Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

The latest Big Brother 15 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the spoiler results for you. After Friday night’s intense post-nominations arguments I’m sure the tension was high for this week’s competitors.

We’re getting to the point where no one is safe, but as an Exterminator holds the power this week I think it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing any one of those four leaving in at least the first part of next Thursday’s Double Eviction.

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Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results:

  • McCrae won the Power of Veto

McCrae will definitely use the Veto to save himself on Monday at the Ceremony. Spencer indicated GM has to put up him or Andy to cover their tracks.

The Exterminators were planning to vote out McCrae so while McCranda thought Amanda was the main target it seems that McCrae dodged that bullet.

The HGs playing in today’s comp were Amanda and McCrae as HoH’s noms, GinaMarie as HoH. Andy, Elissa, and Spencer were picked also picked to play. That left Judd to host. I’m sure Andy was just thrilled to be picked for the comp as he said he’d throw it.

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.

Big Brother Live Feeds

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be held on Monday afternoon. We’ll post spoilers when they happen.


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      • Andy is such a freak-a-zoid … the pencil neck weasel is telling Amanda he really tried to save her with tears in his eyes. He’s got to go soon too.

        But… riddance Amanda … don’t let the door hit you in the @ss..!

      • He is weird. Andy seems to be playing so the world will love him. He keeps making comments about how the “world” views him. *** Another odd thing he did was announce, “Anderson Cooper I love you”, in response to Julie Chen asking him if he wanted to say anything to the houseguests before the vote.

    • Unlikely! Since Amanda used her POV on him last week, he’ll probably repay her by using his POV on her!

      • Last week was different. Amanda used the veto on McCrea and they were both safe. This time, if McCrea uses the veto on Amanda, he is a fool and will leave himself vulnerable.

    • You knoe she’ll beg him to use it on her saying she’s a bigger target. I can hear it already!

    • he doesnt know HOW to play the game by himself…thats why he hung his hat with skank amanda…

  1. This could be really good depending upon how the four person alliance votes. McCrea will remove himself from the block and Elissa or Spencer will go up as renoms and hopefully Amanda will be evicted on Thursday night in one of two evictions.

  2. McCrae won! Now let’s see: will he save himself, or lovely Demanda-Amanda? Will she DEMAND he uses the veto on her? Only time will tell….

  3. Good for Mcrea, i hope he uses it on him self but even if he uses it on Amanda, then he will go home, one of the two will go so its okay. Amanda being in game by her self will suck, i hope GM doesnt put up Elissa (which she probably will) with this stupid new (4 group alliance) then I cant see them voting out Elissa over McCrea. If they do, then I will make a promise right now, that I will never ever watch BB again.

    • Too bad,cause it DOESN’T seem that a lot of you don’t understand BB. You’re supposed to lie, scheme,against each other and the only one playing BB is amanda. The only once she has not lied to are ppl.she is aligned to. And you can’t say that about even helen. . Judd really thinks amanda senthim home last time, nope, it was helen. He still doesn’t know what hit him and ellisa is such fake I’ve ever seen in my life option ,fake hair eyelashes, boobs, lips,voice walks talk, I even wonder if half the stuff she brags about what she has she really has.

  4. McCrea won…….darn. Seems like it is going to be very hard to kill these cockroaches. I hope no one lets Amanda talk her way off the block.

    • No way. Read on twitter, GM want to put Spencer as a pawn and let him hold all of her make-up (as collateral) as a proof he is a pawn.

    • I am listening now. GM, Judd, Elissa and GM are talking in the HOH room. Spenser offer to be to pawn, the rat sad no to being the pawn. GM told Spencer he is 100% safe she will give him her make up and brushes. Judd said you can have my Bear shirt. Andy said you could have whatever of my stuff you want. Spencer said you alls word is good enough. If you evict me I will punch you guys in the face.

      • Why is Spencer bullying them with the threat of violence? He should be taken out of the game right now. He’s making everyone in the house feel unsafe.

      • I get it. When Spencer does it, it’s joking. When Amanda does it, call the police. Gotcha.

      • Did you saw the feeds?

        Or are you a guy that the girls give there makeups so you can get your face like them?

      • They were all talking and spencer said he would be the pawn. He was joking saying they better not vote him out. He was talking to his alliance.

      • Its the tone that is used when either of them says the same thing. Real Malice comes from Amanda. Spencer is just yapping.

      • You interpret it as malice. I interpret it as a temporary hissy fit. She always gets over it and starts strategizing immediately. Anyone who thinks she’s a threat to anyone in the house is blinded by their own preconceived notions and gang mentality.

      • And you don’t think those mood swings are a sign of sickness? Can you say Manic/Depressive – Bipolar. Severe/Rapid Constant switching moods, up/down, happy/angry, smiling/crying, yelling/being sweet. This is more than a hissy fit. Narcissistic people have hissy fits. Narcissism is another form of personality disorder. None of this is considered rational. She has both. Both can be vengeful, and unstable.

      • No one on the internet is qualified to diagnose any of the HGs. They’re playing an emotional, difficult game, and they can act however they’d like, true to themselves or different. Whatever it takes to win.

        But if we’re going to diagnose them, Elissa is a textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder. But everyone loves to defend her. Listen to the players; everyday they talk about how much they can’t stand to be around her. I’m pretty sure most of her internet defenders would go crazy if they had to live with her. Do you remember how much Helen, her best buddy, got annoyed with her? Helen has the patience of a saint and couldn’t deal with Elissa at the end.

      • I never mentioned or defended E. The convo was regarding Am and Spe. When you work with this stuff everyday you learn to recognize things. It’s an opinion, not a diagnosis. We are entitled to our own thoughts. Something that is sorely lacking in the BB house.

      • I thought this convo was about Am and Spe. I did not defend or promote E. When you work with this type of behavior daily, you learn to recognize things. It is not a diagnosis, just an opinion. We are allowed to think independently here, not gang mentality. And yes, each of them is playing to win. It definitely brings out the worst in all of them.

      • Ya people who have never talked to these people and only saw clips of their behavior think they are more qualified to diagnosis people in the house than the numerous shrinks they have had to talk to prior to the show and during the show

      • You’re right. People hate Amanda and deem her a villain so they’re going to see everything she does and says as negative. Blinded by bias. I don’t think she was being serious either, it was as you put it, a temporary hissy fit. Glad you’re keeping your foot down on this one, kudos to you.

      • Forget it… that upb13 must be one of the guys that think that Amanda is the best woman in the universe and that everyone bullies her.
        Strangely, if we get to check is post on another topic… he confirmed that GM offering her makeup to Spencer was weird “at least give him anything that he can use”.
        So, no matter what he can see on the video, he is blind on Amanda and doesn´t see anything else.
        Lets hope that CBS gets the video on wednesday for the people that doesn´t see the feeds can see that Spencer was joking with them, since there offers for his safety where… just jokes.
        (who in the hell offers a make up package to a man with a bear????)

      • IKR just like demanda try to stir the pot and run everything. Upb13 Must be related to Demanda, or he is the boy friend she is cheating on.

      • No Amanda is the only one that hassaid she wants to hit ppl in the Face,and she said she was going to tell someone else to hit so in so in the face. As I tell my daughter it’s. ALL IN THE TONE of your voice. Thank you very much.

