Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Overnight Results Revealed On Nominations & Final Veto

McCrae poses by the Memory Wall

When last night’s Big Brother episode ended we had just seen Judd evicted and a new HoH crowned when Andy won the three-way tie-breaker. Of course those events were taped in advance and we knew a lot more had gone on inside the game since then. With that in mind we waited and waited and waited to get confirmation on the nominations, the Veto, and the HGs plans for what would happen next.

The nominations themselves aren’t really important this round. The HoH is safe, which is great for that HG, but then the two players picked to go up on the block is inconsequential when there’s so much control derived from the final Power of Veto.

Whichever HG won the Veto would decide who would be the sole vote heading in to the Final Three. If one of the three non-HoH HGs won the Veto that player would secure safety and cast the vote to evict. This time it worked out a little differently.

Andy won HoH and nominated McCrae & Spencer. Andy then went on to win the Veto as well. Now his choice is for whether he wants to keep his original noms and let GinaMarie vote or to switch it up and let Spencer vote. Either way the results are likely to be the same when it comes time for tonight’s live eviction show.

At 12:30AM BBT last night, while McCrae was in the DR the remaining Exterminators got together and decided they need to let McCrae know he’s going to be evicted. They like him personally and don’t want to be a jerk to him about it or let him get caught off-guard by the news. They discussed doing it that night, but I don’t think they ended up doing it.

I’ll keep watching and let you know if there are any game changing updates when the HGs wake up today, but right now things look set for an Exterminators Final Three.

What do you think of the overnight spoilers? Would you have rather seen McCrae head on to the season finale than Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer?


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    • Considering 4 out of the 6 undesirables got evicted, I will take that consolation that Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn and Amanda all got evicted! Add to that, Helen, Judd and McCrae. This is a horrible bunch and the only ones I would have wanted to win was Jessie or Elissa. Candice too but, she was not good in competitions and her social game was bad! We had a bad hand right at the start so, it is probably asking for a lot to get a good hand at the end of it! Just have to play the cards we have like Jessie said in her eviction interview!

      • thats why i think jesse should get americas vote she needs it more than elissa but everyone will vote for her because of rachael i mean i liked elissa but she didnt fight hard like jesse did

      • I voted for Jesse as America’s Favorite Player as she tried hard atleast! Add to that that she is unemployed, she probably needs the extra monies too.
        Elissa probably will get it as she has too many votes.

      • I voted for Elissa because she will probably donate the money to charity. I would rather it go there than to one of the others who will act like they earned it while being trashy in front of America. What a horrible example to show people in other countries that are watching. No wonder they all think we are pigs.

    • OMG!! I totally agree!!! wtf??? soooo stupid! worst season ever!!… havent even watched the last 2 episodes.. makes me sick that any of those 3 losers are gonna win….

      • I really not into anymore now mcr is going to be out, I am curious just to see with dumb ass does win or should I say lucky one, caz that is what it is all luck from here on out. none of these floaters deserve it I’m sorry that is just the way I feel. GM did not win anything until up to the end of the game. You know after being on the block so many times and nobody voted him out, witch I thought was stupid because there were bigger fish to fry but they were stupid enough to leave a floated, I think it would be funny now if he wins it. the other two really just piss me off.

  1. This is a pathetic final 3, but out of all of them I hope GM wins. It disgusts me that Andy made it to the final 3… I hope he doesn’t get into the final 2.

    • I hope Spencer doesn’t make it the final 2! He is BB’s king of the floaters – and disgusting to watch.

    • It would be stupid to not take Andy to final 2. He would get 2nd for certain against anyone else. If Spencer / GM are smart, whomever gets to final 2 will take Andy to guarantee a 500,000 paycheck.

    • Why the andy hate? Cause he lies? this is big brother people lie. You’d rather have a pathetic racist in gm win?

      • He is a lyer and a floater, and not a nice lyer to start with……. he doesn’t deserve it, he didn’t play he was carried to the end. Spencer ??? he is just a horrid person, GM ??? racist but the best of a bad 3, I just hate to see any of these 3 get any money, not nice people at all.

