Big Brother 15: Jessie Fights With Judd And Slams HGs For Not Sticking Up For Her

Big Brother 15 - Jessie and Judd fight

Jessie hasn’t been having an easy time in the Big Brother 15 house recently, but she doesn’t always make it easy on herself either. Earlier this afternoon Jessie started another fight and this time it was with Judd for comments he previously made and then went after her fellow HGs for not sticking up for her.

Flashback to 1:22PM BBT 8/8 on Cams 1/2 and you’ll find Judd in the bathroom talking to Candice while Jessie is turned away doing her makeup in the mirror. After Judd leaves Jessie glances to make sure he’s gone and then starts up.

First Jessie complains to Candice: “And then he goes around being nice, like super sweet to every girl around me.” Oh the horror. “But, like, he’s a dick to me.” Candice questions it asking if she really feels like that. Jessie says she does and says he told her to “stfu” and then says “and nobody seems to give a s**t. Again.” Candice tells her she needs to stick up for herself.

Not quite finished, Jessie adds “I’m so sick of being in an environment where people can like talk down to you and make you feel like s**t and nobody cares and everybody just looks the other way. I’m so sick of being in this environment where nobody is a good Christian. They just turn the other cheek because they’re trying to win $500,000.”

Helen comes in on the last part and immediately tries to console Jessie. Jessie tells her that Judd earlier said in a group discussion that her “sleep moaning” sounded like someone was having sex and when she complained he told her to “oh stfu.” (Judd later claims it was said jokingly because he didn’t think she was serious.) Jessie keeps up’ing the ante in her details every time she retells the story.

Helen rushes in to the Lounge to get Judd and try to fix the problem. Instead it makes it worse. In the lounge Judd says she’s faking it for attention, but he comes out to the bathroom to settle the conflict. They argue their sides of the situation, but neither is listening to the other.

Judd tells Jessie she’s being dramatic and he’d appreciate it if she didn’t talk to him again or look at him ever again. Jessie keeps going so he tells her that he can’t stand her and she’s the worst person in the house and she makes it miserable for him there.

He then apologizes for hurting her feelings as she claims, but says he doesn’t think her feelings were hurt and she really just wants attention as always. He closes it out by telling Jessie she should have tried out for “The Real World.”

So was there a deeper issue here? I think there was. As Judd walks away he suggests they shouldn’t talk anymore to avoid this. Jessie says, “yeah, that’s what you want so you can go hang out with Aaryn and not feel sh**ty about it.” Ahh yes, there it is.

Sounds like Jessie is wound up over Aaryn flirting with Judd over the past week and making moves on him. If that was the real cause then it was a petty motive and not a good idea for either of them just hours before a tense Double Eviction.

The fallout discussions with HGs seem to lean toward supporting Judd and agreeing that Jessie was doing it for attention and wasn’t really upset. Judd may secretly be a target for tonight’s double eviction so anything to move the HGs’ aim off him could be a good move for him. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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  1. If I was Jessie, I’d be mad, too. Aaryn has been all over Judd, and Judd has let her, which I think it’s disgusting. Not because Aaryn is Aaryn but because I think a man playing women is disgusting. Of course, Jessie has no way of knowing all of this, so she is overreacting a bit. But, I still don’t blame her at all. I hope she doesn’t get too wound up on this, because she might be the only one (besides maybe Spencer) that would put up Amanda tonight. The rest of the houseguests will be too chicken and put up Jessie and Spencer, I bet ya.

    • She has no right to be mad, they are not a couple, and she has made it clear, that she does not like him in that at all. Both girls are playing him just like he is..None of them actually like each other in that way.

    • Judd ruined his game and will be gone before Aaryn or GM! Too bad……that’s what happens when you play shady.

    • Well, Jessie did the same thing to Judd. She paid all that attention to him so he would vote her way, and Judd was asked to pay her a lot of attention to get information from her. So Jessie isn’t all innocent in this. And she can’t seem to get enough attention either. It’s a house full of drama queens (which include the guys as well).

    • Jessie is playing Judd. She even told Helen, Elissa and Candice she is just making out with him to get him on her side. Kind of like a slut. Instead of money a vote.

  2. And why is there no mention of Amanda? You know she likes to be the biggest drama queen, or did she get voted out??

  3. I’m hoping Jessie wins one of the HOH comps tonight so she can put up Aaryn and Amanda since she’s the only one who will.

