Big Brother 15 Episode 18 Recap: The McCranda Honeymoon Is Over


If we learned anything from Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 15, it’s that America isn’t the only one annoyed with Amanda’s pushy ways and paranoia. Her own Big Brother 15 showmance partner seems to think the honeymoon might be over. Or at least that’s the way the editing made it appear.

The episode picked up right after GinaMarie nominated Candice and Jessie. GM lets us know that Candice is her target and that Jessie is just a pawn. And she makes sure to remind us that she’s from New York and tells it like it is.

Candice and Jessie are both not happy with the things GinaMarie said about them during the ceremony. Judd and Amanda run to the lounge room to laugh at GinaMarie’s hilarious nomination speech. Elsewhere, GinaMarie is explaining to Jessie why she nominated her and that she’s sorry for calling her a flip-flopper. She assures her that Candice is her target and that Jessie isn’t going anywhere.

GinaMarie then calls Candice up to her HOH room. She tries to explain her thought process with the nominations and the speech, but GinaMarie kind of sucks at being diplomatic, so you can see GinaMarie’s blabbing going in Candice’s ear and out the other, just like it did with mine.

MVP paranoia alert: Amanda is talking about her favorite topic, which is who the secret MVP is. She doesn’t think America would put her up. They leave out the part where she’s obsessed with thinking Judd is the MVP and that he is who she (and Helen) are going to target next.

Speaking of Amanda’s paranoia, she freaks out when Jessie sits next to McCrae and McCrae does not get up and sit next to her. So she leaves the room, goes to a bed and covers herself up with a blanket. He goes off to attempt damage control and all he gets is some really childish jealousy that McCrae seems to be pretty fed up with. McCrae says he’s starting to feel like he’s in the same bad relationships he’s been in in the past.

It’s time to find out who the MVP nominee is and then pick players for the veto. Just like last week, the TV screen stops on Amanda’s photo. America has again elected Amanda as the MVP nominee. McCrae says “she’s been acting a fool lately and has made herself a target.” Yes, McCrae, you are absolutely right.

Joining GinaMarie, Jessie, Candice and Amanda in the veto competition are Spencer and Judd.

And then the MVP paranoia intensifies. Everyone is convinced it’s Judd. Amanda says he acts super weird and that she can feel it in her gut. So she starts asking people if they’ll use the veto on her because she knows she won’t be winning it herself.

GinaMarie tells Amanda that if she wins veto, she’ll use it on her. So Aaryn gets upset because she thinks if Amanda comes down, she’ll go up. So Aaryn storms out of the room and Amanda’s allies are getting more annoyed with her aggressive behavior. They tell her she’s going to make them lose Aaryn as an ally.

This all leads to another argument with McCrae and Amanda and more annoyed DRs with McCrae. He is really tired of her entitlement and you can tell he’s regretting what he’s gotten himself into.


At the veto competition, it’s everyone’s favorite: Rewards and punishments where the player eliminated after you gets to swap prizes or punishments with you. In the end, Jessie wins the veto. Candice gets the clownitard, Amanda gets the spray tan punishment, Judd wins $5,000, GinaMarie wins the dog cone of shame and Spencer wins a Bahamas trip.

During the competition, Candice tells Judd that Amanda and the others thinks he’s MVP. Then Amanda goes off and attacks Candice during the veto. And she calls her Shaniqua and finally CBS has shown Amanda’s true colors.

At the veto meeting, Jessie uses the veto on herself and GinaMarie names Spencer as the replacement nominee, with Candice as the target still.


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    • And it’s nice to see that production is admitting the Elissa-experiment was a dud. Rather than a phantom bad-edit, they gave her no edit at all.

    • OMG, but Amanda said so much more and worse than just that but once again BB edits out the part where she makes ugly comments about Howard. I got to say if I was stuck in that house with Amanda I would send myself home. That is one terrifying crazy woman. Did you see McCrae, Judd, Andy, Helen, Elissa, Aaryn’s faces when Amanda went nuts. I think they are all terrified of her. I would be she is nuts. All of them were so disgusted and horrified by the crap Amanda was saying. Honestly, think if they could of sent her home right then at that minute all of them would. She was a total nut!

