Big Brother 15: America’s Favorite Player Poll – Vote Now!

Big Brother 15 - America's Vote

It’s time to America to vote for their favorite Big Brother 15 Houseguest!

You can pick from any of the season’s sixteen Houseguests and cast your ten votes in any way you want. Split them up or give them all to one player. It’s your choice. But you better do it soon because voting ends next Tuesday (9/18) at 11:59PM PT. You can vote online at or pay a dollar a pop and vote by text. Yeah, I’m voting online.

I’d predict the top contenders for this prize will be Elissa and Judd. Judd has had his unfortunate moments, but my votes are all going to him for America’s Favorite HG. Judd was highly entertaining on the Feeds and he is a huge Big Brother fan. He didn’t sleep the season away and actually played the game even when he wasn’t making the best moves. So yes, I’m officially endorsing Judd for the $25K prize.

Eye of the Grizzly

Be sure to cast your vote in our unofficial poll below and tell us who you want to see win the prize money and why you think he or she was your favorite on Big Brother 15.

BB15 America's Favorite HG


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    • I agree. I voted for Elissa and think she will win but would be okay with Judd too. Can’t wait to see the look on Andy’s face when Elissa wins.

    • Know why would elissa get it she did nothing I mean nothing to deserve it all summer !!!! I think that. Aaron should get it

      • Why Aaryn? So you can reward her for being RACIST and CRUEL?!?!?! DEFINITELY NOT!!! Elissa was cruel like most of the house was to her!!! Aaryn got exactly what she deserves….NOTHING except for some MUCH NEEDED LIFE LESSONS!!!!

      • I agree with you Hunter!!! Aaryn doesn’t even take responsibility for her actions!!! She blames it on being from the South because that’s how we ALL talk in TEXAS!!!! I don’t think so!!! The girl is just pure evil!! And EVIL doesn’t deserve 1 cent!!!!

      • YEP!!! You & Nikki are so right about Aaryn!!! She would never ever get my vote….either would that SNAKE, RAT Andy!!!

      • AARYN DESERVES NOTHING!!!! Whoever says she does needs to open their eyes!!! Sure she’s saying sorry now but she should have thought of that a long time ago and kept her mean racist mouth shut!!! Her, Andy and Spencer deserver each other. HOPE THEY ALL LOOSE!!!

      • I do believe, Aaryn deserves it, but Elissa came with people already in her corner and fan base. Be different if everyone was related to someone in BB15, but they weren’t. Aaryn was young and did stupid stuff, but old Elissa treated everyone like they’re her beneath her. I don’t think this season was fair, & giving her MVP (special powers) and automatic fanbase. Plus wanting to go back home just puts lemon in all the people’s eye’s who would die to be there instead, she was ready to quit and forfeit her stipend and not vote for her BFF, but BB rigged that.

      • ME TOO…I voted 10 times for Elissa. I can’t stand that two faced Andy. I think Elissa will get it and they will all be pissed off. HA!!!!!

  1. Andy said he would kill himself if Ellisa won so I hope she wins Andy is a Flip Flop and he should be in a 24 hr hold just for saying he would kill him self…

    • This is exactly why I want to see Elissa win because of Andy’s comment. I believe Elissa will share the winnings without someone in need.

      • Sherry, I hope you,re not referring to any houseguest in need of Elissa,s money,? .Seeing how their characters are, there,s no room for pity, these people in the house who supposeingly know the game, apparently without morals.

      • No, I am not referring to any HGs. I was thinking about her work with the underprivileged, perhaps a charity or something long that line.

    • Andy is the worst , I can’t say anything, except Andy is a backstabbing snake, that turns sugar into manure.

  2. Of course Elissa will win it, she was America’s MVP. And I’m pretty sure she was nominated by America, because America is pretty damn stupid and thought they were giving her MVP again.

    I would go with Nick though. He wasn’t very smart (you know, for not lying to Elissa when she was MVP which led to his nomination/eviction), but he was honest, nice, and had to fight of Jessie AND Gina Marie. He deserves it. ;D

    • Sarrinna yea ,McCrea sure messed his game up ,when he hooked up with Amanda, after she was evicted I kind of like McCrea,s personality when he was left to play his own game, but it all came a little too late for him.

  3. Personally I think Judd should win it, if for no other reason than he angrily ran after Amanda and confronted her while wearing a chicken suit. Pure entertainment.

