Big Brother 15 Episode 19: Week 6 Live Double Eviction, Veto, and HoH Results

Big Brother 15 Double Eviction

Tonight on Big Brother 15 we’re in for a very special treat with a Double Eviction heading our way where not one, but two Houseguests will be evicted by the end of the night. Plus, Julie Chen has teased us with a big surprise and we can’t wait for you to hear what she’s going to reveal! Join us on Facebook and Twitter right now for updates!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction, HoH, nomination, and Veto results as it’s revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go because after the broadcast is over the Feeds come back! Not signed up yet? Get the 2-day Free Trial now!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

The show is kicking off and after some clips Julie reveals to the HGs that the Jury has been expanded to 9 HGs and that tonight’s evicted HGs will both go to Jury. But here’s the even bigger news: the jury members may get to come back to the game. Woohoo! More twists. More fun!

During the “save me” speeches Candice and GinaMarie break out in a yelling fight that not even Julie can get them to stop.

Big Brother 15 Week 6 Live Eviction voting:

  • McCrae: evict Candice
  • Aaryn: evict Candice
  • Helen: evict Candice
  • Jessie: evict Candice
  • That’s enough votes. Candice is evicted.
  • Elissa: evict Candice
  • Andy: evict Candice
  • Judd: evict Candice

By a vote of 7-0, Candice is evicted from Big Brother 15. She’s heading to Jury.

Julie tells us she can’t give any information to Candice before she comes out. Her parting words to Candice: “You’re off to the Jury house. It’s goodbye for now, but there’s a lot of summer left.”

Big Brother 15 Week 6.5 HoH Competition – ‘Summer School’:

  • Round 1: Elissa is eliminated.
  • Round 2: Andy and Jessie are eliminated.
  • Round 3: Everyone is correct.
  • Round 4: Everyone but Aaryn is eliminated.

Aaryn is the new Head of Household. She did not want to win that. This is her third time as HoH. She has just a few mins to decide her nominations.

Julie announces the MVP twist is over. There will be only 2 nominations from here on out. Julie does not tell them America has been voting as the MVP.

Big Brother 15 Week 6.5 Nominations Ceremony:

  • Nominated: Jessie
  • Nominated: Spencer

Big Brother 15 Week 6.5 Veto Competition – ‘Nailed It’:

Competing along with the nominees & HoH: Amanda, Andy, & Judd. Players have to find the correct pieces to complete their puzzle. First to do so, ones the Power of Veto.

  • Aaryn wins the Veto.

Wow. Well, Aaryn is having a good night. Or is that a bad night? She doesn’t really want all this pressure and could have been safely laying low through all this drama.

Big Brother 15 Week 6.5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Aaryn saves Jessie and renoms Judd.

This looks very, very bad for Judd. Aaryn says the whole house but 2 HGs wanted her to do this. Earlier today this was brewing. We saw it coming.

Big Brother 15 Week 6.5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Amanda: evict Judd
  • McCrae: evict Judd
  • GinaMarie: evict Judd
  • Andy: evict Judd
  • That’s enough votes. Judd has been evicted.
  • Helen: evict Judd
  • Elissa: evict Judd
  • Jessie: evict Judd

By a vote of 7-0, Judd has been evicted from Big Brother 15.

The Feeds will be back quickly and the HGs will have to soon compete in the next HoH. If you sign-up for the Live Feeds you can watch them prepare with the 2-day Free Trial.

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother results with the eviction & HoH comp? The second HoH competition is expected to be played out later tonight. We’ll be watching the Feeds for spoilers on who wins and becomes the next Head of Household!

Update: The second HoH competition of the night was held hours after the eviction show ended. Find out who won HoH with our spoilers!

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  1. Matt, do you think they are taping since live feeds have been off for over 2 1/2 hours? I know it should be showing on eastern time now, but the were off about 2 hours before 7 est.

      • Just doesn’t seem right that they cu live feeds hours before show. You would think they would cut maybe 30min before. Live feeds have been disappointing to me. Don’t think I’ll pay for tis again.

      • Read earlier that people of the audience that holded ticket for tonight, got a message not to come. Which probably mean another audience of CBS employees.