      • The thing with Spencer is, everything that comes of his mouth comes off the wrong way for the live feeders. He may have some personal opinions on certain stuff and issue that we all may not agree with in general but saying random things he doesn’t necessarily mean in all seriousness is subject to people’s interpretations and how he comes across with it.

      • Oh, I see, so when Spencer says it, live feeders misinterpret it. When Amanda says it, it’s gospel. Gotcha.

      • Not really. When Amanda say nasty things, especially when doing direct attacks and bullying, she means it and it’s all clearly shown on the feeds.

        In the case of Spencer, the way he talks is so laidback, and with many of the comments he makes are done during both non-game and game related conversations, he always say them in very a casual manner.

        Whether he is dead serious on what he says or not, we won’t be sure unless we see the context with his comments, i.e. him making a “threat” if they evict him as a pawn. He may as well be joking, or he may not.

      • How do you know she means it? That’s what drives me crazy about Amanda haters. She’s acting out because that’s what she thinks it takes for her to win the game and because she has hissy fits from time to time.

        That doesn’t mean she’s psychotic or needs to be arrested or has problems the way the fans think.

        I’m pretty sure that 90% of the posters on this site would get kicked out of the BB house because they can’t control themselves.

      • I agree with you. I didn’t say it’s a wise strategy. But people online think that everything out of her mouth is serious. It’s not. She says things because she’s playing a role. She’s not just a Realtor; she was an actress too. When she gets pissy, she plays up the role even more.

      • you are a fucking idiot why dont u just stfu amandas brother you are just as stupid as your freaking sister.

  5. I agree…….Andy has to go up and be counted…….tired of his back and forth and spilling ‘all the beans’ to both sides……….. Just don’t know how he got away with it for so long and still seems to…….hmmmmmm…… Don’t even know what to think if McCrea gives up the Power of Veto to Amanda…….. Nahhhhhh… he wouldn’t do that…..would he??????????????

    • I don’t know I’d I agree. I say Andy gets a vote & will show his “true colors” to his McCranda alliance. Then McCrae won’t trust him any longer and he is forced to have the music about his trustworthiness!

    • They should put Andy up, cause now McCrae will want him to vote Spencer out and have him try to talk Judd to do the same! They are not finished trying to save each other yet! Just watch and see!

  6. Yes! So glad of this. Hate it for him that he will lose Amanda but I’ve been pulling for him all year and am glad he will be staying.

  7. McCrea won POV. Spenser is offering to go up as a pawn. GM said sorry to Spenser and Andy one of you’s going up as a pawn. GM said no to putting Elissa up, cause she saved here last week.

    • Plus she already promised elissa and judd they won’t go up. GM, Elissa and Judd are semisolid in an alliance.

      • Exactly, GM said no to Spencer, Andy and Judd to putting up Elissa because she saved me last week. Whew. There was talk for a minute that was scary when the guys suggested that

  8. Mcrae will use it on Amanda since I have heard this year big brother is fixed and she was picked as the winner.

    • No he’ll never use it on her. He’s to big of a fan to throw it away for Amanda.

    • If you truly believe that why are you wasting your time (and ours) watching the show and commenting on the boards?

  9. Andy is suggesting Elissa to be renom. GM said NO !..I want a volunteer.. haha…The nerve !! Elissa should put some D-Con for the Rat in the house.

    • Andy knows Elissa is the only one after him. If Elissa went up he would flip again and try to talk everyone into voting Elissa out. D-Con, rat traps, cheese and whatever else would get rid of him.

    • GM was cute saying Andy you and Spenser can rock, paper, scissor for it. The rat was a wuss….said no. Spenser offered himself up ;)

      • She’s the HoH. It’s her job to pick. You want the reward, accept the responsibility and the risk. She’s the wuss, not Andy.

      • No Andy is! He is the biggest wussy in that house!! He is still going and telling McCrae and Amanda everything except his part in it! Wait til they see how big of a rat he really is! He is a floater!

      • Wait until McCrae sees the numbers for the vote. Then he will know that the “rat” and the “pig” aren’t with him.

      • Anyone who thinks being a floater is a bad thing is blinded by Rachel Reily. There is nothing wrong with being a floater. It takes more strategy than anything anyone else in this pathetic house is showing.

      • You are either amanda,s brother or andy,s peter puffing boyfriend .either way you are an idiot and andy is a pussy

  10. 3 words. . .
    Andy Andy Andy

    Nobody’s game is safe with this 2 faced scumbag in the house.

    Ya think?

  11. McCrae take yourself off the block. GM – put Spencer us as the pawn. He has to be the most successful pawn ever by the way. Evict Amanda (finally). During double eviction, anyone but McCrae wins HoH. McCrae goes up again. Hopefully Andy beside him. If McCrae doesn’t win the veto, evict him. If he does maybe Andy gets evicted. Only problem is there’s a string chance that Elissa goes on the block during double eviction if she doesn’t win HoH. If they were smart they would send McCrae home before Elissa, because with out Amanda in the game he could become somewhat likeable and may team up with Spencer and Andy. And if he keeps winning it would force the exterminators to turn on each other.

    • Agreed…create an award for most successful pawn this season. Give Spencer an automobile…or the equivalent in cash. He is not a very civil person but he did endure more ‘nom-stress’ than anyone else, so far.
      Elissa and GM are emotionally reacting,
      Andy doesn’t know the definition of loyalty,
      Spencer and Judd…what are they doing (?),
      Oh yes, ‘pawning’ and earning a second chance.
      McCrae simply lost his way.
      If fate is with us and BB is not rigged to pay McCrae a bonus to save Amanda, Amanda will fly away to the jury house.
      Geeeeeeez, this season is pitiful.

  12. I want Amanda to go simply to ensure that this game is not rigged and that she was guaranteed a win. That would spoil BB for me. I like the Elissa, Judd and GM alliance simply because it will get Andy and McRae out of the house.

    • The only thing is Andy has an alliance with Judd, GM and Spencer. I want Andy gone next but think he’s going to keep floating unless someone like Elissa calls him out

    • I hate when people wonder if the game is rigged. CBS doesn’t want to pay that lawsuit. It’s going to cost a lot more than $500,000.

  13. GM and Elissa are cracking me up..with saying to Amanda when she is evicted BYYYEEE in their best Amanda voice. ROTL

  14. Aw, I was hoping for Mcrae to go home this week and watch Amanda completely melt down. The HG’s this year are so dull. Amanda, as mean and nasty as she was, made things interesting.

    • I was hoping for that too. Going to be boring feeds. Hope Elissa wins HOH during DE and puts the rat up.

      • Elissa has really grown on me tbh. She seems to be very perceptive of what’s actually going on in the house. If Amanda hadn’t been such a horrible person I would have actually respected her, she was running things despite never winning anything.

        I hope Elissa comes on strong these coming weeks and wins comps and cements herself as a legit player. McCrae and Andy need to go next

  15. I’m a happy man. Amanda, finally, leaving the house. Oh and don’t forget, double evict coming Thursday.

  16. Andy wants Elissa to be the replacement because there could be a small window of opportunity to save both of his parents. Four days is enough time to rally. I hope they can read Andy’s motivation……come on Andy, eat some D-Con tonight !!

