Big Brother 15 Fight Night Round 2 – Amanda Takes On The House

Amanda fighting with Jessie

Perhaps emboldened by her zero-vote time on the block, Amanda was in fine form last night and took on both Jessie and Candice in a no-holds barred battle on the Live Feeds. If thought just the HoH endurance comp was called “Bull In A China Shop” then wait until you get a load of Amanda’s tour de force. We’ve got the details here, but this should be seen so sign-up for the Live Feeds and enjoy the fun.

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Flashback to 12:29AM BBT to find Amanda and Jessie arguing. As background, Jessie is upset because she didn’t get invited to Helen’s BBQ. Amanda starts in on Jessie saying Helen didn’t want to invite her because Jessie tried to flip the house on Helen and get Amanda voted out. (Well, not really. She was approached by Howard and then took the plan to Andy and agreed not to try and flip.)

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Here’s Amanda’s MO. Instead of making it a move against just her, Amanda says things like “you tried to make a move against Helen, Elissa, Judd, etc., etc.” When really the issue is Amanda was in danger of getting evicted. This way she can make it a broad based “attack” and then get those other HGs to think she’s trying to protect them. She’s not. She’s trying to cover her own ass and that’s totally fine, but it’s easy to see through her method. She does this a lot.

“Why don’t you go cry in the f***ing corner. Have a little s**t fit under your sheets. Byyyyee!” Amanda calls to Jessie as she marches out of the living room.

Back in the kitchen Amanda tells Helen she just got in a fight with Jessie because of Helen. Then Amanda says Jessie was trying to make [insert every HG name she could think of] a target. See what I mean?

At 12:33AM BBT Amanda starts fighting with Candice. Candice says she cared about Howard and that’s why she wanted him to stay. Amanda starts off by saying keeping Howard would have “flipped the house on Helen, Elissa, & McCrae.” Wait, there it is again. It’s not against Amanda, it’s against everyone but her so she appears to be the selfless warrior fighting against injustice to protect the other HGs.

Amanda keeps digging in to Candice for wanting to keep her friend as if that’s a terrible move for Candice. Then Amanda drops the mysterious comment that she claims Howard made to her. Fish cut in. Production is continuing to block Amanda from retelling that story which makes me question the accuracy of her claims. Something seems to have happened with that, we just don’t have any details other than what Amanda retells.

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Next Amanda says it’s okay for her to fight to protect McCrae, but not for Candice to fight to protect Howard. Um, okay. This fight gets bigger and bigger, but it’s not the biggest of the night.

Jump to 1:55AM BBT for the Amanda vs Jessie battle. We see Fish, but we hear the fight. Amanda gets really nasty at Jessie as this one builds up.

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It starts with Amanda saying she’s mad at Jessie for coming up with a scheme to get Amanda out of the house. Jessie says they’re ganging up on her. Amanda starts yelling “Don’t play the victim! America, please make a shirt for Jessie, ‘I Am A Victim’ with Jessie’s f***ing face underneath it.”

Then Amanda yells at Jessie about bully claims. Gee, this sounds familiar. “Oh it’s so easy for you to say ‘bully!’ Im a bully. I bully you. I’m pissed because you tried to flip the house on me. Twice! So go f**k yourself, Jessie! That’s not me being a bully, that’s me defending myself. Goooo f**k yourself!”

Next Amanda goes after Jessie for thinking McCrae is attractive. She starts yelling about this and that with Jessie and the guys in the house. Jessie digs back that Amanda had a boyfriend when she came in to the house and told them she was in love with her back-home boyfriend and that they were soulmates, yet here she is now with McCrae.

Amanda yells at Jessie, “close your f***ing legs, you slut.” (Jessie has not hooked up with anyone in the house.) Jessie cuts back with pointing out Amanda is sitting outside in her underwear. “Nightwear,” says Amanda. “Underwear,” counters Jessie.

It goes on and on, but Jessie makes a good point. Amanda says no one is supporting Jessie and Jessie says no one stands up to her “because they’re afraid you’re going to do this s**t to them.” Jessie tells Amanda she’s not afraid of her. Amanda says she should be because she’s going home this week.

Back inside Elissa says “I’m glad I missed that.” Andy adds “that was intense.” Yes, yes it was. Amanda is on a roll with her fights this week and if she goes up on the block as the MVP nominee it will only get better. Currently she holds a healthy lead in our MVP poll. On Saturday we will learn who gets that coveted 3rd spot on the couch.