      • I like the fact that she didn’t disrespect in manner that was racist or bullying. Also she had a mind of her own and that is what none of the other people had in that house. If you ask why everyone wanted to vote Elissa it was because no one could control how she was going to vote. Judd said it best she did what she wanted to do and was not bullied in doing different.

      • In most BBs that pretty normal behavior. I don’t recall any BB house like this one where everyone followed everyone else and all the votes were unanimous? Too many floaters.

      • I don’t think it had to do with more floaters than ever. It actually had more to do with the MVP nomination. The houseguest voted in blocks in order to keep themselves and their allies safe. That’s not much different from previous seasons.

      • Exactly…everyone would always say I’m going with the house. Don’t want to upset the house. Stupid people the house doesn’t win the big bucks only one person does.

      • Not that I had a problem with Elissa, but if she had a mind of her own and no one could control how she was going to vote then why did she always do what Helen told her to until Helen got evicted?

      • Helen was a manipulator. Remember when she cried and said” if Elissa self evicts, I will lose a vote in the final episode”. She thought she had already won the game. Elissa tried to stay true to a friendship with Helen. In her mind she and Helen were friends not game players. For Helen it was all a game.

      • what do you mean she had a mind of her own she did what everyone else wanted her to do were you not watching the show?

      • IMO Even Elissa did some bullying. Even though I did not like Amanda she said some hurtful things to Amanda for McCrae’s birthday party when Amanda wanted to surprise him. She made remarks about Amana’s body and how could she or any women in America ever wear a one piece bathing suit. Not everyone is built like Elissa and lots of women wear one piece bathing suits. I was a little surprised that Elissa was so shocked by Amanda because in certain ways she reminded me of her own sister Rachel in the beginning of the game. Certainly not defending Amanda because she became a big bully herself. I didn’t like any of this cast completely and could find fault with each and every one. The thought that the F3 consists of Andy, GM and Spencer makes me sick. I hate the thought that one of them have to win and one has the F2 money. If it’s GM I hope Julie says something to her about her racist remarks, Spencer about being a disgusting pig and Andy the Rat with his Elissa bashing. They are all going to need a lot of counseling when they get out when they see how America feels about them.. If GM wins I hope she uses some of the money to get herself to the doctor. She has been purging for 10 years now. I hope she realizes she has a huge problem and finally gets some help for herself.

      • So because you deem Amanda’s behaviour as ‘worse’ it is therefore ”ok” for Elissa to act like she did? Isn’t that like saying: ”Because somebody physically attacked me, I now have the right to go and break into their home and steal all their stuff and their children’s stuff because that’s not as bad.” (It’s specious reasoning)! BOTH of what Elissa & Amanda did was wrong regardless of how people feel about the ”degree” of their wrongness.

      • Your lack of reasoning is awesome. Elisa told amanda that she looked disgusting in a one piece swimsuit. That was true. Alternatively, amanda verbally torturing and attempting to intimidate Elisa for an entire day is bullying which most people in this country believe is wrong. They are TOTALLY different behavior!
        Moreover, I never suggested that Elissa’s behavior was “o.k.” based on any perceived spectrum of behavior.

      • Looks like you & I will just have to agree to disagree Thopper. Whereas you see Elissa’s opinion as ”truth”, I see her as a bully, an antagonist, and an elitist (as many of the house guests have said so themselves)… Somebody jokingly said in one comment: ”I can’t remove anyone’s Reily coloured glasses if they really like them.” (a cheeky comment by the person, but it made me chuckle and may very well be apt).

      • amanda looked like a 55 year old stripper in that black one piece swimsuit! That was obvious from watching on BBAD!
        Moreover, if Elisa were an “elitist” she would not be on BB! I don’t think talking about economic position and class makes one an elitist. What specifics do you have to offer?
        In addition to the above, Elisa was in the house with the likes of macrae, spencer and GM for pete’s sake. The average middle class American is an “elitist” to those cavemen!

      • Amanda did look disgusting! Amanda IS disgusting. If you want to do something like that for your “boyfriend’s” birthday…you do it in private. NOT in front of the whole house on live TV…ewww!!!

    • I agree… Big mistake for Elissa to win… She doesn’t even need the money… Give it to Judd or Jessie… That’s what I think.