  17. She should have been taken out for Trying to hurt Alissa now. then Mccray would go next, who plays from the bed?????

  18. Amanda is going to be all out campaigning so she can stay…What I want her to do is RAT out ANDY . Please Amanda do something good before u walk out the door. Please…I want that twirppy little ratty ass scum bag outted for sure…He may not get evicted but everybody will know…Please Amanda make my week by outing Andy and then walk out the door…

    • I don’t think Amanda will RAT out Andy as she will want him to continue to play with McCray. Wish she would though

      • Exactly. Amanda had said to Andy and McCrae on BBAD if she leaves, to pick off Elissa and stay strong.

    • Dont think that will work. She has talked to much crap already. No one believed what Aaryn said when she outed everyone. Not until Aaryn was gone did they realize she was telling the truth. Too little to late.

  19. MaCrae dodged a huge bullet; it would be stupid to get rid of Amanda at this point, she is the PERFECT person to take to the final 2, why can’t these houseguest see that? Amanda is in no way a threat anymore. GM should put up Andy and evict him.

    • I agree that Amanda is the perfect person to take to the final two, but she is such a despicable person, she doesn’t deserve even second place. Get rid of her now; stand up for bullying and racism. Some things are more important than money.

      • I would choose the money. These houseguest are just using their emotions instead of their logical thinking.

    • Why do you need Amanda who played some sort of game when you have Spencer? If I was in Final 2 and had to choose between Andy and Spencer—-I would choose Spencer to take to the Finals! That would be a slam dunk win assuming I played some sort of game!
      Evicting Amanda now puts an end to that pipe dream!

      • Oh, the pick your punisment veto. Wonder if anybody will have to shave their head. McCrae said he would do it.

      • I don’t know if that’s just what they had to wear or not. By listening to them talk Spencer was saying McCrae only went 2 rounds and was throwing up. So I have no idea what it was. Can’t wait to see it. I don’t understand why we can watch the HOH comp on live feeds but can’t watch the POV or nominations.

  20. So happy to say good bye to Amanda, what a horrible human being, she is the worse trash I have ever seen on TV, gross !!!

  21. Yes!!! Way to go McCrae! Now don’t be foolish and give it to Amanda. I hope you continue on after this weeks DE. Hopefully Ellissa with walk out the door after Amanda does. That is if Mccrae manages to win HOH. But, if the guys are smart they’d stick together and vote the women out!

  22. Judd is asking Rat why GM wouldn’t put up Elissa for renom. Things like this is the reason I can’t see Judd in final 2. Can someone please find a huge pot and hit him over the head.

    • GM needs to educate Judd on the pitfalls of sharing info with Andy if she is gonna work with him….He was warned about Andy before his 1st eviction and Elissa has warned him again.. He learned nothing from his eviction…nothing

      • As I’ve been saying a Fool cannot suddenly become wise. I really gonna puke if I see a rat, a pig and a fool at the end. It just isn’t right!!

      • Judd has shown he cannot make any smart moves so far! He is more a liability to Elissa. I want to see Judd and Andy both on the block so that, Judd cannot save Andy!

      • thats because JUDD is a stupid hillbilly and has no sense ,he is a nice guy but stupid as hell.

  23. I’ll be glad to see her go, she has been pretty bad. However, was she really as bad as “Evil Dick”. He was the Bully Master!

    • “Evil Dick” just played up to the villain gimmick, and only did in order to make game moves. Amanda is just a bully, and genuinely mean spirited.

    • If Minot mistaken, Evil Dick never took it to a personal level in which he talked about the contestants’ family members. Amanda has which makes her worst.

      • Oh yes he did. And did you forget he even poured iced tea over Jen’s head and burnt her with his cigarette.

      • I remember him doing that to Jenn, I just don’t remember him talking about the HGs family members. It’s one thing to talk about the person in the game but to bring their family members into is downright disgusting IMO, specially children. It really disgust me that all of these HGs would talk about how Elissa’s son isn’t her husbands and that she doesn’t like her step-children. They’re all very ignorant and stupid to make those accusations.

      • Remember him talking to (forget her name) oh yea Amber. He was saying what a bad Mother she was doing drugs while raising her kid and a lot of other hateful things about her family. He was pretty bad.

  24. OMG!!!! if McCrea use that POV on Amanda, I will just scream a scream that will be heard across America!!!!! lol… Next Andy need to get his ratty ass out..

  25. Does Amanda & McCrae not wonder why Andy is up GM’s hiney??? McCrae is acting somewhat rude. Spencer just tired to congratulate him & he was snotty. Now Spencer sucking up to Amanda. And why is it Elissa’s fault that Amanda is on the block?? GM won HOH & nominated her. Explain to me why is it always Elissa’s fault when somebody goes home or gets nominated.???

    • Because they’re delusional fools. Amanda doesn’t see faught in anything she does and she blames it on everyone else. Did you see her reasons for attacking Elissa when Julie asked her? She said Elissa pushed her buttons, when actually she was trying to push Elissa’s buttons to get her (E) to self evict. SMH

  26. Awesome, time to send the Queen Bee to the jury house! Jessie, Candice, Aaryn and Helen will give her a nice welcome!
    For once, we are getting some excitement with big threats being evicted one after another! Now, everyone has to play if they want to win that $500,000! No more sitting down and taking it easy!

    • I. would have to agree. No more laying. in bed stuffing their face, and demanding. ppl do what they want (Mcranda) or they will be the Target.

  27. I just turned my feeds on, but is there any plan or attempt to convince McCrae to use the Veto on Amanda so they can blindside him?….if that’s true, that will be awesome!

      • Well, if they want something memorable for this season, that will be it, if they can pull it off.

    • I do not like the plan. Especially, McCrae calling Elissa a C face. I just want then to stick with the plan. It would be awesome if the house pulled that..I am concerned.

      • Amanda is crying again begging GM,.”Keep me here, You should put Elissa up, She’s a bully and a devil”..hahaha..Is she talking about her self? OMG !!

      • I am on the same page. Really Amanda? America is laughing hysterically…thank you. I want Elissa to have what McCrae said and her come back should uh no.. You should know what a c face have been in Amanda’s toxic C the whole game. Bam!

      • Seems like Amanda said to GM, she had no friend in jury house while Elissa has friend there.

      • that,s exactly why the bitch amanda needs to go to jury house ,i want all those women in the house to treat Amanda the exact same way she treated them and give her a taste of her own biggoted medicine

    • There was talk about it earlier in the HOH but I thought the plans got squashed cause they were to risky. Did the blindside McCrae discussion open back up??

      • Originally, the goal was to get McCrae out. They still have 4 days. They might re-visit that plan…I’m ok with Amanda going out first. What I don’t like is Elissa being a renom, I’m confident GM is not gonna be persuaded. I have a feeling she’d rather put Andy…seriously.

      • She needs to put up Andy, I think that would be the only way Amanda would leave and it would also hopefully put Andy in his place

  28. Anyone that can look you in the eye like Andy and tell you how much he loves you ..and then tells everyone else while he’s shedding tears and lie thru his teeth is NOT to be TRUSTED. Sorry Andy.. I really liked you at the beginning but ..then..after you floated so much and became Amanda’s puppet..Not anymore..I hope you are after McCrea!

