Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 11.5 Power of Veto Results Revealed

Big Brother Power of Veto

The latest Big Brother 15 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the spoiler results for you. All four of the remaining HGs competed in this round’s Veto comp to win the most powerful PoV of the season. While winning HoH will keep you safe its the Veto this week that lets you vote and pick the final member of this season’s Final Three.

If you missed it earlier, here are the nomination spoilers, but as I mentioned it really doesn’t matter if you’re nom’d or not. The Veto is what matters the most this week.

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Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 11.5 Power of Veto Results:

  • Andy The Exterminators won the Power of Veto

Update: Confirmed. Andy won the Veto.

After 90 minutes of watching the Feeds there has still not been an explicit conversation confirming who won Veto. The closest we’ve had to that was McCrae asking Spencer if he (McCrae) was going home and Spencer saying “he” (possibly Andy) wasn’t letting them know what he was going to do.

So from that we know McCrae did not win and it sounds like Andy won, but since I don’t deal in “maybe’s” here for your spoilers source I’m holding this as a win by The Exterminators and we’ll confirm that further in the morning.

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It really doesn’t matter which Exterminator won the Veto if they’re going to stick to their plan of going to the end together. Considering McCrae has been a target for weeks I think it’s safe to expect the sole voter tomorrow to keep on that path. If the noms don’t change then that’ll be GinaMarie casting the vote on Thursday night.

The Veto Ceremony could be live during Thursday’s episode and then followed by another eviction and the start of the final HoH competition.

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. I am grasping at straws here but what if GM convinced Andy to put up Spencer since she went up against Judd last eviction? And what if GM is actually planning on evicting Spencer and not McCrae since she knows it will be Andy and Spencer against her for the final HOH. I think this is what she should do for her own game, otherwise she is just lining up for the slaughter like Judd and McCrae did.

    This has been the problem with the house this year. With the exception of Elissa, who tried to align with Aaryn and then Amanda for her own game, these people are all forgetting only one person can win the $500k and no one is going to share it with them. How many people basically walked away from safety in order to go towards the people who would stab them in the back?

    • From what I understand (which might be a misunderstanding) Spencer has a final two deal with GM and Andy. Therefore, I believe GM is safe either way. Plus, GM can’t think pass GO.

      • GM is missing a bit of brain matter…LOL..she is about as smart as a bag of rocks. She didn’t even know San Francisco was in California…now THAT was a good one. If she wins..maybe she will use the money to sign up for first grade…if she eventually makes it through kindergarten. If Spencer wins he can buy a box of tissues so he doesn’t have to be picking his nose constantly and looking at the boogers, and dropping them all over the house then put his hands down his pants, If Andy wins he can seek professional help on how to stop lying with every word that comes out of his deformed mouth. And if McCrea wins he can buy a bar of soap, a bottle of shampoo, and a razor,,,take a nice hot shower, give himself a good scrubbing so when he puts his fingers back in his mouth they would at least be somewhat clean. I hope Elissa gets AFP so all of their jaws drop when it’s announced. I voted for her and I will vote again.The only legit thing they had against her was that she was Rachel’s sister. She was the best one in the house and I hope she would knock them all for a loop.

    • This is the dumbest bunch by far by miles! You can start with Helen and Amanda who played the best game when they were in the house but, their stupidity got them evicted! How about Judd the double dumb! Two bites of the apple and he still did not learn anything! Doing the dumb moves to align with the biggest liar in Andy despite, numerous warnings to avoid him! Aaryn who gave her powers despite, 4 HOHs, refused to move against Amanda and ended up getting evicted herself! McCrae who evicted Elissa despite, numerous signs showing Andy betrayed him!
      It would take probably Andy smacking McCrae hard in the face and telling him—-I betrayed you fool! Still need a clue? Elissa was the smartest of the bunch but, her social game sucked which did her in!

