Big Brother 15: Aaryn Makes A Move On Judd In HoH Room

Aaryn flirting with Judd

A few days ago Amanda told McCrae that Aaryn told her she was planning to make a move for Judd and secure him for herself. I thought there had to be some sort of confusion there. Aaryn and Judd? Huh? What’s going on here with Big Brother?

Last night on the Live Feeds Aaryn proved the rumor true while laying in bed talking to Judd. Flashback to 4:24AM BBT 7/31 on Cameras 1/2. Get the free trial & watch.

The conversation focused on Aaryn & Judd worrying about McCranda being on to them before Judd says he’s going to let Aaryn go to bed. Judd rolls over to offer a quick hug. Aaryn brings her arm across him and holds it there. As Judd stars to roll back he realizes she’s still holding on and then rolls back to her hug.

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Aaryn starts to giggle. Judd says, “I want to sleep up here.” Aaryn replies, “I want you to sleep up here.” Judd tells her he wants her to sleep up here if he gets HoH. Aaryn asks about Jessie. Judd says she can sleep up there the first night, but after he nominates her she won’t be up there anymore. Aaryn laughs and puts her hand back on his arm.

So yeah, that’s apparently going to be something to watch for here. Aaryn told Amanda she wanted Judd for her own and now it looks like she might try to make that happen.

My first impression is this is purely a game move by Aaryn, but it could also be a catty move against Jessie or simply a “every guy should want me, not someone else” issue.

What do you think is going on with Aaryn and Judd? Will something develop between the two of them or is it all bogus and just game play?


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  1. All i know is the horrible things that come out of her mouth should disgust judd! Beauty is also whats inside, dont care how she looks outside. Her mouth makes her ugly!

    • Here’s to hoping that Judd throws up in Aryan’s mouth if she tries to kiss him. Prob won’t happen though. She is something that Judd usually wouldn’t get a shot at, so he’ll prob go for it.

      • We can hope though. Would be funny if he did or told her something like. “Sorry Aaryn, I don’t date mean racist girls”. Won’t happen but would be funny!! Guess she won’t be hooking up with David after the shows over at least. He dodged a bullet!!

  2. Please get a variety of mature people on the show next season so these hook ups don’t happen. With everybody pairing up and kissing all season this is more like an episode of “The Real World” than a game. It’s gross and hard to stomach. All this is is Aaryn getting her way by being a heaux.

    • I’ve been saying it all year Bridget. This is a glorified season of “The Real World”. This is apparently what CBS wanted though, or else they wouldn’t have picked so many young, attractive house guests.

      • Not only is this the worst season as far as romance the people are the worst players they can not commect the dots as to who is going bacl and forth telling everyone who had what strategy. Their game play sucks

  3. Love it, AAryn is is turning her game around very well albeit yes she’s still a racist shouldnt win yada yada

  4. She’s one of those girls that has to have a man in her bed. First David, and than she was thinking about getting rid of Kaitlyn so she could have Jeremy all to herself, and now Judd. Yuck. I hope he sees right through her and realize she is only using him!!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them decides to crawl in the bed with Spencer. I got my money on GM.

      • Spencer and GM. Humm, if you want to know what I think, they deserve each other.

      • Aye aye Captain! But I wonder how his girlfriend is taking all the crap that is coming out of his mouth. Hopefully she is running for the hills.

      • Shoot – After Spencer saying what he wants to do to Jessie in Jury House – I wouldn’t be surprised if he self-evicts after Judd evicts Jessie. ROFL
        Oh yeah, that’s right – Judd is considering nominating Jessie – just so people won’t think they’re tight, that’s all. My bad. Ha!
        Yeah, Judd won’t be complaining about winning this next HoH. He’ll be working his tail off to win it now. Lmbo

  5. Awwww, look at the two love birds! Jessie, come quick, your bff is trying to steal your lover. Let’s see how long the three amigos alliance lasts after this.

