Big Brother 14 Week 9.5: Noms, Veto, Eviction, and HoH Results

Shane Meaney on Big Brother 14

Tonight on Big Brother 14 we’re about to be treated to an awesome live eviction show. This could be the biggest eviction episode of the season if everything goes as planned. Considering production ripped away our last blindside when Frank was saved by the Coaches Twist this should more than make up for that.

As part of tonight’s show there will be nominations, a Veto competition, a Veto ceremony, and then the big live eviction. After the eviction the first part of the 3-part final HoH competition will kick off. It’ll be an endurance competition that you can only watch online so get your Live Feeds ready to go right now!

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After Danielle wins HoH we see Dan tell her to nominate him and Ian to make Shane overly comfortable. He told her this several times in the house.

Big Brother 14 Week 9.5 Nominations:

  • Dan & Ian nominated.

We get a glimpse in to the Jury House. Ashley enjoyed practicing blowing bubbles. I’m not kidding. Ashley and Britney were having fun before Frank showed up and then we get some sparks between them.

Big Brother 14 Week 9.5 Veto Competition:

  • Danielle wins Veto

Now we’ll shift from the pre-recorded content to the live show. Oh boy oh boy here comes the fun stuff. Blindside should be on its way!

Big Brother 14 Week 9.5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Danielle uses the Veto on Dan. Shane is renom’d.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Everything is lining up for this blindside. Shane pretending to be surprised by Danielle’s decision, but he really will be by Dan’s in just a minute.

Big Brother 14 Week 9.5 Live Eviction:

  • Dan votes to evict Shane!

The blind side went through. Danielle is floored. Shane is shocked.

Danielle Murphree on Big Brother 14

Before the final commercial we get a glimpse of a forest setting for the first round of the HoH competition, but then the show ends before the comp begins. We’re going to keep watching the Feeds to see what’s up. CBS may have just run out of time as they were pushing it there at the end.

Big Brother 14 Final HoH – Round 1:

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  1. Danielle thinks she beautiful and desirable. What do you think? The guys in my dorm think she looks like a beached whale.

    • she is going to plump up to be a fatty pig fatty, love the shots sans makeup that showed the huge zits

      • no idea why you would say something like that. Danielle is not fat and I’m surprised that as a woman you would make such a degrading remark. Weird

    • kind of a juvenile comment. She’s not overweight and she is actually a pretty girl. Your comment is what is wrong with society. Negative comments about people’s looks and making women nothing more than “a beached whale” or “ugly”. I’d like to see what you and the “guys” in the dorm look like. A bunch of hot guys right?

    • not for another week and then he will have a 500K check in his wallet, a millionaire for winning twice

  2. Ian wrote on his blog that he has been planning a Quack Pack-type alliance for years. He’s drunk with power.

  3. Let’s go Ian! Bears and PACKERS game? Or watch Danielle gloat around the house or see what kind of stupid move Shane pulls?

  4. britney earns major props for me for not being bitter towards dan. and for saying franks social game sucked which it does

    • Kara, yep. I thought the same thing. She understands its a GAME and anything goes, Its not real life. I lost all respect for Frank. He has nobody but himself to blame for listening to ego maniac, overrated Boogie when he wanted to take Dan out fast. Then he had him again and let him off a SECOND time! Now he is pissed? Lol. Give us a break, dummy. He is also a hypocrite. He was going to back stab Dan but Boogie talked him out of it. Now he plays like he’s mister integrity? Brittany is an adult in the end. She knows its a game where everything goes. Frank is a whining bitch in the end. And so it goes.

      • I agree with everything you said. Frank kept talking about how his game was different, how he was nothing but honest he was. But he made deals he had no intention of keeping, told lies when he needed to, threw people under the bus, and did everything everyone else was doing. He acted like his crap didn’t stink, and his ego was unbearable.

    • Brittney’s only trying 2 save face and she’s glad every1 else in the JR is right there with her because the got douped 2. Altho, she said Dan is a good player, u know Brittany will give her vote to Ian, she said so in her interview if he makes it to final 2. So, if Dan’s so great then why doesn’t she vote for him ?? hmm……

      • The interview was right after she got evicted and now she has had time to reflect and I just would not be surprised if she would give it to Dan after seeing her in the jury tonight.

  5. frank is such a loser….. relax and get over yourself….. its just a game….. britney is right on, frank was targeted from day one cause he had a bad social game(cause he was being a douche w boogie to the other hg)

  6. Im just going to say it, Frank is just a little bitch. What a soar loser……He is the only one that cant accept that it is just a game, just like his huge fan base…..

    • Frank has entitlement syndrome and refuses to grow up and put his big boy pants on. Granny needs to kick his sorry butt out and make him WORK for a living!

    • I agree with you. Why are people acting like this is something other than a game? Most people on here act like Dan is doing something or someone wrong. As long as he is loyal to his wife and child is all that matters to him and that is how it should be until he is out of the house.

  7. hmm the final pov is like a chemistry puzzle. wow production dont be too subtle of who yo want to win

  8. Britney said week 3 that Frank had the best social game this season because he was so likeable. Plus Frank went on the block 6 times…and he didn’t even explode until the 5th time where most people get mad the first time they go up..Thats a pretty good social game in my eyes.

    • dont you think its a problem that frank was nominated six times in the first place. shane was just as good as frank at comps and he didnt get nominated that much. he had a stronger social game.

      • Frank was associated with Boogie who nobody likes or trust…they went after Frank to get to Boogie…and as soon as Boogie became a player he was evicted.

      • exactly. franks problem was he never made any effort to make any connections to anyone else in the house. it was foolish of him to stick with boogie solely and even more foolish to act like a baby when he was evicted. frank takes everything too personally.

  9. Dan is America’s Player. However, he’s BURNING too many bridges, these people are going to be in the jury.

    • Dan & Danielle,

      Danielle must have known there was a reason for the change, but didn’t want her hands dirty.

      “Be wise as serpents but innocent as doves”

      You both forgot the the doves: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

  10. I am shocked she is a dumba** I cannot believe she has falling for Dan’s BS…..I am so upset Dan deserves to win!

  11. Danielle needs to go home. Dan won once. Ian or Shane should win. Danielle rode coat tails and cried up till a week ago. Franks exit was in bad sportsmanship but he got jerked around so bad. At least he played an honest game and didn’t go back on his word like Dan did (many times).

  12. After that move, Dan deserves to win! Wow didn’t see that coming did you Danielle, hahaha that was awesome

    • I agree. I think casting should cast all superfans next season. People that have seen every season. THAT would make for a good season.

