Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 6 Wednesday Night Highlights


It was eviction eve in the Big Brother 15 house last night and everybody (and by everybody I really only mean Amanda) was in hyper-paranoia mode. Amanda is starting spat after spat, despite being on the block, and McCrae tries to his best to talk her down, but he gets no where. That’s basically how the whole night went with some random chit-chat thrown in here and there.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, Aug. 6/Thursday, Aug. 7, 2013

4:52 PM BBT – Houseguests have been practicing for what they think is the next HOH competition, but it could be for the double eviction veto. Inside lockdown announced.

5:09 PM BBT – GinaMarie is calling people up to the HOH room again. She wants to see how everyone is voting. Jessie tells her it’s her vote and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

5:20 PM BBT – Amanda’s paranoia is on high alert again. Now she’s all over the place with Aaryn. This goes on for most of the night.

6:30 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the half-way point. Houseguests have learned they’ve made it to jury.

8:07 PM BBT – Feeds return.

8:13 PM BBT – McCrae thinks the vote could be a tie tonight. He tells Helen he thinks Aaryn, Judd and Jessie are working together and will vote against Amanda.

8:33 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Amanda she and Judd kissed.

9:09 PM BBT – Amanda and others are talking about the veto fight between her and Candice. Amanda thinks they wouldn’t show all the things Amanda said. They showed most except Amanda’s comments about Howard’s manhood and Candice’s mouth.

9:20 PM BBT – Elissa says she thinks Aaryn playing Big Brother on Adderall is like an athlete on steroids. She thinks it’s unfair and should be against the rules.

9:55 PM BBT – Amanda tells Aaryn she thinks she’ll vote against her. They spat a bit and Aaryn leaves the room. McCrae gets mad at Amanda for acting that way while she’s on the block.

10:08 PM BBT – Amanda and McCrae are now fighting because Amanda can’t explain why McCrae doesn’t seem to support her. He’s trying to keep her calm since she’s nominated for eviction, but she thinks he’s not supporting her. She’s being pretty nasty to him and tells him to go sleep with Aaryn.

10:25 PM BBT – Aaryn goes back to the HOH room and Amanda tries to explain why she was freaking out. They seem to have patched things up. For now.

11:28 PM BBT – Judd says it would suck to get evicted the week before jury. Apparently they don’t know they’ve made it to jury.

11:30 PM BBT – GinaMarie comes storming into the HOH room saying Aaryn said something about GM and Amanda and no one really knows what the hell she’s talking about. Basically GM is trying to create drama that doesn’t exist.

12:05 AM BBT – Helen and Andy agree they want to backdoor Judd by putting up Spencer and Jessie.

12:15 AM BBT – Judd and Amanda worrying over who could be in danger with this Double Eviction.

12:35 AM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae that Judd needs to go because she thinks he’s been MVP and keeps nominating her. Amanda wants to keep Aaryn around as a tool of her destruction.

1:20 AM BBT – Amanda thinks no one will nominate them together because of the target it’d put on the HoH’s back for trying to evict them. She thinks he would go if they were on the block together.

2:30 AM BBT – McCrae and Amanda close out the night with a little more game talk about which is the bigger threat. Everyone else is asleep.

So the housguests know they’ve reached the half-way point now and they’re also pretty aware that tonight is a double eviction. Candice will be evicted and what happens after that second HOH is anybody’s wild guess.

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  1. I hope America will keep on putting Amanda on the block to freak herself out more and more by the week.

    Well I am wishing the MVP twist continues on beyond this week. :D

    • If we still have MVP, she is still on my target list along with Aaryn and Helen. Those 3 I want out next! I will settle for getting out Aaryn and Helen first because Amanda they do not want to evict! We will try it the other way this time!

