Big Brother 15: Week 5 – Time To Count The Votes

Amanda counting votes

“We only need 4 votes,” Aaryn told Spencer and GinaMarie last night in the Big Brother 15 house. Dejected, Spencer informs her that they don’t even have four votes. So who does have four votes, or better yet, five votes to make the next eviction go their way? Read on for the latest from inside the BB15 game.

There are three options on the block this week following Monday’s Veto Ceremony. Either Howard, Candice, or Amanda will be evicted on Thursday night. With eight HGs voting a tie is possible if two of them each get four votes. Aaryn would then break the tie and from what she’s been saying we know which direction she wants to go.

Spencer has been working desperately to save his ally Howard, but he’s doing it in a weird direction. Instead of initially pushing for evicting Amanda he was settling for evicting Candice just to keep Howard. Once he started to realize there was potential to break up McCranda he moved in that direction.

Word of his attempt was spreading around BB15, mostly because Andy was running it back to McCranda. That resulted in a fight between Amanda and Spencer. He denied he was coming after her. He was. She denied she was coming after him. She was.

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That plan was officially sunk when Candice called a house meeting on Tuesday afternoon and called out Spencer for trying to save Howard by looking for votes against her and then against Amanda. Yes, that’s right, Candice called out Spencer and confirmed to Amanda that he encouraged Candice to look for votes to keep both Candice and Howard. Why would Candice out a plan to achieve her ideal vote outcome? That’s a great question. I doubt Candice has an answer on that one.

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Later Tuesday night, Spencer met with GinaMarie and Aaryn. Aaryn clearly wants Candice gone. She can’t stop talking about it. GinaMarie said she’d vote her out. Aaryn said they’d need only four votes. Spencer says they’d need five. No, Aaryn corrects him and says she could break the tie against Candice and keep Howard. Spencer points out they can’t even get to four. He says they only have two. I believe they’re closer than he thinks, but it still might not be enough.

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Jessie spent the night crying to Helen and then Amanda that Candice wasn’t being nice enough to her. She thinks Candice is “being a bitch” to her and she wants Candice gone. Amanda talked her down and told her to stop being so selfish and just do what Amanda wants and to vote out who Amanda wants gone and to just keep doing what Amanda wants, not what Jessie selfishly wants. Yep.

When the votes are done and gone, I still believe Howard is going to walk out the door on Thursday night. Spencer came close, but Candice didn’t help the cause, and the HGs don’t see what a huge opportunity they have in Amanda’s potential eviction.

Wednesday is a brand new day and anything can happen to keep watching!

Who would you vote out if you were inside the game right now? Now, which HG do you think will be evicted from Big Brother this week? Cast your vote in our poll below.


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  1. I am a bit caught up in this eviction. Candice is just way to nice and emotional at times that evicting her wouldn’t really get the other players any further. Amanda, as much as she pushes in this game I have to admit she really knows what she is doing. However, recently she has started to get a bit too pushy and the house guest are figuring that one out. Howard, well he is Howard. He is an extremely strong player and as much as I don’t really want to see him leave evicting him is probably the best option for the rest of the HG.

    • Amanda is more pushy because she is on the block and she became aware that some votes may go against her.

      I do not think Howard is a strong player. He has a terrible social game, except for his manipulation of a very willing Candice. He claims he is throwing competitions but I think that is an excuse for not winning. Big muscles do not translate to winning competitions.

    • Howard strong? What has he won? He hasn’t done anything. He’s very boring.

      • Eh, Disagree. I don’t think he’s that boring. He seems to be likable overall and has some personality. I prefer him over many of the HG’s and seems to be the only decent human being in the house. Plus, I do think he has potential to be a dark horse in this game, he just hasn’t showcased those abilities.

      • I liked him too until recently. Don’t think he’s very decent anymore. And even when I liked him I still thought he was boring. His social game sucks and he hasn’t won anything.

      • True. He hasn’t really done anything to be considered a strong player. I still like him compared to everyone else though

      • Lol, Agreed. This season has been painful to watch. There is no one to root for in terms of great game play. I can’t even think of one person in that house who is playing a solid game. Amanda maybe? lol

  2. I think Amands should go because she is way too bossy and she tries to tell everyone who to vote for and when they go against what she wants she gets pissed. She likes to push people around but don’t like it when it’s done to her.

    • The votes so far have always been favorable to Amanda’s game thus far. If any HG allows her to persuade them and make their choices for them (they all seem eager enough to vote with the house) then they deserve to be manipulated.

