Big Brother Episode 22 Recap: A New HOH Is Crowned And Julie Makes A Big Announcement


Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 15 might not have had any shocking moments, but Julie did drop a bombshell on us. Of course we’ve already speculated this, but Julie confirmed that next week, Candice, Judd, now Jessie and the person evicted next week will compete for a chance to return to the game.

Yes, I just revealed Jessie was evicted tonight. But we all saw that coming a mile away. Right? Right.

The episode picks up right after Andy chose not to use the Power of Veto, leaving Jessie and Spencer on the block. Andy reminds us, via Diary Room, that Jessie is the target this week, but she’s still in the dark about that.

Jessie checks in with everyone to make sure she’s still the pawn. Everyone tells her yes. But Jessie is getting pretty nervous that Andy is lying to her. And she gets even more paranoid because Helen and Elissa are acting odd around her. So she has reason to believe that she’s not really the pawn, but the target.

So Jessie again checks with Jessie to make sure she should be prepared for something. He maintains the lie and goes to tell Helen and Elissa to get better “poker faces” before she finds out what’s going on.

Helen and Jessie start a pool game and Jessie calls her out for throwing her under the bus about targeting Amanda last week. Helen says that was common knowledge and so a Jessie vs. Helen battle begins. Helen pretends like Jessie was the one targeting Amanda when it was all Helen’s idea. So Jessie goes to Amanda to tell her that Helen started it.

Amanda calls Helen and Elissa to go downstairs to talk this thing out. Helen gets fired up and tells Jessie she’s leaving Thursday. So they keep going around and around and basically the only thing that happens is a bunch of lies from Helen. Jessie is still going home but at least now Amanda has a better feeling that Helen isn’t quite on her side.

But Jessie isn’t done yet. Feeling betrayed and backstabbed, she launches “Operation Bring The House Down.” She tells Andy that she overheard everyone talking about her being the actual target. Andy is upset because he’s trying to keep the jury happy and now Jessie knows her blood will be on Andy’s hands.

As a part of bringing the house down, Jessie tells GinaMarie that Aaryn talks about her all the time. GM says she’s aware, but it doesn’t stop GM and Aaryn from fighting over it. And it’s hilarious. I think watching Aaryn and GM argue is my new favorite thing in life. Jessie’s first mission is accomplished.

Julie checks in with the houseguests. Julie lets the houseguests know that Twitter is bored with them and that’s my second favorite thing in life. Just after watching GM and Aaryn fight.

The Votes

  • Amanda votes to evict Jessie.
  • McCrae votes to evict Jessie.
  • Aaryn votes to evict Jessie.
  • Helen votes to evict Jessie.
  • Elissa votes to evict Jessie.
  • GinaMarie votes to evict Jessie.

By a vote of 6-0, Jessie is evicted from the Big Brother house.


It’s time for the Head of Household and it’s Big Brother knockout. Here’s how it plays out.

  • GinaMarie vs. Helen: Helen is out.
  • Spencer vs. Elissa: Elissa is out.
  • GinaMarie vs. McCrae: GinaMarie is out.
  • Spencer vs. Aaryn: Spencer is out.
  • Amanda vs. McCrae: McCrae is out.
  • Aaryn vs. Amanda: Amanda is out.
  • Aaryn is Head of Household. Again. This is her fourth time.

And just before the end of the show, Julie tells us that during next Thursday’s live show, Candice, Judd, Jessie and whomever is evicted next week will get the chance to compete to return to the game.


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  1. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep, with all those nightmare.
    Talk about Murphy’ laws.

    • It actually wouldn’t be, at all. The first 5 HG’s to leave the game have all been exposed to the outside world and have all been watching this season and feeds, therefore informing them of strategies / alliances that exist, while if they were in the house they might not be aware of. Candice, Judd, and now Jessie, have all been sequestered individually, and do not know what has happened in the game since they were evicted.

      • I thought they were sequestered individually too.. Julie ask Jessie about it being awkward when she entered the Jury house and seeing
        Judd. That makes me wonder if they are or not..

      • It’s Big Brother Canada all over again. Let’s pick one of the fan faves (presumably Candice or Judd in the jury house) and bring them back with an advantage of surviving 2 or 3 weeks without actually being in the BB house.

      • I think he was referring to the 1st 5 HG evicted. The first 3 were not sequestered. They are contaminated thats not gonna happen.