    • I lost all respect for him last week when Amanda was telling him not to talk to Elissa and he stood there and agreed he makes me sick now

  29. Andy is NOT to be trusted. He can look you in the eye while crying and tell you how much he loves you..and then turns about and tells everyone else how much he hates the person he just spoke about.. Sorry Andy you need to go soon!

  30. GM needs to put up the rat to make sure he doesn’t flip and try to pull one of the three with him.

  31. Amanda begging GM to keep her & put Elissa on the block to get voted out. Why does GM not say “ANDY PROVE UR LOYAL BY GOING UP ON THE BLOCK WITH AMANDA”. See how fast Andy runs & hides. This is gonna be “broken record week”. We are going to have to listen to Amandas whining crying begging & sniffling all week using the same sentences over & over. I am wore out & disgusted already..

    • I am not cheery that the guys are egging McCrae and thinking they can get him to use his veto on her. Ugh!

      • If that happens Spencer needs to back out of the deal and Andy needs to go up. Is Spencer in on the plan?? Or is just Judd & Andy??

    • and every time she’s begging…she’s throwing Rat, under, over and in front of the bus…hahaha. Please GM..”keep me and Andy wont go after you..” ” put up Elissa and Andy wont be mad” “keep me and you’ll have me, Andy and McCrae” GM just taking it in.HAHAHA

      • Exactly. She just needs to keep saying Andy and Spencer’s name. Also, say they are in a alliance and going after you. HAhaHAha

      • Andy thinks he already established to the Exterminators that he had abandoned the Mcranda. I know Elissa/GM doesn’t trust Andy. It’s Judd that’s giving me a headache. He’s back to his old strategy again. (NO STRATEGY)

      • Judd is worrying me too. His idea to think he can get McCrae to use the veto on Amanda and backdoor McCrae….seemed like he wants to piggy back off of GM’s big move on McCranda. He exposed himself by saying he wished he was the one that put McCranda on the block.

      • Well Elissa told GM that it was an awesome move.. She also said that she was kinda jealous cause she was not the one to do it.

      • I think he does. And last night in the CP room Andy, Spencer and Judd were talking and Judd left to go to the bathroom and 2 seconds after he left Spencer is you’re going to keep me over him to Andy and vice versa. Rat and Pig.

      • She’s so stupid, she keeps putting Andy’s name out there which is making him a bigger target, yet he’s supposed to be her ally. She’s giving GM even more reasons to not trust Anday. I love it!

    • What’s great to see is Amanda begging GM to put Elissa up, just like she was begging Elissa to put GM up last week. She’s so delusional that she doesn’t even realize that everyone is against her. She only believes its Elissa and GM against her and everyone else is loyal to her.

  32. Interesting. If one of the exterminators (rather than Elissa) goes up as the re-nom, that means the voters would be the remaining exterminators (say Andy/Judd), Elissa, and McCrae. There may be a HoH tie-break vote this week.

    • Would be smarter to put Andy as a renom. You would then have Spencer, Elissa and Judd to evict Amanda.

      • Would probably be even smarter to put Elissa as the re-nom. Then the Exterminators can just vote out Amanda. At this late stage in the game hiding alliances isn’t as key because it’s The Exterminators vs McCrae with Elissa in the wind.

      • GM promised not to put up Elissa, because she saved her last week. Putting up an exterminator does not expose their alliance…it does the opposite. That person is just a pawn at this point.

      • So if GM doesn’t put up members of her alliance when there is a theoretical alternative (Elissa) that “DOESN’T” expose her alliance? You can’t be serious right? GM even has an excuse, Elissa got my girl and fellow White supremacist Aaryn out so I want to take revenge.

      • Today on the Live Feeds…They all agreed to keep Elissa off the block, If she gets the HOH she will be gunning for McCrae and that to them is a win to their alliance. If they get the HOH McCrae and Elissa go up. They agreed, again.

      • That is what I want. GM knows the rat has been in with McCranda and th Rat kept saying I am going to keep talking to them and be their friend. Andy makes me gage…I am almost at barf level.

      • I think if she nominated Spencer then Andy will be exposed and that’s what needs to happen. Andy is trouble.

      • I think so too. When he has to vote and votes Amanda out he will finally be exposed. But I’m sure the rat will come up with a good excuse.

    • She (GM) may be doing it (not putting the RAT up to see if he is loyal. to McCranda or the exterm

  33. Amanda should get something for her good game she and Helen went almost to the end playing a great game (neither my favorite player) Im a go judd fan but those two ladies know how the game is played and did a good job

    • They played horribly that is why they got evicted! The same goes for Judd. He has played a horrible game and I believe he will get evicted again because he does not use his head!

  34. So glad McCrae won the veto. Now is their chance to get Elissa out. Worry about Amanda next week. I know Andy, Spencer, and McRae all want her gone. So it’s a done deal now.

    • GM won’t put her up. She’s toast if she does. GM can t trust the boys. Amanda needs to go, then McCrae, then Andy.

    • Excuse me??? What planet did u fly in from??? Your behind with the latest polls…

    • If you don’t have feeds, you’ll learn a lot just from reading the updates on this site, Because your analysis is way off.

  35. Here’s my prediction of evictions : Amanda next, McRae wins HOH, Elissa next, followed by Judd then GM. Final 3 : Spenser, Andy and McRae : winner : Andy

    • I am team Elissa Judd and GM. So I hope it’s Elissa or Judd win s the next. 2 HOH’s. The 3of them need to work together. I didn’t use to like Elissa. any get rid of demanda and. the snake cry baby Andy and I’ll be HAPPY. *HAPPY DANCE*

      • If Judd wins he is putting up Mccrae and Elissa, he has said this.

        Judd has dumped his alliance to Elissa.

        I hope he gets evicted for being stupid enough to trust Andy.

    • I sure hope your predictions are wrong. Maybe just reversed. Amanda this week. McCrae next, then Andy followed by Spencer. Final 3 Elissa, Judd, GM.

      • Don’t you think it would be better if its Amanda, Andy then McCrae. Thats the order i’m hoping Spencer.

      • I’ll take that order too. As long as After Amanda and McCrae the “Rat and the “Pig” go.

    • My predictions: Amanda gets evicted, Elissa wins HOH, puts up Andy and McCrae. McCrae gets evicted next.
      Andy or Judd wins next HOH, puts up Elissa and Gina Marie. Elissa wins POV, Spencer gets put up. Gina Marie evicted next. Elissa wins HOH the following week,

      puts up Andy and Judd. Judd gets evicted that week.
      We have Andy, Spencer and Elissa in Final 3. Elissa wins 2 out of 3 HOHs and evicts Andy and picks Spencer for Final 2. Elissa wins Big Brother 15!

      • If that friggin pig Spencer makes it to final 2 I will throw up all over this web site. LOL

      • (politely hands you a bag and making sure I’m a few feet away from my computer at that time). ;)

      • It would be a bloomin pity if Elissa won, she didn’t apply to be on the show, was hand picked by the producers to on the show and she obvoiusly was aided in the beginning with the FAKE mvp bullcrap, she has been almost unbearable to watch on bbad, has an elitist attitde, and looks down on all the other hg’s like they are from another planet. Her voice is so annoying and the inflection she uses when she talks makes me want to hit the fast forward button (which i do a lot when she is on), alsok she doesn’t need the money since she married a millionaire owner of a door and window business in regina.

