Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 10: Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 August 31, 2013

Saturday in the Big Brother 15 house the week’s nominations were challenged yet again when a Power of Veto competition didn’t go quite as the majority of HGs had hoped. As one HG pointed out, “the worst-case scenario is happening a lot.” It’s not quite worst-case, but the HGs will have to adapt to the disrupted plans and that usually means even more fun for us viewers.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013

8:20 AM BBT – HGs waking up and getting ready to pick the Veto players.

9:50 AM BBT – Feeds return. All HGs except for Judd will compete for the Veto.

9:55 AM BBT – Amanda tells Andy he has to win the Veto to save them. Separately, Spencer tells Andy he wants to see Elissa gone. Andy agrees that Elissa should go after first of McCranda to go.

10:15 AM BBT – GM, Spencer, and Andy discussing eviction plans. GM doesn’t want to reveal too much to Elissa on their preference to get out McCrae first.

10:30 AM BBT – Exterminators excited about their chances at getting to the Final 4. GM discusses Amanda and her boyfriend from back home.

11:10 AM BBT – Andy worries Elissa will get America’s Favorite.

2:07 PM BBT – Feeds return. McCrae won Veto. Exterminators are disappointed, but still good spirits. Amanda in the bathroom stall crying. McCrae comforting her.

2:15 PM BBT – Spencer tells GM that she has to put up him or Andy to cover their tracks or else everyone will figure out they’re working together.

2:35 PM BBT – Andy talks to McCranda about why he didn’t want to win the Veto. Does not tell them about The Exterminators.

2:45 PM BBT – GM promises Elissa she won’t be renom’d. She tells Elissa that Andy will need to go soon.

3:40 PM BBT – Amanda crying to Judd for his vote. He tells her maybe she won’t go.

4:15 PM BBT – Amanda working on GM to help keep her this week. Promises not to go after her.

5:10 PM BBT – Amanda continues to work the crowd. She says she’s so unpopular that no one will want to keep her later so why not keep her now.

5:55 PM BBT – McCrae talking to GM now. She tells him that Amanda made some good points about renom’ing Elissa. McCrae questions if she’s serious or just saying that.

7:00 PM BBT – Amanda works on Spencer to tell GM that he’d target Amanda next week as a way to lessen GM’s sense of urgency on getting Amanda this week.

8:25 PM BBT – HGs called indoors for lockdown.

8:30 PM BBT – Spencer and Andy reconfirming that McCranda needs to be split.

9:05 PM BBT – GM and Andy discussing renoms. GM says she will not renom Elissa like Amanda keeps pushing.

10:00 PM BBT – McCranda working on GM to renom Elissa or Judd.

10:40 PM BBT – Amanda has the entire bottle of wine, drinking out of the bottle, and won’t share.

11:15 PM BBT – Amanda apologizes for her behavior with the wine.

11:30 PM BBT – Andy loses a card game and has to dance in the tutu every time production talks to them. HGs thoroughly enjoying this.

1:20 AM BBT – Judd and Andy agree that if this is a Double Eviction week and an Exterminator gets HoH they should put one of them up against McCrae instead of McC against Elissa.

3:15 AM BBT – Exterminators having their late night talk. They speculate who each opposing HG would put up. GM thinks McCrae would go after Elissa, Judd, or GM. Andy thinks Elissa and McCrae would go after each other, but he thinks he’s also in danger from Elissa’s nominations.

4:15 AM BBT – Exterminators discuss Spencer as the renom. Sounds like their plan is set for the Veto Ceremony.

Saturday’s events definitely defeated the Exterminators’ hopes of sending McCrae out the door but they’re ready to accept Amanda’s departure as a secondary prize. Sunday should be calmer but watch for Amanda to step it up after Monday’s Veto Ceremony.

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  1. I just don’t understand why they keep on trying to get McC to take off Amanda! wth just get her out and then McC next these people are stupid! It wouldn’t surprise me if McC used it bc crazy things always seem to happy.

    • I just wanted to see Amanda alone in the game, paranoid that NOBODY likes her and she doesn’t have McCrae to console her!!

    • It took them this much trouble to put up Amanda and they should send her packing! Amanda is a huge threat as long as she is in the game! Removing Amanda forces Andy and McCrae to play their own game!

  2. So is Amanda “allowed” to just take the wine for herself? Like if another HG tried to grab it from her would they get in trouble for being violent? I can’t stand her.

    If she got the Diamond POV, I am fully on board the Big Brother is rigged train.

    • I don’t think she has the Diamond Veto. She is working too hard to get GM to put up Elissa. If she had Diamond Veto she wouldn;t have to worry about her or McCrae and she could put up Elissa herself.

