Big Brother 15: House Tries To Un-Flip on Amanda, But Will It Work?

Elissa tries to save Amanda

Well this is different. After a season of watching the house try to flip against Amanda we’re now seeing a very bizarre attempt at the inverse. Sign-up for the Live Feeds right now so you can watch all this action for yourself.

The Big Brother HGs have Amanda right where they want her. She’s on the block and the Exterminators have the votes they need to send their target home. It’s a done deal, right? Maybe not. Read on to find out who is surprisingly trying to flip the house in Amanda’s favor and keep her in the game.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 12:40 AM BBT 9/3 to find Elissa calling Amanda in to the Lounge. There she tells Amanda she wants to vote to keep her in the game. Amanda’s reaction? “Come on.” No, Elissa is serious and she assures her she’s not joking. “I will vote for you to stay. 100%,” says Elissa.

The girls hug as Amanda swears she won’t betray Elissa as thanks for saving her. Amanda promises her she’ll have her and McCrae’s support to get to the Final Four.

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Andy, being Andy, pops in on the conversation and must be shocked to find out that Elissa now wants to keep Amanda. Making the situation worse for him is their expectation that he’d be immediately thrilled to join their plan. Andy looks stunned, tells them to keep talking, and slowly backs out of the room. It’s pretty funny to watch.

Elissa and Andy are talking in the back bedroom at 12:50AM as she continues to work on him to support her plan. He’s hesitant, but isn’t directly declining what Elissa is offering. Andy says they can think about it over the next few days, but that he definitely wants to work with Elissa.

Jump to 1:40 AM BBT to find Andy and Amanda in the front bedroom. Andy is setting up his plan to defeat Elissa’s plan. He tells Amanda that this new plan sounds good, but he’s worried Elissa is actually trying to set him up.

A few minutes later at 1:46 AM BBT Andy heads upstairs and joins Spencer and GinaMarie. Time to make the doughnuts. Andy tells them everything. He says this proves his loyalty. I’d agree.

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Andy explains Elissa wants to vote with him and McCrae to save Amanda and then make them the Final Four. Andy makes them swear to secrecy because if it gets out then he’ll be exposed as the source.

Andy will not vote to keep Amanda. He plans to promises support to Amanda and Elissa all week, but then vote against Amanda and let GinaMarie break the tie and send Amanda to Jury. Andy will then immediately blame Elissa and hope to convince McCrae that this was all a lie by Elissa to hurt McCranda thereby setting up an even bigger feud between Elissa and McCrae to force their targets on one another instead of them.

Wow. Just when we started to think things would slow down this week with Amanda knowing she had no chance this goes and happens! We’ll get to watch everything play out on the Feeds as we march down to Thursday’s Double Eviction.

What do you think of all this craziness? Should Andy flip back and vote to keep Amanda or stay with the Exterminators and evict her this week?


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  1. Think this is all a set up to show Andy for what he is. Believe Elissa already has a deal with McCrae which Andy is unaware of. They need him out of the final two because of his popularity in the Jury House if he made it that far. Who knows with these people. Just a thought.

    • But, come Thursday, who are they going to believe was the “rogue” vote…they will all believe Andy over Elissa. I am sure that if Amanda goes this week, as she is walking out the door, Elissa will tell Amanda that she voted for her, but will Amanda believe her. I think she would not. So, once again, Andy comes out smelling like a rose.

  2. THis is crap!! Has to have something to do with production think about it all of a sudden after she leaves the DR she talks about this nonsense? They probably wanted ratings so they knew it would be a boring week and would this not cause drama? um yes plus last night Amanda at dinner talked about not rolling over and dying something production must have told her bc she was told to not talk about it by BB soon as she talked about it to the houseguests! They just want drama obviously but still Elissa will vote to keep Amanda I feel and this will just ruin her game she at least had a fighting chance with Judd and GM but not she is most definitely alone. I just don’t get her I don’t so sad….

    • But why would it ruin Elissa’s game she’s not in the “exterminator” alliance so how would this harm her in any way. Those 4 are going after her and McCrae next so what would the harm be? Given that she has won a couple of vetos and an HOH they might just go after her even before McCrae, so she could find herself walking out the door next week. So how could keeping Amanda this week harm her more than that?

      • Going after her for her comp wins wouldn’t make since, given that McCrae has the same number of wins.

    • Did u even read this? Elissa came to Amanda with this plan. THIS HAS PRODUCTION WRITTEN ALL OVER IT. I THINK THEY HAVE MADE Amanda and Elissa both act bad towards each other for ta th ings and now they want them to work together. It’s all planned out.

      • Amanda went to Elissa first, though, as did McCrae. Elissa wasn’t sure during her talk with Amanda (which Andy was present for, as well) and Elissa basically told Andy after that she wasn’t sure she could trust Amanda. So something McCrae said must have won her over.

      • This is screaming Production to me! Elissa would never come up with this. If she did, then something is wrong with the picture. I have nothing else to say, literally nothing!

      • But I ask again, why, Elissa is not in the alliance of 4 and could find herself walking out the door next week. Keeping Amanda may be her best move to stay in the game longer. Now I don’t know if she knows about that alliance or has some idea but if she does I say once again this could be the best move for her.

  3. Clearly production’s doing, there’s no way anyone can say this show its rigged if amanda survives this week. Elissa would never have changed her mind without the producers influencing her.

    • The proof is last night Amanda’s reveal at dinner, Then the suspicious crying, I am mad at you and McCrea and Andy talking game…. Amanda storms out, I am still here cry. Then Amanda rises up and with McCrae the agreement to talk to Elissa. Amanda and Elissa talking game. Let me reiterate suspicious.. Amanda says if she stays they can they can blame Judd.I thought Elissa was buying, then maybe not, I was confused… what was being sold. Cause right After she confirmed to Spencer no way to keep Amanda, Then everyone outside except McCranda and Elissa, the exterminator’s again agreeing Amanda then McCrae out. They talk ay.out the pro and con of keeping Elissa. They like to believe her target is McCrea. I am frustrated at they change of events, something is fishy, Do not tell me a blanket I am sorry to Elissa makes sense? Amanda toucheredd her and her family. uh ah no way would I buy Amanda’s apology. UGH

      • It can’t hurt you if you don’t let it hurt you. The goal is to make it to F2 for a crack at the $500K.

    • I totally agree that if Amanda is somehow saved this week it will be proof that the whole thing is rigged, and that will ensure that I would never watch another big brother again. I feel that I would not be alone. If production sees this as a ratings booster, they just might find it to be the demise of the show

    • How can anyone say it’s rigged? I gotta hand it to 4chan, one tweet and you ate it up, hook line and sinker

      • Chris Foster So, after searching for this elusive 4chan thread about Allison and Amanda, I have come up with ZILCH. Nada. Nothing. I agree that the whole “Amanda-knows Grodner-and-is-pre-determined-to-win” stunt was made up, but as for it being a 4chan troll? No way. You can, of course, prove me wrong by providing a link to this mysterious thread…

      • i can’t post links on here, search /b/ or come on into 4chans irc. One of us will be more than happy to show you. u leik mudkipz?

  4. I don’t get it??? elissa was literally 100,000% set on getting Amanda out. why the sudden change of heart?? after Amanda have be attacking her and now elissa wants to save her??? WHAT??

    • its about time I wanted Amanda out since the minute she started being a mean racist bitch and when I first laid eyes on her I hate her I hope she enjoys her time in jury and then mcrae will follow her in the double eviction

  5. This is a game people, not a personality contest. Think game and votes in Jury House at this point. Read my first blog.

    • Doesn’t matter! Personal feelings come into play too! Amanda’s bullying went too far last week & that’s why the house wants her out now! It may be a game, but sometimes you can take it too personal, & that’s what Amanda did!

  6. Ahem… You missed the first part “Elissa comes out of the Diary Room and immediately runs over to Amanda…”

    Why did you leave that part out? All the other sites made a point to bring that up.

  7. I hate Andy he just floats from one side of the house to the other playing off of peoples games its so irritating play your own game already and pick a damn side…Elissa was finally in a good spot and now all of a sudden she wants to keep this crazy Biotch who tortured her? i don’t get it

  8. I don’t understand Elissa’s change of heart. I agree with those who posted before me, that it has to be production because there is no reason that Elissa would keep Amanda. NONE.