      • Another Amanda supporter??? ahhh me must be another slow nite in bug town. The slugs are coming in.

      • Wow a bit harsh, but I get what you’re saying. However, I’d say that it’s possible he’s like me who wants BOTH Elissa (for the reasons he listed) and Amanda (for the more than obvious reasons) gone. Hoping for a final 2 of McCrae & Judd!

      • Matt the post is a joke from the Dr. & Cindy who has multiple personalities and uses many different aliases… just another slug/troll trying to cause trouble..

      • Could be, could be. But there are some good points in there. I’ve always maintained that the show should NEVER be open to people who didn’t apply or audition. There’s actually a great youtube clip that shows every single person being voted out and every winner from seasons #1 through #14 (takes about 16mins). You can see somewhere around season #8 that the casting company decided having part time models & actors was a better way to go with this ”reality” show. This should offend all of us as followers of the show who may (or may not) want to make it on the show. It’s upsetting that people like Kaitlyn, Aaryn and Elissa were sought out to be on the show because of their TnA factor or their near-celeb factor. It’s time to go back to REAL contestants who are AVERAGE looking people, with AVERAGE jobs, and who demonstrate a diversity of ages, cultures and beliefs. That’s what the show was about for 7 seasons until they started casting it like ”The Real World”

      • Interesting. It’s hard to say who really ”needs” the money at this point in time though. There’s been so much bad representation of the human species and human decency.

  36. He will use the veto on himself without hesitation. Amanda was just somethiing to do. Team Elissa!

  37. I wonder if McRae will use this opportunity, not only to use the veto on himself, but to distance himself from Demanda… when the game is over, i’ll bet he runs the other way !!!!1

  38. GM should renom Andy without making him aware of the plan. Let Spencer keep thinking he is going up as the pawn. Andy would melt before he got to the chair.

    • That’s the way it should be. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. On the other hand if Spencer goes up it may expose Andy and his alliance with Mcranda.

    • Not sure she wants to burn all of her alliances at this point in time when there’s no need. She can actually just tell Andy that he’s safe but he’s going up (I’m assuming there’s going to be a way for the double eviction to allow one more chance at coming off the block). No need to put herself in jeopardy for next week by giving him a backdoor nomination that will only result in her other ally mistrusting her.

      • understand u & it makes sense. The plan that Am & Mc have is to stay on top of GM and not let up about putting up Elissa as renom. Big mistake cause GM likes her space and does not want to be pressured. If they persist GM needs to ask them how they would feel if she put Andy up or tell them that she is considering putting up Andy as a renom. The way its going all her other allies won’t care as long as its not

  39. oh oh OMG OMG McCrae is telling GM that Elissa is disrespectfull to him & Amanda… U have got to know that I gonna puke

    • I had my bucket and barfed too! This is the same McCrae that called Elissa a C face today. I want him gone. I want Elissa as HOH really bad next week….

      • well if u saw/heard what I did That dam GM is a good poker player cause she covered all her bases without showing her true hand…Oh & McCrae did mention in an offhand way that Andy was with him & Amanda…so that helped

      • Yep I have been watching/listening to the feeds…watching GM eat was boring and noisy.

      • Yup and giving GM more reasons to not trust Andy. It’s so funny how they are trying to convince her why she should keep a couple in the house when everyone else has loss their partners except them. Even if one of them leave they still would have Andy (at least they think they would.)

      • Yep. Mc/Az are trying hard to convince GM or anyone that Elissa has no respect for them! Both are delusional sore losers. McCrae is hating on Judd too.

      • Mc Ahole and Amean-ass constant plotting against Elissa…please move on. It is a riot that they both think they can sell GM the number thing. Hello? She already told them you are a pair! GM did the math you two are 50%…I am 25% in a four way alliance. The I never win anything is also dumb. McCrae won veto, Amanda won veto and took McCrae off.

      • oh u say that & McCrae did say that he & Amanda were a “pair” another bad choice of words on his part

      • GM can’t do math. If there are six people left in the house, it is impossible for anyone to have a 50% or a 25% chance of winning HOH, Veto, or the game. GM was making a lot of sense last night until she tried to do the math. Poor thing.

      • She can do math. She was referring to being offered a deal with Mcrandy which would make it 50/50 for Mcranda and leave her at 25%.

      • I don’t know….Spencer volunteered but he can resend that if things go haywire which means that Andy will go up. Andy will have a melt down. But the good thing is that during her talks with Am & Mc GM knows that Andy is still very close to both. Now Spencer told Amanda to create a fight/argument between GM & Elissa so Elissa gets nomed. Elissa is actually the only one of the 5 that is “trying” to be loyal to anybody. Honestly it’s open season on a replacement.

    • He’s just as delusional as his GF. Elissa’s disrespectful because she laughs in their face and calls their bluff – BS. He’s a cry baby and now he’s regretting his decisions in the game. Instead of hiding behind Amanda he sold have been playing his own game. How can a self proclaimed “super fan” not realize that being associated with Amanda so openly was not a good idea for his overall game. He’s stupid and deserves to leave because he didnt play the game like she should have.

  40. Does it really matter who Mcnasty uses the veto on. The good news is that at least one of those nasty people will finally be going home. And if he is stupid enough to use it on her, then he deserves to go home now. No telling with him though, because he was already stupid enough to hook up with her in the first place. Way to show you’re a superfan Mcnasty!!

  41. I must of been hearing things or am misinformed, but I believe Julie said at the end of Thursady’s evction episode, that this coming week was a double eviction. Reading these posts, it seems that I must be wrong. Or was it for the following week? Does anyone have any info on this, because this would be a true game changer. It would be awesome to se Amanda and go to in one fell swoop, eh?

  42. Then hopefully Andy is sitting next to Amanduh, and ZING!!!!!! off to jury they go. However, I do think once they’re gone things will be too quiet. Satisfactory though.

  43. Andy’s flip flopping is daunting. I want him to be up and gone after the McRanda’s.

  44. I am soooo confused!
    Are there ANY schools in Joisey?
    So. . Is Rutgers like exclusively for foreign and “Out of State ” students?

  45. Amanda has played a great offensive game by trying to mentally intimidate her opponents. I really thought that Elissa was going to self evict after helen was evicted. I think if more people had joined the verbal and mental attack on Elissa, it would have happened. This is a game for a lot of money and it should be fought over, not won by coasting to the finish line. When Amanda is gone, this incredibly boring floater game will really go into low gear, SNOREFEST.

    • Elissa played a better game after Helen left. And why in the world would u even think that all the other HGs would join in with Amanda in torturing Elissa.??? While none em are Elissa’s best bud they had better sense than to get involved. What kind of DR are u to suggest that kind of scenario happen to a person??? Sure don’t want to be a patient of urs.

    • You are endorsing mental bullying and verbal abuse? What kind of a “doctor” are you?

