Big Brother 15 Episode 16 Recap: Heavy Drama Leads Up To Predictable Eviction


There was a lot of drama in the Big Brother 15 house this week and it was all molded together into one live eviction show. And even though we got a lot of drama, we got about zero percent suspense as Howard, the main target was the one who walked out the door.

Thursday’s episode picks up right after Aaryn named Candice as the replacement nominee after Spencer used the veto on himself.

Spencer tells us he’s going to do what he can to save Howard and send Amanda out. But Amanda has other plans. Candice is all “whatever” and gets an awesome jab in at Aaryn by calling her a redneck in the Diary Room.

With tensions high, Candice and Howard have a spat about her being too negative when she’s really just calling out Aaryn for the racist she is.

Meanwhile, Spencer starts his campaign and he starts it with GinaMarie, which is basically the worst place to start. Spencer isn’t really getting anywhere, so he and Howard both approach Judd and Andy about flipping the house and getting rid of Amanda. Spencer tells Candice he’s on her side and he’s doing what he can to save her and Howard. And Andy tells Amanda about the plan to flip the house and he also throws Judd under the bus along the way.

Amanda, ruled with paranoia, lays into Spencer about the plan to get her out of the house. Spencer denies it and things get pretty heated. Helen runs to tell Candice that she heard Spencer tell Amanda that she heard him say he wants Candice out. So Candice calls a house meeting in the backyard.

Candice starts the meeting and tells Spencer that she’s heard that he wants her out and she busts him out that he’s rallying an army to get Amanda out. She tells him to stop being a liar and basically everything else he said. Spencer handles it well, actually. She also tells him that if she has anything to do with it, he’s out next week.

Unfortunately, that display didn’t do Candice any favors. The Mean Girls, who have welcome Jessie back into the fold, decide they want Candice out. So they start their own campaign.

It’s time to talk to the house gusts, and by that I mean wasting time on talking about celebrity babies.

And then we cut to a Judd segment. The houseguests say he’s brilliant and likely lying about where he’s from. Big Brother checks in with his family and proves that he is EXACTLY who he says he is. Someone even says “Judd being on Big Brother is the biggest things to happen here since electricity.”

It’s time for the eviction. The three nominees give their final pleas. Amanda uses her time to say she is not ready to go and that playing next to McCrae was unexpected but she’s grateful to be. Candice tells her friends not to worry about her and the others to vote with their hearts. Howard thanks God and asks them to vote with their heart and minds.


The Vote

  • Helen votes to evict Howard
  • Elissa votes to evict Howard
  • Spencer votes to evict Candice
  • McCrae votes to evict Howard
  • Andy votes to evict Howard
  • Judd votes to evict Howard
  • GinaMarie votes to evict Howard
  • Jessie votes to evict Howard

By a vote of 7-1-0, Howard is evicted from the Big Brother house.

It’s HOH time and it’s endurance! The first three houesguests to fall gets to pick a box that contains a potential prize. If you want to find out how the HOH played out, check out our endurance competition results.

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  1. Helen is such a snake. She “sadly” evicted her “friend” Howard!?!? What a joke. I can’t stand hearing her voice and all her shady lies. She is totally fake. I hope she goes home this week along with Amanda.

      • Not too fast. There are still 11 people in the Big Brother House and anything can still happen although, majority of the house guests are still allowing Helen and Amanda to use their HOH nominations. That can change in a flash and the game turned upside down! Gina Marie it seems is allowing them to use her nominations like Aaryn. Next week is double eviction though so, looking forward to that!

  2. Candice kicked Howard out of the house…
    That house meeting destroyed anything that Spencer had already completed… and placed a bullseye on Candice and Spencer back.
    They will be on the block next week… after the surprise of seeing GM getting the HOH.

    Strangely, the ones that could still make a good move got out almost at the same time. That was weird…

    Then Mcrae was totally crushed and was offering everything to GM (offering the 2 nominees? Really? just to get the HOH room for him and Amanda?) just because he could not hold on any longer…

  3. I have watched many, many evictions on BB (viewer since season 1, episode 1). Last night’s eviction was the first time that I have actually felt like crying for an evictee. I got a little choked up. It was mainly for the things that had nothing to do with HGs game play that he had to deal with in the house.
    I do feel confident that Howie is one of the few people this season who will be just fine in life, though. He can hold his head high, while others need to do some serious reevaluation of their morals.

  4. Amanda and Helen should be on the block but I reay wanna get that racist b***h Aaryn out she needs to learn a lesson Jessie and Andy are the biggest floaters ever Spencer’s game sucks I really wished Howard would have stayed he would have won hoh

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