Big Brother 15: Counting The Votes For Week 10

Big Brother 15 - McCrae is shocked

With two evictions ahead this week things are going to be crazy, but that’s why Double Evictions are so great! Well, most the time, but not always. While we can’t anticipate with any great certainty who will be sent packing in round two on Thursday we can take a look at who will be the first HG evicted that night and make a guess at the second.

The house was thrown for a loop on Monday night when Elissa decided to pull a 180 and start driving at full speed toward Crazy Town. After railing for Amanda’s eviction awhile now she decided it’d be best for her game to keep her in the house. Maybe she realized she was in the minority against a majority alliance or maybe DR just got in her ear enough to confuse the matter, but either way Elissa is now planning to vote to keep Amanda. But is it enough?

Amanda faces off against Spencer with four total votes this week which means a tie-breaker is possible and with the way things are heading that’s probably where we’re going to end up.

Amanda obviously expects McCrae’s vote and as long as they think it’s possible for Amanda to stay then McCrae will give it to her. He had previously mentioned voting with the house if he was going to be her sole vote.

Amanda also expects Andy’s vote. She doesn’t have it. He’s told her he supports her and suggests he’ll be voting to keep her, but he won’t and she doesn’t see that coming.

Andy’s vote is actually heading toward his Exterminators alliance to keep Spencer safe and in the game. He told the alliance about Elissa’s flip and believes that should convince them of his loyalty and I’d agree. Andy won’t turn on them. At least not this week.

Without Andy’s vote the whole situation with Elissa is powerless, but very entertaining all the same. Elissa has handed over her wedding ring as collateral which seems strange since she’s also the one giving her vote to Amanda with nothing in an immediate return.

Judd’s vote will be going to support Spencer and no one expects otherwise with or without all this sneakiness and deception going on.

If McCrae and Elissa still vote for Amanda while Andy and Judd go to Spencer then we’re at a tie and that’s going to fall on GinaMarie.

GinaMarie, as a member of the Exterminators alliance, is planning to vote out Amanda without any doubt. McCranda know she’s likely them even though they are unaware of The Exterminators, obviously since they think Andy is still with them. I doubt they’ll even both campaigning to GM since they think they’ve got the votes in the bag.

When the first double eviction round of live voting hits we’ll see Amanda voted out 2-2 with the tie-breaker going against her. A nice feather in GinaMarie’s cap.

The second round is a lot trickier to predict just because we don’t know how the HoH competition or Veto competition will turn out. If Elissa doesn’t win either of those then I’d expect her to be the second victim of the night. That’d likely make both sides of the Amanda-fence happy. Should Elissa win either of those then we’ll probably see McCrae go as long as he didn’t win the other. After that the possibilities just keep spinning so I won’t waste our time walking through every permutation.

What do you think will happen on Thursday? Will Amanda or Spencer be voted out?


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  1. Hopefully, Amanda goes first this week. Elissa should try and win HOH. That is her only chance. if she wins HOH, put up both Andy and Spencer as they are tied at the hip then, Judd as renom! Judd is as bad as the other two and a complete dummy! Elissa protects his ass when he came back and they form an alliance but, Judd just goes and betrays Elissa! I hope Andy and Judd get evicted next after Amanda!

    • Judd is getting to become almost as much of a snake as Andy always has been…he should stay loyal to Elissa, does the dumb-ass not realize that she was about the only one who did NOT want to vote to evict him the first time? He’s forming a so-called alliance with the very same people who wanted him gone the first time! He doesn’t deserve to go the finals, neither does Andy.

      • I don’t recall Elissa crying her eyes out when she evicted Judd. Mcrea and Andy sure were. Shout with they game back from commercial even Amanda was crying. I guess maybe her Botox face won’t allow her to cry

      • Fake tears.. there is no loyalty on either side. It’s a game ….Personal attacks are uncalled for…it’s a game. You can play the game without being a racist horrible person. These people are grown adults and they are all horrible. No one has stayed true to not falling into the hate-trap. No one.

      • Are you dreaming? The vote was 7-0 to evict Judd which means everyone voted to evict Judd! The plan to evict Judd had the blessings of Aaryn who was HOH and Amanda! They can cry crocodile tears but, does that mean that they no intend to evict Judd?

      • Oooooh..I see now where you’re going with this……the punch line is “botox”…joke is old ! Dude !