    • Hi Dr.Dianne, though I hear what you’re saying, I can’t say I agree with the heart of it’s motivation. I personally like having some non-confrontational, non-controlling, non-smut tv types in the house. What I feel is lacking this season is a hero (or two). Somebody who would’ve risen to the task of defending those who were racially or sexually slandered. Somebody who said, ”Enough is enough, I’m starting a new alliance to stop Helen & Amanda from controlling the ‘tone’ of this house”. Sadly that never happened and one by one, people just bullied (or stood behind a bully) their way into the final 7 players. For some people that seemed to make sense (McCrae for example), for others (like Aaryn who was a strong competitor and had friends outside of Helen & Amanda) it didn’t make sense to keep going with them… Oh well. It is what it is.

    • you have a mob mentality and for sure you are not a doctor if more people would have joined in the verbal and mental attack ? you are saying bulling is ok as long as it is for a prize money at the end?I hope it goes to snorefest for u so you are out of here

  46. Amanda is fixed to win! Her bitch will use the VETO on her to ensure her safety to make it to the end.

  47. To Dr Dianne Woodsworth…..Okay I get it now…I noticed that in some of ur post that u are answering urself or contradicting ur own post. From that I realize that u are “Cindy” who was in here last nite. Who I did ask if she had multiple personalities. Everybody relax & go back to the norm its just “Cindy” and she thinks she is a Doctor.

  48. I can deal with McPizza for another week. Andy however, I hope Elissa wins HoH during the DE, McCrae wins veto and Andy gets evicted during the DE. ANDY NEEDS TO GO ALREADY!!

  49. There has been some talk that Amanda had received a token in the “luxury” competition and that token is the Diamond power of veto and this is why she has calmed way down since McRae won the POV. If that producer friend of Amanda’s has rigged this game then I believe the other HGs have the basis for a lawsuit based on fraud.

    • naw CBS had enough of Americas irate nature when Amanda attacked Elissa… They ain’t stupid enough to give Amanda some kind of power knowing the way America feels about her…Best if they didn’t even consider that move.

      • Plus, if Amanda had a token, do you think she would be wasting so much time saying how much she hates Elissa? She and McCrea would be off somewhere doing what they do best and that is funking up a room.

      • And if anybody has a secret power it’s ELISSA (DON’T THROW ROCKS). The reason I say that is because since Amandas attack on Sunday Elissa has been very calm and for the most part unconcerned about going on the block. Remember that Elissa was holed up in her room for hours even during the unexpected photo booth session and the cameras going crazy. Something happened in the HOH that was only on camera for a few seconds with Elissa saying OMG!! .The next day she asked Judd ( I believe) about Pandoras Box. I am probably wrong but u should expect the unexpected.

      • If she doesn’t I think she is going home Thursday night with the second eviction. Spencer and Andy want her gone. Andy saying to Spencer he hates her more every day. I have no idea why other than she is a threat to his game. But hate?
        If she did get Pandora’s box, wouldn’t we have seen that already?

      • If this token junk is true, there is no way that Elissa gets out of it…the only one who would keep her from the possible group voting is Judd.

      • Elissa knows his snitch secret and while she lets him know in private she has yet to “OUT HIM TO THE HOUSE” He is sooo afraid of her.. THAT IS WHY HE HATES HER CAUSE SHE KNOWS FOR SURE HE IS A RAT.

    • no way she would be going around terrorizing all the HG dangling that thing and telling GM to put up Elissa
      but if it is tue then yes the game is definetly fixed

    • She’s so much in distress, she looks awful !…I think she got a Cubic Zirconia Power to self evict.

    • If so and Amanda puts up Elissa and McCrae takes himself off the block, then GM needs to put up Andy with Spencer and Judd voting out Andy. GM would have the tie breaker and would send Andy home. That way GM, Elissa, Spencer and Judd would still have the numbers against McCranda and there is no chance Andy would float back to them it they stayed.

  50. this is what is posted I hope it is not true

    So much has happened in the Big Brother 15 house since the show aired last Thursday. Not only did GinaMarie Zimmerman win HoH but McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman were nominated for eviction. Amanda was furious for being nominated, she first came on a verbal attack against Ginamarie for having the nerve to put her and her boyfriend up and then she said she didn’t care because she was going to get off the block with a PoV and Judd or Spencer would be put up and gohome. Judd overheard this and was really pissed, he let Amanda have it. Amanda went to her room and cried, completely devastated that she had been put up on the block with McCrae. After Amanda’s psychotic meltdown last week when she defaced Elissa’s memory wall, fans were prepared for the worst after her and McCrae were put on the block; but, Amanda’s outrage didn’t last long….

    Right after the HoH competion, Big Brother had a surprise competition that awarded Spencer $10,000. Prior to this competition Amanda slipped by saying, “during the luxury Veto competition, I am going to take all the prizes.” (the word “Veto” being the slip) The strange thing about that balloon competition is that it was held right after HoH, usually they leave these types of competitions for mid week to break up the monotony. But that was not the case with this competition, they had it right after HoH and oddly enough, Amanda has completely calmed down since the competition.

    Viewers of the Big Brother After Dark say that Amanda found a token inside one of those balloons and guess what it was? A Diamond Power of Veto! This Veto was first introduced in Big Brother 4 and the last time it was used was in Big Brother 12 when it was awarded to Matt Hoffman as a gift from Pandora’s Box. This type of Veto is a little special in that the holder not only gets to take someone off the block, but they also select the replacement nominee themselves. Now we now why Amanda has the smug look on her face, not only does she know that she going nowhere and neither is her boyfriend, but who do you think she will name as a replacement nominee? It will be Elissa Slater who she calls joker face all the time.

    • If I recall correctly, the last time the Diamond Power of veto was awarded the holder had to keep it a secret or lose it. If Amanda did get it, she cannot even tell McCrae. However, she was showing him the token on BBAD last night so I don’t think it is the Diamond Power of Veto.
      However, you never know with BB. There have been times in the past when someone got a power or someone came back into the game against the wishes of the fans.

      • those were my thought to but if it is true and she is already breaking the rule by telling then she should go home by default maybe she is lying it to scare everybody oh God I dontk now but this is what is going around on the internet

      • If this is true and she has it, they would never send her home for showing it to McCrae…in my opinion. Is anything interesting going on After Dark? I’m West Coast…

      • Amanda and McCrae were lobbying GM in the HOH room to put up Elissa and vote her out. Their story is totally illogical and unbelievable. I don’t think GM bought it. GM told Andy earlier she is not changing her mind. She wants Amanda out.
        But Andy and Spencer told McCrae he has two people to support him when he is alone. Did they make a 3 person alliance? Good-bye Exterminators.
        Andy continuing to say how much he hates Elissa. He was talking to Amanda and Spencer and Amanda called Elissa’s entire family assh*les. She said Elissa’s husband is an assh*le. Amanda continues to prove to us what a terrible person she is. I hope CBS is proud of their cast this year. Andy continues to prove what a rat he is.
        I really dislike McCrae, Amanda and Andy. I hope they all go home next. I can tolerate the rest of them, although Spencer is creepy and about as trustworthy as a con artist.

      • I hope you’re right. It will save me from having to buy another television to replace the one I will throw out the window.

