Big Brother 14 Episode 28: Week 9.5 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Get ready for a huge episode of Big Brother 14 tonight when Julie Chen returns to deliver the results of the latest nominations and the Veto competition. After that we should get to watch a live Veto ceremony and the next eviction. It won’t stop there though.

Update: Tonight’s show is going to be wild. I thought only one HG would be blindsided, now it seems there will be two! Exec Producer Allison Grodner tweeted earlier:

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IMPORTANT…DO NOT MISS #BB14 tonight! LIVE veto ceremony might be biggest blindside of summer! #mist NO DVR…@cbsbigbrother

— allison grodner (@agrodner22) September 13, 2012

Tonight will kick off the 3-part final Head of Household competition. The winner of each of the first two rounds will face off in the third round. The winner of the third round will select who to take to the Final 2. Round 1 is expected to be an endurance competition and you’ll be able to watch it play out after tonight’s east coast broadcast ends. Be sure to have your Live Feeds ready or grab the 3-Day Free Trial right now so you can watch along. Round 2 should be a physical competition. Round 3 is typically Q&A with questions regarding what the various jury members are thinking.

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Speaking of the Jury House, we’ll finally get a glimpse of the drama there and from the commercial we’ve seen there should be plenty of drama to go around. Hint: Frank and Britney aren’t getting along, but did we really expect him to be happy to be there?

I’ve already made my prediction for tonight’s eviction and even detailed out how and why that HG will be sent off to Jury. According to our eviction poll, I’m not very convincing.

Don’t miss tonight’s show because this should be awesome to watch play out live and then on the Live Feeds as we watch the first part of the final HoH competition. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the updates throughout tonight’s live show.



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  1. For what it’s worth, my Danielleysis:

    I can safely now say that Danielle is the best looking girl left in the house. I find her average-to-above, but that all ends once she opens her mouth! It wouldn’t surprise me if she ends-up doing as Dan says as she’s clearly someone who would rather follow then lead. Although, her make-out session with Shane last night may change things, who knows what’s in that head of hers!

    As far as who I want to win, I really haven’t cared since the one person I wanted to see win season 12, the diabolical super-genius, outsmarted himself with the ill wife lie (houseguests discussed that Mattie couldn’t go to the end since he had the ‘sympathy’ vote)! This season has been riddled with cheating and giving the coaches 4 weeks of safety. No one player stood out as somebody who should be the victor other then Dan and that horseshoe hiding up his butt and the fact that the players are week. That being said, I would LMAO should the many personalities of Danielle win!!

    • Kill the coaches, kill the coaches, kill the coaches… don’t ever put coaches in the game again… all the players will KNOW they are REALLY coming into the game anyway… this is one trick production tried to play that will never work again…. Alert to all future players of BB : coaches WILL enter the game… tell them nothing, vote them out immediately,…. Alert ….. Alert…. Kill the coaches, Kill the coaches….

      • Good point! I will NEVER understand on ANY of these types of shows why veteran players are not IMMEDIATELY targeted for removal. Don’t even give them a chance to get a foothold and start running the game, because they will always end up doing that. Newbies are in too much awe of playing the game with their favorite players and are suckered into believing that they have an “alliance” with them when the truth is, the only “true” alliance the vets are going to have is themselves only, they know how the game works.

    • Dani would make out with the devil and she might have she is in love with Dan and the way Dan acts with her he might move her in with his wife.

      • Seems as if the devil is you since you think you have the right to judge. Remember you are going to have to be judged by Dan’s Lord one day and answer for all of your hate!

  2. i am convinced. but i am like “why?”
    if this is Danielle’s plan to get another jury vote, I personally think she’ll have Shane’s vote regardless. even if she’s the one voting him out.
    brilliant though. bravo Danielle!

  3. For those of you who don’t think Dan will vote out Shane (even though it would be more dangerous sitting next to Ian in F2) is because he knows both Dani and Ian will take him to F2 so, even if he happens to lose the three part competition, he’s golden.

