Big Brother 15: Stress Overloads Amanda As She Seeks Refuge With The Refuse

Amanda gets stressed out

Big Brother is a great big pressure cooker and eventually most everyone feels the heat. Last night after the live show ended Amanda cracked from all that stress.

When the Feeds returned we immediately found Amanda tearing up and explaining her loss to McCrae. The obvious was confirmed. McCrae threw his round to Amanda and Amanda repeatedly instructed Aaryn to throw the last round to her. Aaryn later admitted she waited and waited for Amanda to ring in since the answer was clear, but when it seemed she wouldn’t hit her buzzer Aaryn went ahead, hit it, and won.

Amanda said she was nervous and her brain doesn’t work well under pressure. McCrae was frustrated, but was still going very easy on her about it. When he declared he wouldn’t throw another competition again Amanda got really upset.

Flashback to 7:05PM BBT 8/15 on your Live Feeds and you’ll find Amanda jumping up from the Lounge couch and pouting to McCrae about how he’s “stuck” with her and she “sucks.” She then immediately heads to the Storage room where she sits down in the corner and drags the trash bin in front of her to hide and cry.

Amanda stays there in the corner hiding for at least a solid eight minutes before the cameras give up and move back to the rest of the house. When she does emerge Amanda continues to complain about her competition performance. She tells Aaryn that she’s mad that she has to see Aaryn’s pictures again instead of her own.

Amanda predicts she’ll leave the game having never won anything. Aaryn jokes that next week she (Aaryn) can’t compete in the HoH comp so maybe she’ll win that one. The joke doesn’t go over so well.

But whether Amanda won or not, she quickly recovers and gets back to what she does best, controlling the other HGs and the upcoming nominations.

Do you think think Amanda has what it takes to win a competition this season?


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    • Well I can make sure that final 3 doesn’t come down to winning competitions (cough.. cough.. Maggie)

  1. Fun fact:
    Janelle, Drew, Hayden, Ian, Drew, and Rachel all tie for the most HOH wins which is 4. All of them except for Janelle have won the game. And now Aaryn joins them so things are looking pretty good for her. I feel that she’ll win another and have the most HOH wins.

    • I think the fact that Janelle didn’t won is because she share her first HOH. So it’s kind of 3.5 HOH.

      • Janelle didn’t win because she was a backstabber on her season and everyone on the jury knew it. You can’t win the game if you are an obvious bullsh*ter.

    • I don’t ever realize why a lot of players want to be “like Janelle.” She was a dominant competition player but all in all she was a horrible strategic thinker.

      • Janelle and Danielle Donato are both beasts in competitions but, lacking in strategic thinking. That is why they have not won Big Brother even if they have been given more than one bite of the apple! You cannot win just being good on competitions. There is still the social game you have to be good at to get to the end! Amanda has gotten this far because she is able to use her social skills and threats to get the house guests to do as she pleases. She thinks more strategically unlike Helen who is wishy washy without a coherent strategy to rely on!

    • I am not giving Aaryn the first one no matter what she says. Jeremy won that one as much as Aaryn and maybe more. I’ll give Aaryn 1/2 for that one. What people have not mentioned in that comp is how Jeremy had the advantage over Andy because of his long fingers (because he is so tall). I think they were very close in terms of how much bbq sauce they had in their jars but Jeremy was able to reach the ball a little sooner than Andy. Who knows, if Jeremy has Andy’s height and finger size maybe Andy and Elissa would have won that HOH instead of Jeremy and Aaryn.

      • Woulda shoulda, coulda…the fact is she won. And she had to move fast to win that comp. I give her the win. 4 HOH’s and a POV. Turned her social game around. She deserves to be in the final 2. And she’s won all these only halfway through the season.

      • The only thing i have, now, against Aaryn is the way she played the last competitions.
        She looks like to be doped. Even Julie saw that there is something very strange with Aaryn.
        She looks like to be doped so much that she cannot get happy do to the massive dosage of tranquilizers.
        Comparing this 2 Thursdays with all the other ones… Aaryn made some celebrations at the start. Now she just raises her arms and stay there showing the tooths.
        Everyone making a smile and talking… and Aaryn so quiet and mega calm.

      • That’s called being humble. She takes a prescribed medication that makes her feel normal like everyone else. She is NOT doped up.

  2. Amanda needs to go home, she’s a total loser in every aspect of the game. More losers : Elissa , Helen. This game has evolved to the point that the ONLY one that deserves to win is Aaryn. I hate them all except Aaryn, Spencer and Gina Marie.