    • they did not say the first part. “Elissa comes out of the Diary room and immediately runs over to Amanda

  9. After the shocking turned of events last night, I was sick of listening to that rat, I had to turn my feeds off. Sh*t happens every DR session. Andy’s plan was not to go with the plan and frame Elissa. Elissa trying to flip the house doesn’t make sense at all, unless she wants to expose Andy’s lies to McCrae. If she really wants to save Amanda, she need Judd too to be on board. …..I’m just so disgusted with Andy !!!

    • I agree but if you think about it, McCrae told Elissa he would probably put her up. By her doing this and voting for Amanda, it will take the heat off of Elissa and put it on Andy. This will show McCrae also where Andy’s loyalties lie and he will become a bigger target than Elissa.

      • That make sense. Hopefully Elissa will vote Amanda out it will then expose Andy’s loyalty to McCrae. Andy is anticipating that Elissa will vote Spencer out to frame her and it will be 2 and 2. and GM the tie breaker, but that wont be the case. Amanda will be evicted anyway. This maybe the only time to expose the rat. What about Judd? He has to realize, he is an outsider too.

      • Thing is, if Mccrae wins HoH, he will have to put up two, so he could nominate both Andy and Elissa. Does anyone remember mccrea’s first HoH? He drifted aimlessly until he found someone to tell him what to do. Don’t think he will win it this week, anyways. Might just spare him from going home right after Amanda, though. Andy and Spencer wanted to get rid of Elissa first, anyways.

    • I think in the DR production just makes suggestions. They can’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to. But they may have asked her do you trust Spencer and what about them making an all guys alliance. Elissa already thought a week ago that the guys are trying to team up again. So maybe she thinks she will go farther with Amanda in the game. Andy needs to be exposed for the scum bag he is. I’d like Spencer to go now then Andy in DE. Then Elissa win HOH and put up Amanda and McCrae then.

      • Oh, I am aware of what’s going on in DR as previous players have indicated. They have questions that are “leading” Subliminal suggestions in a way. They have the final decision. I’m just hoping for a good outcome that will make majority of the viewers happy.

        …also put the rat and the pig where they

  10. Amanda is a mean vile human being the way she tortured Elissa and others in the house she took it past game to a personal level i will be glad see her go home whether gm has to break a tie or not

  11. Whether Elissa is seriously considering this or it is a plan to expose Andy, its stupid. If the other houseguests can’t see Andy for what he is, this isn’t going to convince them. If Elissa wants to keep Amanda, she saw what happens when you are up against Andy on the block, Amanda will half-assed try to save you and then cut you. Ask Aaryn.

    • Melbourne, I totally agree. And by Elissa voting to keep Amanda will take the heat off from her by McCrae and put it on Andy because he will now be seen as a RAT by McCrae for not keeping Amanda.

      • I still don’t think they will blame Andy. He has been very good at getting out of these situations. And I don’t see them believing Elissa’s word over Andy’s. Andy hasn’t done anything to lose their trust. Even if Amanda goes by a tie and Andy voted against her, Elissa would have to convince McCrae of that before the next eviction, which will be less than an hour away.

  12. In a house that has flipped and flopped more than a pancake this season, everyone blames it on production because it has flipped again? Ok

  13. This was all planned out by PRODUCTION. I highly doubt Amanda and Elissa ever hated each other. All the drama and bad behavior has been set up from the beginning. You all hate Amanda’, but it’s PRODUCTION you should hate. Think about it.

    • Even if production told Amanda to talk trash about someone’s husband and kid, she could have said no. If Amanda is so easily influenced to act like she does, that speaks volumes about her true character.

      • They are all wanna be actors. It’s ridiculous. And sure she could have said no…but I’m sure there are insensitive s to do what PRODUCTION wants. Some of these people never had a chance. It was always going to be Amanda or Elissa.

    • NO, no. I always believe that Production manipulate the show in some way, but don’t get me wrong. Amandas disgusting behavior? That’s not Production. THAT’S HER !

  14. It just doesn’t make any type of sense. Elissa has been dead set against Amanda. Elissa went in the DR and comes out wanting to keep Amanda? And she’s going to give up her wedding ring to that nasty human? Something is fishy and it’s not Amand’as panties this time…

    • That seems more likely to me. Production knows that this is the part of the week that is the most boring, so they need to keep people interested. I don’t think production tells people directly what to do, its the way they pose the questions that can influence the game. If they asked Elissa, “Do you trust Judd?”, that doesn’t make her question his loyalty. If they ask her “Are you sure you can trust Judd?”, that might make her doubt his loyalty. Context of a question or statement can change everything.

    • I don’t think so. Elissa is really sticking her neck out for CBS’s ratings. With this move she has assured that the entire house will be gunning for her. Elissa said last night she would be happy to make it to the final 3 and that she does not think she could win the jury votes to win the game. I think she was sincere. In her mind, Saving Amanda may help her get to the final 3.

    • Yes I agree or it’s a secret plan to make Amanda calm down so the house can breathe a little until she’s evicted. lol.

  15. It’s happened before with Jeff&russell so it’s not a unheard of move.i swear some of you people are so lame.

  16. I’m not completely sold on the idea that this season was rigged for Amanda to win, but if she somehow manages to stay on Thursday, it will be pretty damning.

    I remember they did something similar on Rachel’s season when they blindsided Danielle and got her on the block. Everyone was set to vote her out and then Shelly was called into the Diary Room and afterwards she was all about saving Danielle when, previously, she had no reason or desire to do that. I think this is a similar situation. Production saw the writing on the wall and knew it was going to be a very boring rest of the week if they didn’t stir the pot themselves so they pulled Elissa into the DR, offered her something (probably money) to try and save Amanda. This way it keeps things interesting and keep people guessing all the way until Thursday (not to mention watching and subscribing to the Feeds).

    I still hope that Amanda goes on Thursday and the numbers SHOULD be there (especially since it sounds like Andy finally picked a side). But if Amanda manages to stay, there’s no doubt in my mind it’s because Production screwed with the show to ensure it works out.

  17. Andy should go with the McCranda and Elissa alliance if he was smart, because he is the smallest target of the 4 but I’m not sure thats the case with the exterminators alliance. He needs to think about that. His best chance of actually winning the game would be with them even if that wouldnt be the popular choice on here.

    • Andy is so afraid to make a move against anyone in the house. If Elissa never wanted to keep Amanda, I wouldn’t be shocked if Andy still forced a tie. But maybe if he kept Amanda, she would show him where she put his and McCrae’s nuts. She’s been holding them since the beginning of the game.

  18. Calm down people. If production is behind this then why not get Andy in on it too? I think Elissa realized she is going home right after Amanda so she is trying a desperate move to stay.

    Let’s face it, Andy and Spencer have been talking all week about sending her home next. She is not in that alliance so why should she help them get herself out? Elissa is in a no win situation. This move is at least a small fight to save herself for another week. he problem for Elissa is this is a double eviction week. So she will not have time to convince McCrae that she did vote to save Amanda and Andy double crossed her.

    Andy better how Elissa does not win the second HOH, because if she does, he will go up with Spencer and could go home next. Elissa will align with McCrae and both of them will have Andy as their primary target.

    • I don’t think it’s a matter of Production trying to get someone out of the house or to save someone. I DO think it’s a matter of Production trying to turn an extremely boring week into one that is somewhat exciting even if it means forcing house guests to act in ways that they normally wouldn’t. Even with the double eviction Thursday, they need footage and if Amanda had just rolled over and died, they would have nothing.

    • Like your last line. They have already talked about getting together since they are not in an alliance. Read my blog first one on here.

  19. Wow Elissa’s actually using her brain for once.

    Once Amanda goes home, Elissa immediately becomes the biggest target in the house. Elissa has no allies. and no one to protect her. She would be everyone’s except maybe Judd’s target next week.

    Why wouldn’t Elissa want to save the only person left in the house that is keeping the target off of her own back?

    You can hate the move all you want because you dislike Amanda, but in all honesty it’s Elissa’s best move if she can get Amanda and McCrae’s loyalty for the rest of the game. Voting out Spencer does nothing for her game. Making a deal that saves Amanda nets her at least 2 allies and possibly Andy as well if he is on board.

    • If she can get Amanda and McCrae’s loyalty, like Aaryn earned their loyalty by getting out Helen and Judd? That’s why its a bad move. Andy will still be the number 3 in that alliance.

      • She would have Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and herself fighting for HOH this week.

        If she doesn’t make the move she’d be alone in her fight for HOH and the biggest target in the house.