      • Mccrea and Andy are wimps, thats why they cried, as for Ellissa, she probably saves her tears,when she,s alone.

      • I think he is still loyal to her, but is smart enough to not say anything to these snakes because he knows that they will run to broadcast anything that they can to their advantage…

      • I think Judd and Elissa still have their F2 deal. When they made the deal they agreed not to hang around each other much. I think all the talk about him hating Elissa is an act.

    • I agree. If Amanda goes home and Elissa wins HOH, she needs McCrae to work with her or she will be at a 1 to 5 disadvantage. So she needs to show McCrae that she can be loyal to him so she shouldn’t put him up. I think she should also try again to work with GM and tell she meant what she said about GM and would not put her up either. Then get rid of Andy or Spencer or Judd – preferably Andy.

      • At this point in the game, the viable options for Elissa are McCrea and Gina Marie. They can evict the three stooges, Andy, Judd and Spencer and nobody would care! Those three dummies need to go! Andy needs to go next as he pollutes everything he touches!

    • At this point everyone should try to win HOH. But I’m sure Andy and Spencer will still throw it.

      • They will probably still throw that. Even if they are both on the block. Maybe in 3 weeks they will get the memo to start trying to win comps. Oh wait, the season will be over by then.

      • I think Spencer is trying. I think Spencer is just incapable of winning anything by himself.

      • I never really cared for Spencer UNTIL this conversation Amanda: Dude she [elissa] calls you disgusting all the time!! Spencer: I AM disgusting That made me LOL for a good 5 mins!!

  2. Elissa’s trying to save Amanda, i don’t buy it so after Amanda leaves I want Andy, Spencer,Elissa,Judd,GM to get out of the house

      • The only upside I see to McCrae being the winner would be if Amanda got super excited about it and then he told her that their relationship was just for his game. That would be the biggest blindside of the season.

    • Elissa is BUYING VOTES…if she sends skank amanda to the jury house in a “snit” then she will lose her skanky vote…. so c’mon Elissa…get that POV AND/OR HOH…

  3. I understand in my head this whole Elissa/Amanda thing, but in my heart I just can’t wrap myself around it…. whatever, it will be fun to see that nasty bi@^* get blindsided on Thurs!
    As for the second vote, I think you are right on track, but Andy needs to tread lightly as well.
    I actually hope McCrae stays because I would like to see him play the game without that 200 pound cougar noose around his neck.

  4. She handed over her wedding rings?!? Is she nuts, that is a terrible idea because Andy is going to make it look like Elissa was lying and voted against Amanda. I would NEVER use my wedding rings as collateral in a GAME!

  5. Matt, Do you are someone that watches feeds regularly know what Judd was warning Elissa about last night. On feeds abt 10:34pm ish 9/3 in the kitchen. Just immediately prior to speaking to Elissa he spoke about it to Amanda and McCrae who was in the kitchen. He basically said to Elisa that when she drinks she says things that gets them into trouble. She needs to watch that. She thanked him for having her back. But she never asked him for examples of the things she may have said. I am not aware of Elissa getting into trouble more than the rest for bad judgement in conversations.

    • I think he was talking about when Elissa talks about people in the house. Elissa has a habit of saying things like, “she’s gross” or “I don’t like anyone in this house” but I didn’t think it was alcohol talking. I thought it was her. But I also think she was talking about just a couple of people and not everyone. She obviously liked Helen, Jessie and Candice. I think she likes Judd and even GM and Andy.

  6. Amanda gets voted out, then Elissa wins hoh and puts up McCrae and Andy, Andy gets voted out then Judd wins HoH… this is how I want it to go down!

    • I don’t think Andy will get voted out if he is against McCrae. The Exterminators will have Judd, GM and Spencer voting. Best case is Elissa puts up two of them and one goes home. If McCrae goes home then the Exterminators will win HOH next week and she will definitely go on the block and definitely go home unless she wins POV..

      • In this scenario Andy and Spencer should go up not McCrae. Andy would be the bigger target because people don’t think they can win against him.

    • I’d like to see Spencer win an HOH just to see what he’d do. He hasn’t had to make any moves this season and I’d like to see if he’s loyal to Andy, GM and Judd or not..

  7. Amanda needs to go.. If she doesn’t it will confirm what my mom has always said about BB it’s rigged by the BB producers. Mcranda are the ones keeping the nasty stuff going on in the house for TV entertainment.. Will BB production really let her go? Will be interesting.,

    • Despite mounting “evidence”, as a loyal BB fan, I cant let myself believe that its totally rigged. It’s like finding out there is no Santa.