    • Throughout the game She was treated like crap by Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Andy, Jeremy, Caitlin, to name few and still maintained her composure. She didn’t lower herself to their standards.

  4. I picked Judd. I enjoyed him the most. Loved it when he physically stepped between Amanda and GM when they were fighting. That took guts to step between 2 women going at each other. Especially those 2.

    • I liked Judd too, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying most of the time. He would make a good ventriloquist talked with his mouth closed all the time.

      • Linda,I was,t able to understand anything judd was saying,so I left it with whats to like, or not with him.

  5. I am voting Elissa but to be honest there wasn’t that one true person that I just fell in love with this Big Brother. Every year I found that one person for example last year it was Ian. The year before that was Jeff’s Jordan. I fell in love with her the first time she opened her mouth. So this year was an upset. They need to in the future look for those sweethearts out there that just remind us that their is still good people in the world. This year just reminded me of what I hate about the world. Not a relief from a stressful day.

    • Jeff is just as bad as all of the racists of this year. Jordan is sweet, I agree, but Jeff is always given a pass.

      • Jim, I never thought much of Jeff either, he belittles people, and Jordan seems to get the worst end of his mannerism , I don’t know if she plays stupid, or if she really is.

  6. Judd? Seriously? Okay, I guess of you look at it just from a likeability standpoint, I can see Judd. But only the first Judd. The second Judd who came back after being evicted was not a nice Judd. He was still stupid, but just not as nice. The first time around he would caution people about what they were saying. The second time around he joined in with them.

    I voted for Elissa. I really had no favorite, but to me Elissa represented the opposite of the “evil” in the house. She consoled Candice at the racist incidents and although she called Spencer and GM gross and disgusting (which they are), she maintained her dignity though all of the stuff that they did to her. Let’s not forget the Jeremy hat incident.

    No one in the house is a favorite compared to previous seasons, but voting for Elissa to send a message to all of the pigs in the house is the best we can do, in my humble opinion.

    • I just liked him best. Isn’t that what the vote is “who you liked” not who deserves it. If it’s who deserved it I would say Candice or Howard as they received the most hatred from other HG.

      • Absolutely! I liked Elissa the best. I also liked Judd at first, but his vulgar mouth turned me off. If you use the C word when describing women, you lose my vote.

      • Not doubting you because I didn’t watch the feeds all the time, but I only heard Spencer and McCrae say that. Doesn’t matter now as I’ve already voted and can’t change my vote. Went with what I knew at the time.

      • Judd came back a much meaner person than before he left. He seemed to be the voice of reason in an insane house. When he came back he joined the inmates in ridiculous behavior.

      • He did come back with a little bit of a temper. Made a few rude/vulgar comments but he wasn’t no where near the disgusting pig that Spencer is.

      • Elissa was the underdog from the beginning. I never figured out why all the hg hated her. I could not believe how she kept her cool when Amanda was torturing her when she was HOH. Judd was dumb for not sticking with Elissa when he returned to the house. Things may have turned out differently. anyway, Elissa definitely gets my vote!

  7. Elissa will most likely win I would really like to see JUDD win. He was hands down awesome to watch! Don’t care for the final 3. Would love to have seen JUDD and Elissa in the Final 2. I wish them both the best and God Bless!

  8. I’m still trying to figure out your Brain, Judd was evicted twice not once but twice, How can someone like that be voted for anything!!!

  9. I never thought Elissa was given a fair chance to be liked and to fit in by the other house guests. It was almost like a typical case of bullying. I think Elissa deserved more respect than she was shown by all these make believe grown ups that she endured. Go Elissa!

    • Considering the level of scum that made up this season’s houseguest, Elisa should consider herself lucky. If she’s samrt she will only have contact with Helen and Candace outside of BB. None of the other houseguest should be given the time of day!

  10. Judd was a dick a lot of the time and let the game get to him like that. He seriously has waayyyy to many fans for no reason at all. Also, he was a fucking idiot. Though at least he wasn’t a racist.
    Most of the hg’s would be furious if Elissa won because she’s already rich and they wouldn’t ever stfu about it They were insecure about it they made it up in their heads that she looked down upon them for that, lol no it was because they were vile filth. She’s getting all my votes :) The idiots will blame her win on “Brenchel Army”.