        This is a game about numbers, and right now she doesn’t have them. If she makes the move she has them on her side again.

        Aaryn’s problem was she was hated by Elissa. Amanda and McCrae were the bigger targets, and Elissa made a bad move by not putting up the couple. Elissa’s HOH was a personal one, and not a game one, and she realized it too late.

      • Elissa is just trying to figure a way to say another week. Since she has no one she is aligned with she cannot plan for two or three weeks out.

        My only question for Elissa is Helen told you not to trust Andy. Aaryn told you not to trust Andy. Amanda told you Andy was working with her all along. So why does Elissa trust Andy?

        I wonder if Judd will talk to Elissa about this plan thereby outing Andy to Elissa. Then Elissa tells Amanda that Judd knows so Andy must have told the others. That would make for a fun week.

      • I think that Elissa might talk to Judd about the plan first. And as you pointed out, the stupidest part of Elissa’s plan is relying on Andy.

    • I agree she cannot trust the others to save her. It is clear from their conversations that she is their next target after Amanda. McCrae would be gunning for her too. But this only works if she can prove to Amanda that she will vote to save her and that if Amanda is evicted it is because of Andy.

      This is a double eviction and while the guests do not know that yet, it works against Elissa. Right after Amanda is evicted, Andy will go up to McCrae and swear he voted to save Amanda and Elissa was the one to double cross them. With so little time before the HOH comp, Elissa will have no chance to convince McCrae it was not her. McCrae is going to believe Andy because for some reason everyone always believes Andy. If Elissa wins HOH or POV then Andy is in trouble. McCrae will be the next to go and he will know then that it was Andy and not Elissa that double crossed him. Andy may be getting ahead in the game, but he is not making any friends in the jury house.

  20. Also if Andy actually believes he’ll be able to keep himself together and blame Elissa for the vote against Amanda, he’s truly kidding himself. He breaks down and cries like a little baby at every eviction. He also can’t keep a single secret to himself, and he’s a total blabbermouth.

    If he thinks that he’ll be able to keep his composure and pull off this move, he has 0 self-awareness. I truly expect him to cave and save Amanda this week.

    • He only has to keep his composure for less than an hour before the next person is evicted. And after that they game is only at 5 people and will be every person for themselves at that point.

      • That could work for him. He could tell McCrae he was crying because he was sure Amanda was staying.

      • That’s the key. If this was not a double eviction week, Andy’s plan would not work. Given time, I think Elissa could convince McCrae it wasn’t her that double crossed Amanda. But being that this will happen quickly, I am pretty sure McCrae will believe it is Elissa that sold Amanda out.

        The only thing that may help Elissa is that she is a terrible liar and Amanda knows it. Elissa cannot keep a straight face when she lies so Amanda will realize Elissa is being honest when Elissa tells her she did vote to save her and that Andy must have double crossed them both.

      • Its because they still have no reason to distrust Andy. He hasn’t done anything against them yet, this would be the first move against his 2am alliance. I think Amanda wouldn’t be able to process the double cross before she leaves.

      • It would not surprise me to hear Amanda and McCrae talking at some point this week that if Amanda goes home on a 2-2 vote with GM casting the tie-breaker, that it is Andy who is the rat. Amanda is smart enough to know that Elissa has stuck her neck out pretty far already. One other thing. The house knows once Elissa has made up her mind to do something, you cannot talk her out of it. Between now and Thursday, I think Amanda is going to become suspicious of Andy.

      • Elissa made up her mind that she wanted Amanda out right after GM won HOH. Everyone else was hoping to vote out McCrae. Last week, Elissa wanted Aaryn out until Amanda got aggressive after nominations and then switched to targeting Amanda. Elissa changes her mind quite a lot.

      • That’s a valid point, but last night Judd, GM, Andy and Spencer were talking in the back yard how when Elissa makes up her mind to do something she cannot be convinced otherwise. Its who the house guests think. What we think is irrelevant to the house guests.

      • I’m just pointing out that in the last two weeks, Elissa has changed her target mid week.
        I also think that the bashing sessions just exist so everyone bashing Elissa now feels like she is the target next week instead of one of them.

      • i agree with this. elissa has no reason to lie. everyone knows she has no allies.

        andy is working both sides of the house…and both sides think they’re on his side.

        it’s not hard to see who the true liar is.

      • For us watching, but for them, they don’t know Andy is working with the other side. He has been using the excuse of gathering information the whole game. He could still claim he doing that.

  21. Elissa has to know that Andy will go to everyone and tell them. He’s becoming a more open book to the house everyday. Amanda must leave the house this week, no matter what.

  22. I think Andy’s likely move (if Elissa is truly on board) is to vote to save Amanda. In the next HOH, he would have himself, McCrae, Amanda, and Elissa all on his side if he saved Amanda.

    If he doesn’t vote with them, and Amanda is evicted, it would just be himself, Judd, and Spencer (who has proven he can’t possibly win anything) fighting for HOH. GM can’t play.

    Andy has stayed with the stronger side of the house the entire game. I don’t think he is going to switch to the weaker side now.

      • elissa has no reason to lie. everyone knows she has no allies.

        andy is working both sides of the house…and both sides think they’re on his side.

        it’s not hard to see who the true liar is. andy is an idiot if he thinks it will work

      • It is not easy to see who the true liar is. If that were true Andy would have been discovered already. Everyone believes Andy. They do not like Elissa. So when Amanda is evicted by GM, the assumption is going to be that Elissa was the double crosser just because McCrae and Amanda do not like her. Remember, Amanda doesn’t see Andy’s treachery like we do. She still thinks he is absolutely loyal to her.

      • I don’t think she needs to change her vote. That’s what Andy wants to happen. If Amanda gets evicted, that means Andy didn’t go with the plan and was lying the whole time…I still think she should get Judd involve here.

      • Yes, but if the vote is 2 – 2 with McCrae and Elissa voting out Spencer, Andy is going to claim it was he who voted out Spencer and Elissa who voted out Amanda. He is going to tell them that Elissa was lying to them. I believe, because Elissa and Amanda have fought the way they did, that McCrae will believe Andy. After all he has been loyal to them all this time and they just saved him last week. Will it work? I think it will at least long enough to get through the second eviction Thursday night. Once Elissa is evicted, there is no one in the house to tell McCrae that Andy was the double crosser.

        Don;t ask me why everyone believes Andy but they do.

      • I think Judd hates McCrea now. Judd had a dumb plan to try to convince McCrea to use the veto to save Amanda and for McCrea to remain on the block…….right Judd. Judd would be an idiot to work with McCranda again.

    • I would agree with that, except Andy seems really bothered being viewed as McCranda’s lap dog. I think he wants to vote them out more to prove he isn’t just a sidekick in the game, but someone who makes big moves.

  23. OMG please NO!! I wonder what Allison offered Elissa to come up with this “plan”? I thought the whole fixed games thing was bunk but now I’m not so sure!!

      • That’s only true if the plan is to save Amanda. If the plan is to prevent one of the most boring weeks of the season, all AG needed to do was offer Elissa some cash to stir up the pot a bit. Voila, AG now has some footage that can be used on Thursday night that doesn’t consist of everyone sleeping.

  24. On the other hand, maybe this is just about making Amanda feel like she has a chance of staying so Elissa can stick the knife in a little deeper when she is evicted.

    • The only problem with this theory is that Ellisa is the worst liar ever and I don’t think she could pull it off

  25. This is a game!!! The object is to win!!!!! A smart player would take a mean, hated by most houseguests person to the end. It assures without a doubt they could be the winner. By keeping Amanda, she could do the dirty work for Elissa so she can keep her hands clean for jury votes. Her and Helen kept aaryn for just that reason but aaryn is a good competitor as well. Amanda is not. If Amanda was to make it to the final 3 I guarantee she will be taken to the final 2. With Amanda leaving Elissa has seen it really isn’t best for her game. The other floaters have a chance of getting votes at the end if the game if Elissa gets that far. They are already talking about getting Elissa out. She keeps Amanda and it gives her the numbers of people to keep her safe. As much as we all hate would be a great game move.

    • Well, Elissa was talking about how she could not beat anyone with jury votes so maybe she thinks Amanda is the only person everyone hates more than her? The problem with this plan is she needs to get to the final two for this plan to work. And siding with Amanda against the house is not going to help her with that. She would have been better forging a strong alliance with GM and Judd.

