Big Brother 14 Episode 29: Final HoH Round 1 & Reflection Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Settle in tonight for the last Sunday episode of Big Brother 14. Of course with football this afternoon we’re never sure when we’ll get to watch it, but at some point it’ll be on.

Tonight’s episode will pick up where Danielle had to scoop her jaw off the floor following Dan’s surprise eviction of Shane over Ian. It’ll be interesting to see what went down inside the house since Grodner’s greed kept it off the Live Feeds and delayed the HoH endurance competition by over an hour. We should also see the Final 3 reflect on the season as part of a fancy brunch they had on Friday morning.

Speaking of the HoH competition, you’ll get to watch the first round of the competition tonight but if you can’t wait to find out who won then check out our spoilers. The second round wrapped up last night which gives us our two HGs for Wednesday’s live third round where the Final 2 will be selected ahead of the Jury vote.

Did your favorite HG make it to the end this season? If not, who will you root for out of your remaining options?

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  1. This is what Dan said aloud last night to live feeders, “If I want to win this game, I gotta get to the end with Ian. That means I gotta throw it to him – unbelievable. It’s insanity to throw the third part of the final HoH, absolute insanity. But it’s so insane that it just might work.” That would be nuts!!!!! I’m actually thinking that he might actually have a better shot aginst Ian than Dani now.

    • Jury
      Dani-obviously Dan
      Shane-Probably Dan because Dani would convince him
      Britney-I would say its 50/50 ppl prob like no for sure Ian, but it jury she even said Dan gonna win this game, and even talked Frank down that he was basically outplayed just like she was. Also, in the past look at Jesse BB11 voted for Jordan over his closest allie Natalie, so it has happened.
      Frank- I think would be a toss up to because Ian basically screwed his whole game, and Dan just evicted him out.
      Jenn- This is where I think its smart because she prob would vote for Dani, but with Ian Dan would get her vote I think she even said to Julie that Dan is playing one amazing game.
      Ashely-idk prob Ian but at same time she also realizes how dangerous Dan is and said it in the last episode.
      Joe- Who really knows all I can say.
      Then also, Dan has amazing social skills compared to Ian, and I think he would destroy Ian in answering jury questions. Let’s be honest as well everyone in the jury except for Ashely is there because of Dan, I think that says volumes in itself on who should win this game. There is a lot of uncertainy with any jury votes but I think Dan would have more secure votes going with Ian that with Dani.

      • I totally agree on those votes. But you’re right with this jury it’s hard to tell. There are maybe 2 for sure votes depending on who’s the final 2 but it’s not a lock for either of them.

    • I don’t know as Dan and Dr. Will will need to be on an All Star season to determine who the best there was, best there is and the best there ever will be!

  2. Ian has a good chance of winning it all as the Jury house is not that clear cut as pass years.

    Frank and Shane ain’t happy with Dan style of play, Brittany and Ashely might vote for Ian….it’ll all come down to how Ian argues his points as Dan will be more articulate.

    Regardless to get to the F2, Ian will walk away with a Gold or Silver and to someone that attends college is a big fricken deal. Dan won once but I do not know how much of that money is left over.

    • I think Ian would have a better chance. Dan might articulate more or lie and backstab is probably more like what he would do. I am thinking Ian can beat him just by being himself.

  3. i hope if ian wins he is smart enough not 2 take dan to final 2. and i still can’t believe no one told him how dan was going to send him home if he didn’t win pov and then dan thinks he can win over ian in final 2 i myself don’t think so

  4. so whoever is the “last” to go to the jury house-doesnt actually GO to the jury house?? or will they be there a day or so?? and when Dan wins–I mean when Danielle “unwittingly”( more like just an unwit)gives Dan the game-Ian will reunite with Shane and Brit and poison the well?? What is the time frame-if you know-that they have to comisserate and pick a “winner”?