    I’d like to see the jury vote on a Dan vs Ian F2 .. if Dan faces Dani F2 it could very well be unanimously in favor of Dan .. well, minus Shane’s bitter/pity vote.

    • I’m not sure what show your’e watching but Frank, Jenn, Shane and Ian would vote for danielle (Frank and jenn have been betrayed by Dan’s fake alliance with them and Ian would be pissed that he wasn’t chosen for the F2, Shane is just going to vote for Danielle no matter what)… unanimous…. impossible

      • Jenn thinks Dan is the best player and he would have her vote. Frank hopefully got over it and grew up and would vote for the best player being Dan. And Ian would vote on game play and would vote for Dan. Shane only has 1 brain cell so he would vote for whoever the jury told him to vote for.

      • Also, if you watched any past BB seasons, a lot of the times the jury will just vote for most deserving. Like look at dans season he won 7-0 and get votes from Oille who he Russian rollueted out the door, and Jerry who called Dan Juddas on national TV. Also, look at Chilltown Will won his season front stabbed everyone on jury basically, and Boogie his season backstabbed all there side alliances still won.

      • Ordinarily, I would agree. But these HGs have no understanding of the game and I think will hold a grudge.

      • I agree these jury members all think that they were owed something and believe they were more deserving than the remaining houseguests except Jenn who understood it was a game and that Dan was the best player. The others will not vote for the best player because their inflated egos will not let them.

      • Yeah thats always a possibility, but like hearing Jenn last night and she got backstabbed by Dan but gave it up for him and knew he is playing a very good game. Also, even Brtiney she hated him going out but with Julie she even said to that I hate it but you gotta give it up for the guy. Idk I can see some jury members voting personally but, I think some other jury members would convince them to vote on gameplay. And that the fact that Dan can sell ice to Eskimos I wouldn’t put him past him to be able to convince them either.

      • Dan didn’t betray them he outplayed them before they got the chance too..actually they had the chance to get rid of Dan yet they chose to keep him.none of this is Dans fault.. he should win all the jury votes except frank and Shane because they are sore losers but the other 5 will vote for dan

      • Dan is a lying backstabber, no-one should give a previous winner a vote especially since he came into the game as a non-player.

      • So then who should win, Danielle who rode Dan and Shane’s coattails? Dan’s a jerk, but he is one hell of an amazing player. Even though he got rid of my boy Frank,.he deserves to win.

      • Why would you base that because he is a previous winner?!! thats the worse reason ever thats like saying your a judge at the Olympics and wont give a gold medal to someone because they won gold last time.

      • Also, Dan coulda been voted out week two. And the players had coaches comp where a player was saved by there coaches for doing absolutely nothing. If you all remeber Ian probably would of been voted out week one if Boogie didn’t win the Coaches comp and saved him. So I think its pretty fair to both players and coaches if they entered the game.

      • Oh yea I forgot about that. I don’t think the coaches got a pass anyways. The game was reset with the same amount of people. Plus it’s way harder to have someone else doing your bidding than doing it yourself. The coaches had o power in the beginning their players didn’t have to listen to a word they said if they didn’t want to.

  4. who cast the final vote tonight whoever is not on the block or does Danielle cast the final vote I was under the impression that the veto holder had all the power only they could cange whos on the block and only the veto holder cast the one and only vote to evict?

    • Usually it works out that the Veto holder gets safety and the only vote (Hence why the final 4 veto is so important) but this time the HOH won the veto and since the HOH can’t vote she has to chose who can vote.

    • Yes veto holder has all the power but dani is going to give the power to Dan and he will get rid of Shane and that way dani doesn’t get blood on het hands even though she is on on the whole thing

  5. Ian is without a doubt the biggest threat to win the final HOH simply because he hasn’t lost a single endurance competition yet and there always is one.

    • He lost the pirate ship.. he struggled on that one.

      Even if Ian wins endurance Dan will have Dani throw the 2nd part because he has a better chance of beating Ian *MIST*. The last comp, its a crap shoot, but Dan has a better chance at it than Ian.

