Big Brother 15 To Have Largest Sequestered Jury – Sequester Starts This Week

Big Brother 15 on CBS

CBS has just publicly announced that the Big Brother 15 Jury will be its biggest sequestered jury yet when this week’s evicted HGs will both be heading to sequester where they’ll await a chance to vote for a winner of Big Brother at the season finale this September.

HGs have been preparing for the possibility of nine jurors but are still expecting just seven members per the usual approach. That means Howard will be the final evicted HG this season to not be included in Jury, but everyone else from here on out will be.

There go plans by several of the HGs to avoid getting Candice in the Jury by evicting her this week. Looks like she’ll have a shot at revenge after all. It also confirms my expectation that last week was HGs best chance to get Amanda out before she could go to Jury as the last real couple in the house.

This also means the rest of our interviews until post-finale talks will be held via email rather than over the phone to prevent any accidental leakage of details to the new Jury members. And yes, that does mean I’ve known about this new super-sized jury for several days, but wasn’t allowed to reveal that information until CBS did so first.

Of course, I suppose it is entirely possible that there could be 3 HGs in the finale, 8 members of the jury, and 1 final MVP Vote by America for any potential tie-breakers, but right now I’d expect a 9 HouseGuest member Jury at that last show.

So what do you think of the new jumbo jury? In the past HGs have needed four votes to win, but this time they’ll need five. Who do you think can pull that off?

Update: Title corrected to reflect CBS’s explanation that this is the largest “sequestered jury” as BB3 had 10 members in its jury.


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  1. I’m going to say it’s an 8 member jury with a final 3 eligible for the $500,000. They need to shake things up this year.

      • Well, she is not Mother Theresa but she isn’t as bad as the other house guests. Elissa is just weird.

      • To be fair, Elissa is the only person who seems deeply offended on a moral/personal level by the racism and bullying. She is not perfect and is cray cray on a good day, but she leaves Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin, Jeremy and Spencer in the dust.
        She also seems loyal, that is her biggest flaw in the game. She actually cares about her allies (Helen and Candice).
        In another season Elissa would have been forgettable but with this bunch of jerks, she seems saintly in comparison.

      • Gee, is she still in the game? lol, haven’t seenh er much lately. Guess BB thought they were giving her too much screen time and people were starting to think they favored her because of her dumb ass sister Branchell.

    • Why? What has she done to deserve it? She doesn’t even deserve to be playing the game. But CBS can’t do anything original.

  2. Will the houseguests be made aware that tonight’s evicted guests will be going to jury? I HOPE SO!! I want to see their faces when they realize they’ve made huge mistakes.

    • I’d love to see their faces in Jury house. 7th nominee goes in thinking they are the first one and filming their jaw drop as they see Candice and whoever sitting in the house already.

      And all the subsequent, “ohhhh sh-t” reactions of the evicted HGs. Aaryn’s will be priceless!

      • I’m sure they will announce it on the live show. At the beginning Julie will probably say congratulations you have all made it to jury.

      • They still haven’t told them about MVP though. I guess we will find out Thursday what Julie will tell them.

        I’ve got my conspiracy theorist hat on today, but I wonder if 9 Jury is just a way to sequester the HGs for a possible PB. It would be one way to shake the house up.

        Something along the lines of, “guess who’s back b-tches”. Eh, it’s a thought.

      • Ok I’m thinking of who’s gone. Howard no he was pretty boring, David don’t know who he is, maybe Jeremy or Nick. Everyone loved to hate Jeremy so I really don’t know. If we voted someone back I don’t know who I would vote???

      • No, come on. We’re talking voting somebody back from the people who would be sequestered in the jury house. So far there only one that we know for about 90% sure, will be in the jury tomorrow.

      • Oh that’s right. I had a GM moment for a minute. LOL Well only Candice will be gone so who knows.

      • Well, if America vote, certainly Candice would win. But then she might have to earn her way in. Like Brendan 2 years ago, he had to win his way back in a challenge.

      • If Candice came back and Amanda and Aaryn were still in the house the look on their faces. Now that would be fun to watch.

      • I know. I had a brain fart for a moment. LOL If it happens it would have to be starting with this eviction.

      • I would vote for Howard because I think it is awful he had to put up with racist remarks on BB. It’s one thing to have to put up with it in everyday life but living in such close quarters it’s just unfair to them.

      • Lol. I wasn’t at all referring to Candice. I was alluding to a player like Amanda/Elissa getting put back in if they were evicted.

