Big Brother 15 Season Finale Show Tonight

Big Brother 15 finale show

Tonight on Big Brother at 9:30 ET/PT the Final 3 Houseguests will face off across three rounds of one last Head of Household competition before narrowing down to a Final 2 and facing the Jury. While Sunday’s show only teased the first round competition we’ve actually already got spoilers for the first and second rounds. Only the third round is left to play out during tonight’s live show.

The finale show won’t be the only big event for Big Brother fans tonight as BB12 winner Hayden Moss will make his Survivor debut. Moss joins the Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water cast this season as returning player Kat Edorsson’s boyfriend. Elissa even dropped some alleged spoilers on us earlier this season so there may be a lot of chances to watch Hayden. And yes, that means we have a Survivor fan site too!

We will also learn tonight which BB15 HG will be crowned America’s Favorite and win $25,000. If you haven’t yet, be sure to vote in our poll on this. I think we can toss aside any notions of uncertainty on this one. The only thing we’ll have to wonder is if Andy really will kill himself when he hears that Elissa has won America’s Fav as he’s repeatedly claimed he would do. Let’s hope not. This season has been messy enough.

So while we get ready to find out who won Big Brother 15, check out my winner predictions along with some of this season’s silliest costumes for a lighter look at the summer’s HGs. Get ready for a big end to a big season of BB!

I’ll be here live blogging the season finale with all the updates. Then after the show you can watch Big Jeff interview the HGs live online from CBS. I’ll share a link once that’s available.

Thanks again to everyone for joining us this summer. It’s been a bumpy ride, but aside from the nastiness we did get some fun action and dramatic moments. Let’s hope next summer we can keep the good and get rid of the bad with a return to what makes Big Brother great!

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  1. Thank you Matthew for all your work. To me, this is the best Big Brother fan site……see you at Survivorfandom

  2. Thank you Matthew for all things BB. You made this season tolerable and allowed us as fans to blow of steam. I like your impartial and fair postings, you make us think and give food for thought. I will be following you on the Survivor site.

  3. I’m ready for this season to be over and done with and ready for the next to begin. I don’t think they should put it out there that floaters beware. Because the only non floater is GM and she is horrible. No good winners this year. But onto the next season. I think they should let us choose a few of the houseguests and do the voting to get them in there. Something like they did on Biggest Looser a few years ago…

  4. I have not been watching the feed and BBAD, lately. Last night I flipped to the last 7minutes of BBAD. To my horror Andy on his hate soap box in front of the camera and memory wall with Spencer and GM. Andy spewing hate toward the Brenchel Army. and venomous hate toward Elissa. He proceeds with his suicide, then Spencer chimes in too…GM looks uncomfortable and gets a mannequin head of Judd? I cannot wait from Elissa to get that 25k in her pocket! Most of all I want Andy and Spencer covers pulled.
    If Andy wins I will be sick. I want Andy to lose his winnings and be up to his eyeballs in lawsuits. I want him to be blacklisted, never to teach again. Gloria Allred had better file a class action suit to Andy’s hate. Andy’s winning will be gone. We all know Spenser will be answering to the law and that is justice, his money is spent. GM…I m not happy with, but of the three I see she will take to heart what she has said and done, The girl wants to open a school. ok. I find she will make amends, get educated, and drop this negative behavior. GM will be crushed to find she has no job and will be blackballed, and that is justice.

    • Now now Emma, tell us how you really feel about the 3 people left… don’t hold back. ;)

      But seriously though, by now somebody who has a connection to the show must’ve been reading through some of these sites and realized that things went horribly wrong this season. My only worry is that the producers will go the way of Big Brother UK and figure, ”The best way to cure smut tv, is to add more smut next season!”

      • You maybe right. Yesterday, from Rob Cesternino’s website, the discussion was players of this season that has a potential of returning. A lot of people might not believe this but Dan G said, Amanda and Jeremy. lol He said, they draw emotions from the viewers, positive or negative. They might not play the same way though Rob said..”yeah I like watching terrible people” lol…hey It’s show business.

      • It works in the UK, and they’re the originators of the show… (sigh). I really wish for once that producers would care more about the quality of the product than the ”Neilson ratings” of Joe Shmoe who wants to watch smut tv all the time.

      • I think Jeremy having been eliminated so early, has had time to fade enough that people might give him another shot (and that he seems to be physically a comp threat and enthusiastic). And give it another year with most folks not pulling up his shenanigans online – yeah, he could get asked back and, with diff game play which I think he’d use, he could emerge as a fave (or fave villain).
        Amanda – I just don’t see the masses supporting her either as a fan fave or a villain. Besides, I think she has irons in the fire and will springboard into another aspect of entertainment. I think she can and will network and make a place for herself. Or not.

    • Kathy Griffin the comedian was on the Talk today it was funny she did mentiom Andy and kiddie porn staff and said she is getting all new jokes material about this 3 clowns

      • she also said that none of this 3 deserves the money she asked Julie to give the money to Candace for all the racism she endured

      • Very much agree – the only objection I’d have is that Helen (though she wasn’t as bullied) was also the victim of racist rants. Andy (though more often the perpetrator) was the victim of homophobic rants. To reward only Candice would ultimately polarize the issue of ”Person x was the worst, and person y was the best” in a house where so many of the house guests were BOTH the victim and the perpetrator of hatred…

      • Julie Chen said one viewer told her expect the unexpected and tell the 3 bozos that they are now the jury and they have to reward one of the jurors with the money

      • yup but she said they cant so one of them will get it however even half a mill after taxes these days does not go a long way and all 3 have lost a lot of respect and reputations

      • he said 2 tribes one with returning players and some new people who will be related one way or the other to the other tribe

      • Exactly. Remember how I said at the beginning of this season that infamy will ultimately end up HELPING (not hurting) these house guests? It’s disturbing that they may only get a rough idea of how disliked they were. They will soon be surrounded by people who will want to capitalize on their infamy (sigh).

  5. New poll!
    Where did Elissa make more money this season?
    A. From America’s Vote
    B. From her contract with CBS to do the show

  6. gotta love it…..Andy will die…GM will explode….Spencer will laugh his ass off….Howard Overby has a guest spot on the Bold & Beauitful…..awesome news…

    • I read the same article about Howard. I was trilled and almost teared up when he said that was his Mom and sisters favorite soap opera. Let this be a lesson, good can conquer evil. Please BB let Elissa get AFP. to prove my point further. The other hate filled HGS I suspect they will blow through their winnings due to substance abuse…they will soon be broke and will reap what they have sown. Hope they all find their bottom. With that said, the sliver lining is maybe rehab…but I don’t see them accepting that gift.

      • Hey again Emma… I also liked Howard and his incredible attitude towards the other house guests. Nobody showed more restraint of anger and bitterness than he did (we can ALL learn a lot from him). Let’s not forget that he’s not quite perfect though. He did ultimately use Candice for sex knowing full well that it would secure him a better chance of staying in the house. (That’s not to say he didn’t care for her, but he said in his diary room sessions many times that she is like a kid sister to him and he has no intention of pursuing a relationship even though Candice was willing).

  7. Mahalo Matthew Boyer for helping us keep up with the going ons in the Big Brother House. You’ve done a tremendous job and I look forward to next season’s Big Brother 16. Again, mahalo plenty!

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