  6. pretty disappointed in judd for this….hopefully it doesn’t go much farther than this. i’m over the whole “aaryn is a racist” blah blah, we all know this. i don’t really need to reiterate, but in my opinion she is just catty and doesn’t deserve to be there. this makes me sick, what a shady thing to do to your so-called “ally” jessie. she is clearly just doing this to get under jessie’s skin, and it will. i love drama, obviously, since i love big brother, but this is not the kind of drama i watch for. aaryn needs to go.

  7. well……what ever Lola wants, Lola gets. Perhaps this is how she gets what she wants in the outside world. David should be really getting an eye full. He has her number now. Good grief, what is this show turning into.

  8. Very proud of Aaryn’s gameplay this week. Don’t get me wrong, her racist and derogatory comments throughout the game thus far have been inappropriate, but she has really stepped up. Nominating two people the majority of the house could agree with and targeting a strong player in the game (Howard) has helped her. She and Elissa are on good terms, she has new friends in the house, and her HoH has made her stronger and more likeable in the house. She has made new alliances and deals that may propel her much deeper into the game without being evicted. And now, she is even using her looks to help her in the game. This definitely shows that she understands both the social and mental aspects of the game. Good for her! (But still, I will always consider her a “Mean Girl!”)

    • Yeah probably some of the best game play all season. Where paranoia and dumb moves are running rampant everywhere else she made some solid alliances this week and made the most of her HOH that is for sure.

  9. They are an unlikely couple, good gameplay by the girls, she must have been taught by amanda!

  10. Aaryn is just a disgusting person. What a piece of trash, in every way. Hopefully Judd will use her up and evict her. She deserves it!

  11. I think it is all game play and she must think she can get what and who she wants since she has probably always gotten what she wants growing up. I can see her being one of those girls in high school that treated the rest like crap and looked down on everyone. When she first entered the house, I thought she had a cute personality and then the ugly truth came out and there is nothing pretty about her. She needs to be gone! And I hope that Jesse is the one to get her out of the house. Really anyone has a good enough reason to kick her to the curb…

  12. This is pretty funny. Who is playing who now? Aaryn is watching Candice throw herself under the bus for Howard and McCrae take orders from Amanda so she is figuring she needs a puppet like that to protect her. But why Judd? He is about to get evicted because of Helen and Andy’s paranoia! Aaryn is like a black widow. Whoever she chooses as her mate goes home!

  13. ugh Cant STAND Aaryn!! why would Judd even look at her? I thought he didnt like the racist anymore than the rest of the world.. Jud…D=DUMB!!!!!!

  14. Alright Aaryn ! Way to go. I hope you get another letter from mom. Go Girl !!..make them proud!

  15. Has to be game play; Aryan just being a nasty person and probably want to “get at” Jessie and for Judd, he needs someone in his corner, even if it is Aryan.

    First David, then she wanted Jeremy for herself and now Judd, what a nasty little female, she is.

      • Is this the 1950’s? It’s kind of ridiculous to call a girl a whore when she hasn’t even slept with the man yet. If you were flirting with a guy and people called you a whore that would be pretty outrageous wouldn’t it?

      • Not only didn;t she sleep with him yet, I doubt she will. This is game play. She is a lot of things but I do not think Aaryn is a whore…yet.

      • I say “yet” because it’s impossible for us to know whether or not she will sleep with him in the future. Since when is it okay to judge people for hypothetical future behaviour that they havent done? Your laughter confuses me.

  16. this is the season of fake love I guess.judd is the only descent looking guy left so hell why not the only way to get ahead this season is to a be a floater,in a showmance,or ya thats it.also seems to me that if america was so appalled at what ayren has said and done why havent we nominated her?no matter in the end helen and acrea will be standing.

    • We did nominate her but she had already been put up so it went to our next choice who was Elissa. She couldn’t be nominated this week because she’s HOH.
      I agree she’s stepped up her game but that doesn’t make her a better person. Personally I really think she’s just a frightened little girl who is in fact very insecure. You know the “poor little rich girl” who’s so beautiful that she doesn’t know if people like her for her or for what she can offer. She’s very messed up.
      On one hand she’s insecure because of her “assets” yet she has an over inflated view of herself based on those same assets.
      Either way she is a grown woman and won’t/can’t or simply refuses to see the ugliness that is inside. She has a very rude awakening in store when she gets out and nothing she does from now til then will make up for how she has treated others. You can tell this is her and unless she has a real come to enlightenment moment she won’t deserve to be in that house no matter how well she plays. It’s sad that people like this are the ones who always come out in the lead. What does this say about us?