      Big Brother is about manipulation. Amanda is just much more aggressive in her tactics rather than passive aggressive like Helen.

      Helen gets just as bossy and controlling she just puts up a better front. So far they have shared the same agenda on who needs to go home. This will change. Both women are playing the best games in the house. I look forward to the up coming showdown at the BB Corral.

  3. Howard is boring and brings nothing to this game. He’s kind of an easy out. Amanda is getting too pushy though, and I don’t think anyone even realizes the danger that she poses. She’s not good in comps (yet) but she can take charge of anyone’s power. I think they seriously all fear her. Ideally they should get her out this week while they have the chance, because Howard is nowhere near as much of a threat a her. But because I watch the feeds, I want her to stay, because she makes

  4. Regardless of whether or not they all want Howard out. I think Amanda is going to get backdoored cause she stirs the pot too much..

  5. If Helen is smart she will get together with her alliance and Amanda will be gone!!

    • That would not be a smart move. I think Howard said yesterday that there are 4 or 5 people running the house. Helen knows exactly who he was referring to. Helen has to keep Amanda for a few more weeks because she needs the numbers. Once Howard and Spencer are gone, she can set her sights on Amanda.

      • Helen is good at rallying the houseguests behind her. Amanda is her biggest threat hands down!

      • It’s all about timing. Helen will do it, but I think it’s still a risky move to do it this week. From what I’ve observed, a lot of the players are still scared to make that move. I have no doubt, in the next two weeks, we’ll see a power struggle between Helen and Amanda.

      • Yep and Helen may go. Her name has been brought up by quite a few people too.

  6. I want amanda gone. I liked her once upon a time, but she is controling and selfish and just needs to go. I hate to say it but Im starting like aaryn more then amanda. I hope candice doesn’t go and wins HOH next week. MAUHUHUAHUHAUA

  7. The best bet is to vote Amanda out. But these HGs are too busy forming the bully alliance to know what’s in their best interest. If you were anywhere else but the BB house, would you want to associate with a bully??? Nope, so get Amanda the hell out of there!

    • Just keep nominating them on the block week after week. Spread it out though. Give 4 votes to your first choice, 3 votes to the 2nd choice and 3 votes to the 3rd choice. If the HOH nominates two of your choices and the 3rd choice becomes MVP then, you have 3 house guests you hate all on the block! If one is nominated by the HOH then, you maybe get 2 of your choices on the block which is not a bad thing! Worst case scenario is the HOH nominates 2 people not nominated among your 3 choices then, you would probably have to settle for 1 of your choices going on the block. Still, the paranoia it creates has a huge value in itself!

  8. Amanda is staying hands down, Even though everyone thinks Helen should turn on Amanda. She surely won’t evict her this week. Because there is a man on the block.

    • That may be but, I will put Helen and Judd on the block next week with my MVP votes in additon to Aaryn. Let us see if Amanda will keep Helen or Judd safe!

  9. I’d love to see Amanda go to see what McC does… He would cry, I don’t think he has had a relationship before, it would seem funny to see what he does, if anything. I sure hope Spencer wins HOH this week. Andy needs to go on the block to get him to stop being the snake that he is. Talk about a floater, I thought that was why BB has the MVP this year, to get the floaters out… Smooth move BB… ;o)

  10. Since the game is rigged for Amanda to win its obvious Howard will go why watch or debate it. I quit watching

  11. I’m curious how many of the people hating on Amanda because she’s been manipulating a lot of the votes & noms to go according to her game plan loved the crap out of Dan G. in his seasons for doing the same exact thing. If you don’t like her because her style’s too pushy for you, that’s fine. But if you don’t like her because she’s “controlling the game”…it’s BIG BROTHER controlling the game is what you’re supposed to do!!

    • I don’t even see how you can compare Dan and Amanda. Dan was the villain that you love to hate and Amanda is the villain that you just hate. Dan had a gift for gab and Amanda just like to gab. Dan knew how to the play the game, but Amanda is too busing playing games. No comparison!

    • I actually like Amanda because of the way she is playing the game. I think her tactcs are really more a combination of Evil Dick and Dan G.

    • Not Dan Gheesling…please !…She plays more like Russell Hantz of Survivor.

      • Did I say she played like Dan?!? No. I said getting mad at her for “manipulating the house” when that’s the same thing that Dan did all last season is a little hypocritical.