      • It also funny that many of the houseguest were outraged that Elissa found them to be repulsive! I would love to break it to macranda, aaryn, gm and spencer that many of us find them repulsive humans.

    • So True. That would be her best bet and then Mc Crea and GM should get rid of Andy. That would be the best with what is left. Andy and Spencer do not deserve it.

      • Andy does not take risk though so it wont happen he will make sure Spencer is safe so he can keep his final two.

    • Why would she do that? McRae is a stronger comp player than Spencer so why not take out a threat?

    • GM/racist has no brains! Every move shes made someone has told her to. Unfortunately, the winner is either Andy the pansy who threw all his comps so he didnt get blood the biggest floater ever, Spencer, the lovely man so in love who thinks raping children in basement is funny and HE cant keep his hand outta his pants! so disgusting, or the lovely GM/snookie who chose off every female in the house. CBS should give the prize to charity. McCrae does have it right, he will have the last laugh. Spencer will find out what thecops have been doing. GM willnot have a job,and Andy has shown what a disgusting human being floater looks like. He should give everyone he floated on part if he wins. I hope judd and McCrae work the jury. Most of them no,but for those who dont, they should tell every nasty thing Andy,Spencer, and Gm have said about each one so that when they vote, it can be done with the truth. CBS!! I thought there would be nofloaters this year. The last 3 are nothing but floaters. Notvery enjoyable this year.

    • Agreed. It’s the only shot she has a the $500K. Otherwise, spencer and his lap-dog (howdie-doodie) will send her packing.

  2. GM, GM, GM..Save McCrae, he’s the only one that will take you to F2. Prove to America, that you have some intelligence there.

      • They talked about it, but I don’t know how serious GM is. It should be obvious by now to GM that Andy and Spencer are tight, and will take each other to the F2. If she doesn’t see that, then that will only confirm to me that she’s really half wit.

      • So why did Andy put McCrea and spencer up???? And I wonder if he is going to use the veto to take spencer off and put up McCrea??? Man I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!

      • We’ll just wait tomorrow, because we’re not sure who won the Veto Andy/GM and if it was used already.

      • Veto was not used the last veto ceremony is usually done live. The veto ceremony is the eviction only the holder votes.

    • I don’t know why you are pleading your case to GM. You need plead to the producers, instead. GM is clueless.

    • It would be the only smart move she’s made this game. Putting up Amanda and McCrae was a smart and brave move, but it was what everyone else wanted. This would be something good for her, that she does for herself.

  3. Andy will use the veto on Spencer to make sure that GM doesn’t vote him out and Spencer will vote out McCrae.
    Then BB will have it’s worst final three in the history of show.

  4. Andy will remove Spencer from the block and put Gina Marie up. Then, Spencer evicts McCrae! McCrae has been lucky to win HOH and POV despite, his utter stupidity of evicting Elissa!
    Had he kept Elissa, he would have been in a stronger position and maybe, Andy would be gone by now!

    • Maybe not he will let GM do the dirty deed of evicting one of them…That is more Andys way…

      • The problem with that is what if Gina Marie decides to save McCrae? Then, Spencer is gone and Andy is by himself. With the POV in hid hand, I do not think Andy will take that chance. He wants Spencer so that, he has both Spencer and Gina Marie in his pocket. He knows if McCrae stays, he probably will take Gina Marie to Final 2!

      • I think Spencer will remain on the block and GM will evict McCrea, just as Fly said. Spencer and Andy think GM is loyal and is 100% with them, which I believe, as well.

      • Fly, not sure if I was clear. GM has to have a mind. Don’t want you to think I was talking about you. Can’t remember if you are male or female.

      • Plus, how do you know Andy wants to take Spencer to the end. Remember, most times, Spencer was sitting right next to the person who got evicted. Spencer has very little to no blood on his hands. We, the viewing audience, may have a problem with Spencer, but the jury may not care that he is a vile pig or might not even view him as being one. Andy is aware of this, I am sure.