      • Cahunas and Cojones, both are good, both mean the same thing.
        Checkit out, urbandictionary dot com

    • McCrae can’t get rid of her fast enough! She is just horrible. Why are these HG’s so afraid of her?

  1. Amanda is being a child, and playing an awful game. Yet, she’ll end up making far just cause no one has the guts to put her up.

    • agreed. they think they’re game strategy is good when really all they’re doing is following her lead

  2. I really think that she will hurt someone if or when she is leaving but defiantly can’t wait to see her and gm and Aaryn s faces when they see she is in the jury house

  3. .
    Spoiler Alert: Seem like Julie Chen has posted to her Instagram account a picture of the “reset button” from BB14, but did not give détail as to how it would be use.
    My guess: HGs will choose to go forward or not with the MVP twist. If one press the button, the twist will be over.
    Instagram dot com slash p slash cum4l_nNwK/#

  4. I watched a little bit of their Comp practice where you roll the ball to a narrow plank all the way down and landing it to any of the 2 boxes with holes. Maaan ! Aaryn was the best. …again! She did 4 out of 4 … somebody need to switch her ball to an oblong shape.

    • Hey now, I said that same thing when it was the other rolling the ball down the plank and into the roulette table. Aaryn was strong and observant at that, but people just brushed it aside saying it was merely luck. People can’t seem to accept that she is a strong competitor even though she’s not a likeable person (and yes, I’m being mild when I say ”unlikeable”).

      • I still think the previous Comp was a crap shoot. lol But dude, this one requires balancing the ball to a narrow plank. She might have a better perception. You know, like her mental image is more acute than others.

      • Still think if you watch the footage of the last one, you’ll see she did a great job of timing her shot and studying the board (you can even see her counting the time it takes for all other contestant’s balls to roll down the plank so that she can further guesstimate when would be the best time to shoot)… but as I always say, we might have to agree to disagree on this.

      • According to the cry baby, entitled Elissa it’s because she takes Adderall. Which by the way is no help at all.

      • Not true Adderall is often used by students before they study for a big exam and as a performance enhancing drug by athletes. It is known to improve not only short term memory in people with ADHD but also in normal people. Additionally, it has been proven to improve performance of certain types of repetitive tasks. It can lift a persons mood and make them feel like they can do almost anything. If someone takes Adderall, they would have a definite advantage over someone else in certain types of competitions like balancing a ball on a narrow plank. We are all well aware you do not like Elissa but she is absolutely correct in her points about Adderall.

      • Adderal is used for diagnosis of ADD or ADHD these are actual diseases! If you were an asthmatic would you keep an inhaler from them because it allows them to open airways to breathe better so more oxygen gets to their brains! Adderal acts differently in people with true disease it’s not an enhansing agent it gives them the ability to act like the rest of normal society!

      • I know what it does I’ve been a nurse for over 35yrs. If taken as prescribed for ADHD it does not affect you. It makes them feel normal. Students or anyone else that take this drug and are not diagnosed with the disease it will affect them. That’s why when Amanda said she wasn’t feeling well it was because she didn’t take her meds for 2 days and then doubled up on them. Have to be taken as prescribed.

      • It doesn’t seem to do much for Amanda in terms of lifting her mood. But imagine how crazy she’d be if she weren’t also on Adderall.

      • OMG, I’ve totally forgotten, she does take Adderrall. It is CNS stimulant. That explains everything…….I rest my case !

      • Adderall is ban for athlete in all types of competition. It’s ban in professional sport. It’s ban in Nascar. A.J. Allmendinger was suspended for almost half of a season in Nascar Cup racing last year, for taking Adderall.
        I remember Aaryn mentionning she had ADHD. Heard that a few days ago on BBAD.

