It’s just Jessie, GM, and McCrae left! Candace got 5,000 in one of the boxes, Helen got one and so did spencer

  18. GinaMarie telling McCrae he’s safe. McCrae not having any of it, and says he won’t drop. GinaMarie says she needs this

  19. Wheel stopped for a second… someone please stuff a bandana in Helens mouth?

  20. Guess ill go to sleep because even if Mcpizzaboy boy don’t win him and his skank wifey to be is running the house anyway!!

  21. ok backwards again Gm does way better than MC – GM you pick one I’ll pick one

      • When they fell off that cow thing they were holding on to went forward and crashed into a chinacupboard… some of the plates and cups didn’t break so he asked her to smash it on his head… ummm paying penance to the queen?

  22. EW OK…. she can stop with the Nick thing she saying you can have the HOH anytime you want I just want the bed we shared….

  23. Matt boyer shut up dude, your worse than amanda(trying to dictate who goes on the block)

  24. I already cast my votes for Spencer. Aaryn can go next week…Spencer is really pissing me off. And Jessie sure looks like a deer in headlights. Poor baby-she wasn’t invited to the bbq! Maybe now she’ll realize that she isn’t prettier, and the other gals aren’t jealous of her in the least. She’d be pretty if she had some good character on the inside. I think she’s just been fed a double portion of humble pie. I hope she learns from this and becomes tolerable to watch.

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