      • Is it possible that the token was a cash prize that Amanda won and didn’t want the other house guests (other than McCrea) to know about?

      • it has now been confirmed, Amanda Zuckerman has been declared the winner of BB15. It is all there to read on the CBS website. (i used my crystal ball)

    • Putting this article up on their site produced a lot of traffic which is good for their business. I don’t believe it at all.

      • Can you imagine if this is true, It’s a big scandal, bigger than “The Quiz Show” of the 1950’s. This is CBS

      • I think it’s all about ratings. Amanda gets people talking, which is good for the show…if she leaves, it will be nicer, but not as exciting. I can’t stand her, but she probably causes 75% of the traffic on these sites. Also, Andy as Head Rat, pisses people off, so he’s good for the show too…damn!

      • I understand what you’re saying. I’ve always believed that they have some kind of manipulation in BB. It’s always about how it will affect ratings. What I don’t buy is the conspiracy of a Pre-determined winner….that’s js just too much for me.

      • I don’t buy the pre-determined winner scenario. Maybe I’m too idealistic? I think they might throw in contests that might benefit someone, but they still have to perform to win. That being said, I’m really glad Judd’s back in the game and that wasn’t totally fair either…

      • Yup, Diamond Power, Pandoras Box, Coup d etat..etc, etc among their arsenals to tweak the show. lol

    • If this is true, (and no in the house knows) we need to hope for GM to use An as replacement not Spe. Otherwise, she will lose an ally if E and Spe are up against each other. In my mind, An is not really an ally and she knows she cannot trust him. Rooting for anyone but Mc/Am.

  51. I’m really happy McCrae won this veto as this should assure Amanda going home now. However, he’ll need to win HOH or veto during double eviction to save himself. If he can survive Thursday’s episode I think he has a decent shot of making the final 2. At this point I’d like to see either McCrae, Judd, or Elisa making up the final 2. Worst case final 2 would be Amanda and Andy for me.

  52. Anyone watching BBAD? I hope GM realizes that Amanda and McCrae think she is stupid or something. They are talking that if she saves them and puts up Elissa, they will be loyal to her to the end. But then Amanda is saying she is very loyal to the people who have been loyal to her. She is saying that’s why she wanted to save Aaryn and Andy. So GM, if they are loyal to Andy, where do you fit in? How can they promise to protect you to the end and Andy too? Plus, if Amanda doesn’t go, they are two votes and two of them playing for HOH.
    GM,pleae do not fall for Amanda’s lies. They are still a power couple and Elissa is alone in the game.

    • Not only that, McCrea (the super fan) said that if Elissa is evicted this week, she and McCrea will be placed on the block next week, if it is a double eviction and GM will be safe. Amanda must have won a crystal ball in the luxury contest. Why wait until next HOH to do what definitely needs to be done this HOH?

      • Amanda didn’t mention that she was pushing Elissa all week to put up GM so they could vote her out instead of Aaryn.

    • yep…they just keep repeating the same thing over & over. They use the same argument for every eviction. The only things that changes is the names. and McCrae saying “Like I don no.. ahhh its like I don no…ahhh gets on my dam nerves This is gonna be a long week.

      • You are so right. It’s going to be a long couple of days ahead. Once the veto ceremony is over we will have a better idea of what will happen Thursday – at least for the first eviction.
        I hope GM tells ANdy that McCranda promised her safety until the end of the game because I am pretty sure he thinks he has that too.

    • That is why I do not believe that she or McCrae would be given the opportunity to get a super power during a comp like that. Super powers are normally given to
      “one ” person not a pair. I would think that GM Elissa or possibly Judd (if he gets his wits about him) might be given one. Its getting late in the game for a super power sooo we just have to wait & see.

    • Don’t care for Amanda, but she has been loyal. What she does not know, however, is why would GM or anyone trade 2 votes of loyalty for the 4 she has now?

  53. I don’t think mccrea will use it on Amanda cuz it seems he’s been trying to distance himself,his eviction if he does…Please let this be the week Amanda leaves and blows the pre-determined winner rumor out the window..

  54. Why would anyone eat what spencer cooks when he is always picking his nose? He did it right before he put the food in the oven.

      • Right. Andy knows that Elissa will be coming after him. Helen told Andy that the jig was up. Elissa was present when she told him that.

      • That’s a good reason to want her out but to say he hates her? and call her an assh*le? Over a game move? Does Andy forget what he did to Helen? It was a lot worse than what Elissa did or will do to him.

      • Andy also flipped off Elissa when she left the room last night…in front of McCrae and Amanda…he is either a decent actor or a scumbag…

      • Andy does “hate” Elissa…the rat Andy knows she is on to his game. It has been tepid relationship after Helen was evicted.

      • If Andy convinces GM to put up Elissa, and i think he can trick her into it, then McRae, Andy and Spencer will vote to evict Elissa. Next up on the block to get it will then be Judd. Quite a shake up that few saw coming.

      • He is a weasel and a scumbag. He hates Elissa but he doesn’t have the balls to act like it when she is around him. Instead he pretends to be her best friend threatening to tell her how he really feels about her when he knows she is no longer a threat to him and his game. What a turd.

    • He says whatever those he is talking to want to hear…and in doing this, he seems to be solidifying his standing with everyone. Can’t figure out why he hasn’t been exposed…

  55. Hopefully GM is smart and renoms either Andy or Spencer. I don’t trust Elissa wouldn’t get evicted if put up. And it wouldn’t surprise me if Mcrap uses pov on his squeeze.

    • I agree. I cannot trust Andy to vote out Amanda if Elissa is on the block. GM has to stick to her guns.

    • If their alliance is tight it shouldn’t matter who get’s put up as a pawn. In fact, if GM put up Elissa, it would be a great way to test ‘The Rats’ loyalty to the alliance. You would assume McC will vote to keep Amanda. If there is a second vote to keep Amanda, you know it will be ‘The Rat’. Then GM would be the tie breaker to send Amanda out the door. Would also be great for GM’s game to have the deciding vote.

      • But if Spencer votes out Elissa too then Amanda and McCrae are still in the house and GM has one less ally to protect her against them. She needs to put up Andy or Spencer. That way she has two sure votes to evict Amanda. Knowing that, whoever is not on the block will also vote out Amanda.

        At this point, with so few people left, she cannot take any risks that would leave McCranda together.

  56. Amanda took the wine, Elissa said she wanted some, Amanda said “No”…Elissa said if Amanda doesn’t share..Amanda runs with Judd behind to the HOH room….feeds cut…and BADD went to commercial. Ugh. I see Elissa did get a glass…But Amanda pretty much has the whole bottle to drink. What is going on?

    • Amanda is a selfish, self-absorbed, brat. Dan had it right when he said she was playing like a brat. I hope nothing happens to keep her in the house this week. She is really a pond scum.

      • A brat would play this game better. I have different word to describe her, and it is not PG rated.

      • Elissa commented that Amanda is the last person who should be drinking. This is true. Drinking and her meds do not go well together.

      • Oh and you wanting to throw your TV out the window from a previous tread, has me hysterically laughing. Thank you ;D

      • good idea. I am at the point of okay get wasted Amanda, get wasted please, Then I would harass her buzz drunk ass…and you know it might work, she to go off the rails, possible self evict. Hoping that Elissa does not get physically injured. But stuff in the house lets just say she throws at Elissa that bam. Your out.