        Stay pressed. And it’s spelled racist.

      • yeah man I’m so pressed, my bad English professor. Don’t care what you referring to. since THEY can’t play game CBS has to protect poor little them.

      • If they do return a house guest hope it’s Candice if she is evicted tonight.

      • I don’t think this would be the case I’m afraid. Candice could certainly use a second chance in the game but I don’t think for drama or game shake up it would do much. They would just evict her again to put off the war. Sacrifice the pawn. Again.

        To be frank about my conspiracy, I think it’s a failsafe in case Elissa, Amanda or Helen get evicted and the game becomes stale and somehow even less interesting. When in rating decline, throw grade A drama in the house.

    • I think they should keep it a secret and film there faces when they walk in for everyone that would be priceless

      • That would be fun! Mostly because if it is announced tomorrow night, then we’ll see all kinds of false ”Oh I never meant to hurt you” type of talk… Let’s see their reactions when Candice & Jessie are the Queens of the Jury! :)

  3. Well, at least if Candice gets evicted this week she’ll be in the jury… still hoping that Amanda will get evicted

  4. This changes nothing. The game play will be the same old boring, we have decided to evict Candice, Jessie, Spencer, Elissa, Gina Marie and Andy…..Ho hum….yippee! We are so excited at the boring, so predictable game play. A pandora’s box where the nominees of the HOH got off the block would have turned the house upside down and done more to shake up the house! Whoever is in Final 2 or Final 3 if they do it that way is the winner regardless!

    • Really can’t predict after Candice because Jessie could win HOH. The house can flip on a dime.

      • That is the huge problem. I will use the MVP votes to stir the house as much as I can but, the vote to evict still is in the house guests hands.

      • Can you imagine Judd’s reaction if he won accidentally again AND it was a double eviction? He looked pretty surprised last time. Lol everyone’s faces would be priceless actually.

      • Exactly. I think Richie might be thinking ahead a bit too far. Gosh we’re only 5 weeks in and could you have imagined David, Nick, Jeremie and Howard all going at the very beginning of the game? They were in what seemed to be the strongest alliance! The game is being played much differently this season.

      • I don’t really care for whoever is left after Jessie is gone. I am rooting for Jessie to win HOH and last a couple of weeks. Although, odds are against her surviving for long with the alliance and Aaryn and Gina Marie all targeting her!
        After Jessie goes, I will use the MVP votes but, not really be rooting for anyone else at that point!

      • That is what I am hoping for. I am rooting for Jessie to win HOH but, if she doesn’t then, I have no house guest left to root for!

  5. Smh, wtf didn’t they get Amanda and Aaryn out while they could so they couldn’t make it to jury?They’re all dummies

      • I am really excited. I would no longer feel so jaded about the twist, that America really has no power. In fact this would prove America’s vote is powerful, especially to be a potential tie-breaker….ahhhh priceless. Oh, and pun intended :)

      • Not as possibly tie-breaker, a real vote no matter what. As a matter of fact, America had one vote years ago when a HG was ejected from the house for destroying a mic by throwing it into the pool, but I forget which season. (Sheba I think was her name)

  6. That’s good so they can be shocked. They have treated Candice,and Jessie so poorly and I can’t wait to see there jaw drop. I can’t stand the evil doers in the house.

    • It does not really matter because when you think about it—-the jury members are going to end up having to vote for whoever is in the Final 2 or Final 3 as the case maybe. Say, it is Amanda, Aaryn and Gina Marie as final three—-as much as they may be despised by the other house guests, one of them will still win it! The jury members cannot vote for anyone else except those in the Final 3! It matters only if you have a good person in the Final 3 but, they have evicted Candice and if they succeed, Jessie will also go this week! So, you have a bunch of undesirables left in the house with the most despicable ones having a good shot at that $500,000!

      • Let’s hope Jessie get’s HOH. I want Amanda, Aaryn, Spenser, and GM out. Sorry, Andy your friendly floater needs to be deflated and bye. McCrea I am on the fence. The rest I can stomach sort of.

      • If Jessie gets evicted, I have no one left to root for! Huge disappointment all around! I will still vote MVP if we still have it! I just hope Jessie can keep winning the HOH and POVs down the line! Huge bummer if Jessie gets evicted!

      • I want Jessie just to see if she can get the flip. Do not count out Helen, if she gets her brain back and functioning, to break up Amanda and McCrea. Elissa showed some promise to make a big move with her choice of Nick.