    • its all within the last 45 min. of the show i think. so they dont have long to taint anything, also they will be on tv most of the time, so they cant do alot. so, no they cant taint that much

      • So, when do they make their final speeches to the jury? They used to do it a couple of day’s before to give the jury time to discuss it all. That really screws the 3rd person from really getting much say and letting everyone else know what other info they may or may not need to cast their vote.

      • i think it is on the live show on wednesday. they should play the last hoh then choose the final 2. then they let the jury ask them questions and then they do the speech. after that they vote.

    • If prior seasons hold true, the other jury members will be seated, then Julie introduces the last jury member and he/she takes their place on stage. They have no time to talk.

  5. Provided the Jury vote for the Best Player of the house and not to vote based on their emotions, Dan should win the 500K. His game moves impacted the games dynamic big time. His elaborate scheme is better than Ian. Sure Ian played a descent game but I’m not sure if it’s enough to convinced the Jury why he is better than Dan. In fairness to Ian, there’s no other player in the house deserves to be sitting with Dan in the F2, but Ian

    • So true. I just love Ian to pieces, but Dan HAS made more moves than anyone in the game. I will be fine with either one. but, hopefully Ian.

      • I do too Becky. Ian is awesome. Great sense of humor. I loved watching him and Dan talk. That kid can carry an intellectual conversation. I don’t care about his weird mannerisms…he’s cool

    • Not alot of the HG’S like Dan though becoz he’s a “dirty player”…Even Evil Dick played an “honest” game becoz he was straight forward with everybody.

    • Totally agree like Ian did play a little bit for himself, but he was still just a better verison of Dani. He still did whatever Dan told him to heck Dan put him up then convinced Ian not to put him up next week. Basically all of Ian hoh and been Dan’s. And last week ian did nothing to save himself, Dan completely saved his ass by convincing Dani to use veto on him and then evicted Shane. Dan has made way to many big moves to be crowned the winner, like look at the jury everyone there except Ashely is there because of Dan.

      • Fully agreed. Theoretically Dan should win -0 against either opponent. Anybody who respects the GAME can see that. I just have my doubts about this jury.

      • Wrong about Dan and Ian, while it looks like there was an uneasy alliance between them, everyone Dan tried to make side alliances with got burned because Ian did what he said he would, loyal to the Quack Pack.

        Every side alliance Dan made went out the door. I truly believe he really was trying to bring Jenn to F2 to guarantee a win.

    • Ian deserves it too. He played a hard game and has been fighting (even though he didn’t know he had to) since the Final 7… the fact that he’s made it this far in a SOCIAL game with poor social skills speaks for itself. If he gets to the F2, he should get it over Dan!

      • Ian also had a lot of protection and people making moves for him due to DEFAULT ASSOCIATION – first by Frank and Boogie, then Britney, then Dan at the end. All he really did was win comps, and should get credited for those no doubt. Don’t forget he would have been gone week one if it weren’t for Boogie. Dan, on the other hand, let Boogie have his spotlight early and then controlled everyone after Boogie left.

    • That is only after the funeral he staged. If in all fairness Ian is the one who put the 2 biggest players in the game on the chopping block and had them evicted so if anyone needs to win it would IMO be Ian. Dan didn’t really start playing until he was on the chopping block Ian has been strategic from the very being. Dan doesn’t deserve poo. Everone who has been evicted has been at the hands of someone else but Dan takes all the credit that is a pile of poo right there in its own rights. That is all I have to say.

    • Emotions are part of the game, ask Danielle, Brit. That is the social aspect. While Ian admits to being socially inept he has treated the women better than Dan.

      If you agree lying, disloyalty, etc. are part of the game you must accept emotions as part.

      • why? both are part of the game. you cannot have one without the other. If BB wanted it that way Danielle would be evicted for what she has said and done since Ian beat her. She is running her game on bitterness now, but BB is not going to stop her. anything goes remember.