  11. That’s right America, award it all to Elissa. She can add it to the stacks and stacks of cash she already has. Elissa is a nasty conceited person that believes she better then all of you. Go ahead reward her for it! Yuck!!!!! CBS fed her right to you and you ate it up.

    • First of all, you have no idea how much money Elissa has. I am sure she is not a pauper, but what evidence is there that she is rich? You do not have to be rich to buy a 2000 seat hockey rink in Canada. People borrow money to do that. Its like a mortgage.

      But that is neither here nor their. Need has nothing to do with it. Its about our FAVORITE PLAYER. You have yours, we have ours. There is no need to insult anyone because they don;t agree with your choice.

    • so what you have to need the money to win it all?she is probably going to donate it to charity so at least a wordy cause will get it

    • What show did you watch Dina Cagle? Please take your medication because there is no need to insult Elissa. I suspect for some reason unknow you took this personal. Is about FAVORITE PLAYER and I believe she play her game with class and was not a floater as Andy and Spencer.

  12. I have absolutely no idea why people like Elissa, or Brendan and Rachel.

    I understand that Rachel was a huge competitor in challenges, but she is one of the worst and most annoying people I’ve ever seen.

    • Don’t assume that because someone likes Elissa they also like Rachel. I thought Rachel was the most annoying person in the house and wished for her to be evicted every week. But Elissa is not Rachel although a lot of people who disliked Rachel automatically dislike Elissa too.

      For me, Elissa’s values were closer to mine than those of the other house guests. I wouldn’t want people farting around me either. And I wouldn’t fart around them. That’s not me thinking I am better than them, it is me being considerate of others. I would like people I associate with to shower regularly. To me, making me smell your body odors is a worse insult than me calling you disgusting or gross. At least you can choose to ignore my words, but unless you stop breathing, you cannot choose to ignore someones ass gas.

  13. Judd calling people the C word just shows what type of person he really is. I am surprised he even has that many votes. But Elissa should win it and hopefully Andy comes in third and I know that will annoy him! It just sucks either way to know that either GM, Spencer or Andy. Really mean people who just don’t care what comes out their mouths. At least Dan never when out of his way to bash someone day in and day out.

    • That’s why Dan was awesome. He might screw you over game-wise, but he would never engage in “bashing sessions”. Most of the conversations and relationships he had with the house guests seemed genuine.

  14. If I voted I’d vote for McCrae.

    It’d be cool if everyone just voted for Nick though so he could maybe get a second chance. He got voted out way too early

    • Nick got voted out early because he was a smug dick! He played himself out and let everyone know straight away that he could not be trusted

    • Just out of curiosity why would you vote for macrae? He played a weak game and should have dropped amanda right after Helen was voted into jury. Also, his social game sucked. He really did not talk to people and allowed amanda to speak for him. I understand a dude wanting some loving during the summer…but come on!
      Did you see his exit interview with Julie? He all but admitted that he made a mistake by holding on with amanda for so long. It cost him his game. I think he could have been in the final three.

      • My view is pretty biased since I’m also a longhaired goofball. Though I agree his game left a LOT to be desired, I do believe he wound up being one of the most likable houseguests of the season still. For what it’s worth though he was just one question away from the final 3.

        From a pure gameplay standpoint, I don’t know who I would vote for. Amanda was playing a great game until she got overconfident. Only other person who really played a game that made somewhat of an impact was Spencer

      • Got it. I agree he was likeable but I hated that he was a TOTAL wuss next to amanda! That made me not like him. Oh well, we will never know what kind of game he would have played if he had just “hit it and quit it.”

      • It would be interesting to see McCrae play another season without Amanda, since we didn’t get to truly see what he was capable of. He was always really good at telling when people were lying, but like he said he doubted himself too much to act on it. I think he’d do much better with another shot

  15. Awesome event that should take place before the vote on finale nite: If Andy is in final 2: Instead of asking him a question She holds up his organ shirt & sets it on fire. Just a thought..

    • I want all his children clothes he wears burned…or he should just walk around in pampers…and put a pacifier in his mouth…I just want him to shut up. Already.

      • I am not being mean cause I could care less that Andy is gay…I think Andy dresses in a way that would attract an older more mature gay guy. There are older gay men that prefer the company of much younger gay guys. And Andys style of dress would suggest that he is totally willing to be the “child” in a relationship. Just my opinion. No offense to any gays that post in the forum.