      • That sounds right since Candice is being voted out. The 2 blacks are going to be gone and the racist are still in. I grew up in the south and my kids wouldn’t treat someone that way. At least I hope they wouldn’t.

      • I grew up in the north…am now in the south…and I have never heard this disgusting dialog. And believe me…GM DOES NOT represent the majority of New Yorkers !! What a bunch of pigs. In all of U.S. they couldn’t find better? The only ‘decent’ person in there is Candice and wow has she paid for it.

      • A GREAT reset would be to let this game play out without interference from CBS. And we saw all the racial B.S. live on BBAD…why tape Candice’s response to that? (If she’s evicted tonight, that is).

      • I know I have some great friends from up state New York. Plassburg (spelling)

  2. I am getting so antsy waiting for this episode. Team hopefully Amanda and Aaryn go home and a twist saves Candice.

    • Candice And Judd re Gone…Aaryn Won The 1st HOH, And The 1st Veto Comp…And Then Andy Won The 2nd HOH COMP…So Aaryn Doesn’t Even Make HOH For More Than One Hour!! And Andy Made Her A Have Not…So BB Took ALL Of Her Food/Candy In Her Basket …Away From Her.

  3. Thank you for doing live postings. CBS is showing pre-season football where I live and I can’t wait until 1:07am for found out who’s out.

    • Try to keep up. Things are fast and furious in the hse tonight. Commercial now.

  4. Ginamarie is such a stupid jerk. Candice let her say her stupid piece, so she could have STFU when Candicd was talking.

  5. Oh yeah that was interesting. GM and Candice arguing and Julie trying to get control. Candice is out.

  6. GM – “I will go back to my mom’s house, atleast my mom likes me unlike yours”

    GM – working even harder to be a crappy human being.

  7. 7-0!!! What a bunch of gutless bums. Can you imagine being so humiliated to see that not one person stayed in your corner?

  8. Dumbest big brother cast in the history of BB. CBS should just let America do an entire week of gameplay b/c they really suck at it, seriously I’m getting so annoyed!!!!!

    • I agree, can’t you see it is always majority votes and people regret their evictions. These HG got no backbone to go against the majority. More big move better come soon or more spine-less jellyfishes will run the house and cruise to victory.

  9. Although I don’t respect her as a person, I do respect Aaryn as a competitor. She wins alot and also is able to strike enough deals to secure her safety everytime she is on the block

  10. Does anyone else think Aaryn taking adderall is the reason why she wins so much? It keeps her way more focused than the other house guests, it keeps her calm, cool, and collected during the competition while everyone else is probably nervous and going crazy on the inside…

  11. Well after Jesse and Spencer goes it will start to get interesting!!finally!! Fun to watch all of them turn on each other!!

    • Capt…….hahahaha! That’s because the rest are brain dead. I guess it’s her meds.

    • It was just me thinking bad… or on the hoh competition Aaryn looked like she was getting the answers by audio. She didn´t talked all the competition. She locked 2 wrong answers and changed it right after Julie asks them to stop (helen and judd did one of those too). On the last one, Aaryn was super fast locking the answer and she was strange like if she knew that she had already won.
      I read that she was with a very heavy dosage of her medicines… but that was so strange.

  12. Aaryn’s officially won 2 and a half HOH comps (including the one Jeremy won for her) and 1 Veto (I think). She’s now the biggest competitive threat in the house.

  13. Well, they should have gotten rid of Asryn when they had a chance. I hate the witch, but it serves them right.

  14. racist are everywhere, not just the south, that’s such bullsh*t… just like they say blacks can’t be racist.. yeah right… Anyone can be racist..

  15. Judd the stud!!!!! Only because Amanda wants him gone!! Cu she think he was MVP!! Smh

  16. I wish Julie would tell them that America voted for the mvp, just to take Amanda down a notch.

  17. poor Aaryn :( I don’t know why she gives into this dictatorship of a BB house and just admit submission to Amanda/Helen by showing she fears them. I wish this house would realize they aren’t a jury and they don’t all have to vote unanimously!!