      • If it is no help then why does the NFL ban it as a PED. They give a 4 game suspension to anyone using it without a doctors prescription.

      • It helps if you need the medication. It’s banned because they don’t need it they are using it for other purposes. It’s just like someone that needs blood pressure medication and someone else doesn’t but they take it anyway. Well it will bottom out their BP and they would arrest. People that are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD take this med for a reason. It makes them normal. It’s not helping her perform better.

      • I agree with you the Roulette competition is a crap shoot. It is all luck but, balancing a ball needs some ability to keep the ball in play so, some skill is involved. I’m still rooting for Jessie because she needs to win HOH tonight. If not, she could be evicted right after Candice! Jessie atleast, is trying to get Amanda out!

  5. Cbs giving america what they want, bash on amanda edit

    Candice is drumming up the stereotysm pretty intentionally trying to get the pity me

    Id also like to point out this bad edit is being drummed up by both matthew boyer and cbs hmmmmm in a year we vote

    I think stacys pita chips need to release a statement as their brand is being directly used by racists

    Lastly GM isnt racist she just ignant

  6. If I were Amanda’s family I would be so ashamed of her, what a bully, bitch, and bigot!!! she is a horrible person!!! They are idiots if they don’t evict her this week!

  7. If McCrae is so fed up with Amanda why doesn’t he just walk away? He’d be the hero of the house.

    • There a rumor on the net that she might be pregnant. It seem one night recently, they were talking about her period. Imagine that the first BB bb. LOL

    • Let me be the first to say that men are pretty dumb by nature (no, really ladies, we are)… McCrae could probably hate Amanda with every rational part of his mind, but so long as he’s got a big fake-boobed woman willing to give it to him each night do you think he’ll walk away from that? Not to mention she’s his shield right now, so heck, there’s even a game play reason to keep her.

    • Well he basically answered that question tonight in one of his DR’s said well if I separate from Amanda she’ll end up coming after him, or if he stays might make him a target because he assoicated with her. But honestly, this season weird there nobody who I really want to cheer for maybe McCrae, but idk there is usually that one person your full out cheering for just not this year. America favourite player is gonna be an interesting one.

  8. Like the good little lemmings they are, they will vote out Candice and leave the bully Amanda in the house. Elissa is the only one who seemed to be disgusted with Amanda.

    • I think they were all disgusted but think they are all afraid of her. Did you see that spencer of Judd could not tell her the truth. You could see the fear on their faces. She is one mean hateful person and after she made the knife comment while she was making the Sangria I would stay away from her too. Shes NUTS!

      • Spencer has been cowed by Amanda since, she confronted him about lobbying to evict her!
        Yep, he was scared to even say anything when Amanda asked why they would vote for her as MVP, what do they not like about me? LOL

    • Spencer should be evicted. His comments about women being c**** and his remarks about kiddie porn were sick. That sweaty slob needs to go!

    • Every last one of them are afraid of Amanda. If they go against what Amanda wants then she’ll lead the pack and go after you. That’s how she’s been working it. Don’t dare disagree with her or talk about her in any way or you’re done for in that house. They’re all like sheep in there. Had I been in there I’d have been kicked out the first week for backhanding that bitch right across her mouthy face! I hope she loses her job as well. She’s just as racist as Aaryn, GM and Spencer!!!

    • There is also Jessie who stood up to Amanda and was not cowed by her! Too bad Jessie does not have anyone on her side. She is going to be evicted next if she does not win HOH or POV.

  9. I loved all of McCrae’s DR sessions about Amanda. He seems like he definitely regrets letting her sleep in his bed the first night. To be honest, Amanda seems extremely insecure. When Jessie sat beside McCrae on the couch and she freaked out… there was so much room between them! GM and Amanda need to go see a therapist to sort out their problems.

    • Most bullies are insecure. She has no real reason to dislike Candice. Poor McCrae, she probably dig his eyeballs out if he dare look at another female. As for GM, Candice has what she wants the most, intellect, beauty, and a real pageant crown.