  6. Team Ian!!!!!! I am so hoping he wins the final HoH! It’s still hard for me to figure out what this jury may do, no matter who is in F2. Will they vote on game? Will they vote on emotions? Will Ash even know she has a vote?
    Even though I am pulling for Ian, I won’t be mad if Dan wins. He has really played hard this season. Yes, dirty, but hard. I have to respect that. Why else would anyone give up their time if they arent gonna be all in? Love him, hate him, or just neutral… he played the game by his own rules. It’s not his fault everyone else made it so easy.

    • well, dan gave up his time for the 20,000 he got for being a coach the few weeks he actually was a coach plus 750.00 a week for about 10 or 11 weeks. almost 30,000. who else do you know that gets that much money for less than 3 months?

      • I think BB made it clear to the coaches that if the “reset button” was pushed they would give up the money for coaches. The only money would be if they became one of the final two. This was pointed out the night that the coaches were offered the chance to enter the game as players.

    • The exit interview I have seen lead me to believe that the social aspect is in play, While Ian arranged the eviction, it was Dan who burned them.

      I missed the replay of each evicted when they reach the jury house. I can only suspect that the jury has become one sided, so why give away the ending.

  7. Well it looks like it will be Ian and Dan in the final 2 chairs. But who knows if Dan doesn’t throw it and he wins I think he will take Danielle. If he doesn’t want to take Danielle then he will throw it. I don’t care I just hope Dan wins.

  8. crap really hit the fan last night on BBAD…..Let’s just say this. If Ian doesn’t take Danielle to the F2, then he pretty much signed Dan’s 500k check. The only chance Ian has of winning is to take Danielle. Danielle is out of the running now because if Dan takes her, then he has still won.

  9. The DIFFERENCE between Dan and Evil Dick is that Dick was a straight up tell it like it is kinda guy. He wasn’t afraid to let you KNOW that he was coming after you. He was NEVER in an alliance and played an “honest game.”

    • Yeah he was in many alliances actually lol Main with with Danille, he then had one with him, Danielle, Eric, and Jessica. Also, Nick was kinda in a alliance with them to. But I do agree he did tell it how it is, and was so funny to watch. Like I some of his actions were mean, but he was the most honest person just said what everyone else was thinking but were to scared to say it.

    • Yes Evil Dick was honest about his actions but he could still strike fear into the hearts of his victims. I suppose knowing is better than not knowing since you can prepare and buy some nails for your own coffin.

    • Actually he was in an alliance with Daniele to the end and then with Eric/Jessica, and then at the end with Zack. He just broke them all except for the one with Daniele obviously.

  10. Dan has sealed a place in Final2 no matter what happens. After the big blow-up last night Danielle won’t get Ian support even if she swore on a stack of bibles like her coach Dan. The threats out of her mouth were powerless & really pathetic. Good job Ian winning part2 HOH comp. Dan throwing final comp would not hurt his game. Isn is taking him to final2 – it’s a wrap! This jury is unstable so anyone could win the $500K. Good luck 2 them all! Danielle will need therapy after BB. She has lost her mind!

    • Dumbielle has no chance anymore. Remember Twitney kept telling her that if a girl went to the F2, the girl would never win. I bet that keeps playing over and over in Dumbielles mind and psychologically messed up her game since she first heard that.

    • So very true, this girl desparately needs some much needed shrink therapy ASAP. Hopefully, she will spend her money wisely. How would you like having her for your loved ones nurse…….how sad that would be! She’s eaten way too many Fruit Loops for sure! Her evil-evil heart definitely showed through last night!

  11. Ian should take Danielle, and he’d win the 500k. However, Ian is so intent on glorifying the QP and the Renegade 2.0 alliances, that he will take Dan to the F2 and spite himself. By taking Dan he tries to make Renegade 2.0 legendary, and instead, it will seal his own fate.
    Ian, put common sense ahead of continually trying to make yourself a legend.

    • if he took dani, she would have shane,and dan.she and jenn were pretty close then there’s dan who felt sorry for her. i think he’d have a better chance against dan.