      • Amanda, in addition to being a bully, a racist and a bitch is also a hypocrite. She talks about how Elissa walks around like she is royalty and entitled. In the meantime, Amanda grabs the booze and decides herself who gets what share of it.

      • Exactly, just like beer pong. Beer pong should be fun but no Amanda has to suck the life out of fun. A be a dictator.

  57. Today I saw McCrae, Andy and Spencer in the storage rm scheming. I think the 3 of them is Andy’s contingency plan. I don’t expect Spencer to do any drastic move anymore The pig is just gonna follow the rat to the end. I see Judd as an outsider once again. He better start thinking about his game plan and solidify an alliance with Elissa and GM before it’s too late.

  58. Andy is a snake! He cries at the drop of an hat! At least Amanda plays the game while Andy just kisses asses! Amanda needs to go but I would be happy if Andy goes too!

  59. After tomorrow’s veto ceremony, Elissa needs to win every single POV if she doesn’t win HOH.

    She doesn’t have Mccrae, Spencer and Andy hate her for some reason and GM will not nominte her but she probably won’t use the veto on her in favor of an exterminator .

    Elissa doesn’t look likely to win, she has too many enemies (Mc/An/Sp) and not enough smart allies (Judd).

    God, Judd is a moron for trusting Andy.

    • Elissa has no chance of winning anyway. But, I agree. She needs to win HOH Thursday night so she nominates the two people for the second eviction. Then she needs GM to win HOH after that again. If Andy, Spencer or McCrae wins HOH, Elissa is gone. Even if she wins POV, Judd or GM will be gone and that would reduce Elissa’s only possible allies in the house.

      I understand why Andy feels threatened by Elissa, but I do not understand why he “hates her more every day”. That’s pretty strong words considering Elissa has never said anything about Andy that was personal. Andy was the one who back-stabbed Helen and Elissa when Helen was evicted. Helen genuinely liked Andy and trusted him and she is a far better person then Amanda. If Elissa is on to him its because of what he did to Helen. What does he expect?

    • If Elissa makes it to the final 2 with GM is could win. If she takes Judd he’ll win. Unless people are really forgiving there is no way anyone andy or mc will win. I hope spencer doesn’t win.

  60. Amanda needs to go. She is nothing but a bully and lies to everyone and then when she doesn’t get her way she throws a major hissy fit.
    Andy is just as bad as Amanda and needs to follow her out the door on Thursday. He is just as big of a liar as she is and loves to stir the pot. He tells Mccrea’s how much he hates Elisa (and GM) and even called Elisa a C word yet will cuddle up with her when he needs her and tells her how much he loves her and trust her. He will turn on Spencer and Judd so fast if the Mccrea’s would ask him to. I am so disappointed in this year’s BB and the way the players were able to get away with the racism, the bullying and the different things that came out on BB after dark. At this point in time I am actually hoping Judd gets it.

  61. If GM puts up Andy, then Amanda’s gone. If not Andy can’t play both sides of the fence. IMOP , Gina Marie’s game has clearly stepped up. MC’s game would probably improve without Amanda.

    • Last night Amanda was telling GM that she is so loyal to Andy because he has always been loyal to her. She also told her Andy would vote with her and McCrae. Of course Amanda was making no sense because if that was true then all Amanda would need is GM’s vote as the tiebreaker. But the point is, Amanda was basically telling GM that Andy is playing both sides. GM did not mention that Andy has been talking about getting Amanda out all week, but it was so obvious Andy cannot be trusted. Aaryn told her not to trust Andy. Elissa told her not to trust Andy and now Amanda told her Andy is with her and McCrae.

      Hello! McFly!!

  62. People are saying GM is gullable and stupid. I would have agreed a few weeks ago but this week she seems to be a new person. She made the right nominations and she’ll make the right replacement nom with either Andy or Spencer. Hopefully the guys keep up the voting with the house and amanda leaves 5-0

    • We should know by end of day tomorrow how gullible she is. Amanda is lobbying her hard to put up Elissa so her and Amanda can stay. Of course this is idiotic logic and does’t address GMs point that they are two votes against everyone else’s one but Amanda is claiming that her and McCrae will vote with GM till the end. At the same time she is telling GM how loyal her and McCrae are to And. Go figure.

      I think its pretty obvious. But is GM buy this bull after Amanda spent a week bullying Elissa to put GM up as a replacement nominee, then GM is pretty dumb and gullible.

  63. Well I would have like to see McCrae go first (game wise) but if ya can’t then Amanda is it, one if them HAVE to go!!!

  64. I hope Elissa gets her ass in gear and start winning more. I want her to stay . But Amanda needs to go for sure she is nothing but drama and doesn’t win anything. She is gross person inside and out. And a floater !!!!! Let’s only kiss as when it benefits her. What a b%%% and as for Andy he should never of been on this show.

  65. So I guess you people love to hear Elissa endlessly whining about how everyone is so gross and disgusting and she’s a
    ‘good person’……even Andy hates her and he likes most everybody! What is this Elissa fixation ?? I can’t stand her duck bill lips, much less what comes out of them.

  66. Anderson and Andy are both big bottoms so good luck bumping bums… I’m gay I can say this…lol.

  67. OMG Amanda has serious mental issues. Been watching feeds since Fri. I have only seen someone like her once and they were diagnosed with a mental illness. She can go from fine (for hours) to wacko in seconds then back to fine again. Very dangerous when wacko. Speaking from experience here.

  68. If Pizza Boy uses the Veto on Demanda the rest of the Houseguests should Beat The Hell Out Of Him … LOL

  69. I hope McCrae uses it to take himself off the block.. People in “love” do weird things..It will be terrible if he takes Amanda off the block. Amanda needs to go now.. She is a terrible person..

  70. Even though I’ve seen the spoilers, it was awesome watching the show and Amanda’s gator tears at the nomination ceremony.

  71. Big Brother would not have put up with a MAN being a BULLY as they have allowed with AMANDA. Big Brother has made it a point that CBS does not condone “BULLYING”, so what in ther HECK has happened this season? Some of (if NOT MOST OF) Amanda’s comments have been as hurtful to the HG she targets as any attempt or threat of violence against one WHICH IN THE PAST has led to the immediate EVICTION of the Bullying HG. SO WHAT IS GOING ON THIS YEAR? And HG like Amanda go to Gina Marie and say “get Elissa out, she’s the one who voted your BEST FRIEND Aaryn out last week, when the vote was 5 – 0. Why isn’t any HG smart enough to say, “Well apparently YOU VOTED HER OUT AS WELL” since the vote was UNAMIMOUS!”

  72. Double eviction week. Lets get the 2 meanest girls(Amanda and Elissa) out of the house on the same night!

  73. Andy is howdy doody boy look up Howdy Doody online it was an old tv show puppet that looks just like Andy Really check it out lol

  74. Amanda needs to go!! Don’t care about anything else after that…she is pathetic…the meaner she is the uglier she gets….the harder she crys the louder I laugh…let her go terrorize the jury house for week or two…I hope she is fired from her job like Aryan was.

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