Big Brother 15 Episode 18 Tonight: Week 6 Veto Show

Big Brother 15 with Julie Chen

Tonight “Big Brother 15” is back with another new episode that we know is going to be filled with the MVP nomination, the Veto Competition, and even the Veto Ceremony. All of those events were tense in the house on the Live Feed and just another reason why you need to sign-up now and watch online.

There have been fewer fights in the house than we had last week but there’s been just as much silent plotting and backroom dealings to set up plenty of drama. The MVP nomination was a big part of that and was once again successful in creating a stir through the house.

Part of tonight’s show should include an attempt by a few HGs to go for the MVP nomination but ultimately watch that plan fade away.

On a lighter note we’ll get lots of fun from the HGs punishment “prizes” earned during the Veto competition. There’s a clown costume, a non-stop tanning booth, and even a dog cone collar. There was even a “GinaMarie-Off” where HGs competed for the final seat at Helen’s BBQ reward by doing their very best GM impersonations. Some of them were pretty funny. Good times for all on tonight’s show on CBS at 8/7c.

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  1. I just read Gina Marie’s HOH blog. That was bad, that was really bad…..and that was after they did some editing. lol

    • I don’t know which was worse. Her bad spelling, the overuse of the word “amazing” or the delusions about Nick. That girl has a very rough road ahead of her.

  2. How in the world does Judd end up with the two hottest women in the house this season? At first I was impressed by McRae’s overreaching ability, but now Judd is my favorite Big Brother Mack Daddy. I don’t know how he does it, but its dangerous water to tread at this point. What if both of them end up in jury house together Judd? You’ll be screwed come finale night.

  3. Do you think we will see how someone acts with the spray tan from what I read she should have been thrown out for not taking her punishment seriously and refusing it at one time or another

  4. Spencer’s remarks on Monday about liking child pornography should have gotten him thrown off the show. He is a sick freak. (Google Big Brother Spice to read what he said.)

    • The police in Clawson’s hometown are already investigating him. This is the worst scandal in the scandal-tainted BB15 and all anyone can talk about is poor Gina’s blog. Sad.

      • Ok, lets talk about it. Spencer is a despicable human being. Made the most appalling comment in this season. The police probed it and found no criminal act was committed at this time.

      • A police investigation would not be closed that quickly. It takes a long time to investiagate someone for child porn. They’ll monitor his computer use, and that’s usually done at the state and/or federal level. Most times they don’t even tell the local police they are watching someone. The feds don’t take comments like Spencer made as a joke.

  5. Take Spencer out of the show, Admitting to loving beating off to children being raped in basement film is criminal and sickening. BB DO SOMETHING FAST

    • I saw the clip, its obvious he was joking. Was his joke extreme and profane? Yes, but it was still a joke.

  6. this was painful to watch I cant take Amanda anymore or that Andy weasel the hg should know that America is voting mvp they will throw her to the curb in a second flat cause they will know America will not vote for me if we keep her what she said to Candice was a disgrace I f she stays tomorrow I don’t think I can watch this show anymore I feel like I have to take a stand and I know I am only a speck but I just cant watch that racism and hatred anymore.

  7. We should have a vote to put her out we put her up we should be able to kick her to the curb

  8. Spoiler Alert: Seem like Julie Chen has posted to her Instagram account a picture of the “reset button” from BB14, but did not give détail as to how it would be use.
    My guess: HGs will choose to go forward or not with the MVP twist. If one press the button, the twist will be over.
    Instagram dot com slash p slash cum4l_nNwK/#

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