  12. Danny is striaght losing it at the moment lol and does the girl ever stop eating??? always has food in her mouth! aha

  13. I don’t have the patience to sit and watch live feeds today. Has Dumbielle exploded on anyone yet today? What I’m seeing now she still looks extremely pissed off.

    • I haven’t watched feeds much today either…just off and on. Outwardly she looks pissed. Inwardly Mount St Helens is getting ready to erupt.

      • I know she’s working Dan right. He just told her Shame looks better in black & white now..Haha. As for Mount St. Helens I hope she keeps sleeping..I live 90 minutes from there. Wait…now it kinda sounds like she’s ready to explode on Dan….I’ll keep watching for a bit!

  14. I really don’t like Dan becoz he’s a dirty player,but he has played a great game…still hope to see Ian win!

  15. Dumbielle says “I swear on my life, he (Ian) will not win, over my dead body. Even if I have to go down there and frickin’ lay the hammer down”. She’s already planning her exit to the final jury chair. I love it. Dumbielle said that Ian allegedly said that he doesn’t want the money and because he doesn’t believe in god he shouldn’t win. GEEZ!! This girl just keeps gettin’ dumber and dumber by the second! GO IAN!!!

  16. So is Danielle serious about thinking she is going to be evicted or is this a plan she & Dan have concocted to throw Ian off?

    • Definitely a plan they concocted.. & Danielle’s loving it, being able to go off on Ian…& because Daaayyyn told her to!! :) Doing it with sO much conviction… & laughing behind closed doors as I saw her do last night. Very disturbed girl. You’d have to see it to fully understand the magnitude of the situation…the clip may even be on youtube today. ;-)

  17. Danielle is delusional!!! Did she forget that being upset with Ian is just an act?? Now she’s saying how much she hates him and wants to ‘snap his neck’ !!!!!!!!!!! Ian did NOTHING to her…. She is psycho and I hope the jurors don’t listen to a word she says!!!!! Or I hope BB shows this behavior to the jury house. She’s lost her marbles, for real!!

    • Ah Ha! Marbles!! …so THAT’S what’s rolling around in that head of hers! I wondered what that noise was.

    • She didn’t have any to begin with. Why are people so surprised by her crazy antics? They’ve been there all along just lurking.

    • OMG she even called brittney mean..Dumbelle is the worse person in Big Brother History shes mad that Ian doesnt believe in GOD and she lies about everything a two face loser

      • Truth or not, Danielle needs to take a long look at herself instead of judging anyone else. She’s fuming now at the thought of walking away empty handed but it will sting even more when she finds out what the majority of viewers thought of her. and we all know she’ll be the first to go and read every single comment that was ever posted about herself.

      • i cant stand britney. she is very mean. she went after rachel and said a lot of mean horrible things about her but hey rachel came back and won $500,000, britney came back and couldnt win. who is the smart one now britney?. by the way the $25,000 fan fav she won last time was a big lie. i think cbs just wanted to give it her and may also give to her again this year even though she did absolutely nada. cant stand her.

      • she’s just using that as an excuse. what she’s really mad about is the fact that ian won the 2nd hoh comp. his beliefs never bothered her before.

      • That’s got me confused to, has Ian said anything to that effect? I have not seen anything to support that statement or is it just another slam against Ian?

    • Is Dani still in the house? went on jokers and said she had been in DR for a long time because of what she said to Ian. she also said he would win over her dead body.

    • jennifer you know danielle is just acting like that to try and save herself like shane said when he got evited he shane said he did not want a showmance on the show but thinks they could have something outside of the house because shane said too julie that danielle is a sweetheart you cant really be yourself in the game if you do you could be going home sooner

  18. So How funny would it be if Dan throws the part 3 of HoH. Ian wipes the mist out of his eyes, and then evicts Dan and takes Danielle to the final. He would undoubtedly win and I can’t lie; I’d be extremely proud of the kid. Can you imagine how many jury votes he would get off of that move alone?