    • I doubt she’d get it because there would be no way of explaining how she got it. There was no America vote, she didn’t win a regular veto that could be turning into a dpov, etc. Luckily, there’s no way for CBS to hand that to her without making it obvious that it’s just because they want her in the game.

  3. Kudos to GM for seeing Andy for the rat he is. Now if GM and Elissa can only convince Judd then we have the makings of an exciting final 6.

    • GM & Elissa need to get Judd alone in the HOH (while they have a chance for complete privacy) and make it plain as day why Andy is a dam weasely ratty snitch ass piece of crap. Judd is making the same mistake he made before his 1st eviction. Judd was warned by Candice & Elissa both that he was a target. But he did not listen. Elissa has warned Judd that Andy is playing all sides of the house but he’s not listening. I don’t understand Judd’s kinship to Andy….somebody explain that to me…

      • can only hope that Judd is also using Andy Gm needs to talk to Judd before Thursday because of the double evicting so they have a good plan

      • That’s such an unfair stereotype that smacks of your prejudices! Southerners talk more slowly than Northerners; it doesn’t mean they’re not smart. However, in this case, I do think that Judd is playing an awful game. He’s always scared, even when he doesn’t need to be, and he has no clue who he should and should not trust. Sad.

    • Does GM really see him as the snake he is….I really can’t tell…please tell me if anyone seen her seriously talking against him. Because I saw her talking against Elissa…..

      • Yes she does see him as a snake but she’s also using him. Her and Elissa had a secret meeting yesterday in which they agreed that they would continue to act like they don’t like each other and that Andy needed to go right after McCrae. They decided that the evictions should go – Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Spencer

      • I certainly hope it works out that way, although I would settle for Amanda, Andy, McCrae then Spencer too.

    • why do you say GM saw Andy for the rat he is I missed that please tell me where I can see this I would love to see it

    • I must have missed something..I have been hoping(even praying) that someone would see Andy for what he really it…the redheaded rat/weasel. I am thrilled to hear that Gina has caught on…thank you

    • I think GM was just letting Elissa believe that she feels that way about Andy. That way it keeps her alliance with him, Spencer and Judd a secret.

  4. I don’t really care who wins at this point as long as Aryn and Amanda don’t have a chance of winning game is done for me.
    Can’t wait for the worst season in BB history to finally be over.
    And I don’t care if the floaters oops I means the exterminators don’t get what they want, i am happy to see Amanda go home

  5. If Amanda does not leave and wins this thing… Sadly this will be the last season for me. I haven’t bought into the rigged thing yet..but we shall see.

    • I have to agree with you. If some power pops up for Amanda to save herself and she goes on to win the game, I will really have to consider the possibility that it is rigged. If it is, I will not watch. What’s the point if all of the drama and strategy is irrelevant because CBS has already picked a winner?

      But, I do not think that is the case. I just don’t think CBS cares who wins. The game will be fine without Amanda. The drama will change but it will still be there.

      • Controversies of Production manipulation and unfairness is not new to Big Brother. I’ve read all of them. From BB 9,11 and 14. Evidence in BB14’s Production manipulation is somewhat convincing, But this latest accusation is the most UNBELIEVABLE of them all.

  6. AMANDA WILL WIN DIAMOND POV. I posted link to website that gives details but it was removed twice mysteriously. GOOGLE IT. Bottom line- the fix is in for her to win..

    • Maybe it was removed because its not true? That site also posted articles about Amanda being kicked off the show for various infractions. As I posted yesterday the last time the Diamond veto was given, the holder had to keep it a secret and not tell any other house guests or else the power would be taken away. Amanda was showing the token she found to McCrae the other night. So if she got the Diamond Veto and told McCrae she would lose the power. Then again, they can change the rules of the game any time they want.

      • I found that site I just googled Amanda Zuckerman diamond pov and it popped up. It also showed Helen being pushed off on the baseball wall.

      • The video of Helen getting pushed is quite incriminating. Production wanted Judd back for sure, although he’s been quite a disappointment since his return.

      • Also, last night they were playing cards with the tokens they got from the luxury comp. So the token Amanda found might be nothing too.

      • Well lets hope so. If anyone got the diamond pov I wanted it to be Elissa, only because everyone keeps blaming her for everything.

      • Nothing would make me happier than to have this story be untrue. If Amanda ends up winning it all, well lets just say things for CBS will look VERY suspect.

    • You sound so sure about this. I don’t believe it at all. Come Thursday, if it’s not true, I hope you post I WAS WRONG and I’ll do the same thing if it’s true.

