Big Brother 15 Episode 17 Tonight – Week 6 Nomination Show Preview

Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Get ready for a new episode of Big Brother 15 tonight when the HGs are back for a new round of nominations and drama. Don’t forget we’ll also get to see the rest of the endurance HoH competition play out for those who didn’t follow along with our live blog updates and results from after last week’s show.

There won’t be a Have-Nots comp this week even though viewers voted for their food last week. With so many HN’s this season maybe they ran out of Big Brother Slop!

BB15 has moved way past the nominations you’ll see tonight so if you want to get caught up on who is the latest MVP nomination and who won the Veto, and who is dressed as a clown, then check out our Spoilers Board for all the most recent updates.

If you’re looking for drama and fighting in the house this weekend, then Amanda won’t disappoint you. She’s been going at it with Candice and even a few fights with Jessie. Check out the details with times and pics from Friday Thursday night’s fights. Since those happened post-nominations, don’t expect them in part of tonight’s show. Glorious! I was wrong. Fight night was Thursday, not Friday so yes, we should get those fights in there. That’ll be great fun to see.

Big Brother 15 Episode 17 Preview:


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  1. Amanda’s video is really getting some major hits online… I wonder if they’ll finally give her the ‘villain edit’ tonight?

      • It sure will be interesting to see. Amanda has gotten really good edits so far, and I think it’s about time they show the real Amanda to those that just watch the live show.

    • Wait, is the video of Amanda yelling at Candice/Jessie on Youtube? I’ve been looking all over and can’t find it!

    • It seems production may be trying to get rid of Amanda. Helen mentioned in the live feeds today that her (Helen’s) “friends” told her that Amanda is trying to backdoor her (Helen) either this week or next week and there’s speculation that Helen’s “friends” are production. Which is interesting because from what I’ve read nowhere has Amanda discussed getting rid of Helen this week or next week, so I wonder if they’re trying to get her out now and do some damage control because she’s just as bad if not worst than Aa and GM.

      • Amanda has mentioned getting rid of Helen before so, this is nothing new however, it is not a lie either! Andy probably told Helen about it because he reports to both groups back and forth so, no secret is safe!

  2. I called it this morning….I said that Helen would put a plan inplace to evict AMANDA and blame others. She is setting up Elissa and Jessee to take the fall

    • Jessie is already on AManda’s target list so she is the perfect patsy. But Helen has to remember, this is a numbers game. She cannot afford to lose Elissa yet. Besides, if she cuts her closest ally loose, who is going to trust her afterwards?

  3. Big Brother’s Amanda Zuckerman’s: Racist comments about Asian and African American House Guest (Video) The Huffington Post.

  4. The worst thing about Amanda…..She is a Professional Realtor whom makes her livelihood working with people. I definitely wouldn’t want to deal with her on a professional level, she’s too sheisty!! I don’t know if anyone else noticed her oddity with the cameras. She doesn’t keep eye-contact when she’s talking to anyone, she makes eye-contact with the cameras though. Makes me wonder what’s on her mind….kinda eery!

  5. This is getting suspenseful now. Apparently, Helen heard about Amanda planning to evict her next week, or even backdoor her this week. It looks like Helen is planning a pre-emptive strike to evict Amanda. Jessie, Elissa on board, GM wants to talk to Helen about something today. I wonder what that is all about….so we’ll see what will happen, this week could be very exciting…..yeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!!!!!

    • Ooo! This sounds great! With Helen, Jessie, Elissa and one more, Amanda’s a goner! Who’s the 4th?

      • They’re working on it. I’m impressed with Jessie for being so gutsy as she is a big part of this plan. I’m not sure about the Gnome/Andy

      • Looks like Judd’s the only possible 4th vote. Hope he has the guts to help turn the house.