      • Yeah thats it ..Poor little BLIND rich girl, that just might help her lawyer in court. NOT

      • Does Aaryn come from a rich family? I don’t get that impression. When GM was ranting about Elissa being rich and not needing to be in the BB game, Aaryn didn’t say anything. It doesn;t matter to me if she has money. People who want to play the game because they are BB fans have just as much right to be there as anyone else.

      • Aaryn chimed in that conversation by deflecting about herself and said Howard was a professional athlete, Candice is a beauty queen who has been on Oprah. She believes they don’t deserve to be in the game. GM said she was on another reality show, got engaged on the show, back in 2007 but took all that off the internet. That is shady. But, Aaryn thought that was cool, and wants to view a tape of GM. Yes, both GM and Aaryn had a slam fest with Elissa being in the game and should be home with her kid. Both think Rachel is supporting her financially.

      • That GM thing was on the Tyra banks show. Heard that on BBAD, I think it was Sunday.

      • Yeah. that’s right. I had a brain freeze I couldn’t recall. Or didn’t care ha ha. Thanks.

  17. How long before Andy, Helen and Amanda ” figure out” Judd “masterminded” getting Aaryn in to his bed? :)

  18. They are all so stupid. If they had any sense, they would approach Andy to see if he might want a bed buddy. Hell, he is the only one who knows all the secrets and he is in every alliances there is. I would just cuddle with him at night and talk until we fall asleep.

    • Did Andy ever admit to been gay or everybody just assume ? Never heard him say it.

      • I believe Spencer and Andy discussed Andy’s sexuality (BBAD). I think Spencer asked Andy if anyone has ever made him feel bad about it. I believe Andy said yes (one time). I think it is pretty safe to assume that Andy is gay, though.

      • I heard Andy talk about a bad college experience about being gay. It was in the 2nd or 3rd week and said up in hoh room. It came from his own mouth…he is gay. I also heard Andy say that there was no chance of a showmance with him because he was the only gay guy.

      • Yeah, he did say the above. Eventhoough, he is gay he may not be able to have a atypical showmance. The house “Helen” is treating Howard and Spenser like one. I don’t know why Andy and Jessie didn’t hook up as just bed buddies? They are both floaters, blabber mouths, flipping and flopping like a couple of fish out of water. Once Jessie figures out yet again another man in the house had kicked her to the curb, I see the potential for those two.

      • I’ve got to be honest…I like Andy. He’s the house ninja, popping in on all the convos. I don’t think he flip flops. It’s his style of game play. And if you really think about it, he’s kept up with all the juicy info and flown under everyone’s radar. You’ve got to admit, it’s been working for him. Jessie, on the other hand, is quite the wishy-washy blabber mouth. As much as she’s kept her mouth busy by eating, it isn’t enough by a long shot. She’s gonna be crushed by Judd choosing Aryan over her. But I don’t mind. She really pissed me off the very 1st day when she got into the house and announced how “pretty” she was, and how all the girls are jealous of her…blah blah blah. She’s so full of herself, so I won’t mind seeing her get knocked down a few pegs.

      • Ok, I am trying to see your point about Andy, ninja, not so much. Stepping back and looking at his game play of being a nat buzzing in everyone’s one’s ear is working for him. I will give you that, he is all up in the rumor mill. Maybe he is the house blogger. That is my attempt to see your praise for him. But, he does fly under the radar like a floater, not a ninja in my opinion. I think ninja’s of the world would be offended. I will give Andy praise for trying to not be a intimating hateful man. He has said some things about Howard I do not agree with, and I do not like the fact how comfy he feels talking and throwing ppl under the bus, behind their backs, then smugly smiling in their face.

