Big Brother 15: Live Eviction Show Tonight & HGs Prepare For An Endurance Comp

Big Brother 10 endurance competition

Tonight on CBS at 9/8c the next Big Brother 15 Jury member will be determined as the HGs prepare to vote in the upcoming live eviction show.

While we await a seemingly obvious result today the HGs remain on lockdown since at least yesterday evening. Such a long lockdown usually hints at an endurance comp.

GM said she could hear metal poles banging in the backyard, possibly for a complicated set up. Helen thinks it could be “The Wall” where HGs have to see who can hold on the longest (see the image above for BB10’s “The Wall.”). It’s less complicated than the spinning barrel battle we watched a few weeks ago, but still a real challenge.

If it is a live endurance competition for the next HoH then the only place to watch it right after tonight’s show will be on the Live Feed so sign-up now and have yours ready to go!

Don’t forget to vote in our poll for the next to go as we wait to find out who was evicted tonight on Big Brother! We’ll see you back here tonight for live coverage!



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  1. Elissa or Helen could win this! Please do and get rid of McCrandass or Aaryn, or GinaMarie!

    • Amanda must go! I am so sick of her hanging on to McCrae, I could scream. He looks at her like he could kill her, sometimes…I know I could!

    • Aaryn will win this again! or maybe Ginamarie, we can get andy up on the block if she’s in it!

      • I’m not too sure about Aaryn on endurance. If it’s this kind of endurance, there are players that I’m betting on that could potentially change the game…knock on wood !

      • Who knows… Aaryn was the last girl up on the Popsicle… so if it logically goes the same way as the first comp, then her only threat would be McCrae..

      • GM hung in there on the barrel roll, too. My guess is GM-Aaryn. McCrae has the best shot of the guys who can compete tonight but the lower center of gravity gals will have a better shot, I think. If I was Spencer, I’d be worried if I DIDN’T get nom’d; then I’d be worried about being BD’d. Lol. (Actually I’d worry anyway but J/S)

      • Aaryn will put up Elissa and Spencer. The usual predictable nominations. On the other hand, GM might be an interesting HOH. She may be the one willing to go after Amanda or McCrae. But I am guessing Amanda will feed her some lines of nonsense and GM will fall for it, just like Helen did.

      • Amanda told McCrae they need to form an alliance with GM (faux of course). Covering those bases.

    • What I would do is put up Andy and McCrea since neither has been on t he block before and when one of them win veto and take themselves off put up Amanda

    • I can’t take this anymore! Amanda must go! Aryan too. Someone needs to make big moves. Whats happening this season?

  2. Gonna put my money on Aaryn or McCrae..
    Probably gonna go with McCrae because he’ll want to keep him and Amanda safe, and Aaryn would probably give it to him since she’s already won 3 HoH’s..

    What do y’all think about this?

  3. This type of endurance comp would seem to favor McCrae, But I hope Elissa has a gut check moment and hangs on for the HOH. However, I bet she is the first to fall.

    If McCrae wins, I bet we get a diary room comment from Helen about how this couldn’t have gone better because she has a final 3 deal with McCrae and Andy so she is safe and this could be the week they go after Amanda.

    Then McCrae will put up Elissa and GM looking to back door Helen. Helen will again say, this is okay because GM or Spencer is the real target or something stupid like that. But after the veto comp and GM comes off the block, and Helen goes up, we may finally see Helen look like the fool she is. If The noms stay the same Elissa will be evicted and Helen will claim its her own fault and she couldn’t protect her because she has this new alliance. After a few days, Helen is going to start feeling very alone in the game.

    • it makes me sick how Helen thinks she is running it all. lmao….i dont particularly like Amanda…but SHE is running it all and Helen is a fool

    • Wow you just predicted a whole lot there…. and you’re probably going to be proven right of McCrae does in fact win HoH tonight

    • McCrae will probably last but he does get winded on the home stretch as we’ve seen in the previous comp, and that’s not an endurance comp like this one. I have to factor in the smoking

      • I never thought I would be a proponent for smoking. Thank you, McCrae for smoking, can’t wait for you to fall. Here is to wishing you go up on the block.

      • That’s the good thing, he and Amanda are both smokers. They won’t last a long time, maybe Elissa will finally get an HoH.

    • How sweet would it be to return from commercial and hear Helen begging for votes like Judd did, with that look of disbelief on her face (like Judd) when she finds herself popping a squat. But I just don’t think it will be McCrae doing that. Like he told Amanda, it’s the best case when you don’t have to get any blood on your hands, and right now they are confident they control the noms with everyone in the house (now that Jessie is a goner). EVERYONE.