    • Here is my thing about Dan. First of all, if I were a parent I wouldn’t let Dan NEAR my child. I think the example he has been on this show is disgusting. The ONLY thing in this world he cares about is winning and the money. To swear things on your wife, on your wedding ring, and then purposely go against what you swore is disgusting. He can say he was doing it FOR his wife all he wants, it doesn’t excuse his actions. He can say this is just a game, but that is what he does in real life, coach kids in games. To have the attitude that all that matters is winning is a horrible one to have. Most Americans see liars and backstabbers win and it disgusts us. I am sure the majority of us watching feel the same way about Dan.
      Now with all of that said, I think what Dan did tonight was a stupid move. IMHO the only person he had a chance to win jury votes over, was Shane. No matter who he might end up against, Dani or Ian, I can only see Britney and possibly Joe voting for him over Ian or Dani. I feel confident that Ashley, Frank and Jen are going to vote for whoever ends up against Dan. That means, again IMHO, that Dan needed two more in the jury to vote possibly for him. The one he sent there tonight will not. To me, Dan just lost the game. I can’t say I’m not happy he did, but I just have a hard time following his logic in what he did tonight.

      • Maybe Dan knows he won’t win, but has a deal to push ratings and make money claiming he coached the whole season.

        Yes, another poorly designed book and consulting.

      • God help you if you think Dan is brilliant! wow Sharon, I feel sorry for your kids, if you think Dan is a good guy. I will pray for them!

      • lol, Dariel, seriously? You think this Dan is him in real life? Get over yourself and realize that life is more than what you see on TV. He said from day one that he would the do things he needed to do to win. He’s doing just that, so sounds to me like he stands by his word…which makes him a pretty good guy, no? I think so.

      • @DanFan in Awe Then your as sick as he is! NO one can be that evil to play a GAME he must have the same mentallity out of the GAME or how could he come up the such evil stuff…

      • I can’t believe people are being so crazy about this. He’s the only one actually playing the game and entertaining us. Hell wtf would we be talking about if jenn joe and Ashley were in the house. Rainbows unicorns and Ashley’s five year old dream drawings. Yea that sounds like good tv. Dan proved he could play a loyal game season 10. He’s playing a different game this year and honestly it’s the houseguests fault for not evicting him. They had a million shots don’t hate the player.

      • But if Shane won hoh, he would definitely take Danielle, where both Danielle and Ian have final 2 deals with Dan. And I think it’s crazy that people are so outraged by Dan. There has and always will be lying and backstabbing in this GAME. everyone in the house lied and backstabbed, Dan just happens to be the greatest at it

      • I think it’s crazy too. Have they never seen Big Brother before? There’s ALWAYS cheating and backstabbing, that’s how you win this game. I also think it’s crazy to say things like “I wouldn’t let him anywhere near my child”. Are you afraid to let an NFL linebacker near your kids for fear they will spontaneously tackle the child? Dan is just playing the game correctly! I’m sure Dan is a great person in the REAL WORLD where he’s not playing for $500,000.

        That said I think Dan might have backstabbed one too many times…jury might not like it…but we will see in a week.

      • How so? He was locked in a room for 24 hours. He didn’t have time to get a plan from the Diary Room. I’m not saying the producers don’t influence the game but I think Dan’s Funeral was pretty much all Dan’s idea.

      • Dan is awesome and this is a game where you have to lie and scheme to win. It’s a reality show so get over it.

      • Perhaps you need to go watch re-runs of Little House on the Prairie…that sounds more up your alley…

      • That is possibly the most ignorant statement I’ve read on this site & I’ve read all the comments. Way to go.

      • It’s a game! Games are played to win! If there had not been that “first date” with Daniele and Shane, Daniele was gonna blindside Shane, and Daniele should have known Dan was gonna do that, because she knew Dan wanted Shane gone! Just a game!

      • Exactly…it’s almost like he gave the game away to either Danielle or Ian, cause I don’t see him winning in any scenario. The closest scenario would be him & Ian in the F2, but then, that would probably end up being a 4-3 vote for Ian to win. Also, this year’s jury currently is made up of 5 rookies & 1 veteran (Brit)…so, it’s hard to imagine they would vote for a guy to win, who has ALREADY WON BB before, over someone who is a first-timer! Remember, last season’s jury was 4 vets & 3 rookies, so it was pretty easy to see why Rachel won (as annoying as she is!). Actually, this year, Danielle (this season’s version of Rachel!) has a better shot at winning, cause she would beat Ian & Dan in the F2 to win!

      • u say dan only cares about the money? why else is he here? to audition to be the next pope. U say u will not allow dan to go near ur children? what has he done wrong is he a pedophile like sandusky, he has lied(which all contestants has done in all seasons to win $500,000) and so what? if you were there you will lie also to win the money. list someone who has not lied and who won the money on any season of big brother or survivor? and by the way i bet if i look into your life you lie daily but the sad thing is you will not win the money. lets not be hypocrites here people. unless you are the pope (?????) dont even try the holier than thou crap. dan is brilliant.

    • No season 12 had the dumbest by far including the winner. Only thing I can figure out about this season is Dan must have studied Hypnosis since season 10, only explanation for the extreme way everyone has done his bidding and followed Dan’s wishes, often against their own self interest.

      It wasn’t really fair to the other players who were new to the game to have to compete against someone like Dan who has already won the game before, he was able to draw on experience the others, even Ian just didn’t have.

    • I agree. Ian, Dan, Boogie, and Britney (and maybe Janelle if she was really into it) were the only ones who should have been let into the house at all. How stupid are Danielle and Shane to decide to put Shane up???

      • I disagree about Ian. He played a terrible game getting rid of Jenn instead of Shame/Dumbielle. Ian is lucky that Dumbielle is the dumbest houseguest to ever play the game and vetoed Dan off. Any other houseguests with any brain at all would NOT have used that veto.

    • Except Dan. The rest are all low-class morons and idiots. Dan is the only one with any common sense. Lol at Dumbielle. XD

  13. YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT DANIELLE ACTUALLY WENT THROUGH WITH VETOING OFF DAN, AND SHANE IS COOL WITH IT??? It’s official: getting “Shane’d” is worse than “The Marcellas Effect”; being content on the block is bad enough, but volunteering??? *gives Dan all my money*

      • I know I am!!! I mean he was a Target from Day 1 just like he said and that he and his student, Danielle, have made it to final 3 is nothing short of a miracle. Amazed that Danielle is so dumb that she does not realize that at least Dan was telling her the truth and it is that she could never of won next to shane and if Dan gets evicted Danielle does have the votes to win the $500,000 and that Shane does not care about her at all. SHE SHOULD BE HAPPY!!!

  14. dan sucks. ive never seen someone play so dirty before. i dont care what you say what he did to shane was cruel

    • She ended up there because Dan is her coach. Danielle was hoh and veto holder, but Dan called the shots.

      • She got there because she is the dumbest player in the house and is ready, willing and obedient to follow Dan’s every command. He brought her to the end because he knows he can beat her. No other reason.

      • I disagree I think he brought her to the end also because he knows if he gets evicted that Danielle will have the votes to win because he is and was her coach. Do not think Dan has ever stopped coaching her for the win in case he loses.

      • I think if Dan was in the jury, he would vote for Danielle to win over anyone else, BUT he would quickly vote her out if he won this final HoH and he thought he had a better chance of beating Ian in jury votes.

        I think Dan brought Danielle along because she is a decent competitor and will blindly follow him. She’s played that role to perfection for him.