  5. I know one thing for sure unless McCrae and or GM is one or both of the final 2 finale nite will be the worst BB has ever seen…Viewers ain’t gonna like seeing Spencer & Andy sitting in those chairs….

    • One argument for getting rid of McCrae is he has been winning HOH and POV of late! Definitely, a bigger threat on the competition side of a 2 out of 3 Final HOH! This is for the big enchilada so, that is the best reason not to take McCrea. On the flip side, if McCrae wins the Final HOH against Gina Marie and Andy—-McCrea will probably take Gina Marie to Final 2!

    • I think GM would be stupid to keep McCrea, also. GM has an injury and I don’t know how well she will do in the comps now, though.

    • I don’t know. GM has to know that Andy and Spencer will take each other. She may be better off keeping McCrae.

  6. Sadly I think its over for McCrae , I’m so upset ! He the only one that deserves to win. These other people are nasty.

    • McCrea does not deserve it because he made dumb moves in the end where it matters! That dumb move to evict Elissa is a big one which affected the outcome of this game greatly! McCrea was lucky to win HOH and POV which is the only reason he last as long as he has!

  7. Would you believe Spencer is in the cat bird seat waiting on Final 2? Both Andy and Gina Marie will take him to Final 2 for obvious reasons. The only question left is who is going to Final 2?

    • Andy and Spencer have done the same thing. The only difference is Spencer didn’t run around playing tattle tale all season. They both latched on to who they needed to, to make sure they were safe for that period. Andy was aligned with the entire house at some point and Spencer was making new alliances every week.

      • Wrong. Andy was valuable for his information. Spencer was valuable for being a pawn.

        One is a player. The other is a body.

  8. Big Brother 15
    A Choice Between Bad & Evil
    Sunday at 8/7c on CBS

    Has this season of Big Brother completely worn you down? Are you ready to let it go and wave goodbye to Big Brother 15?

    As the end of Big Brother 15 nears its’ end it is time to contemplate what we are left with. According to fan consensus we have been left with a choice between bad and evil, with no good choice to make. Fans seem to be repelled by the thought on any combination of Andy, Judd, GinaMarie, McCrae or Spencer making it to the final two of Big Brother 15.

    TVGrapevine usually goes out of the way to do interviews with the top finishers of Big Brother, in the past it has been a pleasure to hear about their experience in the Big Brother house and how they won the game. This year TVGrapevine will not do any post finale interviews with the top finishing house guests because they simply do not deserve any further face time.

    I wonder how the the alumni of Big Brother will accept the newly graduating Big Brother 15 house guests? Will they be welcomed with open arms and a warm heart or be shunned because of nasty behavior?

    I wonder who America will vote to be “America’s Favorite House Guest?” Andy says if he isn’t elected “America’s Favorite Player” then America is a bunch of bigots. Elissa seems like the obvious choice but she so often came across like not the sharpest knife in the drawer. It is definitely going to be a tough vote for any fan to make.

    One last thing, by this time of the season Big Brother has normally announced that the show has been renewed for another season. Even though Big Brother 15 has experienced some good TV ratings it seems unusual that we haven’t heard. I am hopeful it will be renewed and am sure it will be renewed, hopefully with a new production team so we never experience another dreadful season like this one.

    Cheer up fellow fans, there are only 10 days to go then you can kick back, relax and let go of all the ugliness you have had to endure through out this season of Big Brother 15.

    • Do you think CBS will present the check to the winner on the Morning Show (I think that the right program) like they normally do? The houseguests probably will not appear on the Talk with Julie Chen. Now to answer your question about will the past houseguest accept them. I think some will and some won’t. Ian Terry loves Andy and thinks he is playing a very good game. So, I know Ian will accept Andy. Brendon and Rachel might have a problem with almost all of the houseguests.

      • this is an article from tv gravepine and if u ask me it is pretty bad when they wont give this people anymore facetime ad wont interview them

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