Big Brother 15 Week 9 Player Rankings


We’ve stepped into Big Brother 15 Week 10 and quite possibly the biggest move of the season is looming, but let’s see how the Houseguests did heading into Week 10 with our Week 9 player rankings. We’re getting down to the wire, so some people will be ranked higher than they deserve because there are no other options.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Player Rankings

1. Amanda. Sure she spent the week tormenting Elissa and making all the houseguets uncomfortable (including McCrae), but she finally won a competition when it really counted. She picked up that veto just as Elissa was planning to put her up and send her off to jury. She’s playing a last-place social game right now, but she’s run the show the entire season and that veto win puts her in the No. 1 spot for the week.

2. Elissa. She get’s this spot for winning that hard Head of Household and for finally realizing Amanda was a bigger threat than Aaryn. Of course her biggest mistake was not putting Amanda up against McCrae in the first place. In the end, she did send Aaryn out the door and Aaryn was clearly the second-biggest threat from all of her competition wins.

3. Judd. J-U Double D Party Darty is back and he earned it. He outlasted Jessie, Helen and Candice on that wall during the Head of Household competition and re-entered the game. Not only did he prove himself worthy in that competition, but he came back in the house with a smart plan. He pretended to have  a clean slate, but knew he was after those who sent him out.

4. Andy. Thanks to the Zingbot, Andy finally realized that he might be a little bit of a floater. But more importantly, he realized he can’t get to the Final 2 with a showmantic pair. FINALLY. So he ditched “2 AM” and joined The Exterminators. I’m not sure an alliance with Spencer and GinaMarie is a good idea, but at this point in the game the pickings are slim.

5. GinaMarie. Oh, GM, you’re somehow not in last place this week. I think it’s because you did well in that HOH competition and you considered your own game all week instead of going off on revenge for Aaryn’s nomination and pending eviction.

6. McCrae. Just to show you how little McCrae means to the game right now, I had initially forgotten him. Thanks to the sharp eyes on Twitter, I can now put him in 6th place, which I feel is being too generous.

7. Spencer. He’s still here?

8. Aaryn. She fought the fight, but she walked out the door and that’s an automatic last place.

These are just my rankings, so please feel free to share your own in our comments section below. Oh, and I can’t wait for next week’s rankings! Things are surely going to look different from this week’s.


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  1. Should be #1 Elissa, #2 Amanda.
    Elissa, not she got Aaryn out, which was her 1st plan, she expose Amanda for what she really was. She deserve # 1.

      • Also, she folded on the last round of a competition. Also, she proclaimed she would not go to jury if evicted before Helen.

      • And Elissa kept her cool when Amanda was harrassing her for days on end. Amanda went nuts as soon as McCrae went up on the block (and I’m not sure all of that can be credited to her being off her meds).

    • I agree! She’s the reason this game has turned around now and others are beginning to play for themselves and not for others.

    • I say go Elissa and she is doing it alone! Judd is slowly moving away from her. That’s Judd for you! Anyone who gets voted out the first time and returns due to a BB comp, does not deserve to win IMO!

      • Nope they had a discussion in HOH room and decided he would pull away from her and act like he didn’t like her. They have a final 2 deal. Will see if he sticks to it after they get out Mcranda. I think he could talk GM into keeping her if she’s up against Andy on block.

    • If McCranda goes home. Since the POV comp hasn’t been completed as of this post AND there’s a double evict coming, the possibility remains that those two could still be in the house. WORST CASE SCENARIO!!!!

      • noo one of them is going to be leaving during the first eviction then the 2nd eviction is anybodys game

  2. So GM judd spencer and andy want mcc out? Hmm I actually hope he wins veto and that way for sure Amanda would be leaving. She needs to go first!

    • getting ready to watch DWTS and claimed that’s rigged…..Shushsssss they come in ….

  3. Andy is in HOH blasting Elissa in hopes that she will be evicted soon. Does Andy not realize that Elissa’s 2 biggest enemies Aaryn & Amanda were/are doomed??? He needs to keep his coments to himself or he will find his ass on the block again.

      • He’s also trying to keep the target off himself. Having felt the heat if the hot seat last week he’s a scared little rat.

  4. GM promised Elissa and Judd safety if one of the MCCranda’s wins the veto. So Rat and Roast Chicken better try their hardest in this veto, they want to throw veto, or one of them will go on the block.

  5. Obviously, the Rat is afraid of Elissa still in the house, that’s why he’s pushing GM for Elissa to be evicted next. I hope GM doesn’t fall for Andy’s lie. If Mcgross leaves, to see Andy sitting beside her her mommy on the block is PERFECT !!!

      • There he goes talking about Elissa not needing the money again? JUST HOPE that one of the punishments is a 48 hr muzzle & Andy gets it…Please just shut him up..

      • lol..You know I can watch Amanda’s craziness in the house, but there’s something about Andy when he opens his mouth that is so intolerable.