    • I hope he takes Dan over Dani b/c Dani doesn’t deserve a shot at 50K, much less 500K. She’s a horrible, horrible person…

      • I agree that she doesn’t deserve it, but i’m talking about in terms of who he is more likely to win against. If he evicts Dan, especially with a jury house that absolutely can’t stand the guy, he would win just about every person’s vote with the exception of Shane. It’s an easy win.

      • I think the jury house would lean a lil more in favor of Ian. Frank will not vote for Dan, nor will Brit, Ash, or Shane. There’s 4 for Ian against Dan. Everyone thinks the jurors hate Ian, but they hate Dan more. AND we need to remember, they’re getting DVD updates of comps and game play convos. I think Ian has it in the bag!

      • I agree with everything you’ve said. Ian wins against anybody. I just think that the jury house would give him a standing ovation if he was to evict Dan.

      • I don’t know about that I think Brit is going to vote on gameplay, and If Dani in jury i’m sure should would talk Shane to voting for Dan. Frank idk because yeah he hates Dan, but he also hates Ian for what he did to him. And Ashely in jury kept saying how dangerous Dan is so I really don’t know.

  19. Dan is weird. He’s one of those people to where stabbing you isn’t good enough. He has to twist the knife and make sure it’s in there good. WTF is wrong with this guy. Does anybody see the pleasure he gets when talking about how he’s screwed people over? It’s freaky. Lol.

  20. Dumbelle has gone off the deep end..Shes making threats and calling Ian and Brittney mean people..She is the most sickening person i ever seen..

    • Ian and Britney are mean lol. (Ian, moreso because Britney rubbed off on him) She’s crazy but right now, nothing but facts are being stated. However, she’s just as bad & she was sitting there laughing and trash-talking with them so she has no room to talk.

      • I agree, Britts got that passive agressive thing down pat, Ian just turned into a little jerk as soon as Boogie left. Even Dan said earlier, he’s gotten away with some things and nobody’s called him out on it. That’s where the hubris comes from. Just smack him on the nose like a dog for pissing on the rug and he’ll tone it down. I’m praying Dan wins HOH, when he does Ian dirty, man you thought Shane was good, this one will be the ultimate.

    • Wasn’t Britney her best friend in the house. I don’t know why Dani is so mad at Ian, since she (Dani) was trying to talk Ian into taking her to the finals. I guess it’s okay for her to have a side deal, but not right for others to do the same. I bet if Britney was in Ian’s position, Danielle would take a difference approach and handle her anger a little better.

    • Dumbelle is the biggest liar and disgusting person i ever seen..and she calls herself a Christian..Shes pathetic..Shes going to make up lies about Ian to the Jury if Ian votes her out..Dan says the last person doesnt get a chance to talk to the jury but Dumbelle says she’ll tell them during the commercial break.

  21. Jokers says that Danielle has been in the DR for over half an hour for possibly making threats to Ian. What is going on? Anybody know.

      • No shes lost was only her and dan in the kitchen talking then she just snapped and satarted saying mean evil things about Ian and Brittney and then started threating Ian and said she wanted to snap his neck..Ian was outside the whole time unaware of the conversation

      • Man, that is bad. She has been in the DR for 50 min. now. I hope they are telling her to cool it. Why would she do this. It’s her fault Shane is not there. Thanks for the info.

      • Maybe they’re trying to talk her down off the ledge. Or hopefully they have a blowgun to put a sedative into her backside.

  22. I understand the houseguest cant see what we see on tv..but if you couldnt tell that Dan and dumbelle werent really mad after that funeral Dan had.. than the houseguest are just plain stupid all of them..

  23. I hope Dan wins HOH. Ian’s in for a hard awakening if it goes down like that. Kid’s been getting too smug lately, he’s setting himself up for a humbling experience courtesy Samuri Dan.

