Big Brother 15 Episode 22: Week 7 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Julie Chen Big Brother 15

Tonight on Big Brother 15 we’re getting ready for a new live eviction and what could be an endurance HoH competition. Join us on Facebook & Twitter right now for updates!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go because after the broadcast is over the Feeds come back! So if it is indeed an endurance competition then you’ll need the Feeds to watch all the action! Not signed up yet? Get the 2-day Free Trial now and be ready to watch!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show.

Before we get to the live portion of the show we get flashbacks to all of Jessie’s fights earlier this week. Check out all the pictures and details here, here, and here.

Julie has also just confirmed what we told you last week, yes, a Jury member is being prep’d to return to the BB15 house! Who would you want to return to the game?

Big Brother 15 Week 7 Live Eviction voting:

  • Amanda: evict Jessie
  • McCrae: evict Jessie
  • Aaryn: evict Jessie
  • Helen: evict Jessie
  • That’s enough votes. Jessie is evicted.
  • Elissa: evict Jessie
  • GinaMarie: evict Jessie

By a vote of 6-0, Jessie has been evicted from Big Brother.

Out front Julie interviews Jessie and again gives the hints about “goodbye for now” and then “there’s still a lot of summer left.” So when do we find out about a HG returning to the game? We want details!

The next HoH competition is a knock-out style. They have to beat their opponent to the correct answer and then pick the next couple to face off.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 HoH Competition – ‘Way Off Broadway’:

  • Round 1: GM vs Helen – GM survives
  • Round 2: Spencer vs Elissa – Spencer survives
  • Round 3: McCrae vs GM – McCrae survives
  • Round 4: Spencer vs Aaryn – Aaryn survives
  • Round 5: McCrae vs Amanda – Amanda survives
  • Round 6: Amanda vs Aaryn – Aaryn wins it all

Aaryn is the new Head of Household. Yep, for the 4th time. That means Aaryn has been HoH for approximately half this entire season.

Update: Hilarious! After the Feeds came back Amanda started crying about losing tonight’s HoH comp. McCrae threw his round to her then Amanda told Aaryn she had to throw it to her. Aaryn says she waited and waited but finally hit the button when Amanda still hadn’t answered. Amanda then ran and hid behind the trash can to cry.

Julie Chen confirms that yes, an evicted HG will be returning to the BB15 game next week. The first 4 evicted Jury members will compete next Thursday to get back inside the house. Either Candice, Judd, Jessie, or next week’s evicted HG will be back. Who do you want it to be?

The Feeds will be back after the show is over tonight. If you sign-up for the Live Feeds you can watch the house react with the 2-day Free Trial.

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother results with the eviction & HoH comp? We’ll be watching the Feeds for spoilers on who the new HoH will be nominating

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  1. This would be a perfect time to get rid of another guy. I thought originally the girls wanted to get all the guys out first. Wishful thinking, I want Jessie to stay.

      • Oh please don’t have these people singing and dancing… ohhh I have endured so much this season please don’t suject me to something like that

      • Probably someone getting a day trip to a show or something like that after Pandora’s Box is opened.

  2. I think it would be the perfect choice to have Jessie stay to keep pis**ng off the whole house. If they evict her and they give America the chance to bring someone back like it looks like; I’m voting for her to come back. I also think because they they dont have three nominees any more; they should throw it in there that (A) let everyone go into the room and place there secret vote. Tally it up (B) Secretly let America really vote tally it up and dont tell the house guest and let us kick the person out

  3. They need another twist. Maybe tell the HGs America will vote a jury member back in the house or they can push the reset button and bring back the MVP for a week or two.

    • HG / Juror returns is big twist but the target is on the HG who returned right away; but more should happen! Saboteur, Pandora’s Box, America’s Player, Special Veto power, Coup d’e Ta, or another special power.

  4. I have a question concerning Spencer, because I read a lot of comments concerning defamatory and disgusting things he has said, but I don’t follow the live feeds. What has he said exactly ?

    • search him on youtube for some video clips. probably quickest way to catch up on them moments lol

    • He was pretending to be McCrae and was saying how he like child porn and especially 3 and 4 year olds. I won’t say word for word because its digusting.

      • OK, now I understand all the comments here talking about how disgusting he is. And I also understand why CBS is not showing any of those comments (seeing how the racist comments of Aaryn went and affected her jobs and family…).
        Thanks for the update…

    • What hasn’t he said. It would take pages and pages to list all the disgusting comments he has made.

    • Dude, just type in their name, and you need hours to read and watch them. Start in Youtube

  5. Julie just said, after Jessie (or whoever) join the jury: “THEY might not be there for long”.
    I smell a reset button.