      • Sorry, I have given up on Helen when she coddled Aaryn and we gave her two chances to evict Amanda and she turned it both down! Worst, she cannot even keep her mouth shut and exposed Jessie lobbying to evict Amanda to Aaryn and Gina Marie. Aaryn of course, told Amanda about it! Not only is Jessie all alone but, Helen still stabbed her in the back when evicting Amanda would have been a huge plus to Helen’s chances at winning! Go figure that one!

      • It really is kinda odd that since day one Helen tried very hard to win the approval of Elissa & Aaryn. Even when she had every reason to hate Aaryn for putting her up on the block, she instead goes back to her and tells her ”I’m ok with your decision…do you want to be in an alliance with me?” I can only imagine what must be going on inside her mind to want Aaryn’s approval so much.

      • As much as I want Aaryn gone before there is any chance of her making it to the final 2, I have to keep reminding myself, they house guests are playing the game while we are judging them on their behavior.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Although I’m not an Aaryn fan, she’s playing a good game and was a complete dead man walking just a few weeks ago. Look at her now..

    • I’m glad Judd made jury that will be a big deal to his small town,I just hope it takes awhile for him to get there. He was on my final two list,buy i’d really love to see Elissa step up her game and make final two, oh hell I hope she wins!

      • Elissa has stepped up her game by disappearing in the house. No one is worried about her, she isn’t even noticed much anymore. She’s done a very good job at removing the target. Not having MVP anymore and Amanda being targeted has really worked in her favor.

        She’s got her comfortable floaties on. Would like to see her win a competition though. Flying under the radar for a Reily must be sacrilegious.

      • She did win a veto, when she needed it.
        Monday she mention that she wasn’t call to DR for a few days. Helen answered: “Maybe they forgot you’re still in the game”.

      • BB made sure she won,all the large numbers we re on her side didn’t you
        notice that. They did the same thing with Elissa as thyedid with Rachel last year. Everyti me Rachel was on the block either her orb randon won pov but never won it when eitherone waso n theb lock. To me that spells fix.

      • Honestly no I didn’t notice it but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s exactly what happened. I know BB helps the game go in certain directions.

  7. When they said last week there would be a double eviction this week I thought jury would probably start. Every season during double eviction they always show the first person in the jury house then the next one evicted walks in the house shortly after. Wow wish they had cameras 24/7 in the jury house. Especially with 9 people.

    • Definitely some justice in knowing that Candice & Jessie will make jury if at least nothing else…

  8. I like the jury twist. Hah so happy that Candice will be on the jury. So, not a complete waste that she is evicted. I am curious how the rest plays out. It would be ironic if Amanda is in next in the jury house. Hopefully, there will be security in the jury house to keep Amanda away from eating or physically harming Candice. Yikes!

      • Wow I highly doubt it. If anything Aaryn will spout off even MORE racial slurs feeling completely protected by the lack of cameras & mics…

      • I will reiterate that I hope there is security, to protect Candice. I hope they give her earplugs or how about headphones, so she can listen to music, and tune her out!

      • They should throw in a new twist and have the cameras and mics in jury. Amanda is a loose cannon and subject to blow at anytime. Did ya’ll see the BBAD last nite and Amanda tell someone(Elissa, i think) That she had a knife in her hand and “yes that was a threat”… Anyone that votes her out will catch all kind of grief as the jury house fills up. JMO

      • Yes, and I wonder why a homicidal threat just gets a pass? JMO Last year Russell was gone in zero to sixty. Amanda can go on and on with life threats and plans to do so, and who too? I will not want that sociopath in my house or showing up at my door. plus, Amanda has a knifing fetish.

      • Wow! Really?!! That couldn’t have been picked up by the mics and let pass by production. Threats are one thing, but threatening with a deadly weapon is another!

      • Yes it was audible, It was while Amanda was cutting fruit in the Kitchen for the Sangria. It was in the first part of the BBAD. I cut the tv off shortly after that and called it a night. There should be a zero tolerance for violence! Maybe during the live show they will throw her out and not allow her in jury.

    • That can only happen if Jessie and Elissa both win HOH and POV and dominate the game from here on in!Then, start taking out the strong players by putting them all on the block! Seems wishful thinking at this point. Jessie might evict Amanda and Helen if given the chance but, will Elissa peel off Helen and evict Helen? That reminds me of Jordan and Rachel in their season if that were to happen but, I do not want to get my hopes up because right now, it looks very bleak for Jessie! Elissa might survive a few more weeks but, then, get targeted herself! Much as I like that scenario, I do not see it happening!