  2. Vote Out spencer… and it could end up GN and pizza wuss and Gn will win… I surely do NOT want Rat face Cry baby to win.

  3. get Andy out he needed to go along time ago n Spencer should of went when he made that comment about lil children
    I must say glad I don’t have to vote the houseguest that are left are all the “dirty” ones since Mcgrea is leaving..and thats what production wanted
    It’s a game that’s ran by production n not “the real deal”

    • “Not the real deal” was NEVER more obvious than this year! This year was pathetic. BB16 needs a new Production Staff! Clean “House!”

      • See but that doesnt make sense. Why keep around the people that hate. Wouldnt that make people tune out?

      • Anytime there is a controversy and people are talking about it, it is free advertising for the show and more people are going to tune in, just to see what you’re talking about. Curiosity always gets the best of people….and the more people talking about it, the more will watch and the higher the ratings….

  4. wtf how did rat boy win ..omg now im done with this season ..hope none of them ever c0me back! I’ll just watch cbbuk and bb au cant wait for bb ca . The U.s bb has really got lazy over the past few years i think they need to clean out production and casting and hire some fresh blood

    • I almost hope rat boy wins it all and teach’s them all a lesson for keeping the lil spaz around all season!

    • They should run it like BB AU….. Hm’s nom with 5 points each week as to who they want out with good reason, all 5 points to one or 3 and 2 each to 2 hm’s. Then, now this is the best part, 6 or later on in the show as numbers dwindle 4 hm’s up for eviction, at the moment they are still doing 6 up for eviction with 10 hm’s still left…… the public vote to save…… yes that’s right the public vote to save, votes tallied and the lowest vote goes home. At least we get the final say.

      • I think that mode of play is more boring, honestly; it’s hard to be strategic if ultimately the actual vote comes down to who the country (who isn’t in the house and don’t all watch live feeds/etc) wants to keep.

      • Ahhh but that’s it, ours is not all on strategy like yours, trust me there are ways besides your way…. and we do not get live feeds, BB is on 6 nights a week, so we actually see enough, personally I think yours is too strategic, makes for racists, fighting, bitchiness etc, LoL sounds like good tv but it’s not, I stopped watching weeks ago, it is disgusting.

      • I’m aware that there are ways besides the U.S. way (I even pointed to differences between the two). I’m saying that the AU way isn’t necessarily the best or most interesting way. For example, I think strategy is more interesting than just watching a bunch of people live in a house for a few weeks and occasionally vote to get people out that they don’t want to live with (and yes, I’ve seen BBAU).

      • Totally agree Pam ! I Would rather watch bb Au any day then this .I’m hoping that next season is better the U.s version is getting ruined if u ask me with lazy casting and production.

      • Thanks Rayetta at least someone gets what I’m saying, I’ve watched BB US online for years now and previously loved it, because it was so different to ours, but ……. the HM’s this year were terrible people, well most anyway, and the final 3 ??? Disgusting, I stopped watching 3 weeks ago and just read the spoilers to see who got where, couldn’t stand to watch people make fools of themselves, Elissa deserved to win after what she put up with and kept the smile on her face :).

  5. I hope GM wins it. I can’t stand Andy and definitely can’t stand Spencer. Both are floaters. GM has won several times. Who cares if Andy and Spencer won when it was crucial. They still don’t deserve to win. Just like McCranda didn’t deserve anything except a swift kick into the jury house where they belong. My original vote was for Elissa because she fought hard for her life. I think at the end she kind of gave up a little but she definitely deserved it over everyone else in the house.

    • I don’t think Any of them deserve it but one of them will have to win it. The Exterminators was a stupid alliance and these people in it who think they are so great are full of themselves. This was Andy and Spencer taking advantage of GM’s HOH.