      • I was kinda joking with the ninja comment. But he is truly the fly on everybody’s wall. I was just commenting that his gameplay is working for him. And as for talking up other people, talking trash, etc…it’s classic BB play. The thing that I notice about Andy is that he hasn’t really gotten “caught”, which is a good talent to have in the house. And my 8 yr old daughter likes him. He is her favorite. That made me take notice and I really like the guy.

      • During the first week Spencer called Andy “Faggoty Andy” to his face. He has consistently made vulgar remarks about women and also racist comments. He is a revolting excuse for a human being.

  19. Can you say, “Skank”!!!! They should leave her in the house to the end…..make her think she is a good player….and then when it is just the two left….tell her she has NO SHOT!! LOL

    • Better than that. I was thinking, her work is done for the week as HOH, so offer her a Pandora’s box. In DR you tell, go for it. When she’s in the box, offer 10000$, if you take it, you go home right now. Bye bye.

      • Offer her one box has $10,000. the other box, expect the unexpected (your toast), now that sounds like a real Pandora’s Box. Gee why arent we running this show?

  20. That makes me lose a little bit of respect for Judd. Even if it’s a game move. Everyone in the house has commented on her remarks. Why would he want to be associated with that? She’s considered a lame duck and an easy eviction. Unless he has decided to make a bold move and form an alliance to get the so called power players out. If that’s what it is then he just lost a sure vote to help him…in Jessie. Sounds like he’s putting “little Judd” before common sense.

    • If we pay attention to the live feeds. You will see that Judd is actually a pretty terrible person. He has been talking so much mean trash about people behind their backs. These two should make a great couple!

  21. A girl has to do what a girl has to do, smart in a way I’m sure her family and friends are going to be so happy that she is showing her true colors, after all she is from the south (her words, not mine ) all of Texas should be really proud with this slut from the south……………………..

    • No. I do as well; however, I think she, deep down, knew that Judd wasn’t really looking to be more than friends.
      Doesn’t make this right, not at all, but I hope it can soften it for her. Didn’t she say that she placed her worth on having a man or not, or something close to that?

      • Glad to know I’m not the only one. Jessie is actually a nice girl. (or seems that way)

      • She said that exact thing. I remember other female hgs telling her that that kind of thinking was so wrong. She should be counting her worth based on her attributes. I still don’t understand about her saying she was so pretty on the 1st day. It doesn’t track with her low self esteem.

      • Some girls who are insecure go around saying they’re prettier than everyone else to feel better about themselves so I get it. Even though, she is pretty!

  22. This is actually really funny, I remember when David left how he said he met the girl of his life etc. I want to see his reaction

    • Go to TMZ. He’s already over her. He didn’t waste a second throwing her under the bus, and that was a few weeks ago.

      • Yes, David kicked her to the curb. She is from Texas, he is from liberal California/surfer dude, he is a laid back guy that racism is not in his DNA. I think he has zero problem with getting a girl. He is a naïve guy, which I see girls falling for. Kind of like a Keanu Reeves/Patrick Swayze in Point Break, I know it is a stretch comparison.

  23. I think this is game play. Aaaryn can’t play in HOH and wants to try to keep herself safe from as many people as she can.

  24. I could care less about Judd and Aaryn hooking up. This is just game play, and bed hopping hamsters. At least Judd is thinking to put Jessie on the block. Fine by me, since she is a floater and a flip fopping blabber mouth. It will dwindle the current sides number that she is on this week, meaning one less person far up MCCranda’s ass. If Judd could see the full picture right now, he has the power over Jessie and he should be able to dictate her vote this week. Spencer and Howard should keep Judd close and get Judd to vote their way. Amanda, going on a tirade, I would not put up with, I would reward her for her vicious behavior by sending her packing. McCrea can fed for himself.

  25. Judd is playing a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality he has just develop after being an Ameoba as HOH. He just evolved. He can hold his own with Aaryn. Judd may know that Helen and Andy, and Amanda are paranoid, so he is setting himself up to go a different direction.

  26. The length she will go to destroy anybody in her way, Next is Jessie while she teases Judd to keep him on her side. Her blocker if you will!