      • Okay, Cyril, I know you are into the bb thing, because of your name last year,I remembered. Could you please tell me ,why Araryn knew ,snake Andy had ties with other ones in the house, I know Arayn was smart, but racist, but how dum can you be ,seems like the rest of the house just dont get it?

      • Is this Rita I’m talking to? Ok, I’m not so clear about your question. You wanna know why Aaryn knew Andy had ties with other HG? I don’t think too much about Aaryn. You seemed to know the answer, so you tell me.

  7. Seriously hoping Andy is the victim of the DE……… I don’t think McC will be so deplorable after Demanda’s exit on Thursday. I really can’t stand Andy and would really like to see Judd and Elissa in the final two as they are the lesser of all the evils left. McC can leave the following week…. it might be nice to see him actually play the game instead of hiding in bed.

    • U got that right.. That nasty little self serving weasel should go soon & I mean real soon. The bully in me is gonna say “I WANNA SLAP THE CRAP OUT OF HIM WORSE THAN I DO AMANDA.” Oh Please I have to calm down is gonna be a long 36 hrs till renoms..I may not make it I may self evict the site and the feeds. I am so pissed.

      • Self serving? Who exactly is he going to split the $500,000 with? Since when is it illegal to try to win the game for yourself?

        This is not a team game.

      • I didn’t mention the money. Don’t turn my post into saying something other than what they are related to. And u need to somehow let Mc & Am know that BB is not a “team” game.

      • UPB13 likes to instigate… it’s all good……. I don’t like Andy’s game play….. it has absolutely sucked…… ppl can say what they want about Elissa but she stuck to her alliance until Helen was voted out. Aside from being Amanda’s informant Andy only seems to he aligned with the current HOH and that’s pretty much it.

    • He will use the veto on himself…he won’t want to be known as “that other” BB player who made the dumbest move in BB history, what was his name..Marquis or something like that, it was very early season 2 or 3.

    • She doesn’t want him to do that. She’s okay with leaving and she is leaving. She said she doesn’t need the money and he does.

      • She’s afraid for him to be in the jury house with Jessie and Aaryn and without her! THAT is why she doesn’t want him to use the veto on her. She is one very insecure woman.

  8. Why is it that everytime somebody gets evicted that it is Elissas fault??? NominatIon choices are Elissas fault. Why is Elissa at fault??? She has no power unless she is HOH and that happened once. Why is she blamed for something she has no actual input or control over? All she can do is voice her opinion as to who needs to be nomed. Elissa used the MVP power on David & Nick because the “house” deemed they needed to go. Why blame her solely & entirely?? Elissa is one vote. I do not understand the “it’s Elissas fault” mentality . Please if anybody can make sense of it explain it to me.
    Last nite on the feeds McCrae told GM that Elissa was very disrespectful to him and Amanda. Can u believe that slug had the nerve to call another HG “disrespectful” ? Him & Amanda both are complete losers when it comes to being decent and neither has any self respect. I cannot tolerate either of them & their entitled attitudes. I could hope that there is a way that both of em go out the door on Thursday nite “together” & not 30 minutes apart. Please make that happen CBS/BB Production. SS guys but I had to vent.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Who is this entitled nasty, disgusting, bratty little bish? And McNasty, you are just as disgusting as she is? It’s okay for Amanda to torment Elissa and threaten her but you whine because Elissa was disrespectful to your nasty arses?

      How is everything in the house Elissa’s fault? I swear the green eyed monster is a dangerous thing! McNastanda are jealous of Elissa, for McCrae because “she doesn’t need the money” and Amanda because Elissa is not afraid of her and has self esteem.

      They are so disgusting!

    • It would make my day if Amanda and McCrae or even Amanda and Andy would walk out that door on Thursday. As much as I can’t stand the two of them, I can’t stand the rat anymore either.
      I agree with everything you’ve said about Elissa, and how she’s blamed and targeted for everything. She actually has kept an upbeat attitude despite the taunting and harassment she’s endured. It suprises me how she talks and laughs with them and the next minute the rat or Spencer is saying how much they hate her. Why??? I think it’s all jealousy. Elissa has a personality and is fun unlike McCrae who does nothing but sleep and lay around all day.