    • I think Ian would be good at the first two comps but the last comp I think Ian brains would actually hurt him because the questions is about how the jury members think, and book smart geniuses usually don’t think the same way as people who are not like them.

  6. OMG, I finally went to Dan’s website. It’s all about how YOU can make money for HIM. The self-promotion and arrogance is astounding even for him. Does he think everybody drinks his Kool-Aid and worships him?

    • Totally agree. I’m so tired of Dan and his arrogance and hypocrisy. I don’t get why he’s so popular at all.

      • There is no way Dan and his wife are “true” Christians, I don’t care how many times he wears his cross, his religious t-shirts, etc. “True” Christians, and I know some who are indeed, are the most self-less people you will ever hope to know. Dan would CLEARLY never sacrifice anything for anyone else, he is entirely self-centered and it sounds like his wife is the same way, two peas in a pod! The Catholic school that Dan works for should terminate his employment since his actions do NOT reflect well on his employer. Would you want someone as cut-throat as Dan coaching your kids, he’d be telling them you can lie, cheat and steal just as long as you get what you want.

      • Amazing how these posters think they have the ability to judge who is a Christian or not. Would not want to be one of you when it comes to judgment day!

      • I just got done reading all these post and i am still amaze by atleast 5 of you who are still on this kick about dan and the bible OMG its done its over just DROP it.He isn’t going to hell for this God will not judge him for this he may stop him at the gates of heaven and say Dan the Bible Really,well its was just a game you may enter.Get over it i truelly believe God has a sense of humor.

      • I think Dan will maybe regret the swearing on the bible thing. However, since it was his bible and his God/Lord, I’ll just let them work it out.

      • Yes, you’re right. He’s basically bringing himself troubles for decades to come. If next time he is to testify before a real court, I doubt what kind of a juror would believe in a word he says.

      • Seriously Dan swore what he is telling bout the QP was true and it was so he has nothing to be ashamed of at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!b GET OVER Your Hate And stop judging someone that you do not know and hope God is kinder to you than you have been to DAN!!!!!!

      • THANK YOU!!! Ppl are so stupid maybe watch the actual episode first, cause he does clearly state that!

      • Like your judging Frank all the time. do you know him? you have been yelling a lot about someone you don’t know. so when it’s someone YOU like no one can say anything bad about him but YOU hate Frank so you can yell about him all the time. face it not everyone likes Dan get over it and please stop yelling and calling Frank a loser. and then getting mad when someone else calls Dan the same thing. JMO

      • You are so sick…this is a friggin game not real life. What the hell does court have to do with this??? Wake up!

      • It seems like many people have forgotte what big brother is about a game! I find it sad that people are judging dan purley on this show, why is dan so horrible then everyone else that has done far worse but because you hold him to a higher standard, which he didn’t ask for, he is a bad person/coach. No one watches big brotherr saying I can’t wait for all the honest people who tell the truth all the time all the hugs and rainbows and happy go lucky candy eating hand holding painting each others nails friends for life show.. no noone would watch it so before you judge someone about beingf a good person look at yourself and wonder how I look saying these bad things about people I don’t know but I don’t miss an episode….get over yourselves!

      • This is America. Everybody has a right to express their opinion even if it differs from yours. If you don’t like it, there are some cheap airfairs to Libya that may interest you.

      • Yeah has a opinion but your just straight up putting the guy down when you probably haven’t even met him. Its fine when you say oh i think he’s getting a ego. Not just attacking him.

      • Thank you!!! Finally, someone with common sense. Like he just kicked everyones asses on a game show. GAMESHOW!

      • What is wrong with you people???? This is a game and Dan is great at this game!!! Get over your anger that Frank is out!!!!

      • Dan will burn in hell for swearing on the bible and then lying, Frank was the only player with integrity… it has become a yawnfest….