    • She is so childish, Ian doesn’t deserve this at all. All the kid wants to do is be loyal and it’s not his fault Danielle is as ignorant as she is getting played hard by Dan.

      • I am not blinded by Ian’s innocent persona and positive TV edits. He does NOT deserve to win this game over Dan by ANY means. I just think what Danielle is doing to him is unfair… She needs to grow up.

  24. Dan is easily the best Big Brother player of all time. Even after he pulls enormous, game changing moves he chimes in to tell us he has even other plans up his sleeve. His constant mind games are brilliant and entertaining to watch. People like Dan are what make Big Brother fun to watch. Without Dan in this game, the social mind games would have been either boring, or non-existent. He really knows how to manipulate people to do what he wants them to do and the best part is that he plans it.

    • Beautifully said. I agree 100%. Though you may get a thumbs down for not giving Ian some UNdeserved credit. Sheep will be sheep.

  25. I am rooting for Dan as he deserves this win over Ian and
    Danielle most especially. Of course, if Ian uses his head, he
    will not take Dan to Final 2 if he wins the last HOH because
    his best chance of winning is taking Danielle to Final 2. The
    same goes for Dan. Take Danielle to Final 2 and cement the
    $500,000 win!

  26. I think Dan got Danie to act mad at Ian so that he wouldn’t like to insure his vote to f2. Dan told Danie it was to up set him so he would lose the final HOH comp

  27. Poor Dani. She said that since Ian does not believe in God (atheist) he should not win BB. That’s just crazy. Plus, MOST people who major in science (in college) do not believe in God. I think Dani was given what Dan calls a “happy pill”, so maybe she will be okay.

  28. I saw someone say Dani was in the DR room for a long time bc of comments she said. Anyone know anything new about that?

  29. Here is the thing about Dan. Those of you who are speaking to what a great game he has played are way off base. It is easy to lie someone out the door, but everytime Dan has slit a throat he leaves a trail; the trick is eviction through stealth, that is master game play, that has been Ian’s game. Dan is obvious, the fault of eviction or otherwise falls on the players who seem to not know what they are dealing with. Could you imagine playing the game with Will and not booting him first? Boogie was there far too long, mainly due to production interference, but he shoulda been first out the door. Ian deserves final two, the vote will land where it falls. Danielle is one of the least deserving players in BB history. I would love for Dan to throw the comp to Ian and for Ian to evict Danielle… then we at least have a game in the end.

  30. i love ian but as soon as he gets home he needs to see a doctor asap…lol i mean he needs something to calm down a little way to much energy lol and at the moment hes on his 17th hour on the hammock and has has about 183 full blown coversations with himself ahahaha

  31. Clever Dan better make sure that Dani and Ian are not alone to talk for any length of time before Wednesday afternoon!

  32. I can’t even stand listening 2 Dan’s voice anymore preaching about his coaching talents…ughhh… or looking at his face

  33. If Danielle self evicts then this would be the absolute best season of big brother. LOL Daniele goes in the dr never comes back Ian and Dan r like where the hell is she? An hour later Allison grodner: Dan, Ian please come in the living room… LOL

  34. Frank is one of the nastiest HG’s in BB history. He’s mean, a bully and he has a filthy mouth. So of course CBS will ask him back for another season.

    • For real?? I don’t think he was that nasty… But unlike many, I’m sure he will be back… So good for him! Funny how when one person is mad and says something it is somehow Nasty and when others do it it’s either funny or they didn’t mean it in a serious way, cause it’s just a game. Judge all the same or simply don’t judge at all….

      • I agree. Brittney is the nastiest girl in the house. Followed by Danielle, she had so much horrible stuff to say about Frank while he was in the house.

      • Yep they are all gross and nasty playing that game at the beginning of the season they all talked about who they would marry do it with one time or throw off the cliff all the houseguest played I didn’t see Frank do anything no one else didnt do including brittney janelle and Dumbelle

      • BB brings out the negative qualities in ALL of them. It’s a rare hg that doesn’t eventually get down and dirty in order to further their self or if nothing else release some steam. It’s a pressure cooker….stir the pot and you’ll find some nasty stuff rises to the surface.