  9. That hate spawned Aaryn , GM, and Amanda have expressed toward Candice…well Candice you can say how do you like me now? As they enter the jury house Candice say welcome to Candyland :)

  10. wouldn’t it be fun if Candace and Aryan were the first in the jury house and stuck together for a week? Which one would come out alive?

    • Candice. Aaryn is a wimp. Notwithstanding the fact that she’s down many pounds and a few inchs.

      • Yup, got my bets on Candice – but something tells me that Aaryn is a scrapper and used to getting her way by being aggressive.

  11. Julie: “HG I would like to let you in on a little secret. America has been MVP!! America has not been voting for the “Most Valuable Player” but instead they have been voting for who they would like to see on the block for eviction. HG gather your thoughts.. Does Americas vote change anything in your strategy for this eviction? HG we will be right back to get your votes” HEHE I know I’m dreaming but I want to see the look on Amanda’s face as she realizes that America don’t like her. I may be giving the HG too much credit they probably won’t be able to figure out why America voted for her. (Candice might)

    • Maybe we will get the epic melt down from Amanda? McCrea should cut the cord. You know he won’t. Sadly, the HGS will have a bewildered look and keep her. These bunch of dummies will think hey, America hates her so, I will take her to the finals.

  12. Did anyone read GM’s HOH blog?! It was so bad I almost felt bad for her. How is it possible that she cannot write in complete sentences… And her obsession with Nick just got even more creepy. I foresee a restraining order in Nick’s future.

    • Just finished reading, and yes, I completely agree with you Latifah. I really do hope GinaMarie finds some room in her life for some further education. There is NOTHING to be ashamed about if you are willing to educate yourself! :)

      • I completely agree :) She needs it for herself. She seems completely uneducated so it would be good for her!

      • lol. Like I said Lee I can understand the need for vengeance, it’s within all of us. I’d be lying if I didn’t smile at the thought of Gina Marie feeling embarrassed by her lack of education.

    • I agree.. lol She says she is “playing nice, staying cool and working hard for us” meaning her and Nick. If he is not running the other way I will worry about his sanity! Just wait til after the finale, we thought she had a breakdown over her HOH blog. I would be scared to be present when she realizes “her dream man” and her job is gone.. oh yeah, and the feeling America has towards her. They will need a straight jacket ready and probably some tranquilizers.

  13. I was reading about the live feeds and Spencer was talking about how “black people talk is odd.” He is a horrible human being yet they haven’t shown any of what he’s said on Big Brother. What in the world is “black people talk” anyway! That’s so stereotypical and racist. Where did the BB production find these house guests?!

    • I guess Spencer thinks the best way for him to become a part of the clique is to make racial comments just like the other people in the clique. By the way, I think Spencer has the hots for Andy. No leaders……just followers.

      • I think so too! Hahaha, maybe! And I agree, everyone is a follower. None of them have a mind of their own.

    • There are articles about Spencer Clawson being investigated. The Huffington Post and the Examiner both posted on line.

      • Oh really! Well, good. I hope someone makes a video of all of the horrible things he’s said like someone has done for Aaryn and Amanda!

      • The articles are damaging. The child comment he made may make a video difficult, as I think it would be banned. He is being investigated. I understand that it would only be fair to have video.

      • Oh wow. He’s being investigated by actual police officers in his hometown! After those horrendous comments in the bathroom which I don’t want to retype because it’s sickening.

      • You can rest assured that he may face the consequence of justice. I wonder and think come on CBS had to do back ground checks? Yet, we get Spencer and knife threatening Amanda?

      • They don’t fool around with that stuff. His statements/jokes are just enough for a warrant base on probable cause. They could seize his computer and scrub the hard-drive for evidence.

      • Big time Captain. I see your post you found it on TMZ as well. Spencer said on after dark that he new what he said was wrong and America would not like it.

  14. This makes it very likely that a woman will win since there are 7 girls left plus Andy to 3 guys

  15. Sad that Candice will be evicted, on the flip side she is first in the jury house. She can choose first where she sleeps and hopefully will be safe. When, Aaryn enters the jury house I hope there is a dog house in the backyard to sleep in. Spenser’s place to sleep should be blazing hot, since he will be going to hell for the child comment. Amanda can sleep in a dungeon. I wish there was a ” time out chair” in the jury house, so ppl like Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda, and the other offenders could sit and think about all they have said. Every group, religion, race, or other comments deemed fit, each should have to write out how they will make amends.