  26. elissa are you serious wake up and smelll t likes you inhe coffee nobody the house except for maybe judd why in the world would you do a final 4 with amanda if appens amanda and macrae will most likely bthis he in the final 2

    • She is trying to save herself another week. At this point, waking up will not work. Andy outed her plan to the Exterminators so now her only hope its to convince McCrae she is being real when she says she wants to vote out Spencer.

      • Well, if Elissa gets McCrea on her side, then that is a win for Elissa. Before Elissa’s idea to flip, she was playing the game alone. Elissa had to win HOH or veto or be evicted. I, at least, give her credit for trying.

      • Me too. She was in a no win situation. As undesirable as this move is, it really is the only move she has and I still think it has a slim chance of working this week.

      • (too funny Prince, you just finished saying earlier that you don’t see this being a good move for Elissa didn’t you?)

      • Agreed. I don’t know if she’s truly this wise of a strategist (past patterns indicate not), but it is a good strategy none the less. I’m not a fan of Elissa as I see her being quite a mean spirited person, but I give her credit for stumbling upon a great strategy that might take her to a final 4 situation.

    • I think it would be pointless now for Elissa to vote to save Amanda if GM ends up sending her home. She needs to get Judd and GM to forge a final 3 alliance now more than ever to ensure her a spot in the last 2 weeks and help her survive the double eviction.

      • Oh I think there is some wisdom to be found here (not that I think it’s the source of what Elissa is thinking, but if so, I’m amazed). Think about it this way: Amanda goes to jury regardless, and most likely so does Elissa next week. IF (and that’s a big IF) Elissa doesn’t go to jury, would she want Amanda in the house voting for her as a potential winner or not? If however Amanda is saved by this plan. Then Andy is ratted out (and the new hated person), and it’s GM/Judd on one side, with Amanda/McCrae on the other side. And who does that leave in the middle being the new ”king maker”? None other than Elissa herself.

      • Unless, GM/Judd and McCranda make a deal to keep all four of them safe. That would give each of them better odds of staying if any of them win HOH. At this point in the game the deck will be reshuffled numerous times before we get final 2.

      • Well now hold on. That’s only IF (and that’s a REALLY unlikely IF) you can get 4 people who don’t like each other to agree upon something, rather than 3 people agreeing that the other two should be booted out). There’s a lot of power in being the ”5th person” who is in between two sets of two. If the four of GM/Judd/McC/Amanda were in a long-standing alliance, then of course it would be rediculous for Elissa to go ahead with this plan because it wouldn’t even be applicable (their alliance would already be voting to keep Amanda in that case)…

      • I’ve watched a lot of BB and Survivor and that swing vote is just as likely to get voted out as anyone. It isn’t far fetched to think if Judd won HOH, McCranda would ditch Elissa in a heartbeat for final 4 deal with GM and Judd. And you are discussing the small chance that people who don’t like each other working together, you mean like Amanda and Elissa working together.

      • lol (not like the rest of us who are watching for the very first time)… I’m teasing of course – I’m right there with you in being old enough to have watched almost every season of Survivor, BB (and even some other shows of quasi-trash tv variety). ;) From my perspective and observation I’d much rather trust my abilities as a 5th person in between two alliances, than worry about 2 opposing groups coming together to work on beating me. That seems the more consistent pattern in what I see from day 1 on most ”vote ’em out” reality shows…. Now in fairness, I agree that this is ONLY in the extremely unlikeliness that Amanda survives this week. I can’t see the motivation for Andy and/or GM to flip their decisions.

      • I actually think it is in Andy’s best interest to stay loyal to McCranda. He has the potential to beat them in final 4 or final 3 and he would continue to be on the side of the majority. Then he has put a huge target on GM and Judd and knows that Amanda will turn on Elissa eventually.

      • I don’t see how Elissa comes out of this in good shape. The best outcome is that McCrae believes her that Andy was the rat. Then it would be her and McCrae against the rest of the house – unless McCrae can convince the rest of the house about Andy being a rat. But right now he is their rat so they will support him. I think there is a good chance McCrae wins the HOH for the second eviction Thursday. I just have a gut feeling. If he does and he believes Elissa, then Andy and Spencer are in trouble and Elissa is safe.

        If Elissa wins HOH, she puts up Andy and Spencer too which convinces McCrae that Elissa was with them as she indicated and that Andy was the rat.

        But if McCrae believes Andy, Elissa has no allies in the house and will be evicted 2nd unless she wins HOH or POV. If she survives this week, then she will have time to talk to McCrae and convince him of Andy being the rat. But I think Elissa coming out of this week still in the game is a very small possibility.

      • You need to recount who’s left in a ”best case” scenario for Elissa my friend. It would be Spencer gone, and Amanda/McCrae on one side, Andy being the hated person, and GM/Judd on the other side. Who’s in a position of power then? The 3rd vote (depending on who wins HoH of course)

      • Best case scenario would mean that either Andy kept Amanda. Or Judd kept Amanda. Or GM broke the tie and kept Amanda. I don’t see any of those except Andy keeping Amanda, and then he would only be hated by Judd and GM.

      • Oh like I said many times, it’s unlikely to happen, but if it does, it might work out very very well for Elissa who would have Andy on the ropes (even if he was the one who saved Amanda).

      • If Andy saves Amanda, why would he not be the 3rd person in the alliance with McCranda? Elissa would be 4th and the first to go.

        I just think Andy does not need McCranda anymore and he is thinking about the final 4 at this point. If Andy changes his mind, I would be shocked.

      • Me too. But as you rightly pointed out earlier, this is Elissa’s best chance at doing better than being target #1 next week by BOTH sides of the house.

      • So the question is, how did Elissa figure this out? Did production tell her? Did she overhear someone’s conversation? Or did she figure this out from all of what she has heard and seen with her own eyes? If its the latter, my respect for her power of observation will increase again. She seems to have a better grasp of where the house stands than anyone, including Amanda who is clueless.

      • lol. I’m not much into conspiracy theories, but you’re quite right to ask ”Where has this brilliant insight come from all of a sudden?” :)

      • I think Andy was really bothered at being seen as a puppet for Amanda and McCrae. He wants to break away from them, because that will somehow make his gameplay more legit and worthy of winning this joke of a season.

      • He wants Judd out already so I am not sure that is a factor and GM can;t compete for HOH. But Andy seems determined to go with the Exterminators this week.

      • I do not agree with your scenerio for the following reason. I think Andy and Judd should only worry that the other is their final two partner I think either of them beat any of the others in the jury. So Andy should want to get rid of Judd and the reverse for Judd. The other house guest would be better served to want Amanda as a final two partner.

      • The only way Amanda stays is if Andy does in fact go with the plan. But he outed the plan to the Exterminators so I think the chances of that are even slimmer than the chances of McCrae believing Elissa didn’t double cross them. I think the chances are 99.5% that Amanda goes home this week.

      • You are assuming Amanda and McCrae will ditch Andy. Why would they when 3AM or 2AM will be intact and back in business? They will just pick off Elissa, Judd and Gina Marie one by one and they are in the Final 3! Remember too that Amanda and McCrea picked Andy over Aaryn although, she did their dirty work for them and also loyal to them! That tells you how tight Andy is with McCrea and Amanda! Keeping the 2AM alliance intact is a dumbass play!

      • Again (as I’ve said many a time previous) the chances of this plan working are slim to none at best but IF it works, it’s still better off than where she’s at right now.

  27. I will be disappointed if GM makes final 2. She has never been a real target in the game, but should be considered a huge threat. She can win comps. She is under the radar. And, will have Helen, Aaryn and possibly Jessie’s votes if in final 2 with anyone except Elissa. Once Andy is exposed to Macranda, they won’t vote for him in Final 2, and he’s stabbed Helen and Aaryn in the back. Spencer won’t beat anyone in final 2. If Elissa final 2, she has a chance of winning if she can win over Mccranda this week. Judds chances are slim unless he’s final 2 with Spencer.

  28. I am so sick of Amanda and her whining. She has a savior complex thinking that if it wasn’t for her no one would be left in this game cause she is the only one who has fought for anyone. When in all actuality she has fought WITH everyone and been a bully and it is time for her to GO!! The worse thing MCrae has done is align himself with her cause now he has that target on his back. He hasn’t gotten the chance to really be himself and play his own game because she played it for him. And her lies that she is feeding to everyone. I just wish she knew how much other houseguest disliked her and wanted her out. Then maybe she would crawl in bed in the fetal position and not show her face until her elimination. Buh bye DeMANda!