    • Helen did not want him gone. Amanda wants him gone because she think he put her up for mvp but it was America

      • a) did you see how happy helen was to cast her vote against him?
        b) im not sure if you watch the feeds, but all week Helen has been trying to round up votes to backdoor judd when they had the chance. she was all over that plan.

      • Exactly. Everyone Helen or Amanda want gone has been evicted. I hope Helen and Amanda go up together but I don’t see anyone left in the house with guts enough to do it.

      • I hope Spencer or Jessie. I think both of them would put Amanda up for sure and maybe GM? But Helen needs to go up. I strongly dislike her more and more everyday. Everyone was sad about voting Judd out but her. Would love it if he came back and put Amanda and Helen up.

      • Spencer would definitely put Amanda and McCrea, I doubt he would put Helen. OTOH maybe as a renom, he might.

      • Helen wanted him gone also. Didn’t you see her giving Aaryn the pep talk after veto was won? Helen and Amanda have been wanting Judd gone. I just hope he comes back.

    • Are you kidding? The are all scared of Amanda. Hey she scares me. Would not want to be on that witch’s bad side.

  18. I really don’t like Aaryan she has a constant case of constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth. I still had hope that she would have the balls to make a bold move here. Guess not..

  19. Helen did not want Judd gone. Amanda wants him gone because she think Judd put her up for mvp but it was America

    • And Candace, C told him during the POV comp earlier in the week that Amanda thinks he’s MVP and he still didnt listen. Big dummy – LOL

  20. Poor Judd is going to get evicted because Amanda continually said he was the MVP and that she’s not safe if he’s in the house. MVP is done so I don’t know why Aaryn would even listen to Amanda. Aaryn’s best bet would have been to backdoor Amanda and turn the house upside down.

    And Judd should have listened to Candice during the frog throwing Veto competition. She warned him…

  21. Two of the nicer people in the house both gone in one night. How sad. Now we have to cope with hate spewing 24/7.

    • Latifah, Judd was warned by Jessie. He chose to go against her instead of going against the goofy troop.

      • I know, plus he was also warned by Candice. So it’s really his fault for not listening to Amanda pushed for him so hard, he really didn’t have a chance.

      • That’s what he gets! Did you see how he asked everyone to vote for themselves and not w/the house when he gave his speech? Yet he voted w/the house to get Candace out. Karma is truly a bitch – LOL

      • If it was a real bitch tho then Aaryn, GM, Amanda, Spencer, and Helen would be out of house not Judd

      • They will get theirs. You think karma will pass by those who do bad things to others? Those that do, had better be real scared because karma will hit them and their loved ones also! Look at Bernie Madoff, he scammed charities, seniors, pension funds for $50 billion. Only $1 billion was recovered and maybe, $49 billion salted away in a Swiss Bank. One of his sons committed suicide! That is karma although, that could just be part of his punishment as it gives him his just desserts!

  22. Judd you should have voted for Amanda because she keep on blaming him for the America and MVP

    • Candice told him when they were playing for POV but, he did not want to move against Amanda. Spencer was lobbying to evict Amanda last week. This week it was Jessie lobbying to evict Amanda. Amanda was being served on a platter and Judd turned it down twice!

    • Agreed. Why such hate for the men in the house? And they love and hugs as she stabs Candice in the back?

      • Looks like they are going to use her all the way to the final two, maybe even the win.

      • That could be true too. But she has a lot of competition.. I just thought she could have played her own game and take out some big players. I thought the 2 evictions were unnecessary

      • I just watched with Dan G, and he said it was a useless HOH, coz Aaryn just extended the life of the main players, Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Andy, Elissa. She didn’t benefit from the 2 evictions, in fact she lost Judd.

      • Oh I agree. Judd had her back. But don’t forget Julie said to Candice there’s more game to be played. I think someone is coming back and I hope it’s Judd.

      • I was really sad. Kind of shed a tear myself. Everyone voting him out was sad except for Helen. What a controlling biatch.

