Aaryn flirts with Judd

Picking up where she last left off, Aaryn is back to making moves on Judd as part of her plan to keep him close and make Judd all hers on Big Brother 15. Be sure to watch all of this for yourself when you sign-up for the Live Feeds free trial and enjoy the fun.

Flashback to 4:28PM BBT 8/4 on Cams 1/2 to find Judd entering the HoH room where Aaryn and Spencer are hanging out. Aaryn invites Judd to “come sit next to me.” He lays down on the couch and lays his head by her leg. Aaryn starts running her hand around his chest and talking to him about shaving off his chest hair. Judd tells her he’ll do whatever she suggests as he’s just trying to impress her and America, he jokes.

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Slowly Aaryn slides down and lays across him placing her face precariously close to the danger zone. She announces she saw Judd’s “wiener” last night. Spencer asks if it was “life changing.” Aaryn says, “it was everything I hoped for” as she runs her hand along his waistband. I can’t decide if this whole situation was more awkward for Judd or Spencer considering all three were in the room for this discussion!

It’s tough to tell where this will go, but something is definitely going on here. Interestingly, later Aaryn instructed Judd to get closer to Jessie with more flirting to keep tabs on her. He did just that with a surprise makeout session with her later that night. We’ll have pics and details on that late night exchange shortly. Judd the BB15 stud.

What do you think of this Judd-Aaryn showmance/fauxmance? Does she really like him? Is he just happy to have some attention fromt he ladies? What is going on here?!


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