      • It’s not that they don’t want to evict her…It’s McCrea that they are afraid of upsetting because they actually like him…If he would plant the seed or if he and Helen made a deal then it would be a go. Helen has been plotting since learning of the DE . McCrea has a chance to ditch her and play his own game, .. But is he smart enough to make it a reality??? It’s obvious that shes using the sex to tie him to her but hes got to think… Sex OR $500,000.00 ?? I take the money and still have a little self respect to go with it..

      • Aaryn has to go. She is such an unlikeable person. Does she even know how to smile? GM was talking about her last night and how she is always talking game and doesn’t know how to relax and have a little fun.

      • The girl is on Adderall for ADHD. She takes if for social issues so no surprise she is the way she acts. That drug has some really powerful bad side effects.

      • Maybe the FDA should put a warning on the bottle that Adderall can make you a racist.

    • If they bring back the reset button, it will probably be done, unless the HGs want to keep it.

      • And that’s what I’m afraid off, discontinuing a twist halfway without fully realizing its full potential. That’s what I hated about last year’s reset because it would be nice to see how the vets play the game as just coaches and nothing more since they’ve already played the game at least once and two of them already won.

    • The problem is that people on the house are lost. They think on everything else… Only Spencer and Jessie got to the point that Amanda must go (spencer was telling Aaryn that Helen has too much power over her… Funny that Aaryn didn´t gave that information when she was talking with Helen or Elissa).
      But everyone else wants to vote out the Clown…

      • It’s house politics. And if Helen knows one thing…it’s politics.

        Truth and reality aren’t as important as the perception. The perception being,” I’m loyal to you guys”.

        The truth is Judd isn’t MVP. But some of the perceptions in the house think otherwise. These perceptions could ruin his game. The truth is Helen knows Amanda needs to go. But voting out Candice now gives the perception she is loyal to the alliance. The truth is Helen will vote out Amanda the moment she can get away with it. The perception is a F4/F6 deal.

    • She certainly is a loose cannon. I think McCrae needs to run for the hills after all is said and done with this season. She would make his life miserable.

      • McCrae can do himself a favor by telling Jessie and the others that he is voting her out but, do it near the time they vote so that, Amanda cannot threaten anyone! It would be sweet if it happens and she ends up being voted out instead of Candice! Boy, will she be so livid about it but, cannot do anything about it! That would be so funny! You need only 4 votes for the first eviction this week so, it is not impossible.

      • Good Grief Richie…from your mouth to the HG’s ears!!! This is the same as 3rd Grade. Take on the biggest bully in the schoolyard…and you never have to worry cause everyone else who’s been the bully’s target is thankful!!!!

      • Double eviction.Can you picture Candice and Amanda both being evicted and going to jury house together They would kill each other.

    • Yes, we do! McCrea, vote her out! Think of yourself! She thinks only of herself and expects everybody there to care about her winning. To be loyal to her. She can’t believe that they wouldn’t be! Either it is her game play, or she has a personality disorder centered on herself.

  2. Seriously??..Amanda is handing them the chance to evict her and they are getting out Candice??

    • Unfortunately, Amanda has all of them whipped including Helen. They are too scared to try anything! And we gave them two bites of the apple already! We served them Amanda last week and this week on a silver platter but, they turned it down!

      • It’s a case of myopia. Helen keeps looking at the forest and doesn’t see the kindling standing in front of her.

      • I think Helen sees she is in a sweet spot with McCrae and Amanda before double eviction. And she has plausible deniability if she does decide to vote out Amanda after remaining “faithful” to The Knockouts the eviction before.

        Amanda will be on the block again. Helen’s chance of being nominated goes up if Amanda is gone before Double Eviction. Keeping Amanda around a bit longer keeps Helen from being targeted. She will have the tentative safety of The Knockouts rather than a crap shoot at safety during DE. Helen doesn’t want any blood on her hands before getting in the shark infested waters of double eviction.

        At this point Amanda has about 5ft of her own grave dug. Helen’s just waiting for her to dig one more foot before pushing her in.