      • Or that there is no tooth fairy. :-( Let’s face it. If the Queen of Mean isnt sent packing this week, the answer will be right in our faces.

    • Everyone is saying nasty stuff now. Last week I was totally for getting Amanda out….she is horrible. But with how everyone is acting this week it would serve them right if she stayed.

      • There really aren’t any likable house guests this season. There are simply house guests I dislike less than others. Amanda is, still, my most disliked contestant.

      • I agree. While GM has said some really ignorant things, I think she really is an idiot. And I think Amanda is smart enough to realize what she says is wrong, and just because you laugh afterwards doesn’t make it a joke.

      • Yea, GM is ignorant ,I,m surprised she got this far in life, the one thing,she,s seems to be good in is ORGANIZING,which explains her PAST JOB.

  8. Ready to see McCrae play without the skank. I really hope him and Elissa remain true to each other. Hoping that one of them wins first HoH and gets out Andy or Spencer. Then, the other gets the next one and gets out the other ginger.

    • I just have a feeling Andy is going to convince McCrae that they were only after Amanda and they wanted to work with McCrae all along. Andy will tell McCae the plan was to evict Amanda and turn the house against Elissa at the same time.

      If production put Elissa up to this plan, they sure messed up her game. I think she had a better chance of working with GM and Judd than working with McCrae. But if McCrae win the second HOH this week, we will learn about about where his is at with Amanda.

    • I’m guessing not well; it’s kinda late to start developing a strategy for yourself, at this point.

  9. Of course everyone wants Amanda gone this week, but the BEST move for
    Andy is to keep her. That would put the double eviction HOH as a 4 v 1
    with GM not playing. Then Judd would probably be DE’d again, but then
    the next hoh would be 3 v 1, still huge odds for andy while keeping two
    or even three bigger targets than himself. A move like this would prove
    he is not a floater and give him real credibility in the final two.
    Amanda won’t win a jury vote, period. Elissa probably wont either, and
    Andy has a real good chance against GM or Mcrae, especially with a house
    flip in his pocket. Of course, he could see betraying Amanda as a
    house flip, but it would be 3v2 in the next hoh and he is a bigger
    target than anyone else in the Exterminators. If Mcrae or elissa wins
    he will be gone next week.

    • I agree Andy’s best option is to keep Amanda, and that might happen once he finds out it is a DE week. And I’ve had the bad feeling that Judd will be evicted twice during DE.

      • But not if Andy kept Amanda. Then it would be Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Andy vs Judd in the next HOH which is a double eviction.

      • I thought she usually reveals it at the beginning of the show. Even if its not revealed, the houseguests might know because of how the day has played out. They start earlier on DE nights, because they have more to rehearse and get ready for.

    • Hateful #2 is GM …have you been reading what she’s been saying….So wrong. Especially racist remarks about Elissa’s son.

  10. well peeps…rumors have it that production gave a deal with Elissa and amanda. I hear amanda is the winner of BB. If amanda doesn’t go home this week i am convinced that Big Brother after 15 season is a hoax! that it is a set up. Why in the world would elissa vote to keep her? it doens’t help her game..she was offered something by production. If amanda goes home this week i will know it was a big hoax and will continue to watch BB..if amanda does not go home this week i am convinced that BB is fake and after 15 season of being loyal to the show i will evict them from my house! :)

    • Hey, did production plant an idea in Elissa’s head? Very possible. But if production wanted to keep Amanda, then wouldn’t they have to get her one more vote? Perhaps they tried to get Judd to agree and he said no. But if you really wanted to save Amanda wouldn’t the obvious 3rd vote be Andy?

      I have no idea what Elissa’s deal is with BB. It does seem obvious that BB is planting ideas in her head. But I think its just to stir the pot, not to rig the winner. CBS doesn’t care who wins. They are writing a check out for $500k at the end of this season no matter what. Who it goes to means little. However, they are in this for ratings to creating excitement and drama during the week is their goal.

      • You are right about the ratings and drama. But I do think they love a good vs evil scenario and they have been setting up that exact thing with an Elissa vs Amanda final. Because Elissa has gotten a very good edit this season.