      • Just Candice Judd and Jessie are sequestered no one else everyone who was out before are in their own home and can watch and read everything they don’t even award any money to anyone I don’t think they even have to show up for finally night jot sure about that tho

      • I know that, that’s why I don’t agree with Woody George. HateH..was right…and you

      • I don’t think there in the jury together yet. Not if they have a chance to come back. I believe they’re sequestered.

      • I know, but read Woody George. First 5? I think he’s including Jeremy, Nick and David who are not sequestered. Is that what he was saying?

      • Oh yea. I see what you mean. The first five know all about the game so yep they wouldn’t bring them back. Although that would be interesting.

      • No, Lavandergirl, it’s only the first three that knows all about the game…this is a never ending thread….LOL…you’re not a math genius like Elissa.

      • Ok wait I’m confused. David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Howard all have not been sequestered so they know everything. What do you mean by 3? Am I having a blonde moment or something?

      • I’m sorry, I cant believe it I forgot Kaitlin and Howard..hahaha…I’m confused !!!…I need another shot !

  2. I wonder which of the possibly returning houseguests would be able to create the most havoc? I think Judd would deserve to come back the most, because he was evicted for something that he didn’t even do! Of course, we have Candice who was unfairly targeted at least in part because of racial bias! Could we not have two houseguests return?

    • I think Jesse would cause the most trouble or Candice.Judd did too much of what the whole house did, he never thought for himself.

    • I’m not a fan of it either. I think we all know some how “production” has a hand in it. Like that 2nd year Brendon was in it, and “america voted” him back… i doubt that. So who knows who production will send back this year.

      • I have been saying production has an hand in it for years. They also have a hand in survivor.

    • Completely agree. You’ve had your chance. Once you’re evicted, stay evicted. The house guests went through a lot of trouble to get you out of the house. They shouldn’t have to go through it again.

    • A returning evictee can potentially provide a fresh and much-needed shake-up in an otherwise stale game especially in this season where basically 2 people are running the house.

      It can throw anyone off of their gameplay so I’m really hoping that those evictees have managed to analyze where they went wrong and redeem themselves.

  3. As much as I’d love to hate Aaryn because of her actions, I can’t help but like her because she is such a powerful competitor. I think she just might win this.

    • I know people think its a joke, but the knockout comp like they had tonight is exactly the type of competition where Adderall is a huge benefit. If Aaryn took the medication about an hour before the competition began, Adderall would help her with focus and memory recall. Its true that the rest of the HGs are terrible at comps and maybe Aaryn is just a little better than they are but it is undeniable that Adderall is helping her if she is really taking it.

      • you realize that adderal brings someone with ADD’s attention span up to that of a regualr person, right? You’re misinformed. And CBS wouldnt give her adderall if she wasnt diagnosed.

      • Once again Adderall does not benefit Aaryn. When you have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD it just makes you feel normal like any other person. Why can’t people understand that.

  4. The only true way that is going to work is if the jury member becomes HOH. If not they might be leaving within the week.

  5. Disgusting. Aaryn should’ve been gone weeks ago. These HGs are awful at comps and that factor will carry Aaryn far in this game. I can’t watch anymore.

    • When you have Judd, Helen and Amanda all coddling Aaryn in addition to her winning HOH and POV, she is pretty safe each and every week and just coasting to a Final 4 at a minimum.

      • How is she coasting when she has won 4 HOH’s and a POV. She’s also turned her social game completely around. She deserves to be in the final 2 just on game play.

  6. since one evicted juror member comes back maybe they should have that one not only compete to come back but they automatically get to be HOH for the week….that should cause some havoc

  7. The returning house guest should get a diamond power of veto to use as he or she pleases. If he is put on the block or backdoored then, he or she can pull it out and cancel his nomination and put someone in place. If he or she wins HOH then, he can save the diamond POV for the following week. If not, it is pointless to send someone in because with the 3AM alliance of Aaryn, McCrae, Andy and Amanda will just nominate that house guest if they do not win HOH. And if that person does not get POV—-they are gone for the 2nd time and for good! The 3AM alliance is too strong with the fringe players left in the game and will steamroll anyone coming back into the game unless they win HOH!