      • What I don’t understand is that Mcpizza boy and Demenda are having sex in the house and putting their used condoms on Elissa’s stuff. If you think about it why are they the only ones with this benefit. You have a whole house, and no one except them are having sex with other HG! They both have no morals, or respect to themselves and the other HG. Who does this on National TV? Both of them are so so discussing and are PIGS. I hope their families are discussed and embarrassed, that they raised PIGS!
        Also their disgusting bedroom, and them eating their food in bed, and leaving the dirty dishes in their bedroom where were they raised to think that is okay (in a barn with the bard animals)? Demanded has gained so much weight because she eats everything and never works out. SEND DEMANDA HOME, and then McNasty (who looks like a creep and has to be told to brush his teeth) EWW
        I am sick and tried watching them on BBAD. Then get ANDY (rat boy), and Spencer.
        Also DEMENDA should be DQ for saying all those horrible things to Elissa. And putting those condoms on Elissa stuff. Evil Dick was rude, but he never put his sperm on other people. These 2 have No class, they probably don’t even know that they have no class. To me they were raised by people with no morals!!!!!

      • I don’t understand how this can be allowed to happen with the condoms. BB is a business and have to abide by federal laws. Sperm is a biohazard! That is a big time OSHA violation!!!!!!

      • That was stated the other night, and Elissa said that I can not believe that they throw their used condoms all over the house! And last night on BBAD GM mentioned to Judd that MCcreepy’s want to take a shower in her HOH room, and that they were probably do something nasty in her shower.

    • I am with u fly it’s almost like a mirror blaming everything they say about her is what they have done to her I don’t like either of them plus Andy and Spencer are not any better

    • I know. It pretty funny. This is why Elissa has become such a sympathetic character. They blamed her for nominating David when it was McCrae and Nick who got he to nominate David. I am still not sure why she never told Aaryn this.

      Anyway, it is funny that McCrae said Elissa disrespected him and Amanda. What has McCrae done to deserve her respect? And how respectful is it to not shower so that the rest of the house has to smell your body odor? And how about when he farts when he is laying in bed or the couch outside and everyone elses has to smell his gas? How respectful is that?

      McCrae doesn’t respect himself the way he lets Amanda bully him around. Why should anyone else respect him?

      • Yep…U need to tell McCrae Amanda & Andy & Spencer to stop the rants raves and bad comments toward Elissa. They are the reason that America & viewers are siding with Elissa. U can call her a bitch but she is the reason that BB15 turned into the game its supposed to be. No more Amanda & McCrae show.

      • ss u are correct . Helen ( in the BB house) says “Its too soon to nominate Amanda”. Helen (in the jury house) says ” I can’t imagine where I went wrong & ended up here”. oh yes lets give Helen credit for changing the game due to getting evicted.

      • Fly, you have been on a roll lately. I don’t understand why everyone is so mad at Elissa, either. Elissa and McCrea are on the block, but somehow Elissa is responsible for that. Andy’s rat ass is mad at Elissa, because she knows that he is a rat. They are all mad at Elissa, because she has money. Hell, don’t be mad at Elissa, be made at yourself for not doing the things that Elissa did to get her money.

      • I don’t care about how much money a HG might have. I don’t watch BB to watch 2 slugs mate. I don’t watch BB to see who can come with the best racist /bigoted remarks or who can throw the best slurs/insults. Its not BB when personal issues overide game play. Until Elissa won HOH that is all season 15 of BB was about was “personal” issues. Elissa did not conform to Amandas wishes therefore she was a ” bitch”. While Aaryns nom was personal (no lie for Elissa) McCrae’s nom was strategic. So Elissa played both sides. Which changed the course of the show back to what BB is all about.
        I am all for lies/liars alliances snitches backstabbers arguments name calling and manipulation in a true BB season. BB15 has been a season cast with (a few) HGs who are racist bigoted small minded individuals. They have no “self” respect nor do they respect the person standing next to em. Hopefully CBS has learned that when casting the HGs that a more indepth process should be implemented . Somewhere along the way CBS/Production lost control and while they tried to correct the issues it was too late the damage was done. They now have to ride it out to the end and hope the show will be renewed.

      • elissa is a conniving snake… she is a dangerous person, forget player, she isn’t even playing the game, she makes comments to each player planting a seed and then she watches it grow and plays miss innocent. she doesn’t fool me one bit. in real life that would be someone to watch out for cause if she wanted your job or your husband you’d never see it coming.

      • Sometimes very self-assured people come across as stuck up – especially if they are vocal about their distaste for another’s actions. More often than not, Elissa has taken the high road.

    • No need to apologize, you are exactly right, I have felt all season long like McCrae and Amanda feel as though they are entitled to win this game, and that everyone should bow down to their every wim, The disrespect that McCrae was talking about, seriously? Has he not been watching his sex toy lately? I pray that McCrae does not win HOH on Thursday..he needs to go next, then Andy, then Spencer..and a final 3 of Judd, GM and Elissa. Judd needs to really get on board with GM and Elissa telling him that Andy is a snake. Andy whispered to Amanda last night that he threw something to her that pertained to the veto comp..not sure what he was talking about. He is a sneaky little weasel.