      • Maybe. But I think it is going to take multiple miracles for Elissa to make it to the final 2 this season. In fact, it will take one Thursday night for her and Amanda to not be evicted.

        If production asked Elissa to try to save Amanda, they asked her to take an enormous risk.

      • I think production tried to get Judd to keep Amanda in the game and that’s why he was so angry with production!!

    • That’s going to be pretty hard to make Amanda the winner of BB when she’s sitting in the Jury. Don’t believe every unsupported rumor you read.

      Amanda would be a target over Elissa if she stayed, or so Elissa may believe. Or maybe Elissa is becoming aware that she’s on the outside of an alliance that doesn’t included Amanda either. Plenty of reasons for Elissa to think Amanda staying is better for her game. Doesn’t mean she’s correct though.

  11. It would be funny if after all this McCrae voted to evict Amanda too and Elissa was the only vote to save her.

  12. Wonder what McC really thinks of this new turn of events that Amanda might stay. I didn’t think he was to disappointed thinking she could leave and hopefully get him jury votes if he got to F2. I don’t think he would vote to evict her just now, but don’t think he would be heart broken if she leaves.

    • While I don’t think he wants to face her in the final 2, she is number to keep him safe right now. I have always thought that he was going to throw final HOH to Andy and let Andy take him and then hope Amanda rallies the votes in jury against Andy and for McCrae.

    • He was crying like a baby the otherc night at the thought of her leaving big alligator tears

  13. Think I can see Elissas point. Force Andy’s hand as a rat. If he choses to stay with the Eliminators will show his hand. McCrae will then side with E to work together. She had no one to stay with the Eliminators. Of course she wants Amanda out to gain an ally. Risky move but she is playing the game.

  14. I expect DR to do another round of interrogation on Judd today and he comes out a different person. Elissa will win HOH on Thursday, put the pig and the rat on the block, the rat gets evicted, PERFECT scenario. lol

    • Judd was flipping the bird at the cameras on BBAD last night. He is very angry about something. If they tried to get him to save Amanda too, its obvious he didn’t agree to do it.

      • DR seemed to like that story line.(saving Amanda) I think they’ll try him again with a different approach. ..then again player has the final say.

      • If the plan is to save Amanda, they why not just go to Andy and get him to save Amanda? Unless the plan is to blindside Andy? Why would also be fun to watch – if Andy votes to evict Amanda and someone else votes to save her without Andy’s knowledge Then blames it on Andy!?! It would be fun to watch Andy try to weasel his way out of that one!

      • That would be fun, and I think they would love for Amanda to stay but without the vote from Andy. BB loves to reshuffle the deck of players and watch new alliances form and crumble.

      • Oh, Production is well aware of every players popularity, they have stats, and Andy’s hate meter is up.

        btw, I think they tried Andy, one night.

      • Yes, they’ll try anything. I remember Ian, in his season. He was so stressed out after coming out of DR, exactly like how Judd was, then he got called the 2nd time and everything was ok.

      • They need to hint to Judd that Andy turned on all his close friends Helen, Amanda and McCrae so do you really think he’s going to be loyal to you.

  15. The entire Exterminators alliance is terrible at Big Brother. I can understand why Andy would want to face them at the end rather than an Amanda, McCrae, or Elissa, but he’s setting himself up to be McCrae and Elissa’s biggest target this week if either of them win HOH. Andy’s lie isn’t going to work (McCrae has already set he believes in Elissa’s vote, but doubts Andy’s). Why is he putting the target on himself? The better move is to side with McCranda and Elissa and stay out of range for another week or two.

    • Agree. Lets hope he stays with the Exterminators and puts out Amanda. McCrae and Elissa will be a team and hope one of them wins HOH. They are stronger than the Exterminators.

      • But its a numbers game now. Elissa and McCrae would have to win the next 2 HOH comps to have any chance of making it past next week.

      • Lets hope they do win. McCrae strongest guy in the house. The Exterminators are a bunch of people in disarey.

      • McCrae and Judd have won the same amount of competitions, one HOH and 2 POVs. Judd still won even if he took the money instead of the POV with Jessie.

      • Yea but he seems confused now has no mind set. He may join McCrae and E. That would be great. But at the moment want Andy to vote to keep Spencer and show his true colors. McCrae threw games and did not try in some. Need to know what is going on with Judd right now,

      • I just don’t see Judd keeping Amanda after he thinks shes responsible for his first eviction, and knows she has been campaigning for him to be nominated since he returned.

