Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 6 Thursday Daytime Highlights


Happy Double Eviction Day! Tonight on Big Brother 15, two Houseguests will head off to the jury house and if everything goes as this paranoid group of HGs have planned, then we will have zero surprises. So let’s hope their plans fall short for some entertaining TV.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Thursday, Aug. 7, 2013

9:30 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

9:45 AM BBT – Some of the houseguests are up, others are still sleeping.

10:15 AM BBT – Feeds cut for live show rehearsal.

12:40 PM BBT – Feeds return. Houseguests are getting ready for the day and the show.

1:00 PM BBT – Candice is happy and teaching people cheerleading moves. Amanda notices she’s happy and gets really paranoid. She thinks she’s acting too happy for someone about to get evicted.

1:06 PM BBT – Amanda says she’s got her period so she’s not pregnant.

1:12 PM BBT – Judd says he’s nervous about the double eviction. He doesn’t realize just how nervous he should be as they’re planning to get him out second tonight.

1:25 PM BBT – Jessie is crying over Judd telling her to shut up. She’s upset that he’s nice to the other girls but not her.

1:26 PM BBT – Judd enters and tells her he wasn’t being serious. She thinks he’s lying. So they get into an argument. He tells her she’s making his life miserable in the house. He suggests they never speak again.

1:30 PM BBT – Helen is annoyed with Jessie too and says she needs to stop crying at the drop of a hat.

1:53 PM BBT – Helen is back on her getting Judd out kick to Elissa. She tells her they can’t trust them. Elissa wants Amanda out ASAP but Helen says they need to get some boys out.

2:35 PM BBT – Andy and McCrae confirm the plan tonight to backdoor Judd and evict him in the DE.

2:43 PM BBT – A lot of the house is making fun of Jessie now.

2:58 PM BBT – Now Amanda has gotten to Jessie about sending Judd home. It was easy since Jessie and Judd had a fight earlier.

3:10 PM BBT – Feeds cut. Trivia. Another feed outage all evening perhaps?

So as you can see not much went on today. The houseguests slept a lot and continued the plan to evict Candice first tonight and then backdoor poor, unexpecting Judd second. I’m hoping at least one of these things does not happen tonight.

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  1. I hope Judd win HOH, thats the only way the second evict will be a surprise. Everyone always folds and nominates who Amanda/Helen want. Judd can’t nominate himself.

  2. These people are the biggest jerks in BB history. Maybe the reset button will evict everyone. It would be the best thing that happened this season.

    • In the beginning there was lots of action but the last few weeks have been boring and predictable.

    • right on. worst season in bb history. bb should screen their hgs a lot more closely next season then maybe ill actually watch it and not just read it on bb network. I was po’d that Canada couldn’t get the live feed this time but with the morons they’ve got on this season im glad I didn’t have to waste my hard earned money.

  3. Hey Helen use your head. You have had the biggest target in the house on the block 2 weeks in a row. You need to get more guys out? Really all 4 of them. You will still have a big women advantage if you removed Amanda. This may be your last chance. What does it feel like to piss away $500K?

  4. YouTube Amanda Zuckerman Big Shot Live. IMDB Big Shot Live. Full cast and crew Amanda Joy Zuckerman. Distributors CBS. Check out the video and site. Amanda sells Real Estate in Florida??? sure CBS. I mean that sarcastically. Oh, and that BB is an experiment, and the disclaimer before the show is BS. Um, you knowingly cast Amanda and knew what the public was going to get this season. Shame on you CBS/BB.

    • I was thinking same thing about her Real Estate!! Who would buy a house from her after seeing her on BB??????? I wouldn’t!!!

  5. I definitely want Amanda to go, but I think that Judd shouldn’t be far behind. He is using Jessie’s infatuation with him to help get info for “the other side.” Everybody says that Amanda is using her sexuality to get McCrae to do her bidding, but Judd is doing the same thing. Aaryn told him to make out with Jessie to get info and he did. How does that not make him a jerk? Also-did anyone see that Spencer is being investigated in his hometown for something he said on the live feeds?!

    • He was joking on the feeds about masturbating to kiddie porn. The local police investigated and searched his computer and basically confirmed that it was just a joke. A really sick joke.

  6. Aaryn gets skewered as the racist, loses her job. GM is a racist loses her job. Spencer is a racist, and is investigated for child comment, and possible loss of job. All rightfully so. Amanda should be evicted she is a racists too, and making homicidal threats, yet she gets a pass? You can thank Amanda’s CBS industry reality pals.

  7. I hope jesse wins it .. she may be a lil clingy but her and candice are the only two decent human beings in that house on the woman side

  8. Why can’t BB leave their mouth shut so the double eviction would be a surprise? What genius thought it would make better TV to let them know ahead? Given this cast of sorry players I think BB needs an overhaul.

    • I think they had to tell them because in all fairness they had to tell GM to practice that game with the ball because she will be able to compete for the HOH again. I think that is the only reason they know.

  9. once they find out the hg voted out will be going to the jury house they won’t care that is what they where trying to get to so they can get 13,000 for getting there

  10. OK, someone help me out here…they keep talking about Judd lying about the alliance that was made up in the HOH room between Judd, GM, Howard, Spencer and Kaitlin..I thought I watched that happen on the feeds a few weeks ago or am I crazy? I think Judd’s game was really hurt by everyone saying that he was MVP when he wasn’t…they are all talking about what a good schemer he was…heck everyone in the house is a good schemer, except for GM, who is just an idiot. Those comments she made about Candace being adopted, the argument they got in tonight and the “degenerate’ comment, GM is nothing but trash.

  11. The disgust of this season is at an all high. The blatant racism,disrespect and lack of game play from most of the houseguest.#1-The Rascism : for whom has displayed this behavior has shown who they are to the core. Everyone is on CBS to monitor the houseguest , to drop the show & etc…. You can’t stop someone from being their true selves ,its only now that their on display in front in millions of people. They have yet see to what awaits them outside the BB house , they have no idea what they have lost and whats coming their way. #2-The disrespect :Dont like nobody but respect everybody. But thats usally how disrepect goes. If someone doesnt like you it makeh easier for them to sphew venom. #3-Lack of game play. Amnd

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