  29. Here is what I don’t get about Elissa’s plan. She had a conversation with Andy last night, right after Amanda first spoke with her. Elissa told Andy what Amanda said and she and Andy both said there is no way they would vote to save Amanda. She told Spencer there is no way she would vote against him and she told GM about Amanda approaching her too.

    So why the change? What made her decide to support Amanda knowing Andy is not going to vote to save Amanda?

    Elissa must have heard something from someone or this plan is a hoax of some sort. Whatever her reasoning, she has made herself the target of the entire house now. She will be going home with Amanda Thursday night.

      • But if that was the case then they would need Andy or GM too. Otherwise all this does is put Elissa in the cross hairs of everyone in the house.

      • And then Andy will just tell McCrae the votes weren’t there to save Amanda and McCrae will believe him.

      • well I don’t know I guess will see on eviction night but at this point I am so sick of Andy I want to throw something at the tv every time he speaks or whine

      • She got so pissed at him last night on BBAD. She was mad he isn’t fighting to keep her, but forming new alliances and relationships for after she’s gone. She cried about it most of the episode. And I agree, he seemed to be over it.

      • That’s what I’ve been saying all along. Elissa doesn’t need to keep Amanda to expose Andy. 4 to 1 will definitely out Andy to McCrae.

      • Elissa should just vote out Amanda and tell them Andy the rat is lying! They know he is a liar anyways. No harm in pinning it all on Andy even if true! Always lie because they do not trust Andy so, it is plausible that he made it up!

    • Elissa was the target of the ENTIRE house BEFORE she came up with this plan. I’m not sure the plan will work, but there is no outcome (for Elissa) that is worse than than situation she finds herself in now.

      Before the plan – Elissa needs to win HOH or POV to stay safe. If the plan blows up, Elissa needs HOH or POV to stay safe.

      After the plan (if it doesn’t work) she MAY gain an ally in McCrae.

      This is a low risk, high reward strategy for Elissa.

      People, stop hating on Amanda (difficult, I know) and think like someone who is trying to win the GAME.

  30. In the history of BB there has never been a bigger slider than Andy. He doesn’t try to win anything – he is a disgusting player. I hope he doesn’t get much further in the game and as much as I’m sick and tired of Amanda – at least she is playing the game.

  31. Maybe, just maybe (who really knows what is in Elissa’s head) she is wanting to see the look on Amanda’s face when she realizes Elissa lied and it’s 4-1 vote to evict her. Saying “GOTCHA”. However Elissa has never been able to keep a secret. She ruined numerous plans of Helen by blabbing.

    • Which is why I’m a wee bit confused by this plan to be honest. Unless she sees the idea of pitting GM/Judd against McCrae/Amanda (with her being the crucial king-maker), I don’t know why she’d want to do this. And like you mentioned, Elissa (like most of this year’s cast) can’t seem to keep themselves quiet long enough for a plan to last more than 2hrs before it’s blabbed to the whole house. The only exception came from the least likely source (GM!) who managed to keep Amanda in the dark about the nominations… best episode of the season! ;)

    • ahhhh NOOOO Helen ruined her own plans by blabbing. Helen” Don’t tell anyone”….Helen (5 minutes later) ” Heres the plan but u can’t tell anyone”. DUH???

      • Pretty much describes the whole cast of this year, minus Howard who did the opposite (should’ve been open and honest about his plans before it was too late).

    • Spencer and Andy were already scheming to get Elissa out right after Amanda. So is McCrae. GM can’t compete for HOH so only Judd is a possible ally with Elissa and he is with the exterminators so if he wins HOH, he does what they want and he goes after Elissa too.

      Elissa’s only option is to align with McCrae and possibly Amanda is she really stays – which I doubt. What Elissa is not counting on is Andy double crossing her and blaming her for Amanda’s eviction. If Elissa can convince Amanda and McCrae that it is Andy who double crossed them all, then she has a better chance with this deal than she does by doing nothing.

      • She has no chance with this deal. Andy is closer to McCranda than anyone else. Amanda might doubt Andy, but McCrae seems to trust him with his life. And that’s all that will matter as Amanda will be gone and Andy will convince McCrae he voted to keep Amanda and the Exterminators will back him up, because it keeps them safe from McCrae. It sucks that everyone is just about being safe instead of being in control.

      • I agree, but my point was that she is the next target either way. At least this ploy gives her a chance, slim though it may be, to align with someone. McCrae will find out about Andy soon because if ANdy wins HOH he will put MCCrae and Elissa on the block.

      • Let me correct that. Andy will not put McCrae on the block. He will put up one of the exterminators. McCrae would be the replacement in case Elissa wins POV.

      • You should correct that again. Andy won’t try to win HOH, because that would mean he have to make a bold move. And I’m starting to think that Andy is allergic to making any bold moves, at least on his own.

      • Exactly. I think Andy is trying not to burn any bridges and he is vying for jury votes. Andy has double crossed everyone in the jury house, but he was friends with each of them, also.

      • Are you sure about that? She knew Aaryn, Andy, and McCranda were working together. She may not know they are “the Exterminators” but she could sense they are working together.

      • Oh, I bet she does. After she came out of the DR late last night, she was all fired up. She went directly to Amanda and told her she wanted to work with her. Prior to that, she was determined to evict Amanda.

  32. At this point, I’m at: as long as Andy or Spencer doesn’t win then I’m good with whatever. Amanda is close behind them two, but that’s my order. Never thought I’d say that.

  33. Okay I want Amanda gone just as much as everyone else. But the feeds have been so boring the last couple of days.Think of the drama. LOVE IT! And also getting that boring pig Spencer out. All Spencer does is make disgusting sexual comments like again last night telling Judd I hope you have sex with Jessie and Aaryn at the same time. Only he used more explicit wording. I can’t stand the sight of him. What has he done except eat, sleep and make disgusting remarks. BORING and wasting space. And with it being DE they can get Amanda out 2nd. I want Spencer gone NOW! Can you see Spencer, Andy, GM and Judd final 4. I’ll cancel my feeds because it sure will be boring. And Andy saying he will blame the vote on Elissa saying she voted Amanda out. That “Rat” needs to go too.

    • Spencer is a disgusting, vile human being. He is just a pervert. He should be called to DE and told this is not acceptable conversation.

      • He is not at work, he is on National TV playing a game for $500,000.00. At work he would not talk like that within earshot of his boss/supervisor (I would hope not).

      • not even a “I’m Cam, I like (something wrong)” sort of banter? Because that’s what it was… If you’re this sensitive, then your fraternity is probably super lame.

      • Gellie I’m not a fan of everyone ganging up on you here, but I really do think you might need to re-examine those you hang with if you feel this is ”normal or healthy” behaviour for men. I wouldn’t trust my daughter to be alone with somebody who found humour (even if it’s not intending harm) with child porn.

      • Oh I know reality… moreso referring to some of the others who have demonstrated the ”Let’s jump on this guy while he’s down!” I agree with them, but we need to be careful we don’t turn this into a mob site.

      • Gellie, my apology if you felt ganged upon. It was not my intent. I was only disagreeing with your comment.

      • Wow are you related to him? So it’s ok that he says when a girl says no she means yes. It’s ok to say he likes to J***off to child porno? You’re as sick as him if you approve of this behavior.

      • But that stuff was proven false. Remember? The police searched his computer… You guys will latch on to anything… Also, i think i should add, turns out I’m related to Gina Marie, Aaryn, Amanda and now spencer! Cool!

      • Very true Philly – regardless of whether he ”meant” it or not, it was in poor taste and shouldn’t be tolerated. To put it in another perspective, would anyone want their daughter to be alone in a room with Spencer? I wouldn’t because there’s too many fears of what’s really going on in this guy’s mind…. Having said that. Philly, you speak highly of Elissa who constantly talked to thers in a demeaning manner, spoke highly of her own wealth, and dumped all over Amanda’s self-esteem early in the game (before we saw who Amanda really was). Should we tolerate that because that’s the person you like in this game? I’m hoping you will step back and realize that elitism, as well as jokes about child porn is unacceptable. Most of the cast this year have demonstrated really poor levels of communication and education.

      • I think you’re referring to the criminal investigation as to whether SPencer has made and/or distributed child porn (and yes they found THOSE accusations or suspicions to be false). But we all saw live on the feeds how he joked about sexually assaulting Jessie and also how he gets enjoyment from child porn… There is a behavioural pattern here that is troubling and I hope he will address it when he leaves the house.