      • Hey did that for information, and clearly does it when you watch that episode of him talking to Frank. And like everyone says its a gameshow!!!! like look at what he has done for this show, you come to the fan website to hate on him, and all its doing is making the show and him more popular. If you really want to make a statement just stop watching the show all together. Your like a Bieber fan you like go to youtube go to his video put a hate comment on it, and what does that accomplish you? Well he just keeps getting more views.

      • I don’t like Frank either. His character is as questionable as Dan’s. Also, I could care less about Dan swearing on the bible. That’s not why I don’t like him.

      • Dude, it’s a game. It’s not good vs. evil. Nobody is gonna burn in hell for the way they play Big Brother. I think you’re taking this WAY too seriously.

      • Wrong…Dan and his wife do a lot of charity work. Dan also gave some of his money that he won to his school. His wife also helps young girls. Sounds to me like you’re jealous of him.

      • Why do ppl even care? Seriously If everyone here complaining about how he acts is such perfect ppl i’m pretty sure you wouldn’t care what the guy does. And honestly like look what the guy frickin did this season, I i’m pretty sure he has earned the right to celeberate a little bit. And like his ego is not even nearly as bad as Frank and even if it was he has at least earned the right to brag he just kicked everyones asses.

    • If he has Arrognace i don’t think its a under deserving kind. He is a beast at this game, and seriously who doesn’t want to make money? I’m sure lots of celeberties just don’t advertise products for nothing, and probably don’t even use it half the time.

  7. If Danielle is using the veto on Dan (which is what she is most likely going to do) she is brain dead. If she keeps Shane and Dan in the final 3 with her, then she has an automatic spot in the final 2. Why can’t she see this?

  8. This season with Dan’s inevitable victory only further illustrates the problem with having returning houseguests, invariably they will ALWAYS end up running the house. That’s what is really good and unpredictable in having ALL newbies and NO vets. The newbies are all on the same level playing field, in the case of this season the vets had the unfair advantage in having four weeks of safety, had they entered the game from the beginning perhaps they all would have been evicted before they started running the house. I wonder how many of the jurors who end up voting for Dan are going to feel incredibly stupid when they watch the show, follow the feeds and message boards and realize just how much they were totally played and betrayed by Dan.

    • Same scenario every season (other than returning hg’s). The jurors don’t know half of what’s really going on in the house until they leave BB’s clutches altogether.

    • It is called gameplay and great gameplay at that and think they already know they were outplayed by Dan.

    • Yeah you can’t base it just on the fact that Dan has owned everyone look at Janelle and Boogie they didn’t make it very far. And the fact that Dan is there is amazing he came in with a huge target. I don’t think he is there just because its newbies, because he has eviected coaches, he is just that good at the game.

    • The problem is the newbies will not play the game!
      That is why they brought the coaches in in hopes that
      the newbies will finally play their game. Instead, nothing
      changed and the newbies took the ex-coaches orders
      and did their bidding pretty much. Even now, the newbies
      in the house still takes orders from Dan instead of
      playing for themselves! So, whose fault is it? They
      should bring back only All Stars if they want everyone
      to be playing the game. The newbies have no clue
      and some of them claim to be Big Brother Fans like
      Ian yet, allow themselves to be manipulated just the
      same! Maybe, an IQ test next time out might be in
      order! Anyone who wants to play Big Brother should
      take and IQ test and get atleast, a 150!

      • Totally agree, you can’t hate on the coaches especally since only one of them is running the house the other 3 actually played quite weak. Dan is just that good at this game.

  9. Mike Boogie is selling all the stuff he took from the BB house on eBay, even the set of eye glasses Ian gave him as a gift. What class!

    • The only thing I saw was his duffel bag which is selling for $1,275 with 18 bids. Kara also has hers up for $271.80 with 10 bids. I wouldn’t give $1.00 for either.

    • I haven’t watched how manipulative in the past seasons, and don’t understand why ppl hates him. As far as Season 14, I feel that he is a loyal and funny guy. You see, he came in as a coach, and he just wanted to be a coach. He wanted to win $100K, he got it. Selling stuffs on E-bay, didn’t he mentioned he kids are very young and he needed money to take care of them? He seemed like a very good father and loyal friend to me!