    • I can only imagine that some form of community service would be a minimum for most people in this year’s cast.

      • lol. Good one Emma. Yes, the ONLY way these people aren’t going to fall into more anger and denial, is for them to actually educate themselves and have their justice be served by learning how wrong they are! (e.g. Amanda should have to work with the poor for a month… Aaryn & GM should have to work with inner city youth… Spencer should have to work with families that are devastated by the effects of child porn… etc, etc, etc)

  16. Anyone know if “sequestered jurors” get to have music, etc. while sequestered. They never tell us anything about the jury house and rules…

    • Brittany said last year you could have books and movies and they showed them playing cards, and of course music.

  17. cbs just came up with 9 jury because they know Candice about to go so they had to let keep her around or it be raciest. Bet

    • I don’t think it’s because it would be “racist”… I think it’s because Candice deserves to be in jury.

      • I definitely agree that Candice deserves it (not because of game play but because of the abuse she suffered)… however, Allison Grodner isn’t without some smarts and she also knows this is a much needed PR move.

      • But I’m pretty sure they did not come up with that option this week and because Candice is about to be evicted. I’m pretty sure they had that option on the table since the start of the season.

      • Oh I don’t doubt it was an option on the table long before the show actually started…but the timing of when these things are implemented sometimes is suspicious.

      • No. She played a horrible game but because of the abuse she got people want to see her in the jury.

      • what does that have to do with big brother? the jury should be filled with the best players. Candice proved by killing her game for Howard that she doesnt deserve jury.

      • Oh, because Aaryn, Spencer and Andy are the best players?! They’re going to be in the jury too so should we wait until they’re not in the game anymore to start jury? Nope. The jury was always going to be a 9 person jury.

      • Candice is still in the house too… She may have ruined her game by campaigning so hard for Howard but she has shown time and time again that she’s one of the smarter house guests, for example, when she figured out the MC.

      • Dude. Shes getting voted out tonight barring some magical twist. You cant tell me that is good gameplay.

      • Just because someone is being voted out does not mean they’re not a good player… GM, Aaryn and Amanda all want Candice out for personal reasons. It has nothing to do with her “gameplay” or else they would vote out someone else like Spencer.

      • I believe Nick was a better player than Candice but he was gone before her so it makes no sense to apply when they were evicted to their game play.

      • yea but nick wasnt a better gamer because he was evicted second. How does getting evicted second constitute a “good player” label?

      • He wasn’t a good player because he was evicted second. He was smart, as you could tell when he was talking to Julie. If he had more time in the house we would have seen his gameplay. Two weeks is not enough for that.

      • But we didnt because he got evicted. Early game strategy is arguable more important than late game strategy. He screwed up.

  18. I live in Oklahoma and just found out that I have to wait till 2:07 am on Friday to watch bigbrother

  19. Please let there not be a final 3. It’s going to turn out just like survivor when they changed the game to a final 3 finale. It just makes the game less interesting and there is always one person that no one cares about and doesn’t get any votes. And I’m not too fond of this “jumbo jury”, there really is no point to it.

    • I agree with you whether it is a jury of 9 or 7, you will still be voting for the same two or three people! The only reason this makes any sense is if CBS intends to pay everyone who makes jury that $13,000 a piece or
      will they get paid much less now since, there are 2 extra people to pay. Don’t get me wrong, if they are paying Candice and Jessie more—-I am for it!

  20. Ok, there were absolutely no politics involved with the new decision regarding the size of the jury…oh well

  21. Oh No! Amanda is not mentally ill.. She is “I bet an only child” Her parents did a lot of damage… I really can not stand her… I don’t find her funny…. I would love to see Mc evicted and watch Amanda melt down….one can only hope ;)

  22. Does anyone on here every get it right, nope lol. Aaryn deserves to be here more than any other player with 3 hoh 1 pov and making a deal with helen which changed whole game for her. Helen next in line for controlling house with great social game. RACEST NOT RACIEST DUH IT WAS A MISTAKE LOSER!

  23. Aaryn Aaryn Aaryn come on everyone join in Aaryn Aaryn…i bet you all loved Evel Dick yet he said some really bad things to people. You all just fall into the media trap. Aaryn Aaryn

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