      • You would think the girl would be elated that she may of just won $500,000, but no crying over a guy that does not give a rats as* about her. He made that pretty evident in his interview.

      • Do you really think that Danielle had no idea?

        She didn’t want to get her hands dirty, and this is no different than all the other stories she tells with a straight face.

        The whole thing seems scripted and staged.

      • I think Danielle had no idea. Danielle did not know about the the final two deal that Dan has with Ian. Dan blind sided Dani. Why would Dani want to keep Ian over Shane, anyway? Dan had a final two deal with Shane, Ian, and Dani. I believe Ian might have had some kind of deal with Shane and had a final two with Dan, Shane had a final two deal with Dan and Danielle and I believe Danielle had a final two deal with Dan and Shane. Since Dani didn’t have a deal with Ian, what sense would it make for her to keep him.

      • Sorry, she chose Dan knowing what could happen. She knows Dan lies and publicly mocks her, even if she’s not willing to admit that she let Shane go.

        I guess I can’t see that people are that dumb.

      • No, because she was friggin pissed! Trust me, I know from experience. After taking a lot of crap from someone for an extended period of time, regardless of the circumstances, the crying stops and all that’s left is rage.

    • Because Dan believes she is the only person he can beat in the final two. Because he’s already won, he needed to find someone who absolutely does not deserve to win — and voila — and that’s Danielle!

      • ‘cept that’ll backfire on him because it doesn’t sound like anyone’s gonna vote for him. Dan’s playing for second place at best.

  15. I want Ian to win it all,,,but almost hope Danielle gets to be the one to decide who goes to final 2 with her – because I think after what Dan just did to her, she would choose to bring Ian! Dan would never know what hit him!

  16. Dan wins no matter what now i think. I’m pretty sure he has the jury votes and danielle and ian will both take him if they win final hoh.

  17. bahahaha! What did Dan do? He just exposed his alliance with Danielle. People in the jury house will have to wonder why Danielle took Dan off. Since Shane believes that Danielle was in on it……guess what… will the jury! Now, if Danielle is in the final 2, she will have to fight to win. Dan is a smart one!

    • I don’t think Shane thinks that. Julie said lets listen in on the houseguests and Shane was still there, but maybe they didn’t let him listen to that. No way Dan wins.

      • And he probably will. Nice guy. Dumb…but nice. Sort of like a floppy eared puppy that keeps bumping into things. Loveable but just so ridiculous.

  18. Oh wow, Dan self-promoting his books again, which are only self-published E-books. What a surprise. Does this man have no morals? Have another glass of Kool-Aid Danielle. Ian wins final HOH and you’re toast. Forgot that angle Father Dan.

  19. This season should go down in history for the most gullible and moronic HGs. You could probably convince them that you can turn water into wine.

  20. OMG. ….. I know Dan’s Game plan. If he wins the HOH competition, he is taking Ian to the final 2 and not Danielle. Think about it. If Danielle makes it to the final 2, she automatically has Shane, Frank, Jen, and Ashley’s vote. That would make her the Big Brother 14 WINNER.

    However, if he took Ian to the final 2 he would have a better shot at winning it. I still don’t see him winning it though, because he would lose Danielle’s vote as well.

    Dan wont win it this time playing this villain role.

    • lol wrong . You don’t know Dan game at all. Dan is gonna take dani because she is the weakest of the two. Dan has done more then dani and he’ll win by better gameplay alone like last season.

      • I agree with you that Dan is the better game player by far. However, I definitely can see most of the jury voting based on their bitterness. Dan did people just too dirty. Who do you see voting for Dan besides Joe and Brittany?

      • I still see Britney voting for Ian – she will be impressed “Dan’s mist” didn’t take him out of the game…Dan did just save him – so maybe his mist blew back in his face! LOL

      • Dan and Ian, I think it will be 50/50. I would like to see them both. Ian played the game well also. It’s just a matter of how well they can convince the Jury. The would be awesome to watch their speeches.

      • Historically, Juries are fair, if you look at past seasons.There maybe one or two that would cast their votes based on their emotions, but they usually vote for the best player.

      • I agree and he will also say he is the only one to get one of his players to the end. I can’t wait to hear his speech.

  21. Dan is so wicked…when it comes down to it they will vote him to win just like when evil dick Won because ultimately he did Play the game. Even though I don’t agree with his methods he did play a better social Game then the other 2.

  22. If this jury bases their votes on emotion, Danny boy doesnt stand a chance! Heck, Danielle just may win this…..
    As an Ian fan, I am happy for him. But, I felt so sad for Shane.

    • At this point i think Brit and Joe would vote on game play. Frank and Ashley seem more like emotional voters. That could change…but i’m doubting Frank can see through the mist to put his emotions aside and vote logically…assuming Dan makes F2.

  23. Delusional Danielle said that her dad will be proud of her. Danielle really! Does she really think her abusive alcoholic dad is going to be proud of her. The girl is clueless.

      • Where do I come up with this hateful stuff? I didn’t come up with it. Danielle said that her dad is an abusive alcoholic. I don’t know Danielle’s dad and would not be able to “COME UP” with anything about him.

  24. Dan will go down in big brother history as the BIGGEST SCUMBAG LIAR of all time… you know when he is about to LIE he opens his mouth.

  25. what was the point of Dan’s making the big move against Shane. He was safe – he would have just as good a chance to go to final 2 with Shane and Danielle in the house. He just burned more bridges and created less chance for himself to win. Seems to me he could have just shut up and had a better chance at the money. He won’t have many votes and for sure Shane is not going to vote for him.

  26. BAHAHAHA, this was hilarious. Amazes me how these idiots continue to trust Dan and loved Danielle’s face. Only thing that floored me is Shane acting Dan is the only one that had final two with others. How short Shane’s memory is that he has conveniently forgot that he had a final two with Dan and Danielle, and we all know that he would never of taken Dan. LOVE THIS SHOW and DAN FOR THE WIN!! Britney as I figured is the only one in jury that has a brain and realizes that Dan is playing one heck of a game and no surprise cry baby Frank still crying!!!!

  27. If danielle wins the final she will have no choice but to take Ian and evict Dan as Dan has just told her he evicted shane so she could have a chance at winning against Ian… Dont be a total dumbass Danielle… evict Dan if you get the chance

      • Which is unfortunate, since Dan should win, he’s made every move he needed to make to get himself to the Final Two and never burned someone when it wasn’t necessary. The jury is just too godamn bitter. Joe, Shane, Frank, and probably Ashley, will all vote against Dan because they’re idiots, and then Ian or Danielle will win when they really don’t deserve to.

  28. That was the best play in big brother history hands down! Dan deserves to win again! Man he is good! Danielle needs to realize this game is about money, and without Dan and the decisions he’s made, she didn’t have a chance at winning anything…PERIOD. Lolololol

    • Totally agree. If it weren’t for Dan…Danielle would be sitting next to Brit right now. She’s one very lucky, clueless, delusional girl.

  29. dan wont win. hell get 2nd place. hes just burned too many jury members. he wotn get ashleys franks or shanes vote and prob wont get whoever leaves the house next vote.