      • True, but I have this feeling that McCrae is going to win HOH this week for the second eviction.

        If he puts Andy up on the block, is there anyone who would not be voted out is they were up with him?

        If this happens wit will be two of Judd, GM, Spencer along with Elissa voting. The other Exterminator would be on the block with Andy. I think Spencer is a certain vote to save Andy. I think Judd is too. Maybe GM could be convinced by McCrae and Elissa to vote out Andy if they promised her safety the following week?

    • True, but if McCrae is worried about Andy’s vote then why not confront Andy and tell him if Amanda leaves, he will know that it was Andy who double crossed them and Andy will be Elissa and McCrae’s biggest target.

      That may scare Andy into voting with McCrae.

    • I do think while Andy is a target, if he is on the block against Judd, the other exterminators will keep Andy and evict Judd. And I have a feeling that Judd is going to be evicted twice during a DE.

      • I agree. I think Judd and GM will be the fist two Exterminators evicted and Andy and Spencer will be the last to go, if they go at all.

        Can you imagine a final 2 of Andy and Spencer? The two biggest floater do nothings all season in the final 2? What an embarrassment for BB.

      • There only arguments would be that they made it to the final. Neither of them has done anything to deserve a win. Other than being the least threatening, so they were never targets, what moves have they really made in this game. That’s why Andy wants to vote out Amanda, at least that is a game move. And Spencer hasn’t even voted half of the season, because he was always on the block.

      • But saying, “I voted to evict Amanda” is not much of a resume headline is it?

        Of all the house guests left, GM, Amanda and Elissa have the best arguments and I don’t think any of them will make it to the final 3.

      • I agree. But that might be all he has, since he is too scared of other houseguests to win HOH.

      • At this point, I don’t care if any combination win as long as Andy and Spencer is not in the mix.

      • OMG! They can’t let this happen. They have to do a major intervention. They should know the two clowns in the F2 is not the ideal way to end this season.

    • Agree about the Exterminators, a bunch of clowns no loyalty. Still want Andy to stay with them to put himself in harms way and still get rid of Amanda. Let her go work the house with her lies and McCrae work this side of the house.

    • I don’t think that McCrae has ever really trusted Andy.
      If I was him I would vote Spencer out, if he goes with Amanda, Elissa and McCrae he isn’t likely going to be a target over those three.
      If he goes the other way and Elissa or McCrae wins HOH he will go on the block along with GM.

  16. Someone is getting blindsided no matter who gets voted out.
    I wouldn’t trust Andy if I was GM & Judd, with as great at lying as he is I could see him going either way.
    Tomorrow night is going to make for some really good viewing.

    • You can’t trust him because once he hears its a double eviction, he might realize the numbers are with McCrae and Amanda instead of with the Exterminators.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised. Andy loves to talk a big game and about making big moves, but if he was really going to make big moves he would have voted out Amanda weeks ago when Helen mentioned it.

  17. Elissa should go to GM and tell her that Andy came to her with a plan to save Amanda and she thinks he is still working with her. Elissa could tell her that she told Amanda and Andy she would do it but that she really has no intention of doing it. She should say she just doesn’t want to be Amanda’s target for harassment again this week.

    Elissa can tell GM that they promised her safety and a final 4 deal. Then she should reiterate that she is really angry about the things Amanda said to her and just wants her to go home. But at the same time, Andy cannot be trusted so she needs him to think she is willing to work with him. Tell GM that McCrae, Andy and Amanda are talking about who they would target first when Amanda is safe and its GM and Judd.

    Let her plant a seed in GM’s head that Andy is the rat so when the vote is 2-2 GM isn’t sure if its Andy or Elissa who voted to save Amanda. She should ask GM to keep this secret because if it gets back to Amanda, through Andy, Amanda will make her life miserable again and she can’t go through that again even for 1 day.

    GM might buy this because Aaryn warned GM that Andy is a rat and cannot be trusted.

      • And if this works on GM, then later go to her and tell her, the guys can;t be trusted and they are working together, but McCrae is not with them. See if she can lure GM into an alliance with her and McCrae. GM, Elissa and McCrae would be much stronger than Judd, Spencer and Andy.

      • Would love it but this isn’t Fantasy Island. They don’t think like we do. Bunch of idiots playing this game.

