Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 6 Wednesday Daytime Highlights


It was a relatively quiet day in the Big Brother 15 house aside from the usual Amanda and Helen speculations against Judd. And then the entire house became consumed with the HOH practice run set up in the backyard.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2013

9:05 AM BBT – Feeds are on fish. It’s wake-up time.

9:25 AM BBT – Andy and Judd are sitting in the backyard. Not much movement from the other houseguests yet.

9:58 AM BBT – Helen and Amanda are talking about their new favorite topic: getting Judd out. Helen says she will put  up Jessie and Judd and they’ll evict Judd. Because Helen is so sure she’s winning HOH?

10:50 AM BBT – Amanda and Aaryn are discussing GinaMarie. Aaryn says GM would never be asked to play Big Brother again because she’s crazy. Amanda says she’s a good competitor though. I’m with Aaryn on this one.

11:06 PM BBT – Helen is telling people that Candice wanted to get people to vote Spencer out. She’s saying this like it’s a: shady and b: news. It’s neither. It’s gameplay and it’s obvious.

11:14 AM BBT – Helen tells Judd that Jessie is crazy.

11:25 AM BBT – Now Helen and Aaryn are discussing Judd. Helen tells her to be careful with him and they agree he is MVP.

11:28 AM BBT – Helen tells Aaryn she thinks they need to get McCrae out before Amanda.

11:36 AM BBT – Talk turns to GinaMarie and how she really think Nick loves her. Aaryn says the delusion is getting worse every day.

12:03 PM BBT – Helen, Amanda and Andy are talking about getting Jessie out before jury. Little do they know, it’s too late for that.

12:20 PM BBT – Jessie is practicing for the next HOH competition.

12:25 PM BBT – Andy says he’s played a good game behind the scenes but he’s ready to be Head of Household.

12:48 PM BBT – Aaryn is sick of GinaMarie and says she has to go.

1:45 PM BBT – Judd and Andy swapping drunk stories.

2:44 PM BBT – Indoor lockdown.

3:04 PM BBT – Amanda tells Judd Aaryn doesn’t trust Judd anymore. Which means Amanda’s wrongful paranoia is really working on other people now.

3:30 PM BBT – Feeds keep going to fish. HGs speculating

4:00 PM BBT – Feeds have returned. Lockdown over. HGs get to practice for the HOH competition outside. It looks like one of the comps will be that ball rolling/balance challenge we’ve seen before. Check out the images below.

I think Candice is definitely headed out tomorrow. And the second person is sure to be Judd or Jessie based on all the talk that has been going on lately.

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  1. Helen needs to go. She’s two-faced and not loyal to anyone. Elissa has great instincts and needs to separate from Helen.

    • I agree. Every time I read these blogs she is always all over the place. Her inconsistency is so annoying.

  2. Andy-“I’m ready to be HoH” well, maybe if you actually tried in competitions you would be. But you’re a huge floater and one of the most annoying houseguests ever.

    • Biggest floater EVER. He runs back and tells everything he hears to ANYONE who will listen. Such a gossipmonger!

      • He reminds me of a little 10 yr old girl who likes to tattle and when he runs back to the other HG and tells then what he heard I just laugh he is what us older folk would call a SISSY MARY FRANCES, just a old saying my mamause to say.

  3. What a bunch of idiots! i can’t wait till tommorrow and they find out it’s a double eviction and that everyone evicted from now on is in the jury. I can’t believe Amanda gets away with all her crap! and Helen what a backstabber she is!

    • Yeah, Helen stabbed Jessie in the back exposing her lobbying for Amanda to be evicted to Aaryn and Gina Marie. Aaryn runs to Amanda to let her know so, Jessie who has nobody in the house will get more grief and evicted next by the Alliance with Aaryn and Gina Marie thrown in for good measure! If Amanda is evicted, it favors Helen and here she stabs Jessie who is doing the dirty work for her! I am so pissed at Helen, I will use all 10 votes next time we vote for MVP on her!

  4. Andy-“I’m ready to be HoH” well maybe if actually tried in competitions you would be. But you’re a huge floater and one of the most annoying houseguests ever.

  5. Spoiler Alert: Seem like Julie Chen has posted to her Instagram account a picture of the “reset button” from BB14, but did not give détail as to how it would be use.
    My guess: HGs will choose to go forward or not with the MVP twist. If one press the button, the twist will be over.

  6. I have never found a season so confusing. There are so many faux alliances that I honestly don’t know who is in a legitimate alliance and with who. I thought Andy was with Helen but he ran back and told McManda everything. Andy better watch out cause I think his repeating everything to everyone is going to catch up to him. Helen is super annoying and I have to say I am so disappointed in Amanda. At first I liked her. She seemed nice and would stand up for people. But she has totally changed. I’d like to see her go and let McCrae really play the game. McCrae and Elissa to the end.

  7. Twitter Quote>>>> “A village is missing their idiots. They can be found in the BB15 house” .
    Before the nite is over Helen will be trying to get Amanda out during
    DE and Amanda will be trying to get Helen out.

  8. How has literally no one figured out that Andy is telling everybody everything he hears?! He is the reason that basically no one has a secret in the house and it is so obvious! Like for gods sake everyone just gets sucked into what Andy tells them and totally forget he was the one who told them it. Professor Andy really is the smartest one in the game, taking advantage of all the simple minded students he’s playing with.

  9. I just read GM’s hoh blog. It was worse than listening to her. I mean, DAMN! This chick is a fruit loop melted down. Nick better be in hiding! Can she be arrested for stalking based on demented intent alone?!

    • It is rumored that she has been pre-chosen to win the show. Apparently she is good friends with Alison Grodner. CBS should be ashamed for rigging this “reality” tv show,

      • 81Pris, they have been rigging it since the second show. The first show we voted for who was to be evicted but the second show is when they started letting the house guest vote out each other. That was the only way CBS could control the game. It is really fixed from the begining. Why do you think that CBS makes the HG sign a disclaimer.

  10. I know a lot of people don’t like Helen but besides for elissa she seems to be one of the last decent people left in the game.

    • I don’t think Elissa deserves to be in final two, she hasn’t played the game, she has just sat by and let other do her work but Judd has played the game.

  11. they need to reveal that america is the MVP to the HG’s after candice goes. The twist is unfairly putting the target on Judd’s back.

  12. I hope Jessie wins & puts up Amanda & McRae. Lets watch the fireworks. Amanda will go nuts! That would be the best show of the season. Can you imagine how pi—- she would be thinking one of them was going home . McRae would say why didn’t I think about this one. Everyone would keep McRae over Amanda because she has been such a Bit– to a lot of people. People just put up with her because of McRae. Love to see the DR tapes to Amanda as she sits outside the house with Julie.

  13. Please Jessie win HOH at the double eviction!!!!! That would make the season, and I can’t wait to see Amanda and McCraes faces when that happens, and I can’t wait to see the cocky peoples faces after they announce Candice will be on Jury, they will be PISSED, they’ve been saying cough Amanda and Andy cough, that they don’t want Jessie or Candice on Jury

  14. I hope Jessie wins HOH and puts up Amanda and McCrae. Let’s see who stays! LOL That would be an AWESOME senario!!! Sucks that America won’t be voting for an MVP this week…at least I don’t think we will. They should have let America vote today so by tonight there could be a 3rd MVP Nom ready for the block! AMANDA!!!!

  15. What time does the show air tomorrow?, the football games is on. So whats up???. Please post if you know.

    • Depends on where you are. In the San Francisco area, the show is scheduled to air at 10pm, after the 49ers game.

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