  6. Of the four left I would like to see McCrea and GM to be the final two. I don’t think any of the ones remaining deserve to be winner of this season. Hope they have a better cast next year or they are gonna lose faithful watchers like myself.

  7. If Pizza Boy wasn’t connected to Amanda I would have wanted him to win. GM gets to evict both of them.

  8. I don’t care much for Andy either but why is everyone so upset he might win? There are different ways to play BB and it isn’t always winning comps and being loyal & truthful. In fact, that almost never works. Social game is just as important as anything else. He schemed his way to F4 then won the HOH. Spencer or Mccrae winning would be more of a travesty since they didn’t play either very well. They lucked out or hid (Mccrae) behind a bigger target. Like him or not, Andy played his game and these fools fell for it.

    • If you’ve been reading the comments here I think you would see that people are not complaining about just his game play. Andy has been pretty nasty and mean in during BBAD and the live feeds. Its the non-game play that people dislike him for. I am not impressed with his game play as much as I am dumbfounded by the moves of the people he is playing against but that’s another argument.

    • I just don’t like his phony tears, and the way he swears he made big moves in the game. He is cocky and talks about people after they are gone.

      • Like a rat would do. I have nothing to say about his game play. It’s his sneaky slithering non-justified boasting of everything he has done. Taking directions from Nastanda isn’t something to be proud of.. IMO

      • Not dissing you at all. Considering the lack of talent for the game in this group, giving someone credit for “playing” is difficult (for me). I can’t say there were any “big moves” this year because there weren’t any big players. Too many low level thinkers that always seemed to open their mouths in front of “the rat” who then ran to those that would get the blood on their hands. I suppose that’s a strategy but not worthy of winning. And for the final 3 or 4 or 5, waiting until the end to win comps doesn’t mean you’re a great BB player. Sorry.

  9. im just as dissappointed in whos going to win this season as any of u, but in a game perspective, andy has played all sides of the house, and became “loyal” to each and every person on the show this season. hes finally won something, but with very few people left in the house, its anybodys game now. with mccrae being evicted, i think that andy is most deserving of winning this season. hes played a great social game, and wasnt afraid to play everyone in the house to get to where he is. while spencer sat there and just voted with majority to keep himself away from the target zone, and GM played the same way, voted with majority to keep herself safe, except for the BIGGEST move of the season getting amanda out. Andy is no Dan, but hes played a similar game as he did. he lied,cheated and played every angle in the house, and now hes going into final 3. Good job!

    • Agreed. He’s played a very difficult social game and got away with it. The only people that hate him are the fans, not the people in the house or the jury. And it’s not like Andy hasn’t won anything. He’s won 2 HoH’s and 2 POV’s, and half of those were this week when it counted.

      He’s got a great case to make to the jury, if he doesn’t bumble it. Of course, this jury might be bitter enough that they’ve already decided who they’re voting for before he gets to make his case. Will they admit that Andy successfully played them or will they be angry that he turned on them?

      • Spencer didn’t vote basically the entire game. He was always on the block because he was the perfect pawn since no one considered him a threat at all due to his being terrible at competitions and not that well liked.

        I don’t even think Spencer can be considered a floater…he was mostly just everyone’s worthless chess piece.

      • And he embraced that position because he knew it could further himself. Strong players work with the cards put in front of them.

    • I think a lot of people are not disputing that he played the game, but the vile way he did it. Spencer, GM, McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn and Jeremy along with Andy were the most vile HG BB has ever had. They not only had disgusting living habits but talked about their other HG like the true racist they are. I was totally surprised at Andy as his being gay he must have been on the receiving end of that kind of behavior before, yet he joined right in. Anyone that doesn’t realize lying and backstabbing is part of the game has not watched it as many seasons as the rest of us. People are upset about they way they acted. I said before even Evil Dick did not act as bad as these people.

      • I agree, but I dispute Andy played a great game. Other have lied and backstabbed but anyone in the past who did it as much as Andy was caught and evicted. These houseguests knew Andy was doing it and ignored it. I think Andy was fortunate to be amongst such terrible players. Just think how many times were heard people say, “Andy can’t be trusted”, but then either targeted someone else, or went on to trust Andy.