        Helen gets solid protection (because Spencer, Jessie and Amanda are all likely to occupy noms) by voting out Candice. Candice is expendable to Helen’s game and voting her out has no reprocussions. Candice has no one to avenge her. Voting out Amanda has consequences for Helen. The biggest threat in the house will be gunning for her with his newly forged alliance of Spencer, Judd, Andy and possibly Aaryn and GM.

        Helen doesn’t want to break the alliance first. Plenty of people left in the game that can break up her alliance for her. Why burn the kindling and possibly get burned when you can pour gasoline on the forest and have someone else light the match?

    • Just doesnt make any sense. They need to vote out this secure little man-dog AmAmanDa. She the worst player to say stop playng with emotion, when that’s all she plays with.The HG need to get some balls and take her out. And B.B. Needs to et this be a game, and stop telling the HG whats going to happen next.. Or change the title from Big Brother to puppet strings. Because by production tampering with HG, it not a reality show. Just FYI. BB.

  3. I just hope Jessie wins and puts up McRae and Amanda. If she wants Amanda out that is what needs to be done. Amanda is in LaLa land if she thinks people will vote out McRae over her. She would go ballistic to think anyone would dare go against her wishes and put both of them up. Let the fireworks begin. Come on Jessie.

    • I don’t understand her rational. (What makes her so special?) She didn’t think America would put her up, yeah they did, TWICE! And if it was between you and McCrae, yeah they will vote YOU out!

      • These house guests are terrified of the bully dog Amanda. Did you see her last night? Heck if I was in that house I don’t think I would be able to get her out. She is one mean human!!!

    • Let us just hope Jessie wins tonight and puts both of them up then, Amanda would be in deep shock that they did vote her out! That would so satisfying! The look of utter shock on her face!

    • I would love for Jessie to win HOH the first time tonight…that would be awesome! Put up Amanda and Helen…if one wins veto, then put up least one goes home. Go Jessie!

    • She thinks maybe because of the meds that some of them take.. Which is debatable of course …

    • Adderall is considered a performance enhancing drug by the NFL. It is basically legal meth. It helps concentration and memory.

      • There are legit medical reasons to use it, though. Unless Elissa knows Aaryn’s abusing it, she has no ground to stand on.

        And I say this as someone who can’t stand Aaryn.

      • She is not abusing it, she admitted on the BBAD a few night ago that she has ADHD. So she is taking it under prescription.

      • You are right rich people would never use the system to gain advantage. I go to doctor tell him I have a hard time concentrating he writes prescription. Happens all the time,especially when one has money. So how do you know she is not abusing it? Michael jackson was taking his medication prescribed by his doctors how did that turn out?

      • You can tell by the way she acts that she definitely has ADHD and all that it entails. She definitely needs it and she stated that it is also because she has trouble in social situations, duh, which is typical ADHD. It is a great drug for ADHA but the side effects can be pretty intense.

      • Some people also take it for wait loss. We don;t know why Aaryn really takes it. She does not look like she has ADHD to me. She seems to be very astute when she observes the other house guests. She just lacks self-awareness.

      • I have been around many people with ADHD and when they are on their meds they become very observant of others. Sometimes they appear to be extremely focused, but may just be zoned out. Aaryn sometimes stares at the others when they are in conversation but she doesn’t join in and then walks away. She either has nothing to say or she has just zoned out for a few and then remembers what she was going to do. I am not making fun. I work with kids who do this. This may also be why she is so unaware of the ramifications of what she says. She isn’t processing that there could be consequences. Some adults with ADHD have interpersonal skill issues.

      • One of the things that Elissa pointed out, was that there are other drugs with less advantageous side effects that she could be on. Its not like ADHD wasn’t treated before Adderall was invented.

      • Elissa is a doctor now? Her knowledge probably comes from a Vogue or Reader’s Digest article.
        On another note, why are there so many HGs that are taking some sort of drugs? I hope vaGina is taking something. That may explain the nutjob scenes.

      • You can do research on a subject and have credible knowledge without being an expert on the subject. Just watching Aaryn’s entitled behavior leads me to believe she would use it as an advantage.