    • Helen has played a good game. GM NO WAY! I would like Spencer or Helen to win. GM isn’t that great of a player. She is one of many FOLLOWERS! Elissa is the total opposite of Rachel….. in a bad way. Spencer is likable. But that doesn’t mean he deserves to win. He has laid way low, stuck with just a couple of players (all gone) and won how many comps? One??? Yes Aaryn has played well. But I hate her comments and her remarks about people of other races put a sting in my opinion of her. Mostly it is how she replies to people when they say she should watch what she says. Helen may not be good at comps but she can play people without really hurting them. She is like a spy. She is in that sense a better player then Aaryn. Helen is neutral in her face and voice…… she rarely over does it. Amanda is just CooCoo….. Are you up for the Amanda Roller Coaster today???? But instead of a fun ride you have to deal with an emotionally moody crazy woman. I FEEL FOR “McCrae”. I think he is getting smart to it though!

      • …and Andy? Haha He obviously has played such a great game that you didn’t even need to mention him. ;-)

      • Oh God here we go again with the “Arryn’s comments” things. That was well over a month or two ago. I think we can get over it now. Should it be completely forgotten? No, probably not. But this is getting very stale.

      • I have to disagree. Just because people spoke to her about it and she toned it down does not mean its still not in there somewhere. Remember when Amanda told her to tone it down and Aaryn told her basically to get over it? I think Aaryn’s comment was “that’s so juvenile”. Aaryn is what she appeared to be. Now she is just more conscious of the cameras and microphones.

      • I agree. She has totally changed her behavior. And it was a few comments the first week. People need to get over it.

      • she still do it if you have the live feeds you would see it she still talk about Candice and she not in the house anymore that’s why she no longer have an agent to help her get jobs let’s see how she feel about that when she find out let me guess she is going to say it’s Candice fought no she is the one that started week one

      • It shows the kind of person she is. A mean and vile person. But she has lost her job so she’ll pay for her comments when she gets out. I don’t understand why none of the comments of Amanda, Gina Marie or Spencerare never brought up. Wait let me guess, they didn’t show them on tv and you people don’t pay attention to the feeds so you don’t know what the other vile people in that house say.

      • So you think Aaryn is awful but Spencer who is the biggest pig, racist, disgusting human being is likeable. I don’t know what show you’re watching but it must be Fantasy Island and not Big Brother.

    • So you names the 3 worst human beings in the house as your favorites? I cannot bring myself to root for any of these three people. GMs comments to Candice we way over the line and could only come from a truly horrible person. Aaryn’s racism, while toned down recently, makes her pretty horrible too. But that’s not all, she is a vain, self-centered beotch and her fangs are coming out again now that she has won her 4th HOH. Spencer is a pig, plain and simple. He may be the least dislikable person in the house right now, but he comes out with things every now and then that are just terrible.

      • I think Aaryn has been very humble about her wins. And her comments were the first 2 weeks. She has done a complete 180. Now Spencer and Amanda keep making the disgusting remarks. They haven’t changed one bit. Aaryn deserves to be final 2.

      • Oh yea GM too. She was making some awful remarks last night. And OMG on the feeds she just goes on and on. Last night I was talking to my computer telling her just shut up. LOL

      • Be honest, you have been in Aaryn’s corner all along, even right after she said those terrible things. Just because she has been quiet about it does not mean she has been humble about it. Her response to Amanda regarding her racist remarks said it all. Aaryn has been conscious of the way they are being portrayed on the show. She has shown an ability to suppress her remarks. That’s it.

      • I am always honest and I always keep it real. I have never been in Aaryns corner until this week. In fact I haven’t been in anyones corner until now. They all suck. And you really need to read my posts because I never approved of the things she did and said. Whenever I mentioned it I always mentioned GM, Spencer, Amanda and Aaryn. I think after the first two weeks she has completely changed. I also forgive and give people a second chance. I think she’s playing the best game and this is the first time I am rooting for someone. GO AARYN!!!!!

      • Oh and another thing while Aaryn has changed you don’t see Amanda, Spencer or GM changing do you???

      • She hasn’t really change. She made many comments, even lately, that still show she hasn’t change. She is just hiding it better lately. She is still a racist.

      • We’ll just have to disagree on that. She’s been fine for a long time and as far as comments everyone has to dissect every word she says which are just smart ass comments and not racist. Now on the other hand Spencer, GM and Amanda continue day after day to make racist remarks. In fact Amanda is the biggest hypocrite telling Aaryn she’s racist when Amanda has said a lot worse and continues to do so.