  4. If Jessie doesn’t win first Hoh she is going up by one of the other HG. They have been talking this afternoon about who they would put up.

  5. Judd has been talking smack about Jesse for a few weeks now. He has been leading her on, just so he could get info from her, and run back to Mcranda with it. It makes me sick how they treat jesse!

    • Judd was told to by McRanda and Helen and Andy. He didn’t want to. However he did not now the others are all dumping him. He has same problem Candice has. He has trusted the wrong people. However he chose to play that way so as much as I like him he gets what he deserves. Amanda has had it in for Jessie for awhile and encourages others to treat her bad. This is a bad group they picked this year.

    • Jessie’s plan the other night was to flirt with Judd to get control of his vote. Meanwhile he tried to do the same to get info from her. This hasn’t been some one-sided malicious plan from Judd.

  6. Must be filming, trivia has been on since about 5 central time maybe 5:15. You would think if show is live we would see them getting ready for the live show and trying to make last minute deals since they know it’s a double eviction.

      • Hey Matthew-what is up with the mobile view of this site? Even my bookmark is bringing me to web version instead of the mobile version. This has happened a couple of times before this. What’s up? Thanks!

      • Due to very high traffic on live show nights I’m going to have to disable the mobile site briefly. The mobile site does not support caching like the regular desktop version does. So every mobile visitor hits the server to create a fresh view.

        With thousands of simultaneous users it can add up and causes an overload. That’s what happened last week.

    • Wait, how do the HGs know it’s a double eviction? They’re normally not told until the show’s all ready in progress.

      • Seems like they figure it out from the fact they ask Ginamarie to practice the HOH comp, this afternoon.

  7. I wish the HG would grow some balls and vote Amanda out. I don’t know how much longer I can watch that racist bi#!@!

  8. Jessie talks about being a good Christian… really Jessie?.. aren’t you the one who said you “made out” with judd to get his vote?.. GREAT CHRISTIAN MOVE THERE.. you are the type of girl that if you don’t get the attention you cry and blame everyone else..why don’t you PUT THE SPOON AND ICE CREAM DOWN AND PLAY THE GAME… its not real life..

  9. Jessie has been my favorite this year and although ill root for her till the end, i can honestly say her actions are making her pretty unlikable

    • I feel bad for Jessie because all the HG treat her horribly. Although I must say I haven’t seen any of the live feeds. So I don’t know if she has done anything to deserve being treated like sludge.

  10. Well… the problem is that Jessie really does have some sort of inferiority complex which she revealed when talking to Jeff in her interview. Someone saying “Girls hate me cuz I’m pretty” is almost always a sign of something wrong with you.
    And likewise Judd is being a tool and treating her really badly now just to get in good with Aaryn or Amanda…

    And both Jessie and Amanda are too caught up in their own worlds to sit down, talk, and vocally flip their shits on the entire house at them being targeted over Aaryn or Amanda or Helen. I’d call out every single person if I were them pointing out that they are kissing up to people who have done nothing but be racist and bully others while they defend themselves (this is stronger for Candice than Jessie, but good enough) and all of them find this defending themselves as “annoying” and then question why they don’t get rid of the bitches that are causing the drama over and over rather than victims.

    I’d also point out that the reason they supposedly went after Candice and Howard is because of couple… Well Amanda, Aaryn, and Helen are all in a “couple” and if it was a threat with Howard then it is even more so with any of those three.

  11. Judd is a douchebag and the way he treats Jessie is unfair and mean. He has suddenly developed a hatred of her that is completely baseless.

    Team Jessie even though she is really insecure

  12. These houseguests have been ruthless to Jessie. They use her then abuse her. They’ve all be kind and sweet to her when they want something but once they’ve got it she’s on the tail end of the pecking order. She is in no alliance because she’s been everyone’s go to for a vote when needed. It’s complete BS. Judd treated her nice in the beginning but really as soon as Aaryn was free he started smelling around her. How would HE feel if the show were on the other foot? Aaryn is a CANCER!!! First it was David, then she tried for Germy and now she’s on to Judd. She has nerve saying that Jessie bounces around trying for all the men!! I thought Judd was a nice guy but not anymore. He’s a typical male pig. Jessie is a very nice woman and Aaryn is blonde. Figures.

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