  8. Damn. This is exactly why I wanted Aaryn to be removed from the game. After what she did, she doesn’t deserve the chance to redeem herself and gain favor with fans and make them forget her horrible words/actions/views/ideologies. The level of hate that spews from this girl is shocking. No other houseguest other than Ginamarie has displayed such disdain and intolerance for people of other races to the level that she has. Others have made comments, sure, but have not actually DEMONSTRATED (as in with action, in addition to words) outright intolerance of people of other races on the level that she has or as blatantly as she has. And with the short memories BB fans have, they of course easily forget and now she won’t be held accountable for her actions (except the agency loss, but she’ll be able to get another one, now that the backlash won’t be so great, since she is liked now. I checked one BB fan site today and she’s 4th on the popularity poll This sends a horrible message for when she gets out of the house, that all that she has done and said does not affect the way people look at her. All it took was for her to win a few comps and BAM! her record is clean like nothing ever happened. And all the while, she never even stopped making her racist remarks. The only thing that has changed is who she says them to. This is very hurtful to minority fans like myself. I haven’t watched for weeks, just checked updates every now and then, hoping the coast would eventually be clear, but no progress. Now I don’t think I will return to watch at all. Big Brother doesn’t deserve to profit off of my views, since obviously myself and other people from minority backgrounds don’t matter to them.

    • Her edits got noticeably better the minute her mom hired a PR rep. Plus she doesn’t have the muscle around her now to get away with that behavior like she did before and her targets are gone except for Helen. Im sure that had one thing to do with it. Plus has she ever read her HoH letters aloud? Was she tipped off?

      • I think she was tipped off in one of her letters. Maybe the one from her sister, I think. If the train wreck wasn’t stopped soon..she may have had to go in hiding when she eventually gets out.

      • The letter tipped her off, she’s no longer in a power position, and yes, it seems way to suspicious that since the Gries family hired the PR firm that the ‘edits’ have also been a lot more favourable and Julie hasn’t mentioned Aaryn whatsoever.

      • She’s read every letter aloud. And since the first week she has really changed her behavior. To me Spencer and Amanda are the ones getting the good edit from CBS. You can’t edit live feeds.

    • I agree. Her PR rep has done something to make her image more favourable on the show and I’m horrified that people are forgetting about her disgusting personality. Tonight on the live feeds, her and GM expressed something along the lines of people don’t like what they say because its not “politically correct”. Plus, Aaryn making comments about Elissa not needing the money while she walks around with thousands of $$$ worth of hair extentions is laughable. The only reason she is winning is because the HGs evicted every strong player and the rest of them are awful in comps. That girl makes me an angry person.

    • You mad?

      Winning cures everything. What’s done is done. If you actually watch, she hasn’t been half bad of late. Just because you say stupid things doesn’t mean you should get kicked out of the house. This is Big Brother, not “Who’s the nicest person”.

      You must have missed season 8. Evel Dick did far worse things than Aaryn and he won the entire show and has tons of fans. Stop dwelling on the past.

      • ED was a jerk to HGs faces in order to rattle them as a strategy. Aaryn makes racial slurs behind people’s backs because of her intolerance and ignorance. I think there is a big difference there. She’s “gotten better” because she’s been told to, not because she has realized that racism is wrong.

      • Whats the difference? He slandered dustin’s sexuality and jamika’s religion. its the same thing, but you people are so hypocritical that you dont care.

      • You make an interesting point Gellie. I somewhat agree that disgusting actions & words are disgusting no matter what the methodology and purpose. At the same time, I think Aaryn lacks the social skills and education a person needs in order to be considered ”mature” as an individual as demonstrated through her racist attitudes and words.

      • There is much more to Aaryn than just her words. When Amanda confronted her about her racist remarks she blew it off and called it juvenile or something like that. Aaryn is not a nice person in real life.

    • she has toned it down a lot. Does not excess the past, but there are far worse house guest left…i.e GM and Spencer

    • Her PR person must be doing alot of work behind the scenes. Not sure how that can happen, since they are not to be told about anything on the outside. Something with her has changed.

      • I think she was told something by production. She is very aware now of how everyone is being portrayed and she has made comments about her own behaviors early in the game.

    • Production cuts to fish every single time Aaryn, GM and Amands start to say racist remarks.

    • What show are you watching? Amanda and Spencer have said way, way worse comments then Aaryn. Also Amanda and Spencer and GM continue their rude, disgusting comments. Aaryn made a few comments the first week and has totally changed her behavior. She’s playing a good game and deserves to be in the final 2. I hope she wins.

  9. While I don’t care for Aaryn on a personal level or a game level, I am hoping she actually makes some kind of significant move this week and doesn’t let Amanda or Helen tell her what to do (like every other week).

    • I am with you, Aaryn, show some balls and put up Amanda and Helen and throw Duck face up in the event one escapes the block!