      • Oh my goodness, I’ve been wondering why GM hated Candice so much and you’re 150% right! Jealousy is an ugly, ugly trait.

      • Yeah, GM has probably said 4 or 5 sentences to Candice all season long. She can’t stand that Candice has the real crown and not that fake silver plated cheap glass thing she calls a crown. HAH!

      • Poor McCrea my @$$. He’s a big boy who played into it. He made his bed and Amanda owns him lol

    • ”Amanda is absolutely infuriating…at this point in time I wish she would just shut up!” (Oh McCrae, I think at this point ALL of the world is with you buddy)! ;)

    • Since day one I said Amanda put her hooks in McCrae. She sniffed out he was a likable funny awkward guy. Then she finds out he is smart and well versed in the BB game. She is riding his coat tails and it is his game to lose. She is insecure, he was dumb founded that he would be in a showmance. He got laid, he must have had a lobotomy and castration done right after.

      • You got that right! I still cannot believe she had a boyfriend and the first chance she got she jumped into bed with McCrae.

      • That would’ve been a more interesting story for sure. Jessie was originally painted as the self-absorbed ‘cute’ girl. McCrae was painted as the high school geek who didn’t get along with girls and lived in his parents basement… Definitely an 80’s movie in there somewhere! :)

  10. ”Oh my God, how can’t you see what’s going on? Why can’t you just keep your mouth shut…you’re being a bully…you’re creating a spectacle!” (I’m chuckling through these quotes)

    • ”I could tell you everyday, but you just don’t listen, you just don’t shut up!” (the funny times continue)…

  11. goggle

    ‘Big Brother 15′ 2013 Rigged? [VIDEO]: Former Employee
    Claims Reality Show is Fake, Cast Member Aaryn Gries’ Racist &
    Homophobic Comments Scripted?


    theres a link about amanda being pre-picked winner

    • Beware ”credible sources” that use the internet to get their own name in the spotlight…

      • I think it was Captn who first pointed out that even IF (and that’s a bit if) it was real, I’m sure the plan has since changed once that Youtube video of Amanda came out. Ever wonder why Aaryn stopped getting the villain edit once her family hired the PR firm? Ever wonder why it took this long (until the Youtube video release) for Amanda to get the villain edit? Allison Grodner isn’t a dummy, she knows how to play the fans like violins….sadly that’s her job and she does it well. (Now if only the casting director and agency got the memo on how to be smarter)! ;)

      • I don’t know if there was any merit to her ramblings but when Elissa went off the deep end one night she was going on and on about knowing production etc.

        How far does the rabbit hole go? ;)

      • Oh did you hear the one about Aaryn’s PR firm creating the Amanda video on You tube so that it would take the heat off of Aaryn? It comes from an insider who does a lot of work with CBS network execs… (ok ok, it was just me who said that… but see how easy it is to start something like this?)

      • As soon as it was pointed out the editing was too polished I thought ,”hmmm…somewhere Aaryn’s PR is earning their paycheck. Tricksy hobbitses”

      • The allegation is Elissa was put in the house as a distraction when, they are angling to give it to Amanda! Most cons are pulled that way, they distract you and the real action is happening somewhere else!

    • This is a serious allegation. If Amanda Zuckerman is indeed a close friend of Allison Grodner then, you have to question where a possible impropriety is set to occur! If Amanda is indeed a friend then, she should be immediately evicted from the Big Brother House but, then, it becomes tricky explaining why she was cast as one of the house guests in the first place! It looks fishy at this point and I do not see this not putting a huge blemish on Big Brother!

    • I really don’t think the live feeds are scripted maybe the DR but, no way all the racist stuff. I mean Julie Chen on the view talked about how pissed off she was to the entire world about Aaryn remarks.

      • (and yet she is mysteriously silent about the other house guests… not to mention she hasn’t said Aaryn’s name even once since the PR firm got involved… coincidence?)