  16. That sad moment when the website scrolls up and Amanda is right above Elissa’s! Forgive me for accidentally using one of my votes on Amanda….the rest were for Elissa.

  17. I voted for Helen because she was the BB Houseguest I likely
    could have a conversation with outside in the real world (Aside from Candice who I think would be fun to have a drink with).

    I did not like it when Helen turned against Elisa in an
    attempt to save herself. Additionally, I thought her downfall was not fighting to get Amanda out the first chance she had. That fatal flaw ruined her game.

    All B.S. aside she seems like a cool mommy who is likely a decent person outside of BB.

    • Helen actually said on last night’s episode that she respects andy’s game play! I was totally surprised because he betrayed both her and Elisa.
      Andy seems somewhat demented to me. How can you screw people over and then cry like a baby when you vote them out? I just don’t get it.

  18. Elissa deserves “America’s Favorite Player”. She kept her values while in the house. She was bullied & harassed, & still kept her cool. She didn’t want to sit next to a racist because she didn’t want to be associated with them. She said if she wins the $, she will donate it to a charity. I believe her. I’d rather a charity get it than any other houseguest.

    • Yes, awesome! We should go knife shopping for Andy. Just because we are nice and helpful =^..^= I am confused why the rat wears a cat shirt…that offends all cats around the would. The rat better watch out…he in in for cat scratch fever…

  19. Elissa did not do anything to deserve this if she wins.

    Aaryn did the most for the game whether you like her personalty or not she accomplished some big moves for the house. GM was pretty impresive at the end with her game play but not for the most of it.

    • The prize goes to who America likes the most not who “did the most.” I’m actually glad that aaryn is low in the tally because she’s a petty bigot and racist.

      • There’s a difference between making lame attempts at being funny, and being a racist. I personally don’t think Aaryn is racist, just ignorant and un-funny.

      • I do believe Aaryn has been indoctrinated with racist core values, but the question I ponder is how much is she responsible for those values? All of us carry the weaknesses our parents, friends & community have passed onto us (and all of us think those weaknesses are fine and that the problem is somebody else’s not ours). I personally believe it’s possible to dislike the weakness while trying to find a way of helping the person. Aaryn needs to be educated and ”re-indoctrinated” (as does GM, Amanda, Spencer, Elissa…etc). What I can’t turn a blind eye towards however is how Big Brother decided to single out Aaryn with an over the top villain edit, while giving Spencer, GM, and Amanda nothing more than a passing comment.

      • Matt I couldn’t agree more with what you have said about BB singling out Aaryn when others are every bit as guilty. I don’t condone what Aaryn said in the game, but neither do I condone the ongoing racists remarks of GM who is in the F3 and a potential winner. IMO she has said far worse than Aaryn except BB decided not to show any of it except the part where she told Candace her mother didn’t want her. It was on a live eviction night so there could be no editing. Spencer and Andy have received nothing, but kind edits on the weekly show as well and unless one is a live feeder or watches After Dark people would not know the vile and disgusting remarks made by them. BB is terribly wrong to blame only Aaryn and needs to call all F3 for what they have said. I hope they get all the boos that Aaryn received when she left because they deserve it just as much. I was further angered when Julie Chen went on the Letterman show and again called out Aaryn. Even if she didn’t use her name anyone who watches BB knows who she was talking about. BB needs to own up not cover up.

  20. I voted Elisa for AFP…as vindication for a the non stop hate she endured. The HGS inciting hate toward her Husband and son…is way beyond the scope of BB. Elissa did suit up and show up, and played the game, went against the house, made moves, she was the first to go against what the house wants votes and choose to give her vote to Helen. Mind you: GM voted to evict her bff Aaryn..she didn’t have to, but went with the zombie brain….of it’s want the house wants.
    I’ve said this a million times…just seeing Andy and Spencer have to eat there words about wanting to commit suicide after Elissa is voted is AFP. Amanda will definitely be grousing and being the delusional narcissist too.
    I see people are voting Judd. This is the guy who played a game titled…fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    • Last night Spencer was talking abot how Elissa doesn;t like men. He was wondering if maybe she was the victim of some kind of sexual attack or something. Typical thoughts of Spencer. But Elissa got along fine with Judd and Howard when he was in the house. She also tried to befriend Nick. Perhaps Spencer should consider the possibility that it was his behaviors she shied away from and not men in general.