      • I cant stand her when she goes crazy and Andy I totally agree with you in a post somebody said he is worry now how America perceive him but he still behaves the same way like doing the same thing expecting different results

    • Right people in the final that will NOT win would be Andy, spencer, Amanda, McCrae…no one would think they played a good game!! Between Elissa and Judd, they are both well liked???

  6. I think that Spencer should be higher. He is not being taken seriously as a competitor and he has been on the block almost every single week! He also spoke up to Amanda, although others wouldn’t and he didn’t panic when Aaryn tried to out his plan to target them. He is not my favorite person, but I do think that he has a stronger backbone than McCrae. Did we even hear actual words from McCrae this week?!

  7. I don’t even think Spencer or Andy deserve to be ranked. All they do is float to the power. Andy backstabbed his best friend Helen when they had a deal from week one for final 2. They both have 50 different alliances and don’t do anything. All Andy does is pop up everywhere. And all Spencer does is talk disgusting trash and eat. I think it would be great if Elissa wins HOH during DE and puts Andy and Amanda up then Amanda wins POV and Elissa renoms Spencer and Andy goes to jury at the hands of Elissa. I can dream can’t I???

  8. I want Amanda to be in the house without McCrae because she’d be a mess! She’d probably even self-evict.

  9. Yes, Captain 555, Elissa should be with the Exterminators and
    andy (intentional no capital letter ‘a’) should continue to float…
    The Exers could control the house…however, they are not
    forward thinkers. Elissa is obviously motivated by emotion,
    Aaryn then Amanda. Is Elissa even aware of the Exers?
    Since I don’t have ‘live feed’ do any posters (can’t call us
    fans this season) know the answer?

    • GM has a girl alliance with Elissa.. .Elissa has a “sort of” alliance with Judd . Then they all 3 have a secret pact of sorts. Did yall get all that???

    • hmmmm U must have not watched since week one. That is when McCrae took the bed and has yet to get up.

      • Yeah I’ve been watching since the beginning. True McCrae has coasted, but I was only commenting on this week’s rankings not the season overall.

    • No.. Amanda went nuts and is trying to climb over the backyard fence and they don’t want us to see the white coated men throwing the net on her.

  10. GM gets Amanda or McCrea out this week she will be the Top HG. Elissa will be the next power player to go once the guys team up against the girls.

  11. I have to disagree with your rankings for the first time. I would put Elissa as #1 as she started the ball rolling to split McRanda. Amanda does not deserve #1 IMO as anyone who wins veto to save themselves is pretty normal….nothing to write home about!

  12. Elissa has been floating, if not for Helen and the bogus MVP to start the season, she would have been gone a long time ago. CBS hasn’t been showing her shallow, self-centered insanity on the show.

    She’s no Rachel….

  13. If you’re putting Amanda as #1 for winning the veto when it was counted because she would be going home….then Elissa should be # 1 for that same aspect and more too.
    1. Elissa won HOH when the whole house was against her and was looking to send her home after Helen.

    2. She found out the 3 As and M were working together. In getting rid of Aaryn, she decimated the 3AM alliance.

    3 Elissa was the first person to show the rest of the house guests that the McCranda wasn’t invincible.

    4. By not putting up GM, she saved herself this week.

    5. If she wasn’t gunning for Aaryn, the 3Am alliance would still be strong and the McCrandaswould still be controlling the house.

    For some of those reasons…Elissa should be NUMERO UNO.

  14. well lets hope that neither Rat boy Or chicken man wins HOH in Double eviction cause they will for sure put Elissa up

  15. Hopefully Amanda goes 1st then McCrae at the double eviction then Andy next week. I hope Judd and Elissa win the next two HOHs.

  16. In a weird way, I’m kinda glad McRea won veto. I really did want Amanda to go first, and it will be interesting to see what kind of player McRea is without Amanda around for a while (unless McRea follows her right out the door at the double eviction)

  17. you got it all right except that Amanada threw out all her hard work this season to pick on Elissa and thus assure her of going home this week

  18. as long as Elissa is in the final 2 I don’t care who goes with her , part of me thinks she would be smart to actually take Amanda if she could stand being in the house with her cause after Amanda ‘s behavior I don’t think anyone would give the money LOL

  19. Judd or Elissa only I want and see win this at this point of the game, get Spencer out he is boring and wins at nothing and is the biggest floater around. :)

  20. I love this site. I helps me keep up with BB news and see what other people are thinking about the game. But I don;t always get the ratings. I respect the fact that everyone has an opinion, but Amanda #1?

    Amanda’s game play last week sealed her fate this week. Okay, she won POV for the first time all year, but prior to that she put a huge target on her back with her behavior.

    Elissa, on the other hand got her nemesis out of the house and also allowed the opportunity to get Amanda out if events broke according to the most probably outcomes (like Amanda not winning POV).

    We also need to give more props to Andy. Let’s face it, we all hate him for being a big weasel, but he gets away with it so there must be something to his game play.

  21. The exterminators dont even deserve to be called an alliance….. didnt come together til half the house was gone…anybody can form a solid alliance with only 8 people in the house and the power to boot… sucky alliance from sucky season

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