      • Watching her actions is what assures you that she does indeed need it for ADHD and that she does suffer from the side effects. Educate yourself on the drug and side effects and it explains a lot.

      • But Adderall has the best effect on treatment of ADHD and Elissa is just pissed because her game play in comps sucks.

      • In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m not still watching it.

        I follow it here in order to know whether there is any reason to start watching again. So far there hasn’t been.

  4. Amanda is the biggest baby on the show! Others may have cried and whine but she cries, whines, bully, and throw temper tantrums like a two year old.

  5. I love watching Amanda’s head exploding all the time! If they don’t vote her out tonight when they have the chance, they are all more stupid than I thought they could possibly be!

  6. There is an article on Facebook from a previous CBS employee…… big-brother-15-2013-rigged-video-former-employee-claims-reality-htm….that is interesting to say the least and if it’s true, this will be my last time watching this show.

    • That sucks. They really need to abandon that plan and pick someone that the viewers could like. Although I could totally see them trying to get some sympathy for Amanda, by showing McCrae doubting their relationship. She ends up heartbroken and that could help her get some support.

      • I don’t think anyone who’s seen her true colors will feel sympathy for her if McCrae jams a knife in her back, at this point. The grave she dug is way too deep for that.

      • Viewers, especially just the tv viewers, are short sited. I don’t even know if they dislike Aaryn anymore, as she has been getting a pretty good edit recently.

  7. How is the MVP working tonight, or will they be done with that now that it’s the half way point? Because I’m pretty sure we didn’t vote this week, unless I missed it. xd

    • I guess you didn’t hear of the new twist. There probably won’t be an MVP anymore and It’s the HGs who will decide. Tonight there bringing back the Reset Button from BB14.

      • We don’t know yet. The only detail that is known is that Julie Chen posted a photo of the reset button on her Instagram account, and said:” Look what I found”.

      • I do believe that she was told to practice the comp set up. But that could be for the POV or the second HOH comp.

      • So, now they want to take the MVP from us when the house guests have been very boring?
        This is definitely the worst season of Big Brother. Amanda should be so happy to have friends in high places!

      • If they take the MVP vote away from us, I may have to stop watching if they don’t toss Amanda out the door this week. It’s just so frustrating. I sure would like her to know that it’s been us trying to get her out all this time!

    • We voted Amanda on the bitch on for 2nd time this week. If MVP comes up again it will be on Thursday night show and will be good to 6pm Friday EST 9pm PST. So we need to put Amanda up a 3rd time because the Hellenonites are too stupid to evict her.

      • If Amanda is not evicted the blame goes to Judd and Andy. Helen wanted to see if they could get Amanda this week but they could not get the 4th vote. You can also blame Candice for making herself such a big target. If she had kept her mouth shut some of the others would not be so determined to get her out.

      • There is only so much I could have taken with people yammering at me all of the time too. Why should she keep her mouth shut?? Why can’t Candice stick up for herself? She’s been treated horribly in that house but the majority of them. I’m surprised she hasn’t knocked someone out and then walked out the door yet. I give her credit.

      • Candice did nothing to make herself such a big target. You try dealing with the kind of pressure she’s been getting from Aaryn and the rest of the mean girls since WEEK ONE. It wasn’t a one time thing…it hasn’t and won’t stop until she exits the house unfortunately. There’s only so long a person can maintain their composure under those circumstances. She’s certainly not the first houseguest to have an argument or make a scene and yet she’s the biggest target? Come on. I want her out of the house because she shouldn’t have to deal with these people. They aren’t going to vote her winner even if she does make it to the end anyway.

      • @Lisa…I agree with EVERYTHING you said. However, if all get their wishes…she would have to spend a week in Jury with Aaryn or Amanda? Hell…Jessie ain’t gonna win…put her out now and give Candice at least 1 week of peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • They might just give the HOH the power to nominate 3 people, or they just abandon it like so many other failed twists.