      • Plus, didn’t Ian approach Frank first. What was Frank supposed to do, especially since he was already wearing a carrot suit? I don’t know why Ian thought Frank was a punk, anyway.

      • Yes, he did. Once any of them challenges another hg decision…it becomes like a gang war. Name calling, false bravado and threats. I’m not a Frank fan and i didn’t like his squirreling away with Boogie and nastily discussing all the nuts in the house. But it’s not like the others weren’t doing the same.

      • No, he’s nasty. He and Boogie called Jen “dirty brown water””
        Nasty and a bad sport.
        Danielle is showing her true colors.. she was fine until now. She was fine when Dan did all the dirt and she benefitted. Now she may be on her way out and her a#$ is showing. She is threatening Ian. Such a gracious move Daniell.

        DONT FALL FOR IT ian

      • It is called hypocrisy but, people would not
        know it if it struck them in the face! I agree,
        you either just everyone of the house guest
        by the same litmus test or not judge anyone
        at all! This is also a reality game show which
        is not real life! People should realise that what happens in the Big Brother House is exaggerated for the ratings! It is still a business and there
        are still profits to be made! The producers do
        not create a show which does not make monies
        for them! If they did, they will be bankrupt
        sooner than later! Shows stay on because
        people watch them and advertising dollars
        roll in!

    • Not anymore nastier than Ian sticking his middle
      finger at Frank and mouthing off expletives! Ian is
      such an arrogant twit, and no one is complaining
      about his racial remarks about gays, using
      denigrating words about women yet, Boogie and
      Frank were raked over the coals when they mouth
      off because they were mad! It is called hypocrisy
      and as long as your favorite does it, it is A-Okay,
      right? I did not even go over what Brittney and
      Janelle said about the other house guests and they
      are just as bad!

      • Some posters said Ian on BBAD said denigrating remarks about gays and
        women! When Boogie said some things
        about women, he was slammed for it!
        No such outrage when Ian does it! Ian
        stuck his middle finger on national TV
        and they also bleeped out what he was
        saying to Frank right after the Brittney
        eviction, so that arrogant twit is as
        nasty as they come!

  35. BB wants Frank to win Americas vote! This was proven in tonight’s epesode when they showcased Frank going toe to toe with Ian in the Carrot suit. Then they cut to the “America’s vote” text in contest. Go Frank the Tank!

  36. Dumbelle doesnt want people to know which magazine she posed for I found it in 5 seconds LOL you can find anyone on goggle

  37. Tired of the Dan controlled Ian bit. Not True

    Dan tries to get coaches alliance, Ian orchestrates Boogie exit.
    Dan sells out QP to Frank, took two times but Ian get Frank out.
    Dan makes deals with Joe and Jenn, puts Ian up, Ian gets POV Joe goes out.
    Ian gets HOH Jenn goes out.

    In no way was Ian ever a puppet. Dan is drinking Ian kool-aid about the jury. thinking his best move is to throw the last comp.

    Dan doesn’t know what to do.

  38. Dan’s end game of making deals has made him look worse than the person who put them up.

    If the F2 is Ian vs Dan.

    Ian’s speech I had a F5 the QP, F2 with Brit, when she left F2 with Dan and was loyal and made it to the end.

    Dan’s speech I had Fwhatever with all of you and then lied and backstabbed you to get to the end.

  39. I hope Ian wins. That being said, this is my last year of watching. I found this year to be too much manipulation by the producers. It happens every year. But this year it was more evident when Frank and Shane were winning everything in the beginning. Remember, just a few weeks ago the fans were all posting how boring this season was. You have to think of the show from the beginning. Not just these last few weeks. How many years is it interesting to pick a compliment for “slop” or to see someone wear a silly “unitard” or dress like a carrot or dog?

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