    • Aaryn still harbors resentment to Elissa and is going to put her up. Especially after Elissa pulled another bonehead move which insulted Aaryn and GM. Elissa has some major character flaws and I think they are going to end her game this week. The house loves to hate her because they think she is wealthy. She gives them lots of ammunition.

      • Yes, but I just learned that Elisa is related to Christian Slater the movie actor. With her sister and that type of family the pressure must be really great to both perform and not get lumped in with trashy people. I don’t think she thinks she is better, I just think she doesn’t want to cause her family or husbands family an embarrassment. I’m not saying she is perfect but I think that she has not had to confront the hurtful behavior before and does not handle it well. I hate the way that Amanda and Macrae talk about her and that she is always the brunt of GM’s and Aryan’s jokes behind her back. No she is not Rachael, but she has tried throughout the show to help the others in the house. What have they really done for her? I have seen her do there hair and make up, give manicures, do Amanda’s dirty work and for what? She has made food, cleaned up after them and put up with always being on the outside no matter what she does. While I think she needs to better control her own emotions and get a little tougher skin, she’s still a class act. Even though I know she’s going home this week, GO Elisa!

    • I so want her to make a big move like Helen prompted her to do with getting Judd out and put up Helen and Elissa and tell them if Helen wins veto she is putting Elissa up and if Amanda wins she is putting up McCrae. Of course if Elissa or McCrae win veto that plan is shot but I would love to see them squirm.

    • I’m sorry I meant Helen and Amanda with veto replacement being their closest ali.

  10. I have to say this just to get it out .
    Andy stop crying you will not be getting an award for crying Amanda if you can not win a comp stop expecting everyone to throw it for you Spencer fight for a win and stop being the block warmer Elissa you are beautiful Helen is not an accessorie you want McCrae wake up and realize your are being played by your Demanda just like everyone else Helen you are a Joke you are not a hot momma stop acting like you are and please STFU GM you need a speech therapist your boo can help you with that if she comes back or make sure to catch her in the jury house Aaryn you are a nasty nasty girl with your higher than everyone intidledment it is 2013 learn some respect for others you are a force but your ugliness is a turn off
    Thank you I feel much better now that I said it to someone who can respond my television is sick of hearing me tell at it

    • ON BBAD tonight, Helen through Elissa under the bus – again – to save her own game. Elissa is upset and missing her family. She said some things in confidence to Helen including something about quitting the game and going home instead of to the jury house if she gets evicted. Elissa was clearly emotional at the time. But Helen immediately ran upstairs to the HOH room and told everyone everything Elissa said. Of course Helen was crying – boo-hoo “I can; help her anymore”. It was so fake. I think, based on Amanda’s facial expression, she saw through Helen’s BS. We’ll see, but Elissa’s unwillingness to approach people and apologize is not a good quality. It is going to get her booted from the house this week.

      Elissa is not cut out for BB. She played the game wrong from the very first day she entered the house. It is a mystery to me why she even agreed to come on the show. But Helen has stooped to a new low in the game and I hope she gets the boot instead of Elissa even though I think Elissa needs to get out of the house soon. She is an embarrassment to the game.

      • I agree Helen needs to go Elissa just did this game because her sister remember they are 2 different people Amanda needs to go I hope whoever gets evicted and some on comes back goes on a rampage and put McCranda up and then it will be Amanda you are leaving this week

  11. Oh …BB is on in the west now. I can’t watch this again…it’s too pathetic and Helen is so infuriating that I’m afraid I might break my flatscreen if I hear her talk.

    • Helen will get her just desserts. Jessie just shredded Helen’s game to pieces! Everyone knows she is scheming and not to be trusted! She will be evicted by Amanda and her group. I hope it is this week but, that might be too optimistic. More likely, Spencer this week.

  12. I wonder what excuse CBS will use once one of the racist win BB? I wonder if they’ll even care? Don’t they know the bad message that they are sending? Sure the edits are making people look better now(personally i think production told them to tone down the racial tones), but that doesn’t excuse their behavior at the beginning. BB#15 has turned into one of the worst ever with only 1 remaining player(Elissa) seeing a problem with the racial overtones.

    • Yeah told the hg to tone it down.. which failed so now production cuts to fish constantly because it still non stop.. so all the live feeders can’t see or hear it anymore.
      last night Amanda’s attempt to pull a reenact Rachel’s hide and cry.. was no big surprise to live feeders she said she was going to on weds if she didn’t get Hoh.