      • I saw that part, What a guy ! Spencer a (sicko) profiling Elissa. lol She doesn’t like him, because she knows he’s a sleazeball. I’m glad this season is almost over, Spencer’s mind is getting more and more polluted.

  21. The only 2 people I would vote for AFP is Jessie and Elissa. I voted for Jessie because she fought hard despite, being alone in the house with no ally. If I had two choices, I would also take Elissa. I do not think the others deserve it because of their racism, bullying, etc. Atleast, one of my choices will win it more than likely! Good behavior should be rewarded and bad behavior shunned!

    • And u think Judd didn’t “suck up”??? Judd got blindsided by his alliance and was voted out. . Judd got a 2nd chance to return to the game. Judd got voted out a 2nd time by his alliance. Now what does that tell u about Judd??? Think about it…

    • I don’t know. I think Elisa – like any person with self respect – does not define her self via a bully like amanda. She knows amanda is trash and BB is just a game. Elisa knows she’s leaving the house and going back to her family. I suspect that gives her strength that amanda does not have.

  22. I ended up voting for no one. I don’t think anyone deserves it and I don’t have a favorite player. I know Elissa will win it and Andy won’t which means more to me. I am waiting to see if Andy kills himself when Elissa wins since that is what he told us he would do. :)

    • Well said Jacee! I really think this season has been such a funny one… Just take a look at the comments on this site! So many people with so much ammo as to why another person’s fave isn’t as good as they appear to be (heck I’m one of those that has been pointing out the flaws and weaknesses of everyone this season). It’s truly been a season where a lot of us would agree that nobody in this year’s cast would make a great friend.

  23. Why should Judd be awarded for his incompetence? He called Elissa a b*tch and c*nt on the live feeds and backstabbed her when she kept him safe. He screwed his game over twice, and people think he deserves anything?

  24. Ya 3 floaters an flip floppers in the final 3 this year. While the best PLAYERS sit in the jury house. Whats going on BB!!!!!

    • If they were the best players, maybe they wouldn’t be sitting in the jury house. The name of the game this season was to lay as low as possible. All the threats got targeted early.

  25. Split my votes between David and Jessie. David because he may have been the only decent human being on the show and Jessie because she at least saw the game and tried to play the game but in floater season was doomed.

  26. 5 days left before BB 15 Finale and Survivor’s Premiere. Also TVGN is running their annual Survivor Preview show. It’s running at different time in the next few days before the show start. The show is hosted par Parvati.

      • There is something about a beautiful and smart woman. Parvati has shown that playing Survivor. Winning once and coming very close to winning a 2nd one to boot!

    • I honestly haven’t watched Survivor since All-Stars except for Boston Rob’s subsequent visits. My all-time favorite contestant. Probably because he’s a fellow Bostonian.

    • She told him that she will take hime to final 2 but I think that she just said that to him .she will take spenser

  27. Do Andy and Spencer know that the production crew refers to them as Pansy and The Perv? Thanks to AG for getting drunk at M’s and spilling the beans. The audio will be posted on youtube sometime tomorrow.

  28. I’m so happy GM won the first comp. I just hope Spencer wins the 2nd one and then GM wins the 3rd. More than anything though…..I REALLY just want ANDY to LOOSE!!!! He is too cruel too win. I hope Elissa wins America’s Favourite if nothing else, just to PISS ANDY OFF & then have GM get 1st, Spencer 2nd and ANDY WITH NOTHING!!!!! Now that would make me a VERY HAPPY person!!!! COME ON GM – You Can DO IT!!

  29. God please anyone but Elissa…Elissa had zero likable qualities. If it weren’t for her being Rachel’s sister, people would be complaining about how stuck up and boring she is. Jessie, Howard, or Nick please.

    • She wasn’t stuck up. Just because she didn’t like the disgusting behavior of some people in the house doesn’t mean she thinks she is better than them. Have you heard the final 3 talking about McCrae never bathing and smelling? Have you heard GM walking around the house farting? Have you seen how filthy the house is since Elissa and Helen left? I happen to agree with Elissa. I would be greatly offended by someone who would fart in my company and force me to smell his/her ass gas. That is more insulting than anything Elissa said about them.