    • We won’t know until later tonight after the live eviction. I really hope that America still gets the MVP vote again. If we do, and Amanda hasn’t gone, we’ll all be putting her up once again!

    • There is going to be a reset button, not sure if it’s on tonight’s show, but it will probably be used to have MVP going back to HG and not 3rd nominee. I really would love to see Amanda leave tonight with the double eviction, but these HG’s are a bunch of dummies who can’t see the writing on the wall….America has been trying to throw them a bone..but, they ain’t bitin!!

  8. I was a huge Amanda supporter. But I now see what everyone else has been pointing out for the past month.
    I’m ready to see her leave.

  9. I think Big Bro has had this type season before. When a male player does it (Evel Dick for example) they make it seem like they are a mastermind getting underneath everybodys skin. When a female does it (Danielle Donato or Amanda) they make it seem like they are a raging b;ich. Amanda’s outburst however wrong she may be, is taking a mental toll on the other houseguest therefore always making Amanda the strongest player.

    • There is nothing wrong with “getting under people’s skin.” However, there is something very wrong with trying to get under people’s skin by attacking them on a personal (racial) level. Evel Dick was a jerk, but he knew how to play the game. I didn’t like him, but he did play the game.

      • Evil Dick did attack people, especially women on a personal level. Most of the disgusting things he said were kept from the CBS viewers. Racism and misogyny are both really bad, there should be no difference.

    • Dick was calculating. Dani was bold. Amanda has no real game or common sense. She just the female lesser Jeremy type intent on trying to intimidate everyone, even those on her side. She’s paranoid, delusional, not that bright, and has no athletic skill. FFS, she lost a comp to Spencer.

    • Amanda is nothing like Evel Dick or his daughter. Evel Dick played the game with strategy. Amanda plays by bullying and intimidation. Just as McCrae said last night, she’s a bull in a china shop. She’s plays too emotionally. Candice did nothing to her yet she comes after her because she was jealous right away because Howard wouldn’t give her the attention she thought she deserved. Yes, Amanda is a very spoiled entitled snot. I hope McCrae wakes up and boots her ass out!

  10. I know thatI keep voting Nd hoping that Amanda goes home she is starting to make my hours old stink! What is wrong with CBS, maybe the lasttimewe all watch BB

    • Here that threat year after year and year after year everyone comes back. Every year there is someone everyone hates. This year has had a lot of nastiness that shouldn’t have been allowed but will we all be back next year. Yes it will be a new year and a new bunch of HG’s. Hopefully with a bit more class than some of them this year. Just my own thoughts on this.

      • Next year they’ll have Stalin, Hitler, Atilla The Hun, Pol Pot, Slobadan, and Arafat as house-guests. Evil brings in viewers. It’s like a car crash.

      • I agree with you on this. It’s the same story every single year. People generally despise one person and then threaten to never watch the show again. I’m sure they’re all watching this year too. BB is like an addiction. When you discover it, you just can’t walk away. Yes, we moan and complain about this person or that person or what he/she said an did. But in the end come next July we’re looking for that commercial telling us when the show premieres. And when it does, we’re right back in front of our TV’s and the live feeds. They got us again. LOL

  11. Wouldn’t if be nice if they (production) named the sequester house, Candy Land? They should place a big door mat in front of the door that says “Welcome to Candy Land”. They should place a Candy Land sign over Candice’s bedroom door and do a Candy Land theme in several, if not all, of the other rooms. I would love this.

  12. Helen keeps saying “we have to vote with the house”. Voting with the house usually lasts for the first 2 weeks or so and then you have to start playing the game. Does she expect to vote with the house until the end because she’ll be voting herself out sooner or later.

    • She is the house as far as I can see. She is the one who is calling the shots, so as long as she is making the decision, she tell everyone what the “house” is doing and they will follow suit.

    • I am sure if Helen was on the block—-Amanda will not hesistate to take Helen out. We gave Helen 2 chances to get out Amanda so, if Amanda ends up taking her out first—-she only has herself to blame!