      • I’m assuming you don’t watch the live feeds. Before he was evicted he said he would sexually assault dans wife. Him and frank were making fun of ian of how he “worships” them. Loyal? That’s hilarious. Good father? Maybe in a parallel dimension

  10. I am trying to make myself feel OK no matter who wins. Two of them are no problem at all. I am team Ian, so I will be VERY HAPPY if he wins. I like Dan, too and would be Team Dan if Ian werent so darn lovable. Shane seems like a pretty decent guy, he just lacks some BB sneakiness skills. I wont be disgusted if he is crowned. The crazy chick is a whole other story. I would just shoot my TV if she is the winner. The only consolation I would have in Danielle winning would be that she’s a Bama girl. (RTR)

      • maybe she’s lying to dan and is setting him up to go to jury -it would be the biggest blindside of the summer … which is what we’re going to see tonight according to alison grodner…

      • What was stated in the write up is two
        house guests will be blindsided. My
        guess is it is going to be Danielle and
        Shane. Dan will be pulled off the block by Danielle only to evict Shane who would be blindsided and then, Danielle would also be shocked to see her boytoy evicted in front of her eyes! LOL

      • they dont tweet that to us, remember that tweet was for the masses not people on live feeds and gossip boards but regular TV viewers who dont see this coming

  11. DAN has played this game like a Master and deserves to win it all!!!! To all of you hypocrites hope the Lord is kinder to you than all of you have been to DAN who is only playing a game!!!! Perhaps God will judge you with compassion even though it is not deserved!

    • I’m not that religious, but he crossed a line when he brought the bible into it. The universe, karma, whatever it’s called has already sent Dan the bill and he’ll pay.

  12. Well it is appaent that all of the Frank Trolls have overtaken the board. Sorry, Frank got beaten in the game but only one can win BB, and Dan is deserving of the win!

    • If Ian gets to the F2, nobody beats him. You Dan fans better start accepting that fact. Ian’s played the game since day one. Dan has only played the last couple of weeks when his ass got thrown on the line. Ian’s played a better game overall.

      • Ummm sorry to boast but besides Ashely in the jury, Britney, Frank, Joe, Jenn, and Now Shane are all going to be sent to the jury because of Dan!!!! What you mean couple weeks he just sent all of those ppl placking! Also, if you were a previous winner and came into the house guns a blazing you think you would last really long? If you watched All Stars Dr.Will did the same thing layed low till about the first person was sent to jury then owned everyone. I’m not saying Ian wouldn’t win but it would for sure be close between Dan and Ian. No one would probably win hands down, even though Dan clearly deserves it the most.

      • Point taken, however Ian had to fight since week 1. Remember everyone wanted to vote Ian out week one because of his unusual behavior, but they decided to get rid of Kara so Dan would only have one player left. Dan had a pass for 4 weeks, and this jury I think will be mad at Dan the rest of their lives. I don’t think who played the best game will be factored in.

      • Dan has played a way better game than Ian.
        Ian is Dan’s puppet and if Ian takes Dan to
        Final 2, that will only confirm it! It may be close
        as votes go but, Dan could still win it against
        Ian because Dan played the more superior game!
        It may come to a 4-3 win for Dan in the end!

  13. LMAO, Dani just confirmed she is using the veto to pull Dan and Dan will evict SHANE, cant wait to see Dani cry on TV

  14. this will be interesting , I hope they have some form of self preservation and vote dan out. but dan is a master head mind man. he somehow can control people with obvious lies. have you noticed he has a hard time looking people in the eyes when he lies. that is his tell. I cant believe nobody in the house has noticed it. the object of big brother is to eliminate the power house toward the end so they are no threat. Frank would be there if he would have divorced Boogie early on.
    Dan did play a very big game with alot of gamble. he threw comps. he kept quite , took all the abuse until he knew the time to play the cards. I still find it so unreal that he even threw his team under the bus when he was a coach and nobody caught on. that is something.
    I quess we will see just how stupid dani is tonight and if ian goes dan will win which he should. shane or dani have not played at all , shane started then chilled out for some reason. He is a strong person who decided to float for awhile. dan biggest acheivement would be if he talks dani into putting up shane. and shane goes that in itself would be the straw that could make him win against anyone.
    If dani gets rid of Dan that too would have a huge impact on the jury. but is she that smart of a game player .