      • Jessee did not ( I don’t think) shed any tears.. Her and Candice both tried to tell him.. so it goes…a pretty face will do a man in ..hmmm hmmm

    • Judd was one of the Aaryn coddlers. Was bound to happen because Helen and Amanda also have deals with Aaryn! At the end, Aaryn can have only one dance partner for Final 2. And Judd’s refusal to evict Amanda twice did him in! Amanda took just one shot to evict Judd! This is a game. First one out is a loser!

  23. Can’t believe they put up Judd over Amanda with all Amanda has been doing this week but YAY! I actually like McCrae and want him to keep his ally as long as possible!

  24. I can’t wait till this game is over and they all find out the truth about everything! Aaryn and GM losing their jobs, and that all their nasty comments and actions were aired on tv. Also what America thinks of all them, What a bunch of followers!! Not one of them can think for themselves!

  25. Aaryn keeps winning comps! What if she actually makes it to the final 2? That would be so awkward

  26. Something about Helen irks me. I think it’s the fact that she seems to be this lovely, nice person who cares so much about you but next thing you know she’s in the other room celebrating stabbing you in the back or literally stabbing you in the back by outing stuff.

    • That is part of manipulation. Helen plays similar to Will Kirby that you like her not knowing she has a knife in her back ready to stab you! Kim Spradlin of Survivor 24 was a master manipulator that everyone liked her but, she backdoored a number of the Survivor players she was in an alliance with! Trust but, verify. Was it President Reagan who said that? Even in real life, you have to trust but, verify because you never know if someone is taking you for a ride be it friend or foe!

      • I would never compare Will and Helen. Will wouldn’t have gotten paranoid and evicted someone harmless. He was manipulative but he was also smart when he did it. I don’t think most of Helen’s moves are smart which is why I’m hoping that someone wins HOH and gets her out so she can see that she left in the wrong people. A smart person would have wanted the couple gone and would have manipulated the house to get it done without dirt being on her hands.

  27. So we do know at least that somebody might come back in the house. Julie didn’t say for sure, but she hinted that it was possibility.
    My guess is when 4 are evicted, they’ll do like 2 years ago and have America vote on who they want to go back, take the 2 top vote getter, and have them compete in a challenge. Someone will go back in.

  28. If Asryn makes it to final three, she has two votes against her Judd and Candice. Hell, who knows, since one might reenter the house.

  29. Once again Helen strikes..I said they should listen to Elissa cause starting with Katlin she has been reluctant on voting out the ”house choice”. It has gotten worse every week telling who will become HOH.. hmmmm I hope Jessee gets it I seriously do

    • It’s a waste, but I’m not too disappointed with Judd’s eviction. I wish it was Amanda, but Judd will do for now.

  30. This is the worst cast ever!!! I sure hope next years is better or it won’t be worth watching!!!

  31. That is what I am talking about. You wait to make your move—-other players will take you out first! See if Judd went along with evicting Amanda and they had two straight weeks to do so—–Amanda would be evicted with no chance at that $500,000, Instead, Judd gets backdoored as Amanda planned it! So, who is the dumb one? Judd, of course!

    • Yup! So true. I swear the dumbest statement (game-wise) that has been made this season is, “it’s too early to make a big move”. They r so stupid. They’re werent scared to make big moves when they got David, J & Nick out – yet they don’t get another big threat out whn the opportunity presents itself not once b/twice. Bunch of dumb asses!

    • I wouldn’t call him dumb. He trusted in his alliance with McManda and Andy. They stabbed him in the back. I hope he comes back and evicts Amanda. Karma…

      • No, he was being stupid. Candice told him that his alliance member, Amanda, thought he was MVP. He sat back and chose to do nothing.

      • Judd had two chances to evict Amanda and he passed on it! That is stupid. Amanda takes one shot at him and he is gone! Serves Judd right!
        Ironic too that Aaryn who he has been coddling set him up perfectly for the backdoor! Karma at its best!

  32. Bye guys and gals. Gotta go. Sadly this is the most I have enjoyed this season, talking with ya’ll during the show. Have a good night.

  33. I can’t take it anymore. She could have gotten out Helen or Amanda and made it a fairer fight to the end. Does anyone ever remember more unanimous votes in BB history? Are they ever going to wake up? As i wrote after week 2. just give the check to Helen because these jerks don’t have a clue how they are being played.