    • i know i thought it was funny when Amanda was saying all this stuff to gm last night then had to cover her butt real quick when she was like i tried everything in my power to keep arryn in this house which would of been at the expense of GM

    • All I can say, IMO, the more Elissa is “Blamed” the more it helps her game. She plays the victim well (I mean that in a good way). She could go run off and cry everytime someone says Boo to her but she doesn’t. She’s shown tremendous courage and resiliency. Characteristics that will help her in the end. If she makes it there.

    • Briliantly said, personally, I think they are just jealous of Elissa being married, she has her own family and she is related to Rachel, they just can not stomach the fact, imagine Pizza Boy (McStinky) saying Elissa was disrespectful to him and his slot (Shemanda). I don’t know either one of them but for what I have seen on television why should I respect those two morons, they are both pigs.

  9. UGH!!! I am so tired of HER! I hope they get her of the house.

    I hope Jessie, Helen, and Candice throw a party for her when she enters the juror house!

  10. Does anyone know for sure if Amanda did get a Diamond POV from one of her ballons in the luxury competition? If that is true, then, Amanda could get off and Elissa probably will get evicted! I hope it isn’t true but, I can only guess that we will know when the POV ceremony comes!

    • She is not acting like it. She is still pushing for GM to put Elissa up on the block. Of course she could be trying to get GM to do that on her own so Amanda can save the power for the following eviction, but I don;t think so. My guess is if she had it we would be able to tell from her facial expressions and mannerisms. For example, she might try to campaign to stay, but it would not be as emotional.

      • Okay. Thanks. We will know for sure when the POV ceremony comes because she has to use it to get off assuming she has it!

      • The producers can also be pushing her to act “natural” so no one suspects anything. It wouldn’t surprise me though. She does create the most drama in the house and drama makes CBS money.

      • The only probably that I have with that is she is not acting “natural.” She is acting like a person who is truly worried. If she had the diamond power, I doubt if she would be crying like she is.

      • I agree with you. It’s just a theory. I believe she is way too unstable to keep a secret for several no less several days.

    • You will know tonight because the luxury comp is supposed to air tonight. They would have to show her finding it.

      • No it airs sunday

        “Julie Chen promised us we’d see a mysterious competition on Sunday’s Big
        Brother 15 and sure enough the HGs were surprised by a luxury comp
        earlier today.”

        Thats from the author of this website in the article titled
        “Big Brother 15: HGs Get Surprise Luxury Competition”

    • I would LOVE IT if Amanda had a Diamond POV.. Fingers crossed. I am team Amanda. None of them would even be there except Judd if it wasn’t for Amanda’s smarts… DIAMOND POV… but she’s not that good of a liar so I don’t think she has it sadly.

    • I was worried about this but an eagle-eyed BBAD viewer said that it was a souvenir token and that Amanda had even painted it with nail polish to give to McRae to “remember her by.”

  11. I could be wrong but I really think GM is going to try her best to stay true to her secret alliance with Elissa. At about 1:15 or so last night, they showed GM talking to Elissa and updating her about where the guys are at and a couple minutes later they were talking about getting out McCrae and Andy or McCrae and Spencer next. I’ve watched GM’s body language talking to everyone and I really believe she’s with Elissa. She’s no dummy being in an alliance with the guys. It keeps her in the loop of things and I’m sure she realizes in the very end…all the guys would stick together.

    • so which alliance is GM loyal to? she wasn’t loyal to Aaryn. She blew aaryn off as soon as Elissa made a final 2 with her. didn’t elissa make a final 2 with Judd as well. and doesn’t GM have a final 4 with Judd, Spencer and Andy? The only player that stayed loyal to their alliance was McCranda. Period. GM is a tool for Elissa, Elissa knows it, Amanda knows it; GM thinks she’s in control. Crap. That’s why Elissa hates Amanda so much, cause Amanda is on to her.

      Elissa isn’t even playing a game She’s just trying to be the most popular girl in high school and win Homecoming queen crown.

      • Since when is it so important to keep your alliances? Every season they are changing constantly. The reason Mcranda has stayed in alliance with one another is because they are a ‘couple’. That would be like Jeff going against Jordan or Rachel against Brenden. Rarely if ever do alliances stay solid. The game is constantly changing and so must the HG’s..

    • This makes sense because GM lives and works in a “woman’s world” and it is comforting to her to have a female friend.

