Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 6 Friday Highlights


It was nominations day in the Big Brother 15 house and GinaMarie did exactly what she said she was going to do. It was a relatively calm day despite all the recent blow-ups and nominations, however. Things are sure to change when the MVP nominee comes out and it’s likely Amanda again. Here’s to hoping Judd isn’t the one who her likely nomination really hurts.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Friday, Aug. 2, 2013

9:38 AM BBT – Wake-up time.

10:00 AM BBT – The lights are on and they’ve been woken up, but few are up.

10:15 AM BBT – Helen calls Jessie a little devil to Candice. She says she doesn’t know if she can forgive her.

11:22 AM BBT – Judd and Helen both want Jessie nominated and evicted this week.

12:15 PM BBT – Houesguests notice the TV screen says “Nominations Today.”

12:28 PM BBT – Amanda and Jessie are talking about their fight last night. They are apologizing for the things they said to each other.

12:30 PM BBT – Now Helen is in on the conversation and is telling Jessie she reminds her of her younger self. Now Helen is crying to her about the things Jessie has said.

12:50 PM BBT – GinaMarie is having nomination meetings in the HOH even though she already knows she’s putting up Candice. She’s using the meetings to tell people that’s who they need to vote to evict.

1:39 PM BBT – GinaMarie has her meeting with Elissa. And it’s very interesting.

1:57 PM BBT – Helen tells Andy she worked on Jessie and made her feel terrible so she’ll never backstab them again. Helen is really full of herself.

3:22 PM BBT – McCrae, Amanda and Andy think Jessie needs to go instead of Candice.

3:45 PM BBT – McCrae wants Amanda to reconsider Judd and she says no way.

4:16 PM BBT – Feeds cut for nominations.

5:53 PM BBT – Feeds return. Candice and Jessie are on the block.

5:56 PM BBT – GinaMarie tells Jessie she nominated her because she thinks she could win the POV over Candice and she wants her to do that.

5:57 PM BBT – Judd, Amanda and Andy are making fun of the things GinaMarie said during her nominations. She called Candice a “tattletale rat” and Jessie a “flip-flopper.” This should be fun to watch Sunday night.

7:08 PM BBT – Spencer using what none of the others are using – his brain – and says he thinks America is the MVP.

8:45 PM BBT – Andy finally realizing he may have been wrong about Judd being shady last week.

9:40 PM BBT – Housguests are having a “GinaMarie Off.” The person who does the best GM impersonation wins. Jessie and McCrae are chosen as finalists by GM. McCrae wins, but picks a night in the HoH room. That means Jessie finally gets to go to the BBQ which was what set off the fights on Thursday.

10:52 PM BBT – Amanda and McCrae are having a pathetic argument because Amanda thinks he doesn’t stick up for her and she says that psycho thing people say when they’re insecure “Do you not want to be with me anymore?” This is a very healthy six-week relationship, folks.

11:25 PM BBT – McCrae talks with Spencer about the idea of voting out Jessie instead of Candice like GM is asking everyone to do. They go back to agreeing to stick with the house plan of Candice.

11:50 PM BBT – Amanda tells Spencer what she is saying Howard told her in the kitchen. The Feeds do not cut away this time.

11:55 PM BBT – Amanda thinks a HG is MVP, not America, but she is hesitant to name names.

12:25 AM BBT – Aaryn asking Amanda is she’s supporting her evict-Candice effort. Amanda hints at wanting Jessie out instead.

12:30 AM BBT – Aaryn goes upstairs to get GM. She’s worried that Amanda is going to vote out Jessie, not Candice. GM says Aaryn shouldn’t have told Amanda about Jessie thinking McCrae was good looking, another thing that Amanda fought with Jessie about on Thursday night.

12:45 AM BBT – Amanda agrees with McCrae that it’d be better to send Candice home.

1:00 AM BBT – Aaryn is worried about the MVP nom. Amanda said something earlier about Aaryn going up to help Candice which makes Aaryn paranoid that may happen along with being worried about why Amanda would be thinking about that.

3:00 AM BBT – The last HGs wrapping up their night and heading to bed as BB told them it’d be an early morning.

So GinaMarie isn’t making any major waves with her HOH. No surprise there. She put Candice up as the target because she doesn’t like her. No one really knows why she doesn’t like her, but that’s that.

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