    • I think this will make them play the game. The people who were not aware that they (the house) wanted Judd out, need to wake the hell up and realize that they are next.

      • I wish I had your confidence that they will wake up. Nothing epitomized that feeling more when Aaryn looked like she was facing a firing squad as Helen was fiercely in her ear. THAT was the moment where she could have changed the whole game by telling her to GET LOST and take a seat.

  34. What is the twist with keeping the new jurors from knowing anything “about the outside world,” etc.? Is this standard practice for jury members, because I know they get game tapes when the next member arrives?


    • Production will probably send an evicted HG back into the house (like they did with Rachel Reilly’s bf Brendan). BB is totally rigged.

    • @Kylie, @Captain555, That is what I figured, but couldn’t recall if that was standard practice for the initial jury members. Thanks for the confirmation.

      I too, think it is rigged. Saying that, I do look forward to the look on Aryn’s face when Candice or Judd the Dudd walk back in.

  35. Personally, the only reason why the big targets of this game are still in that house is because the targets on their backs are REALLY big, and the Houseguest don’t even bother to look at them. For example, Evel Dick was a HUGE target back on his season, and they could of got him out the week he was on the block with Dustin. But no, they kept the target around, and he ended up winning his season. Same thing with Rachel in S13, only Kalia had to evict Jeff, who, in my opinion, was less of a target. Helen is playing a soild game, and she might have a chance to win this game, even with the target on her back.

  36. The horrible MVP twist really messed up the game this season. Judd’s eviction was most likely due to houseguests thinking he was the MVP who was nominating Amanada.

  37. I bet Helen thinks she is by far the smartest person in there and the way everyone goes with her schemes she may be right. Still want her out bad though.

  38. Yes! my girl Aaryon win Hoh for third time and wins pov. She will be safe again next week for doing what house wants then going to get hoh after that. she best at comps in house and deserves to stay.

  39. I hope either Jessie or Spencer is the next HOH. Even if Spencer wins, he will have to put up one of them. Jessie probably will nominated GM and Asryn.

    • Jessie will put up Amanda and McCrae probably and that is a good thing! Aaryn saved Jessie which is good because Amanda has been targeting Jessie for a while.
      Go Jessie! Win HOH and put Amanda and McCrae on the block!

      • Asryn did not save Jessie. Remember Asryn is the person who put her on the block, in the first place. The house chose to use Jessie as a pawn. So, Asryn did not do Jessie a favor, the house just wanted Judd out before Jessie.

      • Ok. Have not seen any of this as I am on the West Coast. We have one more hour to go! We see the Big Brother show at 9pm Pacific Time on Thursdays and 8pm on Sundays and Wednesdays.
        In that case, Aaryn is not getting any credit for this!

      • Great ! Since there’s no memorable move yet so far in this season. That could be it. She doesn’t hide it

  40. Helen has this way of making the HGs feel like she knows how they feel, has sympathy, kind words. She makes them feel like she is working with them and not against them the hole time she is sticking it to them… HHHmmm sounds like I have seen this before, oh yeah our Politicians and she is a consultant. She might have a shot at winning this thing..

    • It’s not Helen it’s Amanda is the boss in this house. If you don’t vote Amanda way your out of the house just like JUDD was. Amanda thought it was Judd was MVP not America that way he got voted out of the house becuase of Amanda not Helen

  41. Amanda needs to go she is the head of the snack and she got her mind control hock on Helen and everyone. Amanda was the one that wanted Judd out not Helen because of the MPV and America voteing her the third nomination

  42. These people are insane. They evict a nice guy like Judd and keep a racist, homophobic, child pornographer like Spencer Clawson.