    • That’s Helen’s guise though. She has her “numbers” and therefore “The House”. Anytime Helen says for/with the house it means, “I’m voting this way and everyone else is too.” When she says voting against the house it means, “That’s going to ruin my alliance and strategy”.

      Helen doesn’t actually care about voting with the house. All she cares about is keeping pliable HGs around for when the alliance inevitably crumbles and the illusion of safety in those numbers. There can only be one alpha female in there much longer. But who will get who first!

    • Helen is a very calculating player. If they’re smart, they shouldn’t believe on anything she says, specially when she hugs you and even cry with you. She has her priority in play.

    • I am so tired of hearing these HG’s say they are going to vote with the house..what a bunch of dummies, Jessie is the only way willing to make a move right now to get bully Amanda out of the house, but, she doesn’t have the numbers to get her out..this voting with the house thing is getting very old, someone…please make a big move!!!!!!

  13. I wish they did know that they made it to jury. McCrae needs to realize that Amanda is not just a sinking ship, she is the Titanic. If he teamed with Judd, Jessie, and Aaryn and evicted Amanda, he would be sitting in a better spot.

  14. Helen and Amanda are worrying about the wrong people. They evicted Howard when it is Spencer who was the strategist behind their alliance and now she is going after Candice while Aaryn plots to take over the house again. Cadnice can talk all she wants about who she wants to get out but she is not a threat to win HOH and nominate anyone.

    • If Helen and Amanda were “worrying” about the right people, they would be targeting each other.

  15. Please enlighten me cause I’m confused. Why is everyone do worried about Candace? She is mopey but really?

    • Because she wins so many competitions and controls so many people in the house, and therefore is a super-threat.


  16. I just hope that with all of the houseguests now making jury, that when Aaryn or GM are evicted, Julie drops a few hints as to what awaits them after the show is over. That way they can sit in Jury House and think about how bad it could be.

  17. Spencer Clawson’s comments about child pornography catches attention of hometown police

  18. Big Brother” houseguest Spencer Clawson has been investigated by police after he was caught on camera talking about child pornography. Season 15 of CBS’ reality competition show has proven to be the most controversial yet, with several contestants under fire for their racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments about their fellow co-stars. The 31-year-old railroad conductor is the center of attention once again. He was overheard making inappropriate comments during the program’s 24-hour live feeds on Monday.

    • Uncool. The PD investigated and stated they found no crime. He made a disgusting joke, but it is way over the line to try to paint an innocent man as a pedophile.

  19. Is it true the things I am reading about Spenser? Do a search on him and see what is happening. I don’t believe everything I see online so that is why I am asking

    • There is something going on but I am not sure it is a full fledged investigation…The cops are the only ones that know for sure…

    • Google Big Brother Spice. His full comments are printed there. It was taken from the live feeds.

  20. Helen needs to go to McCrae and ask a hypothetical question: “How would u feel if Amanda was voted out”? And take it from there…

  21. Who is Allison Grodner?? CBS is just as bad as these girls are for allowing them to continue to behave this way…I am sure that there is some place in the contracts that they all signed which addressed racial slurs as well as hitting etc…throw them out…now…not tomorrow…now…allowing them to stay and possibly win I think would do a lot more harm than kicking them to the door now! MCCrea needs to kick Amanda to the curb…There is no way that they can make it as a couple on the outside world! She is so over bearing and bossy now…can you imagine how hen pecked he would be at home! I thought Brandon was hen pecked with Racheal…but MCCrea has him beat…I guess our house is for Judd, Elissa or Helen now…no one else left with any class left!

    • Apparently Allison is the one who determined Amanda the winner before the season started.

    • Allison Grodner’s the EP of the show since BB2 although she had full control of the show around BB5 when Arnold Shapiro, who was the one who tweaked and devised the current Big Brother format to what it is today.

      Allison’s large curly hair is as bad as her reputation with the fans.