  30. Shane is a nice, personable guy. He was devasted when his so-called moronic gf gave Dan the POV. I hope he dumps her on her big, fat ass.

  31. I know its a game like everyone says, but how is everyone still liking Dan, when hes a ahole, but you all hate Frank for being a sore loser? I dont get it, double standered…Frank was loayl rather you want to believe it or not.

  32. UNMM are they going to show the endurence comp on the feeds? They didn’t start it at the end of the show, and I’m still on trivia. This is why I pay for the feeds. For THIS comp. I wanna watch it live!

  33. So if it’s Dan and Danielle in the finale the votes will go like: Ashley- Danielle, Britney-Danielle, Frank-Danielle, Joe-???, Jenn- Possibly Danielle, Shane- Danielle, Ian-Dan

    • Brittany, Jenn, and Ian will vote for Dan. If Frank can get over being played he’ll vote for Dan. Shane’s vote is probably the only one that is for sure sealed.

    • I am not sure about that one with Dan in the finale because definitely think Britney will go Dan after seeing her tonight and sort of think Jenn will go Dan and Ian might go Dan so it just sort of depends on Joe for me at least.

    • I would be stunned if Danielle beat Dan.
      After seeing the jury house tonight I don’t know if Ian would even beat Dan.

      • Why they are all acting like babies except for Britney who knows that Dan played the Best Game in the House!! Dan is the best BB player of all time!!

    • I think Dan made an excellent move. Britney is a smart girl and will be able to figure out that Dan and Dani were working together. They will know that Dani knew they were all going to be evicted and she was in on it, as well. I’m sure that is not going to fair well with Britney….her best friend.

    • Danielle or Ian could vote Dan off and tell the jury that they eliminated the biggest player ever.

  34. Dan, the best player in BB history, by FAR, sorry Will and his fans, but its true, just keeps making every one do his bidding. And he always has a way to make the other house guests accept it and even support it. No one, ever, has controlled a house and so many people like genius Dan has. You could tell he was special at this game the first time, but boy, this year he showed his BB 10 win was really just an iceberg. He showed like ten percent of what he really had going on. This year, he showed much more of his real game. And what a game!

    Now he is every house guests Shepard. Has been for weeks in fact. They all were expecting him to take each of them to the final three or two. All the while instead of being a Shepard, he is the wolf, cutting a sheep out of the herd at will, eating it in private, leaving its bones on the trial, all the while telling the other sheep he will not let some wolf do that to them, lol.

    Dan: The BB Master of all time!!! Wow. He is a freak.

    • Absolutely. There is no way Dr, Will could have controlled the likes of Shane, Jen, Ian, Joe, or Danielle. They are too mentally strong.

  35. OMG Dan is friggin AWESOME!!! He deserves to win this game. Everyone calls Dr. Will the puppet master well I’m sorry but Dan is the puppet master and Will is the puppet junior.

    • I would disagree…I would tie them. The only reason Will’s magic puppet skills aren’t top of mind is because it’s been several seasons since we last saw him. Dan is fresh in mind.

      They are equals in my opinion. As much as I am ready to see BB with all NEW HG’s, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Will and Dan in the same season. Not anymore because people know what to expect, but what a season that would have made. Wow.

  36. Danielle won HOH and what did Shane do? He gave her a kiss. Instead of Shane worrying about Dan, Shane was too worried about Danielle keeping him safe. Shane brought his eviction on himself.

    • Shane had no idea anymore than Dumbelle did as to what Dan was going to do….Shane truly believed Dan would repay him the same respect…but as you can see, he got blindsided by the one person he decided to trust! Shame on Shame!

      • Shane was going to backstab Dan who he made a final two deal with before Joe was evicted so why should Dan of trusted him. He was going to go back on his promise to Dan just Dan did it first.

  37. I hope they have plenty of security for the finals, I can see several people wanting to ring Dan’s neck.

  38. Since Shane is out Danielle needs to leave now for the real players to compete. Dan carried her this far and now she needs to go.

  39. If Dan doesn’t win it will be because people are voting against him just to vote agaisnt him and not because they think whoever is in the final two played a better game.

    • NO ONE played a better game but there are bitter children in that jury, cannot call frank an adult, so who knows what may happen.

      • My 3 year old handles it better than Frank. He is a sad example of what a 29 year old shoud be. If I was his parents I would be mortified at the way he was acting.

  40. This season…this house…dumb and naive. Just give it to Dan. Even Ian has a blind spot and can’t see Dan for who he really is. Didn’t like him the first time. As far as Frank — all remember, he just walked in the house after being evicted. He’s still pissed of course and bitter. Just like the rest of the newbies in this house, they’re immature and lack wisdom. Frank is just frustrated because it was so fresh to him when they shot that video. He’s as upset as Shane is now.

    • No, Frank is just a very bitter and vile child who has never grown up as is evident since he is 29 years old and does not even work to support himself. His grandmother supports him! He thinks he is entitled that life hand him a rose garden and he does not have to work like the rest of America does. He has a lot of growing up to do!

    • Yeh, Ian does have a blind spot, but after the move Dan just made, he’ll change his tune! Shane should not have been shocked…but that’s what happens when you trust someone in the BB house! Bet he wishes he’d watched Dan’s season, huh?

      • Ironic that among the house guests who seems
        to have an inkling is Jenn. She said in her exit
        interview that Dan is able to get out of tight
        situations and is one dangerous player!

      • Yep…blind spot…and it will hurt him in the end. I almost want to see that — even though out of the 3 left, I’d rather Ian win. But it would be entertainment to see him burned as well and then Danielle in the end….like Dan is doing all of this to really make sure she’s in the end because he’s her coach. Dan is good and knows what to say to people..what they want to hear based on their insecurities. I still hate him though.

  41. I do think Dan is a great BB player and he can work his way out of anything.. But he’s screwed the WHOLE JURY… No way in hell he will win. The Jury is BITTER!!!

    • Well, anything can happen. Back in BB10, he got all seven jury votes- even the ones from the people who called him Judas after the America’s Player vote forced him to boot Jessie.

      • Different year, different jury. No one is going to let Dan win, unless Dumbelle is there. So I am praying that Ian makes it now! Ian deserves it over Dumbelle any day! He’s stayed off the block more than her and he’s won HOH three to her two times plus played a good social game. Let the drama begin once more with Dumbelle complaining the whole way til Sunday, even though she says she doesn’t normally complain about stuff. She’s done nothing but that since the 2nd week. I’m sooo rooting for Ian to win it all!!!

    • Dan will still win this if he makes it to Final 2. What he
      should watch out for is Danielle. Remember the saying,
      hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! She might
      return the favor if she wins the Final HOH and take
      Ian to Final 2 instead! She will not win that $500,000
      but, she would have gotten revenge on Dan by
      denying him the $500,000 check!

    • I know and that is sad that they do not realized that they were just outplayed by a superior player and cannot just see past their bitterness. Hats off to Britney who has played the game once before and even sees that Dan outplayed all of them.