      • Thats true but Aaryn has also, been a lot better as of late, and she could honestly talk about every hgs on the show on their remarks, even from all past seasons, I think Aaryn’s remarks just affected her the most personally. And I bet she will have a good interview for when Aaryn get out of the house.

      • That’s just it, Aaryn hasn’t been that much better, it’s just that it hasn’t come up (at all) in editing. Even Julie’s references to Aaryn as the ring leader has stopped.

      • Yeah but realistically how much can they put in a one hour time slot with commericals. But I think thats cause katlin got evicted, when they were considered the mean girl alliance. And did you see that Amanda video on youtube? People on last article thing talking about how production actually made that video because the quality is just way to good for someone to just record there live feeds, and post it.

      • lol.. Conspiracy theorists unite! Maybe it was production? (Or maaaybe it was Aaryn’s PR firm hiring a professional editing team to make the video which makes Aaryn seem like a saint compared to Amanda now?) ;) …at the end of the day, I am hoping people will stop comparing who’s the ”worst” and just realize that all amounts of racist behaviour (even mentioned in passing) is unacceptable.

      • hahaha could you imgaine if that was the case, be a pretty good PR I must say cause its working. Yeah same here its so weird there has never been this problem ever on this show, nothing on racist comments just mean comments but this is taking it pretty far.

      • Another clue to point toward this theory, is that the poster of the Amanda video, has no other video to his credits on Youtube. It’s not like he is a regular poster.

      • I saw that episode too but it was on her show The Talk not The View. Just wanted to give a great show credit.

  12. So, Judd actually won POV but, allowed Jessie to keep the POV and took the $5,000 because he said he did not want blood on his hands. Good move. For saving Jessie, I will take him off my target list. So, it is Aaryn, Helen and Amanda now on my target list!

  13. So at least 4 houseguests this year have said something racist? Aaryn? Gina Marie? Spencer? And now Amanda?

  14. Okay so double eviction is there an MVP nomination? Im kind of at the point where they just end that twist for the rest of the game. I just don’t like outside interference yeah I don’t like Amanda at all, but I hate it more that she gettin put up by non players over and over again.

  15. When GM called Candace upstairs, Candace should of told he F— Y– I’ve heard enough of your racist sh–. Your just jealous because I won Miss La. 2005 & competed in the Miss USA Pageant and you won Miss Grand Supreme overall Pageant( I’m sure everyone heard of that one) and I can spell Chicago.

    • I think GM would have lost it if she said that people don’t like to hear the truth about themselves if it negative and true GM is cray cray poor Nick I hope there is somewhere he can hide I don’t think it’s in this country

    • Oh hahaha!! That’s awesome!! I don’t know why she went up there. GM calls her up like she’s the big bad boss or something. Go to smhHell GM!!! You didn’t have to be such a bitch during nominations. It wasn’t necessary. She’s got nerve complaining about Candice and saying Karma baby!! Wow…..she’s lost her JOB over what she’s said to and about Candice in that house. She IS as stupid as she says she is!!

      • The Rat comment was too much. Staying Candice is drama? Candice is shady? GM look in the mirror you are the rat and drama. The Shady is a underhanded racist comment. Notice Howard got pinned as shady too.

      • I’m in awe over how delusional GM really is. She described herself when talking to Candice like that. She’s an awful person. Will talk all sweet to your face and then stab you in the back when you leave the room. I would never have her as a friend.

      • I am thinking Gina Marie being from Staten Island, is Italian, could be related to the women of Mob Wives series. That would be Karen, Drita, Carla and Denise. All of them are married to mob figures. The way she speaks too is like them! That series is based on Staten Island New York where the women live in nice houses
        and have parties all the time! If it free on Netflix if you have it for seasons 1 & 2.

      • Oh yeah! That’s right. They’re from Staten Island. She does talk just like those broads too. Hmmmm, makes me wonder if she knows them. They’re about the same age. Man, I would NOT want to live on Staten Island. I wonder if the majority of the people there actually talk like that? All bad ass rapper punk. Yeeeeeahhhh babbbby!!