    • They are just waiting for one more house guest. Maybe, Spencer or Gina Marie. When they have 4 then, they will have a vote with the top two vote getters fighting it out for the right to re-enter the house! Whoever wins the contest re-enters the Big Brother House!

      • I did not hear her say anything about a vote for one to come back in. She said the 4 of them will have a competition to see who returns into the game. I do not think we get to vote. She made it sound like they will have the competition next Thursday when 1 more gets voted out & they go back into the house Thursday. There will be no time for us to vote because Julie said it all happens live next Thursday.

  6. Why won’t Julie tell the HGs that America was the MVP? I thought for a moment there she was going to say something…I almost peed my pants. But then she didn’t and I was disappointed.

    • I hope if Judd comes back he has safety for 1 week and or they tell houseguests about MVP.

  7. Didn’t you just love Helen’s political double talk when asked about “big moves” and the house voting all the same? LOL

    • The reason this season sucks is because in years past you would be on the edge of your seat because the votes were often split and it sometimes came down to one or two votes deciding who was going. It’s also really annoying to watch these fools blubber like little babies when someone has been voted out and it was THEIR doing.

  8. Actually Marco, Spencer’s comments were so vile (about child porn) that the local police investigated him.

  9. That question, “where is the big move in this house?” was Awesome !…I guess America wants to know.

  10. Julie just asked a good question…why was Jessie such an outcast? She seems sweet but misguided.

  11. Give Judd and Jessie 30 minutes, to hammer out their quarrel and then they’ll be kissing again.

  12. GM has the worst hair extensions on a Caucasian woman I have ever seen my 24 years on this Earth.

      • She does what the house tells her. She was the first winner and got to choose anyone to go against each other. She chose Spencer and Elissa. Everyone was already guessing Spencer and Elissa – she just confirmed it

      • Oh. Hmm. I guess that makes sense. Not sure shy Spencer didn’t put McCrae and Amanda up against each other.

      • I liked how McCrea threw the game to Amanda but she is to high on her horse to remember anything and lost spencer was staying out of trouble that is why he did not put Amanda and McCrea up

  13. I want to thank Rich and Allison for wasting my summer nights with pointless and shameful nonsense

  14. Did anybody really expect anyone else to win. They are all brain dead. Elissa and Helen….out in the first round. Amanda was clueless. Bunch of idiots.

  15. They paid Aaryn to say those racist comments. Now production wants her to win because she lost her job. BS

  16. Helen is going to get evicted next week and end up winning the competion to go back in and we will be right back where we started

      • I did not hear her say anything about a vote for one to come back in. She said the 4 of them will have a competition to see who returns into the game. I do not think we get to vote. She made it sound like they will have the competition next Thursday when 1 more gets voted out & they go back into the house Thursday. There will be no time for us to vote because Julie said it all happens live next Thursday

      • They might do like in BB13, have us vote and take the 2 with most vote, and these 2 compete in a challenge.

      • yeah…When Lawon offered to be put on the block cause he thought he would get a special power to come back into the house….yep who will volunteer this time?? that’s why Julie said BE CAREFUL WHO U NOMINATE!!!

  17. So the head racist wins HOH for the 4th time? Bye bye Helen or Elissa. Aaryn, GM = racist. Andy = rat, Spencer = racist, bigot, Amanda = delusional, racist bigot and Helen = not as smart as she thinks she is.

  18. Now Amanda will be evicted if somebody grows balls but she will have a chance 2 reenter but good thing she sucks at comps

  19. not impressed that Aaryn won again. Even though I very much dislike her, atleast she is playing the game. I want Aaryn, GM and Amanda out of the house and I’m betting this won’t happen this week

  20. Tomorrow when I get up and go to work, I’m just going to say a derogatory and racially insensitive to everyone I encounter. Maybe I will get a raise or promotion. I see that good things happen when people act in that manner. My new way of life.

    • I hate to burst your bubble but most people say racial comments quite a bit. Whether it’s being mean or joking, it happens. We just have the luxury of not being on camera 24/7 to get caught.

      I’m not a racist, but there are things that I have said in the past that if it were caught on camera I would be portrayed as a racist.

      Oh and btw, Amanda has been the most hateful/racist person in the house and she hasn’t won anything. So it can go both ways.

    • You don’t really need to post what you’re going to do. Just do it tomorrow. when you go to work.

  21. I honestly want to see Judd back. Unless the evicted houseguest next week is someone I like, I’m going for Judd.

  22. Wow you go girl. Aaryn deserves to be in the final 2. She’s got 4 HOH’s a POV and from the way she acted the first 2 weeks has completely turned things around. The first time she was on the block and was acting better I thought okay wait until she’s safe and see how she acts. Well I think she is acting 99% better then before. I hope she goes all the way. Everyone else is so boring and controlling. Haven’t really wanted anyone to win until now. And I hope she puts Helen and Elissa up. But I think it will be Spencer and Elissa with a backdoor Helen plan. Can’t wait to watch all the scheming.