      • Well actually, when he said the child porn thing, he was mocking Mcrae. You know, banter. “I’m Mcrae, i like child porn”. You took it out of context. Also, it wasnt a sexual assault, it was “Jessie is hott. I would do her” sort of thing. And Jessie’s a babe… So he aint lying…
        You guys mistook friendly guy talk with criminal intentions. You guys are kinda funny, actually.

      • Gellie,
        He was in the HOH room with a few others and they all were talking about tying Jessie up, knocking her teeth out and making it hard for her to fight back. This is talking about rape and as such should not be spoken about and accepted as just talk guys do. Talk of rape and kiddie porn is unacceptable. It is nothing to joke about. Those are heinous crimes that leave horrible emotional, mental and at times physical scares on the victims. It’s appalling to think that there are people out there who think those are subjects ok to “joke” about.

      • No one’s going to rape anyone. It was a joke in bad taste. Also, condemning Spencer based on something Amanda said isnt cool.

      • because he wasnt talking about himself. He was mocking Mcrae. What dont you understanda about that? no one in there watches child porn.

      • Ok one more time and if you don’t get it by now then maybe you never will. I don’t care if he was mocking McCrae or if he was joking or if he doesn’t watch child porn. It’s the fact that he even said that. The fact that those words even came out of his mouth.

    • I’m totally with you. I have no problem with the story line. I think it’s good. Obviously Production knows that a Pig and a Rat doesn’t belong in the house.

    • Don’t get me wrong Lavendar (or Philly) I’m like you guys, I want to be entertained also, but at what cost? I don’t think my entertainment should coincide with rewarding racist, sexist, elitist or homophobic behaviour on the show. I know people may not ”like” Judd or McCrae (and yes they HAVE been silently complicit in all of the above hate crimes), but they seem to be the best of the worst that’s left. Wouldn’t you agree?

      • I love Judd. I would like final 2 to be Elissa and Judd. But I think to get to the end it would be smart to take Spencer and Andy out then Amanda. Spencer and Andy are after Elissa and Judd.

  34. It has been leaked that CBS wants you to think the “favored” houseguest is Elissa. It is AMANDA. If Amanda stays it goes to show this is correct and there will be MANY people NOT WATCHING Big Brother anymore!!

    • CBS wants the ratings/ trending boosts. They could care less who wins. When Amanda and Elissa go, it will be boring.

  35. When you are down to 6 people after this week’s eviction, this high wire act by Elissa is like flying on the trapeze without a net below! Now, is not the time to make any dumb moves but, Elissa seemed to have chosen a perfect time to screw her game! Sure, she is alone, she should have made deals with Spencer, Judd and McCrae. Of course, no one can be trusted but, she could have sold it by saying if you win HOH, you will not put them up. Threaten them that if they put you up and you win POV—-you will go after them! None of them will be stupid except maybe, for Andy the rat or Judd to try it. If they do, then do the best to win POV and go after them the next week if she wins HOH! The best competitors for HOH and POV left in the house is Gina Marie, Elissa and Judd. I think Gina Marie and Elissa probably can take the guys competing for HOH and POV so that, is probably Elissa’s best shot at winning! And it is not impossible. Rachel won HOH and POV during the last weeks when she needed it! Kim Spradlin of Survivor 24 won 4 immunity challenges in a row! Use the threat of putting people on the block with actually winning HOH and POV! If Amanda who has not won a single HOH or POV can do it, what much more of Elissa who is capable of actually winning HOH and POV!

    • I don;t think Elissa is worried about Amanda. I think she sees McCrae as a good ally to have in the game for the next few weeks. Do you think its possible that Elissa has sniffed out the Exterminators like she sniffed out the 3am alliance? After all, Spencer volunteered to go up on the block so even Elissa can figure out he must feel he is pretty safe even without her vote. If Elissa did not make a move like this she would be forced to trust Andy and Spencer. Would you trust Andy and Spencer?

      • Personally, if I were the one playing, I would have struck a safety deal with Spencer and reiterated my deals with Judd and Gina Marie. I would keep it simple. We trade safety if one of us wins, we keep each other safe! If they put me up, the deal is off and I would then, go after them the next week! It is a win-win if you can make the other parties live up to their parts. Remember Amanda has not won HOH nor POV yet, can threaten other house guests. What more of Elissa who has won HOH and a couple of POVs? So, do they risk Elissa winning the next HOH and them on the chopping block or gladly accept the deal knowing that if they cross Elissa—-there would be hell to pay? That is how Elissa should do it and frame it! Show them it is in their interest to cooperate with you!

  36. haha!! Where are all the Elissa apologists now???

    This girl is a dope if she seriously wants to keep Amanda.

    • That is a dumb move and I will not defend it. Elissa should have tried a different tack like strike an agreement with Spencer, reiterated deals with Judd and Gina Marie for safety. I keep you safe and you keep me safe depending on who wins HOH! If you betray me and I get off by POV, I will go after you the following week! In addition, you will not get my jury vote even if you evict me! On the other hand, be loyal and even if I get evicted down the line, you have one sure jury vote if you make Final 2! That is the kind of deal Elissa should be making! One that is hard to turn down and a win-win for everyone!

  37. It’s just too much of a coincidence that every time Elissa comes out of DR, this kind of sh*t happens. If this is true, why stop now? I expect Elissa to win the next HOH, and finally take the Rat that’s actually ruining everybody’s game out of the house. I’m hopping that this is the story line they want to proceed….this is one of the scenario that makes more sense to me.

    • Also, don’t forget that Elissa could have some kind of special power tucked away, as well. Remember when the feeds went to fish for about an hour during her HOH. That hasn’t been explained yet.

      • I hope so. Andy made me so mad last night I don’t remember any season that Production will allow for this kind of player to succeed. I’m 100% sure that Andy’s hate meter has gone way up.

  38. Still rooting for an Amanda eviction. That is the best possible outcome for Elissa, Gina Marie and Judd if they are using their heads! I could care less about Andy, McCrae and Spencer who can all go one after another! Go Elissa win HOH next! Then, put up McCrea and Andy with the goal of evicting Andy! Without Andy, the rest are going to have to use their heads to win!

    • So you want Andy to kill himself? Cause remember, he will slit his throat if Elissa evicts him.

      • As long as he does it on national TV is fine with me! When, he is ready to do it—-I will get my popcorn and beer! This would be swell!

      • I don’t think you are alone on that. I would probably go with a nice vodka and soda to celebrate.

      • Don’t be so over-sensitive. Its a joke. Would you like me to include some sort of sex act or the c word to make you understand it, since you understand Spencer so well?

      • I think that she/he is the kind of person that no matter what we say she/he will find something wrong with it

      • Funny thing is, half the stuff said in the house was a joke too. Why is it OK for you to joke, but they cant?

      • You look like you have the word hypocritical tatooed on your forehead! Hypocritical for what? Andy saying he will kill himself? Exactly, what did we say that is hypocritical? Obviously, Andy will not do it so, whatever we say even in jest is not even an issue! LOL

      • Amanda takes it one level more and it is personal. You have to be blind not to see that! One can poke fun at friends and I do it myself without any malice. However, Amanda saying she wanted to slit someone’s throat is no joke! You have to be dense to not know when someone is serious or just joking! The facial expressions will tell you. At a minimum, Amanda has anger management issues and a lot of times, she instigates things then, is pissed if people react to her negatively! If Amanda did this outside the Big Brother House, someone would have probably hurt her and pretty badly too!

    • If things go as expected and Elissa votes to save Amanda while Andy votes to evict her, then Elissa will be putting Andy and Spencer on the block if she wins HOH. McCrae will be her ally if this happens.

      • If Amanda stays, the 3AM or 2AM Alliance will be back in business at full strength! Why do you think Amanda and McCrea will trust Elissa over Andy when Andy has been 100% loyal to them in his votes? Any deal Elissa gets will be worthless and she would be the target of everyone in the Big Brother House including that of McCrea, Andy and Amanda! The better deal is for Elissa to have struck safety deals with Spencer and reiterated agreements with Judd and Gina Marie, with a warning that if they betray her and she wins POV—-she will come after them the following week! Nothing like a little threat to make your points come across! If Amanda who has not won anything can threaten people, how much more with Elissa who has won HOH and POVs! She should be doing that instead of this high risk/low reward deals with Amanda and McCrea which is just destroying Elissa’s game!