  42. I did NOT want Dan to win, I wanted him to get evicted early on but after everything he’s done I hope he wins! I hope Dan wins the final HOH and evicts Ian (Ian thinks hes a “Renegade”)… Everyone will vote for him (except Ian and Shane, maybe Frank too) and Dan will win.

  43. Ian fans, you should thank Dan for what he has done along with that hillbilly chick in the house. If it wasn’t for Diane or whatever her name is, Ian would’ve been OUT

  44. Ian played the best game. He won a crap ton of comps, played a great social game, was loyal, and played a very good strategic game that was just as equally good as Dan’s. He got rid of Boogie and Frank, while Dan managed to save himself and get rid of Shane. Ian has way more people on the jury that like him as well. Ian is going to be the winner of Big Brother 14.

    • Ian has not done anything major rather than win
      some HOH and Vetos. Game play wise, Dan got
      himself off the block when he was about to be booted
      out! Got Brittney evicted, got Frank evicted, got Ian
      to keep him safe all the time, got Danielle to vote
      his way, everyone including Ian was his puppet!
      His game play tonight is nothing short of magical!
      Imagine, Dan was on the block and helpless but,
      he managed to convince Danielle to take him off
      the block guaranteeing Shane gets put on the
      block! As the sole vote, Dan saved Ian while,
      evicting Shane at the same time! Pure genius!
      Dan by a mile deserves to win it all!

  45. I have such mixed emotions watching this all go down. When he started (Dan) this unbelievable way of swaying people into doing exactly what he wanted I was super impressed and rooting for him. But as its gone on, I really started to feel sorry for some of the casualties in his way. As Dan started to give his speech as to why he is evicting Shane I really started to Hate him. I know its just a game, and he has played it brilliantly, but him swaring on his wife, and the bible on more than one occasion just annoyed me. This house was full of some of the dumbest people in America, and Ian, who even got rolled over by the Dan mist, thinking he and Dan were allies. Very mixed emotions, but makes for unbelievable and entertaining television. I really wish it was on every night!!

    • It’s actually the opposite for me. I was not happy with the way Dan was playing everybody but now I’m impressed.

    • Dan did what he had to do and once again what he swore to on the bible was about the QP and was that absolute truth. The others have made lies and final 2 deals with more than one player also. I mean Brit had one with Frank and with the QP and Danielle and with Shane. It is just the game and the only two that have been loyal to each other were Dan and Danielle but Danielle was letting her “LOVE” for Shane get in the mix and Shane proved tonight in the interview that he has no real feelings for Danielle. Danielle is going to be really hurt by that when she realizes it.

      • Yes he admitted there was potential for a romance….but that’s Definitely not a plus in his favor.

      • Danielle told many stories that people don’t believe, and yet they think she didn’t see this coming?

      • Are you serious when you say Dan has ben loyal to Danielle? That is ridiculous. The only reason he has brought her this far is because he KNOWS he will beat her in final 2. She is a moron, and no one will vote for her if shes sitting next to Dan. Dan didnt care about Shane not loving her or even liking her, its all about Dan, as it should be. Every man for himself in this kind of game. But Dan straight out lying to Danielle explaining why he evicted Shane was for Danielle to win,”My goal in this house is to get you to the end”LOL. So Ridiculous, and the only thing more ridiculous was her believing it.

      • He has been loyal to Danielle!! There is no way danielle would of gotten this far without Dan. I mean even on the pirate ship she was fixing to fall until Dan came out and gave her that spectacular pep talk. Be serious he has been very loyal to Danielle.

      • Maybe we’re talking about 2 different things. i don’t consider it “loyal”. Has he helped her and not backstabbed her? yes, ofcourse. But only for selfish reasons. He realized a while ago, that she was a terrible player, and bringing her to the final 2 to sit next to him, would guarantee him winning it all.

  46. Danielle is HOH and has Veto and hands all power to Dan
    who was helpless and on the block! Talk about Dumb!
    I capitalized the D for emphasis. This has to rank among
    the dumbest moves this season! Boogie’s going after
    the $10,000 instead of the HOH comes to mind however,
    atleast, Boogie has $10,000 in his pocket! Danielle has
    nothing! And Ian is probably jumping for joy. He was
    dead man walking yet, miraculously saved by Super Dan!

  47. Was anyone else worried that Ian was having an anxiety attack after the eviction? He was having breathing problems, and then they cut to Dan and Danielle’s convo

  48. I am not particularly wanting Dan to win, but man I want him to make it to the final two, just so I can hear his speech to the jury. That should be one interesting speech.

  49. Why hasn’t anyone thought about the fact that Danielle may have done it that way on purpose to get Shane out w/o looking like the bad “girlfriend”. She and Dan could have concocted it when feeds were not on them. “Act like you are really surprised and why Dan, why?” Didn’t she say she was going to play the player?

    • If your theory is correct, why would Dan spend any amount of time explaining to Danielle why he evicted Shane? If Dan and Dani were in on it together, they could have just went in the room and hugged it out.

      • becayse he knows the camera stays on them for a few minutes to “listen in on the houseguests” before she interviews the evicted

      • Because it was an act on both of their parts, planned that way. She cares what America thinks. She would have been crying her eyes out if she was really that surprised. She broke out in a dang rash after Dan’s funeral comments! Shane saw them right after when he was with Julie, would have been really bad if they were hugging it out.

      • LOL…Danielle cares what America thinks? The girl that wears her jealousy of the other women in the house on her sleeve, the one that begged like a puppy for Shane to sleep with her? The one that displayed herself to Joe like a lobster platter?…nahhh…don’t think she cares WHAT America thinks.

    • I agree. She tells all kinds of stories with a straight face.

      She does care what people thinks and didn’t want to get her hands “dirty”. It makes for ratings too, so it is a nice script for production.

    • Because if anything, Danielle would be PROUD to say that she was getting Shane out. The girl brags about EVERYTHING. You think she would let a chance go by to toot her own horn? Not likely. And if she’s going to play a player…it would be Dan…because Shane is NO player.

  50. I think Ian is most likely to win the final HOH. In that case, he’ll probably take Dan cuz he seems pretty royal to that Renegade bullsht. So, who in the jury house do you think would vote for Ian and who would vote for Dan?
    Frank’s vote: Ian
    Britney’s vote: Ian (Her bff)
    Ashley’s vote: Ian
    Shane’s vote: Ian (since he’s pretty pissed at Dan)
    Jen’s vote: ??
    Joe’s vote: ??
    Danielle’s vote: ??

    So Ian wins!!!

    • I am not sure that Britney would vote for Ian after seeing her tonight. She might just vote for Dan and do believe Jenn would vote for Dan. They both understand unlike the other 3 year olds in the house how masterfully Dan played the game.

      • I am not a fan of Dan but he plays the game well. Danielle annoys me and was stupid enough to use the pov on Dan. she does not deserve to win. however I hope she is in the final two with Ian because that will be an easy win for him :) !

      • she may be impressed that “Dan’s mist” did not take him out…afterall, Dan just kept Ian there – maybe Ian’s likability will prove to be Dan’s biggest downfall.