      • It hasn’t stopped Amanda, GM and Spencer. Like I said I believe she has changed until she shows me different. She even told GM what she said about Candices mother was awful.

    • IsitOVERyet? – I agree that Amanda needs to go home. I have never seen a worse player or a bigger whiner…I turn the volume off immediately when she starts talking. She is loud and obnoxious. To be honest, Aaryn and GM are such bigots and racists, I would not want them to win for that reason. I am not a Helen fan as she is nasty when someone calls her out on her lies. Then she pulls the whole motherly role which is also B.S. Elissa may be playing a better game than we think. Remember, she was wanted out immediately and she has managed to stay on and under the radar. Spencer made a bold move in going against the house in that Veto competition and I liked that when he blew Helen’s game. My problem with him is also the bigotry and the child porn remarks. That is hard to handle. Andy is a weasel, McCrae I did like until the Amanda connection which is repulsive. They have not yet brought back an evicted HouseGuest so maybe that will happen and it may be someone better than the current choices.
      I am really disappointed in this year’s HouseGuest selections. They had to really look to the bottom of the barrel for this group. None are great players and all seem to be whining babies. GM and her antics is laughable but pathetic as well.
      With all my gripes, I still watch because I would like to see the end when 3 or 4 of them find out they have been fired.

  3. Whats gonna happen if she gets nominated? She is going to loose it. I love how she tries so hard to get who she wants out of the house and gets so angry if she even hears that someone would have the audacity to try and target her.

    She sucks.

    • She use to seem pretty cool. Now she is CooCoo and spoiled. Better watch out if she doesn’t get her way. Maybe that is why the house keeps voting one sided! They don’t want to deal with Amanda “AKA Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde”, lol!!!

  4. OK….. if the house keeps doing “WHAT THE HOUSE WANT” yes she may win. She isn’t the best at playing the game. She can bully and connive people into doing things. There she can play, but as her other half McCrae is physical and smart winning comps and stuff. I like Helens game play in the sense that she has a great game face and pulls off things without being known for it. Amanda is like “You better do it” attitude. That will rub people wrong. BUT FOR SOME REASON NOT ONE PERSON (except Helen and Jesse) REALIZE IT!

    • Helen threw her former allies under the bus after stabbing them in the back! That is Candice and Jessie!
      She has only Elissa left and they will evict her maybe, as soon as this week! Helen is not the smartest tool in the shed! Amanda is smarter even if she has not won an HOH or POV for that matter!

  5. Aaryn could win this game but she has to make some moves. I am not sure why people go along with the McCranda duo. Leaving couples in the game is a horrible idea. If Aaryn goes to the final four with Andy and McCranda… she finishes forth.

    • You are right about Elissa. No one will vote for her because they think she is wealthy and her sister won. I think that’s why Amanda wants to drag her along to the end. Amanda will win if she and Elissa are in the final 2.

    • I don’t understand Aaryn’s endgame. Eliminating Helen or Elissa…Then who will be left to vote out McRanda? She can’t think she wants to go to F4 with them/Andy? Not really. Ok for them to think that and keep her safe but she has to be thinking she’d get at least F3 with Helen/Elissa and fight for F2; and Andy has been tight with McRanda since early on so he def trumps her on the food chain with them. I know she’s afraid of the wrath if breaking up McRanda fails but with the whole Jessie thing fresh, that’s a conversation starter with Helen – esp’ly since Aaryn is HoH this week. She said she is no longer playing emo; is now playing strategically so get to fishing with the girls.. You’re risking taking out the one team who MIGHT have the guts to take out McRanda next week when you’re not HoH. Take out Helen this week – who’s next on the “threat to McRanda” list, Aaryn? Better think about it.

  6. Based on these actions, the other HG’s, including McCrae, should realize that she is really useless. If Aaryn has any guts she will put Amanda up this week because there is no way she is coming back into the game. America hates her and she is terrible at competitions. Therefore, because the HG’s know someone is coming back into the game next week, but not how, Aaryn should put her up for eviction against Spencer. Amanda would not get America’s vote and would not win her way back into the game. The competition is guaranteed to be physical/endurance because the other HG’s have not been the house for a couple weeks. Amanda would be last one of this group competing to win this. If Spencer wins the veto then put up Andy (you cannot put McCrae up because he could win his way back into house) next to her. Votes are follows:
    Helen – Amanda
    Elissa – Amanda
    GM – Amanda
    McCrae – Spencer
    Andy – Spencer
    Now is the time to get rid of her, do it Aaryn!