    • First of all Elissa doesn’t think game moves and second of all GM has one of the biggest mouths and the first person she would tell is Judd that they want him out. Then Judd tells Spencer and so on.

  18. The Exterminators make Friendship look like Chilltown. I have never hated an alliance this much in all my years watching Big Brother.

  19. I think Elissa isnt trying to keep Amanda,I think shes foing it to try a tie vote, that way the blood is on GMs hand. I think she’s trying to get a vote from her in the end.

  20. If I hear Andy say he Hates anyone….I will go in to punch his pale face! He has said I HATE them about every player…even past season players….Get Andy out to stroll hand in hand with Demanda on double eviction….PLEASE! I HATE Him so much (lol)

  21. I don’t get this production conspiracy. Look at who is left in this house. Who else would Elissa win against? This isn’t that hard to figure out. If Elissa makes it to the finals, she can beat the pants off anyone for HOH, take Amanda with her and she’d easily beat Amanda in the final vote. Or here’s a thought, maybe she figured out the exterminators alliance and saw that the numbers were stacked against her. You all are drastically underestimating Elissa.

    Pushing for Amanda to stay is the smartest game play she can make this week. Because it does one of two things. Either keeps the most likely ally and beatable opponent in the game, or it exposes the exterminator alliance and show Andy for the rat that he is, so that if he makes to the finals he doesn’t win either.

    Production didn’t convince her of anything. If McCrae hadn’t won veto, she would have let it ride. She couldn’t beat McCrae in a final two. If anything production has this rigged so Elissa wins. But I really don’t think that is the case. She a smart player and finally put the pieces together and is making the smartest move she can this week.

    • The production conspiracy people are truly idiotic. Why on earth would CBS risk tarnishing the image of a billion dollar company just to give Amanda $500,000? If people used their brain for even a split-second, they’d realize how dumb they sound.

      Now, does production put ideas into people by asking slanted or leading questions? Possibly, but to suggest CBS can rig a game with 1000’s of different scenarios and so many competitions that are truly toss-ups such as roulette and who can make a ball move back and forth the most times, is completely absurd.

      • Didn’t you hear that Aaryn’s ball had a special magnet in it? Same as Amanda’s when she won veto. Bwahahaha.

      • The only thing CBS has to do with BB is putting it on the air. The show is produced by a separate company not under the CBS name. So they can disassociate themselves to a certain extent. I don’t think that they can rig the game, but I agree with you that they could guide what the players think by suggesting things or by the line of questioning they use.

      • CBS cannot disassociate themself from anything. CBS hire under contract FlyOnTheWall (not you flyonthewall) to produce the show. FlyOnTheWall is a subcontractor. The show is set at Stage 18 in the huge CBS Studio complex in Studio City, CA. CBS is responsible for every aspect of the show. The buck stop on Les Moonvees’s desk.

    • I agree with you about the houseguest underestimating Elissa. I actually think she is playing the dumb card. I believe she is very smart and has figured out the exterminators. This is the only way she could trust Mcrea. I don’t think she even wants Amandass to stay. She is looking for a partner and someone she can trust. Whatever happened to Elissa and Judd final 2?

      • I think Judd is acting like he is against Elissa. When they made the final 2 deal they agreed to not hang out much so not to draw attention. He says a lot of nasty things but that is to cover his F2.

  22. Something coming up on TMZ about Aaryn. It teases that her mom defends her and also a black friend. So she must not be racist if she has a black friend, right?

    • Obviously, the handlers they hired are already doing their job. It started when her mom wrote LA Times.

    • Her mom, in her letter to LA times, wrote that Aaryn went to her prom with an african-american that was her best friend in HS. She also mention that she has 2 cousins who are half-japanese.

      • No, that was Ragan’s tweet:

        “Aaryn’s mom claims she took an African American to prom. I took a WOMAN to prom. What’s her f’ing point? #PromDateDefense #IWasntStraight”

      • What’s Ragan’s point? Did someone accuse him of being anti-straight and hating all straights?

        Aaryn’s mom’s point is that Aaryn just had a problem with Candace who happened to be black, and that she didn’t hate other races just because of the color of their skin.

        I don’t see how Ragan’s point (or Ragan in general) is relevant.

      • I believe Ragan’s point is (Ragan forgive me if this isn’t your point), even though he went to the prom with a woman, he is still a gay man. And, even though Asryn’s best friend was black, she is still a racist..