What do you think of Amanda’s tactics? Are they too aggressive or is she making the right moves in trying to shut down any potential uprisings against her?

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  1. Amanda is a bully…I can’t stand her and I voted for her. Man…I wish these house guests would clean out the negative, non competitive bully!

    • They won’t, because Helen hasn’t told them to. Someone needs to make a move.

    • It keeps saying that the site is too busy. I have to keep trying to connect. Even if you refresh, you risk losing the connection. I wonder why there is so much traffic today…

      • I had the same issue that you and Cyril Axel did, early this morning PST. Now, everything seems good.

    • Me too. I thought it was my computer. Glad i found out before i kicked it to the curb. :)

      • lol..yeah, I didn’t had any problems with other sites, so I knew it was this site.

      • I thought maybe my employer blocked me from this site……..hahaha! I used my phone to try to access the site and realized it was the site.

      • Hey..hey no internet on the job !’s been going on and off. Any problem Matthew?

      • Massive outages affecting 15 million websites and 4 major hosting companies. It has nothing to do with us in particular, just bad luck that our host completely failed its customers.

        The problem has been going on for about 14 hours. Normally servers are not down for more than 8 hours spread out over an entire year. Instead this is 14 hours in one day.

      • Matthew, I was going through withdrawals. Better now, that the site is back up :) thank you.

  2. I love all the irrelevants: Spencer, jessie standing up to amanda, now to get gm to…

  3. I don’t even know if they’d be brave enough to vote Amanda outt it she went on the block again.

    She is such a douche nozzle. Amanda needs to go before Jury.

    • I think she should have been ejected from the game. If I was in the house agro Amanda has to go.

  4. GM place Amanda and Mcrae on the bench. Then america can get the 3 one to some one else.

    • I don’t know…McCrae isn’t responsible for Amanda’s behavior. She is really hurting his game though.

  5. Wow…I used to like Amanda but she really can’t play well with others. If CBS picked her to win…they have their work cut out for them…lol.

    • Same here. But it’s become very difficult to keep supporting her. After she didn’t get any votes against her, she got a really big head and an even bigger ego. I would like her to go to jury though. But with her behavior last night, I wouldn’t blame the hgs for getting her out.

  6. Amanda needs to go soon, but not just yet. She has too much support in the house right now. Aaryn first, then GinaMarie. Amanda can go as the first jury member.

  7. Amanda needs to go. In fact this whole season can go. It is a house full of racist floaters and frankly they are all starting to irritate and bore me. Done

  8. For those of you who have not heard of this video on Youtube yet. Seach:
    Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior

    • Hey, Captain thanks for reposting, Hopefully, it will set in motion the America’s vote for Amanda to go on the block. I am scratching my head with someone that violable is still in the game why? why? why?

      • LOL. She probably only sells to ppl who like dungeons. I think we saw her in her Realtor outfit when she wore the dominatrix’s outfit for McCrea b’day. Plus, did you notice she made a cat nines tail to spank him with? Ew. I am still scared from seeing that go down.

  9. I stopped reading in the middle. I can’t handle Amanda’s idiocy right now. I hope she goes up as MVP nom.

  10. If Demanda is the MVP nominee again this week it will be epic. She will have a complete meltdown.

      • Don’t be to sure about that. It depends on how many HG’s she beats down.

      • I’ve got to admit it…I’m getting tired of Amanda. And I was a supporter of hers until this week.

      • I’d actually be happy if either one of them left. Aaryn first…then Amanda or vice versa. As long as they both GO!

      • But what nobody seems to understand is Aaryn won’t go with the 3 power players protecting her. That’s why Amanda, Helen, Elissa or McCrae need to go up everytime. And what about Andy??? He’s going to float all the way to the end without making any kind of move. Nobody ever mentions his name.

      • That’s where our opinion differ, those 3 power players would not protect her. They were cuddling her last week because she was HOH. They would drop her like a hot potato in a NY minute.

      • I agree. She needs to go. And if America votes Amanda again as the mvp nom, maybe she’ll get the hint and clean up her act. She thought it was Howard, but now he’s gone. I think it would be great to tell the hgs that America is voting. It would sure change how they behave.