    • Jenn would not vote for Dan. He played her all the way out of the house. Joe would go with Shane, as he has the whole way. Ian wins 5-2.

      • Jenn would vote for Dan. She even said on her interview that Dan had played the best game and Jenn will not act the child like the others. She will give to the one most deserving and that is Dan.

      • Idk , I think if Ian is in the f2f, Dan will not win it. Dan is playing a good game, I agree! However Ian is to.

      • I agree with you. Dan is a great player and if the votes in the jury house are done according to that he would win. but not with these players.

      • It all depends on how bitter that jury stays, but I like both of them a lot. I do however think that if it is based on game play Dan deserves to win because Ian was never the Target from Day 1 and Dan was. Ian never really had to work to keep from getting evicted until after Dan’s funeral bahahah, and Dan had to work from the very first competition to keep him and Danielle safe.

    • when Dan wins he will take dani and win.
      Frank’s vote: dani (butthurt)
      Britney’s vote: Dan , (this episode proves it)
      Ashley’s vote: dani ( its ashley)
      Shane’s vote: dani (since he’s pretty pissed at Dan)
      Jen’s vote: Dan
      Joe’s vote: Dan
      Ian ‘s vote: Dan (dan sidekick)

      Dan deserve to win!! make it happen people.

  51. The look on Shanes face…priceless!!! And what is up with the hair? He looks like a vampire. And I’m so glad I don’t have to watch Shane walking around with that stuffed dog on his shoulder anymore. How old is he?

  52. OMG Dan is an epic player!!! It may be dirty, but that is how to play this game–he is smart enough to know when and how to lie. And who to lie to. He deserves the $25,000 plus the 1/2 mil. Don’t think Ian will be able to take HOH again–he was hyperventilating so bad he might just destruct before the competition.

    • I believe he didn’t get googly eyed enough and that’s why Danielle cut him loose allowing Dan to come down as vote him out! Can’t blame the poor guy! It’s not easy to get physical with an ogre, not even for 500G!!

  53. So sad to see Shane go. I really hope Ian wins final HOH. Wouldn’t it be something if he won, finally wakes up, and sends Dan home?

  54. Even though Danielle’s the biggest pond, she probably deserves the 50,000 but not more. It’s between Ian and Dan to take home the money.

  55. I thought Danielle was on board with the plan to blindside Shane. Why else would she take Dan down and put up Shane? Shane could have just as easily voted to evict Ian if that was the plan. If she trusted Dan to evict Ian over Shane after knowing that Shane was Dan’s target last week and knowing how many times Dan has tricked her throughout the game and knowing that Shane would have taken her to the final 2 over Dan or Ian….well there are no words.

    • She was 3 weeks ago, but after their date, she changed her mind and talked Dan out of targeting Shane until he got the chance again, which he wasn’t going to blow twice!!! He got Dumbelle right where he wanted her and it played out the way he hoped. Too bad he didn’t warn Dumbelle of it!

  56. I am floored I cannnot believe dan pulled this off. but what he did to shane and dani is emotianaly devastating, they trusted him wiht no question and boom shattered. It looked like shane wanted to knock him on his ass. Well I think dan has lost all respect . but he knows that a true jury votes by game play and This is something that the newbies forgot. If the coaches would have listened to dan in the begining we probably would have three coaches up there . even though Im happy for Ian , I do feel for shane and dani. Frank and shane will be bitter for a time. Those two were the biggest victoms of dans. but in a game like this you have to trust somebody , they just trusted the wrong person ,somebody who already won once

    • I respect him more for actually playing the game and not sitting and acting like a doormat. Shane was an idiot and should of known better. I mean he made a final two with Dan after they evicted Joe and then kept playing house with Dani and took her to his reward challenge. Right then and there Ian and Dan talked about they knew where Dani and Shane’s loyalties and that they were not with Dan or Ian.

  57. Dan has played the best game and he deserves the money! But stabbing too many people in the back may cost him too many votes! If Dan can’t win I hope Ian does! Danielle is an idiot and will probable just spend all the money paying Shane to be her boy toy! He was using her the whole time!

  58. Danielles reaction seemed rehearsed and phony. Cooked up by her and Dan with no blood on her hands. The student does indeed surpass the teacher!

  59. Totally disappointed dan has already won he doesnt deserve to win and besides that he swears on the bible and his wife everytime he gets ready to backstab so whats that tell you about the type of person he is

    • Shut up seriously thats like fricking saying your a judge and you wont give a gold medal to a person because they won last time. Did you just not hear all the jury members say wow dan is why were all here he kicked all there asses yeah right he doesn’t deserve this give it a break. It’s a frickin game maybe wathc his first season honest what do the predictable thing everyone thinks yeah good gameplay. its survival of the fittest. And maybe you haven’t realized this yet but there in a competition! not a place where lets take turns and be nice to each other yeah that show would last long.

  60. Wow! Dan does it again! He has taken manipulation and backstabbing to a whole new level! He has played a Dr. Will worthy game! He sure has made this season must see tv!! I don’t know if he can win, considering he has betrayed every person in the jury except for Ashley, but as far as playing to win, he has earned it! He better win HOH,cause if Danielle or Ian start talking, he is goner! GO DAN!!!!

  61. Everyone except for Dan was on VACATION this summer. He was talking game night and day the whole summer. I often watched BBAD and Danielle, Shane, Ian, Jen and etc would never even talk about their strategic plans. All they did was flirt, look in the mirror, eat, talk Pokemon cards, and past big brother contestants.

    I would see Danielle preparing for competitions though. However, whatever she won was decided upon by Dan.

    • Dan had to talk game play from Day 1 since he and his players were the NUMBER ! TARGET from Day 1. He did not have a choice in the matter.

      • That’s very true, it’s funny how peolpe forgot how dangerous Dan can be though. They went from being terrified about him to being able to coexist with him. I find that to be very weird.

      • Stockholm Syndrome is perfect! Add that to her list of problems. She’s gonna have a hell of a time when she gets out of the house and there is nobody to tell her what to do.

  62. I can’t believe that people are still saying it’s just a game and not real life, I don’t know how to tell you all this, but it is real life, Yes it’s a game, but even in a game there has to be a line that you don’t cross, Yes dan lied, but for me he went to far when he used the bible, thats a line he didn’t need to cross. The one thing that Dan isn’t thinking about is that the poeple that he does that too, and sends to the jury house, may not look at what he did as game play, but as a duty player, It all could back fire on him.

    • Old news and we all know except for frank who is still living in I AM ENTITLED LAND that what he swore on was about the QP and it was the truth. Move on!

      • Even Dan admitted that “he didn’t
        take swearing on his wife and the bible Lightly. About him stabbing Frank in the back . But was doing it for him and his wifes” … His words…

    • Who gives a sht about the stupid bible? Ughh. I’m so sick of people saying that! God = non-existent. Bible= just a book like Twilight except a little more anciet. Dan = genius. GET OVER IT.

      • Forget about the bible for a moment. I’m an agnostic and even I have a problem with Dan using the bible. If Dan is a really religious person like he claims to be then he should not be letting something like money make him do the stuff that he’s doing. If it was Dr. Will I could understand but Dan?