  4. They do need to get Amanda out, if they don’t I look for her to win it all…I don’t understand why they haven’t gotten Amanda out before now and break up the duo…..It’s about time that some takes the step to do it

  5. I don’t see Spencer, Helen, Amanda winning
    GM and Ellisa as an outside shot
    Mccrae or Aaryn with best chance.

  6. I wish Elissa was a better game player but out of all the houseguests I like her the most. I cant stand Helen so if either her or Amanda go next I will be fine with that.

  7. So Helen thinks she is in alliance with McCrae and Andy and has permission to put up Amanda. So if she wins HOH and puts up Amanda it could backfire on McCrae. That would so funny.But I want both Amanda and Helen out, so I hope someone makes a big move next week, but I have my doubts that will happen.

    • The thing is McCrae and Andy put Helen up with the fake alliance to protect Amanda. Even if Helen puts up Amanda—-the other nominee gets evicted because they will vote to evict that person! Amanda will never be in any real danger! Helen stands a greater chance of being evicted by Amanda’s group when they decide they want Helen out! They have the votes to take Helen out but, Helen will not have the votes to take out Amanda!

  8. Aaryn will probably win n put up spencer n elissa same old boring stuff !I would luv luv to c anybody win that would put up helen n amanda or andy im liking him less everyday ! I wish candace could come back n win hoh n put uo gm n aaryn that would be priceless!

  9. Looks like Aaryn and Gina Marie has the edge here with McCrae with an outside chance. Those heavier will be at a disadvantage because of the weight stress on the arms and legs. It could be another dull week though, Spencer, Elissa and Gina Marie will still be the likely targets barring any surprising major move! They should evict 3 people this week to spare us more of this nonsense!

  10. Helen, do you think that you’re smart player? C’mon, girl. Just go and get some rice for Aaryn.

  11. Oh No! This means HOH comp will run over. This means most of tonight’s show is going to be the McCrappy wedding. I used to like MCrae but now Amanda has definitely rubbed off on him. I just watched last nights BBAD. Spencer,Amanda, and MCrae upstairs goating Spencer to go after Jessie. This behavior is equal to the Britney, Ragen in HOH room going after Rachel. I still wish CBS would have a reunion after the last night. Maybe a month later to give houseguest a chance to watch the recorded shows. Horrible people except maybe two and one is leaving tonight ,

  12. If it is a eating comp. Amanda would win hands down. Oh wait, she didn’t eat the yogurt. She let everyone else eat the stuff.

      • Besides the exercise she does under the sheets and the running of her mouth, has anyone actually seen her work out? This is the laziest bunch of people ever in bb history

      • Grubby greedy sloth…The actual Sloth in the wild has more energy that Crandass does and they are cute. I say one of the seven deadly sins sloth and greed too :P

  13. If Aaryn wins McManda will tell her to put Helen and Elissa up but if McCrae wins he will put up Spencer and GM because he will play it safe and hope to backdoor Helen. Only problem with that is if Helen or Elissa get picked to play POV they could win and there goes the backdoor plan. Someone needs to put Helen and Elissa up from the beginning then at least one of them goes. There both annoying.

      • LOL I know. I shrieked in terror! The other HGS were just la dee dah. At least Elissa said something. I will be sending Elissa a thank you card, shall I put your name on the card too?

      • She flashed the camera?…Oh no !………what time was that?..I need the time, haha

  14. I am hoping that who ever the HOH winner is that they make a move to get this house in ACTION!!! Like getting out Amanda or Andy! HAHAHA! But Amanda said that if she gets put out now that it wouldn’t bother her. Probably because Jessie will be out and can’t go take McCray from her!!!

  15. Amanda in the DR who do i want out next week i hate her cockiness i hope she gets backdoored next week

  16. Unfortunately, I think the only hg that would shake things up as hoh is Elissa. I’ve never been a fan of hers, but everyone else won’t get blood on their hands’ or ‘put a target on their back’. Such weak hgs…Elissa may just get talked into making a big move, so here’s hoping she wins hoh. Aryan might be done making big moves for others. Anyone agree?

    • Elissa only follows “now is not the week” Helen so, will nominate who Helen tells her which is probably Spencer and Gina Marie!

    • I agree. I think Elissa will make the Big Move. She is seems done being to told to tow the line by Helen and I do not see her falling under the Amanda terrorist threats. I believe Elissa has been holding back, waiting to strike. She has Andy on her radar too.

  17. if Aaryn wins HOH she needs to grow a spine and make her own noms if helen tried to tell her what to do she needs to say our deal was for 3 weeks ago


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