      • Jessie actually brought this to Helen and Elissa has been saying to Helen that they shouldn’t vote out Candace because she’s their ally and if they get rid of her there is no guarantee they will have someone else on their side which is so true because Mc/Am/An/Aa are all aligned and have a final 4

      • Jessie might act a bit immature but she gave as good as she got with Amanda. And it would please me immensely if Amanda was evicted due to Jessie and Elissa. Jessie might act like a pushover at times but the girl obviously has GUTS!

      • Totally!..Her argument tonight? She was on point. She was so good that it made the cut in this episode.

    • Oh, don’t tease me. Helen and Elissa noodled the idea last week, it lost steam fast. Helen did say last week not this week for Amanda to go, so please let it be this week. I am excited. Yeah, last night I saw Jessie broach the subject in the kitchen to Helen. Looks promising. Maybe, Judd will play with them?

    • Yes I love it but I don’t think that was in the plan because I hadn’t heard Amanda mention wanting to get Helen out this week or next week. However Helen said her (Helen) “friends” told her (Helen) that Amanda was going to backdoor her (Helen) and there’s speculation that Helen’s “friends” are production. If they can get Judd on board it’s a done deal and I think they may be able to convince him since Candace told Judd during the POV that Amanda thinks he’s MVP. This should be very interesting. I hope these HGs wise up and get the huge target Amanda out. This is their second chance and they would be fools not to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

  6. Gina M is a tool of Mormonism and is being polluted the Aaryan goddess. Those KMart commercials are racist. They assume that all black kids and a token white child acts like this. CBS stop this nonsense.

  7. All the girls are jealous of how pretty Candice is she’s no real threat just cuter than all other girls

    • Season 12 was worse for me! I hated the way they treated Rachel was mean and cruel. I hate the way Candice is being treated this year by the blonde b itches.

    • Right!!! And she has the nerve to say she can’t take Candace’s voice. She annoying.

    • Sounds like GM was trying to hard with complimenting Candice to ease her guilty conscious. I can’t wait til she finds out she’s jobless. I love Karma!

  8. I know Andy’s occupation is listed as professor, but what does it teach. I want to say on the first show when they were introducing the houseguest, Andy said he teaches people how to lie? Not quite sure. Anyone know for sure?

    • He’s the biggest snitch ever. He talks way too much. That’s the 2nd time he ran his mouth in this game about someone’s plans.

    • Andy is not a professor. Andy is an adjunct (part-time) faculty member. Part-time faculty members do not hold the rank of professor. He teaches communication and from what I read on Rate My Professors, his students really like him. Andy was not being totally truthful when he said that he was a professor (he is either an instructor, lecturer or something like that).

      • Thanks everyone for input. The only reason I said professor is that is at the top of this page under houseguest it said professor. But instructor makes more sense.

  9. OMG, did anybody see Aaryn, during the HOH competition, she’s giving out the price, she stuck her tongue out in Candice back because she won $5000. I couldn’t believe it, I rewinded and watch again, 2 times, she stuck her tongue in Candice back because she won $5000. How low can you go ?
    And Sharon think she not racist. Wake up and smell the rose.

    • I thought it was a raspberry. I can not stand to see her or hear her. I can tolerate GM, but not Aaryn

      • I feel like spitting in her face when she was in DR. But then I realize I would have to clean my TV after that.

  10. I hope Amanda is miserable when she leaves big brother. She is one hateful b**** and I hope America lets her know!!! I can’t believe I am saying this but I can tolerate Aaryn more than I can Amanda now. she makes my blood boil!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Watching Jessie in the nomination show tonight standing up to Amanda makes you respect her as a player on the Big Brother House! I hope she makes it all the way to Final 2! None of the other house guests do even dare stand up to Amanda! McCrae was even arguing to Amanda and feels that since, Amanda is putting a huge target on her back, he is collateral damage and will also end up with a huge target on his back! Now, is the time to ditch Amanda! If you are playing for $500,000 you cannot let these showmances get in the way!

  12. This years cast suck you have 3 people running the house the others are just following the 3 like they have no clue what to do. Grow a brain people already!!!!!!

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