        A perfect example of this was McCrae evicting Elissa and basically choosing to face 4 players alone or go with a 2 against 3. In fact, McCrae and Judd together could have teamed with Elissa and made it 3-2 in their favor! But for whatever reason, McCrae chose to go with the house enabling Andy to make it to the end and basically sealing his own demise.

        I dislike Andy a lot so I realize my analysis may be biased, but Andy was outed early in the show when people started making fun of him popping in to every conversation. In past season, the house would have gotten rid of him immediately after realizing he was doing this.

    • I’d respect Andy’s gameplay if it didn’t involve calling people c***s just because they nominate you, fake-crying every five minutes, and lying to people dumber than bricks.

  10. Another week, another disappointment. Its getting to the point now were I feel like I know what is going to happen next – whatever I don’t want to happen!

    These people are just so damn stupid. None of them think and only Andy seems to want to win the $500k. The others seem to be okay settling for 2nd or 3rd place.

    I hope Andy leaves the noms the same and let’s GM vote. at least them there is a chance she could vote out Spencer (if she was smart) so its her McCrae and Andy in the F3. If GM does not realize that Andy will keep Spencer if he wins the last HOH then she is as dumb as Judd. But I think Andy will switch the nominees so GM will finally know how untrustworthy he is and he will have Spencer vote out McCrae to ensure Spencer does not go home.

  11. If GM has the vote, won’t she vote out Spencer over McCrae?

    Don’t Andy and Spencer have a Final 2 that everyone knows about (I’m pretty sure GM and McCrae have discussed this and made their own Final 2, although I’m not sure either one trusts the other), and she has to know that she can’t win the Endurance with her injury. GM Voting out McCrae is basically just guaranteeing herself 3rd place.

    • I agree but that is why I think Andy is going to change the noms and put her on the block. I am pretty sure Andy would not want to be with GM for the F2 jury vote. He wants Spencer because he can beat Spencer. If he doesn’t then GM should evict Spencer so her and McCrae face Andy for the F3 HOH comps.

      BUt I think she is going to evict McCrae too. Not the smartest move, but who in this house has made a smart move since they evicted Jeremy?

  12. I am really disappointed, with how this season has shaped out. I don’t think any of the remaining players deserve to win.

  13. GM will have the pleasure of knocking both Amanda and McCrae off the BB. Out of who is left. . I want GM to win. Spencer is a Floater and Andy. . HATE HIM!

    • Its amazing but every poll on the internet that I have seen shows the same sentiment. When asked, who would you like to see win, McCrae leads, no one comes in second but Andy comes in dead last with a tiny fraction of the votes.

      When asked, who should win AFP, Elissa comes in first and Andy comes in last again, with almost no votes.

      We all hate when the villain wins and Andy is clearly our villain this year. Even if Andy wins, he will face the public sentiment when he gets out. He is going to find that $500k, after taxes, if not enough to retire on, so he will still need to engage the public that dislikes him with a passion. I think this is going to bother Andy, whether he wins the money or not. Being part of the cast that will be considered the worst of all time is going to bother all of them.

      • They are all villains but Aaryn and Amanda can’t win now can they?

        Aaryn is the villain for being a racist.
        Amanda for being a bully and a control freak.
        Andy for being a nasty, whining crybaby. Who can support this guy the way he acted when he thought Elissa was going to put him up on the block? Pacing and whining and crying around the house. Then he hated Elissa for it even though she told him he was safe. Seriously, Andy is the biggest crybaby in the house.

      • Lets hope GM and Spenser see that Andy’s win of HOH and POV makes him the big target for them and they go to take him out. That is just hope, maybe those two will come up with one brain cell and go after him.