    • Dan Gheesling was a master of manipulation as was Mike Boogie and the best of them all, Dr. Will Kirby. To suggest Amanda is in the same class is a big joke! All Amanda does is try to bully the other players in her alliance when they have control of the nominations. It is one thing to suggest something and give arguments why that is a good idea. Helen would be closer to the way Dan Gheesling and other manipulators operate. Amanda is so far out of left field in her game play. What soured me on Amanda, Helen and Judd is their coddling of Aaryn—-in effect giving her 3 sure votes against someone else on the block each time even if you put Aaryn on the block! That is fine. I will just put Judd, Helen and Amanda on the MVP nominations to nullify their votes if they get put on the block and cannot win POv!

  12. Candice has lost her mind. She is another one more intent on a showmance than playing the game. Then she gets mad because she thinks she is going home. It her own fault!

    • Candice is not a gamer.She’s a showmance wannabe.If Howard gets evicted,she’ll slide rite off the mountain & self-destruct!!

  13. Well I guess writing for this site gives you some power in leveraging for nominees, the comments section echoes the article and thats unbelievably biased towards amanda. Sure her game is very pushy, but let that be her downfall, WHY WOULDNT YOU PLAY A “SELFISH GAME”?

    • It is also the same reason. They should end the MVP twist. Because allowing America to vote on nomination while America is allowed to see everything in the house. I think is totally unfair to houseguests. Hell I would have bet money on if they had this twist during the season of ‘The Brigade.’ The Brigade probably would have gotten broken up easily.

  14. These people aren’t smart enough to vote out Amanda. They are like a bunch of lemmings running off a cliff. Following the leader to their doom!

  15. C’est la vie Howard!!! Been real,but not real fun. Be gone with ya.

  16. Personally I’d like to see Helen gone. I liked her at first but she’s getting too cocky/arrogant. Leading them all. She reminds me of Jeremy. His(her) way or the highway.

    • Yep I agree. And I’m sick of her telling everyone I have your back. She told Candice to call Spencer out and now since Spencer is not going anywhere she’s kissing his butt. Telling him she feels bad for him and has his back. She’s worried he might get HOH. Like I said several times if we get to vote and she is not HOH I’m voting for her. She needs a reality check.

    • I agree Lav– No way. And I both want and THINK Howard will go. His little speech he gave only proves that–although he is a nice man–he is in way, waaay over his head, and does not belong in the BB house. Never did.
      And *shrug* I like Amanda. She’s a player.. and you have to admit the season’t a lot more interesting with her around.
      Team McManda!

  17. I want Howard to stsy to shake up the house. However, he has to win HOH first.
    I do feel he is going. Unless these ppl woke up after his speech yesterday. Aaryn and GM have. Hopefully someone else does too.

  18. 43% really? That’s wishful thinking. You guys know very well that these players discuss everything openly.

  19. An Amanda eviction would be nice just because I think it would open up so many people’s games. Getting Howard or Candace out doesn’t really change anything in the house.

    Also because it would mean that not everyone in the house is an absolute idiot/not trying to just coast to jury.

  20. Candace has earned her ticket on the block and out the house. She was once so sharp, but now she’s making stupid stupid stupid moves. I hope she goes for that reason alone.

  21. What is going on, just because Amanda is playing a good game doesn’t mean she should leave now. Take out Candice the floater and then let the good game players battle it out. Its not Amanda’s time.

  22. If Amanda stays she could go far because she is playing a game where you HAVE to manipulate, push people to make big decisions and lie. I think she is a great player!

  23. Personally, I like Amanda. I think a lot of people dislike her because of her strong personality. Also, she is playing the game very well.. the moves she’s playing are what you need in Big Brother in order to win. Yes, Amanda has control. Does Andy have any control??

    • I don’t dislike her because of her “strong personality”. There are many other reasons that make me dislike her. For one, she is a hypocrite! She has become worse than Aryan in my opinion. How can someone call another racist when they do the same thing? Two, I can’t stand her smugness about all the other HGs obeying her demands. It’s easy to fool idiots. No way would her tactics work on stronger players Like Dr Will, ED, Brenchel, Ragan, Britney, etc… If Demanda were up against people who weren’t so weak, she would be in a corner sucking her thumb.

  24. So any chance the house flips and Howard stays? I really would much rather he stay than Amanda.

  25. why do you watch this show if you don’t like the game hellen and Amanda are playing a game To win the money

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