    • Candice played the class act card. I respect her. I do wish she would have laid into GM, but to you really think GM would understand? She can barely speak English, we all know she can not spell. Why waste air.

  16. Elissa is getting on my last nerve. All she does is walk around and complain about everything. Just her talking annoys me. Whine, whine, whine. And she cracks me up because she’s talking to Jessie and Helen about everyone but then says all Aaryn and GM do is talk about everyone. Duh Elissa what do you call what you do. Now she’s bitching and whining because Aaryn takes Adderall and it’s not fair and she should take another kind of med. What the eff is she a friggin doctor. Yes time for her to go she just is wasted space.

    • Although I want that too… I still put her in priority spot #4 behind Aaryn, Amanda, and Spencer. Then Elissa, then hopefully Spencer… Now of course there’s no way that will work out – but what a great vision to have!

      • I want Amanda then Elissa, Spencer then either Jessie, GM or Aaryn. But I also want Helen and Andy on the block. Helen thinks she has the game won and Andy is just floating on by. Elissa is boring so she could go and I won’t even miss her. Like I said before this is the first season I’m not rooting for anyone. Maybe Judd if I had to pick someone. But that could change by next week.

      • lol… or tomorrow? ;) No but seriously, I’d rather have Elissa back as villain (which she would be) once Aaryn, Amanda, GinaMarie and Spencer get out of the way!

    • She is way more respectable than Amanda, Aaryn, GM and Spencer. She may be annoying but she’s not racist and she hasn’t said any derogatory comments. I prefer her in the house and want her to stay over at least 5 people.

      • When it comes down to them (the racist, homophobic, misogynistic house guests) and Elissa (“the spoiled brat”) I’d go for the spoiled brat again and again.

      • Agreed. Elissa is not a racist and is not playing a hate game. Let’s cut out the cancer in the house, and triage the house.

  17. McRae should go to Hellen 45 min. Before eviction and tell her he wants Amanda out because she is making it bad for their alliance. I would then go to Andy 10 min. Before eviction and tell him I wanted Amanda out. If he started fighting me on it I’d tell Helen he been ratting her out to Amanda the whole time. I would then go to Judd on the way to eviction and tell him the plan. Tell him that is what the house is going to do and he’d do it. Helen would get Elissa, Jessie,and herself,so Amanda would be gone and she could not go after him because he broke up with her. I think everyone would side with McRae anyway. Amanda has made to many enemies. Wouldn’t it be great to see her walk through that door and see theD.R. Tapes from Candace & McRae. Then she will realize she ain’t all that. I think people are just putting up with her because of McRae. I wonder what her dad has got to say about his little angel now(showing her boobs to everyone and walking around in her panties) I think I would rather see Andy walk around in his drawers before her. She is the least attractive woman in the house.

    • If I were McCrea I would cut the cord. The light is starting to flicker back into his head on his shoulders. It is his game to lose. He will be up on the block and gone, Amanda will be happy, but pretend to be crushed when he leaves just so she can gain a jury votes.

      • I think he’s finally seeing the light. She’s no good for him or his game. She’s an entitled elitist bitch! She actually tells people who they’re able to talk to!! The thing is though most of them are afraid of her for some reason. If I were in that house, She’d be scared to death of me. I’d be on her ass continually! I’d love to see someone put her through what she’s put Candice through. What she needs is a good backhand right across her nasty face!! McCrae….kick her to the door!!!

      • Me too, I would be all up in her business and school her. With you and I in the house together she would be gone. Amanda making a knife threat to Candice and Jessie and getting a pass. Not on my watch. I would be screaming?running to production that I rightful feel for my life and safety.

      • Yeah but if the both of you were in the house you’d have nonstop critics and people on this site talking about why they hate you and your game play. So personally, I’m glad you’re both here on the outside amongst us ‘morally superior’ fans. ;)

      • Nice quip, only you could make Matt :) Well, you could be on with us? You always seem to see the glass half full and a silver lining on this site. You would be the peace keeper.