    • Ben, before Asryn’s eviction, Asryn told GM to stick with Elissa and Judd; and not to trust Andy. Asryn told GM exactly what to do and I believe GM will carry out Asryn requests.

    • Agreed…GM has seen the light…I think Aaryn clued her in plus Elissa shared her thoughts openly last week at the beginning of her HOH so they bonded during a time when Elissa wanted nothing of GM…trust builder!

  12. Next season why not cast with people who have never paid attention to the show? I hate that these people are so plastic and “fans” so that they know all the competitions. It takes any realism out of this thing. Please do better casting and try to get some fresh personalities rather than these canned, horrible, racist, asses.

    • The problem is that when they cast people who have never seen the show, they show them only certain recent seasons in sequester. So these HGs only know the strategies that have been used in those seasons. And the seasons they show them are inevitably the ones where America is insane about couples who lack strategy and seasons like the Brigade. So the HGs think that’s how they have to be.

      And then there are fans who think that there’s only one strategy to win, Rachel Reilly’s. Which is absurd. Some of the greatest winners in BB would laugh at her terrible floaters get a lifevest strategy.

      • For once I agree with you on something. Unless I misunderstood what you are saying, I hate to see everyone immediately trying to form alliances. I think it should be a more natural process to see who can get along with who and be able to work together. If the game is designed to have several alliances all working against each other, they should allow small groups of friends/family to enter the house as a ‘team’ (like paint-ball) and go against other teams. (3 or 4 small teams). We might see some allegiance to their ‘alliance’ then. BB can use some new ideas. It is starting to get tired. Just a thought. . .

  13. Finally they are seeing Andy for who he is. No one will convince me that his floating is strategy.

    • The little Weasel will get his day and I bet you he will cry all the way to the jury, he is nothing but a weasel and a rat, Shemanda and McStinky’s puppet.

  14. Amanda is insane. She bullies people, talks horrible about them, and the whole wine thing but then two minutes later she “cries and apologizes”! I’m getting real tired of her crocodile tears. I can’t wait ’til she’s in jury :)

    • If Amanda won the diamond veto, do you really believe she’d be crying the drunken blues for herself?

      • Um, if you read my comment you’d realize I didn’t once say anything about a Diamond Power of Veto… She doesn’t have it anyway, no one does.

    • I honestly believe she is bi-polar or something…she is way too emotionally all over the place to be sane. I also think secretly McC regrets getting involved with her, shes put a target on his back and I really think he is tired of being her punching bag.

      • She may be bipolar, but let’s not forget all the drugs she’s taking in the house. She’s on a HUGE dose of Adderal, much larger dose than what Aaryn is taking, AND she’s on Xanax, AND she drinks as much as she can, which she should not be doing while on those drugs. No wonder she acts so erratically. BB shouldn’t let them drink while giving them meds like those.

      • I said the same thing to my sister. I feel like she has some kind of mental instability going on. She takes tons of meds and her emotions are all over the place. Either that or she just has a shitty personality and loves to fake-cry. I think the same with McCrae recently he just sits and stares into space while she’s talking to him!

  15. I honestly thought that GM always said ignorant things to fit in with Aaryn but now I know that’s just who she is… Amanda asked who they think the most memorable would be and GM said “I don’t think anyone will remember Helen because all Asian people look the same” and then she said “She (pertaining to Helen) always did my nails”. Judd was saying “don’t say that” and then she said like what “no, I’m not that’s like saying all black people look the same” and the entire time Amanda, Andy and McCrare were cackling like it was the funniest thing in the world. Despicable.

    This is why I love Judd. He’s never said anything to discriminate towards someone’s race. J-U-DOUBLE-D!

    • Latifah, unfortunately Judd participated in the racist conversations before he got evicted. He is not entirely innocent, either. Judd isn’t doing so now, though.

  16. If McCrae has any sign of brain activity whatsoever, then he will use the POV on himself, not Amanda. And if GM has an IQ higher than 1, then she will put up Andy.

    • I don’t think he has the gut to make that decision other than follow what Shemanda tells him to do, I bet he use it to save Shemanda. Pizza Boy has been PW all the way back to the land of no return, where ever that might be

  17. Getting rid of Mccrae is a waste of an hoh. Exactly what is he going to do? He’s won 1 hoh and 2 vetos and has no alliance. Oh and yeah Amanda took the bottle of wine that part is true. But she had no alcohol the night before when they all did and drank no beer during the day when they all did. On top of which she poured a glass for both Elissa and Judd. I’m a fan of getting facts right, not Amanda.