      • Please as long as he told the truth and he did no foul. It is a game!! Now threatening to harm someone’s wife or calling people names like dirty brown trash is the type of stuff that offends me. Bringing the bible in and swearing on it and telling the truth is no different than what you do in a court of law, and now it does offend me when people in a court of law swear on it and lie but that is not what happened here no matter how CBS tried to make it appear but if watch live feeds you know differently.

      • Well I understand why Dan is lying but it still seems weird because he seems to be a really religious person but I’m not mad at Dan at all and I fully expect him to win.

      • Yeah like he just made thr SHOW! like how can you hate on someone who makes you want to watch the show. Like that was the best episode i have ever seen.

      • Even religious people lie and it is a game show that is all about lying and deception. It is not like he lies in the outside world. Remember, no one on this earth is perfect and try to remember it is just a game!

      • Haha, love it! What the people don’t realize is that book was actually Tim Gunns “Fashion Bible”.

    • STOP WATCHING!!!! what you want to watch everyone get along yeah you ‘d do good at producing a show it would get cancelled in a season. ITS A SHOW FOR500,000!!!!!!!! Dan just kicked there asses. Like are you kidding me did you not see there expressions i’ve watched every season except for like 2 and that was the best episode i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Even though I knew what was going to happen…I had to cover my face with my hands. So awesome! Except that I really don’t want Danielle to win. I know Dan has some strategy for his business in that if he and Danielle get to the end he can say his methods work and then people will buy his three books….??

  64. wow some people just don’t respect dan game play everyone tell lies in the world and yeah he used to the bible its not like he rip the pages from the bible or anything like that he is the one who have to answer to god not anyone else why don’t you all learn to lookup to him as a good player n stop dissing him for his own actions that he does all i see he used the bible like wow is that like a crime lol

  65. Why do people keep calling Danielle fat?? She is a horrible bb. player and don’t deserve the bottom three but she is def. not fat.

  66. Wow! Dan has made another big move, though it did break my heart to see Shane go. :( Definitely hope for Shane to win America’s Favorite! #TeamDan

  67. I get it, I get it, this is a game of lying. Dan’s masterful funeral was the good way of doing so. His constant swearing on the Bible and his wife is not. It’s gone way overboard. I’ve come full circle on him and really don’t want him to win any more. I did at the beginning, and certainly after his funeral. He does realize he works for a Catholic institution. I suspect he may lose his job over this. Of course, if he wins a million dollars, he won’t care. But if he doesn’t, he will pay a price.

    • Please stop with the idiotic nonsense. He will not lose his job over it and he will not pay a price for anything. Get a grip and READ. What Dan swore on the bible about was the QP and it was the truth. So since when do you pay a price for telling the truth? Thought Frank was the only cry baby that has not gotten that by now.

      • Your’re wrong. Dan admitted to it. Watch the Sept 2nd show around the 24th minute mark. He confesses to everything. Get your facts straight and stop drinking Dan’s Kool-Aid.

    • Shut up seriously go watch something else. is a frickin game he just whooped all there asses. And if you didn’t appreciate that episode your are obviously not a BB fan.

    • I am with you there… I always wanted Ian in the final 2. After Dan’s Funeral I wanted him in the 2 as well… But some of the stuff he has done since (Threats, Intimidation, swearing on bibles) has gone far past what is acceptable for me… But money makes people do some ugly things…

    • Dan didn’t do anything to the hgs. All of the hgs volunteered to go into the BB house of lies, tricks, and game. I was disappoint with Dan’s arrogance, but I have gotten past that. BB is a reality TV show, it is not real life. Everybody goes into the game with a “game plan.” I’m for sure all of the hgs knew what they were getting into. Not sure why someone would be surprised that they were lied to.

      • I think any of us would be a little bit arrogance especially if we had been the target from day 1 and we were still here at final 2. I know I would be and sorry but he deserves to be a little arrogant!!

      • They shouldn’t be surprised they were lied to. They should be embarrassed that they fell for it.

  68. I guess that’s one relationship that’s dead, Danielle picked Dan over Shane, wow! Poor Shane, he may actually have to get the restraining order that Zingbot mentioned.

    Am rooting for Ian now, I thought some of his game play was dumb but somehow foolishly trusting Dan has actually paid off for him. I don’t think he will be so pleased with Dan after he studies the whole season and sees that Dan was constantly plotting on him.

    Dan does have one big hurdle to get by however if he makes final 2. He has won a half million playing this game already and a lot of people might want to share the wealth a little.

    And it could be argued that giving the game to Danielle is the same as giving it to Dan since her being in the house was the same as having 2 Dans in the house.

    • She did once say that if it were Dan and Shane on the block at the same time, she would vote for Dan over Shane…but it was Ian up with Dan! And Shane was backdoored by Dani unbeknownst to her! LOL


  70. Listen its game dan played the best. Big brother has no rules, u cheat,lie,steal,backstab,manipulate so that u win half a million why else would u compettee come on people.fif u say u wouldnt then u’d lose. Also i hope its dan and danielle, so dan can say i coach the entire of the game which i came here t do and I mastermineded everyone one of ur demises. He by far deserves to win the game and i want danille to win the 50,000 PRIZE. if ian goes next he’ll be the youngest player to make it to top 3 just like jerry he was the oldest. This season reminded alot of dans season. everything basically went the same way. danielle is memphis. ian is jerry and dan played eveyone. Best player of all time. btw dr.will won the second season of big brother that was basically the first season no one knew how to play the game. hes not the best any more dan is. put dan stats up against will, wat do u get dan- more compettions, biggestVgame move and tons f blindsides and is the only winner to make it past final four beating will and jordan. DAN IS THE BEST PLAYER OF BIG BROTHER AND NEEDS TO WIN AND DANIELE NEEDS TO COME IN SECOND. my bet is dan wins hoh 1 danielle wins hoh 2 and dan wins the last hoh and take danielle.

  71. May be a repost……Does any know if BBAD will air tonight? I’m sleepy, but want to stay up and watch, if it is going to come on. Won’t be up long, though.

  72. Will Ian throw HOH for Dan or will he go for the win and ditch Dan to take on the perceived weaker opponent? Is Danielle a puppet or the puppet master. She just got rid of her biggest threat and Dan’s got the blood on his hands. It’s all in the editing. I’m not sure Danielle isn’t a femme fatale?

  73. Ok yea your right nobody else can have an opinion i didnt say he wasnt a good player but i dont agree onn how he played the game and i believe someone else deserves to win the money

  74. I don’t get it Dan made the move that would give him the best chance at winning and if shane stayed he would want to take dan out so why on earth would he keep him this way he guarante’s himself the f2 spot. Everyone is so mad at dan for playing the game is he suppose to just hand over the final 2 to shane this way danielle isn’t conflicted and ian is his back up if he didn’t do it then i would think he was an idiot. Every single one of them are in there to win the money dan isn’t doing anything the rest aren’t he just is better at it

  75. As if Danielle says what do I do Dan. You are asking Dan what to do and you have POV and he is on the block. What do you think he wants idiot.Don’t think she would have one against anyone in the final four.Hopefully Ian can win this.Happy he gets to go to the final three at least.