  23. Bring back that black girl please. I want her to beat the crap out of GM and pull those fake extensions out.

  24. OMG ! Helen is talking to Aaryn, “Don’t cry, you need to celebrate, come here, “You are Janell” , We love you, I love you”….so, when are you gonna backdoor me?stfu!

    • I agree. If Helen did not get caught in her lies this week, and not have been so gullible through this whole game, she may have made it to final 3, maybe 2.

  25. No surprise in Aaryn winning again. Let me guess, it is going to be Spencer and Elissa on the block.

  26. I have to give to Aaryn she has turn it around but she needs to say I am sorry for her racist remarks. But she need to put Amanda and Mcrea and if one those come down put up Andy.

  27. I don’t care for anyone left.. i hope the racist, puts up the other racist Amanda and the back stabber Hellen and if they have to replace one.. how about rat face Andy…

  28. If she wants to play the game and not be influenced by the house again, she should put up GM and Amanda, I believe this would be a good game move and to also help her game..

  29. Why is everyone so afraid to break up the only couple left…Amanda & McCrae…two people are stronger than one….and people should be afraid of Aaryn and get rid of her when they can.

  30. Amanda hiding behind trash can crying cause she didnt win? SHOCKER she should be IN the trash can crying where she belongs she seriously wanted Aarryn to throw it so she could say she won a comp.? what a whining crying b**** but Aarryn will of course roll over and make the noms amandas anyway wow these are the STUPIDEST houseguests EVER!!!!

  31. Okay, I know it is probably just me, but did GM try to pull an Evil Dick? Did that crazy ass thing wake up everyone, because she was arguing with Asryn? See, this is why I would never want to be in that house. I’m almost positive, I would have kicked her butt.

  32. Well Its obvious that Elissa has played a better game than Helen..Elissa told Helen to get Spencer out but nooo hes still there Elissa told Helen to get Aaryn out…..but nooo shes still there Elissa said get Amanda out but nooo shes still there… Helen vetoed all those suggestions….And now look where Helen is gonna be sitting

  33. brb. time for the West Coast too suffer. Thanks everyone for the 411 :) Got the barf bucket ready. At this rate I am going to lose weight. Blahhh.

  34. Please send that Jewish woman from Miami home or that Fairy from Rainbow Land. Arrest that train dude after the season. Child porn is never cool. GM and Aaryn needs civil rights charges pressed against them. Let Candice win. Or even Elissa.

  35. Where is my snare? Crisis in Egypt. But Andy is crying and GM is still looking shameful.

  36. ::Kush is strong:: buzz coming. What’s happening on those feeds that I refuse to spend my hard earned cash on? I need updates

  37. If Aaryn had not said any derogatory things she’s said I’d be rooting for her. She’s playing a great game. If she realizes that a F4 deal with McCranda and Andy is probably the stupidest thing she could do to herself and backdoors Amanda this week. I’d actually want her to win the game.

      • Matthew Boyer: Are you aware that “jiggaboo” is one of the nastiest racial slurs again Afro-Americans? Have you read all the racial, anti-Semetic and homophobic comments he has posted on this page?

      • Well, everyone in the house has minus Elissa and Helen. If I had a choice between the last two choices tonight, Aaryn and Amanda. I’d choose Aaryn every time. She’s at least not as bad as she was in the beginning. Amanda disgusts me.

      • Latifah, you do have a valid point. Asryn has gotten a little better, but I will never want her to win.

      • She has in the whole racist department but I mean, once a racist always a racist so I don’t actually want her to win. I just really, really, really want her to get Amanda out.

  38. Oh, and Amanda is such a baby. McCrae threw his chance for HOH for her and she wanted Aaryn to do it too. Is she serious?! First of all, she literally sucks at challenges, second, It’s Big Brother, it’s every man or women for themselves. No one has to forfeit their chance of being HOH just because “Queen Bee” wants to be in power. Hell no. Amanda needs to go. Come on, Aaryn! DO IT.

      • He did. You could tell he knew the right answer but just chose Veto. Amanda was holding off for him to push the wrong button for her. Pathetic.

  39. These nimrod hamsters should have evicted Aaryn the first chance they had to do it! Watch this chick pick up a check for $500,000 and in unison we can all vomit!

    • Asryn will never win. Right now, I don’t think she has Candice’s or Judd’s vote. I don’t think she even has Jessie’s vote. Elissa will never vote for her and I doubt if Spencer will either. She might be the 2nd place loser, though.

      • Oh, I so hope you are right, LeeArmie. Just hate for her to get one thin dime of prize money – well, really, I don’t who deserves the money this awful, awful season!