      • First, I do not think Amanda is going to stay. My point was if the vote goes as expected and Amanda goes home McCrae and Elissa could wind up together..

        If Amanda stays, yes. Amanda may protect Elissa for 1 week while she goes after Spencer, Judd and GM. But Elissa will never be as close to them as Andy. I made that point in an earlier post today.

        Honestly, I don;t think Elissa thinks Amanda is staying. I think Elissa’s goal is to earn an alliance with McCrae because she sees that she is not really aligned with the others.

  39. wow Elissa trying to save Elissa? Never saw this coming, where’s GinaMarie’s head in all this?

  40. People are actually using their heads for once in the house. It is in Elissa and Andy’s best interest to vote out Spencer and stay with Amanda and McCrae. That’s where the numbers are at least for next week.

    If Spencer goes home the numbers for the next HOH competition would be:

    Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Elissa vs Judd and Spencer (GM can’t play)

    or if Amanda goes home it would be:

    Elissa vs McCrae vs Andy, Judd, and Spencer

    The numbers are clearly better for Elissa if the plan works, and slightly better for Andy.

    Andy and Elissa can also make a final 2 deal to put them on an even field with McCranda if they want to. I think that’s probably the only thing keeping Andy from making the move…the fact that Andy doesn’t want to be McCranda’s 3rd wheel, but if there’s a 2 vs 2 element to the alliance, then it works out for all.

    • Andy is not in jeopardy, either way. Andy isn’t on anybody’s radar and I can not figure out why. It is in Andy’s best interest to get rid of McCranda. Andy will always be the third wheel in that alliance. However, I believe, that Andy and Spencer have a very strong alliance and Andy knows it is probably best for him to go to the final 3 with Spencer. Two floaters in the finals. I guess the jurors will have to decide who brought the best life vest.

    • As of last night, Andy is keeping Spencer. Andy’s plan is to frame Elissa, and if he succeeds, she wont even have McCrae. She will be ALONE.

    • The best outcome for Elissa, and its not a very bright one, is that McCrae sees through Andy’s lies and goes after him instead of Elissa.

  41. I agree, if Elissa and Andy keep Amanda, I will stop watching. They finally have her on the ropes, now kick her out. Do you really want to another couple weeks with her? She will be worse than ever if she stays in the house. VOTE HER OUT!

  42. I stopped watching the show weeks ago. I get more entertainment reading what everyone else has to say. If it is fixed then Duhmanduh will win and all the complaining won’t change the outcome. As long as there are reviews and complaints from you people, then CBS will continue the drama, now if people actually stopped watching…well perhaps things would change.

  43. A bit of topic, has anyone read the letter that Aaryn’s mom sent to LA Times – blasting CBS producers and Julie C. saying they have highlighted Gries missteps in a blatant attempt to boost ratings?

      • Well it might turn out to be partially true if Julie doesn’t take the same approach towards Amanda, Spencer, and GM who have REALLY crossed the lines of racism. I am keeping my fingers crossed (because I respect Julie as a professional) that she will have the integrity to be consistent. Aaryn’s behaviour however isn’t acceptable even if it turns out she was bullied for the sake of ratings.

    • Google “aaryn gries” for the article. I hope everyone who posts here reads it. Mrs. Owens (Aaryn’s mom) apologized for her daughter and said how disappointed she was in her, but blasted Chen and CBS. Frankly, I thought Chen was revolting.

    • I like her moms letter. She chastised Aaryn for her behavior. She asked the public for forgiveness. It’s true too that the ratings went up on that episode. However, I like the Producers response too, that the live feeds speak for themselves.

  44. I feel like Elissa is going to vote to keep Amanda and she’s going to be the only vote which would expose Andy to McCrae and McCrae and Elissa could work together going forward and get rid of Andy.

      • He’ll have to believe Elissa because Amanda will. Elissa is giving Amanda her wedding ring until eviction night to assure her that she’s voting for her to stay! I’m hoping McCrae’s not that stupid as to believe Andy.

  45. There is 48+ hrs till eviction. Now we know that its impossible for any of the HGs to keep a secret for 48 seconds let alone 48 hrs. I mean: How long did Andy wait before outing the plan?? Less than 30 minutes??? So I think that I will wait till the plan becomes common knowledge of all HGs & see what happens from that point. There are 4 EXTs and “1” of them will confront Elissa. Judd or GM would be my best guess on doing that: especially Judd. We will see.

  46. Seriously? Elisa is just pretty sure that if there’s a live eviction and Amanda goes first, she’ll go second. But if Amanda doesn’t go first, she’ll go in the second round UNLESS Mcrae wins BIG then Judd’s a goner. Andy is a weasel but he can also be used to spread misinformation.

    Things are shaping up for this year’s winner to be as reviled as the queen of the “nerd herd”, Maggie.

  47. No matter what deals happen…Elissa is in a lose, lose situation. Elissa needs to win HOH or goes on the block and wins veto. That is the only play she has. Period. Why would the house flip and put McCrae and Amanda in the best position? Hello? Have the HGS forgot how to do simple math? Amda and McCrae will always be 2 working as one. I will not believe for a second that Elissa is safe. Amanda/Andy/McCrae will dream up some “clause to back out of the proposed deal.” if Elissa is naïve enough to believe she is safe, that is a major mistake.. The rat has been wanting out Elissa cause of game exposure. Everyone in the house agrees that Elissa does not need the money. Yet in the next breathe, the HGS say well we should give Amanda the 500K. UGH! To add insult to injury, the HGS theory Elissa will get America’s favorite. If Amanda is not evicted this week and the house decides to flip, when Amanda is served up on a platter…you all better get ear plugs…I will be screaming on the West Coast all they way to the East coast, even Canada and Mexico will hear me. I stand firm Amanda being evicted. Period.

      • Thanks Matt ;) I least gave warning to buy ear plugs, cause it’s going to be loud . I am wrapping my TV in bubble wrap in cause I punch it. Cause if have to hear Amanda is saved..Amanda’s DR…I will put money on this… she will say… I AM better than Dan funeral and everyone just gave me the 500K.

      • Note to self….don’t invite Emma to our Thursday night Daisy Duke party, if Amanda does not get evicted.

      • Yep. No Daisy Dukes, no nude hooker heels (note sorry to hookers) and red jacket for me. I will laugh that Spenser is a dumbass for offering himself like a side of bacon. I guess after I get done yelling, I will laugh that the pig is gone….and without a clue.

      • You are antagonizing and taunting me, hey don’t walk away from. What? why are you saying that . LMAO I have drawn a line in the sand. If Elissa buys this load of BS, the same Elissa that said “this is better than Christmas.” I am going to buy her a tattoo and have it say “what a maroon.” Right across her forehead. Yep, I stole the line from Bugs Bunny.

      • Yes. please :) I feel better now thanks Capt. Make sure you keep the gun hidden, I am still holding the bullets Haha

    • There is another tack Elissa could have played which is the HOH card! That would have been better for her! She could have struck a deal with Spencer and reiterated deals with Judd and Gina Marie. Make sure they understand that Elissa’s safety ensures their safety so that, they have something to motivate them to be loyal. In short, if Spencer or Judd win HOH, they are not to nominate Elissa and Elissa will also not nominate them and guarantee their safety if she is HOH! It is a win-win for everyone. She should also warn them that if they put her up and she wins POV—-she will come after those who betrayed her and the deal is off! That would have left Andy and McCrae to fend for themselves and could have been easy target for nomination too if they stick with Elissa’s safety deal!

    • The best case scenario if Amanda goes home is that McCrae believes Elissa that Andy is the rat. Then one of the exterminators wins HOH and puts up Elissa and another exterminator on the block thinking McCrae is a certain vote to evict Elissa, Then McCrae wins the POV and takes Elissa off the block which would mean two Exterminators would have to go on the block and MCCrae and Elisa would be two votes to evict the one they want. I think this is very unlikely because if an exterminator wins HOH, Elissa and McCrae will go up on the block with Elissa being the target. If Elissa wins POV, McCrae goes home. If McCrae win Elissa goes home. If anyone else wins the noms stay the same and probably Elissa goes home.

  48. BOO HOO HOO! Andy’s playing a strategy I don’t like, therefore he’s a bad player! /sarcasm

    BB fans whining about floaters is the most pathetic thing in reality tv fandom. Guess what people, if Elissa is stupid enough to relinquish control of the house after wresting it away from Andy, he will be more than happy to take it right back. He’s saving Elissa from herself right now, and if Elissa seriously attempts to save Amanda and he stops her, then he gets just as much credit for getting Amanda out as GM does.