      • As long as Andy is on Amanda’s side, Amanda will never be voted out. These hgs are so dumb. They don’t even realize that Andy is a snake. Everybody loves Andy.

      • On this site, there was a lot of talk about Andy been everywhere, I start paying attention to that, and it’s true. I watch BBAD, and there’s a conversation, oups Andy walk in. He’s in the backyard talking, they go to commercial, when they come back, they go to the HOH, who sitting there, Andy. It’s like there a set of triplet of Andy in the house.

      • Yep and it goes on all day and night. Nobody can have a secret conversation for more than 2 minutes before Andy pops in.

      • I agree. I just posted Andy will float all the way to the end without doing anything.

      • Your right she’ll probably be safe but it will freak her out. What I would love to see is Amanda, McCrae, Helen on the block together and none of them win POV. Or even, Amanda, Helen and Andy. Let the wars begin. Lol

    • She is already in epic melt down mode launching attacks at Jessie and Candice.

    • We all shook our heads over GM’s meltdown when Nick got the axe …. Can you imagine Amanda’s reaction if her boy toy should take the walk of shame?
      That would be worth getting the feeds to see!

  11. Last night I got more angry with Big Brother than anything else. I hate it when they intentionally block the live feeds so that we can’t see a major argument happening in the house. I don’t care why they do it but I feel it’s very unfair to those of us who pay good money to watch the live feeds. Ugh.

  12. They are not the right moves. They are dumb moves. They are moves that keeps America voting to eliminate her voice from BB airwaves. I know I’m tired of her. If she can’t manipulate or intimidate you, you are a problem. If you don’t agree with her, you are a bully. I loved Spencer ripping into her. I love that Jessie stood up to her. Now if the rest of them would get a frigging back bone and boot her tail out of there. She thinks she’s queen tough sh*t and I cringe every time she THINKS she knows everything. She says Howard was manipulative…..Whatever Amanda. Get off my BB airtime.

  13. Amanda is a racist n a bully. I’ve heard rumours of a double eviction this wk if only we could get rid of Amanda n Arryn.

  14. I think there is a pretty good chance Amanda is going up as the MVP nominee this week. But its almost pointless to in away since the rest of the house will NOT vote her out. Of course she can’t say Howard is the MVP because he was evicted last night. I guess Candice or Jessie will be blamed next.

  15. I’m about to be a little gross…….Amanda must have a very strong stomach. McCrea farted in the tub while they were taking a bath, got out of the tub and farted some more, and picked boogers out of his nose during one of their kissing sessions. I just don’t know if I would have been in a romantic mood after that. Leads me to believe they are both just nasty people.

  16. She is nothing but a bitch! She was walking around the other day in her underwear, it was disgusting. She walked around the house the entire day dressed in basically nothing. I can’t stand her anymore, she is such a bully..Jessie has done nothing to deserve this treatment from Amanda. The sad thing is right now even if she goes get 3rd nominee she won’t go anywhere, because these HG’s are a bunch of morons and can’t think for themselves, they have to have Helen or Amanda tell them what to do..and she will still have the numbers to stay. I highly doubt the story about Howard. Amanda is as ruthless a BB player as they come.

  17. Don’t cancel out evicting Amanda just yet…. We already know that HELEN plans to get her out and if MVP throws the opportunity to Helen a 2nd time she might get the wheels turning. Gonna be interesting to watch Helen rally votes for Amanda to go and try to hide that she is doing it….

  18. The Huffington Post HAS PICKED UP AND WRITTEN ABOUT HOW NASTY Amanda Zuckerman is. Good for them and hope tha racist hate filled biotch goes home! Could not stand that hate filled smile on Julie Chen’s face last night when she asked Howard if Helen was running the house. Helen is almost as nasty and hate filled as Amanda, but wow Chen sees nothing wrong with the mean Helen is spewing in the house. Guess Chen is just racist about blondes but does not mind brunettes spewing racism and hate. Also, did you hear that Amanda has admitted that she lied when she spewed her hate about what Howard said to her. Hope Howard sues that biotch and CBS because her comments could haunt him for the rest of his life. Amanda should be sent packing and Helen right behind her.

    • That video is on Youtube. It’s up to 61,000 views.
      We all knew she was lying. Did you hear that on the feed today ?

      • TMZ has apparently also picked up the story. Hope they show how she lied about Howard if they air it. Amanda is the nastiest person I think and so hate filled crap spews from her filthy mouth.