      • Grodner owns flyonthewall, the production company that produces BB. She has had a terrible reputation with BB fans for years.

  22. It is really going to suck if Candace then Judd get evicted tonight. I really wish they would vote out Amanda and then Aaryn next. Would love it if those two had to spend a week together without anyone else in the jury house.

  23. Wow, how sweet it is to see Amanda sweat in the house for being nominated for eviction twice, I hope we keep on voting to put her in the hot seat until the rest of those inept HG’s can finally have the balls to vote her out. How ironic that, this is the same Amanda who always take pleasure in intimidating and bulling other HGs to vote people she does not like out of the house.
    Amanda is one of the dumbest Real Estate Agent in Boynton Florida, she has forgotten that the only way she makes her living is by showing houses to people who wants to buy a house, she is out on National TV using racial words on other races, I am white, I will not buy a house from her or go to the real estate company she works for, If I live in Boynton, Florida I will initiate a BOYCOTT protest not to buy any house from the real estate company she works for if she is not fired.
    Amanda is nothing but a gold digger in disguise, she will do anything to get her hands on the prize, she is just using McCrae and that fool can not even see through her because she is giving him a piece of the action, what a dumb guy. Amanda, Aaryn, Ginamarie and Spencer are all racist pig, they have picked on Candice because she refused to condencend to their level. Candice, go home and hold your head high, you are a very brave and beautiful lady, those idots will get justice served on them by the rest of America.
    On a final note, Spencer, I hope you go from the Big Brother House to the Big House where you should be, talking about child porn, claiming it is a joke, for your information, that is not a joke, you are stating exactly what you do, jackass.

    • Spencer is being investigated as we post. It would be a good PR move in the right direction, to release Amanda from her Real Estate Agent position, in Boynton, Florida. Not only is she racist but has threaten two HGS, Candice and Jessie with a knife. YouTube Amanda Zuckerman Social Justice Warrior. If the company has reviewed that video, believe me they will server ties with Amanda. I am sad Candice is being evicted, she had made jury. I am happy. The best part she is the first in the jury house. She can pick where she feels comfortable, and hopefully there will be security to protect her. I wish Candice would say welcome to Candyland to the HGS. Aaryn you can stay in the dog house outside, Amanda the dungeon, and Spencer can stay where is it is hot as hell with bars.

  24. If they know its double eviction, why on earth would they evict Candace instead of amanda. Getting rid of two people and neither of them are amada or mcrae keeps this power couple in the house. Candace isnt a floater and doesnt have an alliance. you keep her and aaron and amanda stay crazy and focused on personal vendettas instead of gameplay allowing helen to coast to the finals

    • On the surface, one would think if they are keeping Aaryn because “she doesn’t have anybody (except GM)” and is, effectively “declawed”, then keeping Candice should be similar. Who would vote for her in F2 (like with Aaryn or so they think)?
      However – I think there are 2 reasons they are not keeping Candice: 1. Because she is being overly friendly/playing up to people/over-promising, etc; and especially # 2 – because if Candice stayed, she would not have an alliance (at first) but would be trying to partner up with people and would vote her own way/speak her mind; i.e. she’s uncontrollable..vs Aaryn, who honored her pact with Helen and has won over some of the HGs, in part, at least. They think they can get Aaryn to go along and Candice – they think would question things/speak up. Right or wrong – that’s what I’m thinking. Like you said – She has no one though she isn’t on bad terms with everyone.

      • At this point it is Impossible to make new Alliances n the house because no one could keep a secret but candace. For her to form a late alliance other than spence and jesse she would need to flip one of helens members and that aint happening. Helen will turn on alyssa around 6 or 7 and keep the weak and insecure around her but if amanda is still there with McRae she wont make it that fare becaue of judd and andy cant wiat till tonite!!!

  25. Speaking of addural, right after the yogurt eating contest, Amanda said she had just taken an addural n it was a major appetite suppresant! So Aaryn isn’t the only one taking them!

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