    • Well, if you want to get the fact right, you probably should have mention that she poured Elissa 1/4 of a glass and that was after she (Amanda) drank out of the bottle. I’m just a fan who is trying to get the facts right.

      • I do hope Elissa is alright today. I am hoping she did no get sick or something got something toxic that the CDC needs to come in and check, after being so brave to drink from the bottle the “Infected one” was drinking out of. Yikes!

    • Elissa had already had several beers that day… Elissa just antagonizes amanda on purpose.. elissa is a mean girl. when amanda did it to try to keep aaryn in the house and keep andy off the block it was a game play, elissa makes comments, inuendos, sarcastic, she just does it for no reason at all, has no game play involved in it at all, that’s mean. keeping the facts straight. i think elissa was jealous of aaryn cause she’s younger and prettier, and jealous of amanda cause she’s smart, and now elissa thinks GM is a tool. obvious.

      • wow you know so much about this people you can read their minds and know exactly what they are thinking you could join the Circus as Madame Rita or whatever ur name is the mind reader

      • Rita – please get a hold of yourself and stop being another Amanda’s troll from the outside, I don’t know what you have been watching, please call a spade a spade, Amanda is an outright Bully, a mental case and also a slot and you might not be too far from that yourself.

  18. I hope when Amanda is evicted she is greeted with BOO”S from the audience. She is just starting to figure out that America might just think she is a disgusting, nasty, foul mouthed with no class person!

  19. What gets me is the Producers can tell them to stop it when they do not like them talking about production or singing but when Amanda or someone is bullying or acting racist then they say NOTHING…..This shows that they agree with it….Cause they sure do not mind yelling at them for talking about Production of stuff that goes on behind the scenes…

    • I have heard that if they sing then CBS must pay royalities to the musical artist. Not sure if that’s true but I remember a while back that Ellen Degeneres show got into some trouble for not paying royalties.

      • Which if true is kind of ridiculous. I understand CBS’s point of view of course, but the music industry are like lunatics when protecting music rights.

  20. I hope GM has the courage to evict Elissa this week. Keep Amanda and Mccray since they now have no power and everyone will put them up each week. Elissa is the one to get out. Then the exterminators have no blood on their hands. It’s a perfect move. To keep Elissa would just be plain dumb at this point. does Elissa really think she can have one conversation with GM after everything that has happened and convince her she’s trustworthy; Andy said it so well last night, Elissa has got to go, every day she becomes more unstable.

      • am standing behind u peeping over ur shoulder with my hand over my mouth trying not to fall over from laughing uncontrollably …ss about ur ears.. seriously lmmao

      • Run rabbit run…just walk away now. Maybe you are multiple personalities accomplice?? I think so.

      • well if u are gonna respond to “sara” u may find that u are talking to more than one “person”

    • Allow me to school you. The list of what Amanda has done to Elissa, the wine incident Amean-azz decides “NO” you can not have any… then practically drinks the whole bottle, hence alcoholic, who admitted a cocaine habbit. After the lux comp the HGS were cleaning up Amanda put Confitti in Elissa bag because quote Elissa said she likes confetti. She revealed in baby talk to McAhole the she did it on purpose and was reveling that she got away with it, by pretending to clean next to Elisssa’s bed. Elissa noticed the confetti filed bag, and had to go to DR. The used condom on the memory wall on Elissa picture, and the used condom on Elissa’s HOH door. Missing and broken jewelery of Elissa’s. These example are all blatant rule brake. She also broke Elissa’s name plaque on purpose. She has threatened and plotted to murder Elissa several times, just like a serial killer. I bet there are buried bodies of ppl who did not choose to buy her listed properties in FL. F.B.I. is probably searching now.
      Please give me your address and I will send Aman-azz to your door. Oh, F.Y.I the silverware was removed from the house yesterday. Coincidence? Hmm Amean-azz the psychotic terrorist has said abut knifing not just Elissa but Jessie and raping. Candice she wants to eat..

      • Did you mention she made fun of Elissa’s husband? And last night she called Elissa’s husband an assh*ole, then called her entire family assh*les. Amanda cries about how she is being portrayed when, in fact, they are giving her a great edit by not showing the really bad stuff she does and says.

      • My post was lengthy. I figured the multiple’s have a attention span of a nat.. Thank you for that. The adopted son thing made me especially mad. I am adopted and it was no picnic. Hence the armadillo ;( )))))— I have had to be strong. Elissa being my adopted mom I would have liked. The comment about the husband being old, Elissa doesn’t need the money. Mc Azzhole saying she is a c face. When he should know what one is having that nasty yeast filled snapper C of A’s.