    • Hey Sharon, I read and posted about it yesterday. Keep spreading the word and pulling Amanda’s covers.

  19. Amanda with her big mouth, terrible as she is, is the only person bringing any excitement and interest to the BB house. She’ll be evicted eventually; meanwhile, get out Helen and Aaryn this week.

  20. I am so sick of this girl!!!! If she doesn’t go home this next week I will be done with the show and will not renew my monthly live subscription. I can not believe CBS would let Amanda and Helen and Aaryn act the way they are!!!!

  21. Amanda must go home this week. It is thier best chance.
    They will regret it if they don’t do it now.

    • yeah he asked her to at the end of the hoh comp. looked like he didn’t think she was going to hit him as hard as she did, but he asked for it.

  22. This is what you get when all the men are voted out of the house except for Spencer. Whole bunch of caddy fights that don’t even make sense or based on strategy.

  23. I voted for Amanda the megalomaniac! I thought GM was going to have her quote NY balls and get the so called scrubs out? Again, Amanda who again should be ejected from the game, again gets a pass? Geez Candice who just lost Howard, and now Jessie yet again, get attacked. I fear for those girls lives.

  24. Amanda is trash, I’m sure her parents and fmaily are at home cringing at the crap that’s coming out her mouth

    • I duh know, her parent created her. Just saying. I do hope her parents and family can and will do something when she returns home.

    • A lot have posted the same feeling, yet we continue to watch like a bad accident.

  25. Thought it was funny when Amanda called Jessie a slut and Jessie shot right back at her who’s sitting in their underwear in the backyard. And also Jessie telling Amanda you have a boyfriend and you’re all over McCrae. Good job standing up for yourself Jessie.

  26. I actually liked Amanda before she went all psycho chick on Jessie! Now I dnt really care if she stays or goes!

  27. I hope America has voted to put Amanda on the block I am so tired of seeing her ugly face telling people what to do please houseguest vote her ass out this week

  28. I’m clearly one of very few Amanda fans. I don’t think that people are giving her enough credit. She is one of the hardest working players in the house. Sure her demanding gameplay seems rude and annoying at times, but she’s one of the most entertaining to watch and her control of the house just proves that she’s one of the smarter players this season. I don’t approve of her blowups or her calling people people bullies when she bullies others, but as a player I respect her and think she deserves to go far.

  29. Amanda has all the signs of a bipolar personality off meds….Boy…….I would hate to be on the receiving end of backing out of a real estate closing with her.

  30. I totally agree get Amanda out now. Her comments alone about wanting to kill and hurt people in the house should have had her ejected long ago. But only in this season do they allow these kinds of comments. This season is the worst because of people like Amanda and Aaryn

  31. Amanda will get kicked out when Helen wants her gone. She is controlling this game and she’s making it look easy haha.

  32. Can’t believe how forgiving you all are of Aaryn’s antics, have you forgotten what an ass she was and how racist ????? Yes Amanda is only worried about herself and is a user so evict both Amanda and Aaryn, that would be by far the best news we have had all season :)

  33. hey, if Amanda has a boy toy on the outside then where does that leave McCrae??? when this is all over he will know he was being played love it he is a blind fool

  34. this is definitely a really scared cast. they keep saying it’s too early to make a big move but they’re almost at jury time. everyone is too scared to do anything that can “get blood on their hands” (so sick of that phrase). helen is definitely running the show. she and amanda need to go. helen threw candice under the bus by saying that she threatened her and candice still believes that helen has her best interest in mind.
    elissa thinks she’s entitled to the mvp vote every week just because of who her sister is, which is sickening. if she had really been deserving of the mvp, she would have kept the votes to herself instead of telling the entire house and letting them coerce her into voting their way.
    and amanda is probably the worst. she has power in the house but keeps making the target on her back bigger because of her aggressive(understatement) gameplay. not to mention, she’s probably pulling the check out of mccrae’s hands. she’s murdering his game.

  35. i want andy and amanda to go. andy is such a snitch i hate it. i dont understand why he trying soo hard to protect amanda and mcgrae. i think he might have a crush on him. amanda is such a bully. i just can’t with her.

  36. Please please get Amanda out of that house I can’t stand her she is the bully in that house please put her head on the block.

  37. I want that boyfriend to not date her she to bossy he is not ready for her someone in the house needs to shut her down

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