  14. Extremely disappointed in this season production did nothing to spice things up NOTHING! this ending is horrible I’m rooting for gm she’s the only one whose made any game moves and has gotten any blood on her hands she plays comps hard and has had multiple injuries because of it. Andy is a two faced cry baby and Spencer is king of the block…. Basically he’s a seat warming pawn he prides himself impervious to the block but he was never the target because everyone knitted they can beat him.. He’s has won one hoh and evicted his own allies lol … I used my 10 votes for Elissa ….worst bb season ever

  15. Darn – I’m not excited about the final 3 so am ready for this season to end. Don’t have a fav player so will not bother voting for AFP – looks like Elissa is a fav to win on most polls anyway.

  16. I am in tears right now. I am so sad. Had hope until I read this that at least McCrae may just make it. Hate Hate Hate that Andy is going to win.

  17. We might as well face it, one of these people are going to win BB. I already posted on CBS website that I will watch the beginning of BB next season but if they have the same type of disgusting racist people next time I will stop watching forever. I love BB but as a person who was raised the apparent opposite of these people there are too many other shows I can watch. Hopefully they have listened to other complaints along with mine and do a better casting job. Andy did play the game with lying, but when he became just like the others he no longer deserved to win.

    • I think we all agree with you. I wasn’t raised that way either and I didn’t raise my children to behave like that.

      I wonder if CBS was trying to attract a younger audience by casting these people this year? I think they definitely tried to push the showmance thing as much as possible even giving them shared beds hoping that their would be on camera hook-ups. But what came with that was the kind of immature, vile behaviors we have seen all season. Very disappointing.

  18. It really gives us not much of a choice, GLAD America doesn’t have to choose between what’s left! Spencer deserves nothing, Andy deserves a Pinocchio nose, and GM deserves an encyclopedia and pronunciation book! Just glad we get to vote for Fav HG…Elissa!

  19. Lots of Andy hate again i see. Can we not give him his due? He played all sides of the house flawlessly. In my opinion, he’s probably implimented the strongest “floater” strategy in the history of the game.

    • In a normal season – which normal HGs(half way intelligent) – he would have been gone WEEKS ago. That “strategy” works for only so long. These HGs were HORRIBLE at playing Big Brother.

      • Andy’s game was not flawless. People saw him for what he was weeks ago. Aaryn pegged him and told GM about him. Helen told Elissa. Elissa told Amanda, McCrae and GM. They made fun of him for popping in on conversations all over the house. Yet no one thought to punish him with a nomination or eviction? In any other season Andy would have been evicted long ago – same with Spencer.

        When McCrae chose to evict Elissa instead of putting Andy and GM on the block, he typified the total stupidity of the house this year. And before the Andy defenders, who are really just trolls, come out with this Andy played McCrae crap, McCrae in his DR admitted he was aware it was Andy who backstabbed him but he chose to put Elissa up anyway to do what the house wanted. If you think that was good game play by Andy and not just MCCrae being another dummy playing BB this year then you are not a BB fan.

      • Troll here. Why didn’t McCrae have the numbers so that he didn’t have to vote the way the house wanted? Because of Andy.

        The only times anyone caught onto Andy was after it was too late. He was two steps ahead. He insulated himself from trouble and did what was best for his game.

        Any other season, he might have been evicted, or he might have tried to play a different style of game, after seeing the players around him. We don’t know. But any good BB player plays with the hand he’s dealt.

    • Andy did not play a flawless game. It is just the other house guests are just plain dumb! I am not in the house but, with all the lies of Andy—-how come they have not caught one single lie? If Andy was playing against other house guests using their heads—-he would have been evicted a long time ago! As for game play, Andy probably played slightly better than Gina Marie but, way better than McCrae who just got lucky winning HOH and POV otherwise, he would have been evicted! Spencer is only along for the ride. Still, I am rooting for McCrae to be evicted next then, Andy right after him!

      • You say that andy played a bad game, then follow it up with things Andy has done well. What are you trying to say??? He’s bad at the game because he played everyone in there???