      • Those are such different circumstances. Gay people dont hate straight people. Racists hate other races.

      • No, that was Ragan’s response to her mom’s letter:

        “Aaryn’s mom claims she took an African American to prom. I took a WOMAN to prom. What’s her f’ing point? #PromDateDefense #IWasntStraight”

  23. Has anyone else noticed how little time ratty spends in DR? Why is that? Perhaps because he has little to no personality and no one cares how or what he thinks about?

  24. What I hope happens tomorrow:
    Amanda gets evicted..
    Elissa or McCrae wins HoH and puts up Andy and Spencer
    Elissa or McCrae wins POV
    Andy gets exterminated.
    I hope that McCrae realize the Andy cannot be trusted. If McCrae realize that than he will go from McPussy to McMan!

  25. Poor Andy. Strange how we all get caught in our lies, that is because we don’t remember all of them. Maybe that is God’s way of teaching us not to lie and learn from it. Seems never learn.

  26. There is no Veto Comp on a double eviction night. So whoever the new HoH outs up, one will leave. Amanda gone first and who cares after that? Just ready for the the use to have some peace. Send Andy’s fake ass out the door aftrr her.

  27. If Amanda gets evicted, Elissa is winning HOH. She knows she’ll be next. If Amanda stays, she won’t fight too hard for HOH. She doesn’t want to win a HOH in DE that’s why she teamed up with the McCranda. Now if Mandy goes, THE RAT will scurry after, because Elissa will certainly put Rat and Pig on the block. Wishes, wishes….keeping my fingers crossed.

  28. I would love for Amanda to be evicted, for Andy to think it’s safe to vote for Amanda to stay and do so, and for Elissa’s video to show her pulling out what turns out to be her actual ring, and to subsequently make a big deal about it in the house so everyone knows Andy must have been one vote for her to stay.

    A girl can dream…

  29. I can’t see THE TERMINATORS (lol) as an alliance. They are a bunch of non-factors in a game coming together out of desperation towards the end of the game. Who are they trying to terminate??? two people??? what a joke.

  30. I feel Elissa is trying to oust Andy to Mccrae. If Mccrae wins HOH he is more likely to put up Andy over Elissa then. I think Elissa is trying to cover all her bases with the strongest competitors (Judd, Mccrae). If she isn’t the one winning the next HOH.

      • I don’t think he will. McCrae expressed his concerned with Andy’s vote yesterday to Amanda.

      • It’s still a dangerous game, since she can’t know for sure Mccrae will believe her. However it is the only play she has. She has no allies going into this DE, however now she might have one.

        This DE needs to happen already!!

      • On live cam he showing otherwise, hugging Amanda, etc. Don’t know what on his mind. He is talking to Elissa a lot.

  31. I sure wish Elissa’s plan would work but I think Amanda is going. I was hoping Amanda would help get Elissa further in the game then get evicted. But if Amanda goes I’m okay with that it’s just Elissa needs to win HOH put the “Rat” and “Pig” on the block and Elissa win POV and send one of them home. Like Andy said the look on their faces “Epic”. But it will be on the rats face.

    • I’ve never disliked a HG more than I dislike Andy. I don’t care who he’s against if he makes it to final 2… Andy could be next to satan himself and I still wouldn’t want Andy to win…I’d just walk off the stage if I was on the jury. If ManPig and Ratboy are in the final two? Geeze… I can’t think of anything worse than that!

    • So now you want Amanda to stay because she’s with Elissa. Am I missing something? Oh right.. people dont care about racism… they care about people going against Elissa… Bunch of phonies on here.

      • I think you need to loosen up your tie and let some blood flow to your brain. Then take a deep breath, life will look better suddenly.

      • Dude im the one here telling people to loosen up in every other comment section… I think it’s funny how some people here reversed their judgement on Amanda when she teamed up with Elissa.

      • Perhaps you should not make this a black or white scenario. There’s more to it than that. If you need to leech a wound to cure the patient, then so be it. It doesn’t mean we like leeches any more than we did before.

      • I’d agree with you, if the trend wasnt so blantant. You literally proved my point with your comment. You guys all wanted that “leach”, not evicted, but removed last week when she attacked Elissa. Now you guys want her to stay. Why? Because she is on Elissa’s side now. If you guys were as morally superior as you claimed to be in past weeks, then it shouldnt matter who she is alligned with.