  76. why don’t big brother have only teens in the big brother house next year to mixed up everything once n a while because we all know if dan comes back he going to win am i right or wrong

  77. Seriously I tried to root for Danelle and Shane… but the two of them are just not very bright in this Game its agrivating to watch. Danielle actually falls for Dans lies everytime… Come on get those Braincells working girl, now you just messed up Shanes game. I never seen anybody so trusting in this game. Also notice that Dan didnt start playing Dirty until Boogie Left. Its like hes trying to be like Dr. Will either that or Boogie intimidates and thats why he never made any moves until Boogie left. And Dan already won this game before… Duh hes goin to win again if its Final two. And swearing on your wife and marriage is sick… and Dan teaches at a Christian school. Its a Strategic game dont bring Religion in it Dan… gross!

  78. I like Dan, but I am excited to see how he handles the jury’s questions if he does make it to final 2. It will truly be like a day in court for him!

    • Agreed, it will be entertaining. If Evil Dick defended his actions from his season then Dan will be just fine. :)

  79. I was really really hoping that Danielle stepped up, kept Dan on the block and then Shane voted to evict him. Now THAT would have been a blind side and would have given her the win!

  80. So Dan has to realize that he has screwed everyone over that is in the jury house and won’t be getting the votes, if the jury members vote personally and not how hard they’ve played, so what if he really is trying to set things up for Dani to win

  81. There have been plenty of people that have won BB with out all the things Dan did, he is evil, and he should be fired from his job! He will eventually turn on them! You don’t have to be that dirty to win. Dr. Will wasn’t even that evil, he made it fun not discusting. I lose all respect for BB now, I’ll probably watch, but if there is ever another Dan player I’ll never watch, time to move on BB production

  82. I loved when Evil Dick played. He is the best player ever. He would tell it like it was and didn’t have to lie his way thru the game.

  83. Danielle is by far the dumbest and most nieve player maybe in big brother history. To watch and see dan stab every player in the back, and then again Lie to her face and evict Shane, and somehow rationalize it to her, and she believes him AGAIN? And now she throws this last HOH to him? I was rooting for Ian because dan basically sold his soul to the devil this season for the cash, and Danielle is just the dumbest player ever. What a shame. Im going to be so sickened to watch dan win and be sitting next to one of if not the worst player in BB history in danielle.

  84. Just as Dumb is Shane who was talking to Danielle in the
    HOH room. He agreed on being put on the block as long
    as he was kept safe! Can you believe this guy? Like Lawon
    last season who asked to be put on the block because he
    believed he will get special powers! If Danielle agreed to
    Dan’s plan, credit Shane with one-half of the Dumb move
    for not even questioning why Dan wanted to put him on
    the block! Shane deserved to be evicted because of his

    • I agree with you somewhat. However, you can’t compare it to Lawon or Marcelles lol. The man was blindsided, those 2 guys volunteered to be nominated and not use the veto lol.

      • Did not compare it to Marcellas as Shane did
        not have a veto. However, it is similar to Lawon
        who volunteered to be put on the block. The fact that Shane did not object to Danielle’s plan to take
        Dan off the block and put him in place is the
        same! Shane essentially put himself in danger
        by not even objecting to Danielle’s plan. He gave
        his blessing which is as good a putting himself
        on the block!

  85. Did anyone know Danielle’s mouth could open that wide before? That picture is priceless. Does she not know BB is a family show? lol

  86. LOL Oh, god, did anyone hear Ian at 10:00 BB time? I’m reading Morty’s page right now to see what happened after the comp and something he said just made me laugh.

    “It’s been a crappy night. I swear, this season has been one giant prank on me. There’s no way in hell this is real.”

    Yeah, I think Shane’s thinking the same thing right about now.

  87. I feel aweful for Dani. She keeps on getting yanked around by Dan. I Agree he is a good player but at the same time I feel bad that Dani was so trusting to Dan to keep Shane and then got blind sided.

  88. I think the Dan Fan in Awe is his gold digging wife who will do anything for money. Look she even married the scumbag. Karma is a bitch!

  89. I wonder if the house guests will realize how none of them had their own game, but that each time a decision had to be made, they all ran around the house looking for Dan to tell them what to do. This group was by far the dumbest group that ever played the game. Each person had their own issues that Dan preyed on. He is pure evil! I don’t believe that he is just like this in the game but a decent person on the outside. To him winning is everything, at any cost! I would never allow my child to be coached by him , he is a disgrace and sets a bad example. St. Mary’s should bar him from using their name. As a Catholic, I am ashamed of his antics. Apparently, Danielle has daddy issues that have reared their ugly head throughout this game resulting in her inability to see through Dan’s manipulation and “dirty pool”. Ian’s problem is his desire to be part of the group at any cost. He reminds me of someone who has always been on the outside looking in and has finally had the opportunity to be in with the “in crowd”. He has been very nasty bad mouthing everyone! They have all behaved like sheep and mindlessly followed Dan’s lead..Shane has been a polly parrot throughout the game and never had a chance. They would all seem so upset when Dan would get caught betraying someone, but then as quickly as that happened they would forget and go back to following him and doing his bidding. It was as if the whole house had the “Stockholm Syndrome”. Dan is not the greatest player to play BB, but the dirtiest and the most amoral.Besides, if this group was smarter, he would have been kicked out in the first few weeks. I sincerely hope that BB chooses its next group more wisely so that the show will be more interesting. I’d much rather have a group that has some knowledge of the game so as to make it more competitive! For the first time, I don’t care who wins…none of them deserve it. Bring back Dr. Will ! He is still the best player to play the game and in the end, not have blood on his hands. He left the game with his integrity intact, unlike despicable Dan. I doubt that he is just like this in order to win the money, but that he is deceptive and insincere on the outside also. Doesn’t anyone in the house notice the crazed look that he gets in his eyes as he spins his disgusting lies? I am truly perplexed by this group of house guests and can’t imagine how lucky he got to be in this game with such a group of spineless and delusional players!

  90. this is a games people you have to remember. you have to lie cheat and backstab in this game to get you to the end and the person that does it the best usally wins so you have to give it to dan that he is doing the best and i think the final two will be dan and danielle. and then it will be up to the jury who they think the better player was. i think that everyone may hate dan but they have to give it to him he played the best game danielle did a good job but she really did not start playing this game up untill a few weeks ago up until then shane and dan kinda are the ones that carried her. so it is going to come down who played the best game but that is just my opinion.

  91. Dan you will burn in hell for all the swearing on the bible, your wife, and kids and then doing the exact thing you swore not to do. Man I’m not even into any religion but dosen’t it say greed is one of the bad sins.As well what about treating people the way yoiu would like to be treated. And don’t give me tyhis line anything for the wife & kids. You now are probable one of the most disliked or trusted people in the ccountry. Hold your head high you scum bag, you make your wife & kids proud!

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