      • Are you kidding me?!! I love the idea of Big Brother but only as a self-righteous observer! lol… I could only imagine how many people would accuse me of moral superiority (or just being boring)! I’d probably also show a Helen-like side of trying to be everyone’s ”older brother” until the moment I had to turn on them and vote them out. Then there’s the ugly side of me that wouldn’t back down if I felt people were justifying their own forms of hate (elitism, racism, sexism, homophobia). Yup, if I wasn’t being boring, I’d be confrontational. And I’d feel absolutely isolated if people like you weren’t in the house to support me.

      • True enough. I realize that I’m hyper critical and hypocritical with my opinions, and I’ve been just as flip-floppy as the hgs. If I were in the BB house, I wouldn’t want someone like me judging me. LOL! (But oh so true!)

      • Yeah, I would get skewered for my branding comments, and my opinions would come off as self righteous, like my poop doesn’t stink. Yeah, I have no business on BB either.

      • lol. Don’t worry Debbie, I’m just poking fun at everyone (incl myself) who feel a sense of moral superiority while talking badly about the house guests. My words might come across as tolerant & understanding, but the truth is I also desire vengeance to fall on some of the house guests… I just need to keep reminding myself that love & education are the opposites of hate (never in human history has hate cured hate).

      • Actually, I agreed with your post, Matt. We’re good. It’s all just banter about a game we like.

      • Agreed. I used to like that showmance, but now I really feel bad for McC. How many times does he have to tell her to shut up before she gets the hint?

  18. In light of tomorrow’s double eviction, what do you guys think the odds of Amanda going home are???? I couldn’t stomach her as HoH

    • It is exactly 0.1% right now and for Candice, it is 99.9%.
      Then, it is going to be 99.9% odds of Jessie being evicted if she does not win HOH or POV next!

  19. It seems like someone told Arryn(production) to tone it down because of stuff being said on the outside. She’s has done a 180 turn and her comments about not wanting to see her agent when she gets out because she doesn’t want the negative waves and that America must think she’s terrible. After she said the things she said Amanda tried to tell her and she didn’t see it. Did her mother threaten to sue CBS if they couldn’t get a message or what? I mean she just changed her whole attitude like that. SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY.

    • Something was definitely said however she still has the occasional ‘slip up’, if you will… like a few days back when she called Candice ‘Aunt Jemima’ (behind her back, of course).

  20. Amanda is an overgrown spoiled brat who must always get her way or there will be Hell to pay. Speaking of using stereotypes, I wonder how Amanda would react to those who pick on her Jewishness? Just askin….

    • She would play the more me victim card too the fullest. Then go into the delusional speech of I am not a racist blah blah blah.

      • I’m starting to hear more blah blah blahs in so many different conversations now…even with Helen when she says the ‘I love you’ thing blah blah. BBAD is sounding more and more like a Charlie Brown spoof.

      • Ha ha! Hey would Charlie Brown be offended? Blah blah blah LOL Helen says I love you, when she means I love to stab you in the back, out the door.

  21. Elissa needs to leave we don’t need her winning she’s only there cuz her sister I think Amanda is dumb and need to leave Aaryn has great strategy and McRae is gona win that’s all :)

  22. I saw a convo between Elissa, Jesse, and Helen on BBAD. Elissa was saying that Adderall was like meth and heroin. And Jesse said that it is a performance enhancing drug. Helen let herself be convinced by what they were saying. It really upset me because my daughter takes Adderall so her attention span, not concentration, would elevate to hopefully where a normal person’s would be. Hello! The people who take this, people who don’t abuse it, take it for ADD and ADHD…Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Jesse even went as far as saying that it wasn’t fair to her and that’s why it’s been so difficult for her to win comps…because she was up against people who had an unfair advantage. At least Helen was smart enough to say that if it were performance enhancing, then she couldn’t see how they would be allowed to take it. *sighing while head hitting desk…these people*

    • I am sorry that these HGS are painting medication that is so important, and promoted it in a bad light. I can feel your hurt and anger.