  32. McCrae’s all ready starting to doubt Andy, though, and he’s not an idiot. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, after Amanda’s gone, he and Elissa have a little pow-wow about what happened (which could always happen during the commercial breaks).

  33. I am HOPING that Judd votes to keep Amanda…He’s in the same boat as Elyssa…PLAYING ALONE. But he’s too dumb to know it. Elyssa knew she was flying solo and made the only possible move she had. Now if Judd would wake the hell up and play some game…get that witch GM out, Andy, Spencer. Is no way in hell Amanda or McCrae will get jury votes. What an absolute ass Judd is. And a good twist…he could say he voted her out and Andy flipped again…LOL

    • Yea Judd spending time in the DR coming out in a stupor. Been talking a lot to Elissa past day and even Amanda who is now acting like a normal person. The Exterminators forced Elissa out not making her a member but an outsider. Seemed lately doing the same to Judd.

  34. I love how people on here are completely 180ing their opinions on Amanda, simply because she can furthur Elissa in the game. So much for the “morally superiorority” people are busting out here, hey?

    • No. We still don’t like Amanda but if it keeps good in the house for another week, we can tolerate evil for a little longer.

      • Unless Elissa is trying to mess Andy up with this whole thing (i.e., is doing this to take a target off her back, rather than truly allying with Amanda), I’ve lost respect for her and don’t mind her leaving after Amanda. If she’s genuinely trying to side with Amanda, she’s showing she isn’t as moral as she likes to claim she is.

  35. Watching BB-AD from last night, noticed Elissa acting peculiar. They are all sitting outside and it appears she is flirting with Mcrae. Watch at :59 minutes you see her practically having oral sex with her empty water bottle staring at Mcrae. Maybe it’s just me. . .

  36. elissa was told by Rachel to NOT take her real rings into the house. Elissa told Judd i believe in one of the first weeks that she has 3 sets of wedding bands.

    sont hate me as i want amanda gone too, but amanda was the one that went to elissa with the deal. elissa didnt agree until after DR. i really hope this is not fixed as i have read alot about amanda being friends with associate producer

  37. If Amanda goes I am happy. If Spencer goes, I will be happy. In all honesty I would rather Spencer go first. Anyone who jokes about kiddie porn is a disgusting pig and should just be banished to an island where they have to fend for themselves. Spencer wouldn’t last 30 minutes.

    • In regards about Spencer, I concur 100%…Last night on BBAD, he was talking about the fact that he was arrested for punching a woman in the face…and was laughing about it…as was GinaMarie. He also calls women the C word on a regular basis…yeah he’s a prince…prince of pukes.

  38. Please…let it be skank Amanda….I am sick of her bullying, and altho I am not totally convinced it is “fixed” I do question CBS for allowing her to stay after threatening someones life…THAT is normally an INSTANT eviction by the producers……so that “fix” thing is ringing in my ears…!!!

  39. the whole thing was pathic i mean they were talking how it was a tragedy to face each other an crying like freakin babies gimmie a break now they know how Ginamarie felt when Nick walked out the door Amanda thinks the hg OWE her something an shes right they owe her a good kick in tha butt out the door

  40. I am for the underdog ellissa. Unless she wins hoh or veto she doesn’t have a prayer of staying another week.

    • I would love to kick Amanda.queen of the mean girls club out the door and all.the way to her stool beside.Julie . She better ask her if she is the Queen Mean Girls
      I have never.seen such evil as a
      Amanda has acted but its the way she is in real life. I will be very very very very.happy when she goes.

  41. i hope amanda but its gonna stink that shes gonna go out the door with ellissas wedding ring

  42. I still hope Elissa is pulling a fast one and Andy is the one with egg on his face when the vote is 3-1 evict Amanda. Andy is planning on blaming Elissa for a 2-2 vote. If not for Andy’s behind the scene it would be the ultimate backdoor of Amanda, since Elissa’s rings are fake.

  43. Why can’t production keep their fricking nose out of the HG’s business. That’s why Elissa is working with her, and they tried to turn Judd too. Back off production and stay out of it.

  44. I too heard about Amanda being the winner of BB, if she’s not out tonight then it’s true. I though Elissa just told Amanda she was voting for her to keep her off her back til eviction.Or that Mcrea might win so she votes to keep Amanda he might not put her up if he won HOH? I guess BB is really trying to keep us on the edge of our seats tonight.

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