    • By that logic, Amanda needs to go because she’s already proven she’s past the point of stability.

  21. Matthew, do you think the chip comp they had Saturday will be shown tonight and the reasoning behind the chips or will they wait till Wed?

    • I’m not Matthew, but I believe Julie announced last week Thursday that the comp would be aired on this week Wednesday.

      • I believe they played it before the nominations so they could show it tonight. Usually on Friday before they have Have/Have-not comp, and that’s what we see on Sunday.
        BTW -> @_captain555

      • I went back and re-watched. Julie said the comp will air tonight. Sorry for the bad information.

  22. I agree this is the worst season. Just awful. Done watching. Every season there has been one or two people worth rooting for. Not this year. They are either so mean or so scared they won’t make any moves until Gina Marie!! Good for her for making a big move finally! I hope Amanda GOES this week so tired of her.

    • She could have made a big move during her first HOH but she let Amanda run that one. I don’t know how she suddenly found her balls (her own words). Amanda should have been gone weeks ago. For some reason everyone in that house was afraid of her.

  23. I want Amanda to stay. She has played this game all the way through and got to this point and I hate to see her go.

    People in the house have said similar things as her so it’s not just her.

    Spencer has the mouth of sailor so everyone gives him a pass.

    I think Amanda chose the wrong tactic when Elissa was HOH but she was trying to keep her alliance intact, she wasn’t intentionally being mean. She was trying to get in Elissa’s head so she wouldn’t put up Andy and then they could save Aaryn. IT was game. No one gives her any credit at all for even trying to save McCray and then Aaryn. She could have just stayed in a hammock or kept putting her makeup on like Elissa, but no she was trying to save Aaryn when she was safe. Duh!!!!!!

    Elissa is a mean girl. She plants seeds in people’s heads and then watches them grow. She sees GM as a tool. She got in GMs head the first night she was HOH by playing on GMs ego. Elissa is a sly snake and she knew she had GM wrapped around her little finger just like Judd. What’s the difference? Amanda and Mccray had team players as well and everyone hates them for being so successful?

    So what if Amanda talks openly about things. When Spencer does it I don’t see one comment but when Amanda does it the comments catch fire.

    I could never have played a strategic game as well as Amanda and I know Elissa couldn’t have either that’s why Elissa hates Amanda. It’s not because Amanda talks about sex or things openly, it’s because Amanda is smarter than Elissa and Elissa can’t stand it. It’s eating her alive. Elissa is seething with jealously. Elissa’s only mode of attack is manipulation by using her body, her fake smile, and subtle taunts and comments that fester in people’s heads. Yuk yuk yuk.

    I hope a miracle happens and somehow Amanda stays in the house. A Diamond VETO. Amanda deserves to be in the final 4 above all other players in that house. None of them wouldn’t even be there if she hadn’t gotten out all the best players one by one and saved each one of them when they were on the block except Judd. Which she wrongly thought he was MVP because he was soliciting the other side and brought distrust on himself.

    Amanda remained loyal to her alliance. She is the most loyal person in the game and that is integrity even if she has the mouth of a sailor.

  24. time seems to heal all wounds…have any of you GM fans forgotten GM’s racist behavior and how she bullied Candice? How “mean girl”she was when teamed with Aryian and Kaitlyn?

    • Learn to spell…blah blah blah….NO! None is forgotten. News flash GM lost her job…Aaryn lost being a model…and was called out by Julie Chen. You need to get a clue. Learn to read accordingly.

    • Not time, but winning. Winning cures all. That’s a fact of life.Trust me, I felt morally wrong cheering for GM. She is truly a disgusting individual, but for what it’s worth, at least she’s going after the more disgusting individual.

  25. I am so tired of seeing Amanda’s fat a$$ in her panties. Seems like she is so desperate for attention, disgusting

  26. If you survive as a nom or renom many times, the pawn got promoted to rook because it’s solid as a rock. Agree?

  27. “You guys hate me and won’t send me to F2, so why can’t you vote someone else out now?

    …Seriously Amanda? Everyone can tell you’re getting desperate, now.

  28. How is Elissa “mean, evil and a bitch”? I want to understand why Amanda hates Elissa so much. Is it because she can not control Elissa and did everyone else? Please help me understand.

    • I don’t get it either. Several of them have said how much they hate her. I’ve never heard her talk evil to anyone unless she was defending herself. She doesn’t antagonize people. She’s been very nice considering how she’s been treated. I think Amanduh hates her so much because she’s so jealous of her she can’t see straight. Elissa is living in Amanduh’s head 24/7 and she make a fool out of herself every day in that house.

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