  20. What a disgusting F3 I was really rooting for mccrae by default but wow…. this is by far the worst season Ive ever watched. Hopefully they find someone to cast next season or just do an all-stars season to regain a little dignity

    • Except for some of the racist and vile comments she made, I would have some sympathy for her too. Her house was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. Who needs the money more than her. But at the same time, has she really played a good game? She’s feisty, yes. But also pretty dumb when it comes to BB.

      • Like I said, she is the best of the worst. She managed to navigate that house and it’s personalities and got where she is and yes, she isn’t the brightest bulb in the box but I think her instincts are ok and she listened to them throughout. Just my 2 cents worth.

  21. Hopefully Andy trusts GM and she somehow realizes shed be stupid for keeping Spencer, him and Andy will take eachother

  22. Finally McCrae will get to get to curl up on Amanda’s giant belly once again. Aye, come ere’ lad and climb up on me giant belly, Jabba has a leash for ye neck. I’ll put on me stretched to shreds swim suit for ye, and we kin blow stinky ciggy smoke thru me hair. Lizard lounge mommy is ready for er little fella, aye. I’ll scream at people, and you can try to calm mommy dearest again.
    Maybe Dr. Phil can offer some shrink help since Amanda likes celebs. If not there’s always room on the Jerry Springer show for her classy type.
    One has to admire Gina Marie for standing up to the psycho and taking her out. She has such spunk and is a little beauty. I think Nick would be more happy to see Andy than any female leaving the house. He avoided female intimacy on the show a bit too much. CBS needs to get Gina Marie on a TV show because she is such a real person, and a diamond waiting to be polished for a brilliant shine.

      • One man’s trash is another mans treasure. Now, classless, classical, demented behavior fits more with Amanda the Hut.

    • Are you talking about GM?..Oh no, she was just discharge temporarily for the show, but she’s checking back in after the show. She’s an in-patient in a Mental Health.

      • Not by the hair of my Julie Chen Chen! Remember the first episode with Amanda all wide eyed, pretending to be an airline host rambling ever boringly on to her captive audience. Everyone here saw the expression on Spencer’s face during her yacking. It seemed like he was thinking, will you shut the hell up. Gad, the woman could bore the paint off a wall. The most sickening part of it was her facial expression- like I am so wonderful..gag! She would often sit like a baseball catcher in a quite manly manner with that gigantic crotch area open that one could park a MAC truck in. With her giant birthing hips she could seem to pass darn nearly anything. I am however not saying that down to her belly hanging mammary set could not keep a litter fed. Amanda could not seek to grasp the concept that another player would like to win also and not do what she saw as right. With her stinky lounge lizard smoking, and seeming not quite lucid thinking processes she would seem to be older that only 28 years old. It’s not common for dementia type behavior to creep into one’s life at such an early age. Amanda came across as Mrs. Robinson seducing the younger pizza lad. One wonders if this was his first experience having sex, and if Amanda made McCrae say whose your mommy during the act.

    • Yes, Spencer is definitely at the bottom which is why he should have kept Judd. But this season has been a season of people doing what’s best for someone else’s game instead of their own. Elissa was the only one who actually did what was best for her game and she was hated by the house for it. How many times did we hear Andy talk about her saying “once she gets something in her head…” . What he meant is she did what was best for her and not what was best for Andy or Amanda. Andy calls her “irrational and illogical – because she put him up? That was the most logical move she had to ensure Aaryn went home. Maybe it wasn’t good for Andy’s game, but it was brilliant for hers.

  23. Everyone might say Andy played a better game but the way he treated some of the Jury members before they left will probably cost him. If the jury is bitter I doubt Elissa,Amanda, and Helen and Mcrae will vote for him. GM might have more support in the jury so I’m going to root for her!

  24. Nope! Screw Andy he is a disgusting person and no matter what he still didn’t play a great game. If it’s GM voting then she is an idiot if she keeps Spencer because she has to know by now that those two are going to take each other to the final 2. But she isn’t that bright so I doubt it but Andy might even take Spencer off who knows I just hope Andy doesn’t make it in the last 2 standing. Ugh!