    • It does not matter if Danielle gets rid of Dan now. She
      is only playing for 2nd if she makes it to Final 2. Dan
      or Ian will win that $500,000 because they played
      better than Danielle. Danielle’s best shot at that
      $500,000 is against Shane in a Final 2 but, her very
      big blunder of taking Dan off the block and putting
      Shane on the hot seat is a very costly mistake on
      her part! A $500,000 mistake she could have avoided
      if she just stuck to her nominations and left it alone!

  15. Good grief! Are people still whining about Dans moves in the game concerning the Bible? Give it a rest already. Even if he did swear to Frank on a F2 and go back on it, God has much bigger concerns than someones game play on a flippin TV show.

  16. Ok… I’m kind of confused now… What is the logic of this move on Danielle’s part? I thought if it was a master plan to get Shane out, but she just didn’t want to pull the trigger, it made sense. She just talked to Dan to confirm he’d get rid of Ian. Ok so your Danielle and your thinking hey I’ll pull Dan down so Shane won’t get blood on his hands… What?! That doesn’t help her in anyway. Why does she care that Shane has blood on his hands. Hell i’d want him to have blood if im taking him to f2. Apparently I’m giving this girl way 2 much credit and looking for logic where there isn’t any.

    • Dan just told Dani that he would get rid of Ian so she would take him off the block. Dan is really planning on voting out Shane?

      • Possibly last night Dan was talking to himself saying something like time to get my second shot at Shane. Plus he was confirming his f2 deal with Ian hard core. I thinks it’s definitely a serious consideration at this point.

      • I’m so confused, I thought in that post of Dan plans another big move. That Dani knows that Dan would vote Shane out? I don’t understand why she would use it on him if she didn’t know he wasn’t because whats the point Shane would vote out Ian anyways. Right?

      • That’s what im confused about as well… It appears right now that Danielle thinks Dan will vote Ian out and is doing it to save the blood from being on Shane’s hands… Do not ask me to try and point out any logic here.

      • Don’t be fooled. It’s a very calculating move! She wants to play dumb, but still wants the money and her man. She just want to dirty Dan’s hands. But I don’t know who will be the bigger fool at the end of the day. What goes around comes around.

      • Yeah hahah but still maybe Dan saying to her that he doesn’t trust Shane voting or something. But if thats the case and she doesn’t know I cant wait to see her reaction!

      • Oh, yeah. Even though I am not a Dan fan, I have to bow to him on this one, primarily because it will save Ian.

      • Because Dan is that GOOD…everyone in that house will do whatever he wants. Dan is going to win it all. GO DAN!!!

      • Agree. She just wanted to get $500K thinking that’s the only way she can win with Dan in F2. Bust she still want to keep the chance to play dumb and win Shane’s heart back once out of the house. Such a lying bitch!!!!!!!!

  17. What is it about two house guests being blindsided tonight?
    Based on the write up above! I am speculating that Danielle
    will in fact use her veto and take off Dan. The double
    blindside will probably be the surprise Shane at being evicted
    and Danielle for not seeing Dan evicting Shane! So, I guess
    it is Ian, Dan and Danielle for the Final 3 HOH!