      • And they should have removed halve the cast for their racist remarks, America has freedom of speech by removing them they risk violating that right, granted it a creepy thing to say and should be investigated, it is not grounds for removal

    • get over all that stuff, damn! there in a house playing for 500k plus they don’t see what you and i see, they don’t know everyone’s conversations and comments. when in the house you can argue and fight in morning by evening you ally with same person. they there 24/7 you and I just pop in every once in a while. they don’t care about remarks they trying to win 500k. and for real Aaryn has 3 hoh 1 pov and by making deals has stayed she deserves to be here. i say her and Helen


  44. get over all that stuff racist comments and rudness, damn! there in a house playing for 500k plus they don’t see what you and i see, they don’t know everyone’s conversations and comments. when in the house you can argue and fight in morning by evening you ally with same person. they there 24/7 you and I just pop in every once in a while. they don’t care about remarks they trying to win 500k. and for real Aaryn has 3 hoh 1 pov and by making deals has stayed she deserves to be here. i say her and Helen deserve to be there the most followed by McCrae then Spencer. Spencer on radar every week yet remains pretty darn good. Judd was on radar half a week and he gone. this is a game those people in there weren’t friends before and won’t be after the game so they don’t care what they say. you and I would not like people and talk behind backs also if in there.

  45. I have watched every season and have NEVER seen voting like this. Why oh why would these stupid people let Helen and Amanda make every decision. Amanda is a jerk and Helen is Hitler.

    • Your offensive hellen comment is just as bad as anything Aaron said your a racist for saying that and please tell me what Spencer is

  46. Which of the girls said Judd this had nothing to do with me? Was it elissa, did Judd refuse to hug her?

      • Yeah I rewatched and it was definitely her, I wonder why Judd thinks when Aaryn won HOH and put him on the block its Elissa’s fault, and not his own. He is an idiot.

      • He didnt even hug Helen. I was upset that the one person that had his back,Elissa, he hurt her by his actions.

    • It was Elissa, he whispered something to her while hugging her before he left. But the ppl he shld be mad at is his so-called alliance. They ditched his ass last week and he had no idea and when Candace tried to warn him, he bashed her behind her back.

      • Now I am really glad he went. His alliance won HOH and his alliance back doors him and somehow it’s Elissa’s fault. Judd had a really bad understanding of what was going on in the house.

  47. Well Jessee and Spencer (again) will be going up .. if the plan stays in place…AND AFTER THAT ITS ANYBODYS SEAT ON THE COUCH

  48. Someone’s obviously coming back into the house after what Julie said to Candice. At first I thought by “you aren’t out of the game yet”, the jurors were going to vote for MVP but then Julie announced that it was over.

  49. I’ve never seen an eviction speech like that. The exchange between a nominee and the HOH was comedy….”keeping it real”…”go back to your mother”, all the HG’s were like wtf is happening!!! lol

    • I’m not sure how I feel about the exchange. Not sure why Candice decided to wait until tonight. She should have ripped GM a new one a long time ago. I would have loved for Candice to have said something about racism and tolerance, instead.

    • Candice’s speech was obviously effective. GM said Candice was not being lady like. GM and Asyrn said that Candice is a racist and that is why she doesn’t like them. Asryn said that Candice’s mother is going to be so upset with Candice’s. Could these two idiots be any more delusional?

  50. For the past few weeks we have been hearing the voting house guests say that he or she is ‘ sadly’ evicting whomever. I do not understand for the life of me why someone else is controlling their vote. This is just ridiculous. Be your own person and evict who you need to be evicted. You may put a target on your back but you may also earn the respect of other houseguests by making a big move. Or…..maybe production is forcing the unamious votes….hmmm.

  51. There is no word for the game and how its being played this year. A house full of ignorant bigots and dummies. Ever week Candice and Howard was there, they had to endure racial slurs. I cannot believe that CBS allowed that to go on. Yes i know this is a social game, but things went way to far. Paula Deen had her whole empire snatched from her for using the n word some 30 yrs ago, YES it was wrong for Paula to use the n word but, that dose not compare to what Howard and Candice had to go through in that house. They didn’t have a far chance the very moment they stepped in the Big Brother House!!! The only thing CBS did was put a disclaimer up to cover they ass…

  52. In response to the Style post

    btw i didnt care enough to look up the correct spelling

    and to the point of jessie, theres a reason he was dragged back season after season for cameo appearances, he had that season on lockdown for the win, and bb knew they robbed him there, expect judd to return this season or next

  53. What is wrong with this BB cast. Can’t they vote the way they want to, or is Helen the collective brain

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