  25. AFP has nothing to do with game play or who needs the money more it’s who America likes, so if Elissa wins it’s because America likes her. BTW I gave Elissa all 10 of my texts and voted 10 times online. if you didn’t send your text send it to 81818 and 6 is the number Elissa.

    • America’s Favorite “Player”

      what else are they playing other than Big Brother? Is there some other sort of competition going on that I don’t know about?

      Also I don’t understand why anyone would like Elissa as a person. She is stuck up, not very smart, and half of the time said she didn’t even want to be in the game. She didn’t get along with anyone in the house (she even made Helen ,her one true ally and friend, cry and be frustrated with her over and over again). She’s basically Rachel without any of the likable qualities.

      If Elissa wasn’t related to Rachel, she would have zero chance at America’s Favorite Player, and she would have as many fans outside of the house as she did inside of the house.

      • But she did moves that surely made her a likely candidate to be AFP, moves that ended a weeks-long domination of an alliance, sent out a power player in the game without the need of a power given by the public vote, and also planted the seeds that will lead to the breaking up a powerful showmance.

        AFP is BBUSA’s default version of the traditional “vote-to-win” mechanics of who the public likes to be that season’s winner in any other Big Brother edition around the world. And so far, all the past AFP’s have been either/both great game-players (Janelle, JamesBB9, Frank) and have a strong public likeability (Jeff, Britney, Keesha).

        Whether the award goes to either Jessie and Elissa, I’ll be happy to whoever of the two wins it.

    • Maybe it is a good thing. GM and Spenser will see he will be hard to beat and go after him. Lets hope it works against Andy. But with those two doubt they can put a brain cell together.

  26. I hope either Spencer or GM win the final HOH and send backstabbing, liar, cry baby Andy packing. I know that is part of the game but Andy does not deserve to win. He has hidden behind Spencer and numerous others all along. The only problem I have is that if Spencer wins the final HOH he will keep Andy and not GM so I hope GM wins and keeps Spencer.

  27. BB-15 ‘Floater’s Paradise’……going down in history as the undisputed- ‘Worst season ever’.

  28. I think Spencer should win the game. Mainly because I think this is the suckiest season of Big Brother to date, so it should go to the suckiest of players.
    As for America’s Favorite I’d go with Helen, simply because she wasn’t a horrible human being like 80% of the houseguests. PLUS it was her strategy that got all the meat-heads/jocks/bullies out before Jury. Amanda likes to take credit for that, but that was all Helen. BUT we all know Judd or Elissa is going to get it.

    • Good observations Christina. I would have to say that a possible internet war (of blogging magnitude) would unfurl if Spencer somehow won this game. And yes, I would agree that Helen was far less horrible than the rest (though some people would question her ”niceness” given that she would be the first to comfort people who were sad & scared, then she’d make a plan to evict those same people she just said ”You’ll be fine” towards). ;) Personally I’d go with Candice who also got a bit corrupted by the mean and nasty bug at the end of her time, but for the most part I found her to be quite intelligent, well-spoken, and vulnerable in character.



  31. I want McCrae in the final three with GinaMarie, and Spencer and Evicted Andy out of the house

  32. I’m still hoping for the remote possibility that Andy leaves noms the same, GM gets Spencer out, and then Andy’s the one sent out after the final HOH comps.

    And then Julie goes “Surprise! No one gets the money because all of you are terrible people. Have a great rest of the summer.”

  33. Andy had some AMAZING game play. he is the only one out of the last 6 players that were in the house after the first eviction of the double that even deserved to win! people say he is a “Rat” for playing the game!

  34. This was the worst season of Big Brother. When you watch the show called The Talk you were able to see how upset the ladies were about the racist remarks being said in the house. Myself feel the $500,000 should go to Charity.

  35. U know if Andy wins it all it won’t hit as hard if Elissa wins America favorite. I just want Andy not to win anything

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