    • Yeah, but, Danielle unwittingly set up her boytoy to
      be evicted! She obviously cannot think straight on
      her own! Of course, Dan continues to manipulate
      her very well like a musical instrument. Poor Danielle,
      she will be crying and bawling tonight! On the other
      hand, it might be Dan and Ian who might not get any
      sleep tonight from all of Danielle’s crying and whining

      • I don’t think she’s manipulated. She’s is manipulative and calculating in her move to put up Dan and Ian. How could she have known she would win POV? Now, she just get the chance to play dumb, and “be blindsided”. Have you heard her for so many times her saying Dan can never win again in F2 with anybody? She wants the money, and her supposed-to-be bf. Don’t say boytoy, it’s disgusting! Shane has never tried to use his showmance to win, even when she invited him for sex? I started to hate this lying bitch!

      • The move to take off Dan from the block
        does not even make any sense. If her
        intention is just to evict Ian, Shane could
        easily cast his vote to evict Ian and there
        is no need to change the nominations.
        Dan manipulated Danielle alright, what
        else would you call it?

      • I would call it “self-victimizing syndrome” on Dani’s part, that is a woman wants to do crime, but she doesn’t want to dirty her hands. She then tell her bf, “I’m so scared, you need to do this for me”. When caught, she will play dumb and blame the bf, “I was so scared of him!”

      • I believe if Dani actually take Dan off the block, she knows Dan will vote Shane out, that is exactly and her only intention. If she has tried to make sure Dan wouldn’t vote Shane out before her action, she was only trying to convince Dan to vote Shane out no matter what.

      • LOL…I hope like hell you are right. I think Dan would be willing to risk a sleepless night for a trip to F2.

  18. Wait, if Dani try to blindside Shane, my Q is will Dan take out Shane? Or will Shane still take Dani to F2 if he still get the chance?

  19. Don’t get me wrong I hope Dani uses the POV on Dan but if she’s worried about Dan voting Shane out why in the hell would she put Shane up? She keeps asking Dan are you sure you’re voting Ian out. This makes absolutely no sense. What does she get by doing this except get her boyfriend evicted. Is she really that stupid that she thinks by having Dan cast the vote it will keep the blood off Shanes hands and Dan will be the bad guy. But Shane will be safe. And why does she care if Shane gets a little blood on his hands. I guess she really is that stupid. Hope her and Shane live happily ever after. NOT

    • she wants to backdoor shane but doesnt have the guts to do it herself, she wants dan to pull the trigger, dani is basically dans puppet

    • Because in the mixed up world of Danielle….black is white, good is bad, senseless makes sense, up is down and in is out. NOTHING makes sense about this girl…why should this be any different? :)

  20. I woke up this morning sad to find out Ian didn’t win pov then I heard that dani would be taking dan down to vote out Ian but really dan would vote out shane and then i was jumping for joy cuz Ian will be staying (hopefully)

  21. Sorry Allison Grodner, I am DVRing BB14 tonight since I know what is going to happen just so i can watch GLEE live and in real time

  22. Dan whispered to himself today while packing…”Who’s gonna see this coming?’..not Ian, not Danielle and definitely not Shane. LOL…awesome !!!

  23. Big Brother is a game, not a personality contest. Dan, whether you like him or not, played the best game. Therefore he should win.

  24. Dani has the mental capacity of an attention starved cow. I don’t care who wins the whole game, so long it isn’t her. since there are three other HG’s I wouldn’t mind seeing win. so whoever doesn’t go home tonight, will be a threat regardless. I really like this atmosphere the game tends to create, at this point. hopefully tonight truly lives up to the motto. ‘expect the unexpected’.

  25. Shane had it exactly right..Dan Gheesling is a dirty player. If he does make it to F2, the vote will be 7-0 against Dan. He will not win the 500g;s. Shane is such a hypocrite, he sat there and told Julie that when he shakes a man’s hand, he takes him at his word, he shook hands with Frank more than one time and he broke his word to Frank every single time. I still can’t figure it out if Danielle knew any of this was coming tonight..someone help me out there! Ian was in total shock. Those noises he was making were a little scary!! Dan has hung around to the very end, Frank really screwed up when he had 3 chances to get him out and passed on every one of them..that was his downfall. I believe Shane is genuinely hurt by what happened tonight and he should be, he probably thinks Danielle had something to do with it.


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