  13. Spencer Clawson is the most vile and disgusting person, The stuff that comes out of his mouth is so gross and horrible. I can’t take watching the feeds when he is running his dirty, filthy mouth.

    • CBS should have removed him from the house right after he made those sick comments about kiddie porn. He is just sickening.

  14. i cant wait for Aaryn to win the game just so you hypocrites get pissed. that would make the season worth it.

  15. So I just finished watching the West Coast airing and here’s what I noticed:

    #1. Aaryn may not be the person I want girls to model themselves after (pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside)… but dang, she’s good at competitions!

    #2. Helen isn’t nice, she isn’t honest, but I have to say she isn’t half bad looking – she may very well be the ”evil bond girl” she self-described. I think her time is almost up though (depending who gets into Aaryn’s mind this week).

    #3. I’m annoyed Amanda is in a very strong position and good at reading how to manipulate others…Come on somebody stop her before it’s too late!

    #4. Ohhh Andy, are you really claiming to have brought Jessie this whole way?

    #5. Really Julie? It’s really a BIG surprise that somebody’s coming back? Are you sure you want to keep doing this job (faking skills are on par with Helen’s)!

    • I don;t like anyone in the house and if Aaryn wins, it will be an embarrassment to Big Brother.

      • Oh I understand, after all we could always cheer for….er…ok not him….oh maybe we could cheer for….hmmm, ok not her either…. well then maybe…nope that person won’t do either. Man, I think I’m going to go back to cheering for nobody! ;)

  16. Amanda is the worst person (racist, homophobic and compete
    phsyco) just go look on YouTube, under Amanda fired and you will see.

    • Check this one also on Youtube:
      Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior
      Now over 210,000 views.

      • Very unbelievable, people need to know that she is as bad if not worse than other people in the house.

  17. Ok honestly Aaryn isnt as bad as she is being portrayed on the show and on the message boards. She is immature and shortsighted but not racist.

    • Lol.. yeah from racist remarks to now verbally bashing Elissa children on live feeds.. all because Elissa said she didn’t want to sit next to Aaryn and GM because of all the hate filled remarks they constantly make. The show has become a comp over who can make the most outlandish comments.

  18. There is no doubt the Elissa is going home this week. Helen through her under the bus again tonight to save her own game and Elissa didn’t help herself by again insulting Aaryn and GM -although she claims she didn’t intend to. But if she didn’t intend to them why no go to GM and Aaryn and explain things and apologize? Nope. Elissa’s holier than though attitude is preventing her from doing that so she is going home and Helen saves herself for one more week. The way Helen went up to the HOH room on BBAD tonight crying about Elissa to the whole house was fake and disgusting. I think Amanda saw through it but it won’t matter. Elissa has once again made herself the biggest target in the house with Helen’s help. I just do not get why people like Candice, Jessie, Elissa, etc. make themselves such huge targets by acting irrationally! Its a game and if you are not in it to win it then why are you in it at all?

  19. WOW. Aaryn has tied the record for most HOH wins in a season! and there’s still about half the game yet to be played!

  20. What is Aaryn taking?
    She is always doped on the competitions.
    Just see the first time she got the HOH and the hapiness on her face.
    In the last 5 weeks, Aaryn is so calm that she show her tooths to try to smile and she never talks. Last night when Julie talks with her she is like a actress. All the things she says looked like to be scripted.

  21. Again addarill Aaryn wins HOH. And my favorite will probably be put on the block. Again I will not watch this week while she is up there again. The other night when producer told her not to talk about production, she said no, that she was so over it. Why was Jessie allowed to see good bye messages but not Candice and Judd. Speaking of Judd, if he re enters is he going to believe, Amandass or Elissa. Everyone in the house is wanting Helen or Amanda out, but if they don’t take a look at Aaryn and consider her a threat, she will keep wining every other week.

  22. We are all hoping for Judd here in the Great Northwest. Good, solid guy. A little flakiy but Andy told us all what fun he is. You can just tell. The opposite of fun is Candice. Portrayed as the poor little victim, keep buying it. Howard could barely stand her but felt an affinity due to the hurtful comments she received. Andy said she slept all week and then was a lazy HG and bitched at everyone for the 3% of the time she was awake. Keep her out.

  23. I want to see judd come back but I dont think he will do sht if he comes back maybe vote how the house tells him one more time ..worst season ever and I LOVE BB cant wait till next season already get this one over and on to survivor next month

    • yeah and I hate to see all the house guests sucking up to Jessie in their goodbye message even Amanda did.

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