      • Again, I think you see her differently than many of us do Prince. Whereas you see her being so different and mature, I see her as being an antagonist, rude, and very immature. I can appreciate other people seeing her as a victim, but I really saw her as a perpetrator before she became a victim. Having said that, the things the others have said/done to her is equally inexcusable and I hope that in some fashion they are called to task on it.

  30. Can somebody please let me know where Andy got those socks from Thursday night’s show? I want to make sure I never go to that store…

  31. I voted Helen. Personally I think she was the most appealing personally. Though I also liked Jessie and find her cute.

    • I did like Helen at first, but there was something about her comforting people then planning their demise that kinda irked me… There really weren’t too many people that impressed me this season. I guess Jessie was the least hurtful to others so I’d maybe vote for her based on that?

      • And therein lies the problem of this year’s cast. Some people have been ”ok” with the way some people have played, and others haven’t. I guess it’s all relative as to how we personally feel about those character qualities of each person. I personally had a hard time approving and liking any of the cast members, but at the same time didn’t feel the need to crucify them as harshly as some others felt the need to.

  32. I voted for Elissa! I think she is a great player! As soon as the house realized she was related to Rachel in the beginning, it was like they did not want to have anything to do with her. I mean really! No wonder why she said some of the things she did! She stayed true to herself even when others where bad mouthing her! She was an exciting game player to watch and kicked some butt!!
    She fought her heart out to stay in the game! She deserves it!

  33. It’s so sad that two out of sixteen HouseGuests are favorites this year… if this was a fourteen HouseGuest season without Elissa and Judd, this could’ve been the most unliked cast yet. But it still is either way.

  34. First off, you’re all a bunch of freaking idiots if you’re voting for Elissa! Why would you give her money when she’s already wealthy! Give the money to someone who actually needs it. She left her kid to be on the show when she’s rich already and doesn’t even need the money and plus her sister already won. She has not played a good game at all; the only reason she made it so far is because she hid behind Helen the entire time. The house could not stand her because she walked around acting like she was better than everyone not because they were “jelous.” There’s nothing likeable about her. Judd deserves to win! He’s been the most highly entertaining and stood out the most and could really use the money. Hes the most likeable person in the house and in my opinion should win america’s favorite player! Everyone vote for j u double D!!!!!!!

  35. elissa? why? what did she do? she was a past players sister so she automatically wins things. if the dummies in the house had any brains they should have stuck to the plan and booted her out in week one and two the latest. who played the best is how you are supposed to vote. elissa no personality. no game play. judd some game play but good kid. deserve to win idk. GM and aarryn had to make alot of moves in the different groups. may not like what they said but thats not the game. they played the game. andy at first glance looks like a floater, but he played the game and made moves. walking in on everybody and nobody every stopped talking thinking he was with them. then reported to the bed of amanda and mcrae. he knew when to get out and into new group. he was the ultimate spy. helen thought she had him, but no. his innocent spy techniques worked great. he should be america’s choice but again as i see here america is stupid. as for amanda and mcrae they were nothing without andy. spencer just kept under the radar but made it by keeping his mouth shut and letting the girls bitch at each other. no one else matters. elissa, very upset to see her leading here. no game just a relation to another dumb lucky player.

  36. so happy that Gina Marie is in the final three… here is hoping she is the winner takes all… wouldn’t be nice if a fun-spirited
    do-gooder won….. for once???? she never attacked any one…
    unless provoked…by Amanda…..
    to the exterminators!!!!!! yeah for deleting mc cranda out… good ridence!!!!!!!!!
    love big brother… forever… great social experiment!!!!!
    you make my summer sooooo much fun!!!!

  37. Apparently…., you all do not watch big brother after dark, Elyssa’s husband drives a lotus, she was invited to Kardashian’s baby shower. I hardly think she is in need of any money. All of her kids go to elite private schools… pull up the school’s web sites, she drops the names plenty, on big brother after dark. she road on her sister’s coat tails all season long. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!
    what colossial moves did she make????? NONE!!!!!
    Gina Marie got out both Amanda, and Mc Crae.
    are you people blind????
    What kinds of fans are you that you do not even watch ……
    Big Brother After Dark!!!!!!!
    FLORIDA’s # ! BIG Brother Fan!!!!!!!!!!

  38. i sure Elissa will win but do everybody want her to win all she talk about this summer was how muce money her hubson have so on that alone she do need it give to someone that do need it .but i sure CBS and big brother will give it to her.

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