  27. I don’t get why Judd would like or pretend to like Arryn. She’s on the bottom in the house and she’s only slightly pretty. Jessie looks way better and won’t attract negative attention in the house.

  28. maybe aaryn likes him? why does it have to be that she’s self centred or she’s catty…

  29. What happened to Jessie? I though Judd and Jessie were the two. . . aaryn just wants someone to cling on thats male. . since david is not there

  30. She’s disguisting, but she is doing a great job making herself not a target anymore!! Hate her, but she is doing not bad and this is a good move for her

    • Gotta give the devil her due. She’s done a really nice job this past week getting back into the good graces w/ some of the house guests.

      A lot of people may not be rooting for her, but she’s actually playing the game.

  31. why is Aaron still on the big brother yeah I know what kind of show you guys running a racist show shame on you

    • All of you bashing Aaryn on here are just jealous of her hotness. The girl is playing Big Brother. At least she is playing the damn game, unlike most of them in there. All you all do is complain about racist comments. NEWSFLASH – A whole lot of Americans talk just like Aaryn and a whole lot worse. This game is a social experiment, that is meant to put all kinds of different people and personalities together. I’d rather have people like Aaryn who make good TV, rather than Howard or Jessie, who can barely put together a coherent sentence. Why don’t you people stop complaining, and thank Aaryn for giving Big Brother the ratings boost it needed.

  32. I hope he doesn’t fall for her ploy, he needs to wise up fast. I like Judd, I don’t like Aaryn.

  33. This show is worse than a soap opera. The latest with Judd being seduced is disgusting. I was hoping Elyssa would get dumped,she is the worst player I have ever seen. My wife watches this, but two nights could be eliminated and just show Thursday night. I get so tired of repeats, repeats because Sunday and Wednesday are mostly full of repeat sequences. This show has gotten so bad. Helen is a wicked, vicious player who needs to be kicked off. I have written to Jeremy and Nick and told them both they were pawns and it is a shame. I like the America votes for the third eviction person. Good luck to the ones who play this game and not act to artificial. And shame on Big Brother for some of the people they bring on, they need a better selection process.

  34. All of you bashing Aaryn on here are just jealous of her hotness. The girl is playing Big Brother. At least she is playing the damn game, unlike most of them in there. All you all do is complain about racist comments. NEWSFLASH – A whole lot of Americans talk just like Aaryn and a whole lot worse. This game is a social experiment, that is meant to put all kinds of different people and personalities together. I’d rather have people like Aaryn who make good TV, rather than Howard or Jessie, who can barely put together a coherent sentence. Why don’t you people stop complaining, and thank Aaryn for giving Big Brother the ratings boost it needed, so it stays on the air.

  35. you’r racist to thats why your protecting Aaron she’s not making a good enough reason for the big brothers to be on it your dreaming

    • Clearly you are uneducated and ignorant. I couldnt even understand what you wrote. Next time use spelling and grammar check. You are clearly just jealouse of Aaryn because she is sexy and beautiful. Im sorry that you think this world if full of rainbows and butterflies. Newsflash: blacks and minorities commit over 85% off all violent crime. That stat goes up to 90% if you only count murders and robberies. I should know, I’m in law school at one of the most prestigious Universities in the country. Why don’t you stop watching Big Brother and writing about it, if you hate it so much. Maybe people would stop being racist if minorities would stop raping, robbing and murdering the good white people of our country. They need to remember that it was the white man that brought them to our country to begin with. Even if they were slaves, we still brought them to the US, otherwise they would be rotting in Africa or Nigeria, infected with Aids and HIV and have herds of little monkeys running around them. They should be thanking the white people, instead of complaining and asking for handouts. Aaryn just had the guts to speak the truth!

    • you speak of white people are so good but 90% of the prisons are full of white rapist and perverts and childmolesters and murders and racist people and native Americans was here before Columbus so who acts like they need attention

  36. I can’t stand Aaryn its only cuz she can’t stand another girl getting attention from guys. I hope she is gone soon. She thinks she is so much better than everyone else. I would love to teach her a lesson with my fist down her throat!!!

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