      • If it comes down to Aaryn and Amanada like I’m pretty sure it will, unfountnately. I think I’d rather Aaryn win, she’s young and maybe when she gets back home her parents will knock some sense into her. Amanada is a lot older and is clearly not going to grow out of it.

      • 4 HOH wins. went from most hated to in a solid 4 alliance. she deserves to win, from a gameplay standpoint.

  40. My cousin’s wife’s friend just heard that Lawon and Rachel are coming back? Can someone clarify this? They will be competing against Judd, Candice, Jesse and this week’s evicted HG. Wow!

  41. Who do you guys think out of the jury member so far, Candice, Jessie, and Judd would have the greatest chance of coming into the game and actually turning things around?!

    • Latifah, if the person doesn’t return with 1 week immunity or something like that, what is the purpose?

    • Returning player from the Jury is not always well received. HG’s thinks it’s unfair, which is understandable. They have to win HOH, and they have to have a new strategy prepared before entering the house. Who is more capable of playing a smart game, if they go back?..don’t know yet.

      • I don’t get why they would think it’s unfair because the person competes in a challenge. I believe the BB Canada vote back was unfair but if they’re competing it’s totally fair. I don’t think anyone one of them would benefit. They’d just be sent packing but anything can happen!

      • I know, they think once you’re out, you’re out. I’ve already accepted that it’s been a part of Big Brother twist, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

  42. I would be rooting for Aaryn if she didn’t make the racist comments but anyway I’m guessing she’s going to put up GM and Spencer and replace GM to backdoor Helen or Elissa.

  43. On after dark Aaryn said to GM in the HOH room she is going to break up a couple. So, we now have an idea, target is Elissa and Helen are the couple. I am snooze fest.Helen shut up and drink your wine. Argh. At least whoever goes, they have a chance to get back in the game. Then there will be blood. Aaryn should have chose McCrae and Amanda. We can guess if Amanda is evicted. I would bet money, Amanda, probably not be able to get back into the game. Sigh.

    • Wine is the last thing she needs. BTW, how are you doing with that bucket because I’m going to be needing it soon.

      • I am watching after dark. Stomach still hurts, still in use. I will return it, I promise :P Hoping GM doesn’t snag it. Going to bed. Helen is blowing everything, I wish she would just shut up, and drink her wine. I am grumpy.

      • I have no doubts you’ll return it. I’m watching AD & feeds, so addicted. It’s getting good. Looks like Helen might be turning on Elissa. Hmm…gonna need that bucket soon for sure! Hey GM- I call dibs on the bucket!

      • Helen sealed her own fate by yapping way too much to too many people. There is wisdom in this game to play your cards close to your chest, she didn’t do it enough.

  44. Please, please could Aaryn take a clue and put up Amanda and McCrae (or Amanda and Helen) Pull the damn trigger!!

  45. WOW. Aaryn has tied the record for most HOH wins in a season and there’s still about half the game yet to be played!

  46. I wish for Aaryn to grow a brain and break up McrAnda. By putting both of them on the block, you ensure 1 of them to go home. If one of them wins, they of course will save themselves and take themself off the block. Amanda can’t win crap so I would hope she would remain on the block. McCrae is good at comps so if he wins he can take himself off the block and make the replacement nominee Andy. Elissa and Helen will vote to evict Amanda and I’m pretty sure Spencer will evict her, so that would mean she’s evicted, because GM’s vote doesn’t matter with only McCrae voting to keep her in. Now in a perfect world that would happen, but we are talking about this spineless lame-o bunch. If anyone is worried about her possibly coming back in with one of the HG getting to compete to come back in, she’s not much of a threat considering she can’t win crap and she has to have someone give her the win to go back in, and we know that won’t happen. I wish it to be Candice coming back in the house, not Judd because the dumbass thinks his demise was because of Elissa and Jessie. He is stupid and would play the same game and protect Aaryn in the house. Or Helen could leave she is annoying, but I can stick with Helen for one more week, Demanda needs to go now. It’s so hard for me to say which one I want gone because I dislike them all. Aaryn and Demanda for being degenerate bitches. McCrae for being a little bitch himself. Spencer is creepy and disgusting. GM for her trash bag mouth and for the simple fact she’s loud and obnoxious and there is no way she’s as hard as she claims she would get knocked the bleep out. Andy because he is an annoying red head Pee Wee and he’s a weasel of a floater along with GM and their weak HOH wins. Elissa is okay, so she’s the most comfortable I would want to win the money, but GF has to start winning HOH.

  47. I liked Amanda at the beginning of BB…but I now think she’s pathetic. Begging people to throw competitions so she can win!?! If she does win BB…I win never watch BB again…it will prove to me that the show is fixed.

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