    • The problem is Aaryn more than likely think she can beat Amanda in F3 HOH, and in F2, because she doesn’t win any competition.

      • One thing about Amanda is that she has been very good about getting her biggest threats out of the house. I bet she is already thinking how difficult it will be to get Aaryn out so she will take her out the first chance she gets hoping McCrae or Andy would become the best at competitions going forward. Next week, Aaryn cannot play for HOH. If McCrae or Andy wins HOH, we will see a back door plan for Aaryn.

      • She already was telling McCrae to make a F3 deal with GM… Amanda might have brought Aaryn along this far for the target on (Aaryn’s) back and thinking worst case, Aaryn would never win. I’m sure her thinking is changing now, if for no other reason, I’m sure McCrae, being a BB fan, has hipped her to the plain fact that Aaryn has the most HoH wins by far.

    • The HGs don’t know someone is coming back next week, Julie only told the studio and tv audiences. The HGs are clueless to this twist as of now.

    • It is not going to happen for 2 reasons. First, Aaryn hated Elissa before last night’s blow up and now she hates her even more. Elissa will be on the block this week. Second, Elissa pissed off the entire house last night so now everyone want her out. She is the one they will all unanimously hate and mock this week. Knowing Elissa, she will react like a wild not case like Candice and Jessie and seal her own fate. It is the same story with every house guest. I think Elissa could save herself by apologizing to GM and Aaryn saying she was just depressed because she misses her kids, etc. But Elissa is not going to apologize because she forgot she is playing a game a long time ago.

      • She also won’t apologize because she never thinks she does anything wrong. She thinks she’s entitled. Talk about a selfish spoiled brat. She’s the queen of biatches.

  7. mcray will win he will dump Amanda at the last 4 and nock the rest off after that I think he is smarter then the rest he would have won last night if he did not through it

  8. I just found this on Youtube. There a new video called:
    Did Amanda Rape McCrae? #BB15
    It’ s a 10 minutes, seems to be from last week, wednesday more than likely, because Amanda says she could be gone tomorrow.
    You can clearly hear McCrae say no many times throughtout the video, but still. The poster ask a very good question, what would the reaction be if the role were inverted, the girl saying no and the guy doing it anyway.

    • I couldn’t bring myself to watch the entire video. It was making me sick. But I caught a few other videos of Aaryn and GinaMarie spewing more racist remarks I missed on the show previously. Seriously, CBS should be embarrassed about what they have tolerated on this program. The only good thing is Aaryn and GM were both cut loose by their employers and will find the outside world a lot more difficult for them to live in when BB is over. That goes for Amanda and Spencer too.

      • Big time. And I wish we find out how they deal with that when they’re out.
        I you take the time, there’s tons of video about all the racist comments. There’s thousands of them.

  9. Wow. GM was ranting to Helen about Elissa saying that GM said that Elissa had a nice body and apparently Elissa said that GM smells bad and GM said “I’m not black people in the back of the bus…” I AM APPALLED. GM is an absolutely disgusting person.

      • I watched it and ew. Amanda is so demanding and I would say it was rape except he gave in. He stopped saying “no” and was kissing her so I guess it turned consensual. But to be honest, if the roles were reversed all hell would have broken loose no matter what.

      • Exactly, that’s the whole point. Sure he gave up and if you ask him, he will say, that’s ok, no big deal. But still, doesn’t look good.

      • And like we don’t have enough scandals so far! Nothing good has come out of this season of Big Brother, it’s quite saddening.

    • Neither Elissa or GM are cut out for this game. Elissa has no filter on what she says and GM thinks she is a street thug. Do either of them realize they are playing Big Brother, the game?

      • No one in the house is cut out for the game to be honest. I don’t think what Elissa said was that bad because I mean if someone smells bad I’m going to say it too…

        GM doesn’t just think she’s a street thug she’s also racist. That comment was disgusting.

  10. no. She needs to “grow a pair” and quit hiding behind eveyone else. Then she cries when she can’t get the job done herself..boohoo amanda boohoo…

  11. Are you kidding me? Why should anyone have to throw a competition so you wouldn’t feel like a sore loser! Boo whoo whooo! Big SORE LOSER!!!!!

    She is going to win the big prize so quit your crying!

  12. No ! She is not a smart woman . She is a she male . McCrae must kick her but . He is better off without he in and specially out of the house . He should live free of people like Amanda . Yak !!!

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