    • He can;t save Elissa now. If he wanted to save her he would have told her not go believe Amanda and McCrae and then he would have kept this from the rest of the house. Instead he immediately told the rest of the house because he knew it would get them against Elissa, which is what he has been trying to do for weeks.

      Elissa has to hope McCrae is willing to work with her because if he isn’t, she is in really big trouble. At this point Elissa has to win HOH or POV.

  49. I can’t stand Amanda. It’s amazing how she can be such a bully, and nobody stands up to her. I also think she is a big wimp. When things don’t go her way, she cries. ” I never win anything”. Boo Hoo. She is using McCrae and he is just too dumb to see it. She has no respect for him either. Did anyone catch the comment she made when they were popping the balloons. She said the prize of $10,000 was more then McCraes yearly income. She is. Piece of work. She accuses Elissa of thinking she is better then everyone else, but its real her. Also, does anyone feel that Amanda comes across a little masculine. Also BB tell her to stop wearing her undies or bathing suit bottoms around he house. It’s not flattering!!!

  50. Production has definitely stepped in. No way would Elissa be 100% for Amanda leaving..then last night suddenly change her mind. I don’t believe it for a second. If production pushed this on Elissa, she has totally screwed up her game, if she ever really had one to begin with. I never knew about her and McCrae having a final 2, when did that happen? Andy is going to once again lie and say that he voted to keep Amanda when he knows it was Elissa and McCrae.

    • Well if we look at the two times Elissa did a 180 in the game it does look like something changed her mind. First, she wins HOH and does everything she can to make sure Aaryn goes home. She puts McCrae and Andy up against Aaryn to ensure the vote goes her way. But in between she suddenly decides to make a deal with Aaryn to oust Amanda if anyone but Amanda wins the POV. After a full season of saying how Aaryn has to go she does an about face and tries to align with Aaryn to get rid of Amanda?

      And now, after a week of personal attacks by Amanda, Elissa is determined to get Amanda out. She is telling anyone who will listen how much she dislikes Amanda and wants her to go home. Amanda talks to Elissa about voting to keep her. Elissa runs to tell Andy what happened, then she tells the rest of the house saying again, no way is she voting out Spencer to save Amanda. Not more than 30 minutes later she suddenly decides to go against the entire house and save Amanda? Trust Andy after everyone told her not too? It is very odd, indeed.

      But isn’t this what the other house guests have been saying about her? Spencer said she gets more unstable every day. Gina Marie said she can’t talk game with Elissa because she is all over the place.

      Maybe this is how Elissa thinks? Let’s face it. She is a bit weird, isn’t she?

  51. Everyone in the Exterminators was completely bashing Elissa last night (and GM even bashed her son). I wonder why this doesn’t get more attention on this comment section.

  52. I don’t know what Elissa’s real plan is, but as much as I want to see Amanda go out the door first on Thursday it would be hilarious if Elissa did flip took Andy with her and Spencer got voted out.
    Then have Amanda when the HOH and put up Elissa and she gets voted out because she flipped.

    • Wouldn’t it be funny if Elissa convinced Judd to vote out Spencer too. So when the vote is taken Thursday Amanda says but a 3 -1 vote with Andy being the only vote against Amanda? Then Judd and Elissa could tell Amanda that they voted to save her and Andy was the only vote against her. OMG! Andy’s head would explode!

  53. I’ve been following the show and this site, like hundreds of others (ahem) are.

    Last week, I researched the “stipends” that the HG’s are receiving ($1K/week), but learned that Elissa is getting an unspecified-“MORE” money than that amount, by the producers.

    NOW, it appears clear that Elissa is a MOLE for the producers!

    Was reading these comments and was waiting for somebody else to mention Elissa’s production salary.

    Now, her actions (and Amanda’s) makes sense—and, maybe, Amanda’s ragging on her was part of the “script”, as well.

      • Could be relevant here. I wouldn’t be surprised it is the case. There’s no rules against it or at least it could be done in a way that’s fair for everybody.
        I also read that Rupert didn’t want to do Survivor again. But Rupert is good for Survivor, so CBS gave a 1 million dollar to Rupert’s foundation that he setup to help troubled kids. For CBS it’s a charity donation, and it’s fair for the other players because they didn’t give the money to Rupert himself.

      • Yes but…Elissa’s ‘stipend’ is clearly stated as being “more” than the other HG’s.

        She has to do their bidding, in order to earn her higher ‘stipend’ (salary).

        If she were merely her sister’s-sister, that wouldn’t, necessarily, b(u)y itself, warrant a higher salary for her.

        She’s gotta earn her money, somehow.

      • Apparently NOT…or, at least, her “initial” agreement may have been for a set time-duration.

        She may have incentive clauses with Production, depending upon what she agrees to do, and how long she stays in the game.

        Kinda makes you wonder about her really being the MVP, or how she was able to garner so many ‘votes’.

        Being paid big-bux can keep you sanguine, in the face of Amanda’s verbal abuse.

        Producers: “You’ve done well, so far, Elissa, but now we need to have you try to protect Amanda”…

    • That come to my mind earlier today too. Elissa’s sudden change to try to back door Amanda and now her sudden change to try to save Amanda. Makes me go hmmmmm. Perhaps we will find out when the show is over. Julie will clue us all in on the secret.

  54. Nice try at pumping up the show a little Production! Elissa would never come up with this on her own, but to fall for it she may pay the price. I would like Judd and GM in the final 2 with maybe Spencer in the final 3, goodbye to the rest, that would be my ideal BB season.

  55. I wouldn’t be surprised if by Thursday, Spencer goes out 4-0. These houseguests are the biggest floaters and biggest flip-floppers ever. McCranda and Elissa/Helen are the only 4 who have played the game all season.

  56. Elissa must have felt the other four were working together. I don’t watch the Live Feeds. Has there been any proof of this?

  57. How ironic is it that Elissa is pulling a Helen move now – trusting Andy and thinking its not the right time to evict Amanda.

  58. Everyone keeps saying that this has production written all over it! Well, has anyone forgotten that one of the producers happens to be friends with Amanda? Of course production did this!

  59. Has anything noteworthy happened on the live feeds today? Is Elissa talking to anyone? Is anyone talking to her? How about McCrae. I have to believe he is talking game with Andy. I am sure Andy will make certain he tell McCrae Amanda is safe and he will definitely vote to save her.

  60. Ok..GM was directed to HOH she opened the door then…she said yay !! cut off the HOH room. Andy was talking to McCrae and he said I heard that there are 3 people thats gunning for me. He said I’ll do it, I just don’t want to get fu**d up…In the meantime, Amanda said Andy better vote for me, after what I’ve done for that kid.

    So was it Pandora?… I think we’re in for more surprises.

  61. Elissa and Amanda just traded rings as collateral to show they trust each other. They will now know it was Andy who lied on Thursday if they don’t have the votes.

    The question now is, what will he do?

    • lol. “Here’s the over priced expensive ring I didn’t work for, but my rich rich husband gave me because I think I deserve it!” …”Ok fine, here’s the over priced expensive ring my rich rich former doctor boyfriend gave me because I think I deserve it!” (the deal is sealed)! ;)

      • there is talk if u read a bit down that Racheal told Elissa to take a fake wedding ring read Cyril axel threads

  62. Production or not, these people do make their own choices im sure…and if elissa is dumb enough to actually save amanda then she lost credit in my book!!! It wouldve been good if elissa and ginamarie and judd stuck together, but so much for that! I just hope amanda and mcrae hit the door this week…im sick of her ####

  63. It’s not as bad as everyone thinks. The exterminators said they would target Elissa over McCrae originally. This gives her one more allie once Amanda is gone. McCrae and her are powerhouses in the game and could take it to the end. Elissa would have a good chance of winning if this happens.

  64. Elissa just realized that the jurors will vote her to win over Amanda in the end. it’s a smart move but i think too little too late.

  65. If I have to watch that foul mouthed, gross, off the shoulder wearing, underwear as normal clothes, horny, low class, sociopath Amanda past this Thursday I may have to quit watching. Pleassssse get rid of her!

  66. See oddly I think as someone on here has already said, it may just be the best move for Elissa. She may have found out or has some idea that she is on the outside looking in when it comes to the alliance that Judd, Gm, Andy and Spencer have formed.

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