    • Don’t worry about it. The prescription drug Adderall does wonder on treating patients with ADD/ADHD. Because of the euphoric feeling, they’re comparing it to Meths. Like any other drugs they are being abused by those without clinical diagnosis. ..It’s really the side effects of the drug the abusers enjoy.

      • Plus, women like to use it to lose weight.. Actresses and models in the news were exposed. Lindsey Lohan got off Adderal in rehab this time

      • The euphoria is felt only by those who abuse it. The people who take it for their disorder, and take it in only the dose that was prescribed for them, do not feel any difference physically. If you feel a “speed” effect, than you do not have the disorder. It does the opposite for people with ADD. If I were to take it, I would feel like I drank 10 cups of coffee. But it has somewhat of a calming effect for my daughter, who has ADD. It took me almost 2 yrs to make the decision to let the doctor prescribe that for her, and for the past year she is doing much better in school. The problem is that so many people abuse it, like prescription pain medication. It makes it so difficult for those it really helps.

    • It is performance enhancing. That’s why it’s ban in every form of sports. Including all professional sports.
      A.J. Allmendinger was suspended last year in NASCAR Cup racing for taking Adderall.

  23. I just read an article on TMZ about Spencer being investigated by his home town police dept because of his child porn comments. At least I know what’s going on now without having to ask someone what he said. I didn’t want anyone to have to repeat crap like that. Spencer really is a sicko pervert.

    • Yes, I posted that TMZ the Examiner and the Huffington Post all posted story online. Spencer is being investigated. His goose is cooked. Quite possible while in the house they have a search warrant , and checking out his computer, before he can attempt damage control. I will not repeat what he said but, it was vile.

      • Spencer’s child porn comments put him in so many headlines now. I stopped counting at 30!

      • I read on what happen. Spencer was saying his crap in McCrea microphone, trying to make it look like it was McCrea saying that. So at least we know that it was a joke. But with that he went way over the line of decency. What an a$$hole.

  24. WE saw Amanda’s racism come out tonight…it’s a sad day if the house doesn’t vote out the racists in the house and I’m proud of Gina Marie in the After Dark show letting the others know she wants to distance herself from Aaryn because of what she’s done and said to the others and about them and how she’s ashamed of herself for getting into it. And sad that Spencer has now also been fired, hope for his sake the police don’t find anything in their investigation…he might end up being taken out of the house and not by the other house guests….read the story!

    • Well if the police remove him, then we get someone good to replace him in the game.

  25. On After Dark, I think there is a discussion that Aaryn takes Adderall. Does that drug make you lie? Does it make you mean for no particular reason? I never knew that.

    • Adderall is a performance enhancing drug and it is ban in every college and professional sport.

    • What it does is keep you SUPER FOCUSED with a phenominal ability to almost have a photographic memory…they are right…she definitely has an unfair advantage.

      • It does that only if you are an abuser of it. Aryan may be one if those people who do abuse it. Just because she has a prescription doesn’t necessarily mean that she really does need it. I will admit that way too many people have been diagnosed that really do not have ADD to the degree that they need the meds. If someone really does need it, then their attention span is elevated to that of a normal person’s. So you can see where the problem lies.

      • Whether she has ADD/ADHD or she doesn’t, it does give her an affair advantage over the other. Doesn’t it ?

      • No. If she truly has ADD, then the meds would make her equal to that of a normal person. The problem is that so many people are misdiagnosed that take the meds when they really don’t need it. That would give them an unfair advantage. And that problem is rampant, and why it is banned in so many sports.

      • Exactly. And who knows if Aryan is on the level. My opinion-l think she is shady and would use anything to her advantage (in the game and in real life).

      • OK so we’re assuming shes abusing prescription drugs? i cant wait for the next theory.

      • But photographic memory? That is absurd. She would have won the memory games. That statement